Chapter 4

He turned around to face her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Stop thanking me for everything. I love you! You should have saw your face last night. You looked dead for a few seconds."

The light shining in his eyes and his head tilted to the side showed the evident perfect-ness of him. "Well if you take a little pain, add a lot of pleasure, mix in some Justin Timberlake, you get that expression."

He tilted his head to the other side and chuckled. "What are you? The chef of expressions?"

She broke away from him and went back into the kitchen and smiled at him. "Something like that."

"Your really special Kim." He said watching her pour syrup on the pancakes. "Not many people I know can cook in their underwear. Especially after loosing their virginity. You sure you okay? No bleeding or anything?"

She started to cut the pancakes with a knife. "Well you's a gift. Bleeding? That's sick Justin! No, I told you I was fine. Now eat!" She shoved a square of pancake in his mouth. 

He chewed teasingly slowly "Thats so good. Are you going to do this every morning?" She put more pancake in his mouth. 

She swirled another piece around in syrup and ate it herself. "Probably not." She told him placing another piece in her mouth.

Justin scanned her face with his eyes for a moment. "Those pancakes are so good." He snatched the plate from off the counter, along with the fork, and started to chow down. Kim was on the other side of the counter and she knew if she tired to approach Justin he would take off with them."

"Come on Justin. You play too much. You can't eat all the pancakes!"

He continued to eat frantically and quickly. "Yes, I can."

She slowly started to walk towards him. "I'm not stupid Kim. I see you comin'" He told her stepping back further away. He basically inhaled the pancakes because he only had one little bite left. And he ate it.

"God, you make me sick man. Dammit! You just had to eat them all, huh?" He laughed and put the plate back on the counter. Kim walked back into the kitchen and crossed her arms. "Seriously, I am so pissed off right now. You could have gave me a little bit, but NO! You eat all of them! You just make me wanna..."

"I just make you wanna what?" He asked walking up to her. His face was only inches from hers.

"You make me wanna..." She grabbed the syrup off the counter and squirted it all over the front of his shirt. "Do that." She said pointing to his shirt.

He held the edges of the shirt looking at it. "Aw how nice. What a pretty design you made for me. Can I have blueberries with that too?" He asked joking.

"Yeah!" She grabbed a few out of the refrigerator And smashed them into his white shirt. She was not joking. In face she was still angry.

"Oh come on Kim. Do you know what happens to naughty girlfriends?" She looked at him questioningly and before she could say anything she was swept off her feet. Justin picked her up effortlessly as if she weighed nothing and held her on his shoulder.

She kicked and screamed. "Put me down, Justin. PUT ME DOWN! I'm going to be sick. I'm going to have a head rush."

Her kicking did not bother him. He made his way through the back sliding doors and he looked at the pool he stood in front of.


"Okay if you say so. Your lucky I had the pool cleaned recently. God only know what diseases you would have caught if I would have thrown you in like last week."

He tossed her into the deep end with no problem. She gasped for air and started to kick in the water. "I cannot believe this!" She swam over to the shallow end and just studied his laughing figure. Justin was laughing so hard he was gripping his abs in pain. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUSTIN! SERIOUSLY!" She started to jump up and down in the water, splashing it. She looked so adorable to him.

Her eyes looked so blue from where he was standing. And thats when he stopped laughing. His heart literally stopped. The girl jumping up and down in the water was indeed mad, but she was the most beautiful woman he ever saw in his life. She looked like a goddess, entirely wet in the water. She looked more beautiful than any model he had ever saw. Words could not describe her beauty. And her eyes. He could see his entire world in them. Even if she was several feet away from him.

She climbed up the steps of the pool, putting her back to him. Her underwear hung very low on her hips because they were soaked and her bra had just melted against her. The closer she got to Justin, the more he saw the rage in her eyes. He smiled when they were face to face.


"You take things too seriously Kim. It was suppose to be a joke. You know haha?! And why are you looking at me like that? What are you going to do? I'm a foot taller than you!"

"You know what Justin? You are so cool! You can eat up all a girls food, you can throw her in a pool while she is in her bra and panties; in the early morning. And you can laugh at her as she struggles in freezing water! That makes you one hell of a COOL man." She walked away quickly and he could of swore she had tears in her eyes. Now he was feeling stupid and he regretted what he did. He was sick of having these small fights because they were causing a lot of damage. He knew he would have to apologize, but he had to give her a little space for a while because she seriously was enraged. The stress of it all was starting to get to him.

Kim told herself that she wasn't going to cry over some pancakes and being thrown in the pool. One tear came out of her eye and she got so mad at herself, she didn't let another fall.

She went upstairs into her room. She had no more more clothes that she provided for herself. She needed to wash them. All she had that was dry were more underwear. She had no choice but to grab an outfit Justin brought her while her other clothes were being washed.

Still dripping wet she walked into his room. There were so many bags she just picked up the first one she saw. She looked inside of the bag and started to pull items out of it. She pulled out stretch flair jeans which had patches on the knees and next she pulled out a stretch jean tube top that had a patch in the middle of it.

"My goodness how cute!" It was more of a party outfit though, and it was too much to just wear around the house.

She pulled out really low cut waist jeans, which had fayed edges and next she pulled out a blue shirt which looked really comfortable. It was stretchy too, the only problem was, it was cut where the whole stomach would be exposed. She shrugged and put the patch jeans and tube top back into the bag. It would do. At lease she would be dry.


"She left Margret. She really left."

"Yeah I know! So what? Less problems for us right?"

"I guess..."

"Yeah, but if I ever see her again... I'm going to break her neck. That little bitch actually jumped out of that window. She must have lost her mind. There is no telling what she's telling people John. We never could trust her."


Kim looked in the mirror in the guest bedroom. She looked at the outfit carefully. The jeans were really low cut and a little too snug. The shirt definitely showed her stomach and it was a little tight. "Oh well. At least the bruise on my stomach is gone."

She walked around the room and gathered all her dirty clothes. Once she got all of them she brought them to the washing machine, which she was happy it was upstairs.

After doing that. She grabbed her portable CD player and clipped it to her side, stuck the speakers in her ears, and walked out the door to take a walk. Justin did live by a beach.

"Oops I did it again I've played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Oh bay-be-bay-beh." She sung to herself as she walked. It amazed her she was singing a song by Britney Spears who also happened to date her boyfriend. "I'm not that innocent."

Her feet stepped in sand and she smiled at the site of the empty beautiful beach. "Early mornin' she wakes up. Knock knock knock on the doh." She took a seat in the sand. Her Britney Spears cd was about a year old but she loved it. She didn't even get Britney's newest album because she could relate to so much on the older cd. The water looked so beautiful and blue. Her body swayed to the music and the gentle breeze.

Kim stayed at the beach for about an hour. She then got up and swept the sand off her butt.

"Excuse me. I saw you sitting down and I was wondering what your name was?"

She turned around and saw a very built guy with dark hair. He was very cute. "I'm Kim." She said tilting her head and smiling."

"I'm Griffin. You are so beautiful. The most eye catching thing I've ever seen." He told her.

"Thank you. I'm flattered."

"Would you like to do something? Like see a movie or something?" His eyes were pleading and hoping for a 'yes'. Kim could read his face.

"I'm sorry, that's not a good idea..."

"Oh, you have a boyfriend?"

She nodded and looked at her hands. It was a bad habit.

"Well your boyfriend is one hell of a lucky guy."

Kim cut the CD off because now it was becoming annoying. She pulled the speakers out of her ears. "Thank you. Well, I better be going." She started walking away. "I hope he's not looking at me." She looked back and he waved at her. "He's looking at me." She walked as quickly as she could without being too suspicious.

When she reached the sidewalk and was off the beach she placed the speakers back in her ears and she turned her CD back on, putting the volume as high as it would go."

Finally she reached Justin's house. "Don't hold back just let it go. I need to hear you say..."

When she walked into the house Justin was sitting in the living room watching TV he didn't even look up when she came in. She immediately went into the kitchen. She stood and just looked at the refrigerator and crossed her arms. "Is it okay that I make a sandwich? I mean this is your house, WITH YOUR FOOD. I WOULDN'T WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING AND THEN HAVE YOU TAKE IT BACK AND EAT IT!"

He didn't say anything. She turned around and eyed the back of his head. He had not moved or even attempted to move. "Forget this shit." She pulled the CD player off her and threw it on the floor, it shattered into pieces along with the CD. Justin still did not move. She walked up stairs flaming mad. She realized she only broke the CD player to get his attention but she didn't, and it made her even more mad. She grabbed her car keys, a little money, and headed back downstairs. She walked to the front door and she looked back to glance at Justin. He didn't move still or even look at her. She clenched her teeth and slammed the door shut. She got in her car and took off.

As Kim drove she didn't know what the hell she was doing. She didn't know what the hell she'd gotten herself into. She drove for hours. She stopped to get gas but she drove for hours in circles. Just driving for no apparent reason. She looked at a restaurant and decided she would go inside and get some food, since she had passed it several times throughout the day.

She got back to Justin's house and she entered the doorway. The house was quiet. She went to get a drink out the refrigerator but stopped when she saw Justin.

"Where were you?" He asked quietly.


"Do you really have to yell?" He was only about a foot from her.


She brushed past him and started up the steps. "I CAN'T STAY HERE WITH YOU JUSTIN! IT WILL JUST NOT WORK OUT!"

"I don't give a FUCK what you say. YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!"

She walked into her bedroom and saw her clothes dried and folded nicely. It was hard for her not to kiss him all over for it. "Whatever! You can't stop me."

Justin started walking towards her.

Kim backed away every time he moved closer. She backed away until she couldn't, and was stopped by the wall. He was so close to her she could feel his breaths on her forehead.

"You are so beautiful." He said softly and smoothly, and he tucked her blond hair behind her ear. "You are so sweet. In more ways than one." His finger started at her lips and traced it's way down to her very bare stomach. "You are so sexy. That outfit looks eatable on you." He ran his finger just barely above the trim of her low cut jeans. He looked down at her lips and he wanted to kiss them so bad. But he didn't. "BUT WHEN IT COMES TO BRAINS SWEETHEART, SOMETIMES YOU SCARE ME! WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD GO BACK TO BEING ABUSED? THATS JUST PLAIN STUPID!"

"I'M GOING BACK. THATS THAT! YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" She pushed him out of her way.

That did it. He grabbed her arms and held them above her and pinned them against the wall. "Now you listen to me. I thought you were smarter than this Kim. ARE YOU PSYCHO? WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?"


"IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT! IT'S BECAUSE YOUR GOING SOME PLACE TERRIBLE AND UNSAFE. IT'S NOT A SMART IDEA." Justin was so mad right about now his eyes were like fireballs.

"OW Justin, YOUR HURTING ME!" She shouted. Immediately his face went from angry to sad, when he heard those three words 'your hurting me', his body started to tremble in astonishment. He looked at her arms and the grip he had on them. He didn't realize he was squeezing them so hard. He let them go at once. Her arms had turned white where his hands were and his handprints were on them. He looked at her eyes then her arm, then her eyes, then her arm. He continued to look back and forth in confusion. When he saw tears coming down her face. He despised himself.

"Oh!" He fell to his knees and hugged her knees and buried his face in them. He uncontrollably cried. "Kim I'm so sorry baby. I'm so sorry. I don't want you to leave me. It hurts. It hurts my heart. You, you made me hurt you. YOU MADE ME HURT YOU!"

His voice was barely understandable and she could feel her jeans moistening from his tears.

"I'm SOOOOORRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY! I love you too much...I love you too much."

Kim covered her mouth with her hand. She had never seen him like this it was so sad to see him. She couldn't move. If she was to bend down she'd crush him, and if she were to try to walk she would fall over. She wasn't able to speak because she had a huge knot in her throat. All she could do was let her tears fall.

"I'm down on my don't go back. Stay with me. I'm sorry I was being so mean. I'm sorry I ate your pancakes, I'm sorry I threw you in the pool, I'm sorry I ignored you. I'M SORRY FOR HURTING YOU."

He started to slid down her leg until his head was at her feet, and he put his cheek to her shoe.


"Oh my God." She finally managed to get some words out of her mouth. Every sound Justin made tore her heart out. And he was crying so hard. "Honey get up." She stepped back and managed to break his arms from around her. He caught his balance with his hands. She got down on her knees and placed his head on her shoulder. "Don't cry." She stammered through tears. She ran her hands through is now very blonde afro, trying to comfort him, but he had been crying so intense, that he was in a state where he couldn't naturally stop if he wanted too.

"I...I...I didn't mean to do...suppose to... too seriously...made me..." Now he wasn't ever speaking correctly. Kim started to worry. This wasn't just a 'cry cause I love you' situation. He was having a nervous break down? "Justin? Justin, you okay?" He was making unusual noises with his mouth, as if he was choking.

"Love...not the way... I hurt you...understanding...all my fault." He blurted words against her shirt that made no sense.

"Justin sweetie. You okay? LOOK AT ME." It took her strength to left his head off her shoulder nothing prepared her for what she saw when she looked at his face. His eyes had swelled almost shut and they were red. His face was just wet with tears and he was shaking. The saddest and most hurtful thing was the way he was looking at her. He was looking at her as if he didn't know who she was. There was an emptiness about him. It was certain, he just cracked and freaked out...because of her.

"Clam down baby. Just calm down. Your talking this wa,y and looking at me weird ,and is shaking so hard. Your scaring me."

She kissed him on his wet lips but Justin shrugged her off. "NO! heart...hurts too much...can't deal" He got up and walked away. She could hear his sniffling and chocking noises echoing through the hall way as he walk into this room. The past week had been unbelievable. It was so emotionally draining. What was next for her? Could anything get any worse?

There was nothing Kim could do now. She laid down on the bed with out messing up the folded clothes and she cried herself to sleep.


Next Morning

Kim had washed her face and brushed her teeth, and changed into more comfortable clothes. She went downstairs and cooked her some eggs with cheese and bacon. She hadn't saw Justin yet. She knew that he was up because she heard the TV on in his room.

She was sitting at a stool eating her food quietly when Justin came downstairs. He didn't say anything to her. And that was perfectly fine with Kim, because she understood completely... after what happened last night. She didn't say anything either.

He got a bowl and a spoon and poured him some Cocoa Krispies. When he went to get the milk, he spoke. "Kim, I'm not mad." He started to pour the milk into his bowl.

"Justin, I just want to say I'm..." He held his had up behind him as a gesture to just stop. She didn't say anymore and looked back down at her food.

He took his cereal upstairs and said nothing more. He didn't even look at her.

When Kim was done eating, she cleaned up the living room a bit. Her Coke can was still on the coffee table from the night she got sick from the Chinese. She was getting bored, but she wouldn't normally be doing anything differently. Except going to the coffee shop. And she basically stopped going. College started by now because it was September. Besides her parents wouldn't let her go to college so she was never accepted to one anyway. They were just planning on giving her money all her life and thats it. To some people that was a good thing. But it was a horrible thing to her. There is so much more to life than money.

"Man, it's almost eleven. My show is going to come on soon." Before she met Justin, every morning at eleven she would watch her favorite show, 'Dave's Dancedown'. It was a show that did celebrities choreography as an exercise. She loved to do it. Quickly she had to put on something other than the pants she had on.

She went upstairs and looked through the things that she had. Nothing would be suitable to work out in...well she had one pair of shorts put they were short enough to be considered old-fashioned underwear. That left the next option...turn to Justin.

She reluctantly knocked on the door and opened it. Justin was sitting on the bed watching TV. "Justin, you know all that stuff you got me? I was wondering if you got any shorts? Because I need some..." She bit her bottom lip and tapped her foot.

He didn't take his eyes from the TV. "Yeah, I got some shorts."

That was all the info he gave her. She was waiting for him to say something else. And she was getting upset with the way he was acting, but she thought about last night and the condition that he was in. She got mad at herself instead of him. "Uh, you know what? Thats okay. I don't need any." She promptly closed the door.


She sighed when she looked at herself in the mirror. She had the pull the shorts down really low to keep them from riding up on her and the spaghetti strapped shirt wasn't much better. "Damn what's wrong with my clothes? I'm to old to having a growth spurt now. This shirt was never this small." She tugged at it. "Or TIGHT! " She forced herself downstairs to the gigantic TV. She liked working out and dancing. It was a way to free herself.

"On today's show, we go back a little back in time with Christina Aguilera's 'Genie in a Bottle' dance moves. And we smooth it out today with Missy Elliot 'She's a Bitch' dance sequence. Hi, I'm Dave, and my six dancers and I are going to..."

"Oh I love that 'She's a Bitch' song." Kim said talking to the TV.

Kim did the Christina dances so easily. She curved her stomach and snapped her hips and the exact and correct stamina as the director on the TV. Every once in a while she would have to pull her shorts back down to keep them in place. She did the neck rotation, and the "body wave", which is what Dave called it.

"Alright, you guys at home it's your turn to prove yourself... hit it! Five six seven eight."

One the TV screen they played Christina's song and played the dance scenes in her video.

Kim was lost in the dancing. She added her own little moves into the sequence. She mouth the word as she got down.

"If you wanna be with me... baby there's a price to pay I'm a genie in the bottle, yeah, you got to rub me the right way."

"Good job guys at home."

Kim laughed. "Yeah! Like you can really see the 'guys' at home." She said talking to the TV.

"Coming up next on Dave's Dancedown, She's a bitch! Are you ready to be on too? Learn the moves when we come back. But first here's a quiz. What was Missy Elliot's first big hit? 'A' Baby One More Time. 'B' What a Girl Want. 'C' I Can't Stand The Rain. Or 'D' The Boy is Mine."

"Oh that question is so pathetic. It's 'C'!" She told the TV. While the show was on commercial Kim decided to take a break and get a bottled water out the refrigerator. She turned around and Justin was sitting right on the couch, silently. She jumped and held her heart. "Good God! You scared the shit out of me! How long have you been there?"

Justin was just staring at her. "Butt...I mean what?"

She giggled at him. "Never mind." She went and grabbed a bottled water out of the refrigerator, and sat on the couch, but the total opposite end from Justin.

She was not mad at him but she was giving him the space she assumed he needed.

"Your a real good dancer..." He said and for the first time today, he looked her in the eyes.

"Thank you." She said breaking the eye contact, and looking down at the water bottle in her hands.

His intense stare was burning a hole in her. And then the scene in her head played over and over again, when he was crying at her feet. It was a horrible thought. She shuddered at the thought.

" I think I'm going to go for a walk." She swiftly walked out the front door. And she sighed and put her back against it. She walked down the side walk humming to herself, and she repeatedly twisted the cap off of her water to take a sip of it. She was only doing it to be doing something, she wasn't really a water lover.

When she made it to the beach she smiled. Her feet were bare and they felt so good in the sand. She loved the area Justin was in. The beach was always empty when she went to it. She walked out into the water and stopped when it reached her knees. She let the breeze carry her hair and the sun tan her. The sight was so beautiful, she closed her eyes to consume it all.

And then she felt a crash. She was hit by a enormous wave and was drenched from head to toe. "Why me?" She asked looking up at the sky. The air was crisp, light, and warm but she was getting cold for some reason. She made her way back to the house.

As soon as she walked in the door, her nose smelled a scent. She saw Justin in the kitchen cooking something, whatever it was it sure smelled good.

"What happened to you?" He asked nicely.

"I got hit by a killer wave." If she wanted to she could tease him by walking over to him while she was soaked and not very dressed, but she was not that type of person. Actually she was very tense from when he was looking her up and down from the distance. She made the best decision, she went upstairs to change.

"Damn that girl is fine." Justin whispered as he watched her go up the steps.

When Kim got upstairs and changed, she stayed up stairs and just laid down to rest.

There was a knock at the door. "Kim are you decently dressed in there?" Justin asked.


When he opened the door he saw her back towards him and she was slightly balled up. She looked very comfortable, as if she was asleep. "Were you sleeping? He asked positioning beside her.

"Nope." She answered simply.

"Here I brought you this. I made it. Alfredo and white sauce."

She turned to him and sat up to take the plate from him. "Thank you. How sweet."

"Your welcome."

She twirled the noodles on her fork and placed them in her mouth. He looked on as she ate. He loved her lips and mouth. He wondered if he was obsessed with them, because he just loved her lips. There was no way to explain it.

"Mmmmm." She moaned as she continued to eat the food. It was so good, and she was so hungry.

"Is it good?" He asked her, still staring at her lips.

"Delicious." She was eating so quickly. She was acting like she never had a hot meal in her life.

Justin took his finger and caught the sauce that was dripping down the corner of her mouth. He stuck the finger in his mouth and pulled it out slowly. "Careful, don't eat too fast." He whispered.

She ate a little slower, but not because he said so, but because he touched her. She was longing for his touch even if it had only been hours since he last touched her. He was filled with so much passion it glowed all around his body.

"Kim, I can't take this...can we put what happened last night behind us? It's bothering me so much, and I'm sick of holding back from you."

"She picked up the last of her noodles and ate them all in one bite. "I'd like to put it behind us." She said honestly after she swallowed. She nodded.

"Great. Is it okay if I kiss you?" His right eyebrow raised.

"It's okay." She said smiling.

His head leaned closer to her. "Is it okay if I kiss you somewhere besides your lips?" He wet his lip with his tongue after he said that.

Her eyes widened. "JUSTIN RANDALL TIMBERLAKE!" She pushed his shoulder. They ended up playing and rolling around on the bed. Kim was lucky she took her folded clothes off the bed earlier in the morning.

Justin tickled Kim and she laughed so hard she cried. She tickled him back and the went rolling around after each other. They heard a cracking sound.

"Justin, we just knocked your plate on the floor and broke it." She giggled.

"I don't care about the plate. I care about you." They were having so much fun that they didn't realized the position they were in until now. Kim was on top of him. Comfortable. Too comfortable. Well...more like dangerously comfortable.

Justin flipped them over and now he was on top of her. He lowered his body and started to pull the trim of her pants down.

"Justin, what are you doing?" She asked.

"Giving you your kiss..."

Chapter 5 

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