Dolls. A lot of people don't know what they are...others do. Either way, they have become a major part of my website. Most of all, the chapters in Second Chance. People ask me many questions. But lately, more people saw the dolls that I've made. And they see that I make them in relation to my story to help give my readers a visual, and now everyone wants to know how they can make them too. I am making this section because of the massive amounts of e-mails I get of people asking me how to make dolls. There is no way that I can respond to them all and explain, so one large explanation should do...

For starters. You need a special program. It's called The Palace- Visual Chat. What is it? It's basically a chatting program, where you chat with other people, using a "doll" or cartoon-like character to represent yourself.

What's the deal with the program? I have no idea. What happened with the program is, the company that created the chat ran out of money, and they discontinued the downloading and assistance of the program on it's site. This is the old address where you used to be able to download the The Palace: They did this around November of 2000. Since the chat was well-liked, other places have the download of it available on their sites. I think has it, and a fan of mine told me that has it. BUT! There is another problem. When you get the program, a registration code is required. And as I said, the creators of the site are no longer involved with the program, which means, they don't give out registration codes. Maybe palace tools has something where they can give you a code...I don't know. If you don't get a code, then you can only visit the palace places as a guest, and you can't make dolls if you are a guest.

So. If you are lucky enough to get the program and get INTO the program, then you are ready to make dolls. When it comes to making dolls for your websites and things, it is NOT easy. What you have to basically do is roam around the different rooms of the palaces, and collect what is called, props. Most people don't explain what they are, and many newbies get confused. Props are just the items that make up a dolls. Legs. Arms. Hair. Shirts. Skirts...ect. Yes, they just lay around, and you can copy them or take them. If you see a person wearing an outfit and you like it, you can ask them for it, and they could offer it to you if they want. You can give others your props also.

The palace is very interesting and can be fun, but it has major disadvantages, which makes is harder to use and make dolls.

1.) Props. The palace has been around for several years, but not many people know about it. Certain props are harder to find. The dolls that are used for my stories are considered old preps props. They are NOT very popular on the palace. Actually, prep props are greatly hated at some palaces, and if you are wearing them to represent yourself as you chat, people will make fun of you and be really mean. It sucks. Examples of older and newer props are:

Preps- are the oldest  and most unpopular        

Mini's- are the second oldest.         

  Slilents- are the new and most popular props.

Silents have much less detail and are usually very small, but they are the most popular props people use to chat with and make dolls with now. I don't know why, I personally think the older dolls look more cool. Notice how the newer the dolls get, the smaller they get.

2.) The people. I'm not trying to make a big issue out of the people. But some of the people on the palace are just mean and rude. If you are a prep, you are especially picked on. Even if your prep is wearing all Playboy clothes and has body parts hanging out of it's clothes, if you are the size of the older prep above, you are considered a prep. No matter what. And also, Nsync and Britney Spears are hated on, on most of the palaces. There are a lot of icons of Nsync's heads on sticks, bleeding and things like that. A lot of N-stink banners too. This makes it very hard to make Justin dolls. Which, is why I have more female ones on my page made than ones of Justin. I know some people who have and make a lot of the Nsync props. I usually give her my custom made props in return for her Nsync and Justin ones. If you meet the right people, you can get some really nice Nsync props.

3.) Custom made. A lot of people make their props, in order to be different from everyone else. At first I just took props to make my dolls, and my dolls looked very ordinary, but then I started making things from scratch. What I mean by "making", is just drawing clothes items with a color. It's not easy at all. So, most of my recent dolls have custom made clothing on them, which takes me a while to make and put together. But not just the clothing, the sunglasses and crying tears that you see on my dolls, also. Hair. Everything.


When I make custom dolls that I really like, I'll put my names on them, but I don't always label the ones that I make. 

When it comes to scenes, like bedrooms or bathtubs, I collect the items (kitchens, tables, beds, ect...) from places on the palace or make them, and then I create the scenes myself. It can be very time consuming. Example:

To make dolls for your pages, you need some sort of art program. And you can't really make them, unless you know something about graphics making or using the art program you have. This being, you have to know how to convert the dolls, you create on the palace, into images (jpgs or gifs) If you have no idea what the words are  in parentheses you probably won't be able to make them.

4.) The finishing touches. Most people that make dolls will just create them, and convert them into images. But not me. I go the extra step, that you don't have to. I open the doll up, that I made in one of my favorite art programs, and then I edit it to make it look more like something I'd like for my story. People don't realize, that on top of writing chapters I make the little cartoons, and making a good one can take me an hour to two hours. For example, this is a doll that I made:


I liked the the doll, but I wanted to make her pants look more like a pair of jeans I brought online. 

So, I changed the jeans, erased the thong, and then I changed her shirt to white and added "Kim" on it. I cut her jeans down, and the shirt up, and added body jewelry. You can't really tell, but I changed her eyes from brown to blue.

I'm pretty sure you get the point by now...that is how I make my dolls lol. It can be a LONG process sometimes, but I get e-mails from people who tell me they cannot read the chapters without the dolls, so I make sure I add them to chapters when I can. There are some occasions I just don't have time to make them.

One last thing. This:

...Is a Wonderkin. Wonderkin's are old as well. Wonderkin's are rare on the palace. They are considered too big and are not seen that much. They are the hardest and the rarest type of props to find.

If you have the palace and know this information already, but is wondering where I am and when I'm on the palace...On the palace I go by the name of Des, I use a small silent in a white dress to represent myself, but I don't visit the palace to chat. I go to collect props, and then I go into lockable rooms to put my dolls together, and thats it. I don't have time to chat because my time is always so limited and usually I have to write something.

Can I make you a doll? A lot of people have asked me this question. I am all for helping people, when it comes to graphic-like things. I love making graphics. Some people might not be able to get the program, and would really like a doll for their site. I understand. So, if you really REALLY need a doll, and would like one for you site or something, I'd be more than happy to make you one. But you'd have to understand how busy I am, and it could take me a minute to get to your request. But please don't ask me ask me to make you like fifteen dolls. There is no way I can handle so many requests from one person. So, if you REALLY need one, e-mail me at my e-mail address and make sure the subject heading is 'Doll Request' Okay? Try to be as descriptive as possible as to what you want your doll to look like. Oh, and you have to tell me you reason for me making it...

 I hope you understand how to make them better =)


Chapter 63

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