Chapter 8 Note- in the story I make Britney seem like a bad person. I have nothing against her in real life. So I am not making her a bad character because I hate her. I'm making her bad because she needs to be in the story =)

"Don't say, "Who is she?" like she's some 'thing' Britney. That she, is my girlfriend Kim."

Britney walked past Justin and stared Kim down. Never had she ever been so jealous in her life. Not only was Kim perfect, she was with JUSTIN.

For the first time Justin saw Britney and Kim in the same room together. Britney was indeed beautiful, but her beauty didn't even range on the same scale as Kim's. He gave Britney more credit than he should have in the looks department.

Kim grew impatient with Britney's stares and put her hand on her hip. She had so much confidence in herself standing there. She knew Britney didn't have anything she didn't.

Britney stopped looking at Kim for a second and walked over to Justin. She put her mouth very close to his ear. "My my Justin. You've really outdone yourself this time. How much did you pay for that?" She asked pointing back at Kim.

Before Justin could respond to her comment. Kim cut in. She heard what Britney said about her. "If you have anything to say about me. You can say it in my face." She walked face close to Britney.

"Oh my goodness. Are you calling yourself snapping on me? And if you want me to say what I said to your face than I will. I asked how much did he pay for you?"

Kim flashed her bright white teeth at Britney. "HA! You know what Britney? I had all the respect for you in the world, but your a BITCH. How dare you insult me and you don't know me? I don't care if you are the queen of pop, the queen of England, the queen of bitches, you don't wanna fuck with me, because I've had a few drinks and believe me your ass would not be that hard to beat." She looked Britney up and down in disgust.

"You don't know me BITCH."

"Your right I don't know you, so I take calling you a bitch back. I do know OF you and this is a fact: YOUR A LIP SYNCING BIMBO! HA."

Britney was so offended she pushed Kim and she went stepping back almost falling.

"Oh you've went too far now." Kim grabbed a hold of Britney's hair. And before she could punch her Justin grabbed her. "No Justin. No! I wasn't gonna hit her. Please let me go. Please. She's a BITCH. SHE'S SUCH A BITCH!"

"Calm down sweetheart, calm down." He said forcing her fingers to let go of Britney's hair." He kissed the back of Kim's neck to stop her from fighting him. He then turned to the stunned Britney. "What you said to her was SO RUDE! NEVER! I repeat NEVER let me heard you say something so horrible to Kim ever again." He looped his arm with Kim's arm. "You are welcome to stay here if you like. You know where the bedrooms are. Come on Kim, I do believe you have an appointment at ten-thirty, and it's already two-thirty in the morning."

Kim stared at Britney and mouth the words 'bitch' to her. "Oh yeah, my appointment." She said turning to look Justin in the eyes. Her and him started walking up the stairs together. Kim turned back to say something to Britney. "Oh one last thing Britney. Justin paid approximately five hundred thousand for me. That would be about the same price as those fake breasts of yours."

Justin covered his hand with his mouth. He tried to hold back the laughter. His body shook with sobs because he wanted to laugh aloud so bad. When him and Kim made it inside the bedroom. He closed the door then fell to his knees laughing. "" He started to bang his fist on the floor. ""

His laughing was so catchy she started laughing too. "Justin get off of the floor. It's not that funny." He only laughed harder. "Okay. Maybe it is that funny. She's a total bitch Justin. I thought she would be cool, but she was so mean to me."

Justin was shaking from laughing so much but he rose to his feet. "That was wrong of her. Don't let her get to you. I love you Kim. You are so confident in yourself. That is" He kissed her on the lips. As he was kissed her he started to laugh again.

"You should have let me hit her just one time."

He kissed her on the cheek. "I thought you weren't going to hit her?" He raised an eyebrow.

To change the subject, and not have to answer his question she took her shirt off. "Justin yes I'm going to sleep in my underwear tonight. I'll give you three reasons. One I don't feel like putting more clothes on. Two, because I'm tired and is ready to go to sleep right now."

She didn't say anything else. Justin was taking off his club clothes off also but had stopped and was looking at something on the dresser. "And three?" He asked.

"And three, I don't care if you don't like me walking around I'm my underwear I'm going to do it tonight anyway."

"Okay." He said simply. He was concentrating on something. "Hey Kim I forgot to give you this...A while ago when I was folding your clothes this card fell out of your jeans. I kept forgetting to give it to you."

She turned around. "What kind of card is... Oh my God. Thats my bank card. I totally for got about my account. Oh my God. I better take all my money out of the account before my father does. Oh my God. I have money. I HAVE MONEY!" She jumped on Justin. "I HAVE MMMOOONNNEEYYY! How could I have forgotten about my own bank account?"

Justin fell backwards on the bed, and Kim's body crushed him on impact. "You don't have any money yet Kim. What if your dad already got to it?" He asked smiling.

"Oh I'm not worried about him. We'll just have to see tomorrow how much money I can get." She realized she was on top of him. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hound on you like that." She moved to the side of him and kissed him on his chest. "I have money." She whispered one more time.

"OOOOOHH KIM." He sighed loudly. "Your money crazy." She punched him. "I was kidding...just kidding."

"Justin don't make those loud noises anymore." She stroked the side of his face.

"What noises?" He asked innocently.

"The 'ohhhh Kim' thing. Britney's here. That's embarrassing, she's going to think something's going on."

He sat up. "Who cares what she thinks? OHH KIM." He moaned loudly. He stood up the in bed and started to jump up and down in it. "OOOOHHHH KIM! OHHH BABY!"

"Justin stop it. You nut." She tugged on his leg.


"AHHHHHHH! You make me sick. You are SO DAMN IMMATURE!"

He stopped jumping in the bed and laid near her. "Oh Kim. I love you." He whispered in her ear.

He wrapped his arm around her bare waist and pulled his body as close as he could to her. He kissed her on the neck once. "Good night my baby girl."

"Good night you immature, sleaze bag, that has a two-year-olds brain."

He placed his lips on her neck. "You got your facts wrong. I've got a three-year-olds brain." He spoke the words against her skin, then closed his eyes.

"Okay, a three-year-olds brain." She placed her hand over his hand which was on her stomach, and closed her eyes too.

Next morning.

Justin sleepily reached his hand back to make sure Kim was near him. This had become a bad habit. She was near him.

"Justin, If you don't get your hand..." She picked it up and placed it on the side.

"What was I touching this time?" He mumbled.

"You don't want to know." She glanced over at the clock. It was going on eight-thirty. Strangely enough she didn't really feel sick from her drinking. She had a slight headache which she knew she could take care of with some food. She got out of bed to prepare for her doctors appointment. While she looked at her face in the mirror, she picked up her bank card and smiled at it. She honestly had more hope now for her future. She wondered how in the heck could she forget about her account in the first place.

"Baby..." Justin moaned from the bed. "Kim how do you feel this morning?" He asked.

"I feel fine. She walked on his side of the bed and knelt down. "Justin, you okay? You don't sound so good." He looked ill even with his eyes closed. She pulled the covers back a little. He was clenching his stomach as if he was in pain.

"I don't feel very well." He said weakly.

"I don't understand. You didn't drink could you be sick? I should be the sick one." She placed her hand on his head. "Justin, your burning up sweetie. You have a bug or the flu or something."

"Kim." He started to hold his stomach tighter and shift "Kim. Kim, I'm going to throw up."

"Oh my. Then open your eyes and get up. Come on." She grabbed his arms and pulled them.

He was able to get out bed and walk to the bathroom. When he got to the bathroom he got so ill. Kim rubbed his back and tried to comfort him. Still she didn't understand why he was the one being sick and not her. "Justin, are you finished?" She asked. He coughed a few times and continued to get sick. The sound was starting to get to her. She tried to ignore the area of the toilet. 

Finally Justin had stopped being sick and she flushed the toilet for him. He leaned his head on the toilet seat. "No Justin. Baby get up."

"I feel like shit Kim." He whined.

"I know. I know." She ran a small facial cloth under some hot water, and then she came back over to him. She lifted his weak head and wiped his mouth and is face in general. When she was done she threw the towel in the sink.

She tugged on his hands but he didn't budge. "Justin get up. Lets put you back in bed."

Using mostly her strength Justin made it back to the bed. He shifted under the covers. He seemed so uncomfortable. She brought the covers all the way up to his neck. When Justin closed his eyes and was still for a while she picked up the phone. It took a while to remember but she dialed the number of the doctors office.

"Hi, I'm Kim Miller... Yes it's me Mrs. Adams. I have an appointment for today at then-thirty to see doctor Nathan... Yes, well I'd like to cancel that appointment...Yes, something very important came up...yes, family illness." She looked over at Justin. "Mrs. Adams are you really going to squeeze me in for tomorrow at nine? You must really think I need help, huh?...No I'm just kidding. Tomorrow at nine will be fine...Okay....You too...Talk to ya later." She hung up the phone and put it back on the receiver.

She climbed into bed and kissed Justin's shoulder. "You poor baby. I'll go make you some tea."

She put a robe on, then walked downstairs to make his tea.

She put some water on the stove to boil and she looked through Justin's many cabinets for the tea. After going trough a sixth cabinet, she found the Lipton's tea bags she was searching for.

She crossed her arms and tapped her foot as she waited for the water to boil.

Someone cleared their throat. She turned around and Britney was sitting at a bar stool. Kim rolled her eye's at her, and looked back at the pot of boiling water.

"Kim." Britney started to say.

"What do you want Britney? Perhaps you'd like to buy me too? I'll only charge you half price. I'm not too familiar with the female and female thing." She turned back to face Britney.

"Okay, I deserved that. I just want to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be so bitchy to you last night. I just saw that you were Justin's new girl and I got jealous because he's not mine anymore. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he loves you. I have to accept it. And once again I'm sorry."

"Ok." Kim said simply. She took bowl out of one of the cabinets, and she got a plate to go underneath the bowl.

"What are you making?" Britney asked trying to be friendly.

"Tea." Kim placed two tea bags in the bowl full of boiling water. When the water turned a golden color she removed the tea bags and threw them away. Using a sugar dish in reach she poured sugar in the tea and tasted it as she did so until it was perfectly sweet. She wanted to add some fresh lemon to the tea, but the thought of opening up the refrigerator and having to fight with it just to get food out of it wasn't worth it.

"Looks good." Britney said observing what she was doing.

"Thanks." She stirred the tea with a spoon with one hand and held the plate which held the tea in another hand. She walked slowly attempting not to spill any of the tea. She left Britney sitting at the stool and made it upstairs without spilling MUCH of the tea. When she kicked open the cracked bedroom door Justin was soundly sleeping. She managed to close the door with her foot.

She placed the tea on the nightstand and looked at her beautiful boyfriend. He had turned towards her side of the bed since she left. She laid near his feverish body and played with the ends of his braids. He was so gorgeous when he slept. She couldn't help but to trace the shape of his head with her finger.

"I thought you had an appointment at ten-thirty." He whispered with his eyes closed

Kim was so not expecting his words and her heart skipped a beat. She took a deep breath. "I canceled it so I could take care of you?" He mouthed something she didn't understand.

"I brought you some tea. You need to put something in that elephant sized stomach of yours. After all that food you threw back up you need nourishment in your body." Kim placed a pillow on her stomach. "Place your head on my stomach."

"Nourishment?" He was barely able to sit up but he placed his head on the pillow that was on her stomach.

Kim reach over and grabbed the tea from the nightstand. She was able to do it without moving too much. "Justin please don't make any sudden moves or sudden motions. This tea is so hot and if it spills on you it's going to burn your face off." She placed the spoon in the tea then bought it to her mouth. She blew on the tea to cool it. "Open." She told him. His eyes were still closed but he open his mouth. Carefully she watched the liquid trickle into his mouth. His teeth were so perfect it was sickening. He swallowed the tea then opened his mouth again. She picked up another spoonful of tea and blew on it. When she poured it into his mouth he jerked and his eyes opened.

"Too hot."

"I'm sorry. Did I burn you?" He nodded no, and closed his eyes again.

She picked up another spoonful of the sweet tea only this time she blew it and swallowed it herself. She gave the next spoonful to him.

She fed him about thirty minutes and then he told her "No more." She wiped the sides of his mouth with her fingers. She loved touching his baby soft skin. Well...she loved everything about him.

"You did really good. You almost finished the whole bowl." She smiled down at his closed eyes. She placed her hand on his forehead to see if he was still hot. He was.

While she was twirling the tip of one of Justin's braids around her finger, Kim noticed the green bracelet on her arm from the club. She pulled on it until it broke off of her arm. She picked up Justin's arm and broke his off too.

Picking up the remote in view she turned on the TV. She flipped through the channels as Justin slept on her stomach.

She was watching the news when Justin started to stir. "Kim? Kim. I think I'm going to be sick."

She looked down at his face. "Again? No Justin, try to hold that tea down. If you throw up it will be nothing but tea and stomach fluids."

He started to moan and groan. "I'm going to be sick."

She lifted up his shirt and put her hand on his stomach. She started to rub it in a circular motion. The raging contents in his stomach started to settle immediately. "Calm down sweetie. Try to hold it down."

"I love you Kim." He whispered with his eyes still closed.

"I love you too. Are you okay now?"


"Good. Justin your burning up. I'm going to see if I can find some type of medicine that will bring your temperature down a little. I'm not good with knowing what to do when sick. My parents never cared for me when sick, so I just always stayed sick until I wasn't sick anymore." She didn't know why she just told him one of the abuse family stories.

"I love you Kim." He told her again as she gently removed herself from under him. She searched under the bathroom sink for something that could help Justin's sickness. She came across some Tylenol Flu gel caps. She read the bottle and he certainly had the symptoms described on it. She poured two of the gel caps in her hand and put the bottle back under the sink.

There was a drinking glass sitting on the sink. She rinsed it out then filled it with water.

"Justin, take this. It will bring your fever down and hopefully make you feel better."

His eyes opened and he saw Kim holding the medicine and the glass of water. He sat up steadily.

"There you go. You should be feeling better soon." He laid back down against the pillow and Kim covered him up very well. "I'm going to go eat something okay? I'll be back and if you need anything call me."

She walked out of the bedroom and left Justin to sleep. When she entered the kitchen trying to decide what to eat, Britney came in it from the living room.

Kim poured her a bowl of 'Cocoa Puffs' . When she tried to get the milk back into the refrigerator, things started falling out of it. "Jeez, Justin needs to do something about all this food. This is pathetic."

Britney came over to her and helped her get the fallen food back into it. "Um. Thanks." She said when they finally got it closed.

"No problem. Justin's refrigerator is always like that when this chick name Cathy brings him his groceries. It takes weeks or a visit from all the guys for the food level to die down." Britney smiled.

For the the first time they looked each other in the eyes without anger. Kim didn't understand. Last night she wanted to beat her face in, but now she seemed 'okay'.

"Kim, I just want to say that I'm sorry one more time. It seems like you don't believe me, but I really am."

Kim picked up her cereal and started eating it. "I believe you. I guess I should say sorry too. I'm sorry I said your, you knows... aren't real."

Britney started to get uneasy about the subject and she tried to change it. "Hey would you like to talk? I'd like to know more about you. It would be cool if we could get to know each other better."

"Ok." Kim said uneagarly.

They both took a seat on a couch in the living room. Kim continued to eat her cereal.

"Kim I was wondering how you got so tan? Do you go to the tanning bed often?"

She cackled with the cereal in her mouth trying not to spit it out. "Your tan. Your asking me about my tan? To answer your question, I'm naturally this tan. It run's in my blood. I don't stay out in the sun much. And I've never been in a tanning bed in my life."

Britney stared at Kim extra tan arms, which stuck out from her robe. "Oh. Well I go to tanning beds all the time."

Kim smiled and put more cereal in her mouth.

"Did Justin tell you how we broke up?"

She nodded as she chewed.

"Yeah well I broke up with him. I thought he loved me. I thought he cared about me. He bought me all these things. He even bought me a diamond necklace. It was all fake so I broke up with him. He wasn't in love with me, he just wanted to have a girl with him. I'm still friends with him but I'll never forget how fake his whole 'I love you' thing was."

Kim had stopped eating her cereal and she placed it on the coffee table, where it was becoming soggy. She picked up her cd player when she noticed she had left it on the table. She had just heard Britney's side of the break up. She believed Justin's side though. "Um. Did you say he bought you a diamond necklace?"

"Yeah. This one." Britney rolled down her turtle neck and showed Kim the necklace. It was the same exact necklace Kim had on. Kim pulled the collar of the robe tighter around her neck so her necklace wasn't showing. "Oh wow. Thats a very beautiful necklace." She said nervy.

"Yeah. Well I love it but Justin only gave it to me to make it seem like he loved me."

Was Britney serious? Was she saying Justin is using her too? She had to be lying. The type of person she was describing was not Justin. "Britney, half of the things you just said about Justin can't be true."

"Your right I shouldn't say he used me. After all, he never really said he didn't love me it's was just how he acted..."

Kim didn't really want to talk with Britney anymore. She was just tired of talking to her at the moment.

"He's good isn't he Kim?"

"What do you mean he's good?" She asked noticing Britney had brown eyes.

"I mean, he's good in bed. That boy has got the biggest..."

"OKAY! I need to go back upstairs now. Justin is sick and I need to take care of him." Kim stood up picking up her bowl of cereal.

"EW! He's sick? And your taking care of him? Why?"

Kim walked into the kitchen and put her bowl and wasted cereal in the sink. "Because he needs someone to take care of him."

"He's spoiled. You should let him take care of himself. What if you catch what he has? I wouldn't take care of him like he's some baby! "

"See thats where you and me are different Britney. I love him. I don't mind taking care of him when he's sick. He would do the same for me." She didn't know how she was going to get along with Britney. One second she was cool, and the other she was pissing her off.

Kim made herself calm down before she entered the bedroom. When she opened the door she smiled at sight of Justin gripping a pillow in his sleep. He was holding it as if it was her. He was holding it like he missed her in only a few minutes time. A tear declined down her cheek. She was always to emotional. She was always crying about something.

She set the CD player on the dresser and took her robe off. It fell to the floor. She looked back at Justin. His breaths were deep and he had a slight smile on his face. She felt it was a good time to take a shower.

The water felt like it was doing miracles when it ran down her body. It was so soothing and calming. A protectiveness was in her heart. She kept wondering what if Justin was calling her and she couldn't hear him. What if...what if...what if. The hauntings of the thought made her automatically cut the water off. She walked out of the shower and looked around the bathroom. She had NO towel. There were no dry-off towels in the bathroom. There were only small facial cloths.

"I'm so damn stupid." She said patting herself on the head.

She peeked her head in the bathroom doorway. Justin was still sleep. She ran across the room and into the walk-in closet and shut the door. When she turned on the light she realized the closet itself was bigger than the bedroom. It was huge.

"This is madness!" She said viewing the cluster of clothes. She covered her dripping wet body with a towel and searched through the various clothes that were on her side. "I need something comfortable." She told herself as she continued to search.

"Cute." She said picking up a skirt. It had many light pastel colors in it and it was made of a very weird lacy but stretchy material. "Justin has such a great sense of style." She said taking a baby-blue halter top off of a hanger. Almost all the shirts he got for her showed her stomach, this one surely would.

She opened a drawer an took some underwear out of it, and put them on first.

It could have been her imagination or reality but she thought she heard Justin calling her. She rushed to put the rest of the clothes on then she walked out of the closet. Justin was in the same position he was when she had first walked in. She sighed in relief.

On her way of walking over to the dresser Kim cut the TV off. She removed the towel she had placed around her hair and let the strands fall. She brushed her hair until there were no tangles in it.

"This is the cutest outfit." The skirt was long and it dangled all the way to her ankles but it was tight fitting and it fell lowly on her waste line. The small baby blue top showed about two inches of stomach. It was a very nice halter top and was made with very delicate, sheer, fabric. She attempted to make the strings from the halter top look more neat behind her neck.

She spread out all her make up, and to have something to do she started to experiment with eye-shadow colors.

She streaked silver on one eye lid. "Cool." She said approving, and liking the color. She put some on the other eye lid. "Now for lip color." She told herself. She picked up a clear super gloss and swiped the substance across her lips. "I like it." She said smiling at herself in the mirror. She picked up her CD player and placed the speakers from it in her ears. "Oh she's so Lucky. Am I Lucky? I must be lucky to have this beautiful outfit on, the most beautiful boyfriend in the world..." She talked to herself as she turned on the CD player and placed her Britney CD on song number seven which was 'Lucky'. Yeah sure Britney was in the same house as her, and she didn't like Britney all that much, but there was something about her music she loved.

"Early mornin' she wakes up knock knock knock on the doh." She mouth the words, sound not coming out because she didn't want to wake Justin. She turned around and was so into the music she closed her eyes. And sway from side to side. Sound was coming out of her mouth now but it was very low pitched.

"She is so lucky but why does she cry? If there is nothing missing in her life why do tears come at night? And they say... she's so lucky, she's s star but she cries cries cries in her lonely heart..." Kim stopped singing when she opened her eyes and noticed Justin's eyes open. He was just staring at her.

"Justin? Your awake? Did I wake you?" She pulled the speakers out of her ears and put the CD player down on the dresser. "Justin I am so sorry for waking you."

"You didn't wake me." He said quietly with sickness.

She crawled over to him. "Aww Justin. It hurts to see you like this. You feel any better?"

"A little."

She placed her hand on his head. "Your still so hot." She wrapped her arms around him and put his head to her chest.

"Kim you look so beautiful this morning." He told her cuddling up to her blue shirt.

"Shhh. Don't talk. Your sick. You need sleep." She rubbed his back.

"What? Are you my Mom?" He wanted to laugh but he didn't have the strength, besides his stomach hurt.

"Yes! I am your Mom for the day. I want you to get well and if that means being Mom then so be it. Speaking of Mom I have to call your mother and tell her we can't come over for dinner tonight. I don't care what you say, you can't go, your too ill." She kissed the top of his hot head.

She reached back and picked up the phone. "Dial the number for me Justin." He took the phone and dialed the number easily and then handed her back the phone. It rang about three times and then Lynn answered it.


" Lynn, this is..."

"Kim. I recognize your voice. How are you?"

"I'm doing great but I was calling because Justin is not so great. He is very sick. I don't know what he's got, but he's been throwing up and everything."

"My God! Is he okay?"

"I think he's doing better. He does have a fever. I don't think we will be able to make dinner tonight."

"That's perfectly understandable honey."

"I've been trying my best to take care of him but I just can't get his fever down. Any suggestions?"

"Let's see...try putting a warm rag on his head. Not hot, not cold, but warm. Make sure you give him some type of soup okay? Even if he just finished throwing up, give him some soup. Thank you so much dear for taking care of him. Your the type of girl he really needs. One that will stick by him even when he is sick."

Kim touched Justin's braids as she talked with is Mom. "Thanks so very much. I will do what you've told me."

"Your welcome hun. I'll let you go now. Take care of my baby. Bye Kimmy."

"Bye Lynn." She hung up the phone in astonishment. " momma just called me Kimmy. "

"Thats good. That means she likes you. It's a nick name for you." Justin's voice was so horse and low pitched.

"Justin stop talking and sleep."

He was so comfortable laying against Kim. There was no other place he'd rather be, considering how he was feeling. Then a wave of nausea struck him. "This is awful." He jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

By the time Kim reached him...tea or no tea, that was the question. From the looks of the hurling Justin, it was no tea.

As Justin was getting sick she ran the same wash cloth from earlier in the morning under hot water. When she rung the towel out she flushed the toilet then knelt down beside Justin. He had started to cry.

"I hate this. I hate being sick. Why am I sick today? I was fine yesterday. I hate this." She wiped his face with the cloth and she wiped his tears away. She walked back up to the sink and ran some warm water on the cloth. She rung it out until there was no more water dripping out of it.

"Just get back in bed baby. I know you hate being sick." She helped him to his feet. It was a struggle but he made it in the bed. She placed the damp room temperature cloth across his head, and covered his body with the covers. Another tear streamed down his face. "You will be fine Justin, just get some rest." She wiped his tear away with her hand and wiped her own tear away as well.

Finally Justin closed his eyes. Before she went downstairs to make him to make soup she took off the diamond necklace he gave her. She didn't want Britney to see it, if she happened to be downstairs.

Britney was already in the kitchen she had a bag of popcorn in the microwave and was waiting for it to finish popping. "How is he?" She asked

"Still very sick." Kim said getting a can of chicken noodle soup out of a cabinet. She opened the can with a can opener, then placed the soup in a pot. She added a little water to the soup and then placed the food on medium heat.

Britney's popcorn had finished popping and she took it out of the microwave. "So Kim are you living with Justin permanently? Did you move in with him?"

Kim stirred the soup a few times with a spoon. "I never really thought about it, but I guess you can say that. Justin took me in. My parents abused me so he took me in."

Britney put her full attention on Kim. "Your parents what? Give me a hug girl." Britney wrapped her arms around Kim. At that moment Britney didn't seem that bad anymore. 'Seem' being the keyword.

"Thanks Britney." Kim said returning to stir the soup.

"Your welcome." She took her bag of popcorn, and walked off humming. "My loneliness is killing me, and I. I must confess I still believe..."

The soup started to simmer, and Kim cut the eye off. She poured some of the soup into a bowl and headed upstairs with it. She saw Britney on the couch watching TV as she went by.

When she entered the bedroom Justin was curled up watching TV.

"Hey." She said taking a seat next to him. He had taken the damp cloth off his head, it was on the nightstand.

"Hi." He told her gripping the covers tighter around his neck.

"Sweetie I brought you some soup. It will make you feel better." She stirred the soup and blew on it to cool it. "Justin, sit up you need to eat something."

"I don't want any soup." He kept his eyes on the TV.

"Come on. You need it."

"I said I don't want any DAMN SOUP!"

She dipped the spoon in the soup and brought it to his lips. "Drink." He pushed the soup away and the spoonful splattered on her. "Jeez Justin, I was only trying to help." She threw the bowl of soup on the nightstand which joined the cold tea that was sitting on it. She wiped at her skirt . "I don't know what your problem is but I was only trying to help you. You should cool it Justin!" She walked over to the dresser and clipped her CD played to the side of her skirt, the material sagged a little under the weight of it. She placed her speakers in her ears. "I would have taken my jog by now if I wasn't too busy watching out for you. I guess I'll go take a walk now. You are obviously okay."

Justin didn't remove his eyes from the TV. Kim slipped her feet in some tan colored sandals and walked out of the room.

When she walked downstairs towards the front door Britney looked back at her.

"I meant to tell you this...that is the cutest outfit. It looks good on you too. Hey...where are you going?"

"Thanks. Justin bought this. I'm going for a walk." Before Britney could ask if she could join her, Kim walked out of the door and shut it. She cut her CD player on and started to sing to the music. "I am better off with out you. Stronger than ever and I, I'm tellin' you now...Don't go knockin' on my door."

She walked quickly since she would normally be jogging. It was a beautiful day. Florida was a lovely place to live. In September it was still very hot and everything was so green. She stepped foot in sand and walked on the colorful beach. "Got to stay away for sure. Hey Griffin." She sat down in the sand next to him. "Wow. We sure have been running into each other a lot lately." She cut the volume all the way down on the CD player.

"Oh hey Kim." He smiled at her.

"About yesterday. Don't be intimidated by Justin. He doesn't dislike you. He doesn't mind you coming by."

"But still... he's in the group Nsync. He's famous. I love pop music like I told you. I just couldn't believe I was in his house. I kinda freaked, ya know?"

She rubbed her arms because she got goosebumps from the breeze. "Yeah I know what you mean. I can't believe he's my boyfriend. I love him so much. Poor thing is sick today."

"He's sick?" Griffin asked drawing in the sand.

"Yup. Very sick." She moved her blowing hair out of her eyes.

"I hope he gets better."

"Yeah me too. I was thinking about going to that Foot Locker you own and get Justin some sneakers. Would you be oh so kind to take me to it?" She tugged at her shirt that had risen up more than it should had.

"Um. I guess I could take you to it." He turned his head to the side while looking at her.

"Thats great. I need to stop by the bank first, and get some money. Would you mind driving me around today? I really don't feel like driving myself." She tried to give him the puppy dog look.

"Uh your boyfriend is going to kill me if he finds out." He looked at her seriously.

"No he won't. You are such a softy Griffin. Stop being such a scardy cat. It's seems like your scared of Justin's ego more than him. Your even bigger than him and your afraid of him. Have your car waiting for me in the driveway in ten minutes. Knock on the door or ring the doorbell. IF you are not too afraid." She winked at him and got up wiping the sand off of her butt.

When Kim walked through the door she saw Britney still sitting on the couch eating popcorn. This time she didn't say anything to her she just went straight upstairs. She walked into the bedroom and saw that Justin didn't touch his soup. She looked on the dresser to get her bank card. She looked at the card and hoped that she still had money in the account. Last time she checked there was over two million in the account. She hoped that, that money was still there. She took the CD player and speakers from her skirt and ears.

Kim sat down on the bed to fix her sandal that had twisted the wrong way.


She looked back at him like he was crazy. "Okay." She said simply getting up and giving him a cold look. "Justin what did I do to you? Why the attitude?"

He didn't answer. She stomped into the closet and took a white fuzzy sweater from a rack. "I guess I can't complain. You've dealt with me through hard times, I guess I will have to deal with you." As she was fixing the sweater on her, the doorbell rung. "Justin I have a few errands to run. I'll be back." She picked up the bank card...


Britney opened the front door, and was shocked to see a guy she didn't know standing in the doorway.

Griffin stood perfectly still. His heart stopped when he saw Britney. "Hey!" She said being polite.

"Britney Spears? Oh My God. Britney Spears?" Kim came from upstairs.

"Yes, that's me. Can I help you?"

"Well see.. I...I um I am here to get Kim." Britney looked back at Kim who had joined her side.

"Kim what are you doing with another guy?" Britney asked raising an eyebrow.

"He's just a friend. And he's going to take me to run some errands. Nothing major. If at two PM I'm not back would you please give Justin the flu gel caps under the sink. And check on him every once in a while, will you?"

"EW. I don't want to take care of him. How come you get to go out and have fun, and not me?" Britney put her hands on her hips.

"Britney I'm not going out to have fun. I'm going to take care of some things. Take good care of Justin." She made her way past Britney, and she tugged at the frozen Griffin. "Come on Griffin." She said pulling him harder.

Britney waved at them as they walked away. "A guy named Griffin eh?" She said to herself watching the two young people.


"This is a nice car." She said referring to Griffin's Porsche.

"Thank You." He said sitting down in the driver side of the car after closing her door. "What is up with that house? First Justin Timberlake. Then Britney Spears. I can't believe I just saw Britney. The Britney Spears." He said pulling out of the driveway.

"Yup Britney Spears. The hottest girl in the world to most men."

He looked over at Kim the silver eye shadow she had on made her blue eyes jump and that only enhanced her enchanting beauty. He didn't say it because he didn't want Kim to think he was still trying to hit on her, but Kim was the most beautiful woman he had ever saw. Britney? Not even close. "So what bank do you want me to go to?"....


Griffin had been waiting in the car for a while. What was taking Kim so long in the bank?


After about an hour, Britney walked upstairs to go in the bedroom Justin was in. She opened the door and stared at him. He had fallen asleep watching TV. She looked around in the room she spent many nights in, when her and Justin were together. It almost brought tears to her eyes. She plopped down on the bed next to him. She made herself comfortable, even crossed her legs. "WAKE UP!" She yelled.

Justin eye's opened in a spit second. He lost his breath when he seen Britney sitting in his bed and not Kim. He knew that Kim said she was going somewhere but why was Britney in his bed?

"Your girlfriend took off with some guy named GRIFFIN. YEAH JUSTIN SHE REALLY LOVES YOU!"

Justin had closed his eyes, and he opened one at the sound of her words.

"Oh shut up Britney. I've met the guy. He's her friend." He closed his eye.

"Oh. Well I didn't know that you met him. You never let me have guy friends when we were dating...She's not faithful Justin. I'm telling you she's cheating on you."


She laughed at his rising voice. "Playing hard to get Justin? You know you want me." She positioned herself on top of him. "And I want you so bad." She kissed him on his neck, then she placed her lips on his.

"GET OFF." And he pushed her and she fell strait to the ground with a thud.

She stood up and rubbed her butt. "You are no fun Justin. I'm not worried though. You'll want me back and we'll be back together. ONE DAY!" She walked out of the room and slammed the door. She opened the door again. "Oh one last thing, you have a hella fever. YOU POOR BABY! THAT GIRL MUST BE STUPID TO SIT HERE AND TAKE CARE OF YOU ALL MORNING!" She slammed the door again.


Kim walked back of Griffin's car with two very filled bags in her hands. She had a huge grin on her face. Griffin had the top down on the car and and she placed the bags behind her seat.

"What the heck are in those bag?" He asked when she sat down in the car.

"Money." She said starting to laugh.

He put his hands on the steering wheel and faced her. "What did you do? Rob a bank?"

"Haha no! I just withdrew all my money from my account." She was smiling brighter than ever.

"Wow, are you rich?" He asked.

"My daddy is. He got to the account before I did. He left one-hundred thousand in it. That amount of money is nothing to him. He doesn't realize it's everything to me. At least I have something to support myself, ya know? It's a wonderful feeling." She threw he hands in the air and sighed.

"So you are saying there is one-hundred thousand dollars in my car right now? In cash?"

"Yup. Now take me to 'Foot Locker'."

In about thirty minutes they arrived at the store which was minimally crowded.

"This is the store I own. My dad bought it for me." Griffin pressed the button to let the hood on his car to come back up.

"Cool." Kim reached in a bag and pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills she pulled about 5 bills from the large rubber banned stack the put it back in it's bag. Shethen followed Griffin into the store.

Two hours later Kim and Griffin came walking back out of the store. Griffin was holding her two bags. She bought three pairs of sneakers for Justin.

"That was cool. Thanks for the discount. You will have to let Justin get a discount too. Sneakers is like his life. He has over two hundred pairs at home."

"Damn. Thats more than me, and I own a freakin' shoe store."

He placed the bags behind his seat. "Okay Kim, now where do you wanna go?"

She gave him and innocent look, and batted her eyes dramatically. "Please oh please my dear friend Griffin. Please take me to the mall so I can get my baby Justin some clothes."

He batted his eyes dramatically back. "Yes Kim I can take you to the mall, so you can get your baby JUSTIN some clothes." Kim laughed at his tone. She had not known Griffin for very long, but she like him a lot. He made a good friend. She would never date him even if she wasn't with Justin, because he was not her type, but he made the perfect friend. It was like she had some sort of bond with him.

"You know Griffin, what you said back in the store was right." She began and he drove down the rode. "You can't be happy until you find happiness. And I seriously think I found my happiness."

"I totally understand. By the way you talk I can tell you love Justin. He must be your happiness because when I look at you I see a very happy young lady. Like I already told you, I thought I found my happiness with this one girl in high school but she dumped me. Sometimes you can just tell when you were made to be with someone. "

"Exactly Griffin. That's exactly how I feel." She shook her head in agreement then turned his radio up.

Hours later

Kim brought Justin several outfits. Them being mostly from Abercrombie and Fitch and the GAP.

On his way to take Kim home Griffin stopped at McDonalds upon her request. Minutes later he pulled up in Justin's driveway. Him and Kim gathered all the bags and placed them at the front door. Britney came out of the living room and looked at the bags of things. "Who is all this stuff for?" She asked.

"Justin." Kim told her placing the final bag down. She grabbed Griffin by the arm and pulled him to the car. She reached into the window of the car and grabbed her McDonalds and her soda. She kissed him on the cheek. "You are the coolest friend around. I had so much fun with you today. We must go out another time to just hang, okay?" She started to walk away. "Bye man. I'll see ya kay?"

"Bye Kim. I had an awesome time today!" He waved then got in his car and drove off.

When she walked back into the house Britney was going through her bags. "Excuse me. What are you doing Britney?"

She fake smiled when she was clearly busted. "I was just looking at what you got. I know all the stuff is not Justin's. NO WAY!"

Kim being very strong for her size, gathered all the bags at once. They were hanging everywhere and she was about to fall over but she walked upstairs. When she reached the top of the stairs she turned her head towards the staring, big eyed Britney. "And uh yeah all the stuff hanging on me is for Justin."

She was so happy the bedroom door was crack she tried to keep her balance and kicked the door open.

Justin was sitting on the bed. He was sitting up. Just by taking one good glace at him, she could tell that he had showered , maybe even eaten something. The soup and the tea on the nightstand was gone. He looked a lot better. His face had pigment in it. "Hey baby!" She said dropping all her bags at once. She kept a grip on the McDonalds bag and soda. She walked over to the nightstand and sat the items there.

"HEY!" He said cutting the TV off and putting his full attention on her. From where he was laying Kim eyelids were reflecting from her sliver eye-shadow. The girl was just so DAMN beautiful. She was so beautiful it was painful to look at her sometimes.

"Justin how do you feel honey?" She placed her body very near his.

"I feel so much better thanks to you sweetheart. I owe you a huge apology for my actions earlier. I'm so sorry. And I didn't mean to say the things I said. I just hate being sick and I blamed my anger on you. I'm so sorry."

She touched his head. He was no longer hot, just a little warmer than usual. "Stop apologizing to me and shut up and kiss me. I've wanted a kiss from you all day."

When his lips touched hers the world around her crumbled. He was so compassionate and gentle with his kisses she started to moan and her body closed off. Her feelings for him raged inside of her, it was just like being electrocuted. The burst of excitement was too much for her frail body to take "Whoa Justin. Whoa!" She broke away from him but like a magnet her lips attracted back to his. "Whoa." She said getting off of the bed. She had to get away from him. "Your kisses are LIKE WHOA."

She started twitching and ticking; a reaction from his kiss. "Whoa. Now that was some kiss."

"You okay?" He asked smiling like he had won the lottery.

"Um. Damn. I mean I need to uh get myself together. The power in your lips...just...too...much." She kept of backing away from the bed until she hit the wall. For the first time all day Justin laughed.

She put her hand to her face and started to slid down the wall. "Oh my. That made my day, my week, my year. Whoa." Never had she been so infatuated with him. Never had she had such a reaction from his kiss. She truly did love him. She finally pulled herself together and she stood up and walked over to all the bags on the floor.

The first thing she did was take the bags of money and put them in the closet. She placed her bank card in one of the bags of money. "Justin I was able to get money out of my account today. My Dad left one-hundred thousand in the bank. He didn't think it would be enough money for me, and that I would go running back to him, but it's more than enough."

"That's what those bags you just put in the closet are? Bags of money?" He asked staring at her from the bed.

"Yup." She walked back over to the other bags in the middle of the floor.

"You could have just made a new account. Why lug so much cash?"

She looked through one of the bags on the floor. "Well I don't know why I didn't make a new account. I wasn't thinking.

"I see you went shopping." He said looking at her bent over figure.

"Yes baby!" She once again gathered all the many bags. She managed to get them on the bed. "I bought all the stuff for you."

His mouth hung open. "You WHAT?"

She opened a bag up and pulled some jeans out of them. "I got you some stuff." She unfolded the jeans. "These should fit you, right? I know your size varies, so I just guessed in all the clothes sizes, but the sneakers I got you size twelve, just like you wear." She bit the inside of her cheek. His body did not move but his eyes did they were just scanning everything.

"I don't believe you Kim."

"I got you the latest Nike's they are so cool lookin'. I got them for 150 bucks because Griffin gave me a discount. He owns a 'Foot locker' you know. He would give you a discount too."

"I can't believe you girl. Come here." He told her. She sat down next to him. "You didn't have to do this. No girlfriend has ever done this for me before. Why did you go buying me things? You know I DON'T need them." His face had a look of seriousness on it.

She placed her hair behind her ears and sighed. "I don't know. I don't know why I did it Justin. I know you don't need clothes but I wanted to get you some. And those cool lookin' sneakers too."

He kissed her on the lips. "You have a great heart Kim. Stay that way."

She grabbed him by the neck and pulled him really close to her. "Justin please, you are the one with the good heart. Look at who you accepted into your life. Look at who you are taking care of." She winked and then picked up a few of the bags to put them on the against the wall. It took a few trips but she got all of them against the wall. "Tomorrow I'll show you everything."

Kim stretched her arms and yawned.

"Look at you. Just workin' that skirt. It looks really good on you. Then again, what doesn't?" He stared at her as she slipped her feet out of her sandals.

"So how was your day with..." She started to do the 'I've played with your heart' dance move. "With the 'Oops I did it again queen?"

Justin started laughing. "You are so cute when you do things like that." She took a seat next to him on her side of the bed. "It was hell. Never leave me here with her ever again. She is a bi....well I love her because I've known her forever, but now Britney is nothing but trouble.

Kim propped her body up against a pillow. She giggled. "Justin you are too much." She took her bag of McDonalds off of the nightstand and started to take the contents out of it.

Justin gave her the eye. She got McDonald's without getting him some? He raised his eyebrow unconsciously. "Kim you aren't going to eat that in my face are you?"

She looked over at him, then her Big Mac. "Um no. Of course not. Would you like a bite?" She waved the burger in his face. "I would have gotten you one, but I thought you would be too sick to eat one." She placed the burger to his lips and he took nice sized bite of it. She then bit it herself. "We eat too much junk food Justin." She said starting to laugh.

"I know." He took another bite of the Big Mac.

Kim picked up a few fry's and put them into her mouth. She bit the burger, then put it to Justin to bite.

"You want the rest of this? I don't want anymore." Justin took the Big Mac. She laid back and got comfortable and ate her box of large fry's. She reached over and fed one to Justin.

"This is the life isn't it?" Justin asked eating his last bite of burger.

Kim moved closer to Justin with her box of fry's sitting on her stomach. "It sure is. I'm so happy your feeling better."

"I'm so happy your with me." He told her before she put a fry in his mouth.

Britney burst into the room. "JUSTIN! I need a towel."

He broke his dreamy concentration from Kim and snarled at Britney. "Don't you have any respect? YOU COULD HAVE KNOCKED."

"Maybe I did knock and YOU were just too busy getting it on with Kim to notice." She rolled her eyes at him and smiled at Kim as she walked across the room and into Justin's closet. "My God! What are all of her clothes doing in your closet? DON'T tell me you actually bought all this stuff Justin."

Kim put her fry's in Justin's hands stood up and put her hands on her hips. "This is ridiculous."

Britney walked back out of the closet with several towels in hand. "If you put some damn towels in your bathrooms you won't run into this problem again."

Justin shook his head. "You have got to stop with this lifetime supply of PMS! NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO YOU BRITNEY. So just stop with the inner bitch stuff."

Britney didn't respond to him. She looked Kim up and down and then slammed the door shut.

"What's her problem?" Justin asked laughing from the bed.

"Oh I don't know." Kim fixed her skirt. It had risen down too low on her hips. She had a taste for the type of food she loved more than everything. Chocolate. "I'm going to get something sweet. Want anything while I'm downstairs?"

"No. But thanks anyway." His mouth was closed but he smiled. s...l...o...w...l...y

She walked out of the room and downstairs. Britney was sitting at the breakfast bar. She was always sitting at the breakfast bar. "You know what Kim? I've tried to LIKE you, but you don't deserve him. He belongs with ME!"

Kim searched trough the cabinets she found a bag of Hershey Kisses. "I love these things." She said ignoring Britney.

"I'm going to get him back. You are nothing more than a SLUT. You sleep with him, take his money. Your worthless!" Britney clenched her teeth.

Kim wasn't going to let Britney get to her, but she had definitely crossed the line. She turned her head slowly towards Britney. "Huh? Did you just call me a slut?" She walked over to where Britney was. They were only separated by the counter. "DID YOU JUST CALL ME A SLUT?" Kim banged her fist against the counter. "I'm not sinking to your pathetic level. I advise you to leave me alone because you will be sorry if you don't!"

"I will because you are not worth my WORDS!" She moved her face in closer to Kim's.

Kim moved in closer to her. "I love Justin. I fell in love with his heart. Not his pocket. Love is stronger than FAKENESS, and love is stronger than bullshit. That means I will do anything to keep him. Even if it means kicking your IMPLANT ASS." Kim walked away with the bag of Kisses in her hand.

As she was walking through the living room, Britney became enraged. She ran up behind Kim and grabbed her hair. "You BITCH!" Kim's head jerked back with a snap and she screamed out in pain. She dropped the bag of Kisses on the floor.

"JUSTIN! JUSTIN!" She reached back and grabbed Britney arm and twisted it. Britney let go of her hand and screamed out in pain. Kim grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the wall. "Nice try BITCH. It takes more than a little hair pulling to get me down."

Britney then reversed the position and grabbed Kim by her neck. She started to choke her until she was red in the face. "YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM KIM. NEVER!"

With all her strength Kim pushed Britney and she went hanging over the edge of the couch. "I've warned YOU! Now you must pay." As Britney tried to catch her balance from the push, Kim punched her in the face. And she lost consciousness on impact. Her limp body hung over the couch.


Chapter 9

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