Are You That Somebody?!?! By: Athena

"WAAAKKKEEE UP!" I heard someone yell and pull of my thick comforter that was wrapped around me. "What?!? What the fuck are you doing? I'm trying to sleep here, asshole!" I sat up in the middle of my bed and stared at my two older brothers. Growing up with two borthers is not easy, yeah there can be some advatnages, but there is a lot of disadvantages. "Nice mouth, Athena. I suppose you talk to mom like that," my brother, Nick said. "Bite me, dumbass," I pulled the blanket back and tried to go back to sleep. Again the covers were pulled off of me and my other older brother Drew stood before me. "We warn you, we're leaving with or without you," he picked my up from my bed. squeezing the life out of me. "ANDREW JOHN LACHEY, PUT ME DOWN!" I squirmed and fought, but my 135 frame was no match for someone 30 or 40 punds heavier than me. He took me to my bathroom where the shower was running. My brother, Nick held the shower door open. "I hope you enjoy you early morning shower, lil sis." Drew put my in the shower with ice cold water and they shut the door and held it shut so I couldn't get out. I started to bang on the fiberglass door, screaming my head off. "YOU GUYS ARE GONNA GET WHEN I GET OUT!!" "Yeah, ok, Athena. Think that," I heard Nick say. I stopped banging on the door. "FUCK YOU, NICK!" "Oooo...are we ragging today?" Nick teased. "That's none of your god damn business, now let me out!" They let go of the door and I walked out of the shower. I fixed the water to the temperature I wanted, went back into my room and shut my door. I pulled out some under garments and went back into the shower. I got out of the shower and pulled on some khaki colored cargo pants with a red baby tank top, with a pair of Nikes. I combed my wet hair and applied my make up. I splattered some herbal essance moose into my hair and walked out of my room. ~~~~~In the kitchen: I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, where Nick and Drew were already scrafing down their breakfast. "Morning, mom," I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Morning, darling. Sleep well?" "NO! I would have if these little butt heads would have let me sleep," I stuck my tongue at them and flipped them off. "You better watch what you do with that finger, Athena Marie or you end up with only 8 fingers left, courtesy of Mom's Butcher Shop," she said not even looking at me. "Sorry mom," I said slumping down into one of the table chairs. "What do you think you're wearing?" Nick said in between chewing. "Clothes, what does it look like?" "That shirt is too revealing, ya know?" Drew added. "Shut up! Why don't you pay attention to what YOUR girlfriends wear instead of me, ok?" "Are you all packed, you guys?" I heard someone say from the opening of the kitchen. I looked and saw Jeff and his girlfriend, Alli. "I am, I don't know about Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb," I said pointing to them. **DING DONG** "I'll get it!" Hopping out of my chair and into the corridor. I opened the door and said, nasty, "Oh, it's you." (Just a note: the Justin I'm talking about now, is Justin Timberlake, not Jeffre) "Geez, I would have expect a warmer welcome," Justin said, letting himself in. "Don't count on it, Blondie," I said snotty and walked upstairs. I walked into my room and picked up my floral suitcases and walked back downstairs. I placed my bags at the foot of the stairs and went back into the kitchen. Our my mom's parent's had given us the summer in their summer house in Jamaica. I grabbed a piece of toast from the plate and pulled piece after piece and popped them in my mouth. "So, I have to be stuck on a cruise ship with all you guys for a week. I think I won't survive with all these nagging guys. How could you stand them?" "How can we stand you?" Justin said. I gave him a glare and stuck my tongue at him. "Well, we better get going. I wanna get all my bags onto the boat and look around before we leave," Jaclyn, JC's girlfriend, said. "Ok, I like the sound of that," JC said, wrapping his arms around Jaclyn's neck. We gathered all of our bags and climbed into my Expedition and Lance's 4-Runner. We wanted to take only two cars, so we all crammed into the cars. Justin T., Laura (my and Justin's best friend), JC, Jaclyn, Joey, Alex, Chris and Natasha all crammed into my Expedition and everyone else tried to cram into Lance's 4-Runner. We drove to the Daytona Beach Pier and looked upon the ship called, 'Enchanted Princess.' "Room 1345, suite A," I said reading my ticket. "So, what's up with you and Justin?" Laura asked. "Absolutely, jack shit!" I said looking at the numbers on the doors. "Ahh...1345, suite A, it's about damn time!" I said opening the door. "Whoa! I saw pictures of the room, but I didn't expect it to be like this!" I said in amazement. I looked around the somewhat a small version of a 3 bedroom house. It had a kitchen and a living room with a big TV and cable, and the bed were huge. I started to jump on the bed, with excitement. "The whole god damn summer with no parents, just free," I said slumping down on the bed and walked out of the room. I walked into the living room and the TV was a sports channel. I saw a blonde poofball slumped into the couch and just thought, out loud, "Oh great! Not only do I have to be on the same ship as you, but I have to share a suite with you, too!" I said walking towards the couch and sitting on the end of it. "Yep," Justin said, "we're gonna have so much fun, Athena." "Yeah, sure, Justin," I said with a faint smile and got up from the couch. "Where you going?" "I don't know about you, but I plan to get my bathing suit and get a tan while I'm here. Not watch some sports channel," I walked into my room and shut the door to change. "God, she's so hot," Justin said, under his breath. "God, he's so hot," I said as I shut the door. ~~~~~~~~On the deck: I had slipped on my blue and white plaid bathing suit, the one with shorts and a little tank top, and white tank top with a pair of white and blue Pareo Board Shorts. I put on my baby blue and white Adidas shell toe shoes. I walked out onto the deck where I saw Alex and Laura talking. I walked up to them and started to talk to them. "So, what's up with you and Justin?" Alex said. "Why does everyone keep asking me that? Nothing is going on with me and Justin. I've hated him since day one and I still do!" I said in one breathe. "Ok, fine. You don't have to tell the truth. You can tell us when you're ready," Alex added. I rolled my eyes and walked away. "Athena?" I turned around and saw Kim and AJ, walking towards me. "Hi," I said quietly. "Wanna drink?" AJ asked. "Hello? I'm 18 and you know my brothers will kick my ass if they found out I was drinking." "I won't tell if you won't tell," AJ said. "Ummm....OK!" "What's your poison?" Kim asked. "Bahama Mama!" They ordered the drinks and we walked around the boat. "So, what have you been up to? I heard about you and Cole," Kim said. "Yeah, I'm doing fine. Cole is long gone in England and I don't have to worry about him anymore." "What about the girl?" "Oh, Rebecca? I got suspended for fighting her. Oh my god! That fat bitch pissed me off so much, I swear, if the security hadn't come in time, I would have bashed her head into the brink wall. The week that I got suspened was the week of my birthday too, so Megan and Kellie took me out!" "Well, what happened, between you and Cole? Why did he cheat on you?" "Well, he said nothing was working out, but I thought everything was going great. We barely fought and if we did, it would be over stupid little things, like what movie to see or what restaurant to eat at. We always saw each other when we wanted to, and we gave each other space. But I guess I gave him a little too much space. Everything was great, I seriously don't know what happened between us. And I found out that he screwed Rebecca in the bathroom at the damn prom! UGH!!! God I swear if I see her again, there will be hell to pay!" "Athena, calm down, you're gonna have a nervous breakdown. After all you should be having fun. You're done with high school, you're single, and we're on our way to Jamaica to spend our summer," Kim said consoling me. "Did you get into trouble or anything for getting suspended?" AJ asked. "Nope," I said taking a sip through my straw. I looked around and saw Drew with his girlfriend, Megan and he was looking right me. "Oh, SHIT! It's Drew and he saw me with the drink. Here, take this," I shoved the drink towards Kim and ran off. **BOOM** "Hey! What where you're going!" I ran into someone, almost knocking us both into the ground. I had my hands on the man's chest and looked up. "Cole, what are you doing here?" I looked up into Cole's baby blue eyes and almost fell in love all over again. Cole was a splitting image of Justin, but the only differences were the Cole had straight hair and his face expressions were different. If you actually saw him from a difference, you would be like 'OMG! Justin Timberlake!' But no, just plain ole Cole Horton. "I was gonna ask you the samething, Athena," Cole said looking down at me. " first," I demanded making distance between us, "Why aren't you in England?" "Well, the transfer was canceled, se we stayed and my parents and some friends of theirs and mine are here on the ship. They thought this trip would be a relaxing trip, so far it is though." "Oh, well. I'm glad you're having fun, I gotta go!" I walked past him and walked south end of the ship. It started to get a little cold and I wrapped my arms around myself and let out a little shiver. I walked up to the railing that looked out into the ocean that was behind us. I placed my hands on the cold railing and felt someone come from behind me. I look and saw Justin. "Hi," he said. "Hi," I said back. We stood there in silence and I think Justin noticed I was cold. "You cold?" he asked. "No, not really," I answered. He gestured his jacket, but I refused. He shrugged it off and tried to start a conversation. "So, you know there's gonna be a formal dinner thing, going on tonight?" He asked. "Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna go, though," I said walking over to a vacent table. "Why not?" Justin said following me. "I don't know, just cause." "That's not a very good answer, you're going!" "Excuse me? I get enough shit from my brothers, do I have to get if from you?" "You will if you don't go with me?" "Oh! Now I'm going with you? What happened to just going?" "I'd like to escort a beautiful lady like yourself to a exquisite occasion," he said in formal british voice. I slipped a little laugh. "Well.. lemme think about, ok?" "I won't take no for answer, just to let you know. So you're going anyway," he demanded. 'Geez, what was his problem? He was acting pretty strange, but I kinda like this Justin, than the one this morning.' "OK! Fine, Justin. I'll go." "I'll pick you up at say...oh...sevenish?" "Ok, sevenish it is," I said and walked away. I walked down a long hall leading to an elevator to my room. **WHAM** I was just barely knocked down by someone. "Jesus Christ, watch where you're fucking goin-? What are you fucking doing here?" "Rebecca, what are you doing here?" I stood there and stared at her. Rebecca wasn't skinny, but she wasn't too fat. She could be pretty, if you liked the pancake, plastered face look. "I'm here with some friends," her voice squeaked. "Yeah right," I said snotty and walked away. I looked back and saw that she was gone. 'Ohhh...I can't believe she's hear, that damn bitch!' I thought to myself. I walked to my suite and turned on the tv. I flipped through the channels and started to watch The Blame Game on MTV. I looked at the clock, 5:44. I got up from the couch and went into my room. Turned on the stereo in my room and 'New' from No Doubt blasted from the speakers. "Don't let it go away, this feeling has got to stay," I sang and dance around the room getting myself primped up for, who? 'Oh my god! I thought, 'I'm getting ready for Justin.' I sat on the end of the bed and sat there. I wonder if he has the least bit of feelings for me. I got back up and got into the shower. I got out and pulled on black knee length skirt with two slits on each thigh and a black and grey stretchy flowered baby tee. I pulled on some black heels and I put my hair and messy curly bun with two sticks and did my make up. I applied my lip goss and heard the door bell ring. I walked out of my room almost tripping over Justin's basketball. I kicked it towards his room and walked to the door. A dozen white and yellow roses were in someone's face. The roses pulled from his face and Justin (timberlake) handed me them. I quivered my lip and smiled. "Aww...Justin. You didn't have to do this," then I looked at him strangley, "Why did you knock on the door?" I asked. "I thought it would be a little more romantic," he smiled. "Justin Timberlake, I never seen this side of you, before. Thank you," I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went into the kitchen to put the roses in water. "They didn't have lilies, so I got those," Justin said from the bar. "They're beautiful, Justin. How'd you know that I liked lilies?" "Oh, you're brothers told me." "Oh, are you ready?" I said drying my hands on a towel. "Yeah," he stuck out his arm and I enlocked with it and we headed out the door to the main ball room. ~~~~~~~Main room: I was in a state of aww when we entered the ball room. It had chandeliers all over the ceiling, a huge dance floor and two floors of dining tables. There we barely any "old" people from what I saw in the room. It was like a minature dance/dining club. We walked to the table that was reserved for us. ] "Hey guys!" Lance said from his quiet conversation with his long time girfriend, Amy. "Hi," we said in unison. Justin pulled out my chair and I sat down. We all sat and talked for a while, until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I was looking at Drew at the moment and when he saw someone tap my shoulder he gave a dirty look. I looked up and saw Cole. Drew didn't like Cole at all, nor did Nick. I saw Drew whisper something to Nick and Nick gave me a look, like 'what the hell is he doing here?' I shrugged my shoulders and looked back up to Cole. "Hi, Cole. What's up?" "I really need to talk to you," I looked at Justin who looked somewhat depressed and then smiled at me. "Sure," I put my napkin down on the table and was about to get up and Justin pushed Cole out of the way to pull out my chair. "Hey, lemme get that," Justin said pulling out my chair. Cole grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room and outside on the deck. He was sqeezing my arm and I could feel my arm go numb from his pressure from his arm. "Oww...Cole! You're hurting my ar-" "Shut the fuck Athena!" He said. I did what he said, as usual. "Why the fuck were your brothers giving my look-?" "They weren't giving yo-" He grabbed the bottom of my face and squeezed it. "Don't you fucking lie to me, Athena. You know what happens when you lie to me!" I felt the tears run down my cheeks and couldn't help but, just cry. 'Please, please God! Don't let this start all over again.' "You're so vulnerable when you're scared," Cole smirked. I held back my remaining tears and yanked his hand from my face. "FUCK YOU!" He just looked at him. I knew something was going to happen, because he had this certain look on his face when he gets mad. "What did you say?" He managed to get out. "You heard me, FUUUCCCCK YYYOOOOU!!" I said and walked off. "Don't you walk away from me, Athena," I looked back and saw him with a very frightening face. "I just did, Cole." "ATHENA!!" I looked back and saw him staring straight at me. I walked faster into the main ball room. I stood in front of the table where everyone was talking amougst themselves. Alex and Laura look up at me. "Oh my god! What happened?" Alex asked. 'Oh shit! Do I have bruises on my face and arm?' I thought. Without thinking I left the table and into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw no bruises, just black streaks down my cheeks. I wiped my cheeks and replied my powder and lip gloss. I walked back out into the room. Once I walked into the ball room, I saw Cole sitting with Rebecca and some of my high school friends, well were my friends. I walked up to the table and Justin pulled out my chair and I sat. Drew and Nick gave me a look like they both knew I was hiding something, which was true.... ~~FLASHBACK: I walked into my house after work at about 10:15 PM. 'Thank god it's Friday!' I thought to myself. I opened the door and turned off the alarm. I had the house to myself for a week, which was good. I walked up the stairs and into my room. "AAAAAHHHHH!" I saw someone sitting on my bed and noticed it was Cole, "Jesus, Cole. You scared me half to death," I said putting my purse on my vanity. "Where were you?" He asked not looking from the TV. "At work, where else?" "You told me you got off at nine, and it's almost 10:30." "Oh, Heather, Laura and I went to Coffee Xchange and talked," I said changing into my pajamas. Cole turned off the TV and sat up from my bed. "Don't lie to me, Athena. You know what happens when you lie," he said. "What? What are you gonna do, Cole?" I said playing around. I had my back towards him and he got up, turned me around and pushed me against the wall. "DON'T YOU EVER!! EVER!! MOCK ME LIKE THAT, YOU HEAR ME?!?!" **SLAP** I held my cheek in agony, trying to hold my tears in. He would get even more pissed if I started to cry. "You told me you were going to stop this Cole. You said you loved me and you never wanted to hurt me. Well, Cole, what the FUCK do you call this? IS THIS A WAY OF TELLING ME YOU LOVE ME, BECAUSE I'M NOT GETTING THE FUCKING MESSAGE?!?" "DON' T YOU FUCKING RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD BE IF YOU WEREN'T WITH ME? ABSOLUTELY JACK SHIT. YOU'RE JUST A TOY THAT EVERY GUY IN SCHOOL WANTS TO PLAY WITH!! YOU STRUT YOUR STUFF AROUND, MAKING YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A WHORE!! WELL, I DON'T APPRIEICIATE MY GIRFRIEND LOOKING THE WAY YOU DO!!" "What are you talking about? I don't walk around looking like that. JUST GET OUT COLE!!" "NO!!" He grabbed my arms and threw me on the bed and forced himself upon me... ~~END OF FLASHBACK I fell out of my daze when I felt everyone staring at me. I gave them a faint smile and looked into a different direction. I looked towards Cole and saw him kissing up on Rebecca. He looked at me and gave me an evil smirk, which gave me chills down my spine. "Athena?" I looked towards the voice and it was Justin, "You wanna dance?" I showed a little hesitation, but accepted. He took my hand and led me to the floor. We were one of the few couples that were dancing. Megan and Drew, and Chris and Natasha all in their little La La Lands of happiness. I started to forget what had happened eariler and got more into Justin. 'Sweey Lady' came on and we got closer to each other. I felt so safe with him. I held onto him, like as if I never wanted to let go. I just wanted him to hold me forever and ever. I saw Rebecca and Cole come onto the dance floor and got close to each other. Then after Sweet Lady, 'The Hardest Thing,' by the guys came on and I let out a smile when the guys (98*) let out a groan. "I can't let you see what you mean to me, when my hands are tied and my hearts not free," Justin sang quietly into my ear. I rested my head on his shoulder and just listened to his voice flow softly into my ear. After a while, we all decided to head for bed. Justin and I walked to our suite and I fell into the couch and groaned. I turned onto my back and saw Justin standing by my feet. He took off my shoes and swung my legs onto the coffee table and sat next to me. We both looked at the remote and went for it at the same time. **BONG** "Oww... you've got a hard head, Justin or is it all that crap you use in your hair?" I laughed. I had the remote and flipped on the TV. I flipped through the channels and stopped on MTV, where Mya's, 'My First Night With You,' was on. I thought Justin was asleep so I started to sing, cause I was so in love with this song. "Yesterday, was not just another day of my life before. Yesterday, I saw your smiling face, love walked through the door. One precious moment, changed my life, one tender kiss, made everything right, one touch from you and this world was mine. It was in your arms where I found forever. Cried my first tears of joy, last night. Heaven shined a light, all my dreams came true, my first night with you." "Nice voice, I almost fell asleep," Justin said sitting up. He looked at me and smiled. I felt my face grow warm. I looked back at him. "Thanx," was all I could manage to say. "My turn," Justin said scooting closer to me. He grabbed my hand and started to sing. "Say you've seen too many things That turned out to be too good to be true Against your better judgement Opened up your heart 'Til you found the joke was on you Looking out on the rest of our lives If we're gonna be together or apart About the only way that I know how to come Is right straight from my heart I want you now, I'll show you how I can be the man you need me to be I've been around, but now I've found That you're the only one for me Say you'll never fall again You won't subject yourself to such pain If you give me half the chance I'll win I'll never leave you standing out in the rain But if you think that I can look in the face And lie right through my teeth Then turn around and walk away But cross my heart girl I care for you When I look into your eyes and I say I want you now, I'll show you how I can be the man you need me to be I've been around, but now I've found That you're the only one for me I need you so, I can't let go Gonna be all that I can be I want you still, I always will 'Cause you're the only one for me I want you now, I'll show you how I can be the man you need me to be I've been around, but now I've found That you're the only one for me I need you so, I can't let go Gonna be all that I can be I want you still, I always will 'Cause you're the only one for me." Before he was finsihed singing, we were in each other arms. 'Oh god, am I falling him? Just this morning, I was being a total bitch to him and now we're in each other's arms singing to each other,' I thought to myself. **Justin's thought's: God, she's so beautiful. She's been through so much and I want to be there for her. Cole isn't right for her, after the things he has done to her (Justin only knows Cole screwed Rebecca in the bathroom, during prom). **End of Justin's thoughts. I fell asleep in Justin's arm knowing I was safe and could be done no harm. ~~DREAM: "YOU BITCH!!!" Cole yelled at me throwing my out into the hall, with me hitting the stair banister. I got up as fast as I could, but he was too fast. He grabbed me and dragged me back into his room. **SLAP** "HOW CAN YOU FUCKIN DO THAT IN FRONT MY FRIENDS. YOU'RE SUCH AN EMBARRASSMENT!!" He yelled, and started to hit me repeatedly, only in the stomach and back. I curled up into a ball and contained my tears. He slammed his bathroom door and I let out all my tears and sobs while he was in the shower. ~~END OF DREAM "Athena?" I heard a soft voice trying to wake me up. I opened my wet eyes and looked up. I saw Jusitn with a warm look on his face. "Are you ok? You're crying." I sat up from him and wiped my tears. "It's ok. It was just a dream that's all." "You were telling Cole to stop, what was he doing?" I looked at him. I wanted to tell him. But that's will just make me sound like a weak person, with the image I had for myself. I was known to have a bad temper and no one should get me angry. But this was only true sometimes. "Justin it was nothing. Don't worry about it, ok?" I said grabbing his hand. He looked at me and smile. "I'm going to bed, I'll see ya in the morning," I said getting up. "Can I come with you?" Justin asked. I let out a laugh. "Don't count on it, Blondie," I said, trying to hide my fear and walked into my room. ~~~~~~Next day: I awoke to screaming outside my door. I got out of bed and wrapped the comforter around me and walked out of my room. JC, Jaclyn, Lance, Amy, Chris, Natasha, Joey, Alex and Justin were running around the suite. I walked into the kitchen and sat on a stool. I rested my head on the cold counter, and then I felt someone tap my head. I looked up and saw Alex. "Hey you, whatcha doing?" Alex asked. "Nothing, I'm jus," **YAWN**, "just tired, that all," I said stretching my arms in the air. Someone grabbed my sides and started to tickle them. I started to laugh and squirm. I saw Joey, come around and put his arm around Alex. "It's about time, you wake up," Joey said. "Shut up! I'm up, ain't I? Why, you got something planned?" "Yeah we were all gonna go to that movie theater downstairs and then go swimming, and we're all waiting for you." "OH, well. I'll get ready right now." I got up and walked into my room. I grabbed a pair of underwear and a bra and got into the shower. I climbed out of the shower and felt someone in the bathroom with me. I really couldn't tell, because of the layers of stream. Then I heard a voice, "Hello, beautiful." "Who's there?" I said. I still couldn't see who was in the bathroom with me because of the steam. "All in good time, lovely," the voice trailed off and the bathroom door slammed. I ran to the door and opened it and ran out of my room in my towel. No one was in sight. I read a note on the couch and it read: Hey, Athena, Meet us on the south A deck so we can do something Love, Alex, Laura and everyone else! I placed the note back onto the couch and walked back into my room, and got dressed. ~~~~~Hour later: I left the suite wearing a pair of stonewash shorts with a yellow baby Nike tee with a pair of Nike running shoes. I walked down the hall and turned the corner and saw Rebecca locking her suite door and walking towards me. I kept walking, hoping she wouldn't say anything. Well, I was wrong. "That's a good piece of meat you've got, Athena. Hope you can hold on to him (Justin T)." "Fuck you, Rebecca!" I said walking passed her. I just kept walking. I threw my hands in the air. "UGGHHHH! I HATE THAT BITCH!!" I yelled and headed for the deck. I saw Drew, Megan, Nick, Kelly, JC, Jaclyn, and Justin all waiting at the south A deck for me. I tried to hide my anger and walked up to them. "Hi," I said partically cheerful. They looked at me and them my brothers looked at each other, like something was up. "God, took you damn long enough," Drew said resting his head on Megan's shoulder. I stood there playing with my hands, acting a little nervous, well not a little. "Come on, everyone is waiting for us," Nick said pulling Kelly's hand. Everyone else started to leave, but I stood behind. "Aren't you coming, Thena?" Justin asked holding out his hand. "You're the only one I feel safe with," I mumbled, "Yeah," I grabbed his hand and we walked behind Drew and Megan. "Athena?" Justin asked while we were walking into the theater to watch 'The Curve.' "Mmm?" I said looking to make sure Cole or Rebecca and they were not in sight. "Why did you say I'm the only one you feel safe with?" I looked at him and felt a little embarrassed. "Ahah, it was nothing. Don't worry about," I said sitting down getting comfortable. "Athena, even though we haven't been the best of friends. I still know if somethings wrong with you. We've known each other since what? 7th grade?" "Yeah, so?" "Yeah, so? Is that all you have to say? I want to help you, I know something is wrong. Everyone ones knows something is wrong with you. Every since you came back from talking to Cole last night. What is it about him that makes you so different?" "It's none of your damn business," I yelled through a whisper. "Athena, I want to help you. You don't know how much you mean to me." "LOOK I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP, OK? SO WHY DON'T YOU WHYDOESN'T EVERYONE JUST STOP TREATING ME LIKE A GOD DAMN BABY!!! BECAUSE I'M NOT, SO JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!" With the ending of those words I got up and left the theater