=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*= "Sailing" Written by *breeze (c)Blonde-Breeze Productions, 1999 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*= **3 years ago** “Come on Annie,” my best friend Sapphire called to me. I set my pencil down and sighed. “Saphy, do we REALLY hafta go?” I asked leaning back against my chair. “Yes we do. I promised my boyfriend that I’d be there, so let’s go,” she said running a brush thru her mid-back length burgundy hair. I sighed and stood up, looking myself over. I had on my light coloured denim overalls with a mint green tanktop underneath. I slipped on my tennis shoes over my socks and grabbed my sunglasses as we went out the door. “You’re gonna love the guys,” Sapphire told me as we drove down the highway that overlooked the bright blue ocean. It was a nice sunny day in Miami Beach and everyone was out on the water like Saphy & I soon would be. “I hope so, cuz if this isn’t worth it, then...” I sighed leaning back. “Oh, it’ll be worth it. Trust me,” she giggled. About 10 minutes later, we arrived at the Port of Miami Beach and got out. “Now guys, I’m not sure if Saphy’s friend knows who we are,” Joey told his group mates. “There they are now,” JC pointed out. “Hey Saphy!” Joey yelled. “Hey JoJo!” she smiled and turned to me. “C’mon, you’ll love ‘em.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me to where the group was. “Guys, this is my friend Annie. Annie, this is Chris, Justin, JC, Lance, and my boyfriend Joey,” Saphy smiled. “Hi,” I smiled. I had my eyes on Chris. He looked wonderful. He had brown & white braids in his hair and had on these really cool sunglasses. He had on jean shorts and a silver tshirt. “So, shall we get going?” Justin asked. “Sure,” Joey said taking Saphy’s hand. We walked down to what I assumed was his sailboat and Joey helped Saphy on. The others got on and Chris held out his hands to me. “Thanx,” I replied taking his hands and climbing onto the boat. I regreted letting go of his hand, but I did anyhow. Joey went to the front of the boat with Saphy, leaving me with the other 4. “So, you’re Sapphire’s friend. Nice to finally meet you! She has said alot about you,” JC smiled. “Just like her to tell everyone everything,” I sighed. “It was only good things, though,” Lance reassured. “So Annie, tell us about yourself,” Justin smiled. “I’m 20, I live here in Miami Beach, I attend FSU at Miami, and I have a hot Latin Lover down in Puerto Rico,” I said tyring not to laugh. “Well..uh..that’s nice,” JC said trying to sound sincere. I busted up laughing. “I was kidding about the Latin Lover part. I’m single, actually,” I said briefly glancing at Chris. He smiled. “Ready everyone?” Saphy asked. We all said yes and most of the others got up and went around the deck as we sailed. “Want a tour of the boat?” Chris asked standing up. “Sure,” I said as I stood up also. He took me around it and we ended up in the lower level where there was a small bedroom, bathroom, and living room type set-up. I flopped down on the bed and closed my eyes. I felt the bed go down a bit as Chris crawled on and laid next to me. “You have the most beautiful hair,” he sighed running his fingers thru it. “The way it shines in the sun is amazing. And it goes so well with your eyes.” I smiled and slowly opened my eyes. “Your hair is cool, too. The braids are cute. And your eyes are so soft and warm, quite intruiging. And your face...your face is just adorable,” I smiled running my hand down his cheek. Chris ran his hand down my side and rested it on my hip. Just feeling his hand on my hip sent chills thru my body. I wanted him so badly, but I didn’t wanna come off like I was a sex driven horn dog that all I ever wanted to do was fuck. “May I kiss you?” he whispered. I smiled. “Of course.” Chris scooted closer so that his body was touching mine and he brought his sweet lips to mine and kissed me gently. I had never kissed a guy with braces before, so that was unusual, but it didn’t take away from the kiss. His lips were so soft, so warm. He tasted sweet, almost like candy. He pulled away and I opened my eyes. “Chris, that was incredible,” I smiled. He brushed some of my bangs from my face and placing his hand on my cheek. “Would it be too soon to say I love you?” he grinned quietly. I smiled widely at him and kissed him gently. “No, because I love you too,” I whispered. He smiled and just as we were about to kiss, Saphy came down the stairs. “ANNIE!” she laughed. I pulled away from Chris and giggled. “What’s this about not wanting to come, sure you aren’t gonna have fun? HA! Now you’re pulling stunts like Joey & I do!” “God, Saphy, keep your voice down!” I snapped sitting up. Chris sat up and put his arms around me. “So what is this? A little romance?” she grinned. “Yep,” Chris said resting his chin on my shoulder. “Wait till Joey finds out Chris finally got himself a woman...JOEY!” she shouted going back up the stairs. I laughed and stood up, pulling Chris up too. We walked back up the stairs and Joey was being told by Saphy what she had just seen. “Alright Chris!” Joey said giving him a high-five. “Let’s go up on the deck,” I said taking his hand and making our way up to where the breeze was blowing across the water. I stood against the railing and Chris stood behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and setting his chin on my shoulder. “The water is so beautiful,” I cooed. “Not half as beautiful as you are,” he whispered in my ear, nibbling on the rim. I giggled and he squeezed me tighter against him. I felt so safe in his arms, so loved. “What’s up with them?” Lance asked Joey & Saphy. “They’re in love,” Joey said in a girly voice as he sighed. “You’re kidding, right? She wasn’t scared by him?” Justin laughed. “Apparently not judging from the way they are standing!” JC added, laughing also. “Hey, I think it’s cute. Them being together...Chris really needs himself a woman and Annie is perfect for him!” Saphy smiled. They all went their seperate ways again and soon we arrived at a small island a ways out. Chris got off before me and I jumped off the boat and into his arms. “Now, we can’t be here very long, so let’s meet back here at 3:30, that alright?” Joey asked. “That’s fine. Later,” Chris said pulling me onto his back in a piggy back ride and walking off. We walked thru some beautiful patches of flowers and right smack in the middle of them was a blanket set out in a clearing of the trees so that the sunlight came thru and the flowers hid you. “When we come here, I usually come out here and think,” Chris said sitting down and pulling me into his lap. “It’s beautiful here,” I said inhaling the scents of the many flowers and gazing up at the crystal clear sky. There were only a few white puffy clouds floating around. As I gazed up, Chris leaned forward and licked a spot on my neck, the blew on it. I tilted my head back even farther as he did it again. He moved to the side of my neck and nipped gently at the flesh as I moaned softly. “Chris, make love to me right here,” I whispered. “If that’s what you want...then I will,” he smiled as he unhooked the straps of my overalls and slid them off me. I kicked of my shoes & socks as he took my top off leaving me only in my white silk bra & panty set. “You’re beautiful Annie...oh God, you’re like an angel,” Chris murmured as I took off his tshirt and shorts. He kissed my collarbone and moved down to the valley between my breasts as he undid the hook and slid it off. My first instinct was to cover myself up. “Honey, don’t be ashamed of yourself. You are gorgeous,” he smiled as he moved my arms and kissed my breasts softly. I rolled my head back at this new feeling. I had never been touched, let alone kissed in the places Chris was and it felt wonderful. He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it while his hand rolled the other one between his finger & thumb. “Oh my God...” I moaned as he bit at it gently, then moving to the other one. I ran my nails down his back and squeezed his ass thru his boxers. Chris sat up a bit and ran his fingers over my breasts, down my stomach and down to the top of my panties. He slid them off and ran his hands over the insides of my thighs. I sucked in my breath and didn’t realize I was holding it until I felt a bit light-headed. Chris traced the outline of my swollen lips before running his thumb over my clit. My hips bucked at this slight movement and he smiled. He did it repetitively while I writhed my head from side to side. He laid back down on top of me and kissed me passionately, sliding 2 of his fingers in me. I screamed into his mouth at the pleasure and my hips began moving with the rythm of his fingers. I felt this sensastional warmth beginning in the pit of my stomach and spreading over me. I worked Chris’ boxers off and he was huge. He smiled to me and removed his fingers, replacing them with his dick. I winced at the pain I felt and he stoped. “Oh my’re a virgin, aren’t you?” he gasped. “Yeah,” I whispered. “Baby, why didn’t you tell me?” he said going to pull out. “No, Chris, please. I want this. Please continue,” I pleaded. “Alright, but I hate the fact that I’m hurting you,” he said pushing himself completely in me. I gasped as he filled me up. The pain went away and things felt wonderful as he thrusted himself inside me, taking care not to hurt me anymore. I felt his dick tensing up and soon after, I felt his hot cum shooting inside me. “Oh God..” I moaned as I went over the edge of ecstacy. Chris rolled to my side and pulled me against him. “Chris, that was..fucking amazing..” I panted. “I’m honored to be your first,” he grinned. “And I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was incredible for me, too.” We laid there a bit and we soon got dressed for it was nearing 3:30. We walked out of the clearing and everyone was there. “Let’s head back,” Joey said. We all climbed back on the sailboat and headed back to Miami Beach. While I was standing on the deck, Chris came up beside me and began singing something. “We'll it's not far down to paradise At least it's not for me And if the wind is right you can sail away And find tranquility Oh the canvas can do miracles Just you wait and see Baby believe me It's not far to never-never-land No reason to pretend And if the wind is right you can find the joy Of innocence again Oh the canvas can do miracles Just you wait and see Baby believe in me Sailing takes me away To where I've always heard it could be Just a dream and a wind to carry me Soon I will be free Fantasy It gets the best of me When I'm sailing All the world in a reverie Every word is a symphony Won't you believe in me” Chris had an amazing voice. Almost, if not more, amazing than his body. “I love your voice, Chris,” I sighed happily. “You do? Thanx,” he smiled. We docked up again at the port and we all got out. “Damnit Joey, do you guys HAVE to leave tomorrow?” Saphy asked while the guys walked us to her car. “You’re leaving tomorrow?” I asked looking into Chris’ eyes. “Chris, don’t tell me you didn’t tell her,” JC sighed. “Tell me what?” I asked looking at JC. “Annie, we’re in a music group called N Sync. We leave for Germany tomorrow morning. I’m sorry, I should have told you,” Chris sighed. “Oh God...thanx for telling me now!” I said as tears came to my eyes. I loved him and now he was leaving. “Annie, please,” he begged. “No,” I said breaking away from him. “Don’t ever talk to me again. Saphy, I’m walking home,” I said running off. “ANNIE!” he yelled. “Chris, let her go. She’s mad and confused, no doubt, and I’m afriad she’ll do something she’ll regret,” Saphy said putting her hand on his arm. He faced her and he had tears streaming down his cheeks. “Did I lose her?” he sniffed. Saphy sighed. “I don’t know Chris. I don’t know.” They all got in Saphy’s car and she dropped them off at their hotel. “See ya in the morning,” Joey smiled to Saphy. “Yeah. And don’t let Chris beat himself up over losing Annie. She’ll come back, I promise,” Saphy said kissing Joey on the lips before leaving. She got back to our dorm room to find I wasn’t there. “Oh well,” she said sititng down. “I’ll just wait for her to come back.” Saphy waited all afternoon and all night. I never came. She went to the airport early the next morning to see Joey off. “Where’s Annie?” he asked. “She never came home last night,” Saphy sighed. “I’m sure she’s fine,” Joey whispered, hugging her tightly. N Sync boarded the plane and Saphy drove back to our dorm room and when she got there, my stuff was all cleard out. There was a note on the cofee table. “Dear Saphy-- My heart’s broken. I can’t stay here in Florida. I have to leave. I’ve moved away and I will call you, but I will not tell you where I am living. Give my best regards to all the guys and wish them luck on becoming succesful. Luv Alwayz & 4Ever my lil sis, Annie” Saphy was upset, but she knew there was nothing she could do until I called. She set back on the couch and cried a bit, but she soon moved on with her life. Had I moved on with mine?