Name: Justin Randall Timberlake
DOB: January 31 1981
Favorite Color: Baby-blue.
Favorite Food: Cereal: Kellogg's Applejacks, Captain Crunch, and Cocoa Krispies.
He likes chicken too.
Height: 6'2, the boy is TALL!
Weight: 165
Eyes: Dark Blue - dull
Bad Habit's: Burping and clearing his throat constantly.
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, and playing b-ball.
Collects: Sneakers (Jordan's)
Boxer's or Brief's: Boxers (white Hilfigers)
Favorite models: Tyra Banks and Naomi Cambell
Friends: All the guys of 'N Sync.
Where he live: Orlando in a house.
Sweet Story: 'N Sync sings to him to help him sleep. That was a while ago
Car: Benz and BMW. 
Type of girls: Someone who's sensitive to him so he can be sensitive to her.
Worst thing he ever did: lied to his mom
Music: R&B
Favorite artist: Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, Take 6.
Parents: Lynn and Paul.
Dislikes about girls: Mood swings
Most embarrassing moment: When he broke his thumb on stage.
Happiest moment: Is being on stage.
What would he be doing if not into music: playing basketball.
Where he gets his suits: Big and Tall
Did he have fun at the MMC: Yes
Star sign: Aquarius
Childhood toy: a guitar or banjo.
Favorite Song: GMHSALMTOY!! (awww!!) and Makes Me ill