Chapter 32note- The song 'My Eye's Closed' in this chapter is written by me. (So yeah it's cheesy) And also the shirt that Justin wears in the story is one that he has in real life. You will know what I'm talking about when you get to that part.


July 31, 2002 (a week later)

"Okay, and I am now going to find, Jade. She's not in her crib..." Kim walked around the house with a small camcorder in her hand. Her eyes were glued to the small screen on the camcorder and she watched it closely as she taped her surroundings. "I'm going downstairs...just check out this house. The chandelier is nice." She made sure she included it in her shot. She made it downstairs and entered the living room. "And this is the living room, with new furniture. I LOVE IT! And oh, there is Jade. Jade and Daddy."

Justin shook his head and laughed at Kim. He waved at the camcorder and then waved Jade's hand.

"Say something, Justin."

He licked his tongue at the camera. Kim zoomed in on it. "What do you want me to say?"

She shrugged. "I don't know, say something. Just anything. So, we can show Jade when she's older."

He held the baby up to his face. "Okay, this is Jade, who will be two months in eight days. My daughter. I love her as much as I love Kim, who is my everything. This little girl right here is going to be spoiled rotten, I will make sure of that. I'm hoping she will have a little BROTHER joining her one day." He winked. "And thats all I have to say about that!"

Kim giggled behind the camcorder. "And there you go...that's Justin." She began to zoom in on his face. "He is so FINE! GOD!"

He looked at the camera questioningly with a grin on his face. "Kim, what are you doing?" She zoomed in closer on his face. "Are you zooming in on me?"

"Those are his sexy lips..."

"Kim, stop that." He said with a chuckle.

"Those blue eyes...hotness."

He closed his eyes. "Kim, will you take that camera off of me?"

"His incredibly LONG eyelashes." She sighed.

"Girl, I am going to get you back..."

She took her attention off of Justin and put the camera on Jade. She looked at the small video screen in awe. "Awww, would ya look at that? Jade, is sucking her thumb."

Justin laughed. "I've got something you can suck..."

Kim immediately put the camera on herself. "I'm sorry, due to technical difficulties, I will have to end this video taping. Justin, will now get his butt kicked." She shut the camera off and put it on the coffee table.

Justin put Jade in her chair quickly, then backed away from Kim. He held up a bottle. "It was just a joke. Get it? HAHA? Suck? Please don't beat me up. I was talking about the bottle. NOT something else." She had that look in her eyes. The playful, 'I love you' look.

"Yeah, sure you were, Justin."

He acted afraid of her. "I was."

She ran up to him and pretended she was about to hit him. Instead of hitting him she wrapped her arms around him. "I love you, Justin."

He bend down and kissed her. "I love you too."

There was a complete moment of silence, because they were looking into each others eyes. "Would you like to dance, Justin?" Kim asked out of nowhere.

He smiled. "Dance? What kind of dance?"

She took his hand and pulled him in the living room. She then picked up a remote and shortly after that, the stereo began to play slow romantic music. She put his hands on her waist and her arms around his neck. "This kind of dancing."

His face lowered toward hers. "Cool. And what is this about?"

She smiled innocently and turned her head to say something. "Oh, nothing. I just want to be intimate right now. In the loving way."

He stared over at Jade. She was smiling at them. "Jade is enjoying this. She's watching us." He focused back on Kim and kissed her on her ear. "I love you."

The sound of his words made her close her eyes. "I love you too." She sullenly placed her head on his chest as the swayed. "Justin?"


"What did you mean, You hope Jade has a brother to join her?"

She felt his hand trace up her back. "I meant Jade will have a little the future. Why? You don't want more kids?"

She shook her head. "Oh, no! Nothing like that. It's just that we are young...Jade is a big deal. Another baby would be too much for us."

His hand rode up to her face, where he cupped it. "I know that sweetie. I'm not saying I want another now...I just know we will probably have another baby. HA! At the rate we are going you might be pregnant already!"

She looked up into his eyes and laughed. "No! DON'T THINK SO! There is no way. Hehe. It's real cute that you want more kids though. Most guys aren't like that..."

He kissed her on the lips and pulled back, but kept his face less than a centimeter from hers. "I'm not like most guys. You should know that. And I am just crazy about you. CRAZY I tell you..." He kissed her lips more slowly. "...crazy." His hand faded down her body and he began to tickle her sides.

"Hey, haha, don't do that, Justin."

His eyes searched her face. "You are so dam...dang beautiful!"

She pinched him on the stomach. "You cursed."

"Ow, I did not. I said DAM!"

She pinched him again. "You did curse."

"I said the beaver like dam, I didn't say the damn with an 'N'." She pinched him again. "OW! Okay, okay. I'll just shut up."

"I'm just playing with you, Justin." She kissed him on the nose.

He looked at her strangely. "Wait a second here...have you gotten taller? You've gotten taller haven't you?"

She nodded. "I know, it's weird. I have gotten taller. I'm like nineteen and still growing. Is that possible? I guess I'm a late bloomer."

He laughed. "You are NOT a late bloomer. TRUST ME! I have eyes, and I've been looking at you for over a year now. You are NOT a late bloomer."

She crossed her arms. "You are just...such a...guy." She shook her head. "Yeah, over a year. You know what? You make me really happy." She smiled and looked down. "Really happy."

He lifted her hanging head with a finger. "You make me really happy also. And every time I look at you I wonder...were you ever happy at all when you were living with your parents? When you were growing up did you ever had a happy occurrence? With you dad, OR mom?"

She turned away from him. "No, never. I don't really want to talk about it."

She turned away from him so quickly, he instantly knew something was wrong. "You okay, Kim? I didn't mean to bring it up, I was just wondering. I'm too nosy sometimes. I'm sorry."

She kept her back to him. "Don't be sorry. You've done nothing to be sorry for. It's just that, a while back, when I left the house after the Britney thing...My dad handed me the money I demanded and...he told me." She paused for a easy breather. "He told me my mother was sick. Well, dying. He said that I should see her before she dies. She's probably dead by now." She laughed pitifully. "I just thought about it." She turned back to face him.

Justin looked sad. He was looking down at the floor. "Oh really? That's awful." He whispered. "I'm sorry." He forced himself to look up into her gleaming eyes.

"Oh don't worry about it." She said with a questionable smile. "I mean, why should I feel sorry for her?"

"Because she's your mother..."

"Right, Justin. Technically she WAS my mother because she brought me into this world. BUT she tried with all of her might to take it back. How could she be my mother? How could she?" She felt a bit weak emotionally, when a tear declined down her cheek. "How could she be my mother, Justin? She not only NEVER said she loved me, she told me she hated me. What the...? What kind of mother is that? Huh? So, why should I feel sorry for her and visit her? She would never do it for me." She wiped her eyes. "I'm not crying, I was just saying..."

"It's okay." He whispered, helping her wipe her eyes. "It's okay. Why don't we change the subject. Better yet, why don't we change clothes? We have a wedding cake to go pick out."

A smile crossed her face slowly. "Right, a wedding cake to pick out." She went and picked up Jade, who had fallen sleep. "We're getting married! WE'RE getting married. I CAN'T WAIT!" She woke Jade up, and the baby's breath increased in size. "Oh, my. I'm sorry Jade. Mommy didn't mean to scare you. Hey Justin, how much do you think this wedding is going to cost us?"

He laughed. "A lot. I say we'll be bankrupt by the time it's over."

Kim joined him laughing. "Don't you even try that Justin Timberlake. I saw how much money you have in your bank account. I SAW all the ZEROS! But I'm helping to pay too. I'm paying for my dress...which will be A LOT!" She straightened up the blanket around Jade, continuously.

Justin sweetly took Jade from Kim's arms. "I know the money for the wedding is not a big deal. You take it easy sweetheart. I'll get her. For the past few weeks you've been taking care of her and watching her SO MUCH. I'm proud of you baby girl. Your such a great momma!" He took to the staircase.

Kim laughed and followed him up the stairs. "Well, thanks. Your a great DADDA too! And what do I get since you are so proud of me?" She guided her body up the stairs with a spiral rail.

He turned back and looked at her strikingly. "You get a cookie! Do you want it now or later?" His eyebrow raised. It was the first time he had ever used her infamous lines.

She stopped walking up the stairs. "I'd like it now because you said I can't eat anymore chocolate, and if I can have a chocolate chip one...I would just freak out. I am chocolate deprived. A week without it is KILLING ME!"

He shook his head and laughed. "You are so SLOW girl! COOKIES! LIKE a playful word for you know...won't say in front of Jade, 'cause you'll slap me. Not the COOKIES you eat." He continued to walk and laugh at her.

She thought for a second in confusion. He was already at the top of the stairs she was still in the middle of them. "Ohhhhh I get it now. If it's THAT kind of cookie, I'll take it later on tonight." She continued on her journey upstairs.

Justin placed Jade down in her crib. "Your a natural blonde. Thats why your slow at calculating things." He said playfully.

She crossed her arms. "Your a natural blonde too dumbass." She replied back. She was not seriously mad. He came back out into the hall, approached her, and then pinched her on the butt. "What was THAT for?"

He grinned. "You said DUMBASS! You cursed. If you are going to pinch me every time I do, I'm pinching you when you slip up also."

Her neck dashed back. "Oh, so you are trying to start somethin' with me?" She pinched him. "You said dumbass, Justin." He pinched her because she said a curse word. "Ow, that hurt. I thought you said you would NEVER hurt me, Justin."

He laughed and waved his finger at her. "Ut huh! Don't even try it. I'm over that shadow phase. You know, and I know it is okay to play around. Pinching you is playful. Tapping you, is playful. It's just in fun and not anger. If I were to punch you or slap you, thats a whole 'nother story. That is hurting you." He kissed her on the cheek. "You know I love you, and you damn sure..." She pinched him on the arm. "DAMMIT!" She pinched him again. He rubbed the hurt area. "Man, ow. I need to stitch my mouth shut." He viewed his arm and tried to think of a solution to stop the throbbing pain.

Kim placed a finger on her chin. "Speaking of stitches...did mine vanish, baby?" She bent her head down and moved her hair to one side.

He put his hands in her hair and checked her scalp out. "Yeah." He said confidently. "They dissolved, just like the doctor said. That's pretty cool. Once again, you've healed completely." He held her in a hug. "You trip me out with that...healing completely. My pager is ruined because it got wet. It was a nice pager. Could send e-mails with it and everything. I have to admit though, it was worth ruining to go get you." He kissed her on the neck...hard and teasingly. His lips were sucking up her skin.

"Do you really have to kiss me like this?" She moaned. "You must be blood thirsty with all of the SUCTION your implying."

He pulled his lips away gently. "Thats right." He opened his mouth wide and touched on of his sharp canines. "I'll be drawing blood in a minute. See this tooth? At times, it tends to grow more sharp, and I bite people at night. Sucking their blood. Possessing them. I'm just warning you." He shrugged, and tried to keep a straight face.

Kim had a laughing fit. "Well it's not night time, and just a little warning for you! If you bite me and start drawing blood, I'll start to WITHDRAW things elsewhere. Got it?"

He shook his head. "Got it. GOT IT LOUD AND CLEAR!"

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "Good." She could sense Justin was behind her, and was following her into the bedroom. She began to pace. "GOD! I need some chocolate. Please let me eat some, Justin! What did you do with all of my candy and stuff?"

"Nope, can't have it."


"Kim, you went overboard when you ate like a one pound bag of M&M's and then like thirty Little Debbie's cakes. Oh, with CHOCOLATE MILK! How are your teeth still white? Thats what I wanna know. They all should have turned brown and rotted out. You should have false teeth by now."

She rolled her eyes. "I did not eat THIRTY Little Debbie's cakes! And I brush my teeth, thats how they stay clean! PLEASE let me have some chocolate. I'm all hot and upset..."

"I can help you with that baby girl." He picked her up, using two arms and carried her into the Jacuzzi tub. She tried to get out of the tub, but Justin wouldn't let her. He turned the water on, on both ends it. He held her down solidly and let the cold water pour onto her body. "Cool now?" He let her loose and cut the water off.

She froze in shock. "I cannot believe you just did that."

"Hey, at least it's not the pool! We have to get out of here. I'll go change Jade and get her ready to go. Okay, sweetie?"

She shook some of the water off of her. "Alright! Damn that water is cold." Justin was leaving but turned back to pinch her. "Ow." She said with a tired laugh.

"You know, were are getting this bathroom restyled. I want it Hilfiger! I miss my old bathroom. This bathroom is bigger, but it's so....girly because it's so white and has all of this mature crap in it. You need BLUE AND RED AND WHITE AND BLACK! Those colors right there. Hilfiger is the man! When in doubt, use Hilfiger."

Kim climbed out of the tub drenched. "When in doubt, use Hilfiger." She mocked him. "Okay, Justin. Whatever you want. Your the one thats paying! HAHA! Don't forget about the studio. You are having built in the house in a few about going bankrupt..."

Justin went into Jade's room and picked up the sleeping newborn. He placed her on her changing table and took off her diaper only to find out it was completely dry. He picked her back up and held her to his chest to wake her and to prepare the new diaper for her. "Hey Jade. Hey my little baby girl. Are you going to open your eyes?"

Her eyes slowly opened and a slight smile crossed her, identical to his, lips. It was then that he felt a stream of something warm seeping down his shirt.

"What the...?" He pulled the baby back. "You PEED on me? You PEED on ME! Okay, lets get a diaper on you. Like NOW." He laid her back on the table, with the new, fresh diaper underneath her. "It's a good thing I didn't change yet." He made sure she was perfectly clean and put the tiny diaper on her bottom. He could see she was still grinning, so held her and kissed her. "Your a bad girl. Your a very very very bad girl." He lifted her in the air once and she threw up all over the right side of his head and face. Slowly he lowed the baby back down. "This is not my day with you." His right eye was squeezed closed tightly, to keep the throw up from getting into it. He walked out of the room. "Kim! KIM!" She came out of the bedroom closet in just her underwear because she was searching for something to put on. When she saw Justin, she just fell to the floor laughing. He held the baby out. "Kim..." He said very calmly. "Take...your...daughter."

She was laughing to hard to speak.


After searching and tying on many things, Kim finally walked out of the huge closet. "Is this okay?" She showed Justin her outfit. It consisted of a baby-blue short cut, halter like top. It had one strap which went across her shoulder to add a modern look to it. She was wearing baby-blue platforms, white jeans, and was holding a baby-blue rectangular handbag to complete the outfit. "You said to wear baby-blue, because you and Jade were wearing it. So it this okay?"

"You look so...pure hotness! That shirt is the grand finale. Are you sure you don't want your cookie now? I'm willing to give it!" He winked flirtatiously.

She tried to hide her smile. "Isn't this cute. The whole family matches." Justin was wearing a baby-blue shirt and dark-denim jeans. Jade had on baby-blue overalls. "I get to choose our next clothing color scheme, because baby-blue is so WORN OUT!"

He just zoned out and gazed her up and down. Intoxicating. Intoxicating was an acute description of her beauty. Her beauty, he didn't understand. Her perfections and many talents, he didn't understand. Her independence, strong-ness and womanhood, he didn't understand. And him not understanding made everything easier for him. She amazed him in so many ways. The most shocking of them was the fact that she didn't have to prove anything to anyone for any reason to show how perfect she was. Maybe she didn't realize it. Maybe she didn't realize she had the perfect personality and the perfect looks. She was eye candy. "I love you, Kim." He blurted. "I'm serious. I love you and Jade with all of my heart, and I'll cherish the both of you until the day I die. I promise you that!"

She was scanning the dresser for something. "Oh, I know you will, Justin. And I will cherish you until the DAY I die. I love you so much." She blew a kiss at him.

He blew one back, being careful of Jade. "Baby girl, YOU ARE SO FREAKIN' HOT! If you only KNEW how hot you were!"

She giggled. "Shut up, Justin."

"I'm not kidding! Right now I wanna tear the shirt off of you. Ummm and those JEANS! You know what you DO to me when you wear baby-blue Kim."

She rolled her eyes and grabbed what she was looking for. "Got them." She held up the found keys in victory. She approach Justin and stood before him. She didn't notice what his shirt said, until she had an upclose view of it. "Pimpercrombie and Bitch? Oh my God! HAHA! That is the funniest thing, I've ever saw." She hung her head over his shoulder, careful not to crush Jade, and laughed. "I cannot...never saw anything...HAHAHA!" Justin pinched her.

Her laugh was as contagious as a cold and he could help but to laugh along with her. "Kim, it's really not THAT funny. It's just making fun of Abercrombie and Fitch."

She managed to lift her head some. "I know...but you wear Abercrombie and Fitch, thats why it's so funny!"

"Yeah, exactly. I wear a little of everything. I'm unique. No one else can be like me."

She wiped happy tears from her eyes and held his head and kissed him all over his face. "I know no one can be like you. You have some unique style if you can cross Abercrombie and Fubu. Makes me love you even more. Your so original Justin."

"YOU, are so original."

She ticked her head to the side. "Am I original enough to drive your new car? Oh, PLEASE let me drive it! I love it to death. 2003 Mercedes M class. Mercedes jeep, whatever it is. It's a kick a...butt car. I'm so happy you traded in your older one. Please can I drive it today? PLEASE? I love your style Justin, you always get the coolest cars." His eyes were not looking into hers and he was looking down at her. She lifted his head. "Hello? Earth to Justin. My face is up here."

His face had moved up, but his eyes had not, and he had to raise them to look at her honestly. "I apologize. It's just that your um...draws attention. Put it like that. Those ripples and creases...damn."

"Right in front of Jade." She pinched him. "Seriously Justin, can I drive today? You need a break anyway. I'll drive good. I won't harm your precious car in any way."

He held up a hand. "Kim, it's just a car. You act like it's your dream car or something. You can get one of your own if you like it so much You can get yourself thousands of them. And sure you can drive today. I don't care if you drive it, as long as you follow the guide lines of the speed limits."

She kissed him on the lips. "I love you." Slowly her lips deepened in his mouth. She would close her lips completely against his and then part them slightly to repeat the process. Finally her lips opened and Justin's did. His head turned to the side and from there he lapped his tongue into her mouth. Kim's mouth accepted his movement and the tip of her tongue met his. With their tongues still touched they closed their mouths and used jaw movements to ensure themselves deeper into the others mouth. Kim placed her hand on Justin's chest. It took several unwanted attempts to repel from his lips. "We shouldn't be doing that in front of the baby." She whispered, catching her breath. "She did NOT need to just witness that." Kim wiped the edges of her mouth.

Justin licked his lips. "She may have not need to witness it, but I needed to receive it. You know I'm obsessed with that Jolly Rancher flavored lip gloss. I love that stuff." He held Jade supportively with one hand and held the other out. "Kim can you pull me up? I know we better be getting out of here. Let's go choose what kind of cake we want." She pulled him up and he led the way down the steps. "I'm pretty sure, that Polina girl hates me. I feel really bad for changing who I wanted to make the suits at the last minute. Armani is better than Calvin Kline. Armani is known for his suits. I only want the best for our wedding."

Kim jogged some to catch up with the speeded legs of Justin. She choosingly picked up his spare hand to hold it. "You have a right to change whatever you want. It's your wedding. I totally understand." She kept and close eye on the keys in her hand, along with her baby-blue bag and Jade's diaper bag. "You know what I've been thinking, Justin?"

He opened the front door to let her out of the house first. Kim pressed a small button which was on the key chain in her hand. It set the security alarm for the house. "What, baby girl?" He opened the door of his three day old car, because it was already unlocked, and placed Jade in her futuristic, hi tech, car seat.

"I've been thinking maybe we should get a maid or just hire someone to clean the house every once in a while. Or watch Jade. We can't take care of the huge house by ourselves or her while we are working on things. What about when I go back to my modeling photo shoots? I'll be back to doing them in a few weeks." She sat down in the drivers seat and placed the key in the ignition of the car. She then adjusted the seat to her comfort.

Justin closed his door. He heard Kim lock all the doors at once after her did so. "Good point." He said putting his seatbelt on. "We don't live in a house. It's a mansion. Maybe not to some people like Madonna or Master P., but to me our house is big enough to be considered a mansion. You went all out! Got sand boxes in the back yard and everything. Jade can't even eat smashed foods yet, and she had sand boxes? I don't think getting a maid would be a good idea. What would I look like, as in being the pop star Justin Timberlake, saying I have a MAID in my house cleaning for me, because I can't, or don't want to do it myself? Nope, can't have none of that. The cleaning lady thing, that is okay. It's not so bad to have someone clean up the place on occasions like you said."

Kim pulled out of the driveway through the automatic gates. "What about Jade?"

He watched her as she drove. "We'll just watch her, or have Natasha watch her. I hate to sound judgmental, BUT I can't really trust people, Kim. I don't trust anyone right away. Strangers I mean. If you are a stranger and I don't know you, you have to earn trust from me. You know? Come on! Having some stranger in our house taking care of Jade? Anything could happen to her. That person can do anything to her..."

Kim nodded in agreement and interrupted him. "I agree, Justin. I agree with you. Your right." She took a hand off of the steering wheel, and tugged at her seat belt because it was too snug and a bit uncomfortable. "This car is awesome."

"Yeah." He turned on the radio and place it to a station which played good, current, music. "What ya gonna do when you can't say no...haven't heard this in a while." The song was on the verge of going off. "Aww man, I didn't even get to hear it good." A new Backstreet Boys song came on, and blasted through the speakers of the car.

Justin immediately reacted to the song. "Let me...TURN THAT SHIT OFF!"

Kim looked at him like he was crazy. She was not able to pinch him because the distance between them was too much.

He placed the CD player on and searched through his group of CD's. "I'm sorry about my language. I just hate them. I hate the Backstreet Boys. They are the ones that turned into complete conceded bastards. We use to be friends a few years back while Nsync was in Europe. Once they got in the US they became pure snobs. And in 2000, when No Strings Attached came out, they did nothing but DOG us. We said nothing about them, and they just kept on dissing us. We never did anything back because we didn't want to sink to their pathetic level. Kevin said he hated our song Bye Bye Bye, that pissed me off more than anything, and till this day I HATE THEM. They started to HATE us first and totally ruin the friendship. They started competing with us and now...I HATE THEM! Especially that long haired gaybird KEVIN! Get your own identity my ass!" He sighed. "I'm sorry. I had to vent. I think I may have some kind of impulse problem. I just have theses surges of anger take over me sometimes."

Kim kept her eyes on the road. "Baby, it's okay. Your human, Justin. I guess it's okay to talk the anger out. Just like it's okay to cry. I'm not going to say I hate the Backstreet Boys because I don't know them, but if they are as horrible to you and the rest of Nsync as you say, you have a right to be ticked off. I'm glad you guys chose to be the mature ones of the situation, because talking about them only creates more problems and makes you look bad.." Kim noticed the Justin said he hated Kevin more than any of the Backstreet Boys, it proved that he did not hate Nick more just for being with Britney.

"Thank you, baby girl. See, you understand. Thats exactly why I love you so much, you are like one, of very few, who understands me." He opened a case which said Nelly, and took the CD from it.

Kim stopped him in action. "Don't do it, Justin. Jade is too young to be listening to rap music. You wouldn't want her to be claiming she's a thug by the time she's two would you?"

He held a finger up in explanation. ", I guess not." He put the CD back in it's case. "I need music Kim, I can't just sit in a 'quiet' car." He took a good look at the latest CD he and the rest of the guys had released out. On the cover of it read 'Nsyncism'. "Hey Kim, I've never asked you this before, and I don't know why. Did you like our album Nsyncism? You said you got the latest album when I first met you. Did you enjoy it? Or does our music suck, now? Personally, I thought it was really good." He bit the inside of his cheek.

She giggled. "I LOVE IT! I really like track five. What's the name of the song? Oh yeah, 'My Eyes Closed'. It's really cool and up tempo. I love the beats; haven't heard it in a while. Put it on."

Justin stuck the CD in the CD player and skipped to track five. He stared at the album cover as the song began to play.

I knew when I saw you

You would make my life un-blue...

But I heard you like to play all g-u-u-u-y-s.

Baby, listen to what I say

Those are not the same games I play...

I need your love not your l-i-i-i-e-s.

I didn't expect...a relationship with you

I tried to avoid it...but my feelings for you grew.

When I first saw you...there's one thing that is true

I looked into your eyes...and fell in love with you

The look in your eyes (in your eyes)

All the changes they behold

The look in your eyes (in your eyes)

Is like a storybook untold

The look in your eyes (in your eyes)

All the messages unfold (Ohh, I know I love you babeh)

'Cus I see you...I see you with my eyes CLOSED.

"God, this is a good song!" Kim turned up the volume and sang along. "The look in your eyes, in your eyes. All the changes they behold."

Justin turned it up and sang with her. "The look in your eyes, in your eyes. Is like a storybook untold." He stopped singing. "I wrote this song you know..."

"'Cus I see...wait, YOU wrote this song?" Her head turned directly towards him.

"Yup." He said proudly. "Wrote it, while I was on tour, and lonely. On our album coming up I wrote a song about YOU, I refuse to name it Kim though. I don't want people trying to compare my song to Eminem's. He wrote a song called 'Kim', about killing his wife and slashing her throat. That's just awful."

Kim's eyes were wide and she looked like she was going to cry. "You wrote a song about me?" She pointed to her heart. "Me, Justin?"

"I sure did, sweetie. Maybe I should call it baby girl!? Kim, if you don't keep your eyes on the road, and off of me...your going to get into a wreck and KILL US ALL!" He began to laugh. "I don't know about you, but that would suck to me."

Kim snapped out of her daze. "Yeah, that would be bad."

Justin began to look out of the window as if something caught his attention. "Hey Kim! You wanna have some fun? Witness something stupid?"

She glanced at him. "Fun? Stupid? Um, sure." She told him hesitantly.

He pointed out of the window. "Good, turn in there?"


"Go ahead, before you miss the turn." At the very last second, she was able to turn into the place he told her.

"Great Justin, doing something like that could have killed us. You are suppose to WARN the people behind you before you try a stunt like that. And a grocery store? Fun at a grocery store? Yeah...Justin."

"Yeah, I said fun. Pull up at the entrance of the store." He laughed at Kim because she was doing what he told her, but she looked so confused.

When she got to the entrance she put the car in park and just sat there. "Justin, I don't get this. You want to explain this to me?"

He nodded reassuringly. "I'll explain. As you know, I can't  go into grocery stores. I don't know why, but every time I go into one, I get jumped by huge amounts of fans. This is stupid, and basically pointless, but I'm going to go into this store uncovered, in the middle of the afternoon and show you what would happen if I were to try to go grocery shopping. Usually...usually I can't last one minute in a grocery store, but I bet you, I BET you, I can get something, whatever you tell me, and still make it out alive."

She rubbed her chin and grinned. "Okay. Your on! But what do we bet?"

He couldn't stop cheesing. "We can't bet money, because neither of us needs it. Okay, how about this? Once again, if you win the bet and I DON'T get the one item you tell me, I'll be your slave all night. If you lose and I win, your my slave all night." He winked sexily. "Is that okay with you?"

She nodded once, with a growing smile. "Fine with me."

He folded his hands and turned his head to the side. "Now what is the one thing you want me to get?"

"A one pound bag of blow-pops. Thats the one item."

"Haha, I thought you would say tampons or something. Of course I would get them if you needed them..." He shook his head. "Alright man, I'm about to put my life in danger here. Not one bodyguard or anything. One pound bag of blow-pops. You and Jade stay here, in this exact spot, alright?"


He took off his seat belt and opened the door of the new car. As soon as he closed it behind him he look behind his back to ensure the coast was clear.

Kim watched him walk through the automatic doors, and then vanish from her sight.

Two minutes later Justin ran to the car. The window was raised down and he threw the bag of blow-pops through it. "There you go. Your my SLAVE tonight, baby." He said breathing heavily. "Made it." Kim pressed a button and raised the window back up. Justin tried to open the door but it was locked. His face turned into a frown. "KIM! Unlock the door! People are after me! Hurry!"

She licked her tongue at him.

Justin punched the window with his fist. "I'm NOT playing, Kim. Let me IN!"

She saw a humongous crowd of about twenty people running out of the store. She wanted to toy with him a bit and sped down the road of the enormous shopping center..

Justin looked behind him and saw the mass running towards him. He ran after the silver Mercedes. "KIMMMMMMM! Kim, please. These people are going to kill me!" He ran faster. "KIMMMMMMMMM STOP THE CAR DAMMIT!" The amount of people only grew larger when they realized, the guy running for his life, calling for Kim, was Justin Timberlake. He couldn't run fast enough to catch the car so he stopped and turned around to face the people. "Please, don't hurt me. I'll sign anything you want, just don't hurt me." He put his hands up and waved them innocently. He just happen to glance and the area Kim went. She had stopped and was waiting for him. He ran to the car, which was his getaway. As soon as he got to it, he heard the doors unlock. He snatched the door open and slammed it closed after him.

"Run Forest, RUN!" Kim giggled.

He put is elbow on the arm rest and held his head up to look out of the window.

"Dang, your upset aren't you? Hey, Justin I was just playing." He didn't say anything. She followed the road carefully.

"I'm not mad. I just don't see what is so funny about what you did." He sounded mad to her. "At the next stop, switch places with me. I want to drive my own damn car." He bit down on his knuckles.

"Okay." Kim said sadly. "This is your cool car. Not mine." The way her voice changed levels, from regret to disappointment, made him look at her. She didn't sound like she was about to cry, but her knew her. He knew her like he knew himself, and he could tell any slight difference in the tone of her voice. "I'll pull over, when we get up here, okay?"

"I was just kidding. I don't want to drive." He just busted out laughing. "THAT WAS SO FUNNY! OH MY GOD! I know thats going to be in the news." He reached over and patted her leg. "I'll give you your props. That was funny and sad as heck."

She squinted her eyes. "I thought you were mad at me?"

"Nope." He said quickly. 

"You looked like you did in the Bye Bye Bye video...running! HAha!"

Jade made a noise and Justin looked back at her. "HEY! Look who just woke up!" Kim viewed Jade by using the drivers mirror. "Hey sweetie!" Justin could tell she was smiling back at him. He placed his eyes back on Kim. She put another CD in the CD player. A few seconds later Mozart began to play. "Classical music? What the...?"

Kim laughed. "It's for Jade. It's helps build her brain."

"Ah, okay, I got it!" He hummed along loudly with the music, to express how much he disliked it. "I say we turn this stuff off. I'll put something on to build Jade's brain." He pressed paused on the CD player. I'll put some cartoons on; there are TV's in the head rests. He turned on the small TV and placed it on 'The Looney Tunes' cartoons show, for Jade."

"She doesn't watch TV Justin. She's a NEWBORN."

"Ha! Thats what you think. Look at her."

Since she had stopped at a stop sign, she turned her head to get a glance of the baby. She really was watching the TV or either looking in the area of it. "Cool." She said under hear breath, putting her attention back on driving.

"Damn, I'm hungry. Let's go through the drive through of McDonalds, shall we? Oh no, I cursed, please don't pinch me." He scrunched his body up, to keep it away from her.

She shook her head at him. "I can't reach ya. Stop that, Justin. You act like your afraid of me"

"I AM!" He said with a uncontrolled grin. "AND I LOVE YOU, BABY GIRL!"

She giggled. "Justin, I love you too. But Why are you shouting hun?" She asked, turning into the McDonalds.

He shrugged. "I don't even know. I DO know you better be prepared, because when I get finished with you tonight, you'll shiver every time you think about what happened." He licked his lips for the effect.

Kim felt the bad thoughts rush into her brain. "Uh, um...what would you like? I mean to eat..."


Kim pulled into a parking lot. "We're here. Yay! We're going to pick out our CAKE! We're going to pick out our cccaaakkee! You get the food, JUSTY. I'll get Jade. Hum, I better leave my bag in the car."

Justin grabbed the one bag of food and a soda from a cup holder. "Okay, KIMMY!" He laughed. "We've had one too many blow-pops! We are both too hyper for our own good." He was laughing and didn't have a reason for it.

Kim gently pulled Jade from her car seat. She began laughed too. "Yeah. Haha were nuts!"

Kim walked down a side walk which led to the entrance of the building.

"You are SO hot, God I just can' eyes are having a heart attack." He stuffed his free hand in the back pocket of her jeans.

"Justin....if you don' that Joey's car? I swear that looks like...and Lance's car?"

"Yup, it's all of us." Joey spoke from the side. JC, Chris, and Lance were right beside him.

Justin's eyes lit up. "What are ya'll doing here? I know I told you where Kim and I were going, I didn't expect ya'll to be here." He did a hand shake/greeting with each of them.

"We're just coming to support our bro. Nothing wrong with that, right?" Chris asked nicely. "Hey Kim, how are you doing? Your head okay? Hi, Jade."

She waved. "Hey! Yes, I'm doing great. Healed perfectly as Justin would say."

JC stepped up to them. "Can I hold Jade? She is just so cute." Kim placed her in his arms. "Thank you so much."

"Of course you can hold her." Kim tried to remove Justin's hand from her pocket.

"Getting some hand action?" Lance asked with a chuckle.

"No." Kim replied defending herself. "Justin just seems to have a major problem with keeping his hands to himself.

"Correction. Keeping my hands off of you!"

Joey stuck his hands in one of Kim's pockets. "Same here."

Justin pushed him playfully. "Why you gots to be having your hand on my woman, yo?" He pushed him again, then Joey pushed him.


A fake fight broke out and it was really just a ball of people being crazy. JC back away from the corruption to keep Jade from getting injured. Even Kim was involved. She was on Chris' back punching him gently. She hopped off of his back and attempted to kick Justin in his stomach, not hard, but he caught her foot and hung her upside down with one hand. "Ya missed me baby girl." He laughed at her dangling helplessly.

"Put me down, Justin."

"Hold this, Chris." Justin handed him the bag of food and Coke. "I'm not letting you go Kim. Look at how tiny you are. I'm holding you with ONE hand. ONE HAND! Thats all it takes."

"Let me down, Justin. What if you drop me?"

"Oh, I won't drop you..."

"Justin, my shirt..."

He looked over at all of his friends, they were all wide eyed for some reason. He helped Kim up and put her feet back on ground. "OH MY GOD!" He shouted. He turned around to cover her. Her boobs had popped out of her shirt. He fixed it, but everyone already saw her. "I am SO sorry, Kim." He kissed her. "I didn't know you didn't have a bra on." He whispered, to where only she can hear. "I AM SO SORRY. OH MY GOD!" She was blushing more than he ever saw her before. He pulled her head to his chest. "I am so sorry."

"It's okay. I know you were just playing."

He released her head and smiled. "I'm SO sorry." He glared back at the guys. "Don't say anything about it." He mouthed to them. They all nodded back in response.

"Uh, here is you food, Justin." Chris told him. He gave it back to him.

"Thanks." He felt bad for what happened and Kim was trying to hide her burning face. "Kim, lets show them out Big Mac trick!"

She held up her head. "I just want to say what just happened is so embarrassing. I know ya'll saw me, you don't have to act like you didn't. Sure Justin, lets show them the Big Mac trick."

JC scratched his head in wonder. "What's the Big Mac trick?"

She was feeling less embarrassed. "It's not really a trick. It's just that, Justin and I can eat a whole Big Mac in four bites all together."

Lanced laughed. "Oh yeah right. Four bites? Whatever!"

Chris threw a hand at them. "HAHAHA! Sure you can!"

Kim opened her mouth, and Justin placed his hand on her lower jaw to open her mouth wider. "We showed this to Griffin. We'll show it to you guys. Presenting...Kim's teeth. You can't put a price on them. They can do more that most people may think.

"Yup." Kim agreed with him.

Justin took a Big Mac out of the bag and gave the bag to Chris to hold again. "Do you want to start it off? Or me?"

She pointed to him. "You." Kim spit out her gum from a blow-pop  and Justin did too.

He opened up the box and took a huge bite out of the burger. It took him a good while to swallow it down. "Alright. Thats one bite." He handed the burger to Kim.

She looked at the burger as if she feared it. "I don't know if I can do this. I might throw up." She closed her eyes and bit down. The amount of food was so large and thick she wondered if she would be able to chew it. She coughed and everyone was waiting for her to throw up. She calmed herself, chewed slowly, and was able to swallow it. "Two bites."

Justin took the burger from her and bit it quickly. He seemed to be struggling to eat it himself. He chewed hard and swallowed several times. "Hand me the soda." He gasped. "Thank you." He told Chris after he washed some down his throat.

Kim took the last bite. She placed the tip of the burger in her mouth, then pushed the rest into her mouth with a finger. She tried as hard as she could not to gag. She covered her mouth with her hand and chewed hoping she wouldn't be sick. Finally, she swallowed and jumped up and down. " I finished it. Yeah! We rock, Justin. We da bomb, man!"

He wrapped his hand around her waist and jumped up and down with her. "I knew we could do it. Told ya! Four bites! IN YOUR FACE!"

"You both are having a sugar high today." JC said rocking Jade in his arms.

"They look like then need a bedroom. Take a space ride with the cowboy babeh." Joey blurted.

"Come on, Justin. Let's show them our dance." Kim told Justin.

"Alright. You guys just sing the song from the chorus part...if you wanna fly, you know?"

"If you wanna fly. Come and take a ride. Take a space ride with the cowboy babeh." The group began to sing the song.

Justin got behind Kim and together they did the choreography. As they dance further into the chorus they did the butt shaking part of the choreography and the dancing ended with the final thrust. Which Justin enhanced by holding Kim from behind and trusted into her.

"How does she know the choreography?" Chris asked barley able to blink, looking at Justin.

"Oh, Justin taught me. He has taught me a lot of things." She winked.

Joey was drooling. "Well, you can do the dance again if you like. I never saw a girl thrust like that..."

"Good job." JC said giving her a thumbs up.

"Nice." Lance added rubbing his chin.

"Yeah, she is nice." Justin kissed Kim on the lips. "She is so so so so nice. Beautiful. Tone. Tan. Sexy." They began a make out session.

Lance had a laughing fit. "Haha, tan? He just had to add that in."

Justin broke way from the dazed Kim. "Yeah, she is tan. She is TOO tan. She's not all white. Probably Indian or something."

Kim shoved him. "Will you SHUT UP about my tan. I am Caucasian, you dweeb!"

He shook his head. "No, she ain't. I don't know what she is..." He was quiet for a moment in thought. "Oh, I know she's a TAN-asian."

A roar of laughter was heard at Justin's stupid comment. Kim even laughed some. "He's full of it. At least I'm not as WHITE was the abdominal snowman!"

Joey and Lance fell to the ground rolling around laughing.

"She told YOU!" Lance said with a hand gripping his chest.

Justin took Kim's hand. "Come on baby girl. We have been standing outside of this building for forever. You don't have to worry about me being so pale Kim, if I hold your hand long enough your tan will rub off on me."

She snatched her hand away. "Get away from me, Justin." She told him smiling. "Don't TOUCH me."

He chuckled. "Haha she just said 'don't touch her.' Man, ya'll wanna see my battle scares?" He put his back to them.

"No, Justin. You better not..."

He pulled up his shirt and wife beater. "Look at all the scratches on my upper back. Don't touch her? I must be touching something right."

The loudness of the their laughing was deafening. "I can't believe you showed them that."

"Your blushing." Justin said.

"I am not."

"Yes you are."

"I am NOT."

He picked her up and positioned her on his shoulder. "Yes you are! And we need to get out butts in this building right now, and order our cake. Your my baby. I LOVE YOU, KIM!" Justin carried Kim into the building with him. Waiting at the door was a shy-looking blonde girl. Who was extremely nervous. "Hi, I'm Justin..."

"Timberlake." She finished. "I am Meghan Woods. I was suppose to meet you here. I'm part of Polina's assistant team. I am here to help you with deciding on the cake you want for your wedding. I'm sorry, I'm quite nervous."

Justin made sure Kim landed on her feet correctly. "Don't be nervous." He kissed Meghan on the cheek.

Kim put her hand out. "Hi, I'm Kim." They shook hands.

"It's nice to meet you, Kim. Geez, you are just so beautiful in person. And lovely ring. Both of you have spectacular rings."

"Thank you." They said together. JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris walked into the building, they made gestures and movements to prove they were just side guests and they sat down in chairs. JC placed Jade on his shoulder so she could sleep more comfortably.

"If you would just follow me, into the dinning area, I'll show you some examples of cakes." Justin and Kim held hands and followed Meghan into a huge formal-looking room. Cakes were everywhere. "Is there a specific flavor or type of cake you want?" She asked.

Justin answered her before Kim could. "Chocolate. Definitely chocolate."

"Very well." She said writing chocolate down on a pad in her hand. "The icing type?"

"Vanilla butter crème." Kim answered quickly. "Chocolate cake with vanilla icing is the best!"

"Yum. Thats what I'm talking about." Justin said rubbing his stomach.

Meghan smiled. "I have several samples of chocolate cakes from different places. That chocolate cake right there came all the way from Paris. The team and I would like to do the best we possibly can for your wedding. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy!"

"There is A LOT of 'cake' here." Justin enthused. "Is this all for us?"

"Yes, all of it is for you to taste and get ideas from."

Kim's eyes lit up. "TASTE?"

The girl nodded. "Yup. Help yourself. There are tables full of different chocolate cakes, since you want chocolate."

Kim picked up a fork and was about to stab into a chocolate cake, but Justin stopped her. "Nope, no chocolate for you." He took the fork from her hand.

"What? Are you kidding me? Justin, check out all of the cakes surrounding us! CHOCOLATE CAKES!" She slammed her fist on the table.

He dipped the fork into a cake and brought a large piece of the chocolate substance to his mouth. He chewed is slowly and teasingly. "DAMN that is good. Where is it from?"

"Boston." Meghan told him.

Kim looked Justin in the eyes and gave him the sweet, innocent, and SAD puppy dog look. "Can I please taste it." Her whisper was barely audible.

He handed her the fork. "Aww now I feel bad. That look. That look hurts. I was just kidding with you, baby girl. I know your a chocolate freak."

She smiled. "I am a chocolate freak." She pushed him aside and took her hand and just scooped up a fist full of cake. She smashed the cake on his face.

At first he didn't do anything and listened to Meghan crack up in the background. He wiped the food out of his eyes and cleared his throat. "Hey Kim, want a taste of the cake from NEW YORK?" He picked up the first layer on the cake and threw it on her.

"Oh no you didn't, Justin." She ate a piece of the cake. "Thats really good." She captured the next cake in her view and broke of pieces of it, and flicked them at him. "Tell me Justin, how is the Paris chocolate cake?"

"He ate the cake that hit him in the area of his mouth. "Good. But not quite as good as the cake from NEW ORLEANS!"

They had a cake war. Kim was throwing cake at Justin, and he her. They made a absolute mess. They got to the point where they weren't throwing cake, but wrestling in it.

Megan slipped out of the room quietly snickering at the cute couple.

Some how Justin was on top of Kim and she had her legs wrapped tightly around him. "I love you, Justin." She giggled. She tried to wipe away some icing that was on his face. Instead she smeared it.

"I love you too. Look at what we've done! We are going to have a huge cake bill. And haha I think we scared Meghan away!"

"Haha, yeah. Oops we did it again. Oops we are both a mess...haha!"

"I know." He whispered against her lips. And right there he kissed her. "Don't forget, tonight you belong to me!" He deepened the kiss.

Chapter 33*coming soon*

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