I don't know where it comes from, or where it will go in a moments glance.
All I do know is, that once you find it, you damn well better put it to
good use. Of all the emotions known to God and man, inspiration is the
hardest to tame. It can not be created, and it can not be captured. To
study inspiration, you must first live it. From the fog that gently curls
it's way around the tree lined valleys and hollows, from the way the sun
hits the water right before it concedes to the twilight, or the way you feel
standing in your grandmother's rose garden, watching her old hands nurture
something so beautiful and delicate. Inspiration can be wonder, humility,
terror, or the deep sorrow that hits the heart like a mid air collision.
And as long as there are people like you Des, the world will never be short
inspiration. Maybe what I am trying to put into words is my own form of
inspiration. All I know is when I read your story, my entire life, much
like a vacuum, gets sucked into some void where I lose all contact with the
outside world. All I can see or hear is the life and love shared by your
characters. YOU are your characters, and your inspiration lights up the
entire room, giving off a glow that pulls me in closer and closer. There is
most likely no way that I will ever be able to completely repay you for what
you have given me, and to even try would be foolish, I know this. Once
again, I guess all I can say is, you inspire me........the wind that sets
sail the ship in my heart. I know you have had some rough times as of late.
I want you to know that I am here, along with countless others who walk
beside you no matter where you go. When you get down and out, and feel like
there is not a soul who understands, know that a little piece of me is right
there next to you; lending a shoulder, an ear, or just the silent wonder
that only sisters can share. I sometimes wish I was an angel, so I could do
a better job of all this, lol, but needless to say, I am still just Krista.
But like I said before.....I have planted a rose for you, the way you
planted hope and inspiration in my heart.

This is something very personal and special that I probably should not post up publicly. But I feel that other people have to read this. The words above are from someone very special, she knows who she is. 

Now, there are many different forms of power and a flames that count as an inner force, but I've never felt so much power from something or this type of power. And I've never cried over something because I was overwhelmed by just raw power and emotion. Not even from my own story. She is so talented and gifted in her own way and is blind to this fact. And the way she writes is naturally poetic, loving, and talented. For once I am truly lost for words. I cannot respond to something so deep and serious. I don't have the strength, words, or privilege to! Silence. No words except....I LOVE YOU, GIRL!

Chapter 63

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