Chapter 2

"One more question!" He asked her smoothly. "Does your father abuse you too?"

She suddenly became fascinated by the palms of her hands.

"I'll take that as a yes." Justin stared at the steering wheel, lost in concentration for a moment. "So, are you going to give me a tour of the house really quick? Are you parents home?"

"No they aren't home." she mumbled, "I can show you around."


"And this is my bedroom. My parents would kill me if a guy was in my room, but they don't have to know about you." She looked up and smiled at the tall man in her door way.

"I can tell your spoiled way beyond imagination. But then again not spoiled enough. It saddens me that you don't have as much control in your life as someone your age really should have."

Kim grabbed his hand. And began to pull him. "And this is like my bedroom living room. It has a beautiful view of the pool. I love this huge stain glass window." She said pointing to it.

"It is indeed a beautiful view."

They both held each other as they looked out the window.

"Kim I think I better be going. Since your parents are so STRICT. I don't think they would be too fond of me in your house, if they caught me here. But before I go, let me pick you up tomorrow at eight forty-five rather than have you drive to the coffee shop. I'd like to take you some place special after we finish our coffee."

" Where is somewhere special?" She asked staring into his eyes. 

He swept his thumb over her bottom lip and softly kissed her cheek. "In due time my dear. You'll find out tomorrow." He whispered stroking the side of her perfect face. 

Kim closed her eyes and absorbed the moment. "Okay." She grasped his hand and then pressed her lips against his. After a great passionate moment, they slowly pulled away from each other. "Seriously Justin, I am so happy I met you..."


Kim woke up, and the sun was shining brightly. She had a positive outlook on things. She felt good for the first time in a long time. Then she glanced over at the clock it read eight thirty-seven. "Eight, thirty-seven? Oh my God! Justin will be here in minutes." She shot out of bed struggling to her feet at first and ran into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash he face. She then quickly grabbed a pair of flared jeans and a yellow "V" cut shirt, which was a little revealing. She looked at her hair in the mirror and put it up in a loose bun-like ponytail leaving her long bangs hanging down on both sides of her face. She slipped on her casual Addidas tennis shoes, grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Justin had been waiting for her.

"How long have you been waiting?" She asked sitting down in the car.

"About ten minutes. Not long." Kim reached over and kissed him on the cheek.

"So, we go to the coffee shop... then you are taking me some place special! The anticipation is killing me! Haha."

"I'm pretty sure you will have fun today."

"Fun yes, but I look like SHIT."

"Did you just say shit? I never heard you cuss before. I think you look absolutely gorgeous. I love the shirt."


"Justin where are we?" They were in an elevator which was going to the lowest floor.

"This is the studio where I record music with the group. I'm going to show you things and introduce you to some of the guys."

They walked into a large room which was filled with recording equipment. She also saw four guys socializing in the corner. Kim was not good with meeting people and she felt out of place. The four guys immediately approached them.

Justin saw how uncomfortable she was and grabbed her from behind and wrapped his hands around her waist. All of the guys were standing in front of them at this point.

"Hey guys this is my baby Kim."

"Hi Kim, we have heard so much about you. Justin talks about you non stop. I'm JC." They shook hands.

"Kim, if you ever need a real man, I will be at your service 'cause Justin doesn't deserve a beautiful girl like you! I'm Joey." Justin gave him 'the look' and to add to the building pressure Joey kissed her hand. Kim giggled.

"Hi I'm Chris, don't mind Joey he's kind of off..."

"Nice to meet you." She said smiling.

"I'm Lance, and I have to admit Justin is very lucky. Your beautiful." He shook her hand also.

"Alright ya'll, enough flirting with my girl. Anyway, does anyone know why we were called here today? Were on vacation! That means TIME OFF!"

"I think I know," Chris started, "I think Johnny wants to speak with us about when we want to start working on our new album and I think he also wanted to talk with us about the security issue..."

Kim looked at everyone as they talked about things she didn't know about. They all seemed so professional and they were all very nice. She even got compliments. That was a first for her, because she was always distancing herself from people.

After spending about an hour at the studio, Justin and Kim finally left. She thought Johnny was very nice to be their manager. Justin announced his relationship with Kim to him, and he accepted it, although he did say to try to keep public affection to a minimum for the sake of the fans.

Kim had great time. The studio was a very private and special place for Justin and to know that he shared it with her almost brought tears to her eyes.

After Justin dropped her off, Kim walked into her house and was glowing. She cared so much for Justin he was her ball of happiness. She made her way into the kitchen to get a glass of Coke.

Her father came into view. He had a tennis racket in his hand. "Did you forget what time it is? DO YOU KNOW YOU MISSED YOUR TENNIS LESSON?"

He was right, she forgot about her tennis lesson. She was having so much fun with Justin and the guys, she forgot. "Dad I'm sorry. I just lost track of time. Please don't be angry..."

Before she could say anything else he hit her in the knee with the racket. It was just one blow, but it was so powerful it knocked her off her feet and she fell to the floor hitting the back of her head on the kitchen counter. She was knocked out cold.

"That will teach you to miss another lesson!" He said walking off and leaving her.

She woke up what seemed hours later. Kim looked around the large kitchen. When she sat up she could feel her head throbbing. She griped a hold on the counter and slowly rose to her feet. As sick as it seemed, she was happy. She was happy she didn't get a more horrible punishment, like being locked in her room. Her father was not as strict as her mother, but he was still STRICT enough. She made an attempt to walk and her knee gave out. Luckily she caught her balance before she fell. It hurt so bad. She knew it wasn't broken, but when she touched it through her jeans it was extremely swollen and she knew it was badly bruised.

Grabbing everything that was in view and using the rail on the stairs she made it to her room. She looked over at the clock, it was ten o'clock at night. She didn't even take a shower. She just slipped her jeans off and went to bed hoping her headache and busied knee would be better in the morning.

The next morning Kim showered and got dressed. Her knee was not as swollen and she could walk, but was limping a little. Her head was no longer hurting and she was excited about spending another day with Justin. Once again he was picking her up to bring her to the coffee shop.

When she approached the door of Justin's car, she thanked God that he was in the mirror fixing his hair and not looking at her as she limped to the car.

"Hey Kim." He said putting all his attention on her as she sat down.

"Hey!" She smiled at him. He leaned in and placed his soft velvet like lips upon hers. The kiss made her heart melt. He was so amazing. Kim deepened the kiss and was lost to him. He was just overwhelming, in the good way. He placed his hand on her cheek then broke away.

"Ummm....what a great way to start the day. Let me guess strawberry lip gloss?" He asked licking his lips.

"Yes that is correct, would you like your cookie now or later?" She asked sarcastically.

"Later." He said adding to the joke and starting the car up.

Justin entered the coffee shop and he noticed Kim was lagging behind him. And that is when he saw her limping as she continued to approach the shop.

"What happened to your leg?" He asked when she finally made it into the shop. His eyebrow raised.

She continued to walk towards the table and she tried with all her might not to limp and look hurt. "I hurt my knee yesterday playing tennis. It doesn't hurt much." She lied taking a seat in a chair at the table.

He didn't buy it. Deep down inside he knew she was not being truthful. "Kim did your mother hit you again?"

"No!" She answered quickly, and it was the truth. Her MOTHER didn't hit her this time. It was her FATHER.

"Okay. I'm only asking because I care. I just thought you should know that. I'll get your coffee. Chocolate right?" She nodded her head.

As Justin went to get the coffee a crazed fan recognized him and of course he signed something for her before returning to sit with Kim.

Kim was enjoying her chocolate flavored coffee, Justin was sipping his vanilla flavored.

"So what shall we do today?" He asked.

"I don't know, I think it may rain today. How about we just go over your house and hang out?"

"Sounds good to me...  just hope that doesn't bore you. But then again your leg is not in it's best state so thats a good idea."

"It's my knee not my leg, and yeah, lets just hang out at your house."

They spent the entire day together just doing whatever watching TV, talking, and  playing video games. They were exploring the relationship in a fun manner.

"No fair Justin you cheated, you cheated." She smacked him in the back of the head.

"Ow! Thats the hundredth time you did that, and I said next time you will have to pay. "

"Oh yeah? I'm sorry Sire Justin. What shall I do to pay you?"

"This!" He said grabbing her neck and kissing her deeply. Her mouth was sweet from the chocolate candy she ate earlier. He couldn't get enough of her. His tongue craved her. She was delicious and compassionate all at the same time. He was only more excited when she groaned against his lips in pure pleasure.

Kim placed her arms around his neck and put pressure on it forcing more fierce feelings on their lips. Nothing could describe what either of them were feeling. It was definitely the most dramatic and dreamy kiss Kim every had. It was like the world around them were pools of love.

Finally they broke away from each other and their eyes slowly opened.

"Damn that was something else. I have to catch my breath." Justin told her.

"Yeah, that was incredible. I'm getting better at this."

The door bell rung. "The pizza is here!" Justin said racing towards the door. He paid the man giving him a generous tip, and brought the pizzas into the living room. He picked up a neat slice and brought it to her mouth.

"Eat baby you need food in your system." She took a bite of the pizza at her lips and chewed the pepperoni pizza slowly. "

Are you going to feed me like a baby?" She asked after she swallowed.

He placed the pizza to her lips again. "Your damn right. You are my baby, besides you don't know just how sexy you look when you eat."

She took another bite and tried not to smile. After she swallowed for the second time she picked up a slice of pizza out of the box.

"Well I have to feed my baby too." She told him putting the pizza to his lips. Of course he took a bite and smiled brightly while doing so.

They continued to feed each other and then the fun had to end, because Justin had to take her home.

The day went by too fast it seemed they could spend the rest of their lives together. Already he was at her home. Kim grasped the aluminum foil which held slices of pizza Justin prepared for her. She quickly kissed him on the lips then she got out of the car still limping a little and made her way inside. She waved as he pulled off.

She heard her parents laughing in the kitchen and she knew they heard her come in, but they did not question her. They didn't say anything. She limped her way into the kitchen where her parents were snuggling and hugging.

"Hello," She said placing the pizza in the refrigerator. She really didn't want to talk with them, but one of the rules of the house was to always speak when you entered the house.

"Hi." Her parents both said hesitantly, at the same time.

She was on her way out of the kitchen and her parents noticed her limp. "Hey, you need to fix that limp for yours. I don't want you walking around here acting as if you are injured." Her father told her.

"Yes." She replied trying to straiten her back and and walk without the limp.

"How did you answer me?" He asked becoming angry. He purposely walked into Kim's way so she could not walk out of the door way.

"I mean...yes SIR. Yes sir." She said quickly. He harshly slapped her across the face. Her face started to burn where he hit her. One solid tear release out of the corner of her right eye. She was staring him cold in the face now.

"Thats more like it. Don't make the mistake again." He told her moving aside from her. He was acting as if he couldn't wait to get away from her.

She held her head high and walked without a limp for the period of time she was in their distant view. It was so hard to do, every step she took felt like something was tearing in her knee.

When she made it to the comfort of her room she immediately got ready for bed. She was tired.


Two months later.

Kim stood in the door way dressed to kill. Her black mini skirt was perfect with her stomach-showing, low cut red shirt. Her red high heels only added to the perfection. Justin was literally paralyzed looking at the woman in front of him. "

"Hey Justin." He said boldly. She walked across his polished wooden floor. He watched carefully as she walked by. She then turn around and cocked her hip to her right side and stared at him with her hands resting on her waist.

"Uh yeah, uh.." He swallowed hard and closed the door, never peeling his eyes from her body. He looked like he had something to say, his mouth was open but he wasn't saying anything. She mocked his expressions and was urging him to say what he had to say. He walked up to her but just stood there. He wanted to touch her. But he didn't know how. 

Kim sweetly kissed him on the cheek. "Hey baby, I bought popcorn." She said waving a package in front of his eyes. "So what movie are we going watch?"

It was clear Kim had changed drastically. She went from a shy shadow girl. To a interesting and beautiful woman. Nothing could express how beautiful she was to him at that exact moment. She was a sight to see. It cause him to remain speechless and motionless. He realized he had known the girl for about three months, but from the start he was crazy about her. And his deep feelings within, only grew more  immense and more raw for her. He knew she wasn't just any girl. There was something deep and rare about her. It was a connection of the soul.

"Hello? JUSTIN! Do you want me to make the popcorn?" He barely shook his head. "I'll take that as a yes."

She sexily switched into the kitchen and vanished. Justin was in the same spot he had started in. He slapped himself and cause himself to wake up. He then decided to straiten up the living room for the hundredth time. He picked at pillows that were in already perfect position and place.

Kim came back and was shaking the swollen bag of popcorn to get the salt and butter mixed around.

"So what movie are we watching?" She asked for the second time.

"Um, 'Cruel Intentions'?" He told her sitting on the couch, which she was now sitting.

"Cruel Intentions? I've never seen it before, but isn't it a movie about..." 

Justin pressed play with his remote. "Yeah it's kind of sexual, but an excellent movie. It has a great message to it. Besides the Ryan dude looks like me." He looked to the side of him and stared at how beautiful she was. It wasn't just her looks. It was her personality. He really like the type of person she was. Her personality is what made he so unique.. She was so innocent and the just intrigued him. "By the way, you look amazing tonight."

"You do too! That dark blue turtle neck really brings out your eyes." She told him dismissing the movie previews on the TV screen in front of her. His dazzling blue eyes locked with her blue eyes. They stared at each other, but not a word was said. Kim broke the silence. "Oh come on Justin. You know good and well we aren't going to sit here and watch stupid previews." She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was slow moving and passionate. Justin deepened the kissed and placed his hand on her neck, putting pressure on it. Kim placed her hand in the back of his afro and twirled her finger continuously around one of his curls. Their breathing increased but the kiss remained slow and intimate. Kim slowly began to fall back and before she knew it Justin was on top of her.

"No Justin. Wait. I'm sorry I got a little out of hand." 

Justin quickly got off of her and contained his senses. "Yes, I'm completely sorry for taking advantage of you." 

Kim gently stroked his face staring at his eyes. "No you weren't taking advantage of me. And I really want to, but I'm just not ready. In the mean time. We can still do this. She seductively sat over his lap and they began to kiss again.

They slowly stared to back away. Both of them were breathing quickly. Their lips were trembling.

"Alright Kim. The movie is starting. Besides anymore of your wonderful kisses and I might have to do something I'd regret."

"Oh! FEISTY!" She then moved back on the right side of the couch. She picked up the bag of popcorn which had fallen on the floor and cuddled up to Justin. He wrapped his arm around her and comfortably stroked her back. It was a special moment for them. They were so affectionate and loving toward one another. 

Kim happily fed Justin popcorn when he requested it. They never were so close. Kim knew that she had to leave the house at nine-thirty, in order to get home at ten. She decided that she didn't give a damn, and that she was going to stay in the arms of a person she felt she could trust.

When the movie was over. Kim had tears in her eyes.

"Oh my gosh. That was so sad." Justin wiped her eyes.

"Yes, it's very sad." He continued to wipe her eyes.

She looked over that the clock, it was ten thirty-nine. She smiled to herself because she was so happy to be with Justin. Deep down inside she was scared. She knew when she got home that she was going to get in the worst trouble she had ever gotten into.

"Justin baby, I better be going."

"Okay." He whispered in her ear.

He kissed her neck and shoulders and traced her upward until her met her lips. "I wish I could kiss you forever." He moaned against her lips. She quickly got up and headed to the door.

"I wish I could kiss you forever too. I'll see you tomorrow for coffee."

Justin walked her to her car and placed an innocent kiss on her lips before she left.

Kim was glowing as she rode home. Never had she been so happy. And she liked Justin a lot. Love didn't cross her mind yet...well maybe it did. She knew if their relationship continued to evolve they would fall in love. The smile she was happily carrying quickly turned into a frown when it finally sunk in. She was going back home. Back to the ABUSE. It was a terrifying thought. She kept asking herself why she was going back. She knew she was in way over her head, it was going to be a long night.

She looked at the clock in her car one last time. It was now five minutes past eleven. Shaking with fear, she cut the car off, and made her way to the front doors of the mansion. Before she could open one her father did. Her heart literally stopped beating. She swallowed hard and walked inside. She looked to the left and saw that her parents had company.

"Margret come here for a second. Kim is home." Her father said. Within seconds her mother entered the room. Both of her parents stared her down like a fox would a rabbit.

"You are in big trouble missy! Exactly where were you?" Her father asked. She could see the fire behind his older blue eyes.

"I was at a friends house."

"Oh a friend?" Her mother started to say, "A guy friend most-likely. Kim you are going to be severely punished for this. Our guests are leaving soon. You go to your room right now. I'll take care of you in a minute."

"It's a shame no matter how much we try, she is still SO out of control." He father said, as he and Margret walked back to join their guests.

Kim immediately went to her room. She was so scared that she thought she was going to be sick. She could only imagine what was going to happen to her before the night was over. She started to cry because she was hurt. She was hurt on so many different levels. She was just amazed she had survived the abuse for so long. 

She made her way to the living room in her bedroom and stared out the beautiful stained glass window. She loved the view of the pool. She became lost in her thoughts. She completely lost track of time as she looked out of the window. It had been a mere thirty minutes and she hadn't budged. All of a sudden she heard a loud boom. It was her door being slammed open. She walked out into the main room of her bedroom and saw her mother standing in her doorway in a rage. Sure enough she had a metal pole in her hand.


She lifted the metal pole in the air and hit Kim in the side with it. Immediately she fell to the ground. She continued to strike her with the pole.


She had been hit with the pole on her back so many time that she automatically turned over. She begun getting struck in the stomach. She was in agony.

"Mother please KILL ME! KILL ME!" She screamed through tears. Her body was on the verge of no life. Especially mentally.

Kim tried sitting up through strikes and she grabbed on to her mother silky ball gown in which she was wearing.

"MO.....THER.... KILLLLLLLL MEEEEEEE. PLLLLLEEEEAASSEEEE." She said crying into her mothers gown. Margret looked down at her destroyed child.

"Get you IMPURE hands off my DESIGNER DRESS!" She shouted kicking her back to the ground. She used the metal pole one last time and hit Kim with all her might in the stomach.

"Uhhhhhhaaaa." Kim moaned the last blow cause liquidly vomit to come up her throat. She turned to her side. And moaned in pain as she vomited on the floor.

"AND CLEAN THIS MESS UP WHEN YOUR DONE ACTING LIKE A BABY! I HAVE A PARTY TO ATTEND TO!" Margret started to walk off. Kim couldn't take it anymore she was badly beaten up , yes, but she sill had some sort of life. 

Something gave her strength. It was ANGER! She slowly rose to her feet. Kim ran into the hall way and searched after her mother. "GET BACK HERE YOU BITCH!" Kim shouted when she seen her mother. And she slapped her mother in her face. 

Margret held her throbbing face in complete shock. "What did you just call me?" She then grabbed Kim by the shoulders and kicked her violently in the stomach with her knee. Margret grabbed her hair and drug her in her room.

Kim had tried but she had no strength left. Margret left the room then quickly came back with a key in her hand.

"I wasn't even going to lock your pathetic ass in your room. But since you got smart with me. I'm locking you in your room for three days. NO FOOD WHATSOEVER! THAT WILL TECH YOU TO EVER MESS WITH ME AGAIN. Why am I wasting my time taking to you? I HAVE A PARTY TO ATTEND!"

Kim was still moaning on the floor holding her stomach pitifully. "Fuck you!" she mumbled, coughing once.

"Ah, your still smarting off at the mouth? FIVE DAYS NO FOOD." She slammed the door and locked it.

Kim continued to roll on the floor. She had never been in so much pain. She wished she was dead. She was crying but she didn't realize it because it meant nothing. It was not helping her, it was not harming her. It was just tears of her dreaded pain. The longer she laid on the floor the more angry she became. She started to hear things. She felt psycho, like she had lost control of herself completely. These feelings gave her strength and power. She rose to her feet with quickness. She grabbed a towel out of the closet and covered up her vomit puddle. She kicked at the locked door, which kept her insolated in the now sickening room. She realized she would never be able to get the door open. But she had to get out. She stormed around the room trying to think of a plan that would get her out. OUT OF HELL! Then she got an idea. It seemed almost unreal, but it would lead her to FREEDOM. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen off of her desk and started to write:

Dear Mom and Dad,

You ruined my life. I HATE you! And by the time you read this I will be gone. I don't care if I don't have money, I will have life and thats all that matters to me. Don't go looking for me. If you try to force me back home I will show them the SCARS! I will tell them the truth behind the Miller millionaires. SO stay away from me and stay out of my life! If you don't want to go to jail, let me be!

Satisfied with the note Kim slid in under the door. She grabbed a medium sized bag and put a few items in it. She put her car keys in it, and about a thousand dollars she had in cash. She took one last glance at her room. She use to love it but now, the whole house was a piece of HELL. She walked into her living room. And stood in the doorway of it glaring at the stained glass window. It was raining outside, but it was beautiful view of the pool. All her thoughts and dreams flashed before her. She thought of the abuse, she thought of Justin. She thought of the bag that hung on her shoulder. She felt no pain now. She closed her eyes, and without hesitation she started to run. She felt no pain when the force of her body hit the window; she knew she was cut though. She kept her eyes closed and stayed calm as she was falling in the air. It was a large ball of silence.

The impact she felt when she hit the water was so powerful she was almost knocked unconscious. She felt herself sinking to the bottom of the pool. She was about ten feet under in the fifteen feet end. She frantically began to swim upward. 

It seem to take forever but she somehow made it to the surface. She looked all around her. The rain was almost blinding her and there was glass still falling in the air. It was incredible her bag was still attached to her shoulder. She quickly swam to one of the edges of the pool. She was shocked, SHE WAS STILL ALIVE!

In the pouring rain, and no shoes on she ran. She ran through her field of a back yard. She just ran, never looking back.

It took a while, but she reached a gate which was her escape. When she walked through the gate she laughed in happiness. She was free. She was almost in happy tears when she saw her car, a 2001 Lexus. The rain was bone chilling cold. She got into her car and started it up, she was heading to one place where she thought she could be safe...Justin's.

Kim arrived at Justin's through what she believed was faith. In her condition she shouldn't have been driving, let alone in the pouring. rain. Soaked to the bone and her bag on her shoulder, she knocked on the door. It was late, about one or two in the morning, but she had to wake Justin. She had no other place to go. This had to be the most daring thing she had ever did in her life. She left her home and her whole life behind her.

After ringing the door bell and waiting for about three minutes Justin opened the door. He was a sleep walking zombie but when he took one look at Kim he was WIDE wake.

"OH MY GOD! Kim? Come in." He led her into his home. 

All of a sudden she could feel the pain now. She knew it was only going to get worse. "Justin. Can I stay with you? I have no place to go." She looked down at the ground tears rolled down her face, aside from her leaking wet hair.

"Of course. Of course. Lets get you dry and in bed. My God, what happened to you?"

"My mother... She beat me up again." She whispered under her breath.

"He stroked her cheek and it brought tears to his eyes to look at her. She had the same outfit on she had on when she left, but she didn't look the same in it. She looked broken. He gently picked her up in his arms and brought her into one of his guest bedrooms.

"You wait right here, I'll get you a shirt to sleep in."

Kim put her bag down beside a wall and she threw her keys on the nightstand in view. Justin reentered the room with a Abercrombie long sleeved shirt.

"It may be a little big, but at lease you'll be dry. "He placed the shirt in her hands.

"Thank you Justin. Thanks for helping me." She sniffled.

To respect her Justin turned around as she took all her clothes off, leaving her panties, and applied the warm sweet smelling shirt he gave her.

"You can turn around now." She said whisper-like, just like when he first met her. He did so glancing at her pile of wet clothes on the floor before making eye contact.

"Here. I also got you a towel for your hair." He handed it to her and she wrapped it around her head.

"Thank you so much...they hate me Justin. They always hated me!"

"Shh! Don't say a word, you need rest."

He directed her to the bed with the back of his hand. He noticed the small various cuts all over her body. He shook his head silently in shame. She did not see this action. He pulled the covers back for her and she climbed into bed. He covered her up, so that she was nice and warm.

"You get some rest Kim. We can discuss what happened in the morning." He kissed her lips softly then turned to walk out of the room.


"Yes? Do you need anything?"

"Don't leave me. Please don't leave me." She said with a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Okay, I won't"

He hit the light switch and approached the bed. He laid on top of the covers and held her in his arms as if she was his baby. Instantly they both fell asleep.


" JUSTIN I....I can't move." Justin was sleeping soundly but immediately woke at her shouting voice.

His eyes shot open and his first reaction was to move his arm which was wrapped so well around her it appeared as if her had no hand. He rolled away from her and grabbed something off the nightstand by him.

"See Kim, I was preparing from this, in the middle of the night I got up and got you some pain killers and water. Here."

She slowly opened up her mouth. And he placed two gel caps in her mouth.

"Can you sit up?" He asked holding the glass of water in his hand.

She tried to lift her neck but moaned out in pain. "I...I don't think I can" She slurred with the gel caps in her mouth.

He gently placed his hand behind her neck and raised her head and the glass to where she could get a few swallows of water.

After she swallowed the pills down, she sighed and closed her eyes. Justin stared at her for a few seconds and her couldn't help but to sweep his hand continuously against her cheek. She had been beaten up, but there wasn't on mark on her face. Not one pimple or bump even. She was so beautiful...perfect.

She quickly opened her eyes and tears were falling out of them like a rain storm.

Justin continued to stroke her face knocking tears away as they hit his hand. He had a very concerned look on his face. "Kim, what's wrong sweetheart?"

She stared helplessly at the ceiling. Tears were pouring down her face, but she was numb to them. She didn't even realized them. She barely noticed she was crying. "I'm so pathetic. I left my home. I have nothing now Justin. NOTHING! Not a damn thing, not a job. It's too late from me to try to get in college, I HAVE NOTHING!" She attempted to shift her body and it hurt so bad that she felt she started to loudly cry and she just broke down emotionally.

The first thing Justin did was comfort her. He put his arm around her and leaned down so she could put her head to his heart. He was so warm and his simple touch was like an electric shock of hotness. She stopped crying but continued to mumble events of pain and hatred.

"Shhh baby, hush your going to be okay. You have me and you can stay with me."

After a few minutes of tender love and care and when the medicine kicked in, Kim fell back asleep. Justin walked out of the room and ran his hands through his hair and paced outside of the open door. He shed a few tears of his own. He was hurting. He was hurting because it hurt to see Kim so worked up... so lifeless. It was just too much for him to bare. He wanted to protect her. He wanted to hold her forever. In his mind he was going to make sure she was never hurt like that again.

Justin spent the entire day caring for Kim. He even fed her. She was able to move with less pain by night time but she was still very cut up..

Justin walked into the bedroom in which he had walked into many times throughout the day.

He saw Kim's curled up body of a figure. "Are you sure you don't want to see a doctor?" He whispered in her ear. Her eyes opened, for she was not in a deep sleep.

"No...I don't need a doctor." She closed her eyes and smiled to herself.

Justin glanced at the clock it was eight-eighteen. "Okay. You may not want to see a doctor, but you need to get up. I ran a nice hot bath for you in the Jacuzzi tub, so you can get cleaned up and soak your soar body.

The word 'soak' sounded so great. She knew the bath would be a thing she need to do for her body's sake.

"Okay." She groaned.

Justin pulled the covers back, and she wrapped her arm around his neck and he carried her in his arms. He took her into his bedroom, which was very nice, and into his bathroom where she saw the huge oval tub that was filled greatly with water and topped off with bubbles.

He sat her on the edge and backed away from her just looking her over for a second. He had fallen so much for her his eyes didn't see the cuts which covered her tan legs. He looked up and met her eyes, then he saw the tears again. All day she had emotional outbursts, but he completely understood and tried to comfort her as much as possible. He walked up to her and sat on his knees and gently held her. She cried on his shoulder.

"Your going to be okay. Everything will be fine. Take your bath sweetie." He told her in her soft silky hair.

"Yeah thats right, my bath. I'm going to take my bath..." She whimpered.

Justin got up and started to walk out of the bathroom so she could continue with her bath.

"Justin, where are you going?"

He turned around and raised his arms in the air for the effect. "I'm letting you take your bath...privately. I understand and respect your shyness and your need for privacy.

Kim bit her bottom lip. She then crossed her arms and pulled his Abercrombie shirt off.

"OH MY GOD! KIM!" He covered his eyes with his hands

"I don't care if you see me. I really don't care about anything anymore."

Justin stayed in the same spot his eyes were still covered. He did not expect to see what he saw. It was very hard for him to handle. Not the fact that he never saw a woman before, but the fact that it was KIM! "Uh, Kim I'll be on my bed if you need anything." He slowly started to back away.

"Justin please don't go." She whispered. He heard a trickling sound and he removed his hands and looked. She was sitting down in the water. She was completely covered in bubbles except for her head. Her clothes were in a small pile. Still he could not believe the boldness of her. And usually he was stronger when it came to things like this but he just didn't know how to cope with seeing Kim as he just did.

"I have bruises all over me. On my stomach, my back, Cuts all over my legs. On my arms. I'm so ugly Justin. I'm so PATHETIC! I AM NOTHING!" She hung her head low and cried to herself.

Justin couldn't take anymore. He was overwhelmed with her lack of confidence or hope for that matter. "STOP IT! KIM STOP IT!" He knelt down beside her, "You need to stop this. These put downs. They are driving me mad. I can't take anymore. I'm so torn up because I don't know how to make you feel any better. Your making me feel bad. I don't know what to do. I DON'T know. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! STOP IT!" Tears were creeping down his face as he stroked her cheek. Kim noticed that he was a very emotional guy. She loved that about him. He wasn't afraid to cry.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, as she looked up and locked her eyes with his, "I didn't mean to upset you so."

He picked up a sponge that was in his reach and dipped it in the water for a second. "No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell." He moved her long blond hair to the left of her neck, and gently tapped the wounds on her back with the sponge, since she was leaning forward briefly.

Her knees appeared through the ocean of bubbles and she wrapped her arms around them and put her head down. This was a sign that she was comfortable and okay with what he was doing.

He continued to gently brush the sponge over her back. "Are you feeling any better?" He asked.

She looked up at him for a second so he could see the tears on her face. "Yes, I feel much better." She said putting her head back down against her knee. He was cleaning the cuts on her back so generously and sweetly but he was still very uncomfortable with the situation and Kim could sense it. "Listen, Justin you don't have to do this, you can leave if you want, I don't want to force you to stay."

"I want to stay. There is no other place I'd rather be." He smiled brightly showing the top portion of his perfect white teeth.

Kim started laughing. "That smile of yours is so beautiful, but you are so full of it." She splashed him greatly and his white shirt was soaked. Water poured over the edge of the tub onto the floor.

Justin just stood with his eyes wide. He couldn't believe what she just did. But it was all in fun, at least she was laughing and not crying.

Kim observed Justin's body as he stood there. His shirt now clenched to his chest revealing his rippled abs and built chest. He was truly a dream man. He was beautiful in so many ways. He didn't know it, but he was perfect to her.

"You brat! Now I'm all wet. Sorry to bust your bubble, but I've had a shower already, I don't think I need another. You go ahead and take your bath, I HAVE TO GO CHANGE NOW!"

He walked out of the bathroom and left her laughing. He walked into his humongous walk in closet and looked for something dry to put on. After grabbing a a Hilfiger t-shirt he walked over to his mirror and looked at himself as he changed.

"You know, you have really nice back muscles."

Justin turned around quickly. Kim was standing in the door way of his bathroom. She was completely nude except for the bubbles that covered her most private parts.

"Girl, what the hell are you doing? Why are you walking around here like that? Have you lost all respect for yourself?."

"Whoa, I'm walking around here like this because I couldn't find towel."

"Well you could have called me. I would have gotten you one." He reached into his closet and grabbed one. He cautiously walked towards her with the towel in his hand. He told himself to keep his eyes to her eyes and there wouldn't be any problems, but he couldn't help himself and looked down at her for a moment.

"Thank you." She told him when the towel hit her hands.

"Your welcome." He shook away bad thoughts that entered his head. "But Kim this is not cool. And this is not you. Please stop doing things you wouldn't usually do. I know for a fact that when I first met you there was no way that you would be walking around like this." She wrapped the towel around her as he spoke. "Be yourself don't be too outgoing because of all the problems and bad things you've been through, because it's just not you to be acting this way."

She coldly started him in the eyes and this action actually scared Justin. He stepped back away from her.


She quickly left the room and went into the guest bedroom she had her things in. She locked the door so Justin couldn't come in. She just wanted to isolate herself.

Justin approached the door and when he realized it was locked he decided to leave her alone. "Okay Kim you can be this way if you want, but I know one thing. You are NOT going back to live with your parents and seek all that abuse! YOU HEAR ME? YOU ARE NOT!" And with that he walked downstairs.

Chapter 3

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