Chapter 12 

"Oh my God." She was freaking. "OH MY GOD!" She was just over powered and overwhelmed by with what he was doing. Her face had managed to turn red and she used her hand to try to calm herself. She cried out and her eyes were just bleeding with tears. She fanned herself. "Of...course...of...cour..." Her emotions had chocked her to death, but Justin understood he got a yes. Tears flowed down his face and he opened up the box. When Kim saw the beautiful ring, with a HUGE diamond on it, she lost it. Anymore excitement and she would have passed out. "OH MY GOD JUSTIN. OH MY GOD!" She started screaming. He took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger. It was a perfect fit. She was trembling so badly it seemed like she was seizuring.

Justin stood up and placed his arms around her, being careful of her back. When he tried to release himself out of the hug she clang to him. She was attached to him and wouldn't let go. Her arms tightened around his neck. "I believe this...I...I can't breath." She had upset herself so much she was hyperventilating.

Justin laughed through his tears of joy. "Calm down sweetie. Calm down. I can't breath either considering you...are...cutting" It was funny at first but now he really couldn't breath. He tried to peel her gripping arms from around his neck, or at least loosen them. "Kim?...Please let me go...I can't...Kim?...Please.' go...I'm"

She looked up at him and realized he was a nice shade of blue. She dropped her legs from around him and put them on the ground. She stuck her sobbing face against his chest. She was gasping and making indescribable noises but she was calming down slowly. "I can't believe you just proposed to me. Wow!"

His body thanked him greatly for the breaths of air. He could see Kim defiantly needed some calming. He picked her up and sat her on the couch so he could try to sooth her emotions. He himself was crying, but only because he was overjoyed...and shocked. Personally shocked she had reacted the way she did. She had to really love him. "Don't cry baby." He whispered, wiping her luminous crystals for eyes.

She looked at her ring and took a deep breath. "I love you Justin. Thank you...thank you, for loving me enough to do this." Her voice started in a whisper and faded until it was untraceable.

She reached over and kissed his lips. The kiss was quick but good enough to exchange love.

"And I love you. Look at us. The both of us. We are always crying. What's up with that?"

They both smelled something. The cookies were done. They were not BURNT. Just done.

"I'll get the cookies." Justin said getting up and walking into the kitchen. He used a a towel to take them out of the oven. "Kim these look really good. You want me to bring you one?" Before she could answer he picked one up with his hand. It was so soft and...HOT. He ran into the living room . "Here take it. TAKE IT. IT'S BURNING MY HAND!"

She had observed enough calamity to laugh. "I'm not taking that thing, so it can burn me too."

"But it's hot dammit!." He purposely dropped it on the floor and he shook his hand. "Ow man."

"It would have been wise to put it on a napkin Justin." She giggled.

"Oh yeah. I didn't even think of that." He took a close seat next to her on the couch. "So, how is my bride to be?"

She smiled at his tender and warm facial expression. "She is just fine. Shocked the hell out of, but fine." She looked at her ring and put it really close to her face. She was good at putting prices on things. Her father told her about the prices and cuts of diamonds. The ring was one like no other. In the center of it was a huge heart shaped diamond which matched the charm on her necklace, which she still had not put back on. It was then surrounded by smaller heart shaped diamonds. It was beautiful. It was breathtaking. It was tear jerking. It was expensive as heck. "Justin, how much did you pay for this?" She made a fist and pointed to the ring.

He put his arm around her shoulder and put his cheek to her cheek. "Haha thats for me to know and for you to NOT know."

His breath was cool but warm and it whisked against her ear. Something came over both of them and they stated kissing heavily. 

The phone rang.

Justin sighed in frustration and broke away from her. "Excuse me baby girl." He walked over to a side table and picked the cordless phone from the receiver.


"Hey. Well it's eight-thirty, you said to call at eight thirty... Did you do it?"

He instantly recognized his mothers extremely country voice. "Yes, ma and she said 'yes'." He looked over at Kim who was smiling in the distance and studying her ring.

"OH MY GOD HONEY! CONGRATULATIONS! I really want to meet her. You know I would come visit you Justin, but I hate driving for two hours by myself. How is she doing? Feeling?"

"Yes I know you hate the long drive. When Kim gets better we are going to FINALLY come over. She is feeling well, I guess."

He heard a beep on the other end of the phone line. According to his caller ID it was Chris. "Ma, hold on. Someone's on the other line."


He clicked over.


"WUUZZZZZZUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP?" Chris shouted. "Hey man! So Justin, what did she say? All of the guys are at my house. We are ALL on speaker phone waiting to hear what she said." He heard an echo of more what's up's, it was the other guys proving their existence.

"She said..." He tried to act as if he was sad. "She said..."

"She said no? Justin, she said no?" Lance asked.

"SHE SAID YES!" He pulled the congratulations screams they returned at him away from his ear.


Justin crashed in the bed where Kim was laying. When he moved next to her she place her leg over his leg and her arm on his chest. "How are you feeling?" He asked rubbing her thigh.

"My back hurts a little. I haven't had any chest pains really."

"Thats what I want to hear." He said turning his head towards her.

"Justin..." She looked up at the ceiling and tried to keep the tears inside of her eyes. "I can't believe you proposed to me. I'm so shocked. When should we get married?"

He moved his body over a little to reach out and kiss her cheek. "Whenever you want. This isn't about me. This is about you. I owe you everything Kim."

They were moving and shifting closer to one another, and yet they didn't realize it. "You don't owe me anything Justin. We shouldn't get married any time soon. I'd say a year and a half, maybe two years. You are in Nsync and everything. I think it would be best to get married when the hysteria dies down."

He closed his eyes. "Thats a long time from now, but whatever you want. I don't care, as long as I now know you are officially mine to keep."

They started to kiss...


Next Day.

"Yup Griffin and thats how it happened. I was baking cookies and he asked me to marry him."

He playfully tapped her on the shoulder. "That Justin, he is so special, with the surprise and all. YOUR GETTING MARRIED! Why aren't you screaming and jumping up and down?"

She coughed. "Oh I did that already. I SCREAMED LIKE CRAZY!"

He laughed. "You were that happy huh? You were so happy he asked you that you screamed your lungs out?"

"No I was screaming because he fuc..." She realized she had said her though out loud. "I was screaming because he shocked my brains out." She tried to cover up her embarrassing error.

He wasn't fooled and he could tell by her unstoppable smile that she was embarrassed. He didn't want to make her feel worse and just ignored her comment. "So that's it. You two are getting married. So ya'll are going to be together forever. Nothing can hold your love back anymore..."

She looked at her ring. "Together forever?" She whispered to where only her ears could hear. "Together forever?"

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