March 2001

Beads of sweat progressed down her brow. Her breathing accelerated as she continued to achieve perfection. Her overly tanned skinned reddened, as she pushed herself to the limits. Two hands jumped on her thighs. One by one she knocked them away with her pop-lock hip action. Swiftly her lips moved, but she was too hypnotized for actual sound to escape from them. She kneeled to the floor and used her arms to uplift and thrust into the air. Sexily she spun around, using the guidance and balance of her hands. Her pulse began to race faster. She was reaching her climax and let everything go. She fell to her knees with her legs open, and reared back. Her hands roaming her body, as she used her flexibility to dip back again. She rose back up and shook wildly with a pleasing smile. Finally her world came to a halt. Her head was touching the ground. Her arm was reached out over her head. The dance was over.

The room was stocked with clapping. She was helped off of the floor, by a lent hand of colleague. A dancer she has known for years now. The guy was fairly cute. Unfortunately, he was gay. She smiled tenderly at the man. "Great job, girl! You did terrific." She didn't have time to respond to him because he left to join side of another man who was huddled together with several other people.

"Okay, guys! Thats a wrap for today. It's time to get out of here and go home." Someone announced.

She didn't have time to see who it was that made the announcement, she was too busy eyeing her gorgeous boyfriend. Justin Timberlake. He was sitting in a chair and was watching her adjacently. His eyes were so comfortable viewing her, she could tell he had been staring at her since she begun dancing. Her tired but muscled legs conveyed her to him. "Hey, baby. How did I do?"

He endured to his feet, to compliment her in the politest way possible. "You did wonderful, Britney. Absolutely wonderful." His hand touched the back of her neck and he pulled her face nearer to his so he could kiss her on the check firmly. He placidly pulled back, and then kissed her softly on her bright lips. He had to take a step back to just look her over.

There she was. Britney Spears. His girlfriend. 

Her chest still boasted quickly from her exhausting dance motions.

Britney often tricked his eyes. One second he'd look at her a think she was gaining weight in certain places, the next he realized she was extremely built and well developed. Black spandex material pants were what she was wearing. Maybe they weren't spandex, they were skin tight and he knew that much. Of course the pants fell lowly on her hips. Now that he thought about it. The low cut and stomach showing clothes, was a trend that she didn't create, but enhanced greatly. Her navel was glistening because she had her shimmery navel ring on. And of course she was wearing a double support sports bra, which was semi-hidden with a black stretchable tank top. Lately he was beginning to wonder what type of relationship he was in. True he had known for forever, and she was beautiful, but something about his relationship with her wasn't right or just odd. It basically depended on what mood he was in. Sometimes he only felt he was with her because she was a 'supporter'. Or someone to lean on who knew what life was like for him. He also sometimes felt he was with her just because she was so eye captivating. She just simply looked good, and her perfect features served a good visual for him. He loved her...but in which ways he didn't know. His mind was sorting out the information...even now.

His hand held her waist steadily and from there he drew his lips to hers.

Britney pulled her bottom lip back slightly which caused a smacking sound. Her lips reconnected to Justin's who's mouth opened wider for her. Her tongue broke though the small space his mouth allowed and the tip of her tongue met his, which was just beginning to peek into her mouth. Britney's hands caressed up his chest, until they reached the end of his neck. With her arms now wrapped strongly around him, she pulled him closer to her to kiss him more deeply.

Justin ended the delicious kiss and rested his forehead against hers. "We should be going, baby. Now is not the time to be getting all hot and heavy. Besides, don't we have to go get your friend from the airport? It's almost eight. Doesn't her flight get here at eight-thirty?" He removed himself from her grasp completely, to scan his watch. He smiled to himself when he recognized the time.

Britney placed a hand under her chin. "Yes! Thats right. We have to go get Anna. She's going to be so upset if we are late picking her up." Britney jogged away, but only to gather her Nike sports bag, and a bottled water that was reserved for her. As she walked back towards Justin. She opened her water and took several long sips of it. "Bye, guys!" She said, waving to all of her dancers and her choreographer.

Her and Justin entwined fingers, and they exited the rehearsal room hand and hand.

"So, Brit. How come you didn't tell me about this best friend of yours until now? I mean, I've known you for about eight years now. You've known her longer than that. How come you never told me about her, or I've never met her before?"

Her shoulder raised in questioning and she shrugged. "Correction. I've known OF you for eight years. Justin, we were on the MMC together, and we did hang out for a while, but we were never REALLY close when we were younger. I never even gave you my phone number or anything like that. Yeah, Anna is one of my best-friends. I've known her since I was in the third grade."

Justin looked her in the face. "Thats cool! Why is she flying down to LA again? WE are only staying in LA for two weeks. After that we head back to Florida, Brit."

She nodded positively. "I know. She is staying in LA for just a week. She really needs me right now. So, I'm flying her here for a week to spend some time with me. I haven't seen her in a while and I really miss her. I can't wait until you meet her, Justin. It's about time you meet." She laughed. "I just wish I didn't have rehearsals so late. I really need a shower right now. All the dancing I've been doing. All this crap for a video. A damn video. I feel like I'm preparing for a tour or something."

Justin laughed loudly as they walked through the hall of a large corporate building. "Well, you bring it on yourself. You CHOOSE to do so much dancing. You could cut it down a bit. Tone it down a bit. But NO! You just have to have so much dancing in your videos." He held the door open for her, so she could exit the building and head to the car.

"Thank you, babe." She said walking through the path he made for her, and carrying herself to his black Jaguar.

"This is still weird for me, sweetheart. The public relationship we share." He unlocked the car on the drivers side, and then pressed a button to unlock all of the car doors at once. "I remember how we use to have to sneak when we saw each other, or act as if we were just friends. But now we are out in the open. Everybody knows. I don't know, it's so weird for me."

"You and me both." She swung the door open and sat down in the luxurious car. "Don't worry about it though, Justin. The public has known about us being together for several months now. And we ARE together. We love each other. We can't put our love off for a bunch of stupid fans."

Justin pulled out of the parking lot. While waiting at a light change he pointed a finger at her. "Our fans aren't stupid, Brit. I've asked to you not to call them stupid."

She used her breath to blow her hair out of her face. "I know. I'm sorry. They aren't stupid. It's just that, they are really staring to piss me off. You know what I'm talking about, Justin." Her elbow rested against the armrest, she used it to hold her head up. "All your fans do it bitch about me. They HATE me. I know they hate me. They can't stand the fact that I have you and they can't have you. I love showing you off, Justin. I love making them mad. They are so pathetic. And they have the nerve to call me a bitch all the time. Whatever."

Justin remained silent. He had nothing to say to her, nor instigate her feelings. Silence overtook the car as he was forced to stop at another red light. As he waited, he glanced to the side of him and watched Britney closely. Strands of her hair were parading her tan-glowing face, and she looked beautiful as her face relaxed in the palm of her hand. Her eyes were closed and he felt a comfortable vibe about her. This made him smile. "Sleepy, Brit?" He asked, grinning and moving her hair out of his eyes, since it was annoying him to see it.

Her lips bent upward in a smile. "Yes, baby. I'm a little tired. Dancing ALL day will do that to you. I'm sure you know what that is like. I feel so gross. I need to take a shower." Her eyes shut.

Justin's foot pressed gently on the gas when the awaiting red light turned green. He placed his moist hands in the depth of her soft blonde-colored hair. It felt more beautiful than it looked, for it was fairly rough visually, from her elaborated workout. He drove one-handedly and continued to run his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp sensationally. He sighed to himself as he did this. The texture of her hair fascinated him. He couldn't lie. Everything about her fascinated him.

"I love you, Justin."

She said the words again. She said 'I love you' a lot. From her 'I love to make the fan jealous' speeches, he began to wonder what percentage of her words were true to his heart. Because he loved her. He loved her in a way that kept him settled with her, but he had spaces in his heart for more love. He could withhold even more love than the love he received from Britney. They had been through a lot together and it made their personal bond stronger, but what was the definition of the bond? Was it along the lines of soul mates or best-friends? Only time would tell. "I love you too."


He held her tighter around the waist and kissed the back of her back, causing her to giggle lustfully. His chin went to sleep on her shoulder and he closed his eyes absorbing the moment. Her skin was cooled now, and dry. Her hair smelled like wildflowers and exotic fruits. He was the only person she would let hold her after having a long day of dancing. She was too stuck on the fact that she might smell bad from sweating. What she didn't know was she smelled the exact opposite.

"Justin, haha. You better get away from me. I haven't showered yet."

He rocked them side to side and held her slender waist tighter. "Awww, hush. Girl, you smell divine."

His teeth sank into her shoulder playfully and he growled and shook them wildly. "Haha. Justin, your so crazy. In a biting mood today, are we?"

He nodded against the area he bit. "Yup. Wasn't your friend suppose to be out here thirty minutes ago? We rushed here for nothing. SHE is late!"

She turned to make direct eye contact with him. "She is late." Her eyes fluttered shut and her face leaned into his until her lips made their destination . A surge of confidence took over her and her arms crossed over his neck and she kissed him forcefully.

Justin's tongue eased into her mouth. He proceeded closer to her and his weight abandoned her against the passenger side of the car. He groaned in her mouth contorting in pleasure. His warm, wet, and slippery tongue massaged hers, causing her head to tilt back. Enabling him a deeper entrance. "God, I love you, Brit." He moaned, keeping the contact by cupping her face and holding it tenderly. Slowly, very slowly they parted from each other. Justin tucked his face in her neck, and held her in a hug.

Britney's fingers grazed his disheveled mound of curls and she held him in a love stuck manner. "I love you too, baby. I love you too." A laughed fled from her mouth. "We are so bad, Justin. We shouldn't be kissing in public like that. Hell, we should be standing in public like we are. We have no security whatsoever. It's an accident waiting to happen." She released from the hug to look him in the eyes. Her lips pecked him once more quickly. "Look at you! Your just so handsome."

He grinned and his head turned to the side in sheer cuteness. "Thank you. You are HOT yourself." He was smiling, but his smile began to fade when his thoughts overtook his senses. She was so beautiful. He wasn't thinking emotionally or internally at the moment, but she was so beautiful on the outside. And her smile just made his day. She was looking away from him shyly. Her dazzling white teeth made up a smile that shown florescently.

She rubbed her arms up and down holding herself. "Man, California is pretty chilly today. Yesterday it was nice and hot and today the breeze is just blowing away." She felt it was safe to look up, and just as she expected. Justin was glaring straight at her.

After a few seconds he broke out of his trance, and her words calculated through his brain. Immediately he shrugged his soft, honey-yellow and leather jacket off, and sat it across the top of her shoulders.

She pulled each of her arms through it, with a thankful nod. "Thank you, babe." It was too big, but it would do.

"Your welcome. If your too cold, you can get inside of the car, Brit. It's not that distant, considering your...leaning against it." He laughed.

She shoved his chest. "Thanks for the info. I really owe you. I didn't even notice I was resting against this really nice car." She laughed right along with Justin.

The cell phone is his back pocket rang. "Excuse me, sweetie. While I accept a phone call."

She shook her head. "Okay...ANNA better have an explanation for being late. We've been waiting about forty-five minutes now." She inhaled the sent of Justin's jacket and sighed. She snuggled it closer to her as she watched Justin talk on his cell phone. His feet paced across the cream colored concrete. Them being covered in construction worker styles boots. His jeans were dark, and some what strange with yellow spots painted on the top, in the area of the pockets. His shirt was a vibrant tint of yellow and he was looking unbelievably good. Britney wanted to kiss him all over, since a few people had gathered on the side to catch a glimpse of them and watch them. They were smart to not get any closer to them, because she would surly get into their faces and snap on them for invading their privacy.

Justin's back curved slightly as he spoke to the person on the phone. "Yeah, man! Well, I'm still waiting for Brit's friend to come out of the airport. Nah, OUTSIDE of the car. We are both standing around it. No, no security. Everything is ALL good. Don't worry. We're pretty safe. This has already been planned out. I'm just waiting for that damn girl to come on already."

His body shifted and his eyes searched the area Britney was standing. "Uh huh! I am going to be there, man. Yeah, I want what every..." He gasped for air.


Eyes that shown so bright he thought he was looking through a prism. The color of them were undetermined. His brain could not identify just one solid color. They consisted of several bright hues. Eyes.

He froze and everything surrounding him, became a pool of nothing. All his attention was focused on the person who held such breathtaking eyes. The skin surrounding them was fair, pure, and golden. Her lips were thin and had a glare on them. Gloss.

Golden and light brown curls ambushed the glittering eyes and they were moved aside continuously.

The person was a decent looking girl. To be honest she wasn't as fine as Britney, but that didn't phase him. His eyes scanned a path down her. A soft pink dress hung nicely on her shoulders. She was average size. Smaller actually. She was almost flat-chested, but her dress represented her body nicely.

She crossed her arms. She was shy. All in all she carried herself more beautifully than anyone he ever saw.

His eyes flew back up to hers. He was just now noticing she was looking at him the way he was her.

"JUSTIN! This is my friend Anna." Britney hugged the girl and then kissed her on the cheek. Her eyes never left Justin.

Anna hesitantly walked up to him. She some how gathered enough courage to put her hand out.

He lost his cool in front of her. His cell phone was on, and the person he was talking to was still on the line. His hand was reaching out to her and he dropped the phone and it broke into several pieces. He ignored what happened, just to get a feel of her skin. Slowly his hand slid into hers. A surge swam through his body, and he thought he had been electrocuted by electrodes. He snatched his hand back, but replaced it. Followed by holding her fingers. "Um...hi Anna. I' name is Justin. Uh...Timberlake. I heard a lot about you. Brit talks about you all the time." He could sense that she was trembling.

They were still shaking hands.

"Yeah...I'm Anna. And I...I...I have heard a lot about you too! You're Justin and I...I...I..." She just stopped talking to save her some embarrassment.

They were STILL shaking hands. Both of them were looking at the ground shyly.

"JUSTIN! You just totally broke your cell phone. And you've shaken Anna's hand long enough I think!"

His first instinct was to keep shaking her hand. But it would be awkward to, and he took it away. He viewed his hand, and it tingled where she had touched him. He felt like Stan from South Park. He just wanted to throw up. Sadly, when he looked at Britney, his eyes became disappointed. She was...Britney. The SAME Britney. Nothing was interesting about her. She was just a girl who was blessed with looks and the ability to dance her ass off. But Anna. Anna looked how she was on the inside. Sweet, innocent...wait a second. Here he is having flourishing thoughts about a stranger, when he was in LOVE with one of the biggest females in the music industry. What's gotten into him? People would die to be with Britney Spears.

He cleared his throat. For a a brief period of time he lost his place, but a reality check reminded him he was with Britney. Anna was still eyeing him though, and it gave him butterflies in his stomach. His arms went about Britney's waist and he kissed her on the neck once. "Ready to go, babe?"

She closed her eyes and smiled. "I sure am. You just need to put Anna things in the trunk and we can take off."

He broke away from Britney and grabbed Anna's things. "Sorry, it took me so long to get out here. My luggage got lost or something and the people had to trace for it. Track it down. Sorry, I held you guys up."

Justin smiled, but not looking her in the eyes because he would chock up. "It's okay. Things happen." He pulled the car keys from his pocket and almost dropped them as he unlocked the trunk to put her three bags inside of it. He wanted to know why he felt like he did around Anna. Words couldn't describe his feelings. He was definitely confused. His feelings meant nothing though. He was happily in relationship with Britney. He LOVED her, and he wanted to be with no one except her. She was his everything.

During the car ride Justin remained silent. He noticed Anna asked Britney a lot of questions, but she didn't ask him any because she was afraid to. He chose not to say anything to her because he was having a hard enough time figuring out his emotions out. Sorting them through his brain. Convincing himself he was NOT attracted to Anna in any way. He couldn't resist checking her out from the drivers mirror. Those eyes of hers had him stumped. He couldn't get over the beauty they withheld even if he wanted to.

"So, Britney. Why are you and um...Justin staying in California for two weeks? You never really told me why."

"Well, I am here in California because I'm learning the choreography for my new video 'Don't Go Knocking On My Door'. After I learn it, I'm going to make my video for the song. Justin is here because he has time off. And next week when I have time off, he has stuff to do. And we both have an awards show to attend. So we get to spend a few weeks with each other. After two weeks of being together, we get to spend even more time together, Justin and I both go back to Orlando. I go back to rehearse for my tour. He goes back to record for his new album. I'm so happy I get to finally spend sometime with him." She leaned her face over to him and kissed him on the cheek. "We're gonna be closer than ever. Right, baby?"

His eyes stared into the divers mirror and soak up Anna's reflection. "Right." He responded with a self-satisfied smile. "Closer than EVER!?"

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Part Two

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