Chapter 7

Justin opened his eyes. He glanced over at the clock. It was eight AM? He had managed to fall asleep after all the madness that went on in the middle of the night. He looked to the right of him. Kim was surely not anywhere in bed. For some reason it seemed better that way. He got up and grabbed a towel.

When he walked into to bathroom to go brush his teeth and take a shower he noticed all the hair on the floor was gone, but the scissors were still in the corner by the tub.

He took a long hot shower. He was hoping the water would wash the layer of stress away that had overtook and covered his body.

After dressing and putting on some comfortable clothes, he looked at himself in the mirror. His face was no longer irritated. It was not red anymore. The only proof from her abuse was the back of his head. It was very tender where it had slammed against the wall several times. "I need to get my hair cut...or braided again." He told himself as he went downstairs to grab something to eat. Before he entered the kitchen area he walked into the living room. He picked up the phone and sat down on the couch. The number he was calling was saved on memory on his phone, so he just pressed one button.


"Hi, Cathy!"

"Hey Justin! What can I do for you?"

"I knew you would be up. Anyway I need a refill of everything..."


"Yeah ALL the guys were over at one time."

"Yup. I bet you do need everything."

"Yes, and please get me some more of those Tyson chicken things. It's a great snack food."

"Alright. I'll come get the money around ten okay? Thats about two hours just incase you didn't know."

"I know how to calculate Cathy. Thanks. You know I love you for this..."

"I know. As you would say bye bye bye." And just that quick, he heard the dial tone.

He put the phone back into it's receiver and he walked into the kitchen. Kim was sitting at a stool and she was not moving. She was just staring at the stove. He didn't show it, but the sight of her scared him to death. Not because he didn't know what she would do next, but because she was looking so bizarre. Her hair which was usually wavy, was just bone strait. She was too tan to be able to look pale, but she was not in the most glowing state. She looked so plain, which was a bad thing for her because she usually looked as far from plain as you can get. He looked down at the kitchen floor which was spotless. Not a trace of wine or glass anywhere.

He went to a cabinet and took a bowl out of it. He filled his bowl with 'Apple Jacks'. 

Kim still had not moved since he saw her. He decided that he would stare at her until he saw some sort of movement. About a minute later, she blinked, but it was an abnormal slow blink. He grew angry just looking at her. How could she have done him so wrong last night? What did did he do to her? NOTHING but help her as much as he could.

She was waiting for him to just let all his anger out on her. She knew it was coming soon.

"Kim what you did to me last night was HORRIBLE." He put all his attention on her and forgot about his cereal. "EVERYTHING YOU DID AND SAID WAS SO WRONG. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE KIM! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? IT IS NOT!"

"I'm...sorry." She, whispered would be considered too loud. Justin was able to pick up on her words. She was still just gazing at the stove.


"I'm going to get help." She pleaded, looking into his fire blazing eyes.


"Justin why are you yelling at me?" She held her tears back by looking down at her hands.


She eased herself off of the stool and started to back away from him. His shouting voice was about to make her tumble over. She turned and was walking away with her head hung low. When he continued to talk she stopped with her back towards him. She sniffed really hard so she could hold the tears back longer.


She had told him off and lost it, but everything backfired on her. She was going to have to suffer now. She could not believe her ears. Justin seemed like he hated her. The words he said hurt so bad, it was like she was shot in the heart on the inside. She looked down at the band aid on her hand. She kissed it hoping that his loving kiss had wiped onto her some how. "Your right...I'm a horrible person." She barely choked the words out, and dully walked away.

She went in the dining room, which she didn't go in much. She crawled under the table and cried very quietly. She didn't want Justin to hear her. She didn't want anyone to see her. She just cried.


Later that night.

Kim had spent the entire day isolating herself from Justin. She had not seen him since breakfast. She heard when Cathy brought the groceries, and she knew that Justin had left the house for several hours. He just got back about a hour ago.

She walked into the freshly stocked kitchen and made her a piece of toast. She didn't really have an appetite she was only eating it because she hadn't eaten anything all day. She hated being so miserable. She never really had a wonderful life she wished she could have back, she just wanted to be happy and stay happy. She picked up a phone book and the phone out of the living room, and sat at a bar stool as she continued to nibble on her toast. She looked through the phone book trying to find something where she could get herself help or just talk with someone.

An ad caught her eye:

'Suffering from depression? Are you miserable and is in need of help? Need someone to talk to?...CALL NOW.'

She quickly picked up the phone and dialed the number.

"Hello Dr. Nathan's office, how may I help you."

"Hi, I need to make an appointment to see doctor Nathan, right away."

"Okay. And what is your situation ma'am?"

"Physical abuse."

"Okay. And are you still living in the residents of the abusers?"

"No, not currently."

"Okay." The secretary was writing everything down. "May I as whom you are living with now?"

"I'm living with my boyfriend. Look, you've got to help me. Please. I need to just talk with someone. I can't keep hurting him like this. I can't control my actions anymore, it's like I'm loosing control over myself."

"I understand. It's very good that you've recognized that you need help. I need you to answer a few questions. Is that okay?"


"Have you had any current nervous breakdowns? Outbursts? Emotional breakdowns?"

"Well last night, I had something like an outburst...yeah I had an outburst. I began hitting my boyfriend for no reason."

"Okay. Are you suicidal?"

Kim didn't answer.

"Are you suicidal ma'am?"

"Today...I was thinking about cutting my wrists...I didn't, but I thought about it. Is that suicidal?

"Yes, I'm afraid so. It sounds like you really need help. I'm going to squeeze you in for an appointment tomorrow. How does eleven sound?"

"It's fine."

"Okay now I need you first and last name..."


After Kim had finished making her appointment she felt better, but her heart still ached with pain. If she could only explain to Justin she was not able to control the fit she had. She felt terrible for what she did to him, but it wasn't something she could control. And now he couldn't stand her, but he loved her. It was a confusing situation.

She drifted upstairs into the bedroom where Justin was. He must have changed clothes since had gotten back because he was ready for bed and was just sitting on the bed watching TV. To keep a argument from happening, she didn't say anything. She just looked the other way.

Justin saw Kim enter the room. He didn't know what to say to her. He didn't know what was going through her mind but she was looking very unusual...sickly if you will. He kept his eyes on the TV but kept a watch out for her in the corner of his eye. She walked past the TV once to get a towel and some clothes. She looked so drained. She was dragging her feet and walking very sluggishly. He felt kind of sorry for her.

She took a very quick shower and stayed in the bathroom until she towel dried her hair.

Justin saw her as she made he way towards the bed. He moved down off of her side so she could lie down. When Kim got to the bed, she took a pillow off of it, and then she disappeared on the side of the bed.

Justin wondered what in the world was she was doing, but he continued to watch his TV show. 

When the show went on commercial, he peered his head over the side of the bed to see what she was up to. "You have got to be kidding me." He whispered. She was asleep on the FLOOR. He stood up and took a good look at her. She had dried tears on her face? He never saw such a thing. She was still the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth to him, she just looked sad. Even when she was sleeping deeply she looked sad and hurt. He cautiously picked her up and placed her in bed. He brought the warm covers up to her neck and laid down on his side of the bed. Suddenly he felt bad for what he said to her earlier. He looked over at her face again. Tears dried on her face? It was a very hard thing for him to see, it was painful to look at. He really never saw tears dried on a persons face before.


In pitch black darkness Justin opened his eyes. He was haunted by Kim screaming and shouting, and it woke him. He reached his hand back to make sure she was near him but she wasn't. Once again she was gone. He moved his hand over his face and removed himself from bed. When he made it across the room he turned on the light.

His eyes narrowed at Kim who was laying back on the floor. He picked her up at once and put her back in bed.

He cut the air off while he was up, then cut the light off and got back into bed. He told himself to think of happy things and not stressful things and began to drift to sleep until he heard Kim get back out of bed. He could hear her head sink in her pillow on the floor.

He threw the covers back, got up and turned the light back on. "Kim. I will not have you sleeping on the floor when there is this nice big bed for you to sleep in. There are plenty of bedrooms in this house if you don't want to sleep with me, but I will not have you sleeping on the floor."

She slowly opened her eyes and sat up and looked at him. She gave him a look he had never saw before, and he didn't know what it was but it scared him. He unknowingly started to back away from her. Her eyes flashed at him. It was an indescribable expression. Whatever it was, it involved the word 'pain'.

With a slight aggravated attitude, she picked the pillow up off the floor and got back into bed. When she closed her eyes and looked comfortable, he cut the light back off, again, and got back into bed. Over and over again that flash re-played in his mind.. What did it mean? As he tried to think of an answer to the question, he was falling asleep. Without warning Kim got out of bed  again. Only this time she took her a pillow and left the room.

Justin sighed when he heard the bedroom door close. She was doing what he told her too...leaving him alone.

"This is crazy. This is hell week."

Justin promised himself that he wouldn't have anymore sleepless nights over everything that was going on, but that wasn't the case. He had gotten probably two hours of sleep and when he looked at the clock and realized it was seven in the morning he decided to just get up for the day. He really needed to talk with Kim. He needed to apologize to her and just get some thoughts strait.

After he brushed his teeth he noticed she wasn't anywhere up stairs. When he entered the living room he saw her. She was laying on the couch. Out of all places why the couch? He sat down by her curled up body. He started to get choked up just looking at her.

"Kim I'm so sorry for being so rude to you yesterday morning. Your not a horrible person. You are too beautiful to be hurting like you are."

He placed his hand on her bare arm and dragged it all the way down to her finger tips.

Kim awoke from her sound sleep. She smiled dreamily and when her eyes met Justin and she felt his hand touching her, she slid several feet away from him. All the way to the end of the couch.

Justin was hurt by her reaction and turned his head to the side with confused and bewildered eyes. "I'm sorry. Yesterday morning I..." He couldn't find the words to say what he wanted to say. "Tears mean something Kim, they mean a lot and I am an idiot for saying your tears meant nothing to me because they mean everything to me. What you did to me was wrong, yes, but two wrongs don't make a right and I'm sorry. Tears do mean something. You must know that." He wiped his eyes. "You see I'm crying because I love you so much. That's what my tears"

She nodded her head leisurely and kept still.

"Kim why are you so unhappy here? Why are you so unhappy around me? Sometimes it seems I love you more than you love me. You don't ACT like you love me sometimes." He moved a little closer to her. "Why won't you talk to me? You haven't talked to me since yesterday morning. Say something...If you love me then tell me you love me." He moved closer to her. "Please just tell me so I'll know." He wiped his dripping eyes.

"I love you."

He smiled at her words. She finally spoke. She even look him in the eyes. He motioned his finger for her to come closer. She reluctantly did so, and sat in his lap.

"I didn't mean to hurt you and hit you so many times Justin. Next time when I tell you to stay away, please do it. I didn't want to blame my anger on you but you just wouldn't leave and I lost it. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, but you understand you need help right? You cut your hair. You were shouting obscene things..."

"I'm getting help. I have an appointment today at eleven to see a mental health professional, and after I go to him, I'm going to my hairstylist and is getting my haircut fixed... She takes walk-in's I think..."

He placed hair behind her hair and kissed her on the neck. "I'm so proud of you baby. Do you need someone to go with you?"

"No thanks I think I better go alone."


At the Doctors office.

"Hello Kim, Just take a seat the brown chair."


"I want you to feel comfortable around me so I am going to tell you about me." She nodded.

"I'm Dr. J Nathan. I've been in this business for fifteen years, and I'm forty-four. Now tell me something about you."

"I'm nineteen."

"Yes, I know that from your papers I have here in my hand. Tell me something else. Tell me why you are here Kim."

"I need help. I have mental problems I think."

"Well, don't say you have mental problems, thats what I'm here to find out. Your papers say you suffered from physical abuse. Is this true?"


"How long have you suffered from it?"

"My entire life."....


"Kim, make sure you visit me next week at ten-thirty. Remember what I said. You have to leave all the bad behind, think positive and do things that you wouldn't normally do to make yourself happy. Have a wonderful day."

"Thanks Doctor. Thanks for speaking with me on such a short notice."

One week later.

Justin woke up because he reached his hand back to touch Kim and she wasn't in bed. They had talked about all their problems and everything was going fine for the past few days so she wasn't mad. Maybe she had gotten up to eat, after all it was seven in the morning.

He went into the kitchen and poured him a bowl of cereal. Still he had not seen Kim.

"Kim! Where are you girl?" He called as he stuffed him mouth with 'Corn Pops'.

The back sliding doors were wide open. "What the hell?" He looked all around outside and then at the pool. Kim's head immerged from under the water.

"Good morning Justin. I didn't expect to see you up so early."

He walked up closer to the edge of the pool. "Good morning. Your taking a swim this early?"

"Yeah why not?" She disappeared under the water and swam farther out into the pool. Justin walked over to the area she was and looked down at her. She appeared back up through the crystal blue water.

Justin was looking unbelievably good. His afro-ish hair was tacked down on his head from sleeping on it. He was wearing baby-blue pants and a white shirt. His eyes was shining so brightly in the just risen sun. He was so cute eating his cereal. He reminded her of a very happy little boy. "You look great this morning!" She told him.

"You look great this morning! I love your new layered haircut."

She smiled and looked down at the strands that now only hung a few inches past her shoulders. She dipped under water again, then came back to the surface placing her hands on the stone that surrounded the pool. Justin was eating he cereal as if it was the best thing he ever ate. She nabbed the edge of his pants leg.

"What are you doing?" He asked continuing to eat his food.

With out another word she jerked his leg and pulled him into the pool with her.

"I cannot believe you just did that." He said coming to the surface of the water, watching his breakfast and bowl float by.

"I'm using my one free ticket to throw Justin in the pool." She winked at him and giggled at the food floating around.

"Look there's food all in the pool now, thats bad."

She swam up close to him. "The filter will take care of it. Stop being a baby."

"I can't believe you just did that. I can't believe...I can't believe...your eyelashes are so long when wet." He said staring at her deeply. "You are so pretty and beautiful."

"Justin, stop staring at me like that." She grinned. "Your pretty and beautiful too."

His eyebrow raised. "Me pretty? Haha, no!" The water came up to the middle of his chest, but it was all the way up to Kim's neck. "Don't drown sweetheart."

"Haha, very funny Justin. Take off that shirt. Your overly dressed to be in the pool."

He took off his shirt and threw it behind him. "I wouldn't be 'in' the pool, if it wasn't for you."

She kissed him on the chest. "Well I'm sorry Justin Randall Timberlake." She kissed him on the chest again.

"You should be sorry. I really wanted that cereal."

"Aww how can I make it up to you?" She ran her hands, down his chest, under the water and tugged at the trim of his pants and boxers.

"Oh no you don't." He said shaking his head in warning. He leaned down and kissed her lips and broke away quickly. "What would you like to do today?"

"Well I want to try new different things that would make me happy. My doctor says to try new things."

"I know you've told me that everyday since you saw the guy. When do you go back anyway?"


"Tonight, how about I take you to a club. We could dance. It should be fun."

"Alright sounds great." She grabbed the trim of his pants and yanked them down. His boxers pulled down too. "Got ya. ahahahahah! I use to do that all then time to guys when I was younger."

He looked down at himself, blushed, and pulled his clothes up quickly. "See how you are?" He climbed out of the pool. Shaking his head.

"No wait, don't go. You forgot your bowl ahahahaha!" As she attempted to get out of the pool she stepped on something. "Oh. Found your spoon ahahaha!" Instead of climbing out of the pool she took the stairs. "Justin, I was just joking with you. Don't be a snob about it." She picked up his white shirt off of the ground.

He slowly turned around to face her. "I'm not being a....Hello baby. WHOA YOU LOOK HOT IN THAT THING! HOT DAMN BABY! DAMN!"

"What thing? This bikini? I know, isn't it awesome." She turned around.

"Yes, VERY awesome. ON YOU!" He was just looking her up and down. He looked like a robot went bad.

She kissed him on the cheek and then stepped back. "Thank you very much for buying it for me. I love it."

"I didn't buy it." He said still looking her up and down.

She laughed nervously and placed his spoon in his hand. "What do you mean you didn't buy it?"

"Just like I said baby, I didn't buy it. That's Britney's bikini, she left it over here when swimming...."

She looked down at the fabric attached to her body. "What? Your kidding me right? Please tell me your kidding me."

"I'm not kidding. PLEASE don't take it off. You look so HOT in it."

"Oh my God. I have nothing against Britney, but to know that ANOTHER WOMAN'S STUFF was in this bikini, that is just gross. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!" She threw his shirt on the floor and walked off quickly.

By the time Justin got upstairs Kim was in the shower. He chuckled at the two pieces of the bikini separated on the bathroom floor. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I didn't realize you had it on until you got out of the pool."

"It's okay. Hey can you get me a towel babe?"

"Sure." He took one from the closet and then hung it over the glass door of the shower."

"Thank you." She told him cutting the water off. She wrapped the towel around her body and walked out of the shower with a misty cloud behind her.

"Feel better?" He asked almost sarcastically.

She picked up the bikini using two fingers on each hand. "Yes, but I can't believe Britney actually wore this thing." She walked into the closet and threw each piece into the drawer they came from. "Ew."

She picked up a basic tube top and a pair of shorts, along with underwear. "Turn around Justin, while I get dressed." He turned around. "What happened between you and Britney?" She asked removing the towel and getting dressed.

"You've finally asked the question."


He ran his hands over his hair. "Well we had a very happy relationship. Fame started to get the best of us and the tabloids...God they just kept on eating at us. Justin and Britney, Justin and Britney, Justin and Britney. They just wouldn't stop. I was willing to hold on to the relationship, but she broke up with me... I took it so hard because I fall in love with people so fast. I fell for her so quick and when she broke up with me... I still had that love for her you know? So we kinda have the friends thing goin' on right now. I got so angry when she broke up with me. It was like she gave up on us."

Kim had finished dressing at the 'Justin and Britney' part, but Justin seemed like he missed Britney so much and she didn't know what to say. "Okay. I' dressing." She scuffed her hair with the towel she had.

He turned around and looked at her. "But it's over now. And I have you." He started to walk up to her.

"Don't you dare touch me with those wet pants on." She told him snickering.

"I won't." He kissed her on the cheek, and then on her neck.

She brushed past him and picked up her CD player off of the nightstand. "Sorry Justin. I gotta go. I gotta take my jog." She clipped the CD played to her side. She slipped her feet in her Addidas sneakers.

"Oh okay." He said from across the room. "It's good that you keep your body in shape."

"Yeah." She said placing her speakers in her ears. She carried herself downstairs and out the door. Immediately she took off jogging. Her Britney CD was on full blast in her ears. " Hush just stop... there's nothing you can do or say. I've had enough. I'm not your property as from today... You might think that I won't make it on my own, but now I'm stronger..."

She jogged on the side walk with calming ease. She jogged through the beach. She circled the place where Justin had wrote I love you Kim, it had wore away by now, but she loved the spot. Her music was so loud she could have swore someone was calling her name. She jogged in place as she lower the volume on the CD player.


She turned around. He was standing very close to her.

"Hey Kim. How are you?"

"I'm doing very good." She continued to jog in place and she huffed because she was getting a little tired. "Griffin, right? What are you doing on the beach this early?"

"Yes, It's me Griffin. I live in this area. I walk to the beach a lot. I love this beach."

"I love this beach too."

"I see that you are busy. I guess I will leave you alone now." He gave her the sweet and innocent sad voice.

"I'm not busy, I'm just jogging. You can join me if you like..." She started to jog away and Griffin quickly joined her side.

"Thanks for letting me join you." He said looking over at her as they jogged.

"No prob. So Griffin how old are you?"

"I'm nineteen. You?"

"I just turned nineteen." she said smiling at him.

"What are you listening too?" He asked checking out the speakers in her ears.

"Um...It's Britney Spears 'Oops I did it again'. I can barely hear it though."

"Cool, I like Britney's music. I like pop music."

"So do you own your own house or something?" She asked moving her slightly damp hair from her face.

"Yeah. I own a business here in Florida. Not many people know. I don't talk to many people in the area."

"Really, what kind of business?" She inhaled deeply.

"I own a um... don't laugh a 'Foot Locker' store."

"Dang. Your parents must have lots of money! I'll have to stop by one day, maybe you can give me a discount." She winked at him.


Kim stopped suddenly and unexpectedly.

"Something wrong?" He asked.

"No, this is where I live. You can come in if you like. To get a bottled water I mean." She pulled the speakers out of her ears and they hung down her leg.

"Uh, no thanks. I don't think your 'boyfriend' would be to fond of the idea. Is he home?"

"Yeah he's home, but he's a good sport. Come on. Besides, you deserve some water for jogging with me." She grabbed his hand lead him up the driveway, opened the door and led him inside. "Take a seat on the couch and I'll get your water."

Griffin looked around and hesitantly sat down on one of the couches. "Nice place you got here." He said as she struggled with the over packed refrigerator. Food was hanging out of it.

"Thanks this is my boyfriends place." Griffin swallowed hard. "This damn refrigerator. It's been a week and still you can't closed it it's so full." Finally she managed to get it shut. She picked up the two bottled waters she was lucky enough to capture from the food wilderness and she took a seat next to Griffin on the couch. "Here." She handed him his water.

"Kim are you back yet?" Justin asked walking down the steps. When he entered the living room his eyes were bulging and became filled with jealousy when he saw Griffin sitting on HIS couch talking with HIS girlfriend who HE was in LOVE with. He froze in his place and balled his fingers into a fist to relieve the stress that was building. "Oh. I see you have company." He said from the distance.

Him and Griffin made eye contact, and just by looking at his eyes Justin was absorbing the type of person he was.

"Hey Justin. This is my friend Griffin." She said standing up and removing the CD player from her side. "I met him on the beach. He's really nice. Griffin meet Justin."

"Nice to meet you." Griffin said smiling.

Justin nodded at him. "Nice to meet you." Justin kept his distance, he didn't want to shake his hand or anything.

After taking the CD player from her, Kim sat back down next to Griffin. There was so much tension in the room, and she didn't sense any of it. "So Griffin, have you lived in Florida your whole life?"

He looked back at Justin who was still standing in the same spot. "My whole life." He answered simply with a gulp. "Kim, maybe I should go now." Griffin said placing his hand on her shoulder.

She patted his hand. "No don't go. I've lived here my whole life too. Where getting to know each other."

Justin's eyes were expanding at the view. He was touching his woman, she was touching him, asking him to stay? He was drinking his water. He couldn't take anymore of it. He walked over to Kim. "Kim, may I speak with you for one moment?" He asked in front of Griffin.

"Sure." She said getting up. "I'll be right back Griffin." Justin had a look on his face that she didn't understand. They walked over to the dinning room area.

"Kim, what is all this about?"

She bit her bottom lip. "What is all what about?"

"What is that dude doing in my living room? What is he doing TOUCHING you?"

"God Justin, I told him to come in. I didn't think you would mind. And his touches don't mean a damn thing. He already knows your my boyfriend. He didn't want to come in because of it but I MADE HIM COME IN!"

"Why? To get back at me because of the Britney thing?"

"How dare you you say that Justin? That is the most tasteless thing you've said all day! That is FAR from the truth. What? Are you jealous? I love you! NOT him! He's just a friend. Don't be an asshole over this Justin! It's not that big of a deal."

She walked away from him with attitude in her walk. She sat back down next to the now more nervous than ever Griffin. "I'm sorry about that." She said keeping her cool and staying calm. She put her hair behind her ears, it was still partially wet from earlier in the morning.

"It's okay. Your boyfriend doesn't like me. He looks so familiar. I swear he reminds me of someone."

"He is in the pop group Nsync."

Griffin's eyes lit up. "Your joking right Kim? HAHA very funny."

"No I'm not joking. My boyfriend is Justin Timberlake from Nsync." She told him giggling at his expression.

He got up quickly. "Oh my God. Kim I cannot stay, sorry. Your boyfriend is Justin from Nsync and I'm in his house, with HIS girl? I'm surprised he doesn't have bodyguards ripping me apart." He picked up his bottled water. "I'll see you around Kim." And he left.

"Ah great!" She said sarcastically. "JUSTIN! You can come out now. You scared my company away."

He appeared out of nowhere and sat down next to her. "I'm sorry for overreacting. You were right. Next time I'll shake his hand or something."

She looked him in the eye. "Ha, yeah right. Your Justin Timberlake, also known as God. Why would you shake his hand?"

He inched closer to her. "Kim that was a shitty thing to say. I'm hurt. That was so shitty."

"Your right. I'm sorry." She placed her lips on his just to catch his flavor. He was so sweet and delicious she couldn't get enough of him. She took the kiss the the next level and peeked her tongue in his mouth, through his comfortably parted lips. Justin turn his head guardedly to relive some of the pressure that was building. Kim's hand wandered up the side of his face and then into his hair. She then broke away from him. "Ow Justin, your hair has caught my hand." She started to laugh.

"Hey thats not funny." He removed her hand from his hair. "Thats so wrong. Actually, today I was thinking about getting it braided again. I use to get it braided all the time. I'll have to call my hair stylist today."

"I can braid it for you. I can do corn rolls." She said giving his a cheesy smile.

He laughed hysterically. "You? Braid hair? Ahahahaha!" He placed his head in his lap as he laughed.

"Justin! That is not funny. Two girls in tenth grade showed me how. I can braid your hair for you! I'm serious. I can do the design kind too, like the zigzags or swirls."

He stopped all of a sudden. "Your serious aren't you?

"Yes." She said crossing her arms. "If you give me some small rubber bands and a comb I can do it."

"Okay. Okay. Can you braid them kind of curving to one side for me?" She raised an eyebrow. "I'll take that as a yes." He went upstairs and got a comb for her along with some small black rubber bands. "How long will this take?" He asked sighing.

"A few hours." She took the comb and rubber bands in her hands.

"Are you sure you know what your doing? I mean, what if you mess my hair up or something?"

"If you don't trust me, then I wont do it."

"I trust you." He said stoking her face.

"Good! Now sit between my legs."

His eyes widened. "What did you say?"

"I said sit between my legs."

"WOW! You've grown kinky on me!"

"No you dimwit! You sit on the floor and I sit on the couch, you position yourself between my legs so I can braid your hair. You sicko." She pushed his shoulder.

"My bad." He did as she said and looked in the area of the TV. 

She grabbed his hair and observed it, planning out how she was going to braid it. "Dang your hair is...curly."hen she started to part the hair Justin pulled away in pain. "Keep you head still Justin."

He snatched his head away from her hands. "It hurts. My head still hurts from when you slammed..."

"Look, If you don't keep still. I'm going to jab this comb in your neck! Got it?"

He didn't say one more word nor did he move.

Two hours later.

Kim was wrapping a elastic around the final braid. She ran her finger between the neat braids and smiled. "Okay Justin all finished." Through the entire braiding Justin didn't say one word. He just stared at the TV. He didn't move either.

He stood up, then shook his head, to avoid a head rush. He had a weird smile on his face. He took a pillow from the couch and handed it to her. "Here Kim, cover your ears." She took the pillow and looked at him like he was crazy. He took a few steps away from her. "OOOOHHHHHMMMMMYYYYYGGOOOOOODDDD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

His yell echoed throughout the entire house. He pulled the neck on his shirt. "Sorry I had to get that out. I bet the braids look good but I don't think they are worth the pain." He left to go to the bathroom to check them out.

"I'm sorry for causing you so much pain. The braids look sexy on you though."

A few minutes later he came out of the bathroom smiling so brightly. "Baby thank you so much for this. They look too cool." He said touching his head. "You did an amazing job. They slant to one side like I wanted and everything. Now I don't have to pay two hundred bucks to get them done. You can do if for me. time I'll have to be put to sleep. But you know."

"Your so mean Justin." She said rising to her feet and wrapping her arms around his waist. "See, told ya I can braid."

"I know sweetheart. Thank you so much." He kissed her on the cheek and then leaned his forehead against hers. "Tomorrow night we have to go see my mother. I promised her that tomorrow we will come over for dinner. So no matter what, we have to go."

"Okay." She smiled. "Cool with me. I'm so happy we are not fighting anymore Justin."

"Me too." He was looking down at her lips and his face was so close to hers that she thought his eyes were closed.

"I've never noticed have the most beautiful eyelashes for a guy. You have eyelashes like a girl."

His eyes rose back up to hers. "Are you saying I have features like a girl?" He asked playfully, removing his forehead from hers.

"You have VERY manly features. You just have eyelashes like a girl."

"What happens to naughty girlfriends Kim?" He picked her up and placed her on his shoulder.

"Justin look I was just kidding with you. Please put me wait where are you going?"

He walked to the area of the pool. "Please Justin. Don't throw me in." He walked up to the very edge of the pool, then gently placed her back on her feet.

"I wasn't going to throw you in."

She pulled his head down and they started to kiss. She pulled harder on his neck. She wanted more of him. She sucked harder on his tongue. He broke away from her.

"Kim what are you trying to do? Devour me?"

She wiped her mouth. "I'm sorry, I got a little carried away."


About eleven o'clock at night.

"Kim you ready yet?" She walked out of the bathroom.


"Whoa, I like the outfit. Isn't the shirt a little revealing?"

She looked down at it. "You brought it Justin..."

"Yeah but we're going to a club! A club with lots of MEN. I swear if any guy touches you. I'm going to have to hurt them."

She turned around. "So, you don't like my outfit?"

"Wait a minute. Turn around again." He held her hand and spun her around slowly. "Kim you must take those pants off!"

"Okay Dad! What's wrong with them?"

They have holes, and slits in all the WRONG places. Yes and I know I brought them. You can wear them around the house, to the store, anywhere your heart desires, but you are not going to wear them to the club we are going to." He put his hands on his waist. "The shirt already looks like a bra but that is acceptable, the jeans are not.

"Fine Justin. I'm not going to argue with you. You must go to clubs a lot. I've never been to one, so I'm going to change my freakin' pants!" She unbuttoned the jeans and started to search frantically for something else to replace them. She saw a pair of jeans. They had a pink pocket on them which matched her pink shirt, and pink shoes she was planning on wearing.

She took off the holly jeans and put the new choice on. She put her back to Justin. "No holes. See? Are you happy now?" She slipped her feet in the pair of pink shoes.

"You look great. What can I say?"

"You can say, lets go. Lonnie and Mike are waiting." She told him checking her hair in the mirror.


Mike parked the black van in the parking lot of the club.

"No drinking Kim. We are just here to dance. You are not old enough to drink anyway." Justin told her. 

They walked into the club hand and hand, with Lonnie and Mike close behind. They had to wear neon green bracelets. Kim looked around. There were so many people in the club and the music was so loud.

"You ready to dance girl? Justin asked leading her to the dance floor.

They danced really close for four songs strait. Justin was behind her. His hand was on her thigh and they we're just grooving to the music. On the fifth song they decided to sit down.

"I'll be right back Justin. I'm going to the bathroom." She got up and walked far away from the table. none of the security followed her. The club was big. It even had stairs. Kim walked up the stairs when she saw the bathroom was up there. Just as she was about to push the door open, a guy stoked her shoulder.

"Hey sweetie. What's your name?"

"Kim." She said shyly when she turn completely around.

"Hi Kim I'm Bryant. I would like to know if I could buy you a drink?"

"Um no. My boyfriend wouldn't like that."

"Come on baby. Just on drink." He walked over to the bar, which was upstairs also and ordered something. Kim felt like an idiot, because she stood there when she could have left.

"Here." He put the glass in her hands and she accepted it. "It's on me." He said winking.

She looked down at the drink. Bryant had walked away. She shrugged and tasted the drink. She cringed. Whatever it was it was some hard stuff. She took another sip of it. Finally she gulped down the whole glass. She sat the glass down on the rail of the bar and proceeded into the bathroom.

She went to the bathroom and was washing her hands. After she dried them she ran her fingers over the edges of her lips fixing her Chanel lip gloss.

She walked back out into the world of blasting music.

"Hey slim momma with the big tits!"

She looked over at the weird shouting guy. "Huh? Your talkin' to me?" She pointed to herself. He nodded, and when he did she walked over to him. "Hey man, what did you just call me?" She asked the older looking guy who was sitting at the bar.

"Oh nothing darling. You are the finest thing I've ever seen. And very slim but DEVELOPED." She turned her body to the side and looked at the mounds of people on the dance floor below. "And damn you are very developed from the back too."

She turned to him, looked him in the eyes, then slapped him dead in the face. "Don't ever talk about me in such ways!"

He held his face in shock. "I'm sorry baby, please don't go. Your the hottest thing in this place. What a nice ass you have."

She walked away from the sick guy and bumped into another one, who didn't seem to be moving. "Sorry." She apologized.

"It's okay, I saw that guy sexually harassing you. Are you okay?"

She placed her hair behind her ears and shook her head. "Yes, I think I handled the situation quite well."

"Yes, you most certainly did."

The mysterious guy had one of the most beautiful smiles, she ever saw. "Come with me for one second." He put his hand on her back and lead her to the bar area. The sicko guy could see them in the distance. "Bartender can I have a shot please?" The man placed a small glass with clear liquid in them on the counter. "Ever have a shot? Three of these things can knock me out. What about you?"

"Um is this why you wanted me to 'come with you'?"

"Just try the shot. By the way my name is Alexander, but you can call me Alex."

She looked at the glass nervously. She could easily leave the guy, why wasn't she? "I'm Kimberly, but you can call me Kim." She picked up the glass in her hand, and tipped the drink into her mouth. The substance burned as it went down. She closed her eyes because they were burning. She couldn't speak if she wanted to.

The guy ordered another shot. "Very well. Think you can take another?" She snatched the glass from him and drunk it down.

"You guys think I'm stupid, but I'm not. I know what your trying to do. Get me drunk so you can take advantage of me. I will not drink another one of those thingy's!" She walked away from him. As she walked down the steps of the club, she started to feel sick. Hopefully the feeling would not grow in intensity. She saw the bodyguards up a ahead, and then she saw the table her and Justin were sitting at. He wasn't there. She sat down and looked at the bunch of people dancing. There he was dancing with some other girl, not dancing as close as they were, but dancing.

When he just happened to look back and saw Kim, he urgently sat back down with her. "Kim let me explain. I was dancing with another girl because you took so long. Please don't get mad because it was dancing nothing more."

"Justin I don't care if you were dancing with her. Go dance some more if you want." She was smiling so brightly. And moving so slowly. She was blinking slowly and that was strange to hom.

"Kim what's wrong with you?" He asked touching her hand.

She started to laugh for no reason, as if he said something that was so funny. Her laughter stopped and she gave him and expression like she was about to cry. "Justin I've been drinking. I think I might throw up."

He started to play with her hand and fingers. "Kim, what did I tell you? How did you get the drinks?"

"Guys bought them for me. They said it was on them."

He continued to play with her fingers. "My God, I thought you were smarter that Kim. How many did you have?"

She bought her other hand to the surface of the table. She squinted her eyes as she thought. "I don't know. I had a big brown one and some small clear ones."

He started to laugh at her way of talking when the drinks began to kick in. "It sounds like scotch and vodka to me. Kim I warned you about clubs, and I asked you not to drink. Man oh man are you going to get sick! Your gonna have a hell hangover." He held her other hand and started to caress it along with the other one.

"I'm sorry." She whispered.

He chuckled. "Don't say sorry to me. Say it to your body."

She put her head down against the table. "I think I'm going to throw up. That sucks. I hate throwing up."

"You need to throw up and get as much alcohol you can out of your system. That way you won't throw up as much during your hangover. "

She raised her head to look at him. "Haha very funny."

"I didn't say it was funny and I'm not laughing, but I told you. I knew you were going to get a drink somehow. Now you've learned your lesson the hard way. "

She stood up really fast. "I'm going to puke!"

"Want me to come with you?" He asked as she started to walk way.

She shook her head and walked quickly to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later

Kim came stumbling back to her seat at the table.

"Feeling any better?" Justin asked laughing a little at her drinking stupidity. He slid a piece of 'Double Mint' gum over to her. "Perfect for upset stomachs."

She picked up the gum, and then smiled. "I feel a lot better." She placed the sweet gum in her mouth and balled the wrapper up in her hand, then she threw it at Justin. "Thats for laughing at me."

He didn't say anything. He just watched her lips chew that gum.

"Wanna dance Justin?" She asked out of the blue.

He reached up and touched his braids. "You feel well enough to dance?"

She motioned her finger for him to lean in closer to her. He did. "Justin, I just got finished puking up all that alcohol, my hamburger from earlier, the fry's I ate, that ice cream and those cheese and crackers. I feel like I can fly right about now."

Justin held his stomach and groaned. "Come one now, you didn't have to go in detail. That is so nasty. I think I might be sick now."

"Yeah it was nasty. I'm talkin' about big chucks of stuff. I need to eat my food more slowly."

"EW." He swallowed really hard as an effort to keep himself from being sick.

"Yeah and it was..."

"Kim. don't say another word. Let's dance."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor.


Four more songs later...

"Kim you ready to go now?"

She nodded. Justin told Lonnie and Mike they were ready to go, and they all left the club.


Justin and Kim watched the black van leave and they waved at it.

"I had a great time baby." Kim told Justin as they walked up the steps leading to the front door.

"I had a great...Wait a second. I thought I locked this door before we left."

"You did." She told him rubbing his shoulders.

"But why the hell is it unlocked?" They walked into the house. Both of them looked around in worry. They heard noises coming from upstairs. "Kim you stay behind me. Someone's in the house." Justin looked around cautiously and he walked towards the stairs.

"Justin? Is that you?" Someone asked. The voice sounded so familiar to him. Whoever it was they had been crying. "Justin. Mom and I got into a fight and I need to stay with you for a few days."

He looked back at Kim. Who was standing still with her hands folded. And then Britney appeared from the top of the stair well. "Justin?" She walked down the steps. "Hey Justin." Britney didn't even see Kim.

His mouth hung open. "Uh Britney, what are you doing here? How did you get in here? I didn't see your car in the driveway."

She walked up to Justin and touched his hair. Her face was wet with tears. "I told you I got into a fight with Mom. And you gave me a key remember? You said I could come by when ever I want. I'm here now. I need somewhere to stay. I had no one to turn too. Oh, and I parked on the side of the street not in the driveway."

"...." He didn't know how to respond to her.

"Who are all those flowers for in that room upstairs? They must have been there for a while. Some are dying." She turned her head and then zoomed in on Kim. "Oh. Who is she?" She asked pointing to Kim who had kept quiet throughout the entire reunion.

Chapter 8

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