Chapter 9

Kim walked up to where Britney was. She turned her over to look at her face. "I told you not to mess with me Bitchney!" Britney eye's opened and she covered her hand over Kim's face and started sinking her nails into her flesh. "Ahhhhhhh get off me. Get off."

"Nice punch Kim. I'm a afraid it was not enough." Both of them went flipping over the couch onto the floor. They rolled around for a while. Britney gripped Kim's neck and banged her head against the hard wood floor as she spoke. "You are so pathetic. You talk all that stuff, and now your on the ground. Like I said, YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM."

Kim could not breath from the choking, and when Britney let her go, she remained still, gasping for air. Britney then picked up her upper body by her hair and forcefully slammed her face against the coffee table.

"What you got to say now Kim?" Blood ran down her face from her busted nose. "I'm going to destroy that beautiful face of yours!" She smacked it against the table again.

"Justinnnnn." She moan. Britney let her hair go, and Kim tried to crawl away from her when she fell to the floor.

"That's right you helpless bitch, call Justin." Britney stood up and then kicked her in the stomach and she fell face first onto the wooden floor. Blood was everywhere from her wounded nose. "Take off that skirt! It was made for ME to wear NOT YOU!" Britney grabbed the material hanging on Kim waist and ripped the skirt off of her revealing her green underwear.

Kim was desperate. She tried to get up. Britney had hit her for no reason, she kicked her in her stomach even. Where did she see this picture before? With her mother. WITH HER MOTHER? Britney had kicked her in the stomach again while she was attempting to get up. "I've warned you. I told you to LEAVE ME ALONE, BUT IT'S TOO LATE FOR YOU NOW." She looked up at Britney who was standing over her.

The look in her eyes was so cold, so crazed and so bizarre that it scared Britney and she backed away. "Your one crazy bitch." She said dropping the ruined skirt she was clutching in her hand.

Kim used the strength in her hands and rose to her feet. She wiped her nose which only made the flowing blood drip more. She slowly walked towards Britney, who was backing away still trying to get away from Kim's stare.

"I told your Britney. I told you I would do anything to keep him. I'd give my life for him. I'd FIGHT for him." She ran towards Britney who was stopped by the white wall. She stared at the crazed and bleeding Kim that was right in her face. "You crossed the line. I see blood coming from my body. If I bleed, YOU MUST BLEED TOO." Kim punched the wall to give Britney a sense to what she would get. The wall had a huge dent in it and Kim's fist started bleeding. "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE." she reached back and before she could hit her Justin grabbed her arms and locked them with his. While Justin was pulling her back Britney grabbed a bunch of her hair, and it ripped out when Justin pulled her.

"Look bitch! Your hair." She said throwing the long strands at her feet.


"Yeah let her go. Let the bitch fight me if she wants TO TRY!"

"Kim stop. You need to calm down. Your bleeding everywhere." Justin told her trying to manage with her fits.

"JUSTIN GET OFF OF ME. LET ME GOOOOOOO!" Britney instigated and walked up and slapped Kim in the face.

"Back off Britney. Don't hit her again." Justin said pulling Kim out of her reach.

"Okay. If you say so Justin honey. EW I have her AIDS blood on me, EW!" She didn't hit Kim again but she approached her. "I'm sorry for kicking you ass Kim. You really are NOTHING." She then spit in her face.

The world at that point didn't exist and hell had frozen over. "OHHHH HHHHELLLLPPP MMMMEEEEE GGGOOOOODDDD!" Her scream echoed though the entire house and Justin and Britney was silenced by her cry. "Oh help me God. Give me the strength to live through this. Give me the strength. Give me the strength." She broke away from Justin, as if his hold meant nothing. She didn't go after Britney who had frozen in place with fear. She walked into the middle of the living room and screamed. It was so high pitched and the horrid sound of it scared Justin and Britney even more. "Why God? Why me? WHY CAN'T I LIVE HAPPY FOR ONCE? What did I do?" She screamed again and stomped her foot and started to cry. Her nose was not bleeding as much now. She looked down at the blood stained halter top she had on. She stopped crying and stood there blankly.

"Kim..." Justin said from across the room.

"Don't you see Justin. We were fine until she came. She hit me for no reason. She did this to me for NO reason. What did I do?" She turned and looked over at Britney. "What did I do to you Britney? I was just trying to love Justin. I was just living my life and being happy for once. Why did you have to do this? Why did you have to try to take that away from me? HE IS ALL I WANTED IN THIS WORLD. He's my happiness."

Justin walked towards her, but she turned her head and gave him a look that made him come to a complete halt. "Kim. You should come with me upstairs. Lets get you cleaned up."

She looked at him for a few seconds. "Justin I'm not staying in this house with her. This." She said raising her arms in the air and pointing to Britney. "This is abuse. She needs to go! YOU NEED TO MAKE HER GET OUT!"

"I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE. JUSTIN YOU CAN'T MAKE ME LEAVE. I HAVE NO PLACE TO GO!" Britney looked over at Justin and gave him a puppy dog  look.

"Kim, you know I can't make Britney go. I've known her since I was twelve years old. I just can't do that." A tear escaped his blue eyes because he didn't know what to do and Kim looked so hurt.

"Your right Justin." She look down at the pitiful-ness of her condition. She tried to wipe the blood off of her face so it would look less bad. "You and Britney deserve each other. I'm sorry for interrupting your relationship. Justin... I thought you and me were meant to be, but I guess not. I tried to fight for our love and my outcome was nothing. It's not worth all of this." She started to tear up. "I'm sorry Justin. I can't do this anymore. Look at me. You let her ruin everything in a matter of days. You could have help the situation if you wanted to, you could have kicked her out by now." She looked at the blood on the floor and table. "I'm sorry about your living room." She sniffed and placed her hair behind her ear. "I'll clean the mess up tomorrow." She looked over at Britney. "Um Britney I'm sorry. I understand why you did what you did. You obviously really love him. I know I loved him enough to give my life for him. You can have him because we aren't together ANYMORE. Oh and you honestly did kick my ass." She laughed but it wasn't in happiness, it was in a cover up of sadness.

Britney looked at her like she was crazy. Kim looked down at the floor.

Justin's heart had stopped a long time ago. He was so hurt by her looks, and words that he couldn't move. He wanted to move, he wanted to talk, but his body wouldn't physically let him.

She looked at the beautiful halter top that Justin had bought her. The sheer fabric was ruined. She gripped the shirt and ripped it off of her. The part tied around her neck wouldn't rip and first, but she pulled harder and the shirt came loose. "This is so humiliating." She said walking across the room and her strapless bra and underwear. "This is the most HUMILIATING SITUATION I EVER BEEN IN." She started laughing. "I thought we might get married one day. I'm so stupid." She picked up the torn skirt and walked over to Justin. "Here is your stuff. You know what Justin? Thanks for letting me stay with you. You are a good friend. You are a good person." She placed the destroyed clothes in his hands. "Stay that way." She whispered through tears.

She walked out of the living room and went upstairs.

Justin felt like his soul died. She just called him a friend. Just a friend? His head turned towards Britney, who just stared at the wall with no emotion. He didn't know how to make his body move. He couldn't speak, his body was running on empty. He looked down at her clothes which had her wonderful smell on them. He looked at the blood on them. There was blood on him, blood all over the floor, blood on the wall. It was all her blood. Did she just break up with him? Friends? Something within him cracked. The tears started falling. He was already a little weakened from his sickness earlier, but his body started to shake. He dropped her clothes on the floor. "Did she just...?" He broke down and started crying. Britney walked over to him immediately and they both fell to the floor as she held him in her arms. "I think....I think she just...broke up...with me."

Britney hated herself because she knew that she could not make Justin love her again. He loved Kim more than anything, there was no doubt about it. It was more than love even. It never crossed his mind that they would not be a couple, and the reality of it was now slapping him in the face. She felt so bad because Justin was lifeless and it was her fault. She felt bad, but her pride was stronger than her regret.

"Justin you don't need her. Just move on."

He lifted up his head. "No! You don't understand. I DO need her. I can't live without her being mine."

She rubbed his back and rocked with him in her arms. "You have to be strong. You don't need HER Justin. I'll take care of you. I'm here to love you."

He removed himself from her arms. "No. I will never love you as much as I love her. You can't be Kim and you will NEVER be her. I hope you are happy staying at my house. I just lost the most important thing in the world so you can stay. I really hope your happy!"

He walked away from her and sat down on the couch. He picked up the phone. When he dialed JC's number he wasn't home. He called his mother.


"Ma." He sniffed and wiped his tears away.

"Justin? You okay sugar? I heard you were sick today. Kim's been taking care of you?"

His hand was shaking and he closed his eyes because the pain inside of him hurt so bad. "She... broke... up... with... me." He said crying into the phone. "She said we... are friends...she said she DID love me..." He started to cry harder.

"What? How did this happen? Everything was fine this afternoon. There has to be a reason for this."

He tried to stop crying so hard in order to talk clearly. "Her and into a fight...she said...Britney...hit her for no reason...and she told me to make...Britney leave...Britney had no where to go...I didn't make her leave...and Kim broke up with me."

Lynn started to cry because her only son was so hurt she could basically feel it through the phone. "I don't blame her. I would have broken up with you too. It may seem harsh honey, but why should Kimmy have to put up with Britney's behavior? Why should she get hit for doing nothing wrong? That's just immature to pick a fight with someone for nothing. I've told you Britney was no good Justin. She was always trouble for you"...

Kim dried her face with the towel she had in her hand. The shower she took had worked wonders for her. Her face was not all that bad, she got her nose to stop bleeding too. She rubbed her head in the spot where hair had been ripped. She put on a night gown, the only thing she brought for herself when she was at the mall with Griffin. Her body was so emotionally and physically exhausted that she didn't care what was going on around her. Leaving the light on she got into Justin's bed and fell into a deep sleep.


Justin hung up the phone and someone touched his shoulder.

"So you and your mom talked about me the whole time? Thats okay." Her arm moved across his chest and she sat down near him on the couch. "Justin, don't be so worked up about his." She moved closer to his non-moving face. "You have everything you need right here."

He looked over at her. "What do you want? What do you want from me Britney? Why are you constantly doing things to upset me?" He grabbed her face and kissed her on the lips. He didn't forget to use his tongue. "Is that what you want?"

"Yes. I want more." She put her lips back on his and the kiss escalated and led to deeper kissing.

Justin broke away from her. "Did you like that?" He asked, his face still wet with tears. He wiped his mouth in disgust.

"You know I did Justin." She licked her lips.

He stood up. "Good, because you will never get another kiss from me ever again!" He paced around the living room. Finally everything sunk in, he had made a huge mistake. "You are the most desperate person I've ever known in my life. Why I put up with you, I don't know. You are so sick. Why would you touch Kim for no reason She didn't do anything to you. She even likes your music, which makes her crazy in my book. But then you rip her hair out and spit in her face. YOU SPIT IN HER FACE? How could you do something like that to a human? How could you do that to her? How could you do it to Kim? She's so loving and beautiful. Everything you are NOT! And still I'm stupid because after all the stuff that went on, and the stuff I just said your still sitting in my living room!"

He walked up stairs to get away from her quickly. He was so hurt he felt like he was nowhere. When he saw Kim in bed his body choked. A friend? The word 'friend' made him shiver. He walked over to her sleeping figure and knelt down . He tried to find some understanding in her sleeping expression. She had a cut on the side of her face close to her ear, which Britney made with her nails. She looked so peaceful and beautiful he didn't want to disturb her. The tears ran freely down his face. Why couldn't she understand he loved HER and NOT Britney. Every since she moved in, he couldn't image being without her. Maybe he was blowing this all out of proportion. Maybe she didn't break up with him. He looked down at his shirt and himself. He had her dried blood all over him. He needed to take another shower.

When Justin finished showering and changing. He felt a little better but not much more. He was wary about getting in bed with her, and he was quite shocked she didn't go into some other bedroom. Maybe she really wasn't serious about what she said. He pulled back the covers, and slipped his body under them. The room was so quiet. He kept the lamp on, which was on his side. He barely used the lamps because they didn't give off much light. Tonight it gave off enough light for him to see Kim's beautiful hair. She mumbled something then turned and laid on her opposite side. Justin could see her face now.

"I hate Britney she's taken Justin from me." She talked in her sleep then her breaths slowed again. Justin moved closer to her. He wanted to just touch her, but he didn't want to get hit, or slapped in the face either. Flashbacks of earlier in the morning when he was sick struck him. She canceled her doctors appointment for him. Fed him. Even went shopping for him. He didn't realize that after his thoughts he was crying again. He gathered enough hope to touch her and he placed his hand on her arm. Within seconds her eyes locked on him.

"Don't touch me." She said very very quietly. When she realized he was crying her heart sunk.

He took his hand away.

"Maybe this was a bad idea, I knew I should have slept in another room." She pulled the covers back.

"No! Don't go...just...I won't touch you again, just please don't leave me in here by myself." He wiped his eyes.

She jerked her head towards him. "I'll call Britney in here and tell her to stay with you. That is, if she doesn't jump on me first."

As she got out of bed and attempted to leave the room. Justin stood up. "Wait Kim, I have to ask you a question. In all that stuff you said downstairs, were you saying we aren't together anymore?" It was hard to ask the question, but he managed to do it and he tried to look brave about the whole thing.

She put her hands on her hips and waited. "Yes. That's exactly what I was saying. You have Britney here now, and you obviously don't want her to go. SO HELP YOURSELF WITH BRITNEY!" She had to turn away from his eyes because the pain in them were heart-breaking.

He walked over to her. "You don't mean that. TAKE IT BACK!"

She squinted her eyes. "No."

He tugged at his braids in frustration. "You don't love me Kim? You said you DID love me downstairs. You don't love me... anymore?" By now he was numb to the tears. They were not helping him relive anything either, because his body was so tense and in so much pain.

She was so mad and sick of him and Britney, that she didn't care what came out of her mouth anymore. "Nope. Not anymore."

He turned his head to the side, trying to grasp something. And then he lost his face in his hands and wept. "You are so wrong. I can't believe you just said that to me.,' Britney...and...I...weren't...meant to be..." He took a deep breath and cried for a few seconds. "You...and...I...were..."

She grabbed his shoulder and held him. She kissed him in his hair. "Justin I didn't mean any of it. You know I love you more than ANYTHING. YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" She lifted up his face and wiped his eyes harshly. "I take everything hurtful I've said to you back. Why is she still here though Justin? She's nothing but problems." Kim hated crying and she got mad at herself for doing it.

"Don't you see...this a see how strong our love is. Kim...she's my friend...I know she is a bitch...but she's like family...and I can't...treat her like an animal because she treats everyone else like one...I'm a better person than that." He held on to her. He never wanted to let her go. "I hate...fighting...with you...we do this...heart ach stuff too...much."

"I know. I guess your right. We are just going to have to deal with her right? Just like everything else we've dealt with." She pulled his head up so she could see it. "You are so sexy when you cry Justin."

He laughed through the tears. "I'm always crying like this huh? What would the guys think? Thank God JC wasn't home when I called."

She rubbed under his eyes gently. "Wait a second you were calling people?"

He smiled at her. "I called my mom. I needed someone to cry to. I was like "Ma, Kim broke up with me WAH WAH WAH. She doesn't love me anymore WAH WAH WAH."

They both started laughing at the same time and Kim bought Justin's head to her height and put her soar nose to his nose. "Well it's time to call your mother back, and tell Kim loves you and that she didn't break up with you. I love you boy. You are the finest thing on earth, and I don't mean looks." She laughed when she screwed up her words. "I mean you are the FINEST thing in looks too. I was just referring to the inner you. I mean..." 

He kissed her on the lips to silence her. "I know what you meant." He told her breaking the kiss. He placed her hair behind her ear and revealed her cut. "You poor thing. You have a cut on your beautiful face." He didn't even mention the spitting in the face part. That was just hideous.

"Ah well. She cheated in the fight. She dug her nails in my face, then she bopped my head up against the coffee table a few times. Not to mention...she spit in my face."

Justin cringed. "Thats awful. I'm sorry."

She kissed his lips. "Don't worry about it. We are bigger and better people right?" She started laughing.

Justin started laughing not knowing what about. "What's so funny?" He raised his eyebrow.

"Like you said we fight to much. Over the stupidest things. Ha, Maybe we need counseling, like married couples."

He laughed harder. "I don't know about you, but I'm happy with the relationship. I'm in love with you. It feels so good to be in love with someone."

Kim wrapped her arms around Justin's neck. "I know. I love being in love with you." She closed her eyes when Justin reached down to kiss her. He placed his lips on hers and put his arm around her waist. While he was kissing her, a memory entered his head. He kissed Britney. It was a real full on the mouth, tongue, make out kiss. He became grossed out by the thought and broke away from Kim.

"Absolutely disgusting." He started shaking his head.

Kim looked at him with hurt eyes. "Me?" She asked pointing to herself.

He pulled her closer to him. "No baby. Definitely not you. Something I witnessed today."

Her eyes were sparkling in the mild lamp light and moon light. "What did you witness?"

"Uh. Two people just like us...kissing. It was so gross." He shuddered at the thought. Him kissing Britney. Her lips weren't nearly as sweet or as tender as Kim's.

She kissed him on the cheek. "Kissing isn't gross. It's intimate."

He had kissed Britney. He was fighting with himself, should he tell Kim about the kiss now? Or should he NOT tell her at all? They had just made up. Telling her about the kiss would make things so HORRIBLE. He kissed Britney. He couldn't believe what he'd done. Of course the kiss wasn't in pleasure, but the fact that he kissed her was bad. He started to back away from Kim and he wiped at his mouth continuously. "Gross."

Kim started to laugh thinking that he was joking around. "Yeah fine. You have the cooties too!" She covered her hand with her mouth and giggled.

"I'm sorry, it's just this thought in my head. Not you. I might get sick AGAIN before the night is over." He walked over to Kim's side of the bed and picked up the phone.

He dialed the number quickly.


He smiled at his mom's warm country accent. "Hey Ma."

"Hey sugar. You sound so much better. What's going on? You okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine now. Kim and I are not broken up, and she still loves me." He looked over at Kim and she was laughing quietly at him. Justin turned the phone away from him and laughed a few times before returning it to his ear. "What did you say Momma?"

"I said I knew you two love birds would make up. I can tell you two were just born in the world for each other. Thats a shame I haven't even met Kimmy yet. Do you think you will be well enough for ya'll to come by for dinner tomorrow?"

He looked over at Kim who was staring at him in the distance. "Yeah we can make it. I promise we are going to come this time. We will bring macaroni and cheese."

Lynn laughed. "You can't cook that well Justin."

"Ma, why do you put me down so? Anyway I was going to get Kim to make it." When he saw Kim's expression from where he was. He turned the phone away again to laugh.

"She can cook too? Thats great. How many girls nowadays can cook?"

"Not a lot." He said agreeing just to save time.

"I'm so happy your feeling better honey. And when I see you tomorrow Justin, you had better cut that hair of yours."

"I didn't get it cut I got it ...."

"....Justin I am going to kill you if you got those God awful braids again. You know I hate them."

"Mom I'm twenty years old. Oh and uh, I have to go."

"Well alright. I love you."

"Love you too. Bye." He pushed talk on the phone and laid back in the bed to get more comfortable.

Kim walked over to the bed and sat down on a small space Justin didn't take up. "So let me guess. We are having dinner tomorrow at your Mom's?"

He shook his head. "I'm sleeping on your side of the bed tonight. You have the better side. It's closer to the bathroom and the door."

"Okay." She said laying down and getting up under the covers, on his side. She reached over to cut the lamp off, and when she tried to get comfortable in the darkness, something started to bother her. "Justin your pillow smells like Abercrombie 'Woods' cologne. I love to smell it, but I don't want to SLEEP on the smell."

"Your pillow smells like Tommy Girl and that Calvin Kline stuff, but I like the way you smell and I can sleep on the smell all night." He closed his eyes.

"Justin let's switch pillows." She said into the darkness.

"Come on now, there is five pillows on this bed. Not two, not three, but five, and you ain't getting mine which is formally known as yours."

"I know. But I want the pillow I always had from the start." She picked up the first pillow her head was under and hit Justin with it. "Give it Justin." He couldn't tell but she was smiling brightly.

"OW. Pillows can hurt. I didn't know that. Would you please stop abusing the noggin'? I wanted to get Altimers when I was seventy, not twenty-one."

She giggled when Justin caught her arms and pinned her against the bed.

"What happens to naughty girlfriends Kim?"

She could feel his cool breath on her neck. "Haha, It's a little too late to throw me in the pool don't ya think?"

He kissed her on the neck several times. "Oh yeah? We will see." In pure blackness he picked her up out of the bed, he then placed her on his shoulder.

"Justin this game is getting old. Don't throw me in." He searched around for the light switch and when he turn the light on, he opened the door and walked downstairs. Kim just laughed as he made his way to the pool area. He opened the back sliding doors and walked all the way to slightly deep end of the pool. "Go ahead. Do it. I was a naughty girlfriend." She laughed. "Whoa my nose might start bleeding again."

Justin placed her down on her feet. "I was just messin' with ya baby girl. I wasn't going to throw you in." He cupped her face and kissed her on the mouth.

"I knew you wouldn't." She said smiling. She pushed him into the pool. He came back to the surface of the water and just smiled. She then jumped into the pool with him.

Justin swam over to her, and she did a back float. "Look at us. Ten o'clock at night, in the pool."

Kim giggle as she floated by him. "Hey Justin, there is your cereal bowl." She said pointing to it.

"Very funny." He pushed down on her stomach and she went sinking under the water. "Now that is funny." He said when she rose from underwater, and slung her hair behind her head.

"Man, I have a headache from when that bitch. Oh I mean from when our dear friend Britney ripped my hair out."

Justin reached up and touched her aching scalp. "Let's go back to bed. I'll give you a nice head massage. It will put you to sleep. Guaranteed."

"Okay." She told him.

Justin held her hand as they walked trough the deeper water. He led her up the steps. "Kim we can't go running through my house this soaked, so we are going to have to take some of our clothes off and leave them here. When I count to three, we strip down into our underwear and run in the house. Got it?

She looked up at him with wonder. "Got it."

"Alright. One...two...three." He stood still with his hands on his waist and watch Kim try to pull her night gown over her head. It was see-though and it looked great on her.

When Kim didn't hear any attempt from Justin she pulled her nightgown back down. "You tricked me."

They both laughed. "No I was kidding. I'm really going to do it this time. One...two...three."

They both hurriedly took their clothes off. Justin just left in his boxers and Kim and her underwear. Kim was the first to run inside. Justin just walked in the house with his strut for a walk.

Kim was standing near the kitchen waiting for him, with her arms crossed. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the pimp Lake. They call him Timber-Timber-Timberlake."

"Girl..." He picked her up on his way by. "If you don't stop that."

She kicked her legs as he walked up the steps. "I'm just kidding Justin. Hey stop here put me down." He put her down at once. They were upstairs in the hall way. She walked over to Justin and put her finger to her lips. She motioned for him to put his head down and he did. "Justin, how about we get some revenge on our 'friend' Bitchney, *cough* I mean Britney." She whispered in his ear. "Remember how she busted into our room asking for towels? Well I got an idea."...

Britney was sitting in bed watching TV. She was eating a bag of popcorn, which was a food she was almost always eating.

That's when Justin burst into her room. He just stood in the doorway with his boxers on. They were hanging on him, and they were wet. He looked so good she was drooling.

"Hey Britney." He said leaning his tall lean body in the doorway.

"DAMN! Uh can I help you Justin? I thought you were wet? I mean mad at me. You could have knocked Justin."

He looked at his fingernails. "I know. I could have knocked, but I have no manners. I came in here because I need a towel. I know you have plenty."

"Yeah I have some." She got out of bed, and pulled her tank down to show more cleavage. While she was searching through something. Justin pulled Kim into the room. He started to kiss her neck and made his way down her body.

When Britney saw him kissing HER in the middle of the room she was in she wanted to kill him.


He stopped kissing Kim's stomach and looked over at Britney. "Oh I need a towel, and a room too. You see we kinda got all the other rooms wet and I was wondering if you'd let US stay in here with you. We will be good I promise. Justin laid Kim back on the bed and Britney ran out of the room and went into the bathroom.

They both laughed and high-fived each other. "AHAHA did you see her face?" Justin asked.

Kim smiled at him. "Yup. We make a good team. Now get off of me." She pushed him off of her.

"Okay. Now I have to give you that massage." He started to the door and Kim jumped on his back.

When they got into their room he sat her down. Kim got up and walked into the closet to get dry clothes. "I change so many times in one day." She walked back out of the room with new underwear and a new bedtime outfit. Justin he had on new boxers and he was in the middle of putting on a t-shirt.

"Now you promised me a massage." She told him. She sat on the bed and sighed.

"I sure did." He sat on his knees behind her, and stuck his fingers in her damp hair. "I want you to talk to me while I'm doing this, that way I can time myself and see how long it takes you to fall asleep." He started to work is fingers mechanically. He gently put pressure on her head and put circular surges of pleasure into her scalp.

"Okay Justin, I'm talking to know this really feels good...I love you so much, and OW THATS WHERE BRITNEY..."

He stopped working her scalp. "I'm just let me...hold your hair up and put your head down. I'll do your neck and shoulders.

"Justin you make me sick with your perfect-ness." She laughed. "Why can't I do everything? Is there anything you can't do?" She had her head down and was holding her hair up with one hand.

He worked each portion on her neck gradually. "Kim you know good and well no human on this EARTH is perfect. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of things I can't do."

"Well you sure as hell can give massages. I can too. I'll give you one tomorrow." He then worked on the muscles in her shoulders. "This feels so good."

"Your too tense Kim. You should relax more. I can feel the tightness in your muscles." He placed a kiss on the area of her shoulder. Then started to knead her skin like dough.

His hands were so relaxing and his warm voice was so whisper-like, Kim just became sleepy. "Oh Justin that"

He chuckled once. "Keep talkin'"

"Uh, tomorrow I have an appointment to see Dr. Nathan very...very...very..."

"Very what?"

"Very early. And God this feels so good." A few seconds later her hand dropped, letting her hair fall back down. Justin stopped with the massage.

"Six minutes." He told himself. When he got off of his knees and out of the bed, Kim fell over. "Oh Kim, you are so adorable." He knelt down beside her. "Kim get up and get on bed."

She opened her eyes and smiled. "Justin, I was not sleeping."

He moved his face in closer to hers. "Sure you wasn't and I'm pregnant."

She closed her eyes "I'm serious. I heard what you said...Six minutes and oh Kim you are so adorable."

"Kim get up in bed baby girl. Your laying at the bottom of the bed. MOVE UP." She didn't budge. He dragged her to her side and covered her up.

"Why have you been calling me baby girl lately Justin?" She asked when he cut off the light and got in bed also.

"Because your my baby and my girl. Put them together and what do you get? Baby girl."

She moved really close to him and put her arm around his waist. "Goodnight pimp Lake, Timber-Timber-Timberlake."

He laughed then coughed. "Goodnight Kimmy." He said in an extra Country voice.

In the middle of the night...

Justin stirred in the bed. He turned on his back, then his side. Something wasn't right. Where was Kim? He sat at quickly he could hear her crying in the bathroom. He walked into the bathroom doorway.

"But Mom I only cut the rose to give it to you. I didn't know one rose off the rose bush would make a difference...I studied for four hours like you said. Dad, four hours is not enough? PLEASE don't hit me."

She was rocking in the corner as last time, like a nut. Justin was scared beyond belief. There was no telling what she was doing.

" okay Kim?" He took a step near her and she looked up and saw him.


He took a step closer. "Kim what's wrong with you?"


Something she said played back in his mind:

"I didn't mean to hurt you and hit you so many times Justin. Next time when I tell you to stay away, please do it. I didn't want to blame my anger on you but you just wouldn't leave and I lost it. I'm sorry."

He didn't want to leave her. He wanted to scoop her up in his arms and kiss her; tell her it was okay. But he did as she said and backed away.

When he got back into the bed, he just stared into the darkness. She was crying and shouting things all having to do with her past. He felt so sorry for her. He wished there was something he could do.

After spending about forty-five minutes in the bathroom, Kim went into the bedroom. She turned on the light and saw that Justin was awake.

She looked absolutely crazy. The color and the sparkle in her eyes were just crazy looking.

"Justin they are everywhere Justin. They are going to get me Justin. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. THEY'RE EVEN IN MY CLOTHES." She started taking her clothes off.

Justin was too busy wondering if she was mental to notice what she was doing.

She took all of her clothes off and stood there nude. "THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. TELL THEM TO LEAVE ME ALONE. OH PLEASE DON'T HIT ME AGAIN."

Justin shot out of the bed like a rocket. "Oh my GOD! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" He put his back to her and put his hands against the wall. "Um...Kim put your clothes back on."


"Ahhh. Get off of me." He plied her off of him and walked away from her quickly. "What am I going to do with you Kim?" He walked over to her piled of lost clothes and picked up just the shirt. "Kim get over here and put your clothes back on. KIM GET OVER HERE! PUT THEM ON NOW!"

They both heard a knock on the door. It was Britney and she actually knocked for once. Justin ran over to the door and locked it.

"What's going on? It's four AM?" Britney tried to turn the door knob but the door was locked.

"THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Don't hit me please." Justin looked over at Kim, then the door.

"Everything is fine Britney." He told her. She walked off and closed the bedroom door loudly. He then walked over to Kim and tried to put the shirt on over her head. "Kim, please honey don't do this."

She started to fight him. "No Justin, don't put THEM back on me. They are trying to KILL ME!" She kicked him where the sun don't shine.

He stared at her for a few seconds without blinking and then fell to the ground. "Holly shit you just kicked me in the nuts!" He rolled around gripping himself in the most agonizing pain.

Kim became overwhelmed and overcome by something and just fainted. She fell strait to the ground on top of the moaning Justin. "Kim get up." He shook her. "Kim." He put his pain behind him and stood up. "Now this is a shame. THIS IS SO CRAZY!" He picked up the shirt and put it over her head. One by on he put her arms in the shirt, and finally he was able to pull the shirt all the way down to cover MOST of her up.

He tapped her face slightly. "Kim wake up." She opened her eyes.


"Yeah, it's me." He smiled at her more NORMAL tone.

She began crying. "Justin. I don't know what's going on. I...I don't know what I'm doing."

He wiped her eyes. "Kim you need to put your clothes back on."

Her eyes widened. "What?" She looked down at herself. "Oh no." She started shaking her head, "I didn't...I didn't..."

Justin nodded. "You just 'stripped', would be a good word to describe it."

She stood up. "Justin turn AROUND NOW!"

He didn't. "It's a little too late for that sweetheart. You can't hide anything I haven't seen already."

She looked around the room for the rest of her clothes. When she spotted them, she started putting them on. "I know your going to rub this in my face. Huh Justin? I know you will."

He laughed. "No, I wouldn't do that. But I will remind you that you kicked me it the WRONG place. I wanted to have kids some day...Kim why do you have these fits? Your parents are not after you!"

Her head ticked and then that crazy look returned in her eyes. "Justin she says if I don't clean the entire house, she is going to BEAT ME DOWN. I'M TELLING YOU THEY ARE AFTER ME!" She reversed the process, and started taking off her clothes again.

"Oh no! Not this again. Why can't I keep my mouth shut? DAMN."...


Chapter 10

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