Chapter 9

"Put me down. Put me down." Kim cried. "PUT ME DOWN YOU SON OF A BITCH." The security member placed her feet on the ground. She spun around and looked at all the people staring at her. She wiped her eyes and then locked eyes with her father. He was nothing to her now. He could cry, beg for forgiveness, but he was nothing more than a bum on the street, after all he SHOT her. She scanned the crowd of people once more. "I can't let any of you see me like this." She ran...and just continued to run until she made it out of the airport.


"Okay, passengers, the pilot has the seatbelt light on, so please put your seatbelts on at this time. I'm going to ask you not to have any electronic equipment on, while the plane is taking off. No cell phones, no laptops, or any other type of electronic devices. Thank you very much. You may take your seatbelts off when the seatbelt light goes off and the plane has made a successful take off."

Lance was the unlucky person to get a seat by Justin. Justin was the very last person to get on the plane but he gave him the window seat. He didn't know what to do. He was sad himself. Justin was crying and he never saw him cry before.

Justin had put a hat on and he pulled it down lower over his eyes. He sank deeper into his seat and had a sniffling fit because he had been crying so long his breaths were irregular.

The plane took off pretty smoothly. Lance looked over at Justin.

"Oh Kim." He cried. "Kim." He hurt even more when the plane was in the air. He now knew he was really leaving. He wished he didn't get so comfortable in Florida. He wished he didn't love Kim so much, it would be easier to move on.

Very wary Lance put his hand on Justin's arm. "Justin, are you going to be okay?" He was so stiff, his arm felt like a piece of wood.

His hat covered head slowly turned towards him. "Don't put your hand on me." He said in a low tone. When he looked over at Lance he could tell people were just staring at him, trying to see how he was coping with everything. "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" He took his hat off and turned around in his seat. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE ALL OF YOU LOOKING AT? HUH?" He turned back around in his seat and put his hat back on. "God damn! This ain't no fucking museum exhibit."

JC peeked his head over the seat from behind him. "Justin, all we want to know is, if you are okay or not man. Do you need anything? Is there anything we can do?" Justin just ignored him.

Chris then peeked his head over the seat. "Hey, Justin. I got a Kim blow up doll for you. It really looks like her too. It has a bubble butt." He ran his mouth just to get and arousal out of Justin; possibly to get into a mini fight with him. JC laughed silently and tapped him with his elbow, telling him to stop. Justin didn't even budge from what he said. He didn't even snap at him. "Fine then I'll just play with her myself." Him and JC both sat back and looked at each other.

"He's pissed." JC said with a nod. "Haha your crazy, man. Dude, a KIM blow up doll? Haha. Two words: insane asylum. You need to be locked in a cage, Chris. Your a nut, fool!"

"I was just trying to cheer him up." Chris said with a shrug. "He's hurting man. He loves that girl more than anything. He looks like he's been hit by a car three hundred times. He looks like someone attempted to comb his hair." Chris looked over the edge of the seat to see if Justin had any reaction to what he was saying, he knew he could hear him. "Hey, JC. remember that time when we first started out..."

"...Oh NO! Not the lame nails story. Man, you said you wasn't going to bring that up. That is the only time Justin got us good."

Chris put his finger to his lips and whispered. "Yeah I know, I'm trying to raise Justin's ego." He cleared his throat and continued with his normal tone. "YEAH, like I was saying. REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN JUSTIN PUT THOSE NAILS AND PENS IN EACH OF OUR HOTEL BEDS?" He was being loud and obvious on purpose. "HE GOT US SOOOO GOOD! WE WERE ALL CUT UP AND STUFF! PROPS TO JUSTIN!" Chris and JC both looked over their seats. Still Justin did not move. In fact he looked more sad then he did before.

JC pushed Chris on the chest. "Shut up ,man. It's not funny anymore. DO YOU SEE HOW LOW HIS HEAD IS HANGING?" He pounded over the area of his heart with his fist. "It hurts man. He's our brother. He is so down and I feel bad now because it seems there is nothing we can do."

Chris was going to crack more jokes but his heart sunk when a tear rolled down JC's cheek. It was true. They were all brothers. They were going to be together no matter what. Justin was a part of them and therefore they had to suffer with him. Chris held his head low and looked at his hands for a second in thought. He then squished JC greatly and reached over to Justin. He put his hand on his shoulder. "Hey, Justin. Please cheer up. I'm sorry we had to drag you back on tour. I never thought it would be so painful for you. Please hold your head up though. You have to be positive about things, Justin." For the first time in a long time, Chris was serious. He was serious and he felt pain.

Justin turned his hat back a little and looked at Chris with watering eyes. He stopped crying for just a spit second. "Get your hand off of me." He knocked it away. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" He pulled his hat back down and continued crying.

Chris, in a state of shock, took to his seat and looked over at JC. "He..." He shook his head, and didn't know what to say.

JC was speechless too, and to just try to get away from everything he looked out of the window. "Poor Justin." He whispered to himself. "Love struck, now love sick."

Lance turned back at them. "Anyone want to trade seats with me? It's too depressing right here."

JC and Chris both shook their heads.

"You are both lame." He said turning around.

Mike, who was in front of Justin, turned back in his seat and looked at the wrecked and destroyed human. He was so downhearted. He was in so much pain that he felt damaged from just by laying eyes on Justin. "Hey. J. I hope you aren't mad at me. I only took you from her because it is my job to make sure you get to your assigned destinations." He took Justin's fisherman styled hat off, to just mess with him. He still didn't move. He then put his large hand on Justin's stiff and incredibly tense shoulder.

"Get you hand...OFF OF ME MIKE! Don't fucking touch me!" He spoke loudly, although he didn't move.

Mike looked at Justin's hat, which he held in his hands. He placed the hat in Justin's lap and left him alone.

Justin was not only sad he was angry. The only way he felt he would be able to keep going, and striving, would be to be on stage and look at all of his fans. That was the only thing that made the tour worth it, in his opinion. Everyone around him was talking about him, and how much in love he was and how hurt he was. Talking about it wasn't going to ease any of the pain. That was the sad part. He couldn't take anymore of it. Just as he was about to get up, and go to the upstairs VIP area to get away from it all, the cell phone in his pocket started to vibrate. He quickly pulled it put of his pocket and put it to his ear.


"Justin." She whispered.

She said one word and his heart began to beat faster. "Baby? Girl?" He wept as he spoke. "It's so good to hear your voice. It's SO good to hear your voice. IT'S SO GOOD TO HEAR YOUR VOICE!" It had only been about thirty minutes and he was longing for her.

"It's good to hear your voice. Justin, I don't think I can take NOT having you here, because I love you so much and I..." She sniffed really hard so she could suck up her emotions enough to talk properly.

"Why can't I hold you now that you are crying, sweetie? Why can't I kiss you and touch your hair? I love you, Kim, okay? Things will get easier, okay honey?"

"Okay." She cried for a second and then cleared her throat. "How are you feeling, baby?"

"I feel like I want to throw up more than anything. I feel ten times worse than shit. And I feel even worse now that I'm talking to you. Not because I'm mad at you, but because your voice only reminds me I have no way of touching you anytime soon."

Kim put the cell phone to her mouth and she kissed it several times. "Don't say that, your touching me. I just gave you four kisses."

Justin kissed her back, but he gave her five kisses. "I love you, sweet thing! And how are you doing?"

Kim sighed. "I feel like you said you felt. I feel terrible. I feel lonely. I'm driving your car home right now. It's so strange to be by myself, knowing I'm going home to no one."

"I know, baby. I know. We have to make it through this."

"Yeah. It's going to be hard, but...we'll make it."


Late that night.

Kim had just got out of the shower and was putting some pajamas on. She pulled the covers back on the large bed and and slipped under the covers. The bed was so warm but cold also. Cold because Justin was not beside her. She moved up closer to his side, and tried to image him near her. It wasn't working.

She threw the pillows off of the bed and screamed. "I HATE THIS!" She then kicked the sheets off of the bed. "I HATE THIS, JUSTIN." The phone began to ring.

"Hello?" She asked politely.

"Hey, baby girl. It's me. Let me guess, you cannot sleep?"

She was almost tearing up. "I can't sleep. No matter how tired I am. I can't sleep. You are not here. That's why...did you have a show tonight? If so how was it?"

"No we didn't have a show today. We have one tomorrow...anyway, that's not important. I want you to be comfortable, sweetheart. I want you to be happy. I don't want you to have sleepless nights because I'm not there."

"Don't worry about it, Justin. I don't need to worry you with my sleep issues."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I have every right to worry. I AM THE CAUSE OF IT."

"Okay, please don't start yelling. You sound tired...and sad. Get some rest, Justin. I'm fine."


"Justin, stop it. Your getting all upset over nothing." She faked yawned. "Actually, I'm getting tired now."


"Stop YELLING at me, Justin. Your starting to piss me off. You can't be angry at the world because you have to tour. So stop it."


"Okay, you know what? I'll talk to you later. You have some issues you need to get resolved. When you get your head out of your ass, Justin. THEN I'll talk to you!" She hung up the phone and put the ringer off.

She got out of bed, and picked up the bunch of keys Justin gave to her for different reasons. She walked out of the house and locked the front door. She started to run to the beach. She was running because she didn't feel safe, not only was Justin gone, it was the middle of the night. Anything could possibly happen. She ran into the next neighborhood of houses, and then she ran up to Griffins house. She rang the doorbell.

Griffin's maid appeared and she looked like she was going somewhere. "Oh, Kim. I was just about to leave. Come on in. I'll get Mr. Seaton for you."

"Thank you." She stepped inside of the house and looked around and she caught her breath. She was breathing heavily because she ran so much and being pregnant made it even tiring.

Griffin walked down his marble stone stairs. "Hey." He approached her until he was about a foot away.

She looked down at her hands. "Hey. I was stopping by because..." She choked up and tears silently fell down her cheeks. "Is it okay that I sleep with you?"

He coughed several times. "Um...what did you just say?"

Her crying eyes met his. "Is it okay that I sleep with you? I worded that wrong. Can I stay at your house? I don't feel safe by myself."

Griffin placed both of his hands on her shoulders. "You don't feel safe by yourself? But you have Justin..."

She shook her head. "Justin is gone. He's touring now. For two months, and I'm not ready to be alone. Not tonight. I just want to stay for one night."

"Of course you can stay. I have six completed bedrooms here." He smiled.

"Thanks a lot."

"Your welcome. You can sleep with me if you like." He joked. "Oh, I'm just kidding, I forgot you are carrying Justin's baby." He winked and she punched his extremely built chest vaguely.

Kim looked around. One thing she didn't like about Griffin's house was that is was too formal...too dressy. Justin's house was so much more fun. It was more modern, more casual, more make yourself at home. "Six bedrooms? I never went upstairs in your house yet. How did you get this rich? You have a REALLY big house to be so young."

He started to walk back upstairs and Kim didn't realize she was following him. "Oh, I thought I told you. My Mom and Dad are both the owners of the whole 'Foot Locker' enterprise. They are the masters of all the Foot Lockers. And thanks to Justin, together they have just millions. My dad bought me my own store here in Florida. My parents bought me this house. And Kim, everyone that lives in this area are millionaires. My house is not nearly as big as some of the people around here."

Kim just now got the Justin part of his joke and laughed. " Oh, yeah. I bet you got millions off of Justin!"

Griffin vanished into a room. She just stood still and looked at his spectacular, and once again too formal, upstairs hallway. "You can come in if you like. This is just my bedroom."

She held her hands and then walked into the room. Kim eyes widened. "No way." He had the exact same sheets Justin had on his bed. "You don't know how much your room is just like Justin's. He has the same sheets and comforter...the same rug on the floor."

"Really? My room is like his?"

"Yeah, His room is overdosed on Tommy Hilfiger."

Griffin chuckled nervously. "Are you really staying at my house tonight?"

She shrugged. "Yeah, Justin will understand. Hey...guess what?"

"What?" He asked in a high pitched girly voice.

She lifted up her shirt and pulled her bottoms down very low. "I'm showing. I'm really showing! It's kinda cool. My baby is getting bigger."

He stared blankly at her stomach. "No you aren't. And uh, isn't it illegal to pull your pants down like that. Justin is going to kick my ass. Most definitely."

She sighed. "No he won't. You aren't doing anything. Your just a friend." She turned to the side. Can you see now? I'm showing. Can't you see how my stomach pops out a little?"

He rubbed his chin. "Nope. I see sexy as hell ripples. But since you can tell a difference, I'm happy for ya! Aww your showing girl. Did you tell Justin before he left?"

She pulled her shirt down and her pants up. "No. I'm going to tell him when he gets back. I have to tell him because by then I'll be like five or six months. I need to start getting things for the baby. I need to start preparing for the baby. I cannot believe I'm showing. Reality just kinda hits you in the face...and you and those stomach comments. Watch yourself, Griffin. Don't you have a girlfriend in France or something?"

He sat on the edge of the bed and threw his head back with a laugh. "NO! I have a friend in France. I send her a e-mail like every month." He laughed harder. "You consider that a girlfriend? Besides, I was giving you compliments. And besides, again your just a friend, we can talk and joke about one another."

She giggled. "Yeah but you said I have a sexy stomach. Don't you understand? That is where my baby is if you are going to give me a compliment don't say anything about my stomach."

Griffin crossed his arms in confusion. "Yeah, but that doesn't make sense. I mean I'm not going to lie. You are just HOT. What can I say? Your the hottest thing I've ever saw. And I'm happy to have you as a friend. I feel special knowing a girl as vibrantly beautiful as you. Okay let me stop now. You see all them diamonds on your finger? They are there for a reason! HAHA! Oh God Justin is going to KILL me. I know you are going to tell him all this stuff. GRIFFIN SAID I'M HOT, JUSTIN! HE SAID I'M THE HOTTEST THING HE EVER SAW!"

She made a strange face and stuck out her tongue. "I WILL not say that. I'm not some baby!"

"Yeah you are. Your spoiled. You told me your past, Kim. YOUR SPOILED ROTTEN. Haha, you little brat." He pointed his finger at her as he laughed.

"OKAY! WHATEVER! Anyway, as I was going to say, your a good looking guy and maybe one day you'll get a date and get laid!"

Griffin stopped laughing to add some seriousness to what he was planning to say. "I have a date Friday night THANK YOU VERY MUCH, KIM. With this girl I met at the store. As for the getting laid part...I don't need to worry about that because there are plenty of people around me that is taking care of that. And who is the one walking around with a bun in the oven? You and JUSTIN sure have been having a little TOO much fun, huh?" He raised his eyebrow.

She was so offended and embarrassed that she actually blushed. She covered her burning face with her hands. "Oh, that was so COLD." She said with a giggling tone, shaking her head. "That was so cold, Griffin. You are NOT a good friend. NOT A GOOD FRIEND AT ALL" She said kidding. She walked out of the room and turned on the light in one of his other bedrooms. "THAT WAS SOOOOOO COLD." She said again. Pulling the covers back on the bed.

Griffin appeared in the door way. "Kim, I was only playing with you."

She climbed into bed and closed her eyes. "Yeah, uh huh. By the way, nice room."

"Thanks. If you need anything, let me know, alright? For your morning sickness here is a tip, there is a bathroom in this bedroom. Good night!" He sat down on the edge of the bed.


He rubbed her ankle ensuring her some comfort. Kim smiled and even moaned because his touch reminded her so much of Justin's. When Griffin noticed how she was acting from his touch, he took his hand away. She was the most attractive thing he ever saw, but not attractive enough to break the rules. She was a friend. Nothing more. "Okay. I'll see you in the morning then." He cut the light off and left her to sleep.


January 3, 2001 Dr. Clark's office.

He used his hands to feel around her stomach. "Well, I can feel the baby. It's grown so much. That's a good sign. You've been eating well I assume."

"I try."

He pulled her waistline fitting skirt down lower. "Okay, I'm about to put some jelly-like stuff on your stomach. It's cold, okay?"

"Okay." She said looking down at her stomach as he applied the jelly. She jump and shook because it was cold like he said. "WOW! cold? More like freezing." She laughed when he put a black instrument type thing on her stomach. "That tickles."

"Haha. Does it? Do you know every woman that I've done an ultrasound on said that?" He looked up at a TV screen. He typed in some code into a keyboard to maximize the view he was looking at. He moved the instrument around on her exposed stomach. "Okay what I am doing now is trying to get a clear image and view of the baby."

Kim viewed the screen and squinted her eyes. She didn't see anything except blackness.

The doctor typed something else into the keyboard and an image appeared on the monitor. "Oh yeah, I'm good! There we go. That's your baby, Kim. That's your baby."

She swallowed and her face looked in closer. "That's my baby?" A tear rolled down her cheek.

The doctor handed her a tissue. "Yup. That is your child, in which you are carrying. You are seventeen point five weeks, which is almost eighteen weeks. That is about four point three months. I may have confused you when I said you were three months at your last visit. You were indeed three months, but also several weeks into three months. I'm sorry for the misleading information. You were almost four months at the time I said you were three."

Kim didn't hear a word he said. "That's my baby?"

He picked up a pen and pointed at the top of the monitor with it. "Yes, it's your baby. That is the head...There are the arms...Oh, that's the buttocks. My goodness. The baby's legs are crossed. I cannot see what the sex is."

"It's legs are crossed?" She asked wiping her tears with the tissue.

"Yes, I'm afraid so. Your baby is very comfortable. Put it that way." He laughed then cleared his throat. "We'll check again for the sex in a few weeks, and see if it's uncrosses it's legs. Look! That's the mouth, the nose...eyes. You can see it's features perfectly."

"That's my baby." She whispered. She could not contain herself. She was looking strait at the creature that was growing inside of her. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed. The baby fluttered and twitched. "It's beautiful."

"I'm going to print out some pictures for you to take home with you. But yep, everything is fine and dandy with your baby. It's developing quite nicely." He used the keyboard to zoom into a specific area. "That's the baby's heartbeat." He turned up the volume on the monitor manually. "It's heart is racing. Wow! That heart is beating strong."

Her mouth hung open, as she watched the heart of her creation beat. It was too much to her to see and she started crying uncontrollably. "Aww, it's so precious. The baby's heart is beating just like mine. It's beating fast, just like you said." Her eyes zoomed in closer on the baby. "OH MY GOD! MY BABY! IT'S SO AMAZING! THAT'S MY BABY!" She lost her face in her hands and cried.

"I think I'll cut this off for now, okay?" When the doctor saw how upset she was getting he cut the monitor off. He took the instrument off of her stomach and wiped the jelly off of her. "While your pictures are being made, why don't we go into my office and discuss some things, okay?"

She sniffled. "Okay." She pulled her shirt down and sat up.

The doctor pressed several more buttons on the keyboard and then they went into his office. Kim used the tissue he gave her and wiped her eyes. She then covered her mouth with it. "Oh my GOD. I just saw my baby. I can't believe it."

The doctor sat in his chair and grinned. "What you are going through now is what I've made a pet name of calling 'Mommy Shock'. It is the natural reaction a mother gets from seeing her baby for the first time."

Kim nodded. "Ummmhummmm. It's overwhelming."

"I would guess so. Literally, it is your first baby. Now, tell me. How have you been feeling lately?" He picked up his clip board and pen and then eyed her.

She broke the eye contact and looked down at her hands. "Well, my symptoms of pregnancy have been fine. I haven't threw up in a long time, but you see, my boyfriend has been gone for eight days now, touring, and I think I'm suffering from depression. Isn't that bad? Because I think I may be hurting the baby."

The man rubbed a area above his eye. It must be one of his habits because he didn't take notice to it. "I see. I forgot you are getting married to a pop star. I have some medication I can give you. It will be nothing more than vitamins and extra minerals to help with the building up of your baby's body. I understand you may be suffering from slight depression, but do realize you are pregnant and it is VERY important you take care of your body. Take care of that body of yours. And that is a side note, not just as an obstetrician but as a friend."

Kim put one of her hands on the tip of his desk. "I try. I make sure I am eating okay and I'm trying not to let my sadness affect the baby. It is a part of me though. It amazes me to think it feels everything I do."

He smiled. "I'm happy you have a positive attitude towards everything. That's good. Now, you are almost in your eighteenth week. One of the most important weeks. By now your morning sickness should be just about gone. You should be craving certain foods by now, or have a taste for certain ones. Your back may begin to ach, if you are real still you may feel the baby moving around. Don't be surprised if you find yourself running to the bathroom every five minutes, because your bladder can now be affected by your pregnancy. You are not showing yet, but the baby is growing rapidly now. You may or may not begin to show soon. You may regain your energy back and you should stop showing signs of sensitivity to things. That means you should feel a whole lot better now."

Kim interrupted him. "I am showing. Well, never mind. I seem to be the only one that can tell."

He smiled even brighter. "Well no one knows your body better than I do...I mean you do." He cleared his throat and then rearranged the pens in his pockets.

She scrunched her hair. "Um...I was wondering what should I expect during...labor?"

Doctor Clark's eyes lit up. "Ah yes, labor. I'm sorry I forgot to mention it to you before." He reached over and picked up her hand and held it. "Don't worry, Kim. It will not be all that bad. Most only last for a few hours, and if the pain is too much for you, we can give you an epidural. After you have the baby you also have to push out the placenta. I just thought you should know that, because most people think after you have the baby, the job is done. I don't think so..." Her face looked of lost-ness. "The placenta is what the baby's umbilical cord is attached to. It also stores the babies wastes and so on, that is why it is pushed out of the body. If it isn't, it could poison you."        

"Ummm okay. Enough information for me. TOO MUCH information."

He chuckled at her wide eyes. "I assume you are uncomfortable with this. I know how you are, Kim. And before you run off, let me go get the pictures of your baby and prescriptions for your medicine. Your doing great, Kim. Just keep doing whatever you are doing." He rose from his seat and left her in the room by herself.


"How do I look, Griffin?" Kim asked turning around.

She was wearing regular boot cut jeans and she had on a very basic but fitting white shirt. To top off her outfit she had a hat on, to sort of hide her identity. "Well, with the fisherman's hat you look like Britney Spears. Except with a slightly bigger butt."

Kim was smiling but she turn around to give him a piece of her mind. "HA! Another one of your flirty comments, and I'm going to kick your ass, Griffin." She turned her head to the side.

"What? I was just answering your question. Besides, you think you can take me on? I weight two-hundred pounds. I lift weights. you think you can kick my ass?"

She ignored what he said because she was concentrating on something else. "Whoa, you weigh two-hundred? You weigh more than Justin by like thirty something pounds. But yeah, I can take you on. And I will, if I hear anymore of your smart remarks." She turned and looked back in the mirror. "My baby is just gorgeous."

"Yup. At least you can tell it's a baby. In most of those black and white things, people can't see anything when they look at them. But in your picture, you can clearly see the baby. I just cannot believe the baby is in you. That is the shocker. Your stomach is as flat as I don't know what."

Kim walked out of the downstairs bathroom. "Yeah well I really have a baby in me. And now I'm going to go by some stuff for my baby, even though I don't know the sex." For the first time she took her wedding ring off and put it in her pocket. "So while I'm going into baby stores no one will recognize me as Kim Miller, Justin's fiancÚ, right? Look at me and tell me!"

"Except for the curly hair,  you look nothing like yourself. Everyone is wearing their hair curly trying to be like you, so you have nothing to worry about." He started to look around as if he was blind. "Where are you, Kim? I cannot find you, Kim."

She pulled on his sleeve and jumped up and down for the effect. "I'm right here, G. I'm right here!"

"Oh your, Kim. Hi, Kim."

They both laughed together. "Let's get going. I can't wait to see the little baby stuff..." The cell phone she left on the sink rang. She grabbed the phone and looked at Griffin after she hit talk.


"Hey, baby girl. How's my, baby?" It was easier for them now. It was easier to deal with being apart. Justin and Kim just accepted it, and dealt with it. That was the only way of making it though the departure.

"HEY BABY! I'm fine. I'm fine. Griffin and I were about to do some shopping."

Justin laughed. "Cool. You can use my credit cards, I gave them to you for that purpose."

"Nope. I'm not using your credit cards, Justin."

"Just do whatever you want. I miss you, babe. I miss you so much. I LOVE YOU!"

"I miss you. I love you too. I feel better though. I feel better because when you get home NOTHING is going to keep us apart."

"I know. So, you are going shopping? Where Griffin at?"

"He's right here." She said licking her tongue at him.

"Put him on the phone, K?"

"Alright." She took the phone from her ear. "Griffin, Justin would like to SPEAK with you." She twisted her smiled.

He snatched the cell phone playfully. "THANK YOU, KIM! Hey, Justin."

"HEY MAN! Thank you so much for keeping Kim company. We are going to have to hit a club or go out or something when I get back."

"Definitely." Griffin said, making a nod Justin couldn't see.

"I want to ask you a favor. While you are out, can you please pick up the newest Nike's for me? Pick them out and tell Kim I said get them for me, okay? They are silver and baby blue with the laser look to them. You know?"

"Yup, I know exactly what you are talking about. Will do man. Will do."

"Alright. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I got to go, okay?"


"Tell Kim I love her. Bye."


Griffin handed the cell phone to Kim. "Justin told me to show you the newest Nike's, and he said to get them for him. He said he loves you also."

Kim put her head on Griffin's chest. "I love him so much. I love JUSTIN so much. I can't wait until he gets home. I can't wait to see how he is going to react about the baby."

Griffin laughed. "I know you love him. I'm happy for you two. YOU ARE THE MOST IN LOVE PEOPLE I'VE EVER SAW."

"Lets go." Kim walked to the front door. She paused when she opened it and she offered to let Griffin walk first. As he walked through the door, she tripped him and he tumbled to the ground. "Whoops. SORRY!"

He brushed himself off when he stood up. A small cut from where the concrete hit his hand started to bleed. "That was mean." He put the cut to his mouth.

She didn't mean for him to start bleeding. She grabbed his hand and looked at the cut area. "I'm sorry, Griffin." She opened up the bag that was fitted to sit on her side. She took a tissue from it and put pressure on the cut. "I'm sorry. Your right, that was mean. Are you, okay?"

"Yeah. I'm okay."

She put his other hand on his hand. "Hold that on there. Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone, but I'm driving Justin's BMW today. Woo! I love his car. Well, he has about four in the garage he never uses, but I love the BMW."

Griffin followed her to the car. When she unlocked the doors, he sat down in he passenger side of the car.

Kim sat down and adjusted the seat. "No wonder I was having trouble driving. The seat was back too far for me."

"Yeah. Justin is like a thousand times bigger than you." Griffin stated, still fidgeting with his bleeding cut.

She started the car up and pulled out of the driveway. "I'm really sorry for tripping you. I didn't want you to get all cut up."

He looked over at her as she drove. "Oh, don't worry about it. The bleeding has stopped."

She looked over at him and smiled. "You've had braces huh? Just like me."

He tampered with the radio stations. "Yup. I told you that before."

Kim stopped at a light. "Do you know that Justin has perfect teeth, and he never had braces? His teeth are SO straight. I mean REALLY straight."

Griffin couldn't find an enjoyable radio station and he just cut the CD player on. "I have noticed his teeth are really straight....what CD is this?" He asked not familiar with the sound.

Kim turned the volume up louder. "My favorite female rapper. Missy. The CD is old, but I like it because I'm a bitch just like her." She winked over at Griffin.

"Hahaha! Your one crazy chick, Kim."

She sung along with the lyrics and was happy her ears weren't hurting. "That's right. I WILL always be one crazy chick." She winked at him again. "She's a bitch. Ya can't here me Joe, back on up, get up off my flow!"


Kim slammed the car door shut with her hip and she adjusted her bag to fit better against her side. She then entered the over expensive baby store with Griffin tagging along behind her. "Aww baby clothes." She said in a motherly voice.

"Aww baby clothes." Griffin mocked.

Kim switched around and gave him a look. "Yo what you want with this? We can duke it out right here."

He turned his head away from him and laughed his head off. He decided to play along. "Okay what you got? You tryin' to challenge me?"

She stepped up to him. "Yeah I I'll take you boy. I'll take you." She looked into his eyes and they both laughed. "Okay we are so immature. Can we say TOO many rap songs on the way over?" She looked over at a rack of yellow baby clothes. "Oh my God, how CUTE? Yellow can be for a boy and girl." She took off and started grabbing things. Griffin watched her and laughed more as she went yellow crazy. "Well, don't just stand there Tom Cruise. You look for green baby stuff. Green can be for both boys and girls."

Griffin re-tucked in his shirt. "Did you call me Tom Cruise?"

She stopped her frantic searching and caught his eyes. "Yeah I did. You look like him, except with green eyes."

He put his finger up in explanation. "Yeah, but was that a compliment?"

She continued searching. "Yeah. Your a hot...your cute. Your very cute."

He jumped up and down in excitement. "OOOOO. I'm telling Justin! Your trying to HIT on me KIM?"

Her arm was toppled with all types of baby things in the color yellow. "HECK NO! I'm not HITTING on you, Griffin. I have Justin." She stopped what she was doing and stood on her tipy-toes to whisper in his ear. "When it comes to Justin, no other man could ever take his place. He's my match made in heaven. He's perfect, and he's everything I could ever dream of and more. He's also a BIG boy if you know what I mean." She slowly backed away.

"I was only PLAYING. I know you weren't hitting on me. And some of the info about Justin..." He waved his hand. "You could have kept some of that to yourself."

She nodded. "Very well Tom Cruise. Now look for things in green."

(Before you freak out, I want to let you know that Kim and Griffin are not falling for each other. They will remain friends only, in this story!)


Chapter 10

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