Stronger: Ironic Love (continued)

The digital numbers transformed on the big screen television. It would rest on a channel for about two seconds before being flipped up a notch.

Britney threw the numerically confusing remote control at the foot of the bed. She gave it an extra shove with the tip of her toes. "This sucks. Nothing is on TV, Justin." He was rubbing her knee with his finger tips. Bushing them against her soft flesh. "You know I love your hands, Justin." She smiled teasingly and her eyebrow arched in lust.

He knew he was smiling. He could feel his smile growing bigger and bigger. He had not seen Anna since the car ride was over, but he had a vivid image of her lurking in his brain. He didn't know why she was on his mind, and had been on his mind all day. It didn't mean anything. It was just infatuation. He didn't even know the girl. She was nothing to him. Just some chick with nice eyes.

"Baby." Britney said seductively. Her hand touched the outside of his ear and she placed wet kisses on it. "When are you going to take my virginity? We've been alone too many times to have not done it yet. When, Justin?"

His hand amounted over hers and he evused her hand and placed it down against her own thigh. "I'll take it when we walk down an aisle and we say "I do!" to each other. When...if we get married. Other than that, I won't."

She touched him again. This time twiddling the hard muscle of his back. "Justin, why do you do this? I still CAN'T figure you out."

His head dully rotated to encounter her face. "Britney, I've told you. YOU are the one that told the public you were a virgin, and would REMAIN a virgin until you were married! WELL, as long as you are with me, that statement will stand. You can't just say things and do the opposite. Your fans trust in you, Brit. We already messed up tremendously by not admitting to our relationship ahead of time. Do you know how many people HATE us for lying about our relationship? We let down so many fans. I won't let that happen again."

Her eyes heeded the ceiling to express her repulse. "Jesus, Justin. There you go again. THE FANS! All you CARE about are THE FANS! Don't you have a life, Justin? Don't you have a right to live? Everything you DO has something to do with your damn fans. AND MINE TOO! I am so sick of you doing things based on how the fans feel. I'm sick of it! Who cares about our fans? They are mostly teeny-boppers and hormonal, teenaged, and zit-faced boys."

He shook his head. He didn't agree with her at all. "That's SO not true!"

She peeved a deep breath. "OKAY! I take it back. But, Justin." She ascended on top of him. "I could see if you weren't so gorgeous. But you are so irresistible. It's so hard to control my ragging feelings for you." Her arms enclosed around his neck and her lips skimmed over his. Her tongue licked his bottom lip and she giggled.

Justin laughed. He kissed her back on the lips, and his arms enveloped around her muscular waist. "Irresistible, huh?" His lips fell deep into her neck. From there he kissed her gradually and compassionately.

"Yeah." She moaned. "The frustration you put me through is torturous. We need to get married really soon." She said jokingly.

Justin used one swift movement to lay her body back against the bed. A squeal exited her mouth. And when Justin crawled over her she was taken aback and her breath caught in her throat. Her chest rose and fell unstably. "Well, Justin has to keep Britney 'happy', now doesn't he?"

She nodded childishly with a devilish smile.

"Okay then." He whispered into her neck. He straightened his posture and tried not to rest too much of his weight on her. He never broke their eye contact as he unbuttoned each of the buttons of her night shirt. When he was finished, he folded the flaps of the shirt back. His head sloped to one side. He was halting on purpose, wanting her craving for him to increase. He couldn't help but look at her curvaceous stomach, and gawk how the muscles in it contracted as she heaved for air.

The serious mode he was in, and the mysterious sparkle in his eyes, was enough to send her temperature soaring through the roof.

He could see she was having an hormone overload. She was moaning and he didn't even do anything yet. "Calm down, baby. You always get like this, Brit. Just relax." He started at her shoulders. Licking them and kissing them. Her skin was so clean he could taste the soap from her shower earlier. He kissed every portion of her that was bare, wetting his lips constantly to leave stamps of his lips visible on her skin. "God, you are so tan, Brit. You taste so good." A hand of his slipped underneath her back. With every kiss he placed on her stomach her moans grew louder. Her back began to rise into the air, as he kissed her more intensely.

She dragged her fingers though her hair roughly to rid her building tenseness. "Oh my....oh my GOD! OH MY GOD, JUSTIN! DAMN THAT TONGUE OF YOURS! Ohhhhhhhhhh my GOD!"

His kisses increased in power and his teeth toyed with the sensitive skin that surrounded her navel ring.


He was the one browsing through televisions channels this time. Nothing was on that he would prefer to watch. Finally, he just gave up and left the television on anything. If something was on for him to watch it wouldn't matter, because he was still having visions of Anna. He never saw such eyes. Such beautiful eyes. What was he thinking? What was he feeling? How come nothing has ever been on his mind, bothering him, as much as this...her?

Britney was asleep. Her head was resting in his lap. An unmistakable smile was on her face. She better had a smile on her face. He would have one too if he got the treatment she got from him. He stroked her hair back. It gave him something to do as he thought to himself.

His seal of concentration was broken when there was a knock on the hotel room door. He lifted up Britney's head and removed it without disturbing her sleep.

He picked up the card key and stuck it in his pocket, just in case he needed it, as he approached the door hesitantly. He didn't know who was at the door. In the back of his mind he knew who he was hoping it was. The door opened silently. Nothing could have prepared him to actually see Anna there. Her night clothes consisted of small female boxer shorts and she was wearing a comfortable and basic spaghetti-strapped shirt. He groaned and closed his eyes. Her pureness and innocence turned him on. He didn't understand how or why, but it became very hard for him to control his unknown feelings. "Anna?"

She inverted her head away from him so he could not distinguish her crying face. "Uh, hi...Justin. May I speak to Britney? It would mean a lot me."

He could hear the tremble in her voice. "Sorry, Anna. She's asleep. And since you are a best friend to her, I'm sure you know what will happen if either of us wakes her." His eyes zoomed in on her, and he tried to get the smallest trace of her face. He was dying to view those eyes.

She nodded in response to him. "Your right. I'm so sorry for disturbing your sleep. I'll talk to her tomorrow. Goodnight, Justin." She turned and was about to walk away.

"Wait! Anna, are you okay?"

Her back was arrested to face him. "Yeah." She whispered.

He was worried about her. She appeared to be extremely dejected and dispirited. He slow-wittedly hushed the door closed. Before the door could completely shut, he heard a thud. At once he lunged into the hallway to see what the ruckus was.

Anna had fallen to her knees against the hotel wall. Her hands were mesmerized to her face, and she was sobbing loudly and pained with tears.

Justin immediately knelt down and attended to her. "Anna? Anna...if you need to talk with someone, and your information is not too personal, you can talk to me. I'm a pretty good listener." He was afraid to touch her because he might get the tingling sensation back. It wasn't a bad feeling. It just wasn't a feeling he should be receiving from her.

Her hands cleared away from her face.


Her eyes. Her beauteous, stunning, and exquisite eyes, were filled with depths of pure and clear water. Rivers created from the corner of her eyes as the gleaming water migrated down her face.

Shining. Radiating like particles fresh from the slivery moonlight. Shining.

His hand reached out and one of her tears descended into it. He tore his eyes from hers for a split-second to gape at the singled out tear. He watched his skin absorb it. In just a few seconds time, he didn't know if it was his imagination or what, but he could taste her. This was frightening him. He glared to the side. What had gotten into him? He truthfully thought he was losing is mind and sanity.


She spoke. And her voice was so unprepared for, he saw blackness. His mind shut off completely, and it took him several seconds to revive himself. Breathing erratically, he pushed his eyes to look at her. The soft baby curls that surrounded her face blew every time she exhaled a breath. "Let's get you back to your room." He suggested, standing. He tremored his head to get himself together. He didn't know what was happening to him.

Anna propelled against the wall to help herself up, and she stroked a hand under her eyes to rid her visual emotion. She trampled to room number 106, and unlocked the door with an activated key card she withdrew from her pocket. She held the door open just enough so that Justin could slip quietly into the room.

He cautiously and discreetly sat down on the edge of the bed. The covers were shuffled back, which indicated she was trying to sleep at one point. He moderately folded his hands and placed his brimming attention on her.

Her eyes again.

"Okay, Anna. Do you still feel like talking?" For some unpaired explanation, she was orbiting herself from him. He was doing the same though. To be authentic, they were both afraid of each other.

She treaded back and fourth across the room. "He broke my heart." She began with an angered cry. "The only reason why Britney flew me here in the first place is because he broke my heart. I loved Tim! I... I loved him with all of my heart, and we were together for THREE years! All during high school. I thought everything was perfect with us. I mean, it was. Out of nowhere he broke up with me. He told me that he broke up with me because I wouldn't be intimate with him. He said that he couldn't take it anymore and that he was embarrassed because all of his friends had sex with their girlfriends and he was left out. Out of all those years we shared, he ended our love over something like that? How could he do that to me? Where does that leave me? Heart broken and lonely. And I'm not sure if I can ever get over him, because he is all I know." She purged down on the opposite side of the bed, and settled her head down in her lap. Her shoulders shook downward with sobs.

Justin was spooked, but progressed closer to her. "Anna...that guy Tim is a loser." His hand was troubled to touch her, but it slowly reduced and he touch her back. He gasped after he touched her. The longer his hand rested on her, the faster he began to breath. "If he can't respect what you want, he's not a real man. You have every right to keep your virginity. You have every right to keep it."

She kept her head down. "Why did he have to be so immature about the situation? I wanted to remain a virgin until got married. Britney and I both made a promise to ourselves, that we would remain virgins until we were married. I wanted to keep that promise."

He rolled his eyes to himself. "Oh, really? I never knew about the 'promise' you and Britney had. Well, she sure is living up to that promise." He proclaimed sarcastically. His hand couldn't withhold her touch any longer and he jerked it away. It was numb and felt like it had been sat on too long. What was that?

Anna picked herself up with a sniffle. "Oh my God! I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't BELIEVE HIM! I think I'm going crazy...I think I'm..." She excused herself and walked into the bathroom.

He really didn't know how to act, how to comfort her, or how to be sincere to her. He was just not good with dealing with emotional people. He followed her and reclined in the doorway of the bathroom.

She was splashing cold water on her face. Her hand accepted a neatly folded towel and she sadly patted it against her face. "I'm so sorry, Justin. I didn't mean to bother you, or make such a scene. As you could tell I needed to vent to someone. This is a really nice hotel." She said viewing the decorative towel.

Justin laughed and was intensely staring at her face, waiting to perceive her eyes. "This is a nice hotel. One of the nicest in LA. I sure hope you are feeling better. Let me just say that, that guy Tim doesn't deserve a girl like you. You stick to your morals and I think that is wonderful. Not many people can say something and stick to it. Not many people can carry confidence like that. It amazes me that you can."

Her head wrenched towards him.


His eyes. Every instance hers peered into his, she became inexpressive and intoxicated. She unconsciously dropped the towel she was holding. 

Shining. Like alienated star dust. Shining. 

His eyes.

Shining. With fearless boldness. Shining.


She snapped out of her trance by quaking her head. Her feet carried her to him, and she held her arms out.

Justin wrapped his arms around her, and held her. His body shook as he felt the fever of desire burn him. The reliance of her skin lavished his body and at that moment he could feel her. Feel her trustful spirit. Feel her beauty. Her likeness was rubbing off on him. He felt himself glowing with whatever she contained.

They stared into each others eyes as they hugged in a bond. Ten seconds. Ten.

Second one, no blinking.

Second two, no speech.

Second three, no movement.

Second four, association.

Second five, lust.

Second six, friendship.

Second seven, devotion.

Second eight, affection.

Second nine, tenderness.

Second ten...the shock returned. And it gushed through them. They both parted from each other with a jump.

"What was that?" Anna asked, breathing ponderously with a giggle.

Justin scratched his head and chuckled. "I don't know. Too much static. HAHA!" He cleared his throat. "Anyway, keep your head up. Okay, Anna? Be stronger. Do like Britney's song. Stronger than yesterday. Now it's nothin' but my wayyyy, my..." He sung in a girly tone, just to make her laugh.

She cupped a hand over her mouth and did laugh. Finally, she did what she'd been wanting to do for the longest. She kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Justin."

His eyes excluded and a tingle circulated on his now rosy cheek. When his eyes opened he was grimacing more than he could ever remember. His fingers burnished the right side of her face, stroking it softly. And he wasn't expecting his actions, and kissed her on the cheek. "Your welcome." He whispered, drawing his lips back.

She adjoined a hand to her cheek, and thought it caught on fire.


While glaring into hers, Justin concluded something. He was a little attracted to Anna. He wouldn't try anything to get with her, and he still loved Britney. But he did feel a small attraction of some sort.


Blue diamonds. Eyes. Shining. Glimmering like a moon lit ocean. Shining.

Anna took a deep breath of air. "Justin, you have gorgeous blue eyes. I had to tell you that." She breathed.

"You have gorgeous eyes too. Remember what I said. Keep your head up." His smiled remained warm and kindhearted. It was time for him to leave.

As he stepped away, Anna giggled to herself. "Oh, yeah. Nice version of 'Stronger', Justin. I didn't know you could be so feminine. You wouldn't happen to be bisexual would you?"

He kept his back to her because he didn't want to take the risk of looking into her eyes again.


Her laugh was so innocent and cute, because of her Southern accent. Her accent was stronger than his and Britney's combined. It was so honest and fair. "HAHA! I'm not going to respond to that one. I'm not going to say anything back because at least you are laughing now, and not crying." He laughed, and headed back to his room...


"Will someone pass me the syrup?" Justin asked, sitting at a breakfast table with his four best friends.

Chris placed it down beside him. "There ya go."

"Thanks." He swirled some on his pancakes. "So, what do you guys think of Anna? Britney's friend. You guys did meet her last night..."

JC chewed his food properly. "What do I think about her? She's...nice. She's cute. But she is not nearly as fine or as developed as Britney."

"I agree with JC." Joey announced. "She is CUTE! Very CUTE! But not as fine as Britney."

Justin cut off a piece of his pancake and stabbed it with his fork. "She's just as beautiful as Britney to me."

Silently everyone stared at him. "Justin, are you feeling okay?" Lance asked. He checked the temperature of his forehead with the back of his hand.

"What have you been smoking on, Justin?" JC asked eyeing him in confusion.

"She is. Her eyes. Have you noticed how beautiful her eyes are? They are so many colors and so lovely..." He ate the stalled piece of soft pancake.

"Her eyes are hazel, Justin. Bluish brown. What's so lovely about them? I've seen prettier hazel eyes." Chris said, before drinking some of his orange juice.

He shook his head. "Oh, whatever. You guys have no taste. She has the most captivating eyes I've ever saw."

"Why are you talking about Anna so much anyway? You act and sound like you are in love with her or something. Do you like her or something? If you do. I don't see why! She has nothing on Britney, man. And you'd be stupid to leave her to go out with that chick!" JC preached.

"I don't like her! I just think she is cool. And I'm not talking about her like I'm in love with her. I love Britney. I'm IN love with Britney."

"Right." JC said, sarcastically agreeing with him.

"So, what are you, Britney, and ANNA doing today?" Lance asked.

Justin seized his activity of eating. "I don't know...I think we are going shopping."


Britney held a shirt to her chest. "I don't know if this color suits me."

Anna browsed through the rack beside her. "I think red looks fabulous on you. Then again, I don't know a color that doesn't. Britney, you can wear anything."

She held a different red shirt to her chest. "Well, I guess your right."


His eyes were on her. She could feel them. She didn't need to turn around. Her senses were already overly formulating. She couldn't build the momentum to look at him. "Britney, how long have you and Justin been going out?" She scowled herself under her breath. The question was not meant to be asked. Lucky for her Justin was not able to hear what she asked.

"Umm, I can't say an exact amount of time. But we have admitted our relationship to the public now for about six months now."

Anna's head quailed and she slanted closer to Britney. "What kind of eyes does he have? I've never saw eyes like his. I swear he has the most amazing eyes I've ever saw. They must be a hundred different shades and tints of blue."

Britney's smile gloomed and she laughed. "Your kidding, right? Anna, that is the funniest joke, girl! You really got me laughing." She laughed harder.

She had a confound look about her and was confused. "I'm serious, Britney. His eyes are gorgeous! I've never saw such beautiful eyes in my life."

She felt sorry for her pitiful friend. "Anna, whatever. Justin's eyes are blue, but they aren't even the pretty blue. They are the dark, ugly, and grayish blue. I told him he should wear colored contacts to brighten them." She held out a shirt to test it against her arm color. "Let's change the subject please. I'm sure we can find more EXCITING things to talk about. Justin's eyes is the most blunt and boring subject I've talked about yet."

Anna stopped scouring for shirts and examined Britney's hands as she thought. "You know, this is strange for me. To be in a shopping mall with bodyguards following me. I understand you and Justin need security. But I don't know. I just find it...I'm just unaccustomed to it."

"Get use to it, girl. Justin or I can't go anywhere without a bodyguard. We'd get killed without them."

Justin was having a chit chat with Mike. When the conversation declined, he decided it was time to move on. Britney and Anna were at work, looking in the area of shirts. He moved in closer to them, but didn't speak because he didn't want to disarray them. He was reserved enough that he could hear any word they said.

Anna knew he was near her. NEARER to her. It was that feeling. That feeling she got when they were too close.


She could feel his body heat, even if he was a few feet away.


They continued to burn holes in her.


She tried to carry on with her activity. It was hard. It was hard to focus, knowing those eyes were upon her.

"Here, Anna. This shirt would be cute for you."

She accepted the shirt and gazed insecurely at it. "No, it wouldn't. This shirt requires a busty person. My boobs aren't big enough for this shirt. My chest is not as big as yours, Britney."

Britney snatched the shirt back to put it on a rack, then she giggled. "Oh, thats right. I'm sorry. I'm still thinking middle school. When we used to share clothes and be the same size. Your out of high school and you would think you would have grown some since ninth grade. I grew. Too bad you didn't, girl."

She didn't know how to take her comment. She felt violated and offended, but determined that she wouldn't say anything back.

Justin made a move and engaged his arms around Britney's waist. He kissed her on the neck and then detained her to him. "Having fun, sweetie?"

His soft husky voice made her eyes clog shut. "Yes, I'm having fun, baby." She moaned.

He kissed her on the neck once more. "Good. Thats what I want to hear."

Anna was not invited into the affection. She felt out of place. But still she felt his eyes on her. She foraged harder through the rack of shirts. It ridded some of her uneasiness. To be true to herself. She was jealous of Britney. She wished she had someone to hold her, kiss her, and talk to her like that. She wished she could have someone with Justin's eye's even. She wished she had Britney's figure. There was a lot she wished for.

"I am determined to find you a shirt, Anna. What is your chest size? An "A" or a small "B"?" Britney asked out loud to where several people could hear.

Could she have said a more hideous comment? And she said it in front of Justin? "BRITNEY! How dare you just shout out my private information like that? Oh my God, this is embarrassing. Thanks a lot for the confidence boost, Britney. I thought you respected me a little more than that, but I guess I was wrong." She rolled her eyes, and tried to regard the clothes encircling her, but she lost interest at the moment Britney shot off at the mouth.

"What? I was just asking. GOD! You don't have to get all pissed."

Anna felt a faint poke against her back. She whirled around and...eyes. She wasn't suspecting them and directly, her breath was stolen away.

Eyes. Blazing with native beauty. Eyes.

"I think this shirt would look astounding on you."

Her hand reached to the hanger Justin was holding, and she kept it in her hand. His offering was a white halter top. "Why, thank you, Justin. This is just my size and style."

His hand never resigned the hanger. Both of them kept a tight grip on it. "Your...your welcome."

The eye contact was severe. Neither of them could with stand it for too long.

Finally, Justin came to his confound senses and eliminated his hand from the hanger. "Sorry about that. I...uh...zoned out."

"It's okay." She whispered. She tested the fabric of the top by massaging it between two fingers. "This is just beautiful." She retained the price tag and bared it closer to eyes. "One hundred and twenty bucks? For a shirt?" She reversed her direction towards Britney and placed her mouth to her ear. "Brit, I can't afford this. I don't think I can afford anything is this store. I mean, I can. I have a job. BUT, I am not a millionaire like you. And if I buy an outfit in this store, I'll be broke until this vacation is over and I go back to work. You know I only brought six hundred with me on this trip."

She laughed and hung another shirt over shoulder. "Ann! Stop worrying , babe. I told you 'I' will take care of you. I'm paying for your hotel stay aren't I? Let me just say it's not CHEAP! Girl, I got you." She approved of the shirt and dangled it over her arm with several other pieces of clothing. She snapped her finger. "JUSTIN! So, are you going to let me use it? Are you going to give me your credit card? Or are you going to make me buy all of these things myself?"

He had to strip his eyes from Anna, and wallowed over to Britney. "Thats right. Oh my God. I'm sorry." He crept his wallet from his back pocket and took a credit card from it. "Here you go, baby."

"Uh...can you slip it in the pocket of my jeans? arms are kind of full." He nodded and did what she asked.

"Wait a second, Britney." Anna declared, intercrossing her arms. "But your not paying for the stuff. Justin is. You have thousands of dollars worth of clothes in your arms. Your going to make him pay for all of it?"

Her eyes pondered in a circle. "I am NOT making him pay for anything. He volunteered to do it. He doesn't mind buying me things, like an AVERAGE boyfriend would. Right, baby?"

"Right." He said inactively, with a questioning smile.

"But, Britney. You said YOU would take care of me as if you were paying for my things." She abducted the white halter top back. "I'll pay for this myself. It's not fair for you to use up all of his money, when you have plenty of it. It's just not right, Britney."

"WHAT THE HELL? He's my boyfriend, ANNA! It's just clothes. You act like I am living off of him. IT'S JUST CLOTHES! I do buy my own things too. No he doesn't buy everything for me. You AREN'T around enough to know what type of relationship we have. GOD! you act like he is your boyfriend or something. He's mine, not yours. So, just bud out and don't worry about what we do, or what he buys me. At least I have a MAN that CAN buy me things! Yours seem to have ran away, to fetch some fresh meat."

Anna shook her head and struggled to enthrall her tears back. "I'm going to try this shirt on." She mumbled, plowing through Britney and Justin.

"Brit, that was mean." Justin told her, with displeasure in his voice.

"I don't care what it was. She was trying to make me out to be a bad person. Acting like I am USING you or something. She is so ungrateful! I am the one paying for her hotel stay. I AM! Not you! Thats  about a thousand bucks out of MY pocket every day. Do you know how much money that is? I'm basically SPOILING her and she's getting on to me about using your credit card on some damn CLOTHES! HOW DARE HER? How dare she say it's not right? She is just jealous. Thats was her problem is. She's jealous and ungrateful. She doesn't appreciate a DAMN thing that I've done for her."

He asserted a hand on her shoulder. "I'm not talking the money issues. I'm talking about the things you said to her. You were really mean, and you hurt her feelings. Your suppose to be her best friend. You don't make comments at her and bite her head off, when she's already dealing with hard times. The remark about her boyfriend was certainly uncalled for."

She bit her lip in pure attitude. "You don't know her like I do, Justin. She's jealous of me. And always has been. She wants to try to control and find anything little thing to say about me, to make me seem bad. But I won't let her bring me down. I'm more MATURE than that."

He almost laughed. "Yeah...ahem. Anyway. Sitting here claiming she is 'jealous' of you isn't going make her feel any better. She is most-likely crying, and I think you should apologize to her. She needs you, Brit. Last night she came to our hotel door crying, because she wanted to speak with you. Since you were resting, she spoke with me instead. Now is not the time to be making fun of her. She needs emotional support. Not put downs."

"Goodness gracious. What is this? Timberlake is defending someone besides himself? Shocking! What's with you and Anna defending each other anyway? Awww, isn't that cute? Your a match made in heaven." She said jokingly. Her head toppled down as she laughed at him. "You know what? I'm her best friend. We fight ALL the time and make back up. I really don't want to speak with her right now. So, please. You go see if she is okay."

"I will not, Britney. It's your responsibility to check on her."

A glittery blue shirt caught her eye, and without even looking at the size, she added it to her collection. "GO, JUSTIN!"

"But, Brit. I..."


She was so highly demanding. "Fine!" His eyes locked on hers to notify her of his aggravation.

To his surprise she had already changed into the easeful and slick halter top. She labored and tugged at it, as she cursed under her breath in ire as well as sadness. "Whatever. She can be a total bitch if she wants to. It's just not right. Even if I do have to pay for this halter top on my own. I have to get this. It's perfect. Justin has great..." She was just now noticing him perpendicular in the mirror, canvassing her silently . Her figure sprained to face him.

Eyes. Burning, but gleaming like blue chipped sun dust. Eyes.

Justin twitterly cleared his throat. "Are you alright, Anna? You see...I was wondering because. You see. Britney told me to see if you were okay." He pointed behind his back in explanation. " me that and I didn't mean to stare at you like that. It's just that I didn't want to disturb you or startle you, because you looked pretty upset. Okay, I'll shut up now." He laughed nervously. Astonishingly he was...shy. Usually, when it came to meeting new acquaintances or other people he was splendid, but around Anna he became so visibly bashful that he matured in embarrassment.

Her head tipped at him. "I understand. Thank you, Justin. I'll be okay. I'm just extremely hurt...embarrassed too. Britney is just...God, I can't talk about this anymore. Anyway, thank you for picking this shirt out for me. I think it's beautiful."

His head turned in a dreamy stance. "Yeah...and so are you."

"What was that, Justin?"

He had to quickly entomb his error. "I said. And the COLOR is too."

She laughed nervously. "Yeah, haha...white."

Another concentrated and intense occasion of ironhanded eye contact.

Two pairs of blue eyes.



Anna kept a tenacious enthrall to her one bag, which treasured her overly expensive and self-paid halter top. She swung it back and fourth, in her hand casually. Across from her was the lovesome couple, Justin and Britney. They were delightfully holding hands; bodyguards succeeding behind them.

She decided to distance herself from the two because she didn't want to shift or decompose their intimate nearness. Her and Britney had made up, even if the shopping trip did become a little tense. There was minimum speech as they marched passively through the mall.

"Oh my GOD, baby! I have to go into this store." Britney shouted elatedly.

"Okay." Justin agreed simply. His hand was extracting with hers, but she hindered suddenly.

"You know what, Justin? No offense. But I'd like to shop without you in the store with me. It's okay, but after a while I start getting uncomfortable..."

Anna was never really in the conversation, so she stated a quote. "I'm going to get me a drink or maybe a pretzel or something." She glared at Justin and Britney exotically as they talked, before promenading away.

"Uncomfortable? I'm not sure I'm understanding you, Brit."

She tittered. " aren't getting the hint are you? I don't want you in the store while I'm shopping. UNDERSTAND NOW?" She grinned serenely with a hint of evil.


"You aren't offended are you, baby?"

Offended? Of course he was offended. His shoulders untroubledly shrugged. "No."

She laughed obnoxiously with a resonant tone. "Okay then. I'll met ya at the car in about an hour. Have fun."

The enormous men that produced the protective security team, breached into two groups. One of the groups left to defend Britney.

"HEY, ANNA! WAIT UP!" His hike magnified, as he amplified his speed to catch up with her. His security was closefisted.

She suggestibly circumfused, and lapse for his arrival. "Your joining me, Justin?" She pointed to herself, startled.

He nodded. "If thats okay...Britney just told me to back off basically. She doesn't want me in the store with her. Is it okay that I join you? Because I can do my own thing if I am a bother to you." He spoke refraining forbiddingly from her face. The last thing he wanted was eye contact with her.

Anna's foot twisted because she was jittery. She too concealed her face to prevent eye contact. "No. It's cool. I was just going to get a soda. Is that okay?"

He dekkoed behind his back and scratched behind his ear to appear less nervy. "Fine with me." He never found such a common and average girl so interesting.

After entering the food court, together they convened down at a two seater table. "I'll be right back, Justin. Would you like anything?"

Eyes. Pools that raved such exquisite hues. Eyes.



Justin burned his eyes from hers, while diddering his head. " No thanks. Thanks anyway."

She quivered and shuddered as she ricked out of her seat. What the hell was Britney talking about? Justin's eyes were so elegant and well-favored, she became baffled when she made eye contact with other society. He was gazing at her as she left. It was not that she could see him, but she perceived and endured him.

Mike thumped the dazed Justin on the shoulder. "How come your giving that girl the hot eye, J?"

He was not furnished for concentration and flickered with fear, before fulfilling his comprehension and intelligence. "Huh? What? Hot eye? What are you talking about, Mike? How do you figure I'm looking at her in that way?"

He embellished his thick and muscular shoulders. "I don't know. I know you, Timberlake. You have a whole new essence about you. Hell, you even look different. Around ANNA that is. You like her don't you, Justin?"

He clenched his teeth in fury. "NO! I don't like her, Mike. I've only known the girl for a day in a half. How could I 'LIKE' someone that quick? I'm with BRITNEY SPEARS! One of the most beautiful females on this earth. I've KNOWN Britney for years now, and I LOVE Britney. No one else. What is with everyone lately? I mean, I don't like Anna. She's kind of cute. But thats it. Please take a few steps away from me, and join the rest of the bodyguards, Mike. Now is not the time to be picking on me."

He chuckled deeply and obeyed Justin's request. "Yeah...your in love alright."

Perfect timing.


"Here you go, Justin. I know you told me you didn't want anything. But I thought I'd get you a refreshment since we've been in this mall for so long. I hope you enjoy Coke." She bestowed a icy and large sized soda down in front of him, before she perched down.

"Oh my God. Thank you, but you didn't have to do this...let me....I must pay you back." His hand contracted to his back pocket to abstract his wallet.

"Please, Justin. It's okay. Really. It's just a soda."

Already he was rummaging derangely through his wallet. "Yeah, but I heard you telling Britney you were low on cash. You need every dime you can get. I don't have change. Will a hundred dollar bill be okay?"

She tore a small piece of the pretzel she had gotten and tucked it inside of her mouth. "Oh, you heard that huh? Please, Justin. Put your money away. My money issue is not major...yet. I am just fine. By the way, thank you so much for picking out that little halter shirt for me. I love it. I mean, I couldn't find a more perfect piece of clothing for me. Thank you, Justin."

He uneagerly put his wallet away. "Your welcome."

"Would you like a piece?" She offered him some of her hot and toasted pretzel.

"Sure. Would you mind breaking me off a piece? I rather not touch your food. It would just be rude of me."

Her head wavered and she giggled. "I didn't bite off of it. Go ahead, just rip you off a piece."

"No, I couldn't..."

"Just take a..."

"Okay." They muttered at the same time. Both of them reached out, and their finger tips engaged. Ten seconds. Ten.

Second one, no blinking.

Second two, no speech.

Second three, no movement.

Second four, association.

Second five, lust.

Second six, friendship.

Second seven, devotion.

Second eight, affection.

Second nine, tenderness.

Second ten...once AGAIN the shock returned.

Their bodies resisted and confide for air. "It's funny how we keep getting static shocked...haha. Thats weird." Anna assured that she would give Justin a piece of pretzel. She attentively removed a piece of it. "There you go." She said with a heavenly smile.

He allured the portion of food from her, and smiled back at her. "Thank you."

"Your welcome."


His lips cognized such dominion. They exhibited as strikingly beautiful to her, as he chewed dunce-like.


Anna and Justin tried to posses an episode of eye contact, but neither of them were robust enough. It wasn't doable.

Justin's shimmering eyes inclined to the floor and he chuckled shyly. "How come every time we look at each other we get all bashful. Haha..."

She giggled with him. "I know. I'll tell you right now, Justin. You don't have to be afraid of me. I only kill people on occasions."

He inspected up, just in time to catch her fun expression. His hand struck against the table, he was simpering so hard. "Haha. Okay, Anna. And just to let you know. I was only on America's most wanted four times."

"Great then. We both know each others secrets, so we don't have to be so afraid and shy of each other anymore."

What she proclaimed was oddly right, because they were actually able to designate eye commerce without making the attempt to gaze away.

Justin unconsciously began to stroke her hand, and his head turned to the side in amazement. "You know what, Anna? You are so cool. Some of Britney's friends are...whew. Lets just say you are one of the cooler ones. A person I'd like to be friends with." His eyes penetrated through her. Not once did he dap away.

She tried to appear more strong and sturdy than she looked, for she was liquefying at the powerful view she had of him. "Well, thank you, Justin. It's wonderful to hear that from a person like you. You are one of those guys that is just so beautiful. You seem stuck up. But your not. And thats a good thing. I hope Britney realizes how lucky she is to have a guy like you. I know I barley know you, but I can just see through you. Your eyes..." She trailed off to take fleet sip of her soda. "I'm sorry for going on and on, but I need to say that I am lucky too. I am lucky to be friends with Britney, because she's so famous and everybody loves her. So many people want to be her. She's so pretty, you know? She's that cute-pretty look that every guy loves. I hate being around her sometimes because next to her I look...of lesser quality, I should say."

Right away, Justin began to quail his head. "Don't say are just as pretty as her. If not that, then even prettier." His balmy fingers abraded her hand more intensely.

Her cheeks glowed with a touch of pink, and she infracted the eye contact by goggling plainly down at the table. "Hehe. Thanks. No one has ever...said that to me. I'm flattered, but I am not as pretty as Britney. That was sweet of you though, Justin."

They were so stumped, neither of them observed that they were touching hands. They took no notice whatsoever. "Someone needs a confidence boost." He commented with a snicker. "Believe me. I'm Britney's boyfriend. You are REALLY prettier than her." He leaned over the table deviously. "Don't tell her I said that though." He was suppose to pull back, and resume his starting position. But after actually zooming in on her unblemished face, and being almost nose to nose with her, he lapse.

She tried to reserve back, but her heart literally forced her face to move closer to his. "So, Justin." She spoke in a pleasant whisper. "Since you think I am prettier than Britney. What is it that that means?"

His face apportioned even closer to hers. Any closer and they'd be kissing. "What do you want it to mean, Anna?" His eyes scanned over her entire face. Her lips caught his attention. They were gorgeous, as was the rest of her.


Perfect to kiss.


Reality check! "Uh...sorry about pulling up close to like that. I just wanted to tell you that you were pretty. You understand that that doesn't mean anything flirtatiously, right? I was just giving you a compliment. And Britney and I are very much in love. We will probably get married someday. We have a very happy relationship, and I am very...happy with Britney."

She nodded surely to prevent conflict. "I understand. I understand. So, thanks for the compliment. I know you and Britney have to be really happy. You are both two huge stars, that have to deal with the same problems. I can picture you two being together for a long time. Oh, and sorry about what just happened. I have a tendency to flirt a lot. I'm sorry."

His eyes squinted as waved his hand at her. "No. Please. Don't be sorry. You have no need to be sorry. I was just saying..."


Four Days later.

Looking both ways, the getaway was final. He crept into the elegant and beauteous room, closing the door mutely behind him. His indurate and firm body crashed against the comfort of the king sized bed. "I swear. Britney is going to catch me sooner or later. Every night since you been here I been sneaking into your room. I'm telling you. She's going to wake up and raise hell."

Anna was positioned across the room, shaking a bag of freshly popped popcorn. "Haha! No she won't, Justin. You know Britney. She'll be asleep ALL night long. She can sleep through a tornado. Besides, all we've been going is watching movies and talking. What's so harmful about that? Huh?"

Something between them had changed drastically.


It was that they were able to prehend the eyes. It was not painful anymore. It was pleasurable.


"So, Anna. What are we watching tonight?" His hands rested behind his head and he sprawled out on the bed to get more comfortable.

She gasped to herself when she commorated how sexy he was. "Um...Mission. Mission Impossible Two. I know it's kind of old, but I've never had time to see it." Slowly, she approached the highly leveled bed. She climbed onto it, and neared her body to the side of his. She set the popcorn down against her chest and handled the remote control, which she used to start the VCR. As a sense of security, she cuddled up to Justin.

His arm held her by the waist, and his chin corraded against her arm. Anna's hand ruffled against Justin's knee as the previews came on.

They were existing overly affectionate with tenderness and passion. Support engulfed them, but it was received in a way that would be considered inappropriate. Normal friends would not be exploring each others bodies as was them.

Anna inversed her head and met face to face with Justin. "Justin, have you saw this movie before? Because like I said. I never saw it."

His fingers began to unknowingly tease the base of her tone stomach. "I saw it." He whispered. His eyes arrested and locked with hers.


On God's earth, how could someone have such eyes? It was stunning and frightening at the same time. Such beautiful, attractive, and lovely eyes. So astonishing, everything could be viewed inside of them. Every color. Every emotion. Everything.


"Wh...what is it about?" Her neck was in distress because of the position she was laying. She rotated herself, so that she was facing him, but slumbered on her side.

Justin's gentle finger circulated around her navel, which as hidden by her black but fitting T-shirt.

Anna directed a piece of popcorn to her mouth.

His eyebrow arched imbecily. "Well, the movie is about high technology. Stunts. All of those things. But the main plot of the story is. Two people fall in love..." The sound of himself saying the word 'love' made him stutter in thought. "Yeah. They fall in love, and they don't run from it. They devote their lives to each other, basically to carry on a mission. They hold on to their bond and love, and in the end they get what they want...each other."

Somehow their hands were fettered together. At that moment their feelings were in the most extreme and raw state. Ten seconds. Ten.

Second one, no blinking.

Second two, no speech.

Second three, no movement.

Second four, association.

Second five, lust.

Second six, friendship.

Second seven, devotion.

Second eight, affection.

Second nine, tenderness.

Second ten...




Eyes. Crimsoned with love which was once denied. This was the reasoning it was painful to gape at each other. This was the reasoning it was scary. This was the reason...eyes. Combine all. LOVE! The sight they were able to see in each other was the color of love.

Love so strong, mighty, and powerful, that it exceeded love at first sight. It exceeded infatuation. It exceeded soul mates. A connection of two people born into the world for each other.



She tried to fight the stark urge, but she obeyed the lecture her heart donated to her. Her lips probed with a sensitive tingle to his. Was this too big of a step?

Eyes. Shut. Eyes.

His face surged fourth to add more enticing pressure to their lips. His body began to shift towards her to get closer. His hand made a new discovery, her thigh. Which he palpated, caressed, and fondled soothingly.

Anna traced her hand up Justin's arm, brushed the side of his undiluted face, and penetrated it into the cozy texture of his blond curls.

They were rising up off of the bed now, trying to capture the nature of nearer contact.

Her sweet and sensational lips divided and separated for him.

His wet tongue dipped into her cool mouth, tasting her delicious flavor, which he could enjoy all day. He was responding to her waves of satisfaction.

Having him make such a striking and promoted move caused her feelings for him to project and explode.

DESPERATELY trying to get her nigher to him, Justin grasped Anna by the waist and assisted and helped her wrap her legs around him. She enshrouded her arms around his temperate neck, while curving her head to the side. Her tongue bumped into his. For the first time she heard him moan. This was a translucent wake up call. She was kissing her best friends boyfriend who was none other than...Justin Timberlake.

Eyes. Open. Eyes.

"Oh my God! What the hell am I doing?" She rendered her lips from his, and bolted out of his lap in agile. She couldn't face him, and lost her head to her hands. "Oh my God, Justin. I am so sorry. I am SO sorry. What the hell is wrong with me? Your Britney's boyfriend, and you LOVE her, and I just kissed you? I am so sorry. My mind is acting up and confusing me. Here I am thinking I'm falling for you, and hoping that you'd fall for me too. But that is not possible. You have Britney, and NO ONE would want me over her. And especially not you. You love her. You love LOVE her!" She wept. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sooooorry. I don't know what came over me. OH, GOD! I'M SO SORRY!"

"Anna, don't cry." He said wistfully. "Don't cry." His hand slithered up and down her tense back. "Look at me, Anna." He demanded. She was moving her head too slowly towards him so her used his hand to pull her watering, crystallized, and glowing eyes to him. "DON'T APOLOGIZE TO ME!" He shouted, while shaking her. "Don't you DARE apologize to me!" He cotched a bottomless breath and sighed, hoping that he wouldn't begin crying. "I owe you an apology. I owe you one for not admitting an affiliation from the start. When I first saw you I knew there was some connection between you and I, but I didn't want to face it or be honest with myself about it....or with you about it. I didn't think it was possible for a person to have an automatic attraction with a stranger. I always said I believed in love at first sight, and that type of thing, but I was just saying know? I don't think I actually believed it...until now. I'm sorry, Anna. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner, even if I have only known you for five days." He gathered the two of her tremulant hands and kissed them. "I love you."

She gasped and choked on her rising tears.

"I always said that if I fall in love with someone I wouldn't run away from it. And I don't care how recently we met. I can't run from you because I know that I love you. And I know that you love me. It was slapping us both in the face every since we first saw each other. And this is so weird because this is one of those things that happens in cheesy movies and fiction stories. But this is real...real life. I really fell in love with you when I first saw you. And I refuse to deny it. I love you, Anna."

She stole a hand back from him to cover her mouth and cry into it. "Oh, God." She throttled out. "Justin, I love you too." Her whisper was strangled, but he was able to hear her. "I mean. I didn't want to act like I was attracted to you because you and Britney were together but...I love you too. Jesus, what are we going to do about this?"

He slanted his body. "I don't know. I'm just going with my heart. Like I said, Anna. I'm not running from you. I'm not going to live the rest of my life unhappy knowing I should be with you."

The glare in their emotional eyes met, and both of them wince at a blinding light that affected their vision. The seal was broken. The chapter was closed. Their love was reveled, and now it lumianted their alarmed bodies.

Their love became their guide, and their shaky lips conjoined together. This release of new feelings was a gigantic push, and whatever was bound to happen was going to happen. There were no hold backs.

Justin slowly aided Anna's back against the bed, with eased use of his hands. He abandoned her laid out body, to removed the bag of uneaten popcorn from the bed, and to cut the TV and VCR off with the remote.

After clarifying the bed, he ascended back into it with her. She was nervously waiting for him. Their lips had another serious confrontation. They wondered where this would lead...

His tongue flourished all the way into her mouth.

The room they were in was now dim, because the only evidence of light was the moon.

Anna's tiny fingers massaged Justin's solid chest, as the kiss deepened into an enhanced dream, and magnified. Her tongue tried to cope with the force of Justin's, but honestly she just let him take control. He was such a beneficial kisser. Incredibly sweet and gentle. The situation finally go the best of her, and she groaned and moaned into their bearing mouths. "Umm...Justin. I love you."

"I love you too." He frizzled weakly into her mouth. He evused away from her to speak. "Are you okay, Anna? Should I stop? Because I don't want to persuade you into things you aren't ready for. I know we just met. I don't want you to think I am trying to cheapen you, or what we have because I don't want that...I'm just going with my feelings. And if this it too much, I understand. I just want you to know I'm not trying to use you as a one night stand or anything like that."

She diddered her head doubtlessly. "I don't want you to stop, Justin. I'm just like you. I'm not going to run from the feeling I have for you. I finally admitted them. I'm not turning back now." Her arms elevated above her head and a tear scampered down her cheek. "Keep going." She instructed. "I don't care about that damn promise I made. I've been waiting my whole life for you."

He felt his heart screaming for her. And he used all of his strength possible to keep from crying. "I've been waiting for you too. And now we are finally together." His whisper almost broke with emotion, but he managed to get his point across.

With her acceptant advice, he accommodated the bottom of her black t-shirt, and ploddingly pulled it over her head. He dropped it on the side of the bed, never taking his eyes from hers.

A sense of self-consciousness stuck her and she crossed her arms to prevent him from seeing her white lace bra. He already caught a glimpse of her before hand, so her gesture was pointless. "I told you, Justin. I'm not her. I'm not developed like her."

He kissed her lips and chuckled. "SHE is not you. Your perfect, Anna. You really are. And I don't care what you say, you are so much more beautiful than Britney. Your have the most beautiful body. You have the most beautiful personality. You have the most beautiful heart. Breasts doesn't make you more beautiful, Anna. Don't hide yourself. Your perfect just the way you are." He moved her arms away from her chest and drew his throbbing lips to her neck. "You are the perfect person to me and...for me."

She unwillingly shut her glassy eyes, as his potent kisses made extra heat flow through her veins. Her toes began to curl up, because she never obtained such inclination and pleasure from anyone before. She tried to keep moans down to a minimum as his kissing frenzy declined down her anticipating body. "Ohhhhhh, Justin. I'm so happy I met you."

"I'm happy I met you too. Meeting the person who is your destiny makes life seem flawless." He licked the outline of her bra with his tongue.

His affectionate ways sent a chill through her body and she couldn't catch her breath.

Justin left her heaving because he quit kissing her to tamper with her night shorts. He cautious and considerately untied the drawstring knot of the shorts. Slowly he folded them down her hips. She sucked air in through her teeth and tensed as she adapted to the cool, fidget, and nippy air of the fancy hotel room. To see her slim figure in her white lace bra, and her white lace underwear, made him shuddered. He smirked at the symbolic fact she was wearing white. White stood for pureness. Which was all he saw in her. When he studied and absorbed the reality of what he was doing, tears descended down his cheeks and plummeted to her bare stomach. "You're just so beautiful. I'm talking the angelic beautiful, Anna. Do you realize that? This is so amazing. To feel what I'm feeling right now is so beautiful and amazing. And only you can make me feel this way. I know this has to be really scary for you, because I'm so scared right about now. But I'm not going to run from this. I know I keep saying it, but I will continue to say it."

She handled his shirt and helped him pull it off. "I feel the same as you, Justin." She sniffled and tried to ignore the fact that she was crying. "We will work some way. I know we will. Everything will be fine. All we have to do is follow our hearts and leave the rest up to God. I'm sure he will make a way for us. Okay?" After he nodded, she held his cheeks and kissed him on the lips. "Speaking of beautiful. There is no way to describe the beauty I see in you, and especially your eyes. This is our world, Justin. Now we just have to live in it." She decimated Justin's body down on top of hers and held him to her with her thighs.

His tongue brazed her bottom lip and then he kissed her. "Anna, I just wanted you to know that I've never done this before. I've been waiting for the perfect girl to come into my life." He sniffled and laughed with wide eyes. "Well, here you are. I thought I would tell you that. Just incase I act as if I don't know what I'm doing."

"I knew already."

"But how did you..."

"Your eyes told me." She whispered tacking his hair back. "Don't worry, I'm a virgin too. We'll have a beautiful experience together. Guaranteed." She managed to giggle.

He laughed quietly. "Oh, okay. Just don't hurt me...and I won't hurt you." He winked and his trembling lips savaged hers. "I'm sorry I'm shaking so hard,. This is just a huge leap for me and I'm adjusting...I'm really scared. I'm a twenty year-old man, but I'm a scared virgin...haha." He tried to laugh to rid some of his unwanted freight.

Her fingers dandled the back of his neck. "I'm scared too. This is weird, you know? Things like this just don't happen. But your okay, Justin. Your okay. And we'll just take this slow. I'm not worried. I trust you."

He cupped her hand and entwined their tremoring fingers. "I trust you too. I trust you too..."


"Girl, you sure are walking funny today. Everything okay? Riding the short yellow bus today? Can we say slow?" Britney asked Anna with a chortle.

She glanced over at Justin, who was walking beside her. All of them were on the set of Britney's new video. "I'm fine." She affirmed with a beaming grin. "Oh, I am JUST fine!"

Britney clasped her hand to Justin's and osculated his cheek with her lips. "Okay, baby. I'm about to go get my hair touched up for the next shot for my video. I'll be right back. Oh, and Justin. Can you pick me up some lunch later? You know that restaurant that we went to yesterday? I'd like a sub sandwich from there. But you don't have to get it now...I was just letting you know."

He nodded to react and respond to her. "Okay. Alright. I'll do that." He smiled.

"Yeah and get me a Coke too."

"A Coke too. Got it."

"And make sure there is no mustard on my sub."


"And I want chips, a Mister Good Bar, and some French fries from McDonalds."

He made an ok gesture with two of his fingers. "Okay, BRIT! Is that all?"

"And I want some gummy bears. You better get my stuff right, Justin. I'm going to be SO pissed if you don't! It's not like it too much to remember."

He laughed at her. "Right..."

Her eyes examined him with dispute, and narrowed at his joyful demeanor. "Justin, what's wrong with you? Your walking around all glowy and shit. Your acting like you just hit the lottery. Well, your face looks that way. I love it though. What is it, baby? Why are you so damn happy? Did something happen? Are you okay? Why are you so glad?'s making me smile."

He shrugged with a smile he couldn't get rid off. Once again he laughed. "I don't know ." He hoisted his arms, and began to dance. He clapped his hands as he preformed rhythmically. "You know what, Britney? I'm in love. Thats why I'm so happy. I'm in LOVE baby! WHOOO! WHOOO! YEAH, BABY! YEAH!" He pumped his fists in the air.

She giggled, advocating away from him hesitantly. "Okay, Justin. You may need some help, baby. Your starting to scare me...haha. I think I'll go get my hair fixed up now." She snickered at him and ingressed into a room, which spelled 'Britney Spears' across the door.

As soon as she was gone and out of sight. Justin and Anna retreated to an empty room. The door concluded behind them.

Justin's ironhard body mounted her up against the wall and he kissed her lightly on the lips. "And how are you doing, sweetheart? Are...are you okay? Are you in too much pain?"

She kissed his lips fairly and confined his cottony hair behind his ear. "Nah, I'm fine. Pain killers are semi-gods...haha. I'm fine. Really I am. I'll be alright. It's already expected to be soar afterwards so..."

"I'm really sorry about that. But you know I can't help..."

She laughed at him and kissed his lips again. "Awww, your so cute. Hey, don't be sorry about it. I know I'm not." Her eyebrow raised up mysteriously. "Seriously though. What happened last night was...oh my God. How do you put it into words? Beautiful is such a repetitive word, and it's not accurate enough, or strong enough to represent what we shared. Oh, whatever. I love you, Justin."

His arms enveloped around her. "I love you too." He moved her long and highlighted curls to one side. "And you are so beautiful. You and your brown slash blue eyes."

"Well, well, well. Timberlake's eyes are breath taking as well. Oh, and you asked about me, but are YOU okay?"

His head nodded against her shoulder. "I'm beyond okay. I'm in love. I'm in love with...YOU!" He drew out of the hug to press the tip of her nose with a finger.

Their lips combined together for a nimble kiss. "I am so in love with you too." She claimed with her arms around his neck. "But this feels so wrong. I mean, it feels right. But I think it's terribly wrong what we are doing to Britney. She's the victim in this situation. How will we explain ourselves? People probably won't believe we are in love. They'll probably think of us as a joke. How many people fall in love in five days? I just feel horrid because Britney is caught in the middle of this. And, Justin. I can't do the side relationship thing. That is just NOT me. I refuse to be with you on the side, and act like we aren't together and aren't in love."

He kissed her lips to silence her. "Don't worry, Anna. I'm going to tell her today. I'm going to tell her everything today."


"I don't want to hear it. It may not be the best time to tell her, and it may not be the wisest thing to admit to being with you last night. But I don't care, because I'm ready to be with you NOW! And not a second later. I'm in love with YOU! There will be no hiding that. Okay? I have no idea what will be in store for us in the future. But I don't care. Thats how love is suppose to be...questionable. I don't give a shit! I love you." He laughed in her ear and hugged her again.

She used her weight to rock them. "I love you too, Justin. Haha...your so crazy. Britney is going to be pissed. She might kill someone."

"I don't think so. You know her song 'Stronger'? If a guy broke up with her I think she would handle it well...she told me if I ever broke up with her, it wouldn't 'affect' her too much. She said that she could have any guy she wanted so...I say lets go find her and give her the news. Like I said. I can't wait to be with you, I want to be right now."

She touched her lips to his. "Ummm...okay. Should I say something to her?"

He rattled his head. "Nah, I'll say everything. You just sit on the side." He cupped her cheek and swallowed her lips.


Anna jumped because Britney's voice startled her. "Ut, oh. She's looking for us."

"Yeah. Let's go."

They crept out of the room. To their luck Britney's back was to them. She reverted around. "There you are. How do ya'll like my hair and makeup? Think it looks good?"

"Great." Justin and Anna replied at the same time.

Justin ambulated up to her confidently. "Britney. I have something I need to tell you. It's really really important."

The seriousness of his tone made her worry. Her eyes peered partially in confusion. "Um...okay. Do we need to go somewhere private?"

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea."

She rolled her eyes. "Okay, Justin. This is bothering me. I hope this is good news." She snatched his hand and directed him to the set where a scene for her video would be filmed. A few people were scattered in the room, but all in all they had acceptable privacy.

In the distance Anna sat down in a lounging chair. She remained completely silence and couldn't even look at Justin or Britney.

"What is it, JUSTIN? It better be good."

He ran his fingers though his hair and stalled to grapple his thoughts. "Britney..."

"You said it was important, Justin. I don't have time for the beating around the bush shit. Just say it. Whatever it is..." She stomped her foot frustratedly. "I'll understand."

He sighed. "Okay. Here goes." He cleared his throat plainly. "Britney, I'm not in love with you."

She laughed, thinking he was being playful. "Haha...just tell me what you have to tell me. HAHA!"

He wiped the corners of his mouth. "I'm serious, Britney. I'm NOT in love with you. I'm NOT! I'm breaking up with you. I'm ending our relationship. I do love you. But in a friendly sense. I'm sorry, but I'm not IN love with you. You see, I'm in love with someone else. And the person that I am in love with is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. We've just met, but when you have a connection with just have it. Britney, I'm madly in love with Anna. And you may think I'm crazy for claiming to be in love with her already. Not to be rude, I really don't care what you think about it. I love her and thats that. I have to be honest with you and tell you everything. Last night Anna and I slept together for the first time and I swear to God, it was the most beautiful experience I've ever been through in my life. I love her and I'm not going to hold back from her, Britney. She feels the same for me. Besides, you can do so much better. I cheated on you. Your Britney Spears. Just like you said. You can have any man you want. I'm just not one of them. I know what I just told you was harsh. But I had to be truthful with you and honest to my heart."

She never looked at the situation in a way that SHE wouldn't have him. The thought never crossed her mind. She always thought she would have Justin, so she was always taking their relationship for granted. Never in a million years would she have thought he would fall in love with Anna. The Anna who was a cheerleader with her? A best friend?

Heart. Tore from her chest. Heart.

She gasped for air because she had the wind physically knocked out of her from Justin's words.

Eyes. Burning with clear and salty fluid. Eyes.

She gawked ruggedly over at Anna, and then gandered back at Justin.

Sure she told everyone she would be strong about Justin and her breaking up if it were to ever happen. But he was Justin. The Justin she always had and never thought she would be parted from. Her body crumbled and diminished to the floor in a vibrating and trembling heap of nothingness.

The pain that flashed from her beating heart suffocated her and made it impossible to take even the smallest of breaths. Her seizuring hands screened over her face, which had swollen red in sadness.

Heart. Mutilated. Gone. Heart.

Shut down.


Her gruesome and hideous cry echoed through the endless halls.







-The End-

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