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This is the page of the things of the month. The pic of the month. The quote of the month. And the site of the month


This picture shocked the heck out of me. I's just shocking Justin posed with Nick!

Picture Flash back

His is so freakin' hot in this picture. I don't care how old it is...he is beautiful! He looks amazing.

Quote of the month -

"Thats gonna be hot!"-Justin Timberlake

"Tight work!"-Justin Timberlake

"How do you take...take the safety off? Oh, okay. You just pull it out."-Justin Timberlake

"Aye, it's the Super Bowl. I'll sacrifice a finger."-Justin Timberlake

"Ya see, we didn't get to play with them yet...she's...what a tease. I just hope I don't miss a button on the real performance and be would SUCK.  Lets just leave it at that.

[NO question of the month] Website of the month. If you have a website you would like to be posted for the month send it to me, and if it is worth it I will post it.

Nsync Site of the month: My celebrities

Why is it the site of the month?: Because MAREBEAR just started making a site and she did such a great job!