"Woohaaa Whoohaaa!"

"Was I alive when this song came out?"

"I'mma snowboard definitely when ya'll aren't filming me. I don't wanna look STUPID"

"Hello my name is BOBBY!"

"Can I phone a friend?"

"Fame is really funny. We were on the Regis & Kathy Lee show and some girl in the audience yelled out 'Justin! Sit on my lap!' Excuse me?! I don't know you!"

"I was like, huh?"

"I think what he meant was a big booty!"

"What you wanna know?"

"I don't know how to read."

" I forgot the words to I Want You Back."

" It kind of pops out, its got a mind of its own."

"Joey is dirty...in more ways than one."

"Tight work!"

"Hey, I'm bigger than you!"

"I don't get it!"

"He's a scrub!"

"That's one thing, WORD...yeah!"

"It's just actin' man!"

"I have twenty thousand girlfriends all over the world!"

"Aren't we kinky today?"

"Did somebody say sex?"

"Where did all this come from?"

"Look what you get for just one more quarter."

"Man, your lying, I was red as a coke can!"

"Joey's a womanizer, he takes all my women, what's up with that?!"

"I was on 'Star Searc,h alright? Let it go. I got three and a half stars."

"I'm like, Look woman! If you don't know who you're calling, hang up and try the number again!"

"I don't wear underwear!" 

"Naturally frosted? No, naturally curly."

"Carson, your mean!"

"You are my first date, no I'm kidding"

"How dare you say that, how dare you?"

"Ha, I did it all for the nookie"

"Yeah they sit behind the control boards, and herty ferty herty ef sing the little werfy"

"I feel like I'm on say what karaoke... they have nice pink shirts because...."

"Do you really have a cape? If you do, don't wear it around me you'll get..."

"We're awards show prostitutes!"

"What you want man? Get that out of my face man!"

"He said it!"

"Hint, to release it"

"We're sorry!"

"I would never run away from you!"

"Yeah! But I mean, he dropped out."

"I've been getting mixed reviews but....I don't know! I'm sick of being so clean cut!"

"I think I'm an AOL DUMMY!"

"I'm the cookie man and JC is my side kick, sprinkles!"

"Help us kick some ACE!"

"I'm missing you like CHOC LAAAAATE"

"What? Did you see my blow? *Boom* *Pop*"

"I'm a big fine woman, why don't I back that thang up?"

"My pant's are so tight, it's like I'm having sex with myself."

"Wow, and only five-hundred and thirty dollars...for a pair of pants...alright. It's a good thing we givin' these back, CUZ I CAN'T AFFORD IT!" 

"'S' isn't for superman, it's for shut up. 'S' for shhhh shhhh!" (Making fun of Joey's Superman T-shirt.)

"Yeah, it smells pretty girly!”

"You lookin' at my bum? Bum-looker!"

"I would be Cinderella..."

"You take this finger and break it, and you'll be very successful."

"And he used to go in like Barney and go ‘Hey little kids how ya doing? It's me Poofoo!’

“Advice on the impeachment proceedings: Don't spend 4 million dollars just to find out he did it.”

“Oh my gosh girl, guess what he did!”

“He has this coat that looks like a hydrogen peroxide Chewbacca."

“I keep having this re-occurring dream about Carmen Electra. No I'm kidding!”

”Hey lets all whistle!”

"Can we vent?"

"I'm money."

“I'll give you Lance's underwear.”

"Hey! I ain't got nobody to dance with!"

“Mine mine mine mine mine mine all mine!"

“See, there he goes trying to milk it again. Qoosh, qoosh. Stop it!"

"I think that answers that question..."

(he is so crazy haha)