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Okay, I am not good at these things...lol. I tend to leave people out, then offend them, but here goes nothing. 

First I would like to thank each and every person that visits the corner, and reads my stories. You don't have to read them, and it means a lot to me that you do! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! Now for personalized thank you's...

Deisah- You are the sweetest person on this Earth. Every e-mail. EVERY email. Makes me smile. Every e-mail you send me is beyond therapy. You have the perfect things to say to make me feel good. I always look forward to hearing from you. If only more people were as sweet and as loving as you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Cat- Girl I've known you for a LONG time. HAHA! You are so understanding. I mean, you send me e-mails telling me it's not rush to get back to you, after it took me a month to send you just one e-mail back. You such a great and patient friend. Stay that way. If I ever need anything you are always there...just thank you!  Thank you for being a dedicated fan. You've been slipping me e-mails for months now. I find it quite interesting our sites have the same name. The Justin Corner...The Justin Corner...hummmm. ;)

Anna- ANNA H.! I haven't heard from you for a while, but I had to thank you for being there with the great e-mails. When I first posted my stories up on my site you were there...and you really showed me how much you cared and liked my work. Your just a sweetheart girl.

Bethann- Chick you STILL put up with me. HAHA! You are just the all star friend. You are a little bit of everything. Thank you for doing the right things at the right times. If I need to talk, your willing. If I don't need IM's and is too busy, you won't bother me. I love you for that. You keep me striving! Thank you!

Danielle- Thank you for just reading my stories and loving them. I appreciated it! Your e-mails are just so touching.

Amber - Thank you for sending me the e-mails I need. When I'm up working late. I'll get an e-mail from you and you'd tell me how I need a break and need rest, then I would go to sleep. Thank you for the inspiration and the wake up calls! You are so sweet. 

Ava-You are one of biggest fans I have. I can tell because you devote so much to me. You talk to your friends about my stories. You urge me to write more. Your do so much dedicated related things. There is no way I can thank you enough. This is a start though...THANK YOU!

Danielle 2 (Dani) -Hey girl. I still want your black hat! I love that thing. WHY WON'T YOU GIVE ME IT? ;) You are so animated and so funny. And you are ALWAYS sending me cheer up e-mails. Always. Thank you so much. Not may people write me as many LONG e-mails as you. You are so cool.

CALANDRA- Okay. How do I begin with you Cal? Your the communication lol. You e-mail me, IM me. Everything communication related. You attempted to communicate with me more than anyone. Thats so cool. We talk about some pretty personal things. Thank you for being a friend of mine, and thank you for having your spells of wildness.---> Si, Justin es muy bonito. (did I do that right, girl?) You should know, you are the older sister I never had. You had more years of SPANISH than me. No more sugar for you though...when you busted out with the Tombstone pizzas thing. I couldn't help but worry about you. Heck yeah, I know you meant pizza... *breaks down with laughter* Won't...talk...about...this...now. *gasps*LYLAS!

Adelle- It's so cool to know I have fans from the UK; other countries. I'm so sorry for not being able to write you back girl. I really am. Thank you for being such an understanding overseas fan of mine.

Jessica- I just want to thank you for loving my stories so much. The 'I deserve and Oscar' thing almost made me cry. You are soooo sweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robin- Good Lord! Just thank you for being so...back up oriented. Did I say that right? LoL You send the mad support e-mails, that make me feel good! You are one of the people that wakes up earlier than usual just to send me an e-mail before you go to school. You rock sweetz!

Julie- Your another wonderful UK fan of mine that has wrote me since back in September. I just wanted to say sorry to you. I owe you one for not writing back to you so many times. It touched my heart to know that "I" have given you confidence to keep on writing. That is a honor to me. Thank you girl.

Jackie- What can I say? Your cool as crap. It's like everything of mine is your favorite. My site is your favorite, my stories are your favorite. You just have the perfect words. Thank you for your friendship.

NATASHA!- OH MY GOD! *bows down to the queen* What in the world would I do without you? What? YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON I KNOW! Tash, if you only knew how much I respected you. You don't understand how much your chats and talks mean to me. Your so rad. I look up to you. You are the person I would never get sick of talking to. And I swear you are the only person that can convert my bad moons into good ones. You make me laugh more than anyone I have ever known. You are so damn funny, OH MY GOD! And you are the only person I know that almost killed a person with snow...HAHA! *falls on floor while having fit* And...that thing about the hick Indian guy with one arm, stalking you...HAHA! girl, good times...good times. And don't forget your keys this time...HAHA OMG one arm? Okay, let me get serious...HAHA! I have so much to thank you for. Your comedy being one thing. I swear I almost threw up once from laughing so hard. Another is we talk so raw and honest. You know things about me most people don't...The stuff you tell me just intrigues me. And girl I feel ya. I know college is getting hard this semester, because of what happened, but things will get better. Just think. Your almost out of it =) Thats another thing. I admire you for treating me so maturely. Thanks for treating me and talking with me just in an adult manner. I don't see what you like in my stories so, but yeah I hope you meet Justin in a coffee shop too. Thanks for giving me the college info I needed. Now I can go back and edit up Freak. Thank you for everything. Your the bomb! Too cool for me! And you rock! haha...I got the last word this time =P LOVE YA GIRL! JCya- lol You started that mess. We are both some crazy bitches, huh?

Laura- Thank you for your long e-mails of quick statements. Your like, I love you story. I love this. I love that. You are the cool one. Not me. Just calm down girl okay? Caffeine can be just as bad as crack! Just playing with ya!

Mary- OMG! you've been coming to my site for the past two years girl! How could you keep up? I abandoned my site for a whole year. Dedication is the key word with you. Thank you so much. I am so happy you love my stories. And you must really mean it if you tell me a thousand times in one e-mail. Thank you so much for standing by me and my site, sweetie. Thank you so much.

Ms. Monnstars- I just had to thank you for the props you gave me for Freak. LoL. And I love you use of language. "I love yo story Freak, it's hella tight." Your so unique girl lol. And yeah. Of course I'll be e-mailing you about certain emotions and stuff. You know what I'm sayin'? lol

Natasha 2 (Nanilee)- Support, support, support support...MORE support. Support. Did I say support? God, I don't know how many nice comments you've given me. The least I can say is...thank you? Thank you so much hun. And I mean that!

DIEDREDKI- MY GIRL! Cool as hell!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, I don't even know your name, but your comments. Your brief comments effect me so much. After every chapter I write, I WAIT! I literally wait to get an e-mail from you. I swear to God! I promise you, I feel I have failed a chapter until I get your uplifting e-mails. YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH YOUR E-MAILS HELP ME AND HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO ME! After I read an e-mail from you. I scream and jump up and down, like a stupid ass teeny bopper, and your younger than me lol. And I don't even know your freaking name. I've tried e-mailing you back SEVERAL times, but I keep getting a return to sender fatal errors message. PLEASE! I beg of you . I BEG you! Please continue e-mailing me. Your my confidence boost. Because I'll post a chapter and be wary about it. But you make me get over that. THANK YOU SO MUCH! From the bottom of my heart! THANK YOU! Please keep sending me your wisdom.

Tania- HAHA! I'm still laughing from your e-mail. Your my hero! LoL! What you said about the people who have a problem with the fighting and the certain scenes. Thank you LOL Thanks for the relief. To be honest I don't have a problem with people who get offended by my work. Like you said I've given them a warning...Anyways, thanks chic! Your last e-mail was just funny as...you get my point.

Diego- Thank you for being my fan from alllllllllll the way in Argentina! That is so cool!

Oops girl- I just wanted to thank you for loving my stories so much. I thought that was really sweet how concerned you became for when the story second Chance was going to end, because you couldn't imagine NOT reading it...thats just...AMAZING! Thank you!

Jackie2 (friends with AVA)- What can I say? You and Ava are the best fans around. You are so sweet, and thank you for your heart touching e-mails. Let me just say I am not a sensational writer, like you say. I'm just a writer. I'm not even a 'good' writer. Next time when you and Ava are on the phone talking about my stories, can I be joined in the conversation too? Just kidding. Thank ya girl!

Katie- Thank you for being so interested in my stories. You would have read the newest chapter already read, e-mailed me about it, and you would e-mail me again, just to tell me how interesting and amazing my stories are. Thank you so much.

Gabby- Just thank you girl. You are the first person to describe my story as not only amazing but INTENSE! I like that! Thank ya babe.

Emily- Thank you for thinking my stories were great, as well as my GRAPHICS! Huge thanks to you for your compliments.

Moira- Girl you just so sweet. Your e-mails make me so happy and bubbly lol. Thank you for understanding me so well. You are one of the few that can.

Lauren- I HAD to thank you for your simple but complex e-mails. Thank you for understanding me too!

Nicole- I love your AOL screen name by the way. If you are watching TV, see Justin, and think of my stories, that is just awesome. I don't know what to say. Thinking that my characters are real because of the descriptive ways I enthuse them, makes all the hard work and writing worth it. THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

DANI (angel girl)- You KNOW I have to thank you. How long have you been around? Forever. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the dollies. Thank you for the confidence lifts. Thank you for elaborating on how good my story is getting lol. Sometimes you stomp me for words. THANK YOU HUN!

Jen- Thank you for the wonderful one-liner and thank you for the picture of the sunflowers. I read your e-mail and I felt so relaxed. Thank you.

KRISTA-  I heart you girl. I HEART YOU! You take my stories to the extreme with your imagination. I'm 16 and your 20, and I come as an inspiration to you? I can't tell you enough Krista, you inspire me. I am always thinking about you and what you said. You are so caring. Everything you say to me is so helpful. Thank you for making the offer, to give your college word about me if I needed it...which I might. writing is a release, a way of expressing yourself, and in my opinion, there is no greater therapy in the world.  i find myself thinking about your story in the middle of class, even while i'm getting ready for bed. Now that quote from you right there got to me. Try to understand what it's like to hear that from someone. Try it...I just write, Krista. I don't do it to be famous or have people love me. So, how can I react when my stories are not only enjoyed...they affect others thinking? You are one of those people...one of those readers that are touched by my work in someway I don't understand. I love hearing from you. And I just wanted to thank you on a personal note. This is a deeper one. You know that. And you understand the stress and problems I may face, because you are going through the same thing. I love you for that. Thank you SO much! And no Justin is not going to DIE! lol * You can breath. You don't have to be scared lol*

Kiedra- Thank you Kiedra. For just being a true fan and friend. Thank you for calling me your best friend! Love ya girl!

Other people I need to thank: Michelle, Spacekowboy- thanks for the news babe, Rosalyn, Alicia- your so awesome and I love you hotmail name, Tiffany- dolly request girl lol, Polina, Channiel, Danielle (my best friend at school), L'oreal, Alexis- you got me into fan fiction...I miss you girl. You were a great friend, Gen, Lynn, Doris, Bernice, Danielle and Nichelle (my two twin girls!), Diamond, Brandy....

*God, this is long!*

I would like to say thank you to the males that read my stories. I think thats cool. I bet many of you wouldn't admit to it, but there are some on my mailing list, so I know males are reading my stories. Thank you guys!!!

I also would also like to say thank you to those of you who deal with the errors in my chapters. I am so sorry about that. I have no spell check. I need one. It is so hard for me to edit chapters. I need to get a staff of people together, and have them edit my chapters for me...yeah right. I'm sorry though. I am error girl. And thank you for just coping with the errors I do make.

I thank the people that take the time to come to my site and read my stories. Thank you for just that. It's not like you have to read my stories...and you choose to anyway. That is so cool.

Thank you for those of you who has joined my mailing list.

Thank you for those of you who have voted for my stories.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! I know this has been long, but I still forgot people. This will have to be updated. But until then, thank you each and every person that has visited my site, talked to me, and read my stories. I apologize to the wonderful fans that spend their time writing me e-mails and I didn't write back to them. I am so sorry for that. Time gets in my way sometimes. I am so sorry.

THANK YOU!!!!! =)

Love ya,