Chapter 63

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October 26, 2002 (night.)

"I don't trust you." Justin proclaimed, with a blindfold over his eyes. Chris was leading him somewhere.

"I told you, the guys and I have a surprise for you and Kim. You're gonna have to trust me, Justin."

Kim giggled on the side. "I trust you." JC was the person directing her through the mysterious hall way. "What is this surprise? Haha!  I'm anxious."

"Whoa! Sweetheart, don't trip. Watch your step." JC guided her up a single stair. "Like Chris said, you guys are going to really enjoy this. Everyone knows that you are back together and now it's time to celebrate!"

Music was vigilant in the background. Aaliyah's "Resolution" had begun playing.

'And it's contagious
What's the latest?
Speak your heart.
Don't bite your tongue.
Don't get it twisted.
Don't misuse.
What's your problem?
Let's resolve.
We can solve...
What's the causes.
It's official.
You've got issues.
I've got issues.
But I know I miss you (Yeeeeea)
Who should be hurt?
Who should be blame?...
Who should be hurt?
Who should be shame?'

Kim vibrated her head from side to side as she heard the unanticipated music. "Isn't that the truth, Aaliyah? There couldn't be a better song to describe what recently happened between Justin and I..."

"Exactly." Chris added. "Thats why the song is playing right now."

"Alright, ya'll. We're here!" JC phonated excitedly. He combined and consolidated Justin and Kim's hands together.

The music was intense because of their nearness and made their ears rumble with fierceness and vehement. At the same time, Kim and Justin eliminated the blindfolds from their eyes, and dropped them to the floor."


Before them was a massive club, packed with people. Some they knew, some they didn't.

"You see. You both are getting married in a few days ." JC announced. "No wedding is complete without a bachelor and bachelorett party. Instead of giving you two separate parties, we thought it would be more wise to combine them. And give you a party for each other to share. This is YOUR night! Chris and I decided we would take care of you guys. And this is your night to let everything go. Let loose. Get wild. And get DRUNK!" He chuckled and rubbed his hands together. "Chris and I aren't going to drink anything. So do whatever you guys want. We will make sure you arrive home safely, even though it would be basically impossible to drive off in the limo that brought you here. HAHA!"

Chris budded in. "Yeah. Didn't you see the plan? Your mother was a part of it, Justin. Thats why she came over you house earlier to get Jade and makeup with you. And we have your house keys because we don't want either of you to try to get home without assistance."

"OH MY GOD! I know they don't have strippers here! Hold on. There are actually strippers here? Like female strippers? Where are the guy strippers?" Kim decussated her arms, with an elevated eyebrow. "This is suppose to be a both male and female party. Right now I only see the male portion." Several bystanders laughed, including her beloved sweetheart Justin.

Chris stuttered. "M...male strippers? Who wants to see guys in thongs dancing? Thats the sickest thing ever! Besides, the girls here are hired dancers. Their bikini's don't come off. They are just there to dance, thats all. Well, their bottoms don't come off. Same difference."

She rolled her eyes with a giggle. "I don't care! That's still discrimination." She shrugged. "Ah! What the hell. I guess we are here to have fun, right? What a club!  Hold on! NO! That is SO wrong! How can you have girl strippers here if the party for BOTH Justin and I? Did you forget what a female is or something?"

JC chuckled. "Kim, you females have it made, okay? Absolutely made. You girls can walk around and compliment each other. Talk about how nice her stomach is and how you wish you had one like her. Guys can't do that. Girls can enjoy other girls and kiss other girls and won't be called gay. Guys can't do that. So, to make a long story short. You can enjoy the strippers as much as Justin can..."

She cackled in disgust and shook her head. "I wish I would kiss some stripper. When or IF I ever get to that point, just shoot me!"

"Forget that! Let's dance..." Justin abducted Kim's hand and induced her feet to the dance floor. He laughed. "That's funny. They actually have strippers. Is that some kind of joke? The guys want me to mess up and get in trouble, don't they? They know good and well strippers mean trouble. All the movies I've seen of grooms having one night stands with strippers from their bachelor parties."

She tilted her head back and laughed. "Oh, don't worry. For one thing, I'm here. And the only person you're having one night stands with is me." She pointed to herself.

"Ohhhh, baby. I love the sound of that. The only person I want to have a one night stand with is you."

Facing each other they began to dance. "This is cool. I wasn't expecting this. I wasn't expecting to party tonight. I thought it was kind if funny how your mom just showed up, wanting to make up and take Jade."

His tongue began to respond to her and misbehave. His hand lurked and crept behind her back to have her dancing closer to him. "Is it gonna be...ficka and you? Or is it gonna be, who blames who? I'm tired of these things, I'm tried of these scars. Think I'm gonna get me a drink, I'll call ya tomorrow." Justin sang. "Work it, baby girl. You know I love it when you dance into me."  

She giggled. "I know you love dancing close. You filthy thing. You trying to stab me with something?"

"I'm not trying, I am."

The song they were dancing to ended, but another surely began. "Oh, my God! This song. Justin, do you know what the name of this song is? I never heard it before."

He laughed. "Yeah, babe. It's old. It's called "Let's Get Dirty"."

She nodded her head to the beat. "This song is so hype. I don't know! This rush. I got this rush. I feel so wild."

He broke down laughing at her. "Well, Kim. I guess you are graduating from the lame level. You have officially gotten crunk for the first time. HAHA!"


After doing their duty of escorting Justin and Kim to the party, Chris and JC joined their fellow band mates and good friend Griffin, by sitting at a red velvet guarded booth.

"Oh, so they came to the party, and what do you know. They can't say "hi" or anything. They go straight to dancing. Screw them then." Lance chimed playfully. "Nah, I'm just kidding."

"They just got on the dance floor, and look at them already. Bumpin' and grindin'." Joey was granted a stern look from everyone.

Chris sighed, and swallowed some of the cold soda that had been waiting for him. "Ya'll are lucky we are choosing to be the responsible ones. I don't know what's up, but JC and I have been paired up a lot lately. Anyway, since we are the ones not drinking tonight. Let me add that the reasons we aren't drinking tonight, one being because Lance is an alcoholic."

"Oh, I am NOT an alcoholic." Lance stated sipping a glass of liquor.

"Yes, you are. Joey is a sicko who loves to try drinks with bizarre names like ' crispy crotch.' And Griffin is an underage angel who never drinks." Chris said with a highly sarcastic volume. "Back on track. Since JC and I will most-likely be the sober people of the crew, you know the deal. What we are trying to do is get Justin and Kim drunk, so we can play a prank on them. It's only normal, because that's what people do during these type of parties. So, in other words, try to get Justin to drink as much as possible. Our girlfriends are going to be working on Kim..."

"What kind of prank?" Griffin asked in curiosity.

"Oh, we haven't decided yet." JC's shoulder slumped as he prepared to get more comfortable. "Probably something like get them pissy drunk, and then like put them in weird positions and take pictures of them. Something like that. I want to do something with pictures, so we have evidence against Justin, not really Kim. I want to use them as blackmail, and get shit out of him." He trembled his head. "Look at them. Talk about sexual."

"Yup. The freaky deaky pair." Joey smirked.

"You know what? The other day it hit me all of a sudden. Justin is getting married." JC introduced. "The young Justin, that loves basketball is getting married. He's our little bro, you know? And he has a baby? He has matured so much in the last few years. He loves Kim so much too. She loves him like that. They both love each other unconditionally. With Justin though, he loves Kim so much that he cannot explain it. It makes you feel bad for him. They have the weirdest love too. It's like, anything could happen and they still end up together. Because some of the things they've gone through is just not real. It's unrealistic in a way. Bobbie and I wouldn't be able to handle it, as long as we've been together. If I ever...EVER called Bobbie a bitch to her face, she'd NEVER get back with me! I don't know how Justin pulled it off. And Justin is so protective of Kim. It's like she is a trademark to him. He is very protective. He is so protective that it's like he has a Justin shield on her. You can't even touch her and walk away without being questioned by him. But you got to love him for it."

Chris laughed. "That is so true."

"HAHA! Justin shield. That was a pretty good one, JC!" Griffin blurted with a cough.

"I like Kim." JC continued. "I love her actually. In the sisterly type way."

"Oh, what a load of shit." Joey declared, taking a gulp of his drink. "JC! Don't try that , man. Sisterly my ass. She's Kim. She's just Kim. You can't help but like her. There is NOTHING wrong with her. You know how you have the one girl where you are like, she is so fine or whatever, and your friend will say, "Oh, she's okay,"'s not like that with Kim. There is nothing wrong with her. Hate to admit it. But there isn't. You can't say that her nose is too big. Everything on her is right. The only thing thats messed up is, Kim is that one girl that everyone wants or want to be. If anyone doesn't like her it's because they are jealous of her looks or that she is with Justin. It's one or the other. And as I said, Kim is that one girl. But the thing is with that one girl that is perfect, she usually grows up in her small Suburban area, and marries the most popular guy in school. But Kim is different. I'm sure there has to be girls like her out there in the world, you just never see them publicly. Kim messed around and met Justin. She would still be perfect and beautiful, but only a tiny percent of people would know about her. Justin is a famous person. By being with him, people saw how amazing she is. Next thing you know she's offered a modeling job. Now she is a celebrity. She probably doesn't even realize it, because her fans and the people that know her my not approach her as they do Justin and us, but she's well known. The whole world knows about her. It sucks, because you KNOW you can't have her! And that's why it's like everyone has a Kim obsession. Well, a lot of guys at least. Ahahahaha!"

The guys all laughed. "Yeah. What Joey said is pretty much true. Oh, my God! That's a first. Joey said a realistic statement instead of a sex related one. Should we throw a party for him? Or should we give him a graduate certificate for maturity?" Chris asked.

Griffin gaped downward and sniggled. " need some type of help, man. Seriously."

"And shut up, Chris. I am not that sexually crazy. Anyway, as I was saying. Justin is one lucky son of a bitch. He met Kim by luck. How in the hell are you going to marry the person you spilled coffee on? Sounds more like a lawsuit to me. Not a marriage."

"AHAHAHAHAHA!" The table roared with laugher.

"That is kind of bizarre, dude. You got to admit. I wish I spilled coffee on her before Justin did. HA! But I won't even go there. Kim is so hot, but I wouldn't even cross that line. I flit with her sometimes. But really it's innocent. Because I don't, one on one I could probably beat Justin up. But have you saw him when he's mad because of something having to do with Kim? He gets kind of psycho. Have you noticed that?" JC questioned.

"Yeah." They responded with nods.

"He is really psychotic when it comes to her, and I would never want him to fight me because of her. I swear, when she kissed me, I was so worried. I was thinking that he would be mad at me too, because ya'll saw how pissed he was at Kim. Thank God he wasn't too mad about what happened. I could tell, that after the truth or dare thing he was acting a little weird, but he finally got over it, I guess. I just know that I enjoy being on Justin's good side. I don't want any trouble with him. And after his wedding is over, I'm going to back off completely. I'm not going to mess with Kim and joke and play around. I'm just going to leave that alone. Because if anyone slips up and pisses him off he'd just probably do something drastic and beat the shit out of someone. I definitely don't want to be that person."

"I agree." Lance added. "Something else though. Justin is very emotional now. He has been so sensitive since he met Kim. He cries around us and everything. The first time I saw him cry was when he had to leave Kim for the tour. That was way sad. And just in general him and Kim are very out there. They are in the tabloids so much, because they are so "public". And what I mean by that is, the relationship they share is very "we do things in front of you." Justin went all out with Kim. Right off the back he presented her to everyone. Everything they do is basically in public. They kiss in public, they have fights in public, and they cry in public. Their life is not very private or normal for that matter. And it keeps the paparazzis in their face, and it draws attention to them. No one has ever saw anything like THAT or THEM. Therefore, they are always conversation. Everyone is always talking and whispering about them. Just like now. Here we are sitting on are asses, at a party, your girlfriends are here somewhere, probably talking about the same things as we, and we are talking about Justin and Kim out of ALL things. Somehow they always come up. Always! Their relationship is so weird and strange, that you can't help but yap about it."

Chris laughed. "Yeah. Notice how they are always the center of attention. Just like now."

Everyone's heads transformed to the dance floor.

"Man, I would give anything. Just to be grinding into her like that. Or to have my hand on her thigh like that." Joey sighed dreamily.

"Why don't you go ask her to dance then?" Lance suggested with a gleeful smile.

JC interrupted. "I told you, man. Don't go there. Yeah, I wish you would go up to Justin, and be like. "Hey! Can I cut in?" and then touch Kim's thigh. Justin will punch you blind. I told you. He's psycho. Justin is crazy. He's all bold now! He's always grabbing people and snapping on people. I don't want no problems." He repeated.

Chris snickered. "Not to hurt your feelings or anything. But, JC! You do have problems already."

He shoved him. "Whatever, man. Well, it looks like they are done dancing. Justin is heading this way."

Dressed in the darkest denim jeans decorated with a zigzag design, Justin trampled to the table containing his best-friends with stride. He ceased suddenly when he was tugged on by the exquisite and stunning Kim. "Baby, I love you." She whispered. "Hey! After all that dancing I was wondering do I look okay?"

He generated an okay symbol to her. "You look perfect. Not a jewel out of place." His arm swirled around her stomach like arctic wind. "Damn, baby. You love those rhinestones and jewels, don't you? You are always just covered in them. And you wear them in the most funky and unique ways. I love it. Look at you! Just glistening!"

She giggled. "Yeah. I over did it tonight, didn't I?" Her spandex jeans were a dark maroon color, and were made with a dazzling sparkle material. Her boots and belt wear identical to Justin's metallic silver, and her shirt was metallic and bra-like. Her stomach was decorated with rhinestones.

"You didn't over do anything. You just love to sparkle and shine. Look at the gloss on your lips... I know you don't want me to kiss you, because it will be taking your gloss off, but you might as well let me kiss you now, because it's going to come off sooner or later."

"You know what, baby? I'll be right back. I'm about to go get a bottled water from the bar." Her arms enveloped around his neck, and she assisted a kiss to him. "Love you, Justin."

"I love you too, sexy." After an embrace, he smacked her on the butt to head her in the right direction, and then joined the guys. "Hey ya'll. What's up?" He laughed for no limpid reason. "What's goin' down at this table?"

"HAHA! Are you done, butt fucking Kim now?" Joey asked.


He threw his hand at him with a cackle. "That is not funny. HAHA! We were having a good time, unlike you guys, who are always sitting on ya asses. What ya'll need to do is get up and boogie! You don't do jack. Have you ever heard of dancing and moving maybe?" He grinned which was presented by evilness. "Besides, when it comes to dancing with Kim, I don't do anything. She leads and I follow. It's all her. I just try to keep up." He clapped loudly. "My baby can get down. That's why I love he so much....she's special."

"Haha! Yeah. Thanks for sharing your bedroom secrets. That little episode when her leg was risen up on you was particularly interesting. Damn, I wish Steve was here. So he could record the two of you dancing. That would be cool to add onto the jumbo-tron we have on the tour. Show the fans the OTHER side of Justin Timberlake. Five year old Jill in the audience would probably just pass out. I would love to see the fans reactions to that." JC winked.

"About me holding her thigh against me...let's get dirty. HAHA! Thats what the song say, ain't it?"

"Haha! Yeah. Good demonstration." Griffin snickered.

"That's Justin though. He likes to booty dance with everyone. That and freak dance." Lance added.

"Whatever. You always want to talk about somebody. At least I like to have fun, because none of you do anything except sit and talk about fun can that be? Haha."

Everyone laughed.

"More fun than you may think...where did Kim go?" Chris asked gazing in the direction she had left.

"Oh, she went to go get a bottled water."

He continued with his question. "So, have you two made up? I not talking about made up, I'm talking made up-made up?"

He shook his head. "Nope." He said positively. "Last night we kissed for a few minutes, and that's it."

Joey laughed. "That's pretty sad, don't you think?"

"Look, man! Sex doesn't solve everything. It can act as a comfort for certain things or even a cover up, but it won't do SHIT in the circumstances Kim and I have faced. It will do absolutely nothing. We only got back together for one good day anyway. Sex? Please! What I am working on right now with her is trust. I'm trying to get her to trust me fully as she once did. But it's so hard. She's so scared, because I did all of that shit to her. She's afraid of me in an emotional way. I mean, I left her...and it hurts. It hurts her still, even though she doesn't act like it."

"Yeah." The table of men agreed.

Chris changed the subject. "You know what? Kim resembles Britney so much to me. It's not that they look alike or anything. But just them as people are very similar. You know how Britney had her own style. Kim has her own style. They are very different now that I think about it, but very similar as well."

"It might be the hair." Justin suggested. "It's in long, blonde layers. Britney used to wear her hair like that. Besides, Kim and Britney are nearly the same size. Kim is just smaller. In HEIGHT that is! Britney is a size four, Kim is a size three. If you wanna add Christina in. She's a size zero and one. Haha! There are a lot of tiny women in the world. None of them are my baby Kim though. Kim is perfecto. Kim is everything. The girl of my dreams with the nicest ass. Everybody knows I'm an ass man. Baby girl has it all. She's perfect. Perfect curvature."

JC laughed. "Yeah, Kim is perfect alright. If you think people adore her now, they are only going to love her more. Kim not only has the butt, she has nice boobs as well. She has the nice everything. Britney is staying at home and is resting after her un-implant surgery...haha! It's everywhere, she finally got them out. And now guys are going to need somewhere else to look for visual support. That's where Kim comes in! She is going to only get bigger and bigger, and bigger with stardom. And then she's a model, so she has the right to dress sexy...oh, man. She's going to be big..."

'I keep on fallin' in and out...of love...with you..."

"Who is that singing?" Lance asked.

Justin submerged, and sank deeper into his seat with a chuckle. "It's Kim."

"What the heck? Why doesn't she...?"

"Don't ask, man. She says she wouldn't want to sing professionally. She only likes it for fun. And she is so full of shit. She acts like she can't sing, knowing she can really blow. You should her her sing Christina's 'I Turn to You' in the shower. Oh my, God."

"HEY, GUYS!" Kim vaulted into Justin's lap, causing him to saltate in fright.

"HEY, KIM!" They chorused with smiles.

"Hey, baby." Justin sibilated and breathed in her ear.

She shuddered and her head unhinged in his direction to give him a kiss on the lips. "Hey." She kissed him once more. "So, what are WE talking about over here?"

"Nothing really, baby girl." Justin stated, rubbing his head into her hair.

"That was pretty funny how Justin never got any from Britney. They were with each other for like a year and something, and yet she never slept with him." Joey sonorously laughed.

"Do you mind? You might want to be a little more respectful in front of Kim. She doesn't want to hear that crap, I'm sure. She doesn't want to hear that stuff about me and Britney."

"Britney and I." Kim corrected. She abruptly cluttered her opinion. "It doesn't bother me." She told him seriously. "Look who's lap I'm sitting in. Look who's ring I am wearing. Look at who I am marrying in a few days. You can talk about whatever; doesn't matter."

Justin snickered. "Well, in that case." His attention turned to Joey. "Ya'll really don't know what happened between Britney and I. Kim is permanent, so I may have told you a little about our intimacy...sorry, babe. But when it comes to Britney, I never told you anything about us. And I will admit we never had, but we had our way of taking care of each other. And I think we may have tried to have sex once, but that didn't work out and..."

Kim put her hand up. "Okay. Stop." She claimed with a giggle. "I can't take it...haha! It's too much info. I didn't need to hear some of that. I didn't want to hear some of it."

His arms compacted densely around her. "Awww, baby. You know the only one I want is you. I don't want to talk about Britney anyway. Who is Britney?"

"So, are you guys excited about the wedding?" Lance asked fittingly.

"Ohhhh, yeah!" Kim nodded. "I'm excited. I'm glad it's still on. Everything worked out some how. And I'm shocked. I am so excited. My dress is going to be a huge hit. I can't wait until Justin sees me in it. He's going to see how big it really is. I can't wait. I CAN'T WAIT!"

"I can't wait either, Kiggles. But I'm nervous as hell. That's what my thing is. I'm so scared. I have to go through all that ceremony stuff, I just want you to be my wife and it to be over with."

"I understand that, Justin. But you know me. I wanted a nice wedding. And our wedding is nice. It's going to be perfect, because it was perfect money." She laughed. "Yeah. It's going to be nice alright, but only because we spent so much on it. It's so worth it though. It's so worth it."

JC hastily laughed, and no one knew why. His behavior caused him to receive possessed, exotic glances from everyone. "Sorry. I just think it is so funny, how Justin was with Britney for SO long, and he didn't get ANY from her. That is SO funny to me for some reason. You just feel sorry for the kid."

"HA! He ain't getting none from me either." Kim unintentionally muttered.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" And explosion of claps, stomping, thrashing and pounding on the table erupted because of laughter.

Justin's head lowed in embarrassment.

She was not expecting such a reaction and was dumbfounded. "Hey! Don't laugh at him. Awwww! That's so mean, you guys."


"She told you!" Chris coughed out, before laughing again.

Her head staggered. "Seriously, don't laugh at him. But it is true. Justin doesn't deserve intimacy at this point. He knows what he did. We were suppose to do something tonight, but this unexpectedly came up, thank God! I just don't think I can get myself to be with him like that. Not so soon at least. It's the thing with Charrah." She said with an attitude. "That disgusted me. That was the most horrific thing that I ever saw. This is to me at least. What I saw him doing to her, and she him...that is SO devastating. And as you can tell, I'm still NOT over it. That he would come on to someone else, just to make me feel terrible. And he was kissing her and touching her like he should and WOULD me? I don't think so. That's why I've been kissing him so much. I cannot believe his lips were on some other female like that. I feel like I have to mark my territory, and replace what is mine. That's not fair what he did. And, Lance. I'm sure if you would have dared him to have sex with Charrah, he would have. Right in front of me, because what he did was close enough. I'm not trying to act like I'm some wonderful prize or some gift to be with, but if Justin is going to be my of tonight, I don't think he deserves to be intimate with me. I did at first, but now I've changed my mind. Things sunk in. I'll stop there." She gaped at Justin's lowered head. "You know what you did wrong. Right, Justin?"

He was silent for an answer, but nodded.

"You understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes." He whispered coarsely.

"Don't look so down, baby. I'm not mad at you still. I'm just recovering from what happened."

He aspired his head and his triste and depressing eyes met with hers. "I love you so much, Kim. And I'm sorry. I know there is nothing I can do to make it up to you. That is all I can say. I don't deserve sex? What I don't deserve is you. Just to have you sitting on my lap, brings me more joy than anything in the world."

She invested her arms around his neck and gave him a gift of affection, by kissing him. "I love you."

"Was that kiss just because you were marking your territory?"

She giggled. "No. Unfortunately that one was out of love. Haha! I'll mark my territory, by peeing on you. Sike...okay that was gross."

He chuckled and kissed her nose. "You are so cute. And I love you more."

"Oh, my God! The are like a soap opera. Okay, Justin. Now dip Kim back and kiss her dramatically." Joey joked.

"Get out of here with that, man." Justin smiled innocently at Kim. "Everyone shut up. I want to tell Kim something, and I want everyone to hear." He simpered to himself. When he heard nothing but complete silence, he continued. "Kim...." He purposely hesitated. "Kim..."

"What is it, Justin?"

He folded his hands. " have nice buttocks. I am like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gon' get. My best friend was Bubba. You like Bubba-Gump shrimp, baby girl?" His accent was of no other than Forest Gump.

"What the hell?" She covered her hand over her mouth and was assaulted with laughter.

What he said came out of nowhere, and everyone was laughing.

"Isn't he just adorable?" Kim asked.

"NO!" The table echoed.

She scrunched her nose and osculated their lips together.

"There she is!" Kelly exclaimed.

"Yeah, Kim! We were waiting for you, bitch. We were waiting for you to get here. What are you doing over here with all of these guys? You can't hang with us anymore of something?" Calia giggled.

Kim jumped up and fell into a hug with the ladies. "How in the heck was I suppose know where ya'll were in this big ass club? I thought you'd be waiting at the entrance if you were here."

"Come sit with us!" Bobbie demanded. "Our booth is all the way at the end of the club. This is your bachelorett party. You are suppose to be hanging with us females."

She giggled. "Oh, okay. I'm sorry you guys. I didn't know where you were. My GIRLS!" She revered her position and kissed Justin on the cheek. "Bye, sweetie."

He gripped her body by the waist. "Baby, don't leave me." He whined. "Don't!"

"I got to hang with my girls. You will be just fine."


Kim's head pendulated from side to side as she grooved tranquilly. By her side were the best females she knew. They were up, just roaming around, and relishing the hip music of the contemporary club. "Yeah. I figured Angie wouldn't be able to make it. She is always so busy doing hair. Besides, it's late and she's always tired."

"It's almost time..."

Kim didn't hear what Kelly said, and her ear impelled to her mouth for a better understanding. "What was that?"

"I said that it's almost time."

She giggled. "For what?"

Bobbie snickered. "For Justin's surprise."

"And what is his surprise?" She questioned the issue.

Calia pointed to the stage in which the "hired" dancers were. "You see those strippers over there? Well, Justin gets a lap dance from the blonde one in the green thong. The one that is topless and obviously has breast implants...haha!"

Kim laughed in an indisposed loath. "You are kidding right...haha! I know you are just lying!"

Dani cut in. "Nope it's true. At twelve she is suppose to give Justin a lap dance. Which is in a few minutes. Chris and and guys already paid her and everything."

She held her hand up with an aggravated chortle. "Wait a minute. They paid one of the strippers to give Justin a lap dance? Okay. Now, I understand that this is a bachelor party, and it's a time to let everything go and be wild and crazy, and strippers are usually at the parties. It was bad enough they only had the female strippers, but if they think that I am going to be here while some girl is dancing on Justin, they must be crazy. Because I swear to God! If that chick gets on him and starts dancing on him in front of me I will punch her in the face. You have to understand, that I wouldn't mind if I wasn't here...I would mind, but I wouldn't be as upset...but to be here and have her give him a lap dance is just not fair. Unless I'm taken to another room and a guy stripper is waiting for me or something. Is there? That is the only way something like that would be tolerable."

The ladies shook their heads. "Nope." Dani answered. "We really had no say so in the matter, or we would have made the party more fair for you, Kim. You know how guys are. They say the party is both male and female, but it turned out to be more on the guy side. And you and Justin just got back together yesterday, so they had to throw something together in the quickness. That's why everything is so guyish. A club was rented and certain people got invited to come to the party. The guys planned everything, and by the time we found out, it was too late to make any adjustments. If you ask me, it would have been much better to have had separate parties, because you can't have the bride and the groom at the same party, it doesn't make sense if you are suppose to have the exotic and "last minute" fun. I would have loved to see your face if a guy dancer was all up on you! I was counting on that dammit! Actually, the girls and I were planning something for you, but all that shit with you and Justin happened and we didn't know what to do. None of us have talked to Charrah since after that night either. She is so scared and worried about you hating her and the wedding. That's why she's not here or hasn't been around."

Kim put her palm against her forehead and looked down. "Please, lets not talk about Charrah right now." She sighed. "I am just so pissed. This party sucks. It's nice. Good dance music. But I don't like how it's a guy vibe going around. And I'm mad at the guys, because why would they do something like that? They are going to just act like I am not here, and that shows right there, that guys are just guys. Well our guys are just guys. That is SO messed up, and you know they told him about it. He's probably so excited, and when he finds out that Kim stopped the source of entertainment he's going to be so disappointed..."

"Come on, Kim. He would understand." Bobbie added. "He's Justin. He probably wouldn't even give a care."

"Oh, don't give me that, girl. It's a LAP dance! The sound of that alone probably excites him. He would act like it didn't bother him, but I know him." She sequested a deep breath with a sigh. "DAMN! I am so pissed. This just ruined it. That the guys would hire some more than half naked girl to get on Justin. It just ain't happening. I refuse. I'll go buck wild. You know that at times I can't control myself. I mean, a LONG time ago. I'm talkin' like Justin and I had been together for a bout three good months. I had too many drinks, and I was a little messed up. He was dancing on the dance floor with some other girl. Some OTHER girl! And when I caught him, I was like, "Oh, I don't care, go dance some more." But now...HA! If he was dancing with some other girl, I'd just go into a rage. Till this day, that bothers me. I haven't had one drink YET tonight, so no one can say I'm trippin'. And this lap dancing thing is not even considerate, it's just NOT happening. I mean it! I'm going to tell the girl she is not dancing on him, and if she has a problem...beat down!"


"Dang, Kim. You go girl. This is the first time that I've saw you jealous. Not jealous...but kind of protective of your Justin. You're turning into a wife. Awwwwww." Calia laughed. "But, hey! If you get into it with the chick, make sure she hits you first, because if you hit her first, it's off to jail for your ass. AHAHAHAHAHA!"

She giggled. "That's not funny, Cal. You don't understand. It's just not right. She doesn't even have clothes on. She walking around in a green thong. A THONG! And is fuckin' topless. She doesn't even have a shirt on. I can't have that, man. And I have to sit and watch her "DANCE" on him? Hell no!" She rolled her eyes. "What do you guys think? I know that none of you are getting married as of yet, but if you were at a party like this, and some stripper was to dance on your man, what would you do? Come on! You wouldn't let some girl get on Griffin, JC, Joey, or Chris would you? NO! At least not in front of you or while you were present. It just something you don't do."

"I agree." Dani said nodding. I wouldn't want some female giving Chris a lap dance, and we aren't even dating seriously right now. We are kinda doing the friends thing, so I know and understand what you mean. That is pretty messed up, now that I think about it."

Kim's eyes were glued on the stage. "Yeah. Exactly. Plus, if some guy stripper was dancing on me fully clothed and God damn GAY, Justin would still beat the shit out of that person." She suddenly began to cut through the crowd. "Look at her. I guess it's time now. She getting off the stage. And where does she think she is going?"

Kelly snickered. "Whoa, Kim. Don't hunt her down like pray. Just stay calm, girl."

"Dang! She's all hunting the girl down and everything. Haha!" Bobbie cracked up.


"Alright, Justin. We got a surprise for you." Lance teased.

"Yeah, you see. A man just sat that chair there for you..." Chris explained, pointing to the modernistic piece of furniture. "You sit down in the chair. Okay, Justin?"

"Okay, what is this? What are you up to? I just don't get it."

"Just sit in the damn chair." JC instructed fastidiously.

He cultivated from the end of the booth to repose into the single chair. "Okay. And why are ya'll looking at me funny?"

Griffin yielded from the booth to hand Justin's a stack of money. "Thats a thousand bucks in fifty dollar bills. Have a fun, man."

He shrugged and shook his head. "I don't get it. I don't get this."

"Are you slow or what, Justin?" Chris asked.

Laugher rumbled and roared from their personal area of the club.


Kim appointed the stripper on the shoulder, who she had managed to track down. "Excuse me. I noticed that you seemed to have been preparing for something...why did you leave the stage?"

She smiled and reconciled her thong on her hip. "I'm about to give Justin Timberlake, YOUR husband to be, a lap dance."

She giggle. "Um, oh no your not."

She laughed. "Oh, yes I am. I've already been paid, hun. The deal is already set. I'm giving him a lap dance, to the 'Thong Song' and thats just what it is."

Her eyebrow raised and she contravened her arms with attitude. "No. I don't think you heard me correctly. I said that you were NOT giving him a lap dance. I don't care if you have been paid already. I don't care what song you WERE going to dance to. All I DO care about and DO know is that you are NOT giving him a lap dance while I'm in the same club as he. I'm not trying to be a bitch here, but I won't be disrespected by you dancing on him either. And THAT is just how it is!"

"Is that right? I was paid, okay? I was paid to DO something! What about the money? I have to do my JOB, OKAY?"

"Yeah, it's right. And it looks like you have been paid for nothing. There has been a change of plans. You are not giving Justin a lap dance, for one thing, because I said so, for another, because I'm giving it to him. I have that right. And I'm going to give it to him. I AM, OKAY?!"

"Whatever. Fine then. Free money for me. Well, you have about thirty seconds before the song comes on. Good luck." She examined Kim up and down with a "Hump."

She returned the look. "You didn't have to look at me like that either. I'll knock your ass out." She mumbled.

Calia jumped up and down. "You told her. I can't do that mess. I don't get into conflicts with people. I'm too scary. I'll probably just run. But not little ass Kim. You're always getting into it with someone. Don't be mad though, girl. Everything's gonna be alright."

She giggled. "GOD! Haha! I'm not mad, ya'll. I'm just kind of aggravated. I'm not mad though. I just don't like that girl. I need to do my job...HA! She makes stripping sound like a privilege. WOW! That's some AMAZING job she has, huh?"

The group of girls laughed.

"That's so funny, the way you said that." Kelly commented.

"Are you really going to give Justin a lap dance?" Bobbie asked in curiosity.

She sighed. "Ohhhhh, Jesus." She huffed. "I guess...I really don't have a choice. Oh, man. Look! I'll do anything for Justin! ANYTHING! Just like anyone else that loves him. If you was his girl wouldn't you?  I will do anything for him. And since I am going to be his wife, I have to do everything for him...EVERYTHING! Because if I don't, then he will find somewhere else to get what he wants or at least start looking elsewhere. I'm not talking one particular subject, I'm talking all. And so! There is nothing I won't I don't care what people say or what anyone thinks. I'm going to give Justin a lap dance because he was going to get one from the wrong person. And so he will get one, but it's gonna be me. Just like the song here I go...I'm going to give him a lap dance..."

Clapping blared from everyone.

She laughed. "Ya'll are too funny. Don't clap." Her face sunk. "Okay, what is a lap dance exactly? What do I do? Oh, my God I never, you know...gave one before."

Calia was the provider of an answer. "A lap dance is basically what it sounds like. You dance in Justin's lap. You rub your butt on him, or whatever else to make him all happy. Ahahaha!" She snapped her finger. "And if you want to get real nasty and down right dirty, some people go to the point of having like dry sex. But hey it's your thing, do whatever you want. Or you can just dance in front of him and tease him. That's what the inexperienced newbies do."

All heads turned towards Calia. "How in the heck do you know so much about them?" Kim asked bravely.

She gazed to the side and patted the top of her hair, followed by slicking it back. "I give Griffin lap dances all the time, and ain't nothing wrong with it."


"Hold on, Kim." Kelly informed, gabbing her by the waist. "You don't look sexy enough. You gotta show more of your thong for the thong song. Your shirt is already bra-like, so it is pretty sexy." She snickered. "She unbottoned her jeans for her and unzipped them just a little. She folded her jeans down once, revealing the side strings of Kim's reflective sliver thong.

"Ut ohhhhhh." Bobbie giggled. "The song has started. "Go dance, Kim. WOOO! GO, KIM! GO, KIM!"

She screened half of her face, using her hand. "OH, NO! I don't think I can do this. I'm shaking. I think I am going to cry. People are going to be calling me a hoe. Thats the LAST thing I need right now...oh, shit. What the hell am I doing? I SO wish I was drunk right now. I think I'm going to faint."


Justin laughed. "Okay. Seriously. What are you guys up to? I hope a stripper is not going to come dance on me or something. Kim wouldn't like that very much. Can we say beat down?" He just heard an echo of laughs from his friends. "Why won't you answer me? You know, you guys suck. Is Kim going to come out here and play stripper for me or something? Why am I just sitting in this chair? I feel so stupid."

JC laughed excessively loud. "AHAHAHAHA! YEAH, RIGHT! YOU WISH KIM WOULD COME OUT HERE!" He coughed. "So do I..." He whispered to himself.

"Dumps like a truck, truck, tuck
Thighs like what, what, what
Baby move your butt, butt, butt
I think I'll sing it again."

Kim advanced out of nowhere with a crowd of women behind her. As soon as she connizanced Justin with her mental vision, she felt at ease and more comfortable.

Cheers and clapping grew more intense as she walked nearer to him. The guys, who were expecting the stripper to popup, were stunned and anxious all at the same time. "OH...MY...GOD! KIM?"

As soon as she intellectually made contact with the petrified Justin, the song started from the beginning. "Hey, baby." She whispered in his ear. "I don't know what the hell I'm doing, so just go with the flow." She started off by just moving her hips from side to side and contracting the soft muscles in her stomach.

"I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! IT'S KIM FOR GODS SAKE! And what about the stripper we hired? I guess she found out..." Chris shrugged.

Kim licked Justin from the shirt on his chest, all the way up to his ear, in which she vapidly breathed into.

"Holy shit!" He gasped, his hands were quaking pathetically.

"Give her the money, man! DON'T JUST SIT THERE LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT!" JC yelled.

His jumpy hands gathered a single of the many bills. "Is it okay if I?" He asked, his voice cracked.

"You do whatever you want, Justin. This is all for you, babe. So make the best of it, it probably won't happen again."

With that, he slipped a fifty dollar bill into the side band of her thong. His head began to move with the sway of her body. "! I don't know what to do...I...I..." His mouth riveted to her stomach, and he shellacked his tongue to her flesh. "I love you." He attached several more dollar bills into the string on her thong as he kissed her revealed flesh. "OH MY LORD!"

She ran her hands up and down the side of her body, and through her long satiny hair as she swayed.

When she devaluated her chest in front of his eyes, he instantly elicited money into the side bands.

He was being hypnotized. His eyes were large and struck, they whipped back and fourth with the movement of her hips...

Justin couldn't depart from the chair, and thought his body had composed into gelatin even after the dance was over and Kim was long gone.

"Well, help him over here." JC mentioned to Griffin.

Griffin reached over the booth and clutched Justin to help him reclaim his seat at the very end of the booth.

Once he made it and was seated, he groaned in agony. "Uhhhhhha! Oh...oh my God!"

"JUSTIN! We had no idea Kim was going to come out here, it was suppose to be the chick in the green thong. I guess Kim told her off or something...but that so was not planned." Lance admitted.

"Haha! Look at him. Damn, Justin. You look like you are about to die." Chris cackled.

His body slouched as if her was in arduous and dreadful pain. "I am about to die. I don't know what came over her. But Kim Has never done anything like that. EVER! I am so shocked. But I don't care, I'm just glad she did it. Because no woman could turn me on like that. I'm talkin' about...DAMN! My baby girl is growing up." His head slumped to the side. "I don't know what happened."

Everyone laughed.

"What do you mean, that you don't know what happened? Haha!" JC asked.

"I really do not have a clue, as to WHAT happened. I...I just don't know. I didn't mess around and, you know, but I think I had an orgasm or something." He laughed weakly. "I don't know what happened. I really think I orgasmed, but I don't know. All I know is that Kim took me to another place. I saw the sun, the moon, and the stars...all of that. She took me to heaven and back. I don't know what the hell happened. All I know is, having her dancing in my lap is a dream come true. God! She is so amazing. My whole body is numb. I feel like I'm in a pathetic fetus state, and should just crawl in some corner and ball up." He lifted his hands up; his body low on energy. "Look at me. Look at how I'm shaking. All from a LAP DANCE! Come on. This ain't normal..."

Joey laughed harder than anyone. "Maybe you are still orgasming, Justin."

He shrugged. "Maybe. I don't know..." His mouth rambled. "I could tell she didn't really want to do it. Something must have provoked her too. I was telling her the other night to live her life to the fullest, I guess she being on the wild side for once or something. I'm going to tell her though. She didn't have to do that. I'm glad it was her and not the stripper though." He ran his fingers through his hair. "Oh, my God! I'll never be the same. The way she was dancing. The things she was doing. Her sexy ass stomach was right in my face, right in my face. And Kim didn't look all hoeish...but she did look like a pro. Her in her little moves, and that stomach thing she does. And then her ass was like five inches from my face. Oh, my God! Her nice ass. Her beautiful breasts lowered to my face...I don't know WHAT happened to me. From the waist down I'm paralyzed."

Griffin looked at his beer before laughing with everyone else. "You are not paralyzed...HAHA! I HOPE you aren't at least! What she do? Like break your manhood off or something? Break a leg?"

"Oh, yes I am. Then Kim really started to dance on me. Like in my lap. That girl brought me back to a baby's state. I need a pacifier. I was holding her thighs trying to keep her in place. That was my pitifulness leaking through me. I was like, "Baby, whatever you do. Don't stop doing that." Then she would move and tease the heck out of me. That's a side of Kim in never saw. I swear, towards the end of the song when she really broke it down, I thought I was going to hit a note like Sisqo. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Baby, that thong, uha."


"Justin, you are a crack head."

"I know he didn't just say that."

"It's true. Ya'll saw her. My legs are burning. I told you I don't know what's wrong with me." He laughed. "After affects of being seduced by Kim." He pronounced in an announcer type voice. "Then she turned around and had her leg up on me, and was basically humping me. She was running her hand over her body and touching herself and stuff...OH MY...I can't breath. Let me shut up now."

The guys just continuously laughed at him.

Justin's eyes scanned throughout the table. "I...I need a drink or something. Who's beer is this?" He elected the first drink he saw.

"That's mine!" Griffin declared.

He gulped down several swallows of the drink that was not his own.

"What are you doing, man? I don't drink off of other people."

Justin chuckled, before taking another swallow. "You do now." After being satisfied with his amount of alcohol intake, Justin tilted his head back and groaned. "Ohhhhhhhh, man. I think I'm going to die."

Joey grinned evilly. "A little happy are you, Justin?"

He laughed. "HA! being hard is the LAST of my problems at this point. I think that's more of an obvious FACT, don't you think? I mean, what would you do if Kim gave you a lap dance? You'd be gigglin' like Jello, just like my ass is. I want her so bad, and there is nothing I can do..." He closed his eyes to help him cope with the phenomenal physical pain. "You heard what she said. Justin gets nada. I think I am going to just die." He shifted. "Oh, shit. I REALLY think I am going to just die." He sighed loudly.

Bobbie shyly approached the booth with her hands folded. "JC-yums. You wanna spend a few minutes with me, babe? Go somewhere a little more private? Just me and you..."

"Ohhhh yeah, baby. And can I have a lap dance too?" Chris stood, enabling JC to cede from the crowded table. "Huh, Bobbie-boo?"

"NO! Last time I tried that crap what happened? You know what I'm talkin' about! Couldn't take the heat..." She allured his hand with hers and together they left to go else where for a private make out session.

Justin snickered. "Looks like JC is about to get some action. You know, him and Bobbie act like married people already. He calls her like Bobbie-boo. What the hell? I don't know why JC haven't asked her yet..."

"He said that he's going to wait. He wants to see how your marriage goes, before he asks Bobbie. There is nothing wrong with waiting, as long as they are staying together." Lance remarked, his voice almost slurred in inebriation.

"Yeah." Chris agreed nodding. "They do seem like married people. Nsync has some interesting relationships." He said in a voice that made everyone laugh. "We got Lance. He is single. HA! JC and Bobbie have been together for a few years. They act like married people, but are not even engaged. Joey and Kelly go off and on, so no one really knows where they are relationship wise. Griffin and Calia..."

Calia stepped to the table of guys. Instead of introducing herself she made a finger motion to only Griffin. "Grifiiiiiiin, I think you want to come with me. Don't ya? I'm sure you know why..."

"What is this? Make out time? A make out recess?" Chris asked.

"Yes, it is. Bobbie said she was going to get her kiss on. Why can't I?" Calia giggled.

"Oh, okay. Well if you see Dani on your way, tell her that Chris isn't busy. I have nothing to do, and I like to kiss too." Chris made her laugh in her hand, but she gave no answer to his statement.

"Of course I want to come with you, Cal. Justin! Move, man. So I can get out!" Griffin postulated.

His head rotated towards him. "I told your ass I was paralyzed."

He laughed, and shoved him to the ground. "Too bad." Griffin's arms enshrouded around Calia's, and he kissed her neck. "I love you, Cal!"

"I love you too! Tom, the SHOE man!" She pinched his butt. "You have a nice ass, my dear."

He pinched hers. "So do you, baby. You're always calling me Tom as if I really am Tom Cruise. Okay. So where are we going..."

"A place where there are no people." She whispered loudly.

Chapter 64

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