Giddy Up!

"Man this sucks," i said to myself, "i should have went with the others instead of sitting on my ass on a DAMN Friday night." Just then an IM shows up on my screen. It was Chris, my boyfriend's close friend, he said: could feel his heart beating and the tears rush down my cheeks. "I'm sorry and I love you, "I said buried in his chest. "I love you too! And listen to me. She will never come between us. I promise you that!" "I need to apologize to Chris." "He knows you're sorry. He kno DrEaDsRoK: Hey girl! What's up? Athena5141: The sky! :) Ok how 'bout yourself? DrEaDsRoK: Fine. You don't how much he misses you Athena5141: Yeah I would think that. He is not the only missing someone. "While Athena and Chris were talking lets go to the bus where Athena's boyfriend was on the bus on their way home. He pulled out his wallet and looked through the photos of him and his girlfriend. He described her as his life, she was the one that made his world go round, she was everything to him. Everyone described their the "Real Life Joey and Dawson" and they believed it themselves. Athena's mom, Marisa and Justin's mom, Lynn were close friends in high school and after that. When Justin and Athena were born they put them together so they could be close and they are. Then Athena and her family moved to Orlando, because Athena's dad got a job at Marisa's Dad's company, Trans-Continental Records. When Justin came to Orlando for MMC, Lynn met up with Marisa, so did Athena and Justin, they have been best of friends ever since. Now they have been in an intimate relationship for 3 years, now. Ok back to the story...he was looking at the most recent photo of them together. It was the last night they were together. She looked good, he thought. She wore black shorts and a pale purple shirt. He could go on for hours just talking about her. Then his friend comes in and says, "Hey man, whatcha lookin at?" He showed him the picture and said," Man, I fucken miss her. I need her right now, JC!" "Yeah, I know what you need, Justin. You need to get laid." They both look at each other and laugh I turned off the computer, turned on the alarm and went upstairs. I took of my jeans and shirt and exchanged them for a pair of short pajama shorts and a tank top, climbed into bed and dreamed the dreams I have been dreaming since Justin had left. She dreamed the needs he fulfilled for her. Him going inside of her, giving it to her just the way she like it. He knew exactly what to do. Just about when he was going to fulfill my needs, I hear a BANG!! I got out of my bed and grabbed my baseball bat, then thought the alarm didn't go off and there I saw it and laughed. Her close friends, Amanda, Ginni, Leslie, and Kristin all fucken plastered and out. Amanda on the recliner, Ginni all over the couch, Kristin on the other recliner and Leslie on the coffee table! I just stood at the corridor and laugh, then went back to bed. I awoke fully rested and jumped outta bed. I was in a really good mood for some odd reason. I go downstairs and hear the girls laughing. The girls look straight at me and Ginni said, "Well, well, well I hope you got a good night's sleep. You got more sleep than us." I walk further into the kitchen, yawning and scratching my stomach and stop dead in my tracks. JC cooking pancakes, Chris burning the bacon, Joey cooking toast and Lance getting the orange juice. "Oh my god," I said hugging the guys, "when did you guys get here?" "About a couple of hours ago. Oh wait, you look disappointed. If you're looking for Justin, Athena. He is in your bathroom taking a shower. Didn't you hear him?" Chris said. I ran up the stairs and into my bathroom and there he was. Brushing his teeth, I just stood there and looked at that piece of work. Then he turned and saw me and said,"Hey you, you have no idea how much I missed you baby!" He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We kissed and he stuck his tongue in my mouth. OMG you have now idea how long I have waited for this. He placed me on the counter and put his hand up my shirt and rubbing my nipples making them hard. I started to unzip his pants and pulled them down. He pulled off my shirt and placed me on the floor so he could take off my shorts, he pulled them off and began to rub my thighs and kiss every inch of my lower body. He pulled off my blue lace underwear and placed me back on the counter. He was gonna give me something that he knew I have been waiting for. He began to kiss my neck going down to my breasts and to my stomach and just when he was going for the spot, there was a knock on the door. "Hey you guys, breakfast is ready. C'mon down and eat." Amanda said. "Too be continued..." I said. "Yeah, just wait for tonight. I will give you something you will never forget," He said handing me my shirt. We opened the door and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. Me and Justin went downstairs and once we smelled the aroma of all the food we ran as fast as we could to the kitchen. Me being the aggressive one, I pushed him into the couch and he fell to the ground. I made my way to the kitchen and threw my hands in the air and said, "I won, I won, nanny nanny boo boo!" Everyone looked at me like I was psycho or something, "What?" I said giving them an attitude. Justin walks into the kitchen and said, "That ain't fair, your big ass pushed me into the couch!" "Well, you never had a problem with my big ass before, why start now?" I said and giving him a kiss. I turn to the rest of the guys and saw that they were already done with their breakfast and looked around for the leftovers. Amanda said, "I TOLD you guys to hurry up, before the food was gone. But does ANYONE listen to me? Nooo!!!," she answered herself. "I listen to ya, baby," Lance said with a kiss on the cheek. "So, what do you wanna do today?" Chris said. "You mean what are you guys doing today? Ya see, I already got our day planned out," Justin started, "well, I can't explained that now, but you guys got to figure out what you are doin cuz we got a little thing of our own goin on, right babe?" "Yeah, sure." I said with a confused look on my face. "You don't seem so sure, Athena," Kristin said. "Well," I began, "he says that he has a surprise for me and he told me I had to wait. Thats all I know now." "Why don't we go for a swim before you and Athena leave?" JC said. "Ok, I'm up for that," I said as I started running up the stairs to get my suit. Meanwhile in the kitchen.... "So, what do you plan for Athena?" Kristin asked Justin. "Well, I plan to give her this," he left the room and returned with a box in hand. "This," he said opening the box. "oh my god, when did you get that?" Ginni asked. "I got it while we were on tour. At some antique jewelry store. And that's not it." He pulled out the ring and showed them the inner part of the ring. It had an inscription of "Athena ~n~ Justin 4-ever" The ring was nothing big. It had a mixture of white and regular gold. The ring had flowers engraved in it and the lady from the store said the flowers were a sign of love and friendship. "What else do you have planned for her?" Ginni asked again being nosey. "Ya know, I really don't know. I think we will just let the night take us where it wants to take us. Do you girls think she'll like it? Justin said. "well, you're her best friend. You should these things, but yeah she'll definitely love it." Leslie said. "Are you guys ready?" I asked walking into the kitchen. When we got our suits on we headed for the pool. Before I went outside I grabbed the latest issue of YM and Seventeen, my sunglasses, and my tanning lotion. When I went outside everyone was already out in the pool, so I sat my dairy aire (butt) in one of the lawn chairs. I was totally absorbed into my magazine when someone just lifted me up from the chair and I saw it was Joey, "You look a little hot. Here, lemme help ya cool off." Within his last words he throew me into the pool, and me hitting my back on the water. I come up from the water and see everyone laughing. Joey extends his hand out to me and I pull him in. We played in the water for a pretty long ass time cuz my whole 18 year old body looked like an 75 year old lady. Well, anyway, I took a shower, put on my khaki shorts with a blue shirt, since Justin told me to dress comfortable, with my running Nike shoes. I went downstairs and saw that only JC and Leslie were in the living room calling the theater. Leslie hung up the phone and said, "JC and I are gonna go see Cruel Intentions you guys wanna come? Oh wait never mind you guys got plans of your own." "Maybe some other time," Justin said, "ready, Athena." "Yeah," I said grabbing my small backpack. Justin pulled out a blindfold and said, "It won't be a surprise if you see it before I want you to." He covered my eyes and lead me to his car. We drove for quite awhile, and when we finally stopped, I heard a bunch of noise. He opened my door and pulled me out, "Are ya ready?" he asked. "Yeah," I said as he took off the blindfold. I know it was nothing big, but he drove me 2 and half hours just to go to a fair. Well, this wasn't just any ole fair, it was the Florida State Fair. He took me hand and we went to go get our admission tickets and went inside. We went on the zipper 8 times, the topspin 5 times, and a lot of other things. We came out of the exit gates with our hands full. I had a big white and brown teddy bear, he had a taz and the coca cola bears. We threw the stuff in the back of the car and Justin pulled out that damn blindfold again. "Again?" I said with a little whining. "C'mon, the fun hasn't started. Do it for me? Please? " He said showing his puppy face. I couldn't resist so he put it on and put me back into the car. We drove back to Orlando and when the car stopped I heard the ocean. He pulled me out of the car and took off my shoes and took me down to the sand and took off my blindfold and told me to look down and you will never guess what I saw!!! I could feel the tears swell up in my eyes from the most romantic thing I have ever seen. Justin had took sea shells and rocks and spelled out, "I love Athena," "Justin, you didn't have to do this." I said truing to hold back my tears. "Thats not all," Justin said with a smile on his face. He pulled out a piece of paper, looked at it and put it back in his pocket. He pulled me towards his waist and said in the most romantic voice I ever heard from him, "Me and you, we're so true; When I am with you, I feel so special to you. Whenever I am with you; I have a feeling not knowing what to do. My feelings for you are so right; I just want to be with you day and night. I'll fear the day we'll ever part; but still, you'll always have my heart. My heart, belongs to you; My love for you has never been so true." I couldn't hold the tears in anymore. My eyes were all red and my face covered in tears. "I love you, Athena. You don't know how much and I know we don't spend a lot of time together, but I love you. I never loved someone like you before. Here," he said pulling out a velvet blackbox, "open it," he handed it to me. Oh god is he going to ask me to marry him. I opened the box and saw the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. "Oh Justin. You didn't have to," I said while more tears ran down my face. "Look in the inside," he said. I looked inside the ring and went into an emotional stage. No one had ever cared for me as much as Justin. "but why did you bring me here?" I asked. "You don't remember? I thought girls are supposed to remember the little things about a relationship," Justin said sounding disappointed. I walked to the water so my feet would touch the waves. He came up from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulders. "Do you think I would forget the first time you told me I love you?" I asked, "You made a trail of rose pedals and at the end of the trail you had a piece of paper on the ground and it said 'turn around' you were right there and you said 'I love you.' Now do you actually think I would forget something like that? I think you're bleaching your hair too much, Justin honey." I said giggling. "Do not," Justin said back. And started to tickle me and I released myself and started to run. He caught up with me and lifted me up off the ground, securing me with his strong arms. We both feel to the ground. He landed on top of me, brushed the hair from my face and said, "Take it back." "Take what back? I have no idea what you're talking about," I said sarcastically. He grabbed my lower thigh and I started to laugh. "Okay, Ok, you win. Only because you know where my sweet spots are." I said flirtatiously. "Yeah I know where all of them are," he said. He kissed me and I kissed back I slightly opened and released my tongue into his mouth, he did the same. His hand explored my shirts and my breasts became his next victim. I pulled away from him, "What? What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing, nothing I just wanna do it the water," I said walking towards the water. Justin lifted me up and ran into the water. He put me down when the water was up to the middle of my stomach. I took of my shirt and he did the same. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his necks. We explored each other's mouth. He put me back down as we started to unbutton our pants. We took off all of our clothes and threw them up to the shore. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.I grabbed his cock and said, "Put it in." He thirsted it inside of me and I let out a loan moan. He thirsted vigorously and kept going at it. And there is was I felt it. He had cummed inside of me and he stopped. We played in the water for a while and decided to get out, because we were cold and I was tired. We put our clothes on and got into the car. We drove home and when we drove on our street and noticed a bunch of cops around someone's house. "Oh, shit. That's our house!!" "Oh, fuck me, FUCK ME!!!" Kristin yelled and noticed people were looking at her funny. "What the fuck are you all staring at? This is my fucking house. I have a right to be FUCKING pissed off, if you don't mind!" "Kristin," I ran up to her, "What the fuck happened?" "Someone fucked up our house!" I ran up to the house and to look inside "Oh my god," I said covering my cheeks with my hands. "Ma'am, you're not supposed to be in here," a man said. "Like hell I am not supposed to be in here. This is my fucking house you bastard." I yelled back at him. I ran up the stairs to look further. I opened my door and found my room was fine. It was just the way I left it. I went into the bathroom and turned on the light. The mirror had looked like it was punched and everything was all over the floor and I slide down against the down and cried. Who the fuck would do this? I thought. "Athena?" Justin walking into my room. "Are you okay, sweetie?" using his voice to calm me down. "Yeah," I said wiping my tears. "C'mon, grab some clothes. We're all going to my mom's house. No ones there." I grabbed some clothes and we headed for Justin's Mom's house. We walked into the door and I went straight to Justin's room. I didn't talk to anyone else during the 20 minute drive. I looked at the clock and it said 5:47 am. I put on my pajamas and climbed into his bed. I fell asleep instantly. When I had awoken the clock said 4:21 PM. "Oh shit," i climbed outta bed and saw Justin walk out of the bathroom. What's wrong?" he asked "Nothing," I answered. "They caught the guy who robbed your house. Remember the guy your grandfather fired because he was stealing equipment from the studio, for some odd reason he broke into your house." He said in one breath. "Oh god. Does my grandfather know?" I asked. "Yeah, I talked to him awhile ago and he went down to the station. Are you hungry?" He said. "No I'm tired." I said. He pulled me outta bed and went downstairs. Everyone was cluttered in the living room playing the video games. "Well, well, well, look who's up?? I hope you are all rested, cause we are all going to clubbin tonight?" Chris said. "Thanx, but not thanx." i said. "You're going whether you like it or not." "Ok, fine I'll go where we going?" i asked. "Gothm." Joey said nothing moving head away from the TV. "Okay, move over, JC. It's time for the 49ers to kick your Redskins's ass!" I said pushing him over on the couch. "God dammit!! Stupid controller," JC yelled. "Geez, JC calm down the score is only 29-0 and of course me winning," I said with a conceded attitude. "Ok, I quit. You play Chris," JC said throwing the controller on the carpet. "Yeah right. And get myself embarrassed like you. Getting your ass whooped by a GIRL, should I mention. Beaten by a GIRL, 4 times outta 5, should I mention, JC," Chris said with a smirk. "Fuck off, Chris. Are we gonna go out or what?" JC asked. Kristin looked at the clock and said, "It's only 6:30 PM, all the clubs don't get hyped up til about 11 or 12." "Well, I thought we could get somethin ta eat," JC said walking up the stairs. "Geez, he's worse than you Justin," I said. "Shut up, that ain't funny," Justin pouted, "you only beat me ONCE if my senses are correct." "Sorry, dear. Make that a lot of times. You need some serious practice, before you leave. By the way when are you guys leaving for the summer tour?" I asked. "Oh god, you guys I think we should leave now," Ginni said grabbing Joey's arm. "You weren't going to tell me weren't you?" I said in a calm and mean voice. "Well, umm..." Justin said knowing I was getting angry. "Finish the GOD DAMN sentence before I fucking die." I exploded. "We're leaving next Tuesday," Justin mumbled. The current day was Sunday. "Next Tuesday? Why the fuck didn't you tell me, it was next Tuesday? Jesus Christ, Justin. That's exactly the way you always are. Everything spontaneous and of course everything at the FUCKING last minute!" I yelled running up the stairs. "Fuck me!" Justin said under his breath as he followed me up the stairs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Athena?" I heard Justin opening his door. "Go away," I said with my head buried in his pillow. "Well, it's kinda hard, cuz ya know this is my room and this is my house, if you haven't noticed?" Justin said. "Fine," I said grabbing my bag and heading for the door, where Justin was standing, "I'll just go home. Get outta my way," Justin wouldn't budge, "GOD DAMMIT, Justin. Move!!" He still wouldn't move. Even though he was stronger than me, I grabbed his ear and twisted it. "Owww...Oww...Athena. Lemme go!!" Justin whined. I looked at his face and I started to laugh. I let go. "What are you laughing at?" Justin asked rubbing his ear. "Nothing, I am going home." I said. "How ya gonna get home, baby?" Justin asked, "You ain't got no car." "Shit," I said under my breath. "Ahh, I heard that missy. Now, will you PLEASE come up here so I can explain this to you? PLEEEAAASSE. I'll love you forever if you do," he said from the top of the stairs. "Fine," I said, giving up. I went back into his room threw my bag on the floor and slumped down on the bed. "Talk, I don't have all day," I said, while he was at the top of the stairs. He walked into the room and sat next to me and started to explain. "well, the reason I didn't tell you is because I didn't even know. Johnny told JC and JC told Lance and Lance told Joey and Joey told Chris and me the last one to know, me. I just found this out this morning, when I woke up. I was gonna tell you. But-" "But what? When exactly were you gonna tell me that you were leaving next Tuesday?" I asked. "I was going to tell you Monday," he answered. "Monday as in tomorrow Monday or Monday as in next Monday," I started to yell again. Justin nodded his head. "Justin!!! Why do you have to be this way? You always do this, you wanna know, tell me why?" I yelled. He started to talk but I cut him off, "The reason why you always tell me these kind of things at the last minute is you are so afraid that," my voice started to calm down to my normal sweet voice, "I am going to get mad at you and we won't get to spend time together because I'll be mad at you the whole time you're here." "Exactly!!" Justin said smiling, "Look, I'm sorry for not telling you about this but I hate to see you pissed off. You take things soo serious and keep it all locked inside of you until you just explode and who does it all go out on? Me," he answered himself, " cut this guilt trip shit, okay Justin," I said. "The reason why I didn't tell you is I was going to ask you to come with us." He said. "Really," the tears started to swell up in my eyes. "Don't cry hun. This ain't nothing to cry about," he said trying to calm me down. "I'm not crying because of that. I'm crying because I do take everything out on you. You're never here. I always keep to myself and when you finally come home I explode and the fire lands on you," I said between sobs. "Didn't I just say, 'don't cry?' he said wiping the tears from my eyes and pulling me close to him. "The reason why I asked you to come, is I really do miss you while I am. And I have to admit, I do get kinda horny sometimes." "JUSTIN!!! Don't ruin the damn moment," I said trying to hide my laugh. "What? You're gonna tell me that you don't get that feeling?" He asked catching me on the spot. "okay, I do get that feeling, okay? Continue," I admitted. "OMG, nah I'm just playing. Okay, as I was sayin,' I do really miss you as a girlfriend and as my best friend. There are just something's I can't admit to the other guys. I just want you to be there, when a shows over. To give one of your famous massages or to just be there for me when I need you most. And believe me there are times when I need you the most and I can't just walk down the street and knock on the door for you. It's really hard. I can't believe we managed such a good relationship through all this shit," he finished. "It's not just shit, Justin. It's your job and a job you love," I said lifting my head wiping my eyes. "Yeah I know but the things we go through, just to be with you guys. And the things you go through, being our girlfriends," he said. "Yeah, all the envy of jealous teenyboppers, now that's a something to love. For them to envy us girls and do anything to catch your hearts-" I said getting cut off by Justin. "Yeah, you guys catch our hearts. You've had my heart, Athena, since when? The end of the cootie stage we went through." We both laughed and I kissed him on the nose. "So, what's your answer? Will ya go with me on tour?" Justin asked and laid those damn puppy eyes on me. "Yeah, my little buttercup, I'll go with you," I said resting my hand on his cheek. He lifted me up from the bed and kissed me and the door opened. "Awwww...two little lovers sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes-" Kristin and Chris said together and we cut them off, "SHUT UP!!!" "God, well we just came in here to tell you that we're going to the IHOP for dinner. JC's treat since you kicked his ass on the football game. So get your asses ready!!" Chris said as Kristin and him left the room. I went through my clothes and found an outfit and was about to go into the bathroom and Justin said, "I love you, Athena." "I love you too, Justin,"