In this section I have some very rare clips of Justin saying and singing things. Take your time and download the sound clips and songs. I guarantee you won't regret it. All of the files are in WAV format!

1. This is a clip of Justin making a beat with his mouth and saying achoo in it. Click here

2. This is a clip of Justin singing 'Cry For You' On the MMC, very cute. Click here

3. Another clip of Justin on the MMC, singing 'Always in My Heart'. Click here

4. Justin saying, "We got pissed and took off". Click here

5. Nsync singing happy birthday. Click here

6. Justin speaking in German and saying bonjour! Click here

7. Justin talking about Britney's body! (Butt) Click here

8. A sound clip of Nsync first Bye Bye Bye live performance ever! Click here

9. Another clip of Nsync's first Bye Bye Bye performance. (clearer) Click here

10. Justin saying send us a demo! Funny b/c of his accent! Click here

11. Justin giving 'I Want You Back' an eleven. (on a scale from 1 to 10) Click here

12. Justin saying he is from Elvis' home town. Accent included, haha! Click here

13. Justin singing very Click here

14. A clip of a ghetto version of 'I Want You Back'! This is funny! Click here

15. Nsync singing the 'Goodnight Sweetheart' song! VERY CUTE! Click here

16. This is Justin saying haha arrogantly! CUTE! Click here

17. Justin telling a person to say hello in German, which is hallo! SO cute! Click here

18. Justin saying' hey at a meet n greet into a tape recorder. Ghetto, haha! Click here

19. A BEAUTIFUL clip of 'I Drive Myself Crazy'. It's a different version! Click here

20. Justin being 'deep' Click here

21. It's sad that I have this. This is a actual clip of Justin sneezing! It's really him! Click here

22. Justin singing on the MMC. A really good clip. His voice is awesome. Click here

23. Justin saying he's getting jiggy. Click here

24. Justin singing when he was a little baby. Click here

25. Justin talking about his style. Click here

26. A clip of Justin singing "I'll Take You There', from the MMC. Click here

27. Justin telling Joey to kick it! Click here

28. Justin saying "Aren't we kinky today." Cute! Click here

29. Nsync talking about drinks. Justin mentions Kool-Aid! FUNNY as crap! Click here

30. Justin breaking down laughing! Click here

31. MY FAVORITE CLIP! Chris singing "Love Will Keep Us Together", and Justin doing the beat in the background! Click here

32. A remix of Justin talking. Click here

33. Justin asking if he can phone a friend! TOO CUTE! Click here

34. Justin saying show them the pisser. He was talking to Lance. Click here

35. Justin saying something I never could understand! With our rep...?  Click here

36. A clip of 'Somewhere'. A beautiful song! Click here

37. Justin yelling on stage. Telling people to stop throwing things! Click here

38. Justin explaining what crunk means! Click here

39. A clip of a different intro to 'You Drive Me Crazy.' It's very cool. Click here

40. "You Drive Me Crazy". The whole song. Click here

41. Justin saying WORK IT! This clip brings bad thoughts to my Click here

I hope you enjoyed the sounds...more will be coming soon! I promise!