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Ohmigosh! I can't even explain how emotional I got over this chapter. Now this story always keeps me on my heels and I always want more. I can't get enough, but reading this chapter was so emotional. I honestly have to say that I felt it. I have felt like I was in this story from day one and tonight when I read that Kim told Justin she wouldn't marry him, I lost it LOL. I was crying like a baby. Anyway I can NOT wait to read chapter 59 and I have to say GREAT JOB! It really is a great story and it's coming along so so well! I know you're busy so you don't have to reply to me personally I just wanted to give you a little feedback on this chapter because it touched me so much LOL.

hey des, first i would like to say i hope you are feeling better.and i just wanna say keep up with the good hard work you do on writing second chance,i been reading since the strict and i have to say you have a great imagination. i just finish reading chapter 58 and i have to say that was such a great chapter. everytime i read your story i imagine it happening in my mind, well the only thing is i can't picture kim as a blond but i still love the story.but at first i ain't like the parts that she hits justin and that kim and justin are always crying but i got use to it.sorry if you got mad at me for saying that to you. well i wrote a very long story myself and i wish i can put it on the computer for everyone else to read but i don't have the time to type it all in the computer because it's so long and it is so different from your stories but i like your stories alot.

dammmmmnnnnnn girl get the next chapter up
im cryyyyyyiiinnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
loveeee youuuu

ps- hope you feel better :)~
`..* Danielle *..`

(lol) please hurry and post chapter 59 OMG!!OMG!!OMG!! I havta find out
O.K as you can tell I'm freaking out (lol) I havta find out if she marries
him or NOT she HAS TO!! LOL Sorry for freaking out so badly lol but you have
to post chapter 59 lol

hi this is robyn and i love your stories strict and
second chances. i hope justin and kim work everything
out and stay together. i hope you post some more of
the story soon, i cant wait to see what happens. ok
well write me back if you have a chance and i will be
looking for more of second chance. talk to you later

omg i just finshed reading the chapter and im crying like a baby. omg i cant get over it. his own mother and kim has no compasion what so ever yea he did something wrong but omg he loves her sooo much and omg put some more of the ooooooooohhhhhhhh babbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee parts in it cuz i cant. my family thinkz im freakin crazy im sitiing here at the computer hystericaly crying because of a story, or maybe im just pms-ing. who knows? but wow i cant im gonna be like crying in my bed tonight,lol! i sware im gonna be thinking about this during my math final tomorrow!! well wow u have to keep writing girl cuz my head is in a tizzy yo!

love ya mwaaaaa side note- the 'ohhhh baby' parts are the scenes in yellow, according to  Veronica lol

You don't have to write back or anything, but I just
wanted to tell you that chapter 58 was THE BEST
chapter of fan fiction I have ever read. I've been on
this list for a while and have never responded, but I
felt that I should this time. I have never felt that
emotional reading before. When Justin was saying
something like "Come back out and put the ring back
on" my eyes got all watery and red. Thank you for
writing this great chapter!

OMG...I ..i'm crying now! I can't believe that!! omg!....! I can't wait until chapter see what happens next.. I don't know if i really even wanna read that...

hey i read ur story second chance.. omg i jus read chapta 58.. omg gurl ur sucha great author omg i duno wut to say! omg lol.. OMG lol.. wow i luv readin ur stories.. omg.. i wunted to tell u that cuz i wunt u to kno i luv ur story.. also lol will justin n kim get back togetha LMAO i sooo wunna kno!!!!! lol.. well email me back.. ahh i luv ur stories LMAO.. mwaaa<33

omg i cant believe what happened!!! gurl i need clues lol!!! i was readin and all of a sudden "justin i i cant marry you" i was like ahhh~! but neways sorry its good though they still r gonna get married.... rite?

oh my gosh!!!!!!!! chapter 58 was SOO sad but SOOO good. i think it's awesome. are they gonna get back together? i cant wait for 59, 3 days right? argh, i dunno if i can wait dat long- jk. good luck and GOOD JOB.

-a fan

Hey Des!!!!!! You probably don't know me, but I am on your list. Girl..... You absolutely HAVE to hurry up and put the next chapter up, i CAN NOT wait 3 days!!!! i am going to go crazy!!! chapter 58 is SOOOOOO good, that you don't even understand!!!! well i got to go, not to pressure you or anything, but get that chapter up ASAP!!!!! its great!!!!! i love it!!! Whoooooo hOOOOO< ok I know I am weird and I am probably taking up your time of reading your many e-mails from your fans, so I will say good-bye now!! Laterz

hey girlie!!
I gotta tell ya Chapt 58 is my absolute fave chapter!!!(so far) i seriously started crying when Kim told Justin she wouldnt marry him and how upset justin got.I know they're sill gettin married but it still made me cry! I love your chapters that have the REAL drama in them. i emailed you awhile ago and told ya how much i loved the chapter where justin tried to kill himself. To me,they are just sooo realistic!!!haha i know its bad...but most of my fave chapters are ones where they're fighting. I just get soo into them and i swear Strict and Second Chances should become a movie!!! lol to me..they are that good.i CANNOT wait till the next chapter and figure out if Kim finally forgives him.I can see where Kim is mad...but mannnn i feel sooo bad for justin!! that poor guy! ok well im gonna go now Keep on writing this awesome story girl!!
one of your MAJOR fans!

Hey Des~! My name's Candi Parker and i just wanted to tell you that the stories you write are INCREDIBLE! You should write scripts for movies! They are SOOO GREAT! anyways, I was just wondering in your story "Second Chance" if Justin and Kim are gonna break up!? I am so anxious to find out!  I'm on chapter 58 now and i want them to get married, but hey don't get me wrong, they're your stories and whatever happens I know it'll be great! ALL of your stories are great! Keep up the Good work! peace,love,and chicken greace!  ~~~ Candi~~

Ohhh....oh my God...just...I hate that chapter and yet I love it but it's so
wrong!! It's so wrong of Kim to do that to him. I-I was crying when she said
that she didn't want to be with ihm right now. Oh, God. That's just so wrong
of her. I am being overly emotional but...ugh. Poor Justin...I hope they get
back together...

Hi my name is Nicole!  I've read strict and now Second Chance and I just read chapter 58.  I was just curious if your making Kim and Justin break up permanently??  Well thanks and keep up the good writing!

Hi Des

Hi there my name is Adelle and i am from England !!

I just wanted to say that i follow the story 'Second Chance' religiously and i have just read chapter 58 and it blew me away !!

It is the best chapter of the story and i got so involved in it that by the end of reading it i was practically crying because i felt so upset for Justin !!

Well just wanted to tell you that, keep up the good work on the site !!

From Adelle.

OMG! that chapter was so...I can't even find the words to put it. Let me just say you have amazed me once again I mean the pain Justin felt when Kim said she couldn't marry him I felt it, and I had tears in my eyes my God I just can't believe she did that.
LOL you must think im crazy for reacting this way to your fictional story and i know its fiction, but call me crazy but it really seem real to me and i see them in my head and i try to figure out how they look i mean i know how Justin looks but i just try to picture Kim as beautiful as you describe her and it's just heart-stopping when you describe her in your story and i can just picture her and... LOL look at me im rambling and wasting your time so just to put in 4 words and an exclamation point YOUR STORY IS AMAZING!

p.s. keep up the excellent, brilliant, outstanding, job that your doing and I can't wait to read more of your AMAZING story:)

                                                                                     One of your many fans

  i have not talked to ya for a while now, so i thought i would drop and say
WASSSSUP!!  things are going pretty good round here.  summer break is here
at last, thank god!  Krista and I were talking about the story last night,
and we agree that old JuJu is a freaking moron.  he went way to far with
that chick, and Krista said she wanted to reach in the computer and beat
him, lol!  now she is all panicked because Kim said she would not marry him,
and it has made him "ill".  she is packing as we speak, and is bringing the
first load of stuff up the 24, yeah for me!
well, i gotta jam, things to see and people to do, lol.  catch ya later,

(From the dork hahahahah!)  side note- lol people to do hahahaha that is way cute!

Hey Des!!!
  Oh my god!! I've read strict and up to chapter 58 in second chance, how could you do that?!?!? Kim has to marry Justin! She just has to! She just has to!
They never stop fighting do they? They just cant get along can they?  Well anyway, I absolutely LOVE your stories!! They are the best that I had ever read!
Forget what every body else says, I am seriously your #1 fan!!! I was wondering, when are you going to put up the rest of Freak? I just cant wait to read it.
I just cant wait for Chapter 59 of Second Chance either! I dont want to rush you at all, its just that your stories are so great, but dont forget to keep your life though, dont spend all your time on these stories, Have fun!!!!!!!
Well Buh Bye!!!!

Hey , Des. chapter 57 and 58 of "Second Chance" was soooooooooo good ! i couldn't belive that kim told justin that she didn't want to marry him . THAT WAS A BIG SHOCK TO ME !!!!! i can't wait till chapter 59 is posted. keep up the good work . from your fan dcg108

second chance chapter 58 was soooooooooooooooo gooooooooood please please please i hope justin and kim work things out please i hope they decide to get married again!!!!! please do second chance chapter 59 please


Sorry, these are not all of the reactions, but THANK YOU EVERYONE that has sent me feedback, that is not up here, about the chapter!

Love ya,



Chapter 59

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