Get the story of other Nsync fans who had an encounter with Justin. If you have one send it here. Thank you much.

Hey, it's not really good but my sister and I were in the NYC and were going shopping and we went into a store H&M. We saw Bobbie JC's girlfriend walk in and we were looking at her and were like what is she wearing? (very weird outfit) then 2 body guards came in followed by the rest of nsync!! I was flipping and it was my sisters birthday so me and her friends went up to them saying it was her birthday and if they can give her an autograph. They said yea and were soooo sweet! then I told them I was going to both their concerts the next 2 days and then they were just like thats great and I hope you enjoy the show and blah blah blah! well thats my little encounter!! This took place on Nov.8, 2000. From- LoVeXoXo48


A Cool Justin Encounter! From Kristin- *names of the people not nsync related has been changed to protect identity.


Jamie, a coworker of mine, was in Hawaii at New Years. She was in the tattoo parlor with Justin, Joey, and Kelly (Joey's "friend"). She had some funny stories. She said they were all very nice. Justin and Joey were both holding one of Kelly's hands while she was getting her tattoo, and she let go of Justin's, and his knuckles were white. He was like "Owww..." shaking his hand. A psycho 18 year old came in wearing a tank top with a button up shirt on top. She pulled off the over shirt, and was all shimmying in front of them, and Justin turns to a security guard and goes "Get her out of here." The guard stood up, and the girl ran out. Jamie, her friends, and Joey and Justin were all singing Aerosmith together. Then her friend Amber got a tattoo, and Justin held her hand. Joey goes. "hmmm...Justin holding a girls hand...where have I seen THAT before?" Then one of Jamies's friends goes "Hey Justin, are you still dating Britney?" because she is incredibly nosy, and he said "Not anymore." Neither one of the guys got tattoos there, although people thought they did. Just Kelly and a bodyguard, and she said Kelly was very nice. Not a model type, but cute, and her and Joey were cute together. She said neither one of the guys were at all rude, and Justin was scruffy. She was with him at the tattoo parlor the day before, without Joey, and he was wearing the same outfit as he was the next day, with Joey. Justin has 3 tattoos, and I think Joey does too. One of Justin's is a superman logo on his ankle, with JRT in it. He's obsessed with his initials. When she saw Justin at the parlor again the second day, he waved, and was all "Hey, how are you today?" If you don't act obsessive (like the girl mentioned above did...as do many other fans), he's a very nice person. She also said that at the tattoo parlor, the phone rang. Justin gets up, and yells "I'LL GET IT!!!" He runs over, and picks up the phone. He was like "Hello, ____ tattoo parlor?" Then as the customer was asking questions, Justin would ask the owner, and let them know. She said he seemed so excited to talk to someone that didn't know who he was. He stayed on the phone with the person for about 5 or ten minutes, just talking.

I just thought that was a cool story, and I don't meet too many people from Missouri who have had those kinds of encounters. So yeah...


[PS this little encounter took place around May of 2000]