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Welcome to The Palace! Ohhhhhoooooo it's Christmas! :)

imageWelcome to Desiree's Justin Timberlake Palace! The number on Justin source on the net since 1998! Sorry, I am not Justin. I am Desiree. Call me Des, and if you'd like to e-mail me for anything click here. Have a good time and enjoy your stay! Sign the guestbook, please before you leave! I'd love you forever!


What can you find here? Everything Justin related! Even Nsync dollies! What are nsync dollies? Click here to find out.

imageUpdates: 12/18 Got another update for ya! Did you knows, info, and pictures! LOTS of pictures FOUR new pages, and also ONE new page of Rare stuff. I've got some HOT picture up guys. Go take a look. Also I've added up a new page. Nsync dollies. I've been really busy so I have got the holiday page done yet. I'm sorry, I will shortly.

Updates: 12/12 Hey all! I know it's about time I updated the site. I took a two month break not only because my web company deleted all of my photo files, but I had to write chapters to my stories which are getting great feedback on The Justin Corner. It's going to be hard but to have a number one Justin site, I need to KEEP it updated. I will do that no matter what it takes. As you can tell the site has a whole new look! If you absolutely hate the new look and cannot stand it, you can still go to the older site by clicking here. (It does not require frames.) I have so much more going for this site! In the pictures section you will find two pages of rare pictures of things. Check those out. I have lots of Justin and Britney pictures there. You will see things you never thought you would. And also. Obviously, it's Christmas! Of course I have a Christmas layout up! Enjoy! Oh, and I wanted to wish everyone an early Merry Christmas!

I have multimedia up guys! Thats right. NEW sound files! I also have a totally new quiz made. EVERYTHING has been updated, and I can honestly say that this time. This layout is temporary...I'll see how you guys like it. If You don't like the frames thing going too much I'll changed back to the old, OLD layout! =) Please have fun guys! As you can tell I have gone Christmassy! I even have a Christmas holiday page up for you guys as a bonus! Check out info for the latest news; go see what Backstreet said about Nsync!

Please guys...I worked so hard on all of this NEW stuff, please just sign my guestbook. Give me something to lift my sprits so I can go on =)

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Welcome to Desiree's Justin Timberlake Page

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He looks so good!


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