Test your IQ! Are you his biggest fan? Are you made for him? Your about to find out! Take the quiz and have fun! You may want to take a scrap piece of paper and write your answers down.

1. If Justin were to go shopping nowadays what store would he most-likely go first?

a.) Abercrombie b.) The Sports Shoe c.) Gucci d.) D+G

2. If you were to spend all day with Justin, what drink would you see him drink most?

a.) Coke b.) Water c.) Dole's fruit juice d.)Milk

3. When Justin was wearing cornrolls, what did he do to keep them looking good, so he could wear them for several days?

a.) Keep a hat on them b.) Keep a doo-rag on them c.) Nothing; he just gets them done when they get messed up d.) He puts lots of spray gel on them.

4. If Justin was to take you out, where would he take you?

a.) Club b.) A modern restaurant c.) A party d.) To his house

5. Justin has chipped his teeth before. How did he chip them?

a.) He tripped on something and fell. b.) He was hit in the face with a basketball c.) He chipped them in a childhood fight. d.) He chipped them on a microphone

6. Justin once had an earring hole in the top cartilage of his ear. What happened to that earring hole?

a.) It go infected and he got rid of it b.) He took his earring out of it and forgot c.) He got rid of it because it bothered him while touring. d.) He got rid of it because people called him gay and girly with it.

7. What is Justin's favorite styles of clothing to wear? What would you most-likely see him wearing?

a.) Just leather b.) Rough and patched up jeans, or leather c.) Leather jackets and dark denim jeans d.) Sweatpants and a t-shirt

8. What is a part of the female body Justin also adores, but did not admit or mention during the 'Dream Date' on MTV?

a.) Butt b.) Legs c.) Breasts d.) Stomach

9. If you wanted at catch Justin's attention in normal, non-fan-like circumstances, what could you do to get to him?

a.) Scream b.) Approach him and start a conversation c) Lick your lips and smile, while staring d.) Nothing, if he had your attention he'd be going up to you.

10. Why does Justin claim he does not make many friends now?

a.) Because he doesn't have time b.) Because he doesn't want friends c.) Because he doesn't like talking to people d.) Because he has a hard time trusting people.

The Answers:

1. D - Justin still like A+F and The Sports Shoe but he shops at the D+G more often. He wears Gucci too but it's very expensive and he has his limits with it.

2. B - Justin is almost always drinking water now. He keeps his body very hydrated especially while touring!

3. B - A doo-rag is those wear looking black scarf things he wear while he has braids. They worn to keep cornrolls looking good!

4. A - Definitely a club. He loves to take his date clubbing because, they can hang out and dance too.

5. D - It's true Justin chipped his teeth several time on microphones. JC did too. Of course he got his teeth fixed.

6. C - Justin got rid of his cartilage earring when it began to bothering him while touring with it in.

7. B - Yes, Rough looking jeans with patches or leather. Justin is really digging the crappy jeans look!

8. A - Butt. I know you wondering how in the hell does this girl know this stuff. She can't be right. Trust me I know...you get the idea =)

9. C - 'D' Would be something Justin would do; approach you, but it wouldn't catch his attention as much as you licking your lips and staring at him. He calls it the money shot! So if you are in a club and see him...give him the money shot. You'll get his attention.

10- D - It's sad, but true. Justin feels that he really can't trust people now, because he can't exactly know what reasons someone would want to be his friend. Especially females. There is a whole article about it in Rolling Stone Magazine from a few months back.

So, how did you do?

Add up your total amount correct, and times it by ten to get the percentage. Or just take the number you got correct and add a zero to it! Example, if you got 7 right. You got 70% right.


00-30% - You may say your a fan, but you not that big of a fan, and you don't have much in common with Justin.

50-70% - You know quite a bit about Justin but you could know more and have more in common with him.

80-90% - YOU GO! You REALLY know your Justin and you seem to be GREAT for him.

100% - You are the BIGGEST Justin fan. There is nothing you don't know about him and you and him are perfect for each other!