Latest Chat Nsync had on AOL 3/16/2000

Host: Hey, guys, let's begin.


Host: Welcome. You're talking to *NSYNC live on AOL. Hi. OK. This is from ea musician. What's the name of your new CD? I can't wait.

*NSYNC: This is Joey. "No Strings Attached."

Host: If you guys can remember to say your name before you speak, that would be great. This is Adam. Sink lb5479: Hey, guys, I can't wait to get the CD on Tuesday and I'm going to be in Times Square. I was wondering, are the giants puppets going to be marching down Times Square?

J.C.: No, we're going to have a shindig. We're not going to have a parade. We're going to sign autographs, give out CDs, cool stuff like that. We're going to interact with our fans, basically.

Host: Silicone slayer 15: Hey, guys, I just heard the song "It's Going to Be Me," and it's awesome. Do any of the songs you wrote relate to things that happened in the past year? Thanks, Emily in Pennsylvania. 

Justin: “It’s Going to Be Me” is actually my favorite track on the album, one of my favorite tracks on the album. And it doesn't have anything to do with anything that happened to us in the past year. It's basically kind of the same attitude as "Bye Bye Bye." It's a really good song. I get to be-bop, so it's cool. I'm the best be-bopper in the world.

Host: Poetic Lisa 2000: Who are all of your inspirations, and why?

Lance: Let's see. Musical inspirations would be, I guess, Garth Brooks for me.

Justin: Stevie Wonder.

J.C.: Sting and Seal.

Joey: 1950s doo-wop music.

Chris: Lenny Kravitz.

Host: Next question, when will you start touring?

Lance: May 9, and it goes to July 31, all over America.

Host: This from Mcbride blondie: How old are you guys? You knew they'd ask that.

Joey: 23.

J.C.: 23.

Justin: 19.

Lance: 20.

Chris: 28.

Host: OK. Total M.B.: I would like to ask *NSYNC if they thought, when they first started out, how popular they thought they were going to be, and if it shocks them how big you are now.

J.C.: You never can predict how popular you're going to be. You can only hope that people enjoy your music. You never know how many are going to buy the record. I mean, you know, we always hope for, like, a platinum record. Then when it went double platinum, we were like, OK. We were happy. I mean, we never knew it was going to sell this many records. You always hope that you sell a lot of records, but you can't imagine selling this many. So it's very exciting for us, and we're very thankful.

Host: Somebody answer that cell phone. Faith 4630: Hey, *NSYNC, what's up? How do you feel toward the other boy bands like Backstreet Boys?

Chris: This is Chris. 98 Degrees are cool.

Host: OK.

Justin: This is Justin. We don't think about any other acts, whether they be boy bands or anybody else, when we try to do what we do. We're not here to compete with anybody. We're here to do good for ourselves. But we are friends with 98 Degrees, like Chris said.

Host: Good answer. What were your biggest struggles that you went through in order to make this album?

Chris: We had a lawsuit over our name, but it's done now. So don't worry.

Justin: We did this whole album independently, so it was kind of a struggle, but we got the creative freedom that we so urged and needed.

*NSYNC: That was Chris again.

Host: This one from L.A. woman: "Bye Bye Bye" rocks. Is it autobiographical?

J.C.: No, it's not really. Well, it would be -- could be, I guess, in a way. I'm sure everybody has gone through a breakup so, you know, it could go either way for a guy or girl saying it. I know all of us here have experienced breakups, so yeah, we dealt with it. It could be taken either way. In a way, for us, it was a rebuttal to all the female songs dogging guys out, really. Talking about “No Scrubs” and “Pay My Bills,” blah, blah, blah. So we thought it would be fun from a guy's point of view.

Host: All right. Good idea. “Lance, how is your foot?” asks a fan.

Lance: It's fine. It was just a sprain. It will be good and ready to dance by next week.

Host: Should we ask how you injured it?

Lance: I did it doing a stupid skit on "Saturday Night Live."

Host: This is for Justin. Justin, do you have a girlfriend?

Justin: Not a serious one.

Host: I'm just looking through thousands of questions. What was your favorite video you ever did?

*NSYNC: "Bye Bye Bye"! McDonald's.

Host: What are your favorite stunts in the video? It's a very cool video, by the way.

*NSYNC: Thank you.

J.C.: I just liked driving the car really fast.

Host: Did they give you the car? Hello? Can you guys hear me?

*NSYNC: Yeah.

Host: OK.

J.C.: We just liked driving the car fast.

Joey: I had fun running on the trailer.

Host: OK, here's a question we're getting asked a lot -- would you guys ever date a fan?

J.C.: If she introduced herself in the right way and everything -- I mean, if everything was pretty normal, yeah.

*NSYNC: Joey's dating 20 of them now.

Host: A lot of fans are commenting on your acting in like "Saturday Night Live" and the videos. Are you planning on getting more involved in acting in other shows?

Chris: We're sorry we suck.

Lance: We're doing a movie in August. All together.

Host: OK, great. Are any of you interested in pursuing a movie career?

*NSYNC: We're all doing a movie in August.

J.C.: We're not looking to make it a career. We're doing it more for hobby.

Joey: Maybe, because I can't dance probably when I'm 50.

Host: Justin, weren't you just on a show, in "Model Behavior"?

Justin: Yes, I was.

Host: How was that?

Justin: A lot of fun.

Host: All of your fans saw it, judging from the questions. This is from Alexis: You guys were great on "Saturday Night Live." Was it hard?

Joey: We played stupid. It was easy.

Chris: It was easy. See? He's quick, too.

Host: You guys always make this fun. Justin, is it true that you went out with Britney Spears?

Justin: No comment.

Host: That's fine. You can always say that. Justin, do you have tips for aspiring singers?

Justin: Practice, practice, practice. And practice some more. When you're done, practice some more. It's like Michael Jordan. Do you think he ever stopped? Man, he practiced all the time, even when he wasn't in season. Think about that. That's why he's the greatest.

Host: Yeah, good point. OK, another question for Justin, then we're going to open it up to the floor. When you're back on tour, are you going to get a haircut?

Justin: Why? Do you not like my hair?

Host: Hold on. We're asking.

Justin: I'm never cutting my hair, ever. I'm going to grow it out forever. You never know what I'm going to do with my hair. I'm a crazy guy.

Host: A wild and crazy guy. I know that for most of you -- this is from a fan -- "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" was the most meaningful [song] on your album, but what about on "No Strings Attached"?

*NSYNC: There's a song on the album, the last track, called "I Thought She Knew." It's an all a cappella song, one of the first we ever sang in our careers. We learned it five years ago.

Host: OK. This one from metafan21: Why are you all so happy?

J.C.: Why not?

Chris: I had pizza today. Clarify that. That was J.C. that said why not.

Host: You know what they say about imitation. “Hey, *NSYNC, we love you. Do any of you have AOL?”

Chris: Yeah.

Host: That really wasn't my question.

Chris: We all have AOL. Thanks to Evan.

Host: All right. “What is the most fun part about being rock stars?”

Joey: Oh, we're rock stars all right, whoo.

*NSYNC: That was Joey. The best thing is we get to travel.

Host: That's a good segue into the next question. What is the favorite city that you've played?

Chris: Guadalajara.

Justin: Detroit was a really good show. We got to play the Silverdome. It was like 80,000 people.

J.C.: I always like playing at home, in Orlando, because I get to sleep in my own bed while I'm there.

Host: Ahh. OK, this is from...

*NSYNC: Istanbul.

Host: Who was that?

*NSYNC: Nobody.

Host: A new question: Hey, guys, I'm so anxious to get your new CD. My question, I know you've done duets in your career, but who do you really want to work with? Thanks. Much love to Justin.

Justin: Janet Jackson.

J.C.: Michael Jackson.

Joey: Tiny Tim.

Chris: Look at the tree. Lenny Kravitz. How come I didn't get a cheese sandwich?

Host: You want fries with that?

*NSYNC: Super size it!

Host: This is so hysterical. All the fans are now asking for your screen names, and if you'll give them hints.


Host: We're going to move on. What is the wildest thing a fan has ever done for you guys?

J.C.: I don't know if it's appropriate.

*NSYNC: This one time at band camp -- just kidding.

Host: OK, we're moving on again. What are your most-used nicknames? Do you all have nicknames? And will you share?

Lance: I hate it when they call me Shorty.

Chris: That was Lance. We do...

*NSYNC: We call Chris Shorty.

J.C.: As if my name isn't short enough, they just call me C.

*NSYNC: Sometimes we call them --

Host: That last answer was edited. Do you want to tell what concert you're going to go to tonight?

*NSYNC: D'Angelo. How did they know that?

Host: We know everything. Let's ask the touring question again. Tell us again when you're going to start touring.

*NSYNC: Wow, that was cool, Dr. Seuss. May 9.

Host: May 9. OK. Any plans to tour Europe? Obviously from a European fan.

*NSYNC: We don't know. In the fall. October.

Host: OK. This one from star dust 156: Do you guys have any weird eating habits, like eating chocolate with cheese or something?

Chris: J.C. just eats real fast.

Justin: I used to put ketchup on my green beans.

Chris: You ever see the Roadrunner eat those seeds?

J.C.: Chris eats worms.

Joey: Never drink Yoo-Hoo and eat pickles at 7:00 in the morning.

Chris: Joey eats pickles and drinks Yoo-Hoo in the morning, with worms.

Host: The world now knows this. Here's another question: Hi. I'm Amanda. Lance, I was wondering if there are times when the fame gets too much for you. And what do you do in those times?

Lance: You try to relax as much as possible, like do some things you enjoy, like jet-skiing or scuba diving. Do stuff like that. Go on a mini-vacation.

Host: Next question: Hey, guys, will you go to the prom with me next year?

Joey: Sure!

Justin: Wait. Let me check my schedule.

Chris: Look at the tree!

*NSYNC: Have my people call your people. We'll do lunch.

Host: Who are you going to be touring with? Do you know?

*NSYNC: Don't know yet.

Joey: Probably upcoming new artists.

Host: Does the band pick the opening act?

Justin: Yes. If you have any opinions on who you'd like to see go on tour, why don't you put it on our web site?

Host: Do you want to give that address again?

Justin: *

Host: We always like to ask. Who is the funniest person in the group?

Chris: This is Chris! That's the best. [phone ringing] Can you hear that? That's another call.

Host: Justin, do you still live with your parents?

Joey: Yeah.

*NSYNC: That's the truth. He ain't lying.

Justin: My parents live with me now. I got my own house, and they're living off me.

Host: OK. We're getting this question a lot, so I got to push it -- do you guys have girlfriends?

J.C.: Sometimes.

Chris: I have a web site.

Joey: It depends on who's asking.

Chris: Look at the tree!

Host: This is like "Mad, Mad World."

*NSYNC: I've seen that movie. This grilled cheese sandwich is disgusting. Taste it.

Host: I don't know if you guys heard about this. How do you feel about your French toast being auctioned off for such a hefty price on eBay?

Justin: It was fake.

Host: What would each of you be doing if you weren't singing?

*NSYNC: I don't know.

Justin: I'd be playing basketball.

J.C.: They'd be doing scientific studies on my sleeping habits.

Joey: I'd probably still be singing and dancing at Universal.

Lance: I'd be working with NASA.

J.C.: They'd just be doing weird tests on me anyways.

*NSYNC: Hello?

Host: I'm looking through thousands of questions. What is your favorite band besides yourself?

Lance: GooGoo Dolls or Silverchair.

Chris: Hanson.

Host: Have you heard the new single?

Chris: Yes. It rocks.

Joey: Not a group. I like Weird Al Yankovic.

Justin: Take 6.

Chris: The Christina Aguilera Project.

Host: "Project"?

Chris: Isn't that a group?

Host: This is from an interesting screen name, the sexy reek hell and one: I just want to know how you feel with all these girls adoring you. By the way, you all look so good.

*NSYNC: Thanks. Hey, nice name.

Host: Chris, you did a good job in the Walt Disney movie. Were you in a Disney movie?

*NSYNC: That was Justin.

Host: Chris, here's a fan asking: What does "Look at the trees!" mean?

Chris: You look at it. Look at it!

Host: I'm changing the subject. What is the first thing you look for in a girl?

Justin: Confidence.

Chris: A way out.

Host: Oh, that's terrible!

Chris: You look at her eyes, and her, because she might be pretty.

Joey: I'm not going to talk again for the rest of the chat.

Chris: I'm going to talk forever. Joey, sit down. Have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Host: We're getting all these questions about a tree. It's turned into a tree chat.

*NSYNC: Oak or weeping willows?

Host: A question from South Korea. Have you guys ever been to South Korea?

Chris: Is that a screen name?

Host: Do you plan on touring South Korea?

*NSYNC: What?

Host: From a fan in South Korea.

*NSYNC: We're actually going to Japan. This is anyone but Joey...

Joey: Hi to all the Korean fans. [speaking Korean] It's past my bedtime. I got to go.

Host: What would you all do if you were homesick?

*NSYNC: Call home. I'd call my mommy.

*NSYNC: If I was homesick, I'd take something for it and get the heck out of home. Oh, you mean home?

Joey: Cheers, dude.

Host: This fan wants to know: Do you have any celebrity fans?

Lance: I have a million of them. Let me tell you about them.

*NSYNC: I don't know anybody.

Joey: One just called.

Chris: They play for so-and-so.

Justin: We make friends with people every day. That's the fun part of what we get to do, is meeting celebrities and people we look up to in the music business.

Chris: Tree.

Host: What tree is Chris talking about?

Justin: Chris looked out the window and found a tree in New York City. He thinks that's very surprising, because there's no trees... 

Chris: From the 20th floor.

Justin: So he said look at the floor.

Chris: And today's National Tree Day. So look at the tree. Look at it!

Host: It's very philosophical, indeed.

AOL LIVE: What are your favorite movies?

Chris: Short ones.

Lance: I like "Grease" and "Clue."

J.C.: Anything by Harrison Ford.

Host: “My name is Amanda. I love you, Justin....”

*NSYNC: Justin said "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

Host: “My name is Amanda. I love you, Justin, Lance. Are you going to be on ‘Seventh Heaven’ anymore?”

Lance: Yes, I'll be on next season.

Host: When did you get your first gig? Do you remember?

J.C.: Our first gig was Pleasure Island in the Rock and Roll Beach Club. It was where we made our first demo.

Joey: Boy, was it awful.

Host: What are your favorite sports?

Justin: Basketball.

Chris: Football, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer and rugby.

J.C.: I like curling.

Chris: I don't like golf. Unless it's full-contact.

Host: Here's a question everybody's asking -- what is your next video going to be?

Justin: We don't know what the next single is. So we don't know what the next video's going to be.

Host: OK. “Do any of the *NSYNC members plan to do any solo work down the road?” This is from drummergirl159.

J.C.: No. Right now we're concentrating on the group.

Lance: I'm working on my hip-hop album now. It will be out in stores 2001.

*NSYNC: It's called "Ghetto Fabulous." Lance has got the beat, yo.

Joey: I hope to take some [clogging] lessons and go on Riverdance.

Justin: I'm challenging Geena Davis in an arching contest.

*NSYNC: Archery. Arching! He's going to arch his back.

Host: Are you guys like brothers?

Joey: Now I am.

*NSYNC: My bum is on Chris.

*NSYNC: The fries are so good here.

*NSYNC: You were watching the MTV Spring Break thing.

Host: “Chris, when are your clothes going to be available to us? I love your web site.”

Chris: Hopefully very soon. We'll have a launch date that we'll put on the web site. Do you see that new picture on there? It's pretty rad, huh?

Host: It was scary, but great.

Chris: It scared you?

Host: Yeah, but it was great.

Chris: Sorry. [It’s] kind of freaky.

Host: Hold on.

Chris: A ceramic head, like a face.

Host: Can I tell the fans you're in New York?

*NSYNC: No. Holy mackerel, no. OK. Did you type that?

Host: Does fame give you a big head?

Justin: We have each other to keep ourselves grounded.

*NSYNC: It hasn't changed us. We were stuck up before we got in the group.

*NSYNC: Yeah, so no more questions, please.

*NSYNC: That was a weird out quote. We're just kidding.

Host: OK. Hold on. “’Bye Bye Bye’ is the best video and song.” That's not a question, it's just --

*NSYNC: That's no lie. Thank you.

Host: It's from rip curl, Hawaii.

*NSYNC: True.

Host: Fans want to know, tell me one more time when you're going on tour.

*NSYNC: You know what? No. I will not tell you!

Chris: In a couple years.

Justin: Our first date is May 9, all the way through June and July.

Host: La la Lou says: Hey, Chris, are you ever going to go back to the braids in your hair?

Chris: No. No. Look at the tree.

Host: We're back to the tree. OK. What was the best thing about doing "Bye Bye Bye," the video?

J.C.: There was a hot girl in this video, Kim Smith. And doing our own stunts.

Host: Want to do a shoutout to Jana? It's her birthday.

Chris: This is Chris. I want to give a shoutout to Jana. Yeah, Chris! You're the best! Happy birthday, whoo! From our dance choreography.

Host: “Hey, guys, I've heard a little bit of ‘No Strings Attached,’ and I was wondering what it's supposed to mean.” From datacue36.

Chris: It means we're getting rid of our old stereotypes and we're just pure, raw *NSYNC, dirty pop.

Host: Do you want to tell the fans when is the record signing in New York on Tuesday?

Chris: On Tuesday.

Host: OK. “Does Justin wear a thong?” I swear that's a question.

Justin: This guy needs to stop [spreading] rumors.

Chris: Stop pulling them out of your own personal bag, Evan.

Host: Hey!

Justin: No, I don't wear T-back underwear. It's more of a Q. By the way, the signing starts at 5:00 and going to 7:30PM on Tuesday.

Host: OK, great. You'll have millions showing up now. Who wrote "Bye Bye Bye"?

Lance: Christian London.

Host: You guys aren't going to bust out any news about getting married anytime soon like Backstreet Boys did, right?

*NSYNC: We are right now. Backstreet Boys are getting married, there.

Host: Here's an interesting question. “What are you guys afraid of, or are you too afraid to tell?”

*NSYNC: We're not afraid because we don't plan on getting married yet.

*NSYNC: We're afraid of getting married. It's the beginning of the end.

Host: It wasn't supposed to be a segue.

*NSYNC: We're afraid of death.

Chris: We're afraid of trees.

Joey: Yeah, we do date, but we're not getting married anytime soon. That was Joey.

Host: Your fans will be glad to learn that. “I was learning the dance steps for "Bye Bye Bye," but it was hard to do. Who did the choreography?”

J.C.: Darren Henson, our choreographer.

*NSYNC: We could probably get away with that, because we sound alike on the phone.

Host: Joey, will you ever dye your hair another color?

Chris: Look at the tree!

Joey: No. I'm going to keep it red for a while.

*NSYNC: This is the rest of the band -- we hope so!

Joey: After that, it's going back to brown.

Host: “You guys are really, really, really, really cute.”

*NSYNC: We thank you really, really, really, really much.

Host: Just imagine it's the Spice Girls saying it. A lot of girls are giving you their telephone numbers, but I won't be reading those. “Have any paparazzi people taken a photo of any of you guys doing something embarrassing?”

J.C.: Not that I can think of.

Joey: I mean,,,

Host: Hey, guys?

*NSYNC: Yes?

Host: There's no way to get to all of these questions, obviously, but in signing off, is there anything you'd like to say to all of your fans around the world?

*NSYNC: We'll see you guys Tuesday at the signing!

Chris: Look at the tree.

J.C.: Check out the album, "No Strings Attached." Thank you guys for all the love, support, hanging out and being there. The album is coming.

*NSYNC: And it's about to blow up!

*NSYNC: We love you guys, love the album. We're very proud of it. And we'll see you guys on tour. Much love.

*NSYNC: Come chat on

Host: Spell that.

Chris: Fumanskeeto.

Host: All right, thank you guys, from AOL.

*NSYNC: Bye. We're not done yet.

Host: Sorry. Keep going.

*NSYNC: OK. Thank you.

Host: All right. We'll talk to you soon.


Host: Talk to us when you're on the road.

Chris: OK. Are we going to hook up with that game thing?

Host: Yeah, Chris, we'll talk about that later.

Chris: I'm the only one left.

Host: OK. But we're live.

Chris: They all left me.

Host: All right. Go to the show. We'll talk to you soon.

Chris: All right. They're coming back to get me.

Host: Be sure to listen to samples from the album on [AOL at Keyword] *NSYNC! Thank you all for your great questions. Sorry we could not get to them all. Take care, everyone, and have a great night.