Jackie awoke. She scanned the room, then looked up at the clear glass which was the roof above her. She looked to the side of her, Justin was peacefully sleeping. She thought for a moment. "Damn, I knew I forgot something...my journal entree, I forgot to make my journal entry." She gradually removed his long arm from around her stomach, and placed it to the side of him. She then quietly got out of bed, and calmly walked out the room in her bra and panties. She made her way through the huge house, and she walked into her office. Her "special" room that Justin had made specifically for her. He never ever dared to go into that room, for it was for her only, no one else. She sat down at her desk chair, her face glowed from the background in which came from her laptop. On the screen popped-up Windows 2002. She waited impatiently for the computer to load. A Windows welcome screen appeared followed by a familiar chime. She used her mouse and opened up her commonly used writing program. "Welcome to Story Writer 5000. Hello Jackie, what would you like to do? Make a new entree, read a previous entree, delete an entree, exit Story Writer 5000, or get Story Writer help? She put her headphones on, and she tested the mic, saying "hi" in it to make sure it was on. "Make a new entree, she replied softly in the mic. "Very Well." the computer told her. "You may begin your entire now." it blurted. "June 3 2002, space, today was a very interesting day," she began. As she spoke into the mic and made commands, they appeared in words on the screen in front of her. "Justin came home today. After three and a half months, he is finally back. And he is on vacation, I am so happy. I still didn't tell him the secret. I didn't even mention anything about it to him. I couldn't, I just couldn't, not yet. When I saw how happy he was to see me, DAMN those eyes of his...." She paused for a moment. "Is this the end of your entire? If so please say 'yes' if not say 'continue'. "Continue," she replied. "It's breaking me in half that I didn't tell him yet. We've been together 2 years now. He is so amazing. He is the reason in me being so positive and having hope in everything. He has faith in me, he takes care of me. Do remember he made me quit my job, said I didn't need to work because he had millions. I love him. Yes we share this wonderful house, but that is all nothing because of my secret. Oh also, he made love to me. I know I have told you this numerous times but he is so, loving, gentle too. I love him. He's perfect. We were planning on getting married this time next year, but I don't know about that now. Anyway, I have to tell him soon. Time is running out, besides this secret is killing me. That's it for now, love Jackie." She paused on purpose "Is this the end of your entree? If so please say 'yes' if not say 'continue'. "Yes." she said. "This is entree number 88," the computer told her. "Would you like to preview this entree, or exit Story Writer 5000?" "Exit Story Writer 5000." She then shut the computer down and closed it. She took her head phones off and placed them on the desk. "3:37," she yawned looking at the clock. "I'm going back to bed."

She groggily walk through the house, and made it back to the bedroom where Justin still lay. 'He's beautiful.' She thought to herself. She lied down in the immense bed and cuddled up to Justin, who unconsciously began to hold her in his sleep. She smiled and slowly drifted to sleep again.

"Baby..." Justin whispered. "Baby...Jackie wake up." She opened her eyes sluggishly, he was right in front of her face. His breath minty, from making it to the bathroom before her. "I made you breakfast. Pancakes and eggs just as you like." She glanced at the plate of food. "I love you," she told him almost whisper-like from her tiredness. "Get up so you can eat it before it gets cold." "Um. What time is it she asked bother by the suns rays," It's almost 12 in the afternoon." "WHAT?" she switched her head towards the clock. "How the hell did I sleep so LATE? I just keep waking up LATER and LATER...gees." Justin set her plate on the floor. Jackie snapped out of bed and stormed in to the large bathroom upset because she slept so late.

"Don't worry about it Jack, stuff happens. It could be because what went one yesterday." he smiled. "So what do you want to do today?" he asked. He could hear she was brushing her teeth. He walked behind her and placed his arm tightly around her waist, he kissed her shoulder once before letting her go. She began rinsing her mouth out with a drinking glass. When she was finished she grabbed a facial towel and dried her mouth. "Whatever you want to do, I'm just soo glad to have you home. I don't care about anything else." She pressed her lips against his, he was so kissable. "Oh I gotta take my pills," she remembered. "What pills are you taking now, Justin asked jokingly. "Vitamins and...stuff. Like I do every morning you know that." "Yeah! Anyway, let me take you out to dinner tonight. I feel so bad for leaving you here for 3 months by yourself." "I don't know why you feel bad. I love this house." With that she trailed off downstairs.

The bedroom phone began to ring.

"Hello?" Justin asked.

"Aye man! How are ya?" It was JC.

"Hey. I'm good, good!" he repeated.

"That's great and how's Jackie?"

"She's good too!"

"That's just wonderful to hear! So....did you.."

"Did I..."

"You know, tell her about what happened when we were on tour."

"Oh, yea, I know what you talkin' about...my "ACCIDENT"!" Justin plopped down on the edge of the bed.

"Yea, that! The accident with that fine girl Nikki."

"Don't even get into it man.... mentioning Nikki is danger."

"I know, but seriously you have to tell Jackie about it, you have to be honest."

"I know, I know.*clearing throat* I will!" he assured him.

"Yea, it's not that bad, it's not like you went ALL the way with that chick. You just got a little LONELY, and a little too close to be a TAKEN man!

"Yeah exactly, why do you have to remind me? Well talk to ya later..." Justin told him, the situation was way too uncomfortable.

"Yea, okay. Bye."

"Bye man."

.::Later That Night::.

"I love this place. The food is great, we're sitting outside with a view of the beach, I missed this." Justin said.

"Justin." Jackie froze. "N-never mind."

She played with her half eaten food.

"J-Jackie...never mind." Justin attempted to tell her about Nikki, but he couldn't.

There was a long uptight moment of silence.

"Can we go now?" she asked. "I'm starting to feel sick."

"Yes of course." he said looking at the bill the waiter brought a while ago. He took $300 out of his pocket and placed it in the bill booklet. "Lets go."

"Drop me off at the entrance. If I wait while you put the car in the garage, I won't make it to the bathroom."

Jackie immediately got out of the car when he approached the front door. She unlocked the door desperate for a toilet to vomit in. She could feel the food rising in her throat, she covered her mouth with her hand. Finally she reached the kitchen bathroom, where she became sick. She lost all the content in her stomach and more. She flushed the toilet, but started being sick again. about 5 minutes later she heard Justin come in the house.

"Jackie." he called. "JACK, where are you?"

"Kitchen bathroom." she mumbled.

He made his way to the bathroom only to see, she was still vomiting. He approached her, and pulled her hair out of her face. She had been crying too. Instantly he became confused, he also realized it was a bad time to mention Nikki. "Babe what's wrong, is there something you want to tell me? Why are you so sick?" She did not answer him but cried harder. "Are you... pregnant?" he asked scared. "NO! I'm not pregnant!" she mumbled. How could I be pregnant, I've been losing weight. Just something I ate. That food made me sick!" she told him with almost anger.

"Why are you crying?"

"Because I hate being sick, I'm stressing." She shook the thought of the secret out of her head.

She flushed the toilet. Justin was quiet, just looking at the floor. He knew something wasn't right.

"C'mon Jack let me take you upstairs." he carried her up to the bedroom. Her plate still on the floor from this morning.

"Thank you.!" she told him.

"I love you more than words can say." Justin said bursting out of nowhere. "You are the perfect woman, I could never be so satisfied, so lucky, in more ways than one." He smiled. She did too, but still felt icky. "Well, you know I love you," she responded "So I don't have to tell you. She got out of bed and decided she should take a shower. Justin caught a glimpse of her as she walk into the large walkin shower.

"So, you feel better?," he asked as she dried her medium length light brown hair with a towel.

"Yup. I'm sorry about earlier, it was the food. Then my emotions just set in."

"I understand."

In the mirror she picked at her sports bra, and night shorts. Not liking the way they looked on her.

For a moment she thought about the secret, she started to shudder.

She then climbed in bed with Justin and felt the appreciated warmth from the silk sheets.

"How did I meet an angel like you?" she asked. She kissed his lips teasingly. He returned the favor but gently pinched her bottom lips with his lip as he broke away. It was long before they was intimately kissing. Jackie, sucked on his tongue With her eyes closed she felt she was in heaven. Justin then kissed her neck she held his afro and moaned. 'He is so gentle,' she began to think. 'This is probably the last time we are going to make love." she thought. 'And it's because of my secret."


*** He laid his head upon Jackie's chest. She had just finished screaming. She ran her fingers through his hair catching her breath back. She wanted to make yet another entree in her journal.


"Huh babe?"

"I'll be right back.."

"Don't be too long, I want to be with you, spend more time with you."

He lifted up and she slid from underneath him..

She put Justin's oversized t-shirt on and headed to her personal room. She began her entree, as she always did.

..."I still haven't got the nerve." She shook her head. "It's going to get to the point where I won't have a choice but to tell him...Ohh my stomach," she cringed. She panicked as the program wrote her pain related words when she didn't want them in her entree. She was hit by another wave of painful cramps. She took the headphones off, and bent her stomach holding it with her hand. "Ohhh. Shit it hurts."

"Jack, baby come back to bed please, your takin' too long."

"Coming!" she yell still feeling the cramps. She didn't even bother to shut the computer down she just took the headphones off and left the room.

It felt impossible to walk all throughout the house in the pain she was in. She became worried and didn't understand. She collapsed on the couch, and found that when she put her body in a certain position it wouldn't hurt as much. "Oh god, what happening to me?" 'Oh wait this is normal, this was expected to happen, who am I fooling?' She looked around the large living room. She stared at the projector TV. "I've got to get up, Justin can't see me like this!"

As she stood up, she already had a plan, a lie in her head, if Justin was to question her. She drug her feet into the kitchen and as an excuse of taking so long she grabbed a bowl of berry's.

As she approached the long spiral staircase, she shook her head, wondering how in the hell would she make it to the top.

Since she had taken so long. Justin had taken a quick shower. He press a button on the "room" remote, and a flat TV came dispensing from the ceiling. Before he could turn it on. Jackie had made it upstairs.

"Bout time!" he told her smiling.

"Yea I know," she used her smile to cover up the pain she was feeling. It wasn't as intense now. "I brought some fruit up for you, I mean us, us!" she said nervously.

Justin turned the TV on and she laid next to him. 'I have to tell him soon,' Jackie thought.

He left the TV on the movie "Scream 3".

"Babe, I've got something to tell you," Justin told her eating one of the berries.

"Go ahead."

"Um, actually I'll tell you tomorrow."


He wrapped his arms around her, and held her for the rest of the night.

Justin once again had woken up early. He decided not to make breakfast since he bought Jackie's uneaten food downstairs to the sink earlier. But he did decide to wake her up, since it was almost 10. He didn't want her to be all upset again. 'It's been a nice two days back,' he thought to himself.

"Jaaaaccckkkkiiieeee." He whispered. She immediately opened her eyes, she looked around oddly. "

"Babe, it's almost 10, and I just thought I'd wake you up."

She attempted to sit up, but got lightheaded and fell back to the pillow. She sighed out in pain, and turned around hoping she'd feels better.

"I feel so bad. I think I have a flu or something."

Justin gazed sadly at her body he kissed her lusciously on the cheek. "I hate seeing you sick. Is there anything I can do?" He asked, stroking the side of her face.

"No thanks, I'm going to sleep all day, I feel like SHIT! She swallowed, and noticed her mouth was creating access saliva, "And oh god, now I'm going to throw up." She made her way to the bathroom.

Justin left the bedroom, he couldn't take the sound of her being sick. It made him feel ill. He needed someone to talk to. He walked downstairs and picked up the cordless phone and called Chris.

"Hello?" The mature voice asked.

"Hey man!" Justin took a seat on the leather couch.

"Hey Justin, haven't talked to you since we got back. I was a just about to call you anyway and invite you over to watch the game at my house tonight. Joey and Lance said they are coming. I still have to call JC"

"Oh yeah, the GAME! I almost forgot about it, remember the bet! If the Lakers win you owe me 100 bucks!"

"Yeah, I didn't forget our bet. So, what's up?"

"Ahh nothing! Jackie is having a really hard time. She's got the flu. She's miserable. And I feel bad for her because there is nothing I can do." He remembered Chris didn't know about the Nikki incident.

"Yeah? Well that sucks! Tell her I said hi, and get well too. Let her have some rest and come over here, we can go out a do something today! Shop, hang out, whatever."

"Alright I can be over there in about an hour."

"Alright, I'll let you go!"

"Ok, bye."


Justin walked back upstairs with a smile on his face. But that smile diminished when he seen how sickly Jackie looked. He had never seen her so pale before, it was scary. Her eye's sunken in and wide. Her bottom lip beginning to chap. Her silky hair untamed.

"Don't look at me, turn the other way. I know how awful I look," She told him staring at her face in the mirror.

"You....don't look that bad." he lied staying in the very same spot he started in.

"Your a liar!" she told him as she laid back down in bed.

"Do, you want something to eat?"

"No," She mumbled.

"Maybe you should see a doctor babe."


"Are you sure your not pregnant? Remember 3 weeks ago when I flew you down to LA? You could be..."

"No, I mean Yes, I mean no I am not pregnant. I need sleep. PLEASE."

"Okay, is it alright I spend the day with Chris?"

"Fine with me."

"Okay if you need ANYTHING, you know my number."

With that he left the doorway.

Jackie spent the entire day sleeping. She got up once or twice for a drink of water, and she had to make a couple of trips to the toilet but that was it. She knew something was wrong and that she needed a doctor. When she heard one of the French doors slam, she knew Justin was back. She tried to sit up, and make a glance at the clock it was blurry, but with her second attempt, the clock read 11:27 PM. She heard Justin let out a "Woo hoo." As he approached the stairs. It wasn't long before he was in the bedroom. All of a sudden she felt uncomfortable, he was staring at her she knew it, but she didn't bother to turn her weak head and open her eyes to see. Seconds later his arms was over her. He sweetly kissed the side of her face.

"Jack, are you feeling any better?"

"Nooooooo." She mumbled softly. She was in a good mood even though she was sick. Justin kissed her 3 times more.

"I won 100 dollars. I know it's not a lot, but it feels good winning it from Chris!" Her eyes remained closed but she smiled nicely.

He started to look around the room, looking for something.

"Jackie, have you seem my little mini pocket computer thing? The guys told me that they had left a few messages on it for me. I have never used it before, and I don't know where it is."

She started to think back, she had used the pocket computer to send test messages to Lance.

"Yeah. It's in "my" room on my desk.

"Thanks." he told her as he headed downstairs.

He was wary about entering the room, because he hardly went in it. 'The desk' he thought to himself. As he approached the desk he seen her laptop was on. The screen was blinking asking if he would like a message to be saved? He used the mouse and clicked on save for her. "This is message number 89." it told him.

"Would you like to preview this entree, or exit Story Writer 5000?" the computed asked. he tried to click on preview but with the mouse it wasn't working. That's when he noticed the headphones. "Preview the entree." He said into the mic, looking at the door, making sure Jackie wasn't there. A scroll of text showed before him. He giggled wondering what she had been saying about him.

June 4 2002

Dear computer I am prepared now. I will explain the recording I made earlier at another time. As of now, I'm just admiring how much I love Justin. He is so amazing. I've told you that just about every entire. I feel sorry for my baby. He is going to be so hurt when I tell him the secret. I still haven't got the nerve. It's going to get to the point where I won't have a choice but to tell him. Ohh my stomach .Oh *bleep* it hurts. Coming.

The entree confused Justin. He felt horrible. What secret was she talking about. What was all those jumbled sentences at the end of the entire? 'I shouldn't have read through her personal entries' he told him self. He became sickingly afraid. What's her secret? I better tell her mine too. Justin was just now noticing his pocket computer. He grabbed it not really caring for it but, using it as an escape; not going in her room for nothing.

His heart dropped, he was really wondering what her secret was...

As he entered the bedroom he seen that she was sleeping. He knelt down by her side and held her hand.

"Jackie, I need to talk to you." She opened her eyes and was listening.

"I read your journal entire... your computer was on, it was soo tempting. I read you had a "Secret to tell me. What is that secret? I know it was way wrong of me, but I feel I have the right to know!"

"You what? She asked?" Her face turning red with anger. "How dare you?"

"I'm so sorry! But I was curious. And if you loved me, you wouldn't hide things from me." She felt the hot tears drift down her face.

"Jackie, before you say anything. I want to tell a secret of my own."

Her ears were even more open now, as she continued to cry against her pillow.

"While I was on tour something happened with me, and this girl. We um kissed a little bit. And maybe a little more but that was all." he sighed with relief.

As ill as she was she sat strait up as if waking from the dead. She eyed him evilly, and with all the little strength she had, she got out of bed and confronted him.

"And that was all huh? AND THAT WAS ALL?" She shouted as she whacked him harshly across the face. I cannot believe you'd sink that low Justin!" He held his face in pain and shock. A tear came down one of his crystal blue eyes.

"I'm sorry," he said with sadness in his voice.

"I should have known something like this would happen. After all you are JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! Ah, anyway who could I blame? I guess I wasn't good enough for you."

He was extremely hurt by her words.


"Don't you Jackie ME. Don't say a damn thing to me!" She shouted slamming the two doors behind her.

He didn't even bother to follow her or speak more. She found her way into another extra bedroom, which she just passed out on as soon as she approached the bed. Her body was just too ill and the excitement was just too much.

The longer Justin thought the more angry and sad he became. His face throbbed from where she hit him, and a red hand print started to show across his cheek. He grabbed the car keys to his Jaguar and headed out, to just ride; get things off his chest.


(About 4am that morning)

Jackie awoke drenched in sweat. She tried to breath in deep, but felt she was getting no air. 'I can't breath!' she thought. She tried inhaling again. She could feel herself suffocating. "Justin!" she wheezed. Her voice was no louder than a whisper. "Justin!" she called again. No difference. She slid herself out of the bed and crawled to the door. "Justin." she called again. Her voice now only more faint. She managed to open the door. Her body started to tremble as it begged for oxygen. She crawled into the hall way. Her eyes started to shut. And before she could move anymore she let out a big gasp and passed out.

Justin awoke early as always. He had a horrible dream of him and Jackie breaking up and decided he had to talk with her. His plan was to make her breakfast in bed again; show her how sorry he was. He brushed his teeth and took a quick shower. He put on some comfy clothes. Added some spray gel on his damp hair, then headed downstairs to make breakfast. That is when he seen her body lying in the middle of the hallway. He fell to his knees.

"Jackie? Baby? Ja...." He broke down and started hysterically crying. He turned her body over, so that he could see her face. He stared at her chest, checking for signs of breathing. She was breathing, but it was so shallow it was almost undetectable. Her body gasped, and then he heard a gurgling sound.

"Oh Jackie, I'm so sorry." He sobbed as he picked her up in his arms. He knew he had to get her to a hospital quick. She opened her eyes and looked up at him in confusion.

"Justin." she smiled. She spoke so lowly that he basically had to read her lips. She gasped again, but ignored it.

" I guess I better tell you my secret now." She tried to smile because tears were pouring down Justin's face. The words just barely made it out of her mouth.

"One week after you left for touring my doctor told me." She started to cry, realizing she was dying.

" That I had stomach cancer and he said it was too." She coughed. Justin noticed the low pitch of her voice was fading.

"Late for me and that I had 2 months to live. Here I am 3 months later. I lived a month more than he expected."

Justin was speechless. His mind reminded him of the obvious signs she had given him.

"No! No! Baby don't tell me this. You will be fine!" He started to carry her to the car. As he was walking down the stairs Jackie started to groan in pain. Tears continued to overwhelm her face.

"I'm going to die. I'm sorry I waited until it was too late to tell you." She whispered. Her eyes then closed. Justin grabbed his car keys from off the kitchen table.

"Jackie stay awake okay! PLEASE. You are going to be fine. I love you. You are going to be fine." She opened her eyes at the sound of his voice but only for a few seconds and she closed them again. He sat her in the passenger side of the car. And quickly started the car up trying to calculate how much time it would take to get her to the hospital.

The room was dim with only one light on, from a lamp in the right corner. Justin was by himself. His head was lost in his hands somewhere. He was silently crying. He had been waiting for about 15 minutes now. A blaring light came from where the door had opened up. Justin couldn't hide that he was crying. He didn't even try, he just ran his fingers through his curly afro. His attention was now fully on the doctor who had just walked in.

"Hello, I'm Dr. J Allen" the man said. Justin nodded his head.

"Is she going to be okay?" Justin asked in anxiety. The doctor noticed Justin's hand was violently shaking.

"Well, we have her on a respirator, which is a machine that is breathing for her. Unfortunately she is not looking too good. Her body is slowly fading, due to the tremendous spread of her cancer. I don't think she will make it through the night. Actually I'd give her less than an hour." Justin turned his face away from doctor Allen and let his emotions flow.

"No, no, no, no, no. It's not suppose to be this way. What a horrible boyfriend I've been to her." he mumbled.

"I'm so sorry," the doctor said looking down. Would you like to contact her family?"

"She has no other family. May I see her? Please I need to see her."

"Of course you can. Before you do. You will see a lot of tubes and monitors, don't let them intimidate you. Follow me."

Justin slowly rose out of his seat. He started to feel sick to his stomach as he walked through the halls of the hospital. 'Maybe it's all dream,' he told himself.

"Right in there he said pointing to a room for him to enter. If you need me I'll be down in the room across from here." Justin nodded wiping tears from his face.

Justin turned white as a ghost when he saw her body laying there. He almost convinced himself to leave. but instead, he slowly walked towards her bedside. It brought more tears to his eyes when he looked at the machine that was giving her artificial breaths, the heart monitor which made a continuous beeping sound. He sat down on a stool that was right by her bed. He picked up her hand and held it.

"Jackie, I'm sorry. I want you to know that other girl mean's nothing to me. Nothing. I'm also sorry for not being able to spend those 3 months of touring with you. You are the most important thing in my life. I wish you would have told me, so I...I could have cherish every hour with you. Every second. Every kiss. I love you so much Jackie, You don't understand. I would give up everything I have just to spend the rest of my life with you, to make you my wife. To have kids with you. You have to make it! You have too." He then cried to himself with his head hung low. Her hand jerked and he looked up. Jackie opened her eyes.

"Your awake." he said stroking her soft face.

"My angel. I waited for you Justin. I held on just to see you one more time." He leaned in and pressed his tear soaked lips against hers. He noticed her heart rate had dropped a little on the heart monitor.

"I'm not afraid Justin. I'm not afraid of dying. I have no regrets. My life was not cheated in anyway. I met you! I spent two years of my life with you, and that's more than enough to make me die happy. You were all I had in the world. You are and always will be my angel. When you get home, get on my computer and on the desktop click on the icon that says Justin. There is something there for you......I love you Justin. And I'll never forget you, I'll never forget....."

"No Jackie, I can't live without you. Don't let go. Don't" he whispered in the middle of her hair. Her body made a big gasp. and she exhaled not inhaling again.

Justin stopped stroking her cheek when the heart monitor's line went strait.

"NO! NO!" he shouted standing up. Doctors came rushing into the room trying to revive Jackie's heart.

"I'm sorry sir you will have to leave the room at the moment." She pushed him to the door.

"No JACKIE! He shouted. "You can't leave me! You were suppose to be my wife!" The tears streamed down his face.

"We were suppose to die together, old happy people." He shouted as the lady pushed him completely out the room.

"DAMMIT. Damn you JACKIE you gave up on me!" He stormed down the hall. Doctors were calling him from behind but he didn't care. He lost it. The whole world seemed to be spinning in circles. The most important person in his life besides his mother had died. In a certain sense he felt guilty. All the signs of her being sick. He some how felt if he would have known sooner something could have been done about her cancer. She would still be alive. He started wondering how he would live without her. How would he live in that house with all the constant reminders of her? And then he saw blackness...

"Excuse me sir." Justin looked around. A woman was tapping him on the face.

"Are you okay sir?" He immediately got up. He didn't even answer the woman. He just wanted to get away. Get away from the hospital, get away from it all.

A week later

"Her funeral was beautiful, Jackie looked beautiful. I know this is hard for you Justin but you gotta move on." Bobbi gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"You take care of yourself! Take things easy." JC told him giving him a hug. Then they left. They were the last to go. Justin looked around at all the food, cards, letters, teddy bears, flowers, and balloons that people brought as sorrow for Jackie's funeral. He was shocked by the caring response the fans gave. Still nothing took the pain away. He had a long day. Jackie's face haunted him. He got the chills every time he thought of how she looked in that casket. She was indeed beautiful, but nothing more than a body. The life in her was gone. It crushed his insides thinking about it. He walked around his lonely house crying. Somehow it made him feel as if he was reliving stress. Still he had not gone in her room. He was afraid to for some reason. Some thing about that room made him stay away. As he approached the door to it, he reminded himself, she had left something on the computer for him. He forced himself to sit down at the desk. And with a trembling hand he turned the computer on. When it reached the desktop there was a heart icon named Justin. He glared at it. Then double clicked it. A small wav. play and pause button showed up. The wav automatically began to play.

"Hello Justin. It's me Jackie. I know I have some explaining to do. For instance, why did I not tell you about my cancer while you were on tour. My answer is. I did not want to worry you. Because I want you to remember us happy. And I know you are probably thinking, I had a chance. But I didn't. When I found out about my cancer it was way to late for me No amount of money in the world could have helped me. Justin I know you. And for that I know you can be strong without me. I want you to move on Justin. And yes I will be happy for you. Remember I will be watching you. I will always love you. You better remember that. BE STRONG. MOVE ON! hey, that rhymes. (she starts to laugh.) The wav. ended. The sound of her voice made him smile. But after everything she said, he was crying. He started to think how amazing she was. And it scared him how prepared for death she was. He listen to the wav. continuously hoping he had miss any little detail. When her words finally sunk in, Justin turned the computer off and walked out of the door. He closed the door behind him. And promised himself he would never go in her room again.

"I'm going to do like she said. Move on." And with that Justin started his life over again.