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Welcome to Desiree's Justin Timberlake Palace! The number one Justin source on the net since 1998! Sorry, I am not Justin. I am Desiree. Call me Des, and if you'd like to e-mail me for anything click here. Have a good time and enjoy your stay! Sign the guestbook, please before you leave! I'd love you forever! 

What can you find here? Everything Justin related! Even Nsync dollies! What are nsync dollies? How do you make them? Click here to find out. Scroll down for updates.

Thrust it baby!

Updates: 06/03/2009- Today I made an update at www.thejustincorner.com. Thanks. More stuff is coming soon.

Updates: 4/14/01 - It's has been over two months since I updated last. That is a very, very long time. I said that I would try to update every week, but more thing than I could ever explain happen to me. And I've been so busy. For one thing my site was deleted for a few days and to be honest it threw everything for me off track. I am going to update as much as I can today. I have pages 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34 of pictures up. And 7 and 8 of Rare pictures pages up. I am working a new layout for this place, but until i have one made this will do! And I know the multimedia doesn't work. it was deleted by my  web company. I will get it back up as soon as I can. And, I have a whole bunch of new pages coming, so look out.

Updates: 2/18/01 - Sorry it took me so long to update everything. From now on I'll try to update every week! Okay? I am also very sorry for NEVER getting the holiday page up! I am SO sorry for that. I will try to have one for the next holiday coming up. I have a lot of stuff I am going to add to the site, but right now I have to tell you the updates. I have SO many pictures pages up. I tried to make up for lost time and I have SEVEN new pages of pictures up, and I have THREE new pages of rare pictures up. Rare picture page six is ALL pictures of Justin and Britney kissing. I have another page of animations up. Some are real cute ones, like the thrusting ones you see above. (LOL) Nsync has a new tour coming up. So check out the dates and see if they are coming to a town near you. The did you knows have been updated. TV appearances have been updated. Information have been updated. Interviews have been updated. Encounters have been updated. Things of the month have been updated. And finally houses have been updated. I have pictures of the house that is rumored to be Justin's AND Britney's, but Britney is really living in the house. I have pictures of Christina's house and JC's as well. Have fun guys! I hope you like this huge update.

What's going to come?: I am going to have a new section called what's up with that. I'm going to add more multimedia. I'm going to add more quotes. And I have another specialty coming up called Des TV. I'm telling you, it's going to be different. Hold out for that. I'm going to have graphics section, for you guys to take graphics I've made and other things as well...

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