Chapter 10 

He walked over to her and grabbed her arms to stop her from pulling off her clothes. "STOP IT KIM!" He started to shake her. "STOP THIS CRAZY OUTRAGEOUS FREAKY SHIT. WAKE UP! FACE REALITY! YOUR PARENTS ARE NOT AFTER YOU! STOP WITH THIS ALREADY! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! USE YOUR HEAD KIM! BE REALISTIC!"

She was upset, but not to the point of crying. "You are so right Justin. I've been acting crazy like this because I won't face reality. I'm going to STOP THIS." He let her arms go. "Justin, I'm so sorry. This will NEVER happen again. I will never FREAK OUT like this ever again, I promise. It was all because I couldn't face reality, and I just created these voices in my head. Thank you."

They embraced for a very long time. Maybe this was a breakthrough. Maybe she would get better. Only time would tell. Justin did know that he loved Kim, and no matter what he would stick by her. When he told himself these things what did he mean? Was he saying he was going to spend the rest of his life with Kim? Was he saying they would ALWAYS be together? There was no denying it, they were made for each other in some strange way.

"I'm so sorry Justin. I know I must have scared you."

He didn't respond to her, he only broke away and pulled the covers back for her. "Here. Go to bed baby girl. I know you have to be tired. I know I am." She climbed under the covers and watched Justin cut the light off. He joined her in bed, putting his back to her. He was still a little shocked about what had went on. He wasn't upset, just shocked.

He felt her hand touch his back. "Justin please don't be afraid of me. I promise you, it won't happen again...I just want you to trust me."

He turned his body towards her. "Kim I love you." He reached his hand up and touched around until he was able to cup her face. He then placed a kiss on her lips.

"What do you want? What do you want from me Britney? Why are you constantly doing things to upset me?" ...

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes. I want more." ...

"Did you like that?"

"You know I did Justin."

Their kiss was so intimate, deep, and passionate but Justin broke away regretfully.

"Justin you just had to get a girl all excited and then leave her hanging." She told him stroking his head.

"I know I'm sorry. I'm just tired." He placed his head down somewhere in her neck and tried to drift to sleep.


After dealing with his sickness, a fight, and another one of Kim's infamous outbursts, Justin was wore out, and he slept longer than usual.

He opened his eye's and glanced over at the clock. "What the ...? Eleven o'clock?" He snapped out of bed hurriedly. It wasn't like he had somewhere to go, it was just he hated getting up late. He brushed his teeth and cleaned up very quickly.

When he opened the bedroom door he heard music blasting from downstairs. It was one of his older CD's and Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" was the song that was playing at the moment.

Justin walked downstairs and his attention was captured by the cleanliness of the place. He walked into the kitchen first. Everything was spotless, not a dish in the sink, the counters were sparkling white.

He then walked into the living room. Kim was on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. He had a great VIEW of her. She was singing loudly, and she didn't even realize he was there. What better way to make and entrance then to sing? "Do you remember the time when we fell in love? Do you remember the time, when we first met girl?"

Kim jumped up and held her heart. "JUSTIN! You scared the crap out of me. You are SO DAMN sneaky."

He looked her up and down. "Very nice. Are you sporting the new hot pants trend? Nice shorts."

She straitened up the material on her thighs. "I'm not the ditz that bought size two shorts when I wear a size three. Anyway, How are you feeling this morning?"

He grinned. "Better. What in the world have you done to my house? Have you went cleaning crazy?" He sat down on the couch and pulled her into his lap.

She shrugged and placed her hair behind her ears. "I don't know. I just got home an hour ago. It wasn't that hard it's only two...ahem...three people saying here. Everyone practically cleans up after themselves. I cleaned the kitchen, the living room, I've put all our dirty clothes in the washing machine. Oh yeah I took that bowl out of the pool."

Justin started kissing her on the neck. "You are so sexy when you talk clean."

She used her hand to lift his eyes to her eyes. "I saw doctor Nathan today. He said that I might have a slight mental disorder and he gave me a prescription to take. He said it will keep my temper normal at all times."

He didn't say anything, he just kissed her neck hard. "Uh Justin I went to the coffee shop today. I brought you a chocolate coffee back, but it's probably cold by now. It's in the microwave if you wanted to drink it. W-why are you kissing me like this?"

"Oh yeah Justin. Britney went somewhere. Right after I got back she drove off somewhere." Justin stopped kissing her neck.

"Oh really?" The word Britney made him cringe. He wanted to tell her. He had to tell her about the kiss because it was eating him up. "Kim. I have something I need to tell you."

She smiled and blinked her eyes, staring at him deeply. She didn't realize she was reaching in to kiss him.

He he studied those lips of hers he couldn't do it. "I love you." She revealed her perfect squared teeth at him.

She touched his smooth silky chin. " And I love you...Damn I think I missed Dave's Dance down. I have to go jogging in a bit too." She attempted to get up and Justin tugged on her arm and forced her back into his lap.

"Oh no ya don't! You aren't going anywhere."

She giggled. "Why can't I go anywhere?"

He ran his hand down her soft sweet smelling hair. "Because I want to give you a kiss." He swiped his lips over her ear. He could see the cut on her face was trying to heal. "You are so beautiful."

The whisper she received from him made her shiver. "You have ruined my fragile little mind with the kiss thing. Your so bad Justin." She stood up and put her hands on her hips.

He scratched his head. "Kim we are boyfriend and girlfriend we are allowed to..."

"You know what Justin? I got you these blue kaki-like pants yesterday from the GAP. Go put them on. I wanna see how they look on you. Go do that while I finish scrubbing the floor."

He stood up and kissed her on the cheek. "Your real good at changing a subject. Okay I'll model them for ya."

When he walked away Kim got back down on her knees. Just as she was getting into the cleaning. The doorbell rang. She wiped her hands on her short shorts and walked over to the door.

It was a mail man and he had several boxes.

"HELLLLLLLO BABY. I mean package for Timberlake residence. No need to sign."

"Yeah, just set them right there." She said pointing to an area on the floor.

"You wouldn't happen to be single would you?" The man asked after he set the boxes down.

She cocked her hip to the side to look more sexy. "Sorry I have a boyfriend AND HE LIVES HERE!" The guy walked away quickly. He looked back once.

Kim walked over to a spot of blood on the floor and scrubbed it a few more times. She finally decided that the floor was clean. She walked over to the stereo and cut the music off . Justin was standing at the end of the living room with the pants she had requested on.

"They look cute on you, but where is your ass?" She raised an eyebrow.

He looked back at himself. "Well what do you know...I have no ass." He threw his hands in the air.

When he lifted up his arms she could tell her had a belt on and it wasn't buckled up. "Oh Justin why are you so difficult?" She walked over to him. "Hold up your shirt."

He held up his shirt . Kim got down on her knees and started to buckle up the belt. He looked down at her, and watched her the whole time. When she was finished she looked up, and her eyes locked with his. As she rose to her feet she almost melted from his direct but pleasant stare.

He let the shirt fall to cover is stomach back up. "Thank you. I like them." He said not breaking the eye contact.

She played with her shirt that said 'Sugar' on it. "Your welcome. I know your style is to dress like a bum."

He rolled his eyes dramatically and laughed. "You know, you will get it for that." He took her into his arms and put her across his shoulder.

"Justin you are so lame. Don't you think this is just stupid?" She started laughing. "Besides I'm not your girlfriend I'm just a friend." She laughed and kicked a little to make it harder for him to walk.

"Ut oh. I wasn't really going to throw you in, but that's a double whammy. I'm really going to throw you in the pool now." He opened the back sliding doors.

"Justin, no wait. I was just kidding with you. Please don't throw me in, I am your girlfriend, your lover, your...wife even."

In a breeze he put her on her feet. "What did you say Kim?"

"I said I am your girlfriend."

He nodded. "Yeah, and you said something else."

She bit the inside her cheek. "Yeah. I said: I am your girlfriend, your lover, your wife even." Before tension could become a problem Kim pushed Justin into the pool. As he was falling he grabbed Kim's shirt and pulled her in too.

"Why am I starting to HATE this pool?" Justin asked sighing.

Kim placed herself up close to him. "You are the one that brought it on yourself."

He took off his shirt and tossed it to the side. "Oh yeah? And now I'm about to bring it on to you."


"So Justin, what are we going to do today?" Kim asked fixing her dry clothes in the bathroom mirror.

Justin sat down on the bed. "Oh I don't know. I know we need to get out of this house."

Kim came out of the bathroom. "There is not much you can do. You are Justin Timberlake."

"Oh God that reminds me. I have to go back into the studio in a bit, and then we will have to tour again. Man, it's like my vacations and breaks are never long enough." His shoulders slumped.

It was true. Sometimes he wondered if being in Nsync was worth it. Sometimes he felt like he had everything and nothing. He had no privacy in public. Everything he does having to do with the group was very stressful. Recording was stressful, touring was very stressful, putting up with the fans, that was the most stressful of them all.

Kim took a seat next to him. "Justin, I thought you loved what you do." She placed her hand on his shoulder and squeezed it.

He took a deep breath because that simple squeeze felt so good. "I do. I really do. I don't know, it just gets to me sometimes."

"Aw baby, then why do you look so sad?" She positioned herself behind him and kissed him on the neck. She massaged his shoulders.

He moaned. He couldn't believe he could get so much pleasure from her small fingers. "I'm not...sad." He whispered.

She stopped massaging his shoulders. "Good." She started at his neck and licked him with her tongue until she met with his chin. "I love you Justin." She got off of the bed stood up and twirled her hair with innocence. "Justin I forgot to tell you this... I threw most of the flowers away. There are a few plants left, but the room is pretty much back to normal.

He chuckled. "Oh. Okay." His body was frustrated with her massaging him for a second and then suddenly stopping.

"Don't worry Justin. I'll give you a massage before we go over your mom's house." She clipped her CD to her side. "Sorry baby I got to take a jog. When I get back we can do something, kay?"

He nodded. "What are you currently listening to? Britney?"

She shook her head dramatically and placed her speakers in her ears. "HELL NO! I'm listening to one of your CD's. It's not the newest one but another one. 'No Strings Attached'? I think that's it."

"Yeah. Do you like it?"

She checked her face in the mirror. "Yeah. It's great. I really like that does it go? If you take a chance with me. I'll be everything you need, because it's our destiny..."

Justin laughed. "Well you got the words down and packed. The name of the song is 'No Strings Attached'."

"Well yeah, I really like that song. I got to run. I'll be back in a few. I won't be long." She turned to walk out of the room.

"Wait Kim. Maybe you should put more clothes on. I don't think it would be such a good idea to just jog around in a a sports bra and those tight Capri's."

She looked back at him. "Oh come on. Are you serious? This outfit is innocent."

He stood up and stretched his arms. "Yeah but it doesn't make your body look all that innocent. Even I am having problems to keep away the urges to just pin you on the bed."

She gave him attitude in her expression. "Well I'm not changing, and now I'm taking my jog." She walked out of the room jogged down the steps and out the door.

She pressed play on the CD player and 'Bye Bye Bye.' started to blast in her ear. The loud sound scared her at first but then her ears adapted to it. "I wanna see you out that door baby bye bye byyyyyyye." She waved to some old guy who waved at her. "You may hate me but it ain't no lie baby bye bye byyyyyyye!" She giggled to herself at the sound of Justin's voice, he could sing so well. His voice was like a turn on, almost. "Sing it Justin. Give me one good reason baby come onnnnn."

When she reached the beach it was absolutely empty. It was a private beach anyway so there never were lots of people at it. She decided to jog along the shore. The scenery was beautiful.

The beach seemed never-ending. It seemed like she was jogging forever. She loved it, and the rush, and the feelings she was getting from the jog made her keep going. When she reached the end of the beach she told herself she wasn't going to stop now. She was certainly in unfamiliar territory, she had to clue where the heck she was. She followed a side walk that exited the beach and it led to other houses.

"Okay, I've went to far now. I better head back." She stopped jogging and started to walk. When she saw Griffin's red Porsche she stopped. She looked at the humongous house in front of her. "Oh my God. This is his house?" It was big enough to be considered a mansion. It was not as big as the mansion she lived in with her parents, but the house was extraordinary in size. "Um...maybe I should say hi."

The walk to the front door was like an obstacle itself. His yard was HUGE. When she got at his front door she looked down at herself. She wished she would have changed like Justin suggested. With a nervous huff she knocked on the door.

She was shocked when an old formally dressed woman answered the door. "Hello. May I help you?"

She pulled her speakers out of her ears. "Uh yes. Is Griffin around? Griffin Seaton?"

The woman nodded. "Yes ma'am Mr. Seaton is available." The woman turned her head and spoke with someone. Seconds later Griffin appeared in front of her.

"Kim? Hey! Oh my, what are you doing here?" He had a huge smile of his face.

Kim took a glimpse of the inside of his house. "Hey. I was just jogging...I saw your car and thought I would say hi. Was that your mother?"

He opened the door wider. "Come in. Come in. Oh and no that is not my mom. She was my maid Tracy."

She walked into the house hesitantly. It was huge. He had statues on his staircase and everything. He had a maid? Her parents never had a maid at their mansion. "Um, this house is gigantic. No offense but I'm a bit uncomfortable being here. I feel out of place."

He took her hand and brought her to a sitting area . "Don't be silly. Sit down."

She sat down on a red abstract sofa. "So what's up?" He said sitting down across from her.

She looked at her surroundings. "I was just saying have a piano? Very nice."

He shook his head. "Yeah. I don't play it. It's just there for decoration." He could tell she was nervous. Why she was nervous he didn't know. "Kim is something wrong?"

She took her eyes from a crystal chandelier. "No. I just can't believe this is your house. You live here? Alone?"


The room became so quiet both of them could hear the music clearly from her CD player. She cut it off.

"So, would you like to do something? Play basketball, go swimming, play some tennis?" Griffin asked.

"Tennis?" She looked into his green eyes. They were such a bright shade of green she looked away from him.

"Yeah. I have a tennis court. Would you like to play a game, or do you have better things to do?"

She thought about Justin for a moment. "No. Nothing better to do. I'd love to play a game. Just one game though."


"I win again I win! I win!" She jumped up and down in victory. "Three games strait, buddy!"

Griffin wiped the sweat from his brow. "You sure did. God your good at tennis. I say lets go back into the house and get some water. I think I'm dehydrated."

"Okay. Sounds good to me. I feel like I'm going to pass out. I didn't eat anything, I only had coffee this morning."

They walked out of the gated tennis court. "I'll make sure you have something to eat. You can't jog, and play three games of tennis on an empty stomach. You'll get sick."

They walked on a trail that led back to the house. "The last thing I need is to get sick. Over the past few weeks I have gotten sick so many times, you'd think I was bulimic."

Griffin laughed. "Speaking of sick. How is Justin?"

Kim stopped walking and froze. "Oh no."

He looked over at her in concern. "What's the matter?"

"Uh Griffin, Justin is fine. And I uh...have to go." She started running back to his house.

She ran through the house and out the front door. She didn't realize she left her CD player. She ran back through the beach, she ran on the side walk and finally she ran up Justin's driveway. She walked in the house and she couldn't breath, she was dehydrated, and her body was begging for food. Her head was throbbing and she felt so dizzy. Dr. Nathan said that the medication could cause dizziness, so that made her condition and situation worse. She got a bottled water out of the refrigerator and gulped it down. Her body was so unstable she spit it back up in the sink. She needed to lie down so she walked into the living room and collapsed on the couch.

Justin came downstairs and he was obviously upset. He eyed her harshly. "Where have you been? It's been three and a half hours. And why are you sweating and gasphing like that? That must have been some 'JOG'!"

She was seeing blurry. "I went for a jog...I need ...I was...playing with Griffin...he says I'm real good. We were together."

Justin interrupted her before she could say any more. "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!" He shouted and walked off.

Kim tried to fight to stay awake and explain but she passed out.


Kim woke up, and at first she didn't know where she was. She stood up and walked towards the kitchen. She had to get something in her stomach, something light but suitable. She took some strawberry yogurt out of the refrigerator and grabbed a spoon and headed upstairs. When she tried to open the door it was locked. She could hear crying, and then another voice. "Justin? Can you open the door please? I need to explain something to you."

"Go away! You've done enough to him. GET OUT OF HERE KIM." It was Britney's voice. She was in the room with him.

"What? Justin, open the door. I need to talk with you."

"There is nothing to talk about." He told her through the door. His voice was filled with so much pain.

"OPEN THIS DOOR DAMMIT!" She beat on it with her fist that was not holding the yogurt and the spoon.

She heard the door unlock and her and Britney looked at each other face to face. "What did I say BITCH? Get out of here. Justin or I don't want you here."

Kim pushed Britney to the side. "Oh get out of my way!" She placed her yogurt on the dresser, and saw Justin sitting on the bed his eyes rimmed with red, and his lips started to quiver when he looked at her. "Justin I did not..." Britney grabbed her and shoved her against the wall.

"What did I say? GET OUT NOWWWW!"

"I'm sick and tired of you putting your hands on me! I'm going to put a stop to it." She used all her might and tackled her to the ground and punched Britney in the face twice.

"GET OFF OF HER!" Justin shouted. He grabbed Kim by the shoulders and flung her across the room.

She landed on her leg the wrong way and it twisted. She looked at her leg, then Justin, then her leg again. "No you did not just protect her. Justin, I did not sleep with that guy Griffin. We played tennis." She grabbed a hold of the dresser and pulled herself up. When she tried to walk her leg hurt a little. "Justin, it was innocent."

He rolled his eyes at her then helped Britney off of the ground. "You were right Britney you were so right. Look at her! Had sex with me this morning, then Griffin in the afternoon." He pointed to Kim in utter belief.

"I know Justin she is sooo FAKE!"

Kim stepped back away from them. "What? Are you saying you don't believe me Justin? SHE HAS CHANGED YOU! THAT BITCH!" She lunged at Britney, hoping to get another chance to hit her. Justin blocked her. "Justin! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? And you can't call anyone FAKE, you silicon prostitute wanna be BITCH!

"Don't talk about her like that. At least she's not a crazy psycho who strips. Hell, AT LEAST SHE DIDN'T CHEAT ON ME!"

Kim stepped back. "Why don't you believe me? I never lied to you? I NEVER WILL!" Britney grabbed Justin and started to kiss him on the lips. Kim jumped at her and grabbed her by the head. "I'm going to KILL YOU BITCH."

Justin pushed her off of her. "You are too much trouble! You need to LEAVE NOW!"

Britney started to laugh in the background. Kim's heart dropped. He had said the words. He told her to leave. She chocked and literally wanted to vomit. He chose BRITNEY over her, over something so childish. "Okay. I'll leave." She whispered. She searched on the dresser and picked up her keys. "I knew this would happen." She told herself.

Justin and Britney looked on as she wandered around the room.

Kim walked into the closet and grabbed her bags of money. Now she had her keys, her medication, and her money. That was all she thought she would need. She walked to the door then looked back. "Justin I never lied to you." She whispered it, because her sadness had choked her. A tear fell down her cheek when she looked at him and Britney standing together. "I um.. wish you two the best." She smiled as the tears ran down her cheek and left.

Kim ran to the car she had to get away. The pain was overwhelming. Her body ached all over and it took every bit of strength not to be sick in Justin's driveway. She put her few things in her trunk and got into her car and took off.

How could he not believe her? He was so wrong for what he did, and what he said. Kim felt sick. She was beyond the point of wanting to throw up, she was in so much pain she couldn't breath. She pulled over on the side of the rode and sat down in a pasture of grass, holding herself. "He didn't believe in me. He wouldn't even consider what I had to say. HE HAS TO GIVE ME MORE CREDIT THAN THAT!" She hopped back into her car and made a U-turn.

She stormed into the house with a boom, and Justin and Britney were on the couch talking. They both inhaled in wonder. "JUSTIN! YOU HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE ME! PLEASE!"

He stood and put his hands on his waist. "Why should I?" He smirked narrowing his eyes.

"Because Justin. I LOVE YOU! AND I'M BEING HONEST. I WOULD NEVER CHOSE ANOTHER MAN OVER YOU!" She got down on her knees and held on to his leg and cried into his pants.

"Justin she is so pathetic. She can't cover up for what she did."

He looked over at Britney, and then down at Kim. "Get off of my leg please." He said with a laugh.

Britney stood up from the couch. "GET OFF OF HIM BITCH!" She picked Kim up by the hair and threw her up against the wall. She put painful pressure on the back of Kim's neck and smashed her face against the wall. "Why don't you just leave us alone?"

Kim had lost all hope and confidence for that matter. She was a shell of a human and nothing more. Her soul was gone. She cried hard when Britney started to twist the skin on her neck.

"Thats right you little baby. Cry because now you really have nothing." Britney put her lips really close to Kim's ear. "He's mine now." Britney shrugged her lose.

Kim went sliding down the wall onto the floor. She was crying so loudly and pitifully. "I have to be strong." She told herself. She stood up and her body was shaking all over...

"I'm so sorry for staring, but I'm going to be honest with you. You are one of the most beautiful women I ever saw."

"Hey Kim. Did you have trouble with the directions I gave you?"

"Did you feel that?"... "The magic in that kiss?"

"Your damn right. You are my baby besides you don't know just how sexy you look when you eat."

"Alright Kim. The movie is starting. Besides anymore of your wonderful kisses and I might have to do something I'd regret."

"Is it okay if I kiss you somewhere besides your lips?"

"Butt...I mean what?"

"Excuse me but I'm looking for my girlfriend and I can't seem to find her anywhere. Can you help me?"

"Baby was it okay? Are you okay?"

She cleared her throat. Miraculously the tears had stopped. The good memories had made her happy enough not to break down. She felt kind of good, they had a pretty good relationship to a CERTAIN extent. Kim started laughing.

"Ummm....what a great way to start the day. Let me guess strawberry lip gloss?"

"I still owe you a cookie, Justin, for guessing the right lips gloss flavor." She walked across the room and tripped over her feet. She was able to keep her balance without falling to the ground. "Haha, that's how we use to be. Well Justin." She said very happily. "We did good. We had a pretty good relationship and now I guess we go our separate ways. Only this time I DIDN'T MESS UP. YOU MESSED UP! Too bad...your loss. I hope you get what you want out of life. Thanks for all you've done for me. You really need to work on your values in a relationship. LOVE is nothing without trust. You can be in love with someone, but if you don't trust them it means nothing. I'm sick of having this never-ending pain in my heart. I'm sick of pain being pumped through my veins because of our sucky relationship. So hopefully kicking me out was the right thing to do." She continued to laugh and walked out of the door.

Kim was heading where she didn't think she ever would again...HOME.


When she arrived at the mansion. She felt different, almost as if she was happy to be back. She took her keys and unlocked the door. She could tell by the lights being off and the mansion extremely quiet, that her parents weren't home. The smell of the place made her smile. It was a smell she was once use to. She walked up the stairs and entered what use to be her room.

Her eyes widened. The room had been cleaned, and cleaned thoroughly. It was too clean to be honest. She looked around. All of her things were still in the room. She walked around and touched the precious things she had left behind. She walked into the living room portion of the room. The stain glass window had been replaced with another one. She sighed and sat down on the couch. It was still daylight outside but she was running really low on everything. She was shocked she handled everything so well. She needed to eat something but sleep seemed to be more important. Her brain was just feeding information and she needed to just sleep. She got off of the couch and made her way to her bed and got under the covers to go to sleep.


"What do you think she meant by I need to work on values in a relationship?" Justin asked. He made Kim leave, but why did he still have pain in his heart?

"Who cares! She cheated on you. She never really loved you."

He raised his eyebrow at Britney. "How would you know if she loved me or not? You only been here for a good two days, so tell me Britney, how do you know she never really loved me? Can you please tell me why I shouldn't feel I just made the biggest mistake in my life."

Britney crossed her arms. "Well I can just tell. Please don't tell me she has you fooled Justin? Are you softening up now? SHE CHEATED ON YOU! GET REAL!"

"How do you know she cheated on me? You know what Britney? I think you used you persuasive bitchy-ness, and made me do something drastic. I KICKED KIM OUT OF THE HOUSE BECAUSE YOU CONVINCED ME TO, WITHOUT REASON! SHE WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON ME! DAMN I'M SO STUPID!"

Just when she thought she had him, he starts this stuff. "Justin how would you know she would never cheat on you. EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!"

"I know her, and everything we DID together was special. It was not some fling. It was out of love. AND SHE WOULD NEVER DO THE THINGS WE DO WITH ANYONE ELSE. SHE IS NOT LIKE THAT!" He eyes started to blaze. "I KICKED THE WRONG PERSON OUT, YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW!

She stood up and began to protest. "I will not leave! Justin I've told you I cannot stay with my mother right now."

He shrugged. "Well..."

There was a knock at the door. Justin got up and he shook his head to export some anger. When he opened the door he clenched his teeth. It was Griffin.

"Uh hi Justin. I just stopped by to bring Kim her CD player, she left it at my house."

Justin pulled him inside and pushed him against the wall. "What did you do with Kim TODAY? EXACTLY WHY WAS SHE AT YOUR HOUSE?"

His eyes were red as fire. "She came by today...unexpectedly. We played three games of tennis and then she ran away like she was in trouble or had missed something. She ran away so quickly, she left her CD player. I thought I'd bring it back."

Justin eyes softened and he turned his head to the side. "You played tennis?"

Griffin sighed in relief. "Yeah. Three games. She's really good. I told her that!" He put the CD player out so Justin could take it.

Justin gently took it from his hands and looked down at it.

"Hey Justin, you okay man? You don't look so good? And what was with the throwing me into the wall deal?"

Justin didn't respond. Griffin moved away from him and towards the front door. "Oh and Justin, Kim said she wasn't feeling very well, and that she had nothing but coffee. I hope she's doing better. When I asked her how you were doing since she told me you were sick, she said Justin is fine, and she had to go. She took off running." He shrugged. "I don't understand her sometimes." He then walked out of the door and left.

"I made the biggest mistake in my entire life." He shook his head and a tear dropped on the CD player in his hand.


Later in the evening.

Kim was dead asleep when her bedroom light flick on. She heard a loud inhale as if someone was shocked or surprised.

She heard a clicking sound and then a bang.

She threw the covers back and jumped. Her father had a gun pointed directly at her. She looked down at her chest. He shot her.

"Margret come here. There's a stranger in our house." He fired the gun again but missed her.

Kim tried to pull herself out of bed, but her mother came rushing into the room with a high heeled shoe and she started to bash Kim with it. "GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE! NOW." She blocked her face when her mother tried to hit her in the eye with the heel. She fought her mother and struggled out of the bed. She picked up her car keys, and when she tried to run out of the room. Her father shot her again, and she fell to the ground.

"GET HER OUT OF HERE JOHN!" Her mother yelled.

Kim moaned and groaned in pain on the floor. She was so worried about the bullet in her chest, every time her heart would beat a spurt of blood would escape from the wound. Before she knew it, someone was dragging her by her hair down the steps. One by one the stairs beat against her face. She was then kicked out of the front door.

"AND DON'T COME BACK!" It was her fathers voice.

The door slammed and she winced in pain. She looked at the keys in her hand and crawled to her car.


Kim looked at Griffin's front door. She had lost so much blood and she was so weak, she was wobbling as she stood.

She rung the doorbell. Griffin answered the door, not his maid.

"Oh my God. Kim? What the hell happened to you? You need to be taken to the hospital."

Her body started fading off. " hospital." She started laughing. "So much for happiness eh Griffin?" She passed out and he caught her in his arms

He explored her body to try to figure out exactly what happened. Her face was covered in blood, everything was, and then her saw the bullet hole through her sports bra. Blood would come from it every few seconds. "My God you've been shot." He rushed her to her car and sat her in the passenger side. The keys were still in the ignition and he tried to get to the hospital as fast as he could.

When he arrived at the emergency room. He picked up the lifeless Kim and ran into the extremely busy building.

"Somebody help me!" He yelled. Several doctors and nurses looked at him. "She's been shot."

Two people walked over to him with a stretcher. "Over here guys, major bleeder. MAJOR BLEEDER."

The people took Kim from Griffin's arms and took her away. A older woman tapped him on the shoulder.

"Do you know what happened to the young lady?" She asked.

"No. She's a friend and she came to my door, bleeding, and she just passed out. I have no idea what happened but I could clearly tell, she'd been shot."


Griffin waited in the waiting room. Finally a doctor walked in to speak with him.

"I think she is going to pull through. We gave her blood transfusions to restore all the blood she lost. She suffered from two gun shot wounds, one in the back, the other in the chest. The bullet in her chest missed her heart by two inches. If it would have touched her heart she would have been killed instantly. We were able to successfully remove both bullets and she is recovering nicely."

Griffin held his heart. "So she is stable?"

The doctor nodded. "Yes. Right now, she is resting. You may see her if you wish."

"I'd like to see her."

The doctor brought him to the room Kim was in. He smiled when he saw her on the verge of falling asleep. "Hey Kim."

She was weak but happy to be alive. "Hey."

"Who did this to you?" He asked. touching her hand.

"I did it to myself." She lied. Her eyes became heavy. She wanted to sleep.

"I know that you are lying. You would never shoot yourself in the BACK! But I can see you are tired. I'm sorry I drove your car here I'll bring it back over to Justin's."

She had fallen asleep at 'your lying'. Griffin kissed her on the hand and left.

Chapter 11

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