Chapter 3 

"Yeah man she was trippin'. Locked me out of the room and all...yeah well I understand she has problems...yeah your right. I'm going to call you later man, thanks JC... Bye." He threw the phone on the couch and went upstairs in his room. He turned the covers back and hopped in bed. Two minutes later he was dead asleep.


Next Morning.

Justin stirred a little and his hand touched something solid and firm and... He looked over to the side of him. It was Kim and he was touching her chest. "My God." He snatched his hand away hoping she didn't notice.

He closed his eyes and clenched his fingers into a fist.

"Nice touch Justin."

He felt the burn in his face and gave her an embarrassed look. "I didn't know you would be in my bed. I'm sorry."

"It's okay." She said looking up at the ceiling.

"Are you still mad at me?" He asked.

"I was never mad at you, Justin." She said turning to him and putting her hand on his chest, "I was mad at myself." Silence filled the room and it created tension until Kim spoke again. "I jumped Justin."

He chuckled. "You jumped where?"

"I jumped through the glass stain window in my room." She told him running her finger over his chin.

"You what?"

"I said I jumped through that stain glass window in my room. I jumped and landed in the pool"

"Kim, are you serious or are you joking?"

"I'm serious. My mother locked me in my room. And the only way I could be free and be with you was jumping. I've realized that I jumped for you. US. And I've realized that I love you." Her voice choked when she said the last sentence. And she said it. She finally told him for the first time. She loved him.

"I love you too sweetheart. must have really wanted to get away if you jumped."

"I did want to get away. I wanted to be with you." She kissed the area on his chest where his heart was and then placed her head in the spot. They finally said they loved each other.

Kim looked over at the clock. "It's seven AM. I'm going to raid your refrigerator. Is that okay?"

"Perfectly fine. And later on I want to take you shopping. I'm going to let you get clothes and stuff you need because you will be living with me." He smiled and closed his eyes.

"Yes sir." She said getting out of bed taking the covers almost all the way off him.

"I see you've raided my closet too." He said referring to her clothes. She was wearing a North Carolina t-shirt. And she had a pair of his boxers on that she rolled up so that they fit her better.

"And I see Justin, that you are staring at my ass, according to this mirror I'm looking in."

He haha-ed. "We'll the mirror is right. I know a nice ass when I see one." He winked at her.

She galloped down the steps and opened up the two doors of Justin's refrigerator. "WOW this boy loves to eat. There so much food in here."

"Ohhh popsicles." She grabbed one and headed back up to the room with it.

She plopped down on the bed and sat Indian style and took the popsicle out of the wrapper. Justin appeared to be asleep but his eyes opened.

"Your eating a popsicle at seven in the morning?"

"Yeah, why not? Besides you have the good kind. The kind with the gummy bears." She said taking a lick.

Kim moved down and sat closer to him. "Here want some?" He opened up his mouth, and suck out his tongue. She stuck the popsicle in his mouth, turned it and pulled it out.

"Ummmm, thats good." He moaned, "But I know something else I'd like."

"And what's that?" She asked teasingly sticking the popsicle back in her mouth.

"I'd like a girl named Kim to kiss me."

She slowly pulled the popsicle out of her mouth on purpose. "I think I can help you with that." She drowned his lips with hers and gave him a kiss that was good enough to make him want to take action. She then pulled away and stuck the popsicle back in her mouth.

Justin licked his lips, satisfied with the kiss. He loved the way she kissed. He'd rather kiss her than have sex even. He just really loved her kisses.

She continued to slowly suck the popsicle. She was staring at him deeply and it became obvious at that point. She was trying to play with his mind. To be truthful, it was working. "Uh...Kim why are you eating your popsicle like that...slowly it's dripping everywhere. Trying to play around with me? "

She then licked the dripping popsicle on her fingers and hand. "I'm sorry Justin I didn't mean for it to DRIP in your bed." She crawled over his body and sat on top of him. "You know what Justin? I really like to suck popsicles." She told him as she ran the wet flavored ice across his lips. She ran it down his chin. Then the burrow of his neck and she began to lick it off. Justin moaned in pure pleasure. "You like that?" She asked starting to shift on top of him,

"Uh huh." He said nervously.

She kissed his lips quickly then pulled away. "You like that?"

He nodded his head. He was so excited. "Why are you doing this to me?" He asked almost moaning as she shifted more on top of him.

"Do you like what I'm doing?" She asked sucking on the popsicle again.

He groaned and nodded his head.

"Good. Now down boy." She then jump off of him and sat on the bed Indian style again. Her body heat was still floating around him.

He yanked his hair in frustration. "Kim you are so bad. You just love to toy with me. Don't ya?"

She smiled innocently. "Yeah I do. And besides you look really hot when your turned on. Don't worry you won't have to be so frustrated see I was thinking, and I think I might be ready."

"Ready for what?" He asked rubbing his face.

"Ready for you to take me and be my first...I love you Justin."

His face dropped. "I don't know...I don't want to be your first."

"Why not?" She said continuing to eat the popsicle.

"Because Kim, I don't want to hurt you."

"I see." She said biting a piece of the popsicle. "Oh gummy bear." She said flashing it between her perfect teeth.

"I want it." Justin pouted.

She once again pressed her lips against his, and with his skilled tongue he took the gummy bear from her mouth into his. He chewed it slowly against her lips and pressed his lips against hers once more before pulling back.

"Those lips of yours are dead sexy Justin. You have a beautiful smile too." She told him taking another bite of the popsicle.

"Thank you. You have a beautiful smile too." She put the popsicle in his mouth and he bit it. And Kim ate the last piece of it.

When the popsicle was all gone they just looked at each other smiling.

"Kim I don't understand. Yesterday when you woke up you could barely move This morning you were hoping around like nothings wrong."

"Forgive me for feeling good this morning." She said getting out of bed. "But you haven't been through the things I've been through the pain. The suffering. The abuse. And I feel good now that I don't have to worry. My body doesn't hurt anymore because I am so happy."

"No baby. I don't mean it like that. It's just that you are full of surprises, I mean you just told me you wanted to do...things. You've really changed."

"Yeah. Like I said I want you to be my first."

"Umm I don't know. I just find it surprising and quite shocking thats all. I just don't understand, why me?"

Kim was walking around his room, just basically checking out everything. "Justin please. I feel like I almost owe you this. We've been together from three months. And I don't want you loose you Justin. That's another thing. I've been doing weird things lately because you like when I do them right?" He nodded. "Well nothing was ever good enough for my parents. NOTHING! And you like things I do. I want to keep everything that way because I don't want you to hurt me."

He had a look of confusion on his face. "What? Hurt you? You mean like...hit you?" He patted a space on the bed next to him. "Kim, listen to me. You don't have to do anything to keep me happy. I will never physically hurt you. I will NEVER hit you. Why would you think that?"

She looked down at her hands and didn't say anything for a while. "I know you won't Justin. Thats why I want to be with you."


"Okay this is all I have wear that covers up my cuts. I'm ready to go to the mall..." Justin looked back at her. She had on a dark green sweater with black drawstring pants and Addidas shell sneakers.

"Kim you look great." He said putting her hair behind her ear. "You know, you remind me of someone."
His eyes focused on her and he stared at her strangely.

"Who?" She asked smiling.

" remind me of Britney Spears. Your body really reminds me of her. Those pants you have on. She has them too and they fit you even better."

"How do you know she has these pants?" She asked gripping the cloth on her legs.

"I use to date her, and they were my favorite pants she wore."

"Oh." She said fidgeting her hands and looking at the carpet.

"Don't worry Kim." He said wrapping his arms around her slim waist. "It's way over between us."

He looked down at her lips that was inches from his face and was making a plan to kiss her. And he did. At first she was hesitant about the kiss but then she lead into it and wrapped her arms around his neck. She massaged her tongue into his mouth. Her body was gasping for air and she had to break away.

"Ummm baby, strawberry gloss again. Delicious. I think we better go now, Lonnie is downstairs and he's been waiting for a while."

They walked down stairs hand in hand. Kim had five hundred dollars of the thousand in her pants pocket.

"It about time your ready to go J. For a minute I thought Kim kidnapped you."

They drove in Justin's Mercedes because it was bigger. Lonnie drove and Justin and Kim sat in the back.

When they got to the mall as soon as they walked in Justin saw a store he wanted to got in. "Look 'Express' and the 'Wet Seal' lets go look and find you some clothes girl."

"No Justin I don't want you spending your money on me." She whispered in his ear. Lonnie stood by them closely. 

Justin tugged on his hat a little."Now, is not the time to do this. You need clothes and stuff since you are staying with me. I won't have it any other way. Now get you ass in this store." He gently pulled her by the arm and forced her into the store.

Being fashion crazy as he is, Justin started to browse the racks in the female store. "Kim what size do you wear?" He asked looking her up and down. Kim stood still, she didn't reply. She didn't want to tell him because if he didn't know he wouldn't be able to buy her anything. "My God. I should have known you were going to be difficult. Look at me! I'm in the Wet Seal, for God sakes." Lonnie started to laugh in the distance.

Justin walked around Kim, and since she didn't turn around to watch him when he did, Justin quickly lifted up the dark sweater and pulled on her drawstring pants a little. He caught a glimpse at the tag for a split second before Kim shoved him. "I got it now. Size three. Damn your tiny Kim."

"Thank you for flashing my underwear to the public!" She snapped.

"Thank you for telling me your size. And I didn't flash your underwear to anyone. No one saw anything, so chill." He started looking through jeans with rhinestones on them for her. When he seen a size three, he hung the pants over his arm. "Are you going to look for anything thing?" He asked nicely, glancing over at her.

She only stood there staring back at him. "No. I thought you were just kidding when you said you were going to take me shopping. You are too sweet to me already. I refuse to let you spend money on me. I don't want you to get me any clothes."

"Fine! Kim you know what? I'm not going to argue with you. I told you we were going to the mall to get you clothes and things because you NEED them. Not because you WANT them." He started to rub his temples because they were throbbing. "I want to do this. I told you to PICK out what clothes you want. But since you refuse, I will do everything for you. I'll shop for you, because doing this will be helpful in the future. Go do whatever. I'll be in here for a while."

"FINE!" She said storming off. She was upset with his tone and just left. Lonnie did not follow her because he had to stay with Justin.

Justin got an assistant to help him. When they were finished gathering all the size three pants and size small shirts. They had ten complete fully matching outfits from the fall collection of clothing.

Justin and Lonnie took a trip to the car to put the bags in it. Then he headed in the next store he had in mind. Express. And once again he had an assistant help him. When he was finished paying for the things. He went into another women's store since the bags were not as much as at first. And after that he went into another woman's store and another.

By the time Justin had just about went in every woman's store Lonnie had about twenty or more bags in his hand. As they walked through the halls of the gigantic mall. Justin eyes immediately caught the attention of Kim. She was eating a pretzel and had one bag latched on her arm

"What's that?" He asked very friendly, referring to the bag she had. It read Chanel.

"Makeup." She said simply. She looked over at Lonnie and saw the mass he was holding, her eyes widened at the sight.

Without warning Justin took a bite of her pretzel. She cringed when he did it as if it was gross.

"Your mad at me aren't you?" He asked after he swallowed.

"No." She said even simpler.

"Yes you are." He grinned, grabbing her waist and pulling her closer. He held her tight and started to kiss her neck.

"No, I'm not." She whispered. Her eyes closed because of the pleasuring touch of him.

He gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Good." He remarked letting her waist go.

They walked in the mall just being normal and happy. Justin had no fan problems either. The people that did recognize him gave him his space.

"Justin, would you stop eating all my pretzel? Why don't you get your own?" She asked taking a big bite of it before it was all gone.

"Because I don't want my own. I want yours. You make everything taste so much better."

Kim kissed him on the lips. "You are so crazy. I swear! I'm going in this store. I'll be back."

"Victoria Secret? I'm going too!" Justin said, starting to laugh.

"Oh no you aren't. GUYS CAN NEVER GO WITH GIRLS WHEN THE ARE UNDERWEAR SHOPPING!" She plastered a huge smile on her face. "And yes I have a little money so I don't need yours."

"I wanna go with you!" He pouted.

She looked around the mall dramatically. "Oh look Justin, 'The Sports Shoe'! You love 'The Sports Shoe'. Why don't you buy your self a hundred more pairs of sneakers?"

He looked over at the store. "You know my weakness huh?" She nodded. "Okay, well, you win. I won't go in Victoria Secret with you. You won't have any problems finding underwear anyway."

Kim looked over at Lonnie who was close but not close enough to hear what they were saying. "How would you know I wouldn't have any problems finding underwear?"

Justin put his mouth as close as he could to her ear without kissing it. "Well honey, after that little stunt you pulled with the bubbles last night I know you won't be having any trouble. Looks like someone waxed very recently."

Not only did her eyes grow as big as planets. She blushed until she was bight red. "Oh my God I cannot believe you just said that."

He walked off giggling. His walk was so confident and sexy. She noticed he was skinny but it suited him. Lonnie followed him still struggling with the mounds of bags.

Now red-faced she walked into the store, shaking her head in shock.


After spending two-hundred dollars on underwear and bras alone, Kim went to go get Justin. She approached The Sports Shoe store but a voice startled her.

"Excuse me but I'm looking for my girlfriend and I can't seem to find her anywhere. Can you help me?"

The voice came from a guy sitting on a bench with his hat so low that his eyes were shadowed. It was clearly Justin. And Lonnie was sitting right by him giggling.

She took a place next to him on the bench. "Aww you poor thing. What does your girlfriend look like?" She asked playing along.

"Well, she has blue eyes, long blonde slightly wavy hair." His face came closer to and closer to hers. "She's tiny but has the most perfect body. Great personality. Sweet." His lips were less than a inch from hers.

Kim leaned her head back and started to laugh. "Sorry, haven't seen her."

Justin grabbed the back of her neck and forced her lips to his. He couldn't control his wandering tongue. And she accepted it locking her lips against it.

Lonnie looked the other way and tried to ignore them.

Kim regretfully broke away but kissed Justin once more in the corner of his mouth. "Baby we shouldn't be doing this here. Remember what Johnny said: Keep the public displays of affection down." She ran her fingers over his plump red lips.

"Your right." He said smiling brightly. He took a sip of a soda he had in his hand. Kim did not see it until now.

"Can I have some of that?" She asked politely

"No." He said talking another sip.

"Why not?" She asked with pleading eyes.

"Who wouldn't let anyone eat any of their pretzel?"

"Come on Justin. You did too eat some my pretzel. A lot of it." He sipped the drink again and didn't budge or speak. "I bet I can make you give me some of it."

"I bet you, you can't." He said surely.

She put her hand to his ear and whispered something in it.

Not only was his eyes wide. They were bulging out of the sockets. He looked at her speechless. "Uh uh, here Kim, uh you can uh have it. I was uh just kidding with you."

She grabbed the soda and laughed hysterically at his expression. When she took a swallow of it she almost spit it back out because she was laughing so hard. "Here is you soda back. I only wanted a little."

Justin was still speechless. Even after she placed the drink back in his hands. "I think we got enough stuff. Ready to go?"

He nodded his head. It was a good sign, at least he wasn't brain dead. She took his free hand and pulled it until he was on his feet.

Lonnie gathered the bags again. "What did you do to him Kim? He looks like he saw a UFO or something."

"She did nothing to me...nothing at all. Nothing. Nothing."

"Okay I get it...nothing." Lonnie said.

They walked out of the mall and the car was crammed with bags. Justin had finally joined the real world and the only problem now was the space. Him and Kim were forced to be tensely close to each other.

"Justin I seriously hope that all this stuff is mostly things for you. Look at all this." She pointed in several directions.

"I'm going to be honest. The only thing I got for myself was a pair of jeans. Even at 'The Sports Shoe' I got you sneakers not me. God,I hope your shoe size is a six because I got you a lot of shoes and sneakers. And before you get mad or blow up or cuss me out. I'm going to stop you." He kissed her.


"Well thanks for making out during the whole car ride you two." Lonnie said talking to Kim and Justin. "All of the bags are upstairs in your room Justin. And now I'm going home. Why did Mike have to be sick today? I always get stuck with Curly when he goes shopping crazy. Damn..."

Justin and Kim laughed as Lonnie got into his Eclipse and pulled out of the driveway.

They walked back into the house, and Kim quickly grabbed the Chinese that Lonnie was kind enough to stop and get.

She sat down on the couch and began eating a mysterious noodle substance with chop sticks.

Justin grabbed a box of chicken fried rice. He soaked it in soy sauce and sat on the same couch as her but a few feet away. To kill the anxiety, he turned the TV on. The movie "Son-In-Law" was on and he left the TV on the Pauly Shore related movie.

The first ten minutes were in complete silence. Kim then moved down closer to Justin and stared at him.

He could feel her staring at him and he didn't know how to react to it. Iit was extremely uncomfortable, so he turned and smiled at her, shoving more rice in his mouth.

"What's that your eating Justin?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"Chicken fried rice." He replied still staring into her blue eyes.

"Is it good?"

"Yeah." He answered with a killer smile. He dipped his fork into it and held it out for her to taste it. She moved close enough to eat the rice and she did so chewing it and swallowing it rapidly.

"Ummm thats good. Better than mine." She complained. She look down at the box and her hand and sighed.

"Let me taste." He asked.

She tried her best to pick up the noodles with the chop sticks and led them into his open and awaiting mouth. He gagged a few times as if her was going to throw up and just barely was able to swallow it down. "Thats awful. What is it?"

"I don't know. But it's not that bad!" She told him giggling. "Have you noticed we've been sharing a lot of food lately?" She asked getting up and going to the refrigerator. She grabbed a Coke and purposely sat her noodles on the kitchen counter and left them. She then sat back down in the warm spot she'd left, with a huff. 

She popped open the Coke can and took a sip of it as she started to put her concentration back on the movie.

"Yeah. I've noticed it. There is nothing wrong with it. We're in love." He finally answered, scooping more rice into his mouth. He looked over at her quickly then turned away then looked back again. "Hey, your not eating where's your food? What size do you wear again, a three? Can we say ANOREXIC?"

"I'm not anorexic. I'm not eating because I don't like my noodles, it's making my stomach hurt." She told him not taking her eyes from the TV and taking another sip of the Coke. It was obvious, by her tone, she was coxing him into giving her his rice.

"You just want some of my rice. "

"I do NOT want any of your damn rice!"

"Yes you do Kim. You are so spoiled you have to get everything your way."

"Just shut up Justin. You are so annoying sometimes I swear." She still did not take her eyes from the television.

"You are spoiled your use to getting everything you want. Here you can have the rice." He slammed it down on the coffee table. "Ha. And I guess I'm annoying enough to buy you thousands of dollars worth of clothes. You don't appreciate SHIT!" He started to walk upstairs.

"Well I never asked you to get me all that stuff now did I?"

He turned around in the middle of the staircase. "You're right. You didn't. So that makes me the ass." He walked up to his bedroom and slammed the door.

She glanced at the rice, and without another thought she started to fill her mouth with it.


After eating all that he had left of the rice. His words sunk in. He was right. She was spoiled. And she was use to getting everything she wanted. But he gave her one thing her parents never did. LOVE. Justin was going out of his way for her and she was being so cold towards him. He loved her... the thoughts made her feel sick to her stomach. She ran to the bathroom upstairs.

When she got to the toilet she tried to calm herself down so she wouldn't throw up. She couldn't stop thinking about all the money he spent on her all the effort he put into helping her. And she lost it. Everything came back up. She held her hair back with one hand. It felt good to get it out; the rice she had selfishly received from Justin.

"Kim you okay?" Justin asked concerned, against the closed door.

"FINE!" She mumbled. She heard Justin's bedroom door close again. Feeling much better she rinsed her mouth out and splashed water on her face. She felt so bad for some reason. Guilt was filling her body and she didn't know how to deal with it.

She slowly opened the bathroom door and looked around. She made it into the guest bedroom she slept in before. She saw her Chanel and Victoria Secret bags which she put on the bed herself. She grabbed two under garments. And walked back into bathroom.

As she was taking her shower she noticed the bruising and cuts weren't all that bad. The bruising was barely noticeable due to her deep tan. And the cuts weren't all that deep and were really more like scrapes. Everything was healing nicely. And when she was completely healed she would never have to worry about being all cut up and bruised up again...hopefully. Kim started to think about what Justin had said earlier about the waxing. She smiled and blushed again, because he was absolutely right. She then cut the water off.

She had no towel and she wasn't about to ask Justin. So she rung the water out of her hair as best as she could and she slipped on her underwear on. She look in the mirror as if she was fascinated with herself. She thought the dark-red bra with black lace trim was so pretty along with the matching panties. Once again she made sure the coast was clear and walked into the bedroom again.

She was still dripping wet but she pulled the covers back and got underneath them. To get rid of the guilt that was eating her alive she started to cry. She turned her body to the side and placed a pillow over her head so Justin would not hear her. She did not want him to think she was crying to get attention. She was crying because she hated herself for being so mean to him.

"Don't cry." A voice said touching her shoulder. She was so scared and unprepared for the presence that she flipped right out of the bed onto the floor.

"Damn, just my luck." She wiped her eyes harshly as she laid there on the floor. She didn't want Justin to know she was crying. She slipped back into bed and Justin was looking her over.

"You okay?"

"Yeah fine." She faked yawed so she could wipe her eyes again. She slung her wet hair out of her face. "Justin, go back to your bed I'm fine."

"Are you?" He asked stroking her face.

She covered his hand and brought it back down to his side and stopped him. "Don't." She said referring to touching her.

He looked at her with puppy dog eyes. "Baby, I heard you getting sick, and now your crying. What's wrong?"

"I'm not crying. And I wasn't getting sick."

"Yes you were sweetheart." He told her stroking her face again.

She punched his hand way. "DON'T YOU GET IT? I DON'T DESERVE YOU! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, BECAUSE I DON'T DESERVE YOU!" He grabbed her and held her to his chest. Her wet hair soaked his wife beater. But she was able to cry and feel better. "I'm so sorry Justin. I didn't mean to be so ungrateful. Thank you for everything."

"Your welcome honey. Your welcome." He kissed her wet hair. "Kim I've told you to call me when you need a towel. I really need to put some in all the bathrooms. Including the one in my bedroom." He walked over to her side and picked her up and carried her into his room and placed her on his bed.

"My God, all those clothes bags Justin."

"I know. All for you! It's kind of late, so I'll show you everything tomorrow." He handed her a towel. He was just now noticing she was in her underwear. Thats it. "You might want to uh cover up a bit, before you get sick."

"No, I don't want to. I won't get sick." She whispered.

She grabbed Justin by his wet wife beater and pulled him on top of her. She kissed him really hard as if her body craved him.

"Kim are you sure you want to do this? Just say stop and I will." She pulled the back of his neck, forcing him to kiss her


Justin tried to catch his breath and looked down at the blue wide eyes staring in front of him. Kim looked stoned. She was emotionless, she wasn't even blinking. She just stared at him.

"Baby was it okay? Are you okay?" To make matters worse she was quivering violently.

Finally after a few seconds her emotions caught up with her amazement. "It was amazing." She couldn't even finish the simple sentence because she started to cry heavily. "You were so a-amazing."

"Don't cry sweetheart." He attempted to wipe her eyes but she was crying way too hard.

He kissed her sweetly on the lips and removed himself from on top of her and he moved to the side of her.

"J-Justin, will you hold me?" She was trembling so much her teeth were chattering.

He wrapped his arms around her a pulled her closely toward him. "Baby you are shaking so hard. It's okay. It's okay."

She placed her hand on his arm. ""

He smiled at her and gave her a kiss in her hair, she was absolutely adorable.


Kim woke up and looked around the bright sunlight filled room. Justin's clock read nine thirty-seven. She stretched her arms and turned to Justin who was sleeping peacefully. He was so beautiful when he slept. She couldn't help but play with his curls. He started to stir because of this action.

"Justin." She whispered.

"Hummm?" He asked with his eyes still closed and his breaths still deep and comfortable.

"Baby, did we go ALL the way last night? Or did I have a wonderful dream?" She swept her fingers over his lips.

"We went ALL the way Kim." He kept his eyes closed and smiled. "And you were great. Are you okay? Any pain this morning?"

"I'm fine. No pain." She smiled, bit her bottom lip, and curled her toes. "My God. I'm not a virgin anymore." She whispered to herself still smiling. She looked over at Justin his breaths were still deep and his eyes were closed so she quickly slipped her underwear back on.

She walked downstairs and entered the kitchen. "I probably should make him breakfast or something."

Just when Kim finished making perfect blueberry pancakes, and cleaned up the small mess she made. Justin came downstairs and sat down at a stool.

"Your in a really good mood today!" He said smiling brightly.

"Yes I am. And I think you know why!" She said placing a stack of pancakes on front of him

"No I don't. Can you tell me why?" He asked playing stupid.

She walked from around the breakfast bar and walked over to Justin and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind his sitting figure. "I'll tell you why. You have not only managed to love me. You made love to me. You are so incredible Justin. Thank you for everything." She kissed him on his hard and muscled back.

Chapter 4 

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