Chapter 5 

Kim woke up and opened her eyes slowly. Something wasn't right. Her body was covered with something. "What the hell?" She closed her eyes and squinted them really hard so she could see clearly when she opened them again.

"Rose petals?" They were everywhere. Under the covers on top of them. EVERYWHERE. She sat up quickly and wondered what was up. "Justin?" She called. She didn't get an answer.

"OH MY GOD!" She looked all around the room. There were plants and flowers covering the entire floor. There wasn't a single place to walk on. "How beautiful."

She hung her feet over the bed and her eyes caught a computer printed note on the mirror. "My goodness what is this all about?"

She picked up a pretty purple plant out of the floor and smelled it. She kept it in her hand and struggled through the thick grouping of vased flowers. She knocked over one pant and the vase it was in broke, but she had reached the note.

'Hey Kim. Like the flowers? I thought so. In case you are wondering where I am. I will be in New York by the time you read this. You see, I have to attend the 2001 MTV Music Awards, and the reason I didn't tell you about it is because it would be too hard to say goodbye. I will be in New York for three days. That means I will miss your birthday, which is tomorrow Sept. 8th. (no I didn't forget babe.) So I decided to give you your birthday present early. You deserve it. Make your way to the door, open it, and follow the red trail...'

"Follow the red trail? What red trail?" She placed the plant she had in her hand on the dresser and pushed her way to the door. She looked back at the beautiful essence of the room and sighed. "I love him."

She opened the door and her eyes grew wide. There were several trails of rose petals going everywhere. A trail of red rose petals started at the door. "Follow the 'red' trail." She followed the neat trail of red petals. It led her downstairs and into the kitchen. It led to the kitchen counter then stopped. She looked at the floor and just stood there. "What? Thats it?" She continued to stare at the spot the trail stopped. She was about to give up, and she looked up. On the counter was a plate of pancakes and they were sitting on top of another note.

She looked at the golden blueberry pancakes. She swallowed hard so she wouldn't cry. She slid the note from up under the plate and began to read it.

'Kim, to get into a fight about those pancakes was a stupid thing. But I am still so sorry, and to make up for what I did I made you some more. Hope you like em'. Follow the white trail...'

She looked over the counter and saw a white trail of rose petals. "This is unreal." She said, starting to follow the white trail. It lead her to the back sliding doors and pool area. She saw a note on the edge of the pool. She picked it up.

'One free ticket to throw Justin Timberlake in the pool. Continue to follow the white trail...'

She giggled at the cuteness of the words. She looked down at her feet and the white trail of petals continued. It made a 'u' like shape back through the sliding doors and it led into the dinning room which she barely went into. On the huge dinning room table was a note and several other things. A portable CD player, A Britney Spears 'Oops I did it again' CD, Four different Nsync CD's, and Missy Elliot's 'Da Real World' CD. She started to read the note.

'So you've made it! Yes a new cd player for you. It has everything you can think of. It's shock proof, water proof, for your killer wave moments, and it's made for athletic use. As for the CD's... I saw that your Britney CD was broken, so I got you one, and you need some Nsync CD's...As for the Missy CD, enjoy it. I like when your a bitch. (wink - just playin'.) Follow the pink trail...'

The emotion for Kim was too much to hide. Was Justin crazy? Why did he go through all this for her? And how did he plan this so quickly? She started to cry as she followed the pink trail of rose petals. It started at the opposite end of the table, and went all the way up to the stairs again. She wiped her eyes before she entered Justin's room, the petals went all throughout his bed room. She noticed all the clothes bags he had were all gone. "Where did all that stuff go?" She continued to follow the trail and it stopped in front of his gigantic walk in closet. It was dark, so she hit the light switch to lighten up the room. When she did her eyes shined with awe. He had folded all the clothes and hung them up. Her clothes were on one side, his was on the other, along with shoes. It was like they were married. She covered her hand with her mouth and walked up to a shelf and grabbed a note that was tapped to it.

'Look at all your clothes. Yes, they are all yours. You are my girl so why not have you share a closet with me? Try on anything you want. Wear anything you want. Have fun girl! There are so many outfits to choose from and I'm sure they will all look good on you. Underwear are in the drawer on the right... Just playin' with ya K. Follow the final yellow trail.'

It took a while to find the yellow trail because it started at the top of the stairs and Kim thought it started in Justin's room somewhere. It went down the stairs out the front door and down the side walk. It continued through the beach and then Kim saw it. In huge letters, carved in the sand were the words. 'I love you Kim'. She walked past each letter, just thinking about how, AMAZING, couldn't even describe him, Justin was. She then saw a small shovel and it was on top of another note. She looked at the shovel in confusion.

She picked up the note.


"Dig?" From where she picked up the note was an 'X' carved into the sand. She picked up the shovel and digged at the 'X'. It only took her a few seconds to reach a long velvet box. There was also a folded up note beside it. It was crammed hard into the sand, but with a good pull it came out.

Kim opened up the box and silently cried tears when she seen what was inside the box. It read 'White Gold.' It was a white gold necklace with diamond chips in it and it had a solid diamond heart as a charm. It was so beautiful and she placed it on her neck . ""I love him...he went too far with this...but I love him."

She opened up the note. Tears still drowning her face,

'Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday my baby Kim, Happy Birthday to you. I hope you like your necklace Kim. I thought it was perfect for you. Perfect for your slender and beautiful neck. I'll take you out to dinner, when I get back so we can make up for your birthday. If you want we can have a party. Sorry I didn't get you a cake. They guys and I ran out of time while we were getting everything ready. Yes, they did help me. So don't think I did everything. As a matter of fact Chris typed up and printed out what you are reading right now. (Thats right cause Chris is the bomb. Yeah baby. Justin is gay. Justin is so gay and Chris rules. Bet ya didn't think I was mature enough to type huh, Kim?) We did everything while you were sleep. Thats why I told you to get some rest so early...haha. And the plan.. it was a very come to mind, and do situation...anyway, Happy Birthday baby! (Chris was here ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Justin is gay ahahahahaha.)

She looked at everything around her. Throughout the note she laughed and cried and she was just on cloud nine. She stood up and spun around as the wind blew her hair. "I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!" She screamed at the ocean. 'I love you baby..." She grabbed her velvet box and ran back to the house.

She jumped and threw the rose petals in the air messing up the neat and tidy trails. "Woo...I love him." She went back into her room and walked through the path she made earlier in the morning. She laid down on the bed and threw the petals in the air.

Kim had been laying on the bed for a while and she heard the phone ringing in Justin's room. She was hesitant about answering Justin's phone because she never did, but she made her way through the room of pure flowers and plants and made it to the phone on it's fifth ring.

'Hello Justin Timberlake residents..."

"Hey K." He sounded so different on the phone.

"Hey babe."

"Happy early Birthday! Did you like your surprise?"

"Yes, and I...I can't believe you went through all that trouble...for me...I bet it took!"

"Kim don't cry hun, please. And believe it when I do things for you. You don't know how much I love you obviously.

"Justin, please stop BUYING me things. STOP!"

He sighed. "Must we go through this?"

"Thank you. I love everything. The flowers are beautiful. The necklace. Thank all the guys for me too."

"I will."

"How did you pull it off Justin? How? How long did it take you to make the whole idea."

"Only a few hours to think of the plan. And we did it while you were sleep. You sleep very very deep. Joey broke a vase right by you when we were putting flowers in your room. You didn't even budge." He started to laugh.

"I love you Justin."

"And I love you Kim."


Two days later.

Kim sat on the living room couch nervously biting her nails. When the front door opened she jumped on Justin.

"Whoa baby...good to see you too." He managed to get to the couch and he sat down with Kim wrapped around his waist.

"Aw you are always crying, Kim. Don't cry." He wiped her eyes. "It's been three days too long, huh?"

She nodded. He forgot how blue her eyes were. And her lips...they were just screaming kiss me. Kiss me! They were her most beautiful feature.

JC walked into the house with two bags in his hands but Justin and Kim were too love struck to notice. Justin leaned in and placed an explosion on her lips. She broke into pieces inside and then melted like ice. He was so passionate.

"Ohh no! Their goin' at it." JC looked at his watch and waited. He looked at his watch and waited more.

Minutes later Justin broke away from Kim. His lips stuck to hears as he did this. He placed another kiss on her forehead. "You look great." He told her placing her hair behind her ear.

"You look, great." She told him fixing curls on his head. 

JC cleared his throat and both of them looked over at him. "Your kiss lasted five minutes and thirty-three seconds a new world record." JC said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah...Kim he's staying with us tonight. JC is a cheap, lazy, bum and he won't buy a house, so he just stays with one of the guys from time to time. He hasn't stayed here in a while, so, now I have to take him in." Justin shook his head and smiled at JC.

"It's nice to be loved around here. Justin, you didn't say that crap when I gave you a ride to the airport and drove you home from it."

"I have several cars JC. I could have drove if I wanted to."

Kim got off of Justin and gave JC a hug. " Hey JC. It's good to see you."

"It's good to see you too Kim. You look AMAZING. AND I MEAN AMAZING!"

"Thanks. I'll be right back. I'm going to change into something more comfortable."

When Kim went up stairs JC and Justin went into the kitchen to get something to snack on.

JC immediately started to make him a sandwich. "Yeah JC make yourself at home." Justin said through a fake smile.

"Thanks. God Justin, Kim is so HOT and that body man damn."

Justin's head slowly turned towards him. "Don't ever talk about her like that. I'll kick your ass if you d, and I'm not kidding!" He started placing chips on his plate again.

"Whoa, I'm sorry! Remember? We use to always rate each other's girlfriend's body's? And on a scale from one to ten, Kim gets a twenty."

"JC! Man, I don't care what we USE to do. I love KIM. I LOVE her. She is not just some girl... And don't be checkin' her out or none of that because she for ME to love, no one else. So, am I going to have to beat your ass, or are you going to lay off?"

"I won't say another word."

Justin smiled at the chips on his plate and picked one up to eat. "She would have gotten a twenty though!"

"Hey, do you want me to go pick up somethin' for dinner, it's almost seven o'clock."

"All the fast food I've been eating lately. But no, you don't have to go out and get something. I'll just order a pizza or something." Justin said chomping on a chip.

"Something what?" Kim asked entering the kitchen. Justin wrapped his arms around her waist. Her body tensed a little. "Justin your hands are so cold."

"I'm sorry." He moved her hair behind her shoulders. The necklace was absolute for her, the sparkle in it brought out her eyes and the sparkle in her teeth. "How does it feel to be nineteen?"

"It feels the same as being eighteen." She smiled at him and tilted her head to the left. He was looking her in her eyes at first but his eyes were moving from feature to feature, observing everything that made her so lovely, elegant, and delicate.

"It's so good to see you." He whispered. "And I still didn't give you your nineteen birthday hits."

She laughed at him. "No one does that anymore. It's so childish."

Her laughed was so cute, he couldn't help but chuckle too. "Fine then. I'll give you nineteen birthday kisses. But not now...later." He placed his finger on her lips.

"I heard that!" JC yelled from where he was sitting which was now the couch. That broke their concentration. For a minute they forgot he was there.

"I'm going to order the pizzas now." Justin told her placing a kiss on her cheek and he took his finger from her mouth. "Stay quiet baby." He winked.


"Alright, thank you." Justin closed the door and walked into the living room with two pizza boxes, he sat them on the table.

JC and Justin looked at each other and started to laugh as if they were demented. Kim looked at them in wonder. "What's so funny?"

"Kim we gotta tell is so funny." JC started to say. "One time Justin ordered a pizza. All five of us were here, and when Lance was in the bathroom we put all kinds of stuff on his pizza like hot sauce..."

Justin interrupted him. "Yeah ketchup. Haha pieces of butter. Pudding."

"Yeah, and when he came back out. We gave it to him and he is so slow he didn't even notice anything was wrong with it. Haha and he got soooooo sick when he took a bite of it. " He just broke down laughing. Justin was rolling on the floor.

Kim giggled a few times "That is NOT funny you two! EW! That absolutely gross!" They were laughing so hard that Kim couldn't help but to laugh too.

"He got so sick! was so damn funny." Justin said getting up from the floor. He wiped his eyes a few times. "I'm sorry Kim, but you just had to see his face when he bit it. Ahahaha." He sat close to her.

"Well, you should have saw what we did to Justin one time. When we put Comet in his cereal. He was like sick for a week because of that."

"Thats not funny at all! You guys could have killed me!" Justin said opening up the pizza box. He picked up a really good looking piece and held it to Kim's mouth. "Here you go babe."

JC approached the box and grabbed his own piece and sat in a sofa chair across from Kim and Justin. "You guys are too much. Feeding each other and everything."

Kim picked up a slice of pizza for Justin. "I know. Justin spoils me."

He bit the slice she put to his mouth. "And we always do this, it's nothing new JC."

JC shifted in his seat and the remote he accidentally pressed caused the stereo to come on and 'Just Got Paid' started to play.

Kim sat her pizza in the pizza box and jumped off the couch. "Oh my goodness. This is 'Just Got Paid' sung by you guys right? I love this song." She started to dance and sing the lyrics. "Check the mirror, lookin' fly...Jump in my ride. Sorry, don't know all the words"

"Hey Justin, your girl is freakin' out. Did you slip her some drugs or somethin'?" JC started laughing. 

Justin started laughing and bit the piece of pizza ,he was at one time, feeding to her. "I don't know what's wrong with her."

"Feel the rhythm. Pump up the sound. Feelin' so good... don't you know I'm just groovin' to the beat."

"Kim why don't you sit down and finish your pizza sweetheart?" Justin said finishing the slice he had in his hand. He sat the crust back into the box.

JC cut the stereo off and the song stopped. "I hate you JC." She said jokingly. She sat back down on the couch, but it was not very close to Justin.

"JC since you are closer stick 'Dumb and Dumber' in the VCR, alright?"


While JC was doing that, Justin motioned his finger for Kim to come closer. She came over to him and sat in his lap. He got situated and comfortable then wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm still going to give you your kisses." He whispered in her ear, tucking hair behind it.

"Justin, you better watch yourself." She whispered back.

JC looked over at the two snickering to each other. They were both smiling so brightly. Whatever they were talking about it was something good. He looked at the TV as he fast forwarded through the previews.

"No Kim." Justin whispered softly in her ear. "I didn't mean like that. JC is here and your a screamer."

She turned to look him in the eyes. "Screamer? What's a screamer?" She was filled with confusion.

"Think Kim." His eyes were full of playfulness.

Her eyes widened at the thought and she blushed. "THAT IS HIGHLY EMBARRASSING! YOU ALWAYS BRING UP STUFF LIKE THAT!" She shouted. She hurriedly left him and went upstairs. She wasn't mad, just too embarrassed to stay.

"What's highly embarrassing?" JC asked lost to everything.

"You don't want to know man." Justin told him looking at the TV screen.


Four pieces of pizza later and when Dumb and Dumber went off Justin made his way upstairs. JC said that he wanted to watch another movie and that he would be downstairs. He didn't see Kim anywhere.

"Kim?! Kim, where are you?" He didn't get an answer. He walked into his bedroom and still did not see her. "Kim, where are you girl?"

He looked everywhere. When he looked in his bathroom, he saw her laying in the Jacuzzi tub, which was full of bubbles and she had her eyes closed.

He stroked her arm which was hanging over the side of the tub.

"Ahhhhhhh! Damn Justin you scared me."

He smiled at her. His eyes lit up. "Well ahhhh to you too. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's okay." She mumbled. She fought with herself, and tried to keep her eyes open, but they closed and she started to doze again.

"I can see you are very tired." Justin whispered.

"Yeah...from cleaning up all those rose petals. I wanted you to walk into a clean house." She got really silent and her breathing deepened in just seconds.

Justin kept quiet and just looked at her beautiful face. He loved the way her hair was only half way wet because it was so long. The slight smile she had made him wonder what she was dreaming about. "Kim." She didn't even budge. "KIM! If you are going to sleep, you need to get out of that water honey, before you drown. How long have you been in the tub anyway?"

"Huh? I'm not gonna drown. And I've only..."

"Kim, WAKE UP!"

"I've only been in here for...two...ho...u...r..."



"I've warned you. But if you want to stay in this water all night, FINE with me.

"Okay...Okay...I'm up. Can you hand me my clothes and stuff from over there." Her limp finger pointed to the sink and he grabbed them and put them in her hand, which was hanging.


As soon as he did this the phone rang. "I'll be right back."

He picked up the phone and sat on the bed.


"Hey sweetie!"

He was happy to hear the voice on the other end of the line. He turned the TV on and switched through channels with the remote while speaking .

"Hey Mom!"

"So how are you doing?"

"I'm doing great."

"Thats wonderful. I saw you on the MTV Music Awards. Honey I've told you about wearing leather pants..."

"Yes Ma. If I am going to wear leather pants make sure they are not so TIGHT."

"Exactly. And you refuse to obey me."

"Ma, I'm twenty years old. I'm am sorry though. I won't be wearing leather anytime soon." He put the TV on HBO.

"So, where is that wonderful girlfriend of yours? Didn't you tell me a few days ago she was staying with you?"

"Yeah she's here. And yes, she is staying with me."

"I really can't wait to meet her. Put her on the phone, Justin."

"Okay, hold on." He took the cordless phone from his ear. "KIM! Are you finish dressing? Come here."

She came rushing into the bathroom doorway. She had just pulled her pants up. "What?"

"Here. The phone is for you." He moved down so she could lay down.

She laid beside him and took the phone. "Who is it?" She whispered.

"My mom."

"What? Your making me talk to your mom?"

"Nope. She TOLD me to put you on the phone." He smiled at her, then put his attention back on the TV.

"Um hello?...Yes I am Kim Miller...thank you very much. Yes Mrs. Harless. Okay Lynn..." Justin started to rub her inner thigh. And she looked over at him to see what he was up to, but he wasn't up to anything. As a matter a fact he did it unconsciously.

"Yes I do enjoy living with him. Sometimes I feel helpless but I am very thankful to have him in my life."

Kim could feel her arm being touched and rubbed very gently. It tickled and it was very inappropriate at the time. She tried to not let it get to her.

"Uh, Lynn, would you please excuse me for one moment." She put the phone face down against the bed. "Justin if you don't get your friggin hand off my arm."

He looked over at her strangely. "I'm not touching your arm. I'm just rubbing your leg for comfort."

She looked over at her arm and she noticed that the edge of the pillow was brushing against her arm as she rocked side to side nervously. "I'm sorry." She then picked the phone back up and tried to pull herself together.

"Sorry about that Lynn, you were saying?...Oh yes, Justin is stubborn."

He looked over at her and raised his eyebrow up and down playfully.

"Yeah...he is always doing something..." Justin moved her damp hair from around her neck and started to kiss it.

"Yes...he is very...oh um...loving." She reached her hand back into his curls as he kissed her furiously.

She put the phone down as Lynn continued to talk. "Justin you've got to stop." She moaned. "STOP IT! I'M TALKING TO YOUR MOTHER!" She put the phone to her ear again.

"Yes...We will visit you soon. If not tomorrow then the day after that...It was nice talking to you too Lynn...Okay...Bye."

She looked over at Justin and rolled her eyes. He leaned over and kissed her bare shoulder twice.

"That was the nineteenth kiss." She didn't say anything. "Don't look at me like that Kim."

She pulled the covers back and got under them, putting her back to him. "Your too touchy sometimes Justin!"

" My bad." He said simply.

Kim laid still for about ten minutes but she could not fall asleep. She turned and faced Justin and she looked at him as he watched TV.

"Hahaha he stole their car." Justin laughed at the TV. Kim couldn't help but giggle. He looked down at her. "Hey, I thought you were asleep babe."

"I can't sleep. I'm too tense."

"Lay on your stomach. I'll give you a massage. Let me work my magic on you." He pulled the covers all the way back and she started to laugh at him but turned on her stomach. He got out of the bed and straightened her legs and put her arms stiffly by her side. "Just relax okay?"


He placed his fingers on her shoulder blades and started to caress them in a circular motion. He moved his hands down lower to the middle of her back. He squeezed the tight muscles in her back.

"Oh Justin. That feels soooo good."

His hands moved more to her lower back. "It would feel even better if you take your shirt off."

Kim instantly turned on her back. "Okay, thats enough with the massage."

The way she was laying looked like an invite. Her arms laying above her head, her legs laying to one side and bent, her hair separated out like a fan. She was beautiful.

"Well Kim, you get some rest. I'm going to take my shower now." He walked into his closet and picked out something to sleep in and a towel. She grabbed the sheets and comforter and covered herself back up with them. She laid her head on a pillow and closed her eyes hoping she could fall asleep, finally.


Kim heard the water stop running and she tried, but was unsuccessful to fall asleep.

The room grew dark but glowed from the TV, when Justin hit the light switch.

He walked across the room towards his side of the bed. When Kim saw him, she froze. He was in his boxers only. No shirt. He had a towel around his neck and he used the towel to wipe the beads of water that fell down his back, away.

Never had she ever seen him so sexy. She never had so many bad thoughts. He ran the towel through his hair before he got under the covers with her. He didn't think she was awake so he put his arm around her waist and moved very close to her. His chin was above her head.

"Good night Kim. The most beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you God for giving her to me." He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes.

"Good night Justin."

His body jumped and he removed his arm from around her. "Ahh you scared me! I thought you were sleep."

"I can't sleep." She put her arm across his chest. "Besides, remember that kiss you gave me? Well maybe I should kiss you back. In a different way, because I'm not..." She placed kisses on his bare chest.

"Uh no. You don't have to kiss me back. Uhhha Kim, don't do this please."

"Why Justin? Are you a 'screamer'?" Her eyebrow raised. Before he could answer her, the phone rang under the pillow he was laying on. He quickly grabbed it.

"Hello?" He asked.


"Chris if you don't stop yelling in my damn ear. It's almost twelve! What do you want an this time on night, man?" Kim continued to kiss his chest teasingly.

"I was calling to ask if you could let three more of your brothers crash at your house? I mean you have the BEST house and we always have the most fun at your house. Its been forever since we all hung with you. And you do have the best food. We are comin' over to stay for the night. And also we got Kim's cake. We can have a party! Okay Justin?...Justin! JUUUUUSSSTTTIIIINNNNNN? What's goin' on over there man?"

"C-Chris...oh my God, you called at a bad time."

"What going on? Justin, you okay?"

"Uhhha no I'm not okay. I mean, yes. Yes I am very very very very okay."

"So you don't care if all of us come over?"

"Right now I don't care in ya'll move in. Talk to ya later." He hung up the phone quickly and threw it on the floor.

"Kim...stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. OH NO DON'T..."

Chapter 6

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