Chapter 62

"It doesn't matter what you write, as long as you feel it." - Anonymous.

Air respired from her lungs viciously, and it took her a juncture to assemble enough courage to speak back. Kim had missed Justin so much. She prayed and hoped that he would come back home. She felt that if he was to come back she would be joyous and ecstatic, but all she felt was...sadness.

Justin had left her for about a week. A week. She delt with him gone and being rejectful towards her for a week. His spurn actions had degraded her soul, and she had given up by the time she saw him. She couldn't be angry. She couldn't be happy. She just wore her guise and veil of depression. "H...hi..." She whispered sorrowful. She directed her attention back into mirror and proceeded to put her bra on.

"I...I'm sorry if you. And I'm sorry for invading your privacy, while you were getting dressed." He was losing his voice for some reason.

She brushed her hair, never parting from the mirror. It was wet and tangled. "It's okay. It's not like you never saw me naked before."

Justin was provoking his hands up and down his thighs envisioning what to say. "How are you?"

"Miserable." She affirmed simply.

He looked up, and his eyes observed her face. When he saw that she was not looking at him, or wasn't even interested or willing to, he gazed back down at his thighs. "I...came by earlier. As I was about to drive up at the gate I saw you leaving with that Ryan guy. So, I...put my car in reverse and left. I came back after Natasha left. You were in the kitchen when I came in. I've been sitting here every since you got back. thought that Ryan dude had a girlfriend. Are you and him dating? Because...thats fine. I would understand, especially with as much time that has went by, and how much I've hurt you. And you are so beautiful and attractive..." He obviously wasn't paying attention to what she was saying when she was venting in the room.

"No, I'm not dating him. We went out as friends."

He secured a deep breath with his fragile lungs. "Thank God."

"And beautiful? I look like shit. My ex fiancé told me so."

He mounted his head to her again. "You actually believed that, Kim?"

She oscillated back and constricted her eyes at him. She couldn't think of a beneficial consideration as to why he would come back. "So, why did you come back?" She whispered, ignoring his question. "To get more of your stuff?"

He shook his head gently. "No." He whispered, looking downward.

"To see Jade then..." She changed her application to the mirror and persisted brushing her water deluged hair.

"Yes." He deplored with a keen cry. He nodded with a beat. "I did come to see Jade. When I read your letter and you explained to me that Jade didn't understand why she couldn't see me, it pauperized my heart. But thats not it. I...I came back to, Kim." He creased his trembulant hands and gave a spoiled stare to them. "I miss you, Kim..." He resurrected his head to face her. "I miss you so much." He vociferated in a murmur. "But I also hurt you more than I've ever hurt you before. I know that you hurt me. But not as nearly as bad as I hurt you, and I'm only going to tell you this one time. Because at this point remorse is meaningless. I...AM...SO...SORRY...FOR...EVERYTHING! I mean that from the bottom of my heart, Kim. I MEAN IT!" He shook his head. "But you don't have to believe me. And I don't even have the PRIVILEGE to even speak to you! So, if you don't want to listen to what I have to say, and you don't want to be bothered with me, I'll understand."

She was cutting him into pieces with her soggy and dreary eyes. She retired into the closet.

Justin let out a weary release of grief. His head lowered, when he noticed she assigned the room to just him. He heard a shuffle and hoisted his head again to see that she had put a red silk nightgown on. She inclined in the doorway and intersected her arms. "God! I...I don't know what to say. I don't know where to being; where to start." His tears stained the hull of the skin on his hands. "I um...overreacted. I really did. I'm ashamed of myself. You know me, Kim. You know that I didn't mean any of the things I said to you. I was being a coward. It hurt me so bad to hurt you, that I couldn't tussle and oppugn with it. I damaged myself mentally. So, I just kept hurting you. And hurting you, because I was too afraid to face the consequences of what I did wrong the first time. I know you are strong and I knew you would come back at me. So I purposely provoked you, so I would have an excuse or cover up for my flaws. I couldn't face the fact that I messed up. I just kept blaming you. And I was so overbearing that I converted myself into an evil, disrespectful, and degrading monster, before I would even admit most of our conflict was because of me. It's all my fault." He slammed his slobbering eyes closed, and whispered. "It's all my fault." He repeated, in a flimsy gasp. "I am the one, who started our fight. I should have never gotten like that with Charrah. Never." He he shook his head, his eyes still sealed. "Revenge was the only thing on my mind. And I was a fool who made a drastic mistake, because I thought that by hurting you I would feel better about myself. That I would be proud. And at first I was...but just look at me now." His eyes denuded and he shrugged. "What am I now? Hurt and stupid. Terrified of what I may have lost. My entire life is on the line because of what I did." He sniffled with a struggle. "And then there is the pain. Kim..." He swallowed down the callous knot in his throat. "I can't IMAGINE how hurt you must be. I can't even calculate it. I'm scared to, to be honest. It can't even be added up. All the things that I've done, there is just no way. And not just to you, but to the others I've hurt because of me. AND! The things that I said behind your back, my use of language towards you, and for walking out on you and Jade. There is no excuse for me treating you in such away or acting like that. There is just no excuse. It has nothing to do with you kissing JC! It has nothing to do with you saying you couldn't marry me! It has nothing to do with me having a panic attack. You are not bitch and you are definitely not a hoe. If I was a responsible man, I would have never hurt you like I did. I don't even think I can pay you back for hurting you like that." He huffed. "Okay. This is extremely hard for me to talk about, but when I had time to think to myself, and it sunk in what happened, and why things happened, I thought that I was going to kill myself. Like when you dumped all of my stuff in the parking lot. That right there was just...and then I saw that." He paused his wiped around his lips with two fingers. "I saw that you gave me back some very important things that I gave you. Even the clothes I got you for your birthday that you didn't get to wear. That huge diamond and sapphire necklace. That was a lot of stuff. It drew so much pain to me. I can't even explain it. I do know that when I saw that you gave me back Jade's jewelry and pictures and things like that, I lost it. And your note. At the end when you claimed me to be your "ex", I just cried. It made me see that we were really separating. I guess I thought that we could fight, I could leave, and fight with you some more, and we'd still be together. I never saw us as breaking up. I thought we would always find away to be with each other. But not this time. Before I knew that your date was just a friends based one...I was going to commit suicide if you told me you had a new man in your life. I know that I am scaring you by saying this. But I knew that you wouldn't. I just knew I had to have a second chance somewhere in there. And, Kim. I am here because I love you. God knows that I hurt you and I hurt you on so my different levels. But I never stopped loving you, Kim. And I never loved anyone like I have you, Kim. And I never met a human on this earth as beautiful as you, Kim. And I never wanted to marry a women as badly as I want to marry you, Kim. And no one has made me as happy as you, Kim. It's true. I'd rather be with you and fight, than not have you in my life at all. You said that I was your best-friend. Trace has been my best-friend since my childhood days. You met him a few times. By the way that bastard has not returned my calls in a month. College life. I'm going to kick his ass if he doesn't let me knows he's at least breathing. Anyway, and the guys are my best-friends. They are more like brothers though. And Griffin too. But you, Kim. I told you that you are my soulmate. But you are even more than that. There is not even a name for it. You are my all-star best-friend. You are exactly me. We may be different on the outside. Very different. But on the inside we are exactly alike. We have everything in common. We both like every type of music possible. We are exactly the same. I want to be with you and Jade. And I want you to love me. I want to come back home and be a family again. I have no idea how you are feeling...but I kind of figured that you probably still don't want a relationship with me. I'm almost positive the wedding is out of the question. I just ruined everything. But out of all I've done, I want to ask you one favor. Just one." Already the tremble of his lip was returning. He exterminated the watery film from under his soar eyes. "Oh, my God. Will you my friend? At least my friend. Because I want you to talk to me, Kim. I just need to know that you will speak to me. I want us to have AT LEAST a friendship." He chuckled to himself. "I want some kind of "ship" with you. A friend-ship or a relation-ship. A wedding-ship? Hint hint? Maybe not. But I'd like you in my life. If you need help choosing an option I recommend the wedding-ship." He was looking downward, so he missed her cracked smile. "I think I just yapped for about five hundred hours straight. You were talking to me at first, but now you might not want to..." He trailed off. "I saw little Jade sleeping. She is SO cute. I missed her so much. I messed up SOOOO bad! I don't even know what I am anymore. I'm a dickhead, asshole, piece of shit, fucking loser, ugly, dumbass, ignorant, lame, stupid, hideous bitch..."

"JUSTIN! SHUT THE FUCK UP!" She lumbered towards him with her golden brown legs.

"Okay." He whispered. "Now you are going to slap me. Or kick my ass like you did with the shit thing. Just please don't kick me in the balls or the stomach. That just sucks...or the head. It's so painful. You always hit me!"

"Justin, you make me abuse you. You always complain about me hitting you and slapping you. Do you really think I enjoy hitting you? I don't wake up wanting to slap anyone. You cause me to hit you all the time. You and you stupid comments. And your stupid language. And your touchy thing...Compliments are NICE, Justin. But you never understood that too many of your comments and butt grabbing and everything else, will piss me off. Sometimes you deserve to get slapped. Just like RIGHT NOW! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? AND THIS IS JUST ONE OF THE PROBLEMS OF THE MANY THAT I HAVE WITH YOU! WHAT YOU NEED RIGHT NOW IS A SLAP IN THE FACE!"

His eyes died and closed. He nodded his head. His brain rambled as he waited in anticipation to be slapped by her. Her slap. Kim was the smallest person he knew personally, but she was also the hardest hitting person. Out of all of the times he had been slapped, Kim's petite hands injured him the most. He had made a private pet name of calling her slaps 'fire slaps' because of the burn and ting that would wash against his face after being stuck by her. Then again, what she said was true. She didn't wake up wanting to hit him. She hit him because she was harassed lovingly by him. Another thought plagued him. What did her slapping him have to do with anything? Out of all the things he had betrayed to her, she was talking about him being slapped? Confusion. He was confused now. Was she mad? Was he forgiven? Was he hated? What did this lead to?...

Something slapped him numb. But it wasn't Kim's hand. It was reality. He accomplished that Kim was kissing him. This mobilized him into a trance of naked shock. Not the surprised or astonished form of shock, but the shock a dying person would go into. He didn't know how to react.

Kim grazed her lips to his for a few seconds longer, and then gave space between them by sitting down. She giggled. "Justin, I know you are sorry. And I know that you love me, because you came back. Thats all that matters to me is that you came back." He appeared to be stoned. She waved. "Hey, boy! Remember me? I'm the chick that threw your clothes in the parking lot and punched you in the face. You know the "crazy" bitch?"

He had not kissed her in what he computed to be ten days or more, when he could have. He was starving for her. STARVING! He was starving for her in a way that she would never understand. He waved to her, using no brain power whatsoever. Finally, he just actuated his arms around her and held her tight. "Kim...I love you." His hand scurried up and down her small back.

"I love you too." She whispered.

"What? Thats it? You forgive me already?" He scuttled his hands through her moist hair. A fact that he knew, but kept to himself, was that her hair would cause the top of her nightgown to become saturated, and she would take it off later because of discomfort.

"Justin, I forgive you as long as you forgive me." She clasped him to her and embraced him with more force.

"Baby, I forgive you. But I cannot believe you just forgave me like that...after all I did."

She pulled back placidly. "Shhhhhh! We can't go back to it. We have to move on. It's good to talk about conflicts and sort them out. But we can't this time. It was too much. And talking about it will stir up things and we will both get angry about something. We'd be back at square one. All we can do now is love each other and try to heal one another's emotional scars with our love..."

"But I'm so sor..."

"Justin, I know you feel bad. So do I. But all we can do is love each other and get married. By the way, I'll take the wedding-ship. If thats okay with you." She smooched his lips.

"Oh, baby girl. I missed you like crazy. I haven't kissed you in ten days." He restrained her cheek in his hand and steadily lowered his lips to hers. "I love you. And m'mmmmm. You taste so good, baby. Your lips."

She enfolded her arms around his neck and her tongue lambasted into his arctic temperature mouth. Her taste buds could taste the flavor of 'Winterfresh' gum.

His head turned desperately to magnify the depth of his tongue. He was worried that he was being too extreme and violent, because he neglected her for so long. And he needed her. As if she was an addictive drug, he needed her bad. He even recognized that he was moaning louder and more than usual. But he couldn't help it. Frankly, he didn't care. "Ohhhhh, baby. I missed you so much. I missed you so much." His hand explored to the base of her face. He was handling her chin so she would not infract away from him. His lips hushed from hers suddenly. "Kim. One last thing...can I move back in with you?" He asked child-like. "Can I? I have all of my stuff in my car. And I tore up that check. There is no way that I am taking money from you."

She giggled. "I was HOPING you'd move back in! Considering we'll be getting married in a few days."

He shook his head as he laughed. His lips intruded to hers again.


Kim prosperously laid on the comfortable bed. She was lying decently on her stomach, with her feet endured in the air, as she riffed through a recent magazine. "Justin, are you serious you were in the grocery store the same time as me? I don't believe it. I mean, you never even go to grocery stores."

He had conducted the last of his belongings from his car and cruised to the closet to hang up his remaining clothes and put them away. "Yep. I swear to you, I was in the store following you. I'm shocked you didn't catch me. I was the dude in the white hat. I'm so serious. I was in the store because I was trying to find a certain magazine of you. I couldn't find it though."

She gaped in the area of the closet door. "But still. I don't remember seeing a guy in a white hat. Are you sure I saw you?"

"Yeah. I know you looked at me as you walked by. But my back was to you. So, I don't know...I just find it funny you didn't recognize me."

"I find it funny you talked so much shit behind my back. And then told me about all of it. Especially the stuff with Mike. Very interesting, Justin. You must have been very angry."

"I was." He called from the closet. "But I really shouldn't have been that angry. Mike nearly kicked my ass. Everyone hounded on me. Which actually helped me realize how stupid I was being. Kim, I'm just happy to be home. I'm glad we can still get married and everything will be okay. And I thank God you called Polina and told her not to cancel the wedding and all of that. You do the perfect things at the perfect times. I know you have to be an angel. You have to be." He suspended a brand new shirt he had brought for himself out of boredom of being alone, on a hanger. This action made him bethink something causally. He withdrew a shirt from the pile of clothes and casted the shirt in front of Kim's eyes on the bed. "Thats for you, baby girl."

It was a leather tank top-like shirt. Which had the word. 'Kiggles' spelled across the front of it.

"I got you another one thats white and says 'Baby girl' across the front of it, but I can't find it. I got the shirts custom made. Like the first day I left I got them made, when I got me a pair of pants made." He pointed at her with a charming smile. I told you, Kim. Even though I broke up with you, I didn't think everything that was happening was real. I was getting shirts made for you right after I left. So, you can tell how serious I was..."

She giggled. "Oh, my God. You didn't have to do this, Justin. I've told you a thousand times. I love the shirt. I don't have many 'leather' tank tops. And Kiggles? What is Kiggles?" She laughed.

"You." He licked his luscious lips, applying urgent moisture to them. "You are Kiggles. Just like you are my baby girl. I was laying down...and I was just thinking about you. As I was thinking, I realized that there was one certain thing that I missed terribly about you. And I didn't notice how much I loved it until now. It's your little giggle. And I'm not trying to be cheesy about it. Your giggle is so cute. And I used to tease you about it. But I love it so much. It's not all fake, like a Valley girl or something. It's just a simple, honest little laugh. And you do it with almost everything you say. I'd ask you how your day was, and you'd say fine and giggle. So anyway, I was laying down and I just blurted, for no apparent reason, "I miss my Kiggles." I don't know, maybe it's a sign or something. All I know it I said it, and it kinda has a ring to it. It's different." He shrugged. "You're my Kiggles." He laughed. "You're so cute, beautiful, and sexy. What makes me love you even more is you are so pure. Which is the total opposite of a hoe for God's sake. You just look so innocent and sweet. Well, you are..."

Her blue eyes pitched downward. "I don't know about all of that..." Her tan hid her blush. "But thank you, Justin." She giggled.

He chuckled. "There is goes again." Knelt down and cuddled her hand with his. "You are so awesome. And I'm so happy to be back home, sweetie. Thank you for giving me a second chance. After all the shit I've done." He kissed her fragile palm. "Thank you, baby."

"Thank you for forgiving me. I am just so glad it is over. I hate fighting with you. It sucks, baby. It sucked even more not having you home. And just like we a agreed. We take all of the things that just happened, all of it, and throw it away. In the trash. Because it's not going to do anything but draw sadness to us and hatred. Besides, we talked a good deal about what happened. Of course we have a few things we need to work on, but things are pretty much back on track. Wouldn't you say so, babe?"

He nodded. "Yeah. I just still feel bad. But I won't get into it because I don't want to start anything." He descended to his feet quickly. "Oh. I have another surprise for you, baby." He withdrew a bag from the closet. He returned to the bedroom and poured the contents all over Kim. "Candy! I got so bored being away from you, Kim. That I did some very stupid things. I went out and like...brought candy. For no reason. I just brought an entire bag of candy. I mean like grocery store bag filled to the top. I got some chocolate candy, but I got other types as well. Fruity candy. Like thirty packs of gum. Snickers. Skittles. Sour Patch. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess, I was going to eat it. But then I thought to myself. Tour. Tour. Tour. Haha. I'm giving it all to you."

She tossed portions of the candy that drowned her in the air. "Hahaha. Yay! Did I tell you how much I loved you, Justin? I have a huge sweet tooth, and you know that. I bet you I'd eat all of it too, and you won't get any." She playfully licked her tongue at him.

"I thought you hated sour stuff? You can eat it all, baby girl. Just let me eat you." He shook his head. "What a tease. I um mean. What a way to come home. I knew you were going to take that night gown off. And you are laying on your stomach, in those sexy underwear...reading. If that ain't hot, I don't know what is..."

She giggled. "Justin! Quit makin' me blush. Speaking of sexy. It's sexy that you are wearing your wedding ring again."

He statused his finger to his lips as he visualized to himself. He nailed her hand and tugged on it. "Thank you for reminding me of one last thing. Come with me. I have one last surprise to give you. An important one."

She endeavored and struggled to her feet. "Whoa...Justin. You need to stop with the surprises. What's next?" She chortled softly. "Seriously, what's the surprise? I hope you know I don't expect you to give me gifts and stuff, because of what happened between us. I told you we are behind all that now."

"I know. I know, baby. But this little surprise is a bit different. And I know you don't expect me to give you gifts, Kim. Thats why I love you so much. You have a great heart." He escorted her into Jade's room. "Look into Jade's crib."

She conferred him a grave look. "What? Jade is sleeping. I don't want to wake her."

He snickered mildly. "Just look in the crib, baby girl."

"Yes, I know her earrings are back in and her little ring. I don't know why you want me to look in the crib, so she can wake up...and be up all night?"

"I won't tell you again, KIGGLES! Just look in the damn crib." He whispered brazenly.

She smiled vividly, and inclined over the oval shaped crib. A small basket was located inside of the crib on the opposite side from the reposing and relaxing Jade. She saw that an animal of some type was in the basket. She dashed back. "What the heck is it?" She whispered. "A rat, Justin? A guinea pig or something? If it is, that is so not funny. I'm scared of those things."

He picked up the once sleeping animal and held it to his chest. "No, baby girl. This, my sweetheart, is one of the rarest dogs in the world. And one of the smallest." He petted the tiny dog, which was wearing a pink sweater. "This is a Chihuahua. But not just any Chihuahua. It's a "tea cup" Chihuahua. This dog is going on nine months old, and she barely weighs one pound. She is one point three pounds to be exact, and four and a half inches tall. Now, since the dog is so small. Nine months in considered adult hood. So, this is about as big as she will get. And if she does get any bigger she will never weight more than three pounds. Okay. I know that I hurt you, Kim. And like I said, you hurt me too. But I hurt you in ways you never even attempted to hurt me in. I knew that I wanted to be with you, after our last major fight and confrontation. I wanted to get you something." He admitted. "But I wanted to get you something that wasn't roses or anything like that. Also, I didn't want to necessarily get you something that was expensive. Although this dog was some serious mullah. Anyway, I thought it would be cool to maybe get you a pet. So, I went searching around. Then this guy referred me to this other guy who bred pure Chihuahuas. He had a bunch of the small dogs. But he had one that was just tiny compared to her brothers and sisters. I didn't even know she was a dog. I immediately knew this dog was for you. You and her have a lot in common. For one thing, you are both female and beautiful. You are fine as hell and the dog is very beautiful as well. For another you are both tiny. You may have an ass on you and a big chest, but you are still tiny. Extremely petite to be twenty. With your size three wearing ass." He sucked his teeth, then laughed right along with Kim who was laughing. "But the main reason why I fell in love with this dog was because she is RARE! This is what you really have in common. Kim, you are VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY rare! You can't even really compare you to other people. You are just Kim. There will never be anyone on this earth like you. There will never be another woman like you. You are just so rare. And thats how this teeny little dog is. There is probably like thirty in the whole United States. I don't know. I do know that she's yours...and I hope you like her." He granted the dog into her arms and smirked at her.

She hugged the dog and kissed. " I LOVE HER! I LOVE HER!"

"Another thing you have in common. You are both perfect. I took the dog to the vet. She's had all of her shots. She's in perfect health. She is worm free. She has had the best groom ever. There is not a flea on her. I even had her teeth brushed and her ears cleaned. Things like that. She's as perfect as she can be, just like you. Oh, and she has been trained to follow commands. She can sit...that type thing. She is paper and outdoors trained. Yeah, she has a pink sweater on. I had to get that made too. You are a chick. Girls love to dress up their dogs and put bows on them. I made up the name Oreo for her, because she is black and white...and her tags say it too, but you can call her whatever you want. I just wanted to get you something different, that you can love, and can love you."

She operated one arm to hug him. And then she gave her a long and tender and considerate kiss on the lips. "Justin, I love you. Baby, I love you so much. Oreo is the best present you could ever get me. And I love her name. It's so cute." She kissed his lips again. "You are so smart to come up with that."

He shrugged blankly. "I am? I stole the name from you buying Oreo's the day I saw you in the store. And she was black and white. That doesn't make me smart."

She slithered her tongue in his mouth. "I'm slow. I would have never thought about it. I told you that you are very smart, Mr. Timberlake." She quivered her head. "I love you so much, Justin. What a cool gift. I never had a pet before. This will be a learning experience. Thank God it's so small." She gazed down at the small dog. "Hi, Oreo." She licked her chin in response to saying hi. "Awwwww. You are so cute!"

"I guess you do like her. Ut ohhh. I see tears. Don't cry, Kiggles. I'm glad you like your dog. Now you have a little buddy, just like you." He smeared his thumb under her eyes to rob her tears.

"Yeah. I'm crying because I didn't expect this, and you are SO sweet! You didn't have to do this." She giggled. "And Oreo is licking me to death...hahaha. How adorable. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HER!"

He helped her exit the room using his hand as a guide because he didn't want her, bursting with excitement, shouting to wake Jade. "You are so welcome, honey. We can put a piece of new paper in the bathroom, show her where it is, and she can sleep with us."

She jumped up and down in the hall way. "I feel like a little, kid. It's so exciting to have puppy. And this dog is so tiny that it's fascinating. Can it really fit in a tea cup?"

He nodded. "Yup. The guy I brought her from gave me a demonstration. I thought it was hilarious. Her little paws were hanging over the cup. It was so cute. But these dogs are like so rare, Kim. Some people don't even know they exist. And when the guy told me the dog was nine months old, I was like yeah right. More like seven weeks or something. But she was all registered and she really is nine months old. Check out her collar. Don't you like it? I especially like the "TAGS" on the collar. Have you seen them, Kim? Look at them...the tags."

She went to glare at the tags on the dogs neck, instead she saw her engagement ring. But something about it was different. "OH MY...JUSTIN, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY RING?!"

He rubbed his chin slyly. "Well, you told the guy in the store that the reason you weren't wearing your ring was because I took it back to add on to it. You couldn't lie to the son of a bitch now could you? So I went and got two small heart shaped diamonds added on to it. But thats it with the ring. I wouldn't do anything thing else to it because it's perfect just like that. And you wouldn't want something too big hanging on you finger. Your hands are so small. And it would be gaudy to have too many diamonds on the ring."

She yanked him to her and held him for dear life. "Justin, why do you do this to me? Why do you do these things? I told you you didn't have to do this." She sniffled. "You always do this..."

"Awwww, baby. Don't cry. No more tears. Besides, your gonna kill little Oreo." She affectionately kissed his silky smooth lips. She recurred her head some, locking their mouths perfectly. "M'mmmmm. Can I kiss you forever?" He asked.

She pecked his lips once more and giggled. "Forever is a long time. I can't believe you got me all this stuff, Justin. The ring and the dog is just too much." She placed Oreo down in the hall.

Justin bowed down, and called to her. "Come here, Oreo. Come here, girl." She instantly trotted to his reached finger tips. "Told you she follows commands." He petted the rich and shiny fur of her head. "Come on, Oreo. Come with me." He stood and walked in the direction of the bedroom, with Oreo close behind. "You see, Kim. I got Oreo yesterday night. Right after you left from keying my car and stuff. So, as I was getting a new paint job on my BMW, I got her." He cackled.

Kim followed him to the bedroom with a laugh. "Oh, my God. I am so sorry about that. I am so sorry. I know you love that car..."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I should have left the message on there. It was cute." He shook his head. "Look at this, we have a dog now. She is so damn small too. I just hope I don't step on her or something. A one pound dog. Who ever heard of such a thing? We have to be extra careful with her."

"Hahaha. Not me. I heard of Chihuahuas, but not ones as small as her. And you better not step on my dog, Justin. Or I'll kick your ass. Just like you said, we have to be very careful."


3:41 in that same morning.

Her eyes roved around in the atramentous blackness. Don't wake him. Just don't wake him. Don't be a baby. Let him sleep...

Kim motivated her head to his rising and falling chest and seeked to close her ponderous eyes. Her try was unsuccessful, and she discovered herself peeling her eyes open. Finally, she addressed Justin. "Justin...Justin!" She shook him lightly. "Justin..."

He shot up, startled and expecting the worst, but he relaxed when he saw her fair face. "What's wrong, baby?" He was barely able to keep his small eyes open.

She felt terrible because he was desperately trying to stay awake for her sake. "I can't sleep." She whispered with a frightened glower in her eyes.

He reached over the nightstand and cut the one remaining lamp on. "What is it, baby girl?"

"I should have never watched that autopsy thing on HBO!" She told him shaking.

"But I thought you were sleeping. I was watching it, and your head was in my lap. You were asleep..."

She nodded. "I wasn't really asleep. Every time you looked down at me, I closed my eyes. And I know I'm twenty, but that stuff about people getting killed scares me. I am so scared, Justin. I can't stop thinking about it. Especially that woman who's head was cut off, and her arms, and her legs. She was a torso, Justin. Just a chest laying in the woods. And they didn't even find her killer. Some person committed that morbid crime and just got away with it. And then that prostitute that was killed by that pimp. She was like eight months pregnant. They showed her dead, Justin. You could see her stomach all big and you just knew that she was dead and the baby inside of her was dead. That is just so horrid. Why would a person do that? I'm so scared. I mean, I know I'm a softy, but that show scared the sit out of me. And you watched it with like no problem, and was laughing at some of the recreations. But I'm too sensitive for that show, and I shouldn't have watched it. There was a persons chest laying in the woods with maggots on it. It's so traumatizing...oh my GOD! And you know I have to be really sacred if you are here beside me and I still woke you. I'm so sorry for waking you, Justin. I know you were sleeping so well. You were drooling."

He brought her forehead to his lips and kissed it. "Awwww, sweetie. My poor little baby is scared shitless." He sat all the way up and quavered his head leniently. "I know what you need."

"What, baby?" She whispered loudly with her head oppressed against his slender thigh.

"An ice-cream sundae." He laughed. "Remember when you were pregnant? You would wake up at like four AM and...Justin, can you make me one of those ice-cream thingies? And can you put nuts on it, and chocolate syrup, and cherries, and sprinkles, and more sprinkles, and mustard and mayo...nah, I'm just kidding." He forced himself from the bed.

"No! You get back in bed. I really didn't mean to bother you, Justin. You've done enough today. I know you have to be exhausted."

"Aw, dammit!" He laughed, secured her hand, and snatched her from the bed. "Come on, baby. You know I don't care. I'm not going to let you just lay there while you are all scared."

She gazed at something across the room. "What the hell is that over there?" She asked suspiciously.

He chuckled and squeezed her hand. "Baby, it's just a pile of my clothes."

She delivered a generous breath to her lungs. "Oh, thank God. It looks like that torso kinda. Sorry, I'm just paranoid."

"Yeah, you really are scared. You poor thing. Oh, and remember watch your step...Oreo. I know the lamp is on. But still look out for her." He steered her from the bedroom and paused at the top of the stairs. "Take a ride on the Reading, like you always do."

She leaped on his back and he faded down some as if she was too much weight at first. "Hmmm. Is the Reading breaking down or something? Haha."

He laughed. "Nope. Sorry, I didn't get a good grip on your legs. Not much to hold onto." He joked. "I got you now though, baby."

She wrapped her arms around his neck from behind. "I love you, Justin." She kiss him on the back before pressing her head against it. "I feel like falling asleep already."

"I love you too, Kim. It's so nice to be sleeping in the same bed as you." He advanced into the clean kitchen, and sat her down on the counter. "WOW! Kim actually has clothes on. Black lace booty shorts and a black bra." He made a thumbs up. "Make sure that when I talk to you, I'm looking at your face. Because as sexy as you look in those "clothes" I'd just attack you or something. I'm trying to stay under control over here. Or if I break down and start shaking violently. That is NOT just an orgasm! That is your que to call 911."

She giggled. "Oh, Whatever. Justin, you have problems."

He nodded. "I sure do. MOST of them involve visions of you!" He began to nail the items he would need to make the ice-cream sundae. "So, Kiggles. What's up, baby girl? You were really that scared because of that autopsy show? Talk to me, sweetie. Are you okay?" He plopped a large scoop of chocolate chip ice-cream into a bowl.

She sighed and slicked her hair behind her ears. "Well, the show scared me really bad. But I was scaring myself too. You see, all of that death made me start thinking about death and stuff. And I hate when I do this, but I started thinking that one day I'm going to be dead. Like one day my arms and legs wont function. My heart won't beat. I'll be just dead. At one point had had nothing to live for, and a year with you made me have everything to live for. What I don't understand is, why do I have to die? I love living. I love living with you. Why does it have to end? I mean, can't someone create a pill or something that can make you live longer or forever?" She gazed at her hands. "When I was small I used to think about this. And it would make me cry. That I am going to die one day. But I was happy to a certain extent because of my situation. I know I sound stupid and deranged. All and all I just wish that I could be with you and happy forever. You make me not want to ever die. Life is too fun with you. I don't want to die, Justin." She shook her head. "I don't want to die. When you think about it...dying sucks. Nothing will matter because your life is over. I always wished that I could ask God one question, you know? I always wanted to know how much time I had left."

"Whoa...this is deep." He licked the ice-cream away that had stuck to his fingers. He cupped her unblemished face. "That was cute what you said. The pill thing. Baby girl, guess what? Don't think about it. Death should be less intimidating for you because every person you see is going to die one day. No one lives forever, you know that. Thats why you live your life to the fullest, baby. Which is what you have been doing. You be thankful for everyday that you wake up, and live your life. Thats why I'm so crazy and stupid sometimes. You can only live your life once. Just once, like the old saying says. So, don't think about death. I could die tomorrow. Ten seconds from now. Who knows. I guess mentioning suicide is not the best thing to be saying to you. I have to stop talking like that. Do know this, Kim. You get eighteen years from me. Eighteen. Since your life was wasted for eighteen years by your sicko parents, I'm giving you at least eighteen more years to live in freedom. I'll put my life on that. But seriously, don't think about death and serial killers. Just be very happy and get outgoing. Treat each day as if it was your last." He laughed. "And I'll help you with this. We'll have lots of fun, and I don't know. Do something crazy. Like go bungee jumping or just run around naked in the back yard, like Blink 182." He proclaimed with his eyes sparkling. "Or we'd like have sex in a limo or something...HAHA! Just crazy and outrageous things for fun. Okay?" He kissed her lips. "Okay, beautiful?"

She giggled. "Well, okay." She gave him a sensitive hug and rejected back to probe her lips to his. "I love you, Justin. I feel so safe with you. I really do. You always know the most perfect things to say. I love it when you talk like that."

"Thank you, baby. I try. And I love you too. Just an addition to what I said earlier, we can't be too outrageous, because that can kill ya too . HAHAHA! As of now, the only thing dying is that ice-cream over there."

She laughed and shoved his shoulder. "Yeah, it's melting. You better make my sundae NOW...hahaha! Just kidding."

He continued to work on her structure of ice-cream. "Chocolate syrup. You love chocolate..."

"Yes, I LOVE chocolate!" She exclaimed swaying her legs. "Chocolate is the bomb."

He shook his head. "It's good and all. But I can only eat so much of it. I can't drink a gallon of coca down like you can. Haha."

"Oh very funny, mister." She said sarcastically. "And I do not eat that much chocolate, Justin. Just look at me. Do I look like I eat that much?"

He chuckled vaguely. "No, Kim. Thats the thing. You eat so much of it and still don't gain any weight. We won't get into that though. Next you'll claiming how "fat" you are. I'm not even gonna start." He piled cherries on top of the ice-cream sundae.

"Hahaha. How fat I am, Justin? I'm not fat." She proclaimed. "I just need to lose weight in certain places. I have a few things that need to go..."

Justin interrupted her. "I can't believe it!"

"Can't believe what?"

"That you just forgave me like that, Kim. It's scary in a way. I'm waiting for you to break into a rage and like rip my eyes out." He smirked. "What I did to you was so horrible, and I don't see how you can forgive me so quickly."

"Because, Justin. I know that you are sorry for what you did to me. I'm not concerned about the things you did or SAID about me...haha. It's time to forgive and forget. There is not time to be playing games. We are getting married in a week for God's sake. Thats nothing to play with. We've been planning this wedding for the longest, and we have put so much money into it. More than people will believe! We have to get married."

He nodded. "Right on, baby. I hope you realize how sorry I am. And I want you to know that I take back everything I said. You are not just worth my life, you are worth it and more. I know I said I would only say it once. But I feel like I owe you a thousand apologizes." He gouged a sliver spoon into the frozen dessert he created and posed it to her lips. He slipped the ice-cream into her mouth, and whatever was left over he ate. "Good, right?"

"Ohhhhh yeah."

He chuckled. "Yeah! Thats right! 'Cause I'm the Mac. Everything I do is amazing." He joked.

She poked him. "Actually, thats true. Everything you do is pretty amazing, babe."

He inverted the subject unconsciously. "And you are really not mad at me?"

"No." She peeved quickly. "Not at all. I'm just happy to be together, Justin. And I'm sorry I woke you. You look so cute when you are all sleepy...hahaha. Check out the hair."

"Oh, God. I know. I must look hideous." He beamed, putting the items he used away.

Kim eyed him carefully as he did this. She enjoyed getting the gist of his wholeness. "Man, I missed you so much. I missed staring at you as you made me ice-cream sundae's. And I could see your nice body in just night pants and boxers. Not a shirt at all." She licked her lips. "That is so adorable." She cooed. "You see, your night pants are white, and I can see your Taz boxers. That is so cute, Justin."

"You are so cute." He shrugged. "Sounds corny, but it couldn't be more true. And thanks about the boxers."

"Where did you get them?" She asked, making conversation.

He gazed at the white ceiling, and thought back. "Ummmmm. Baby, I believe you got these for me. A long time ago. You got them for my birthday. Remember I was on tour and we couldn't celebrate my birthday...or even Valentines day for that matter? This is one of the gifts you got me. Ralph Lauren boxers, with Taz on them. Haha."

She couldn't apprehend the thought. "I don't remember. You remember everything. My memory sucks." She giggled. "For all I know, you could have borrowed them from one of the guys or something."

He lapsed in his movement. "Oh, noooooooo." He corrected. "Guys don't share boxers with other guys. That is something that is just NOT done! You just DON'T do that." He licked his lips. "That reminds me. JC has like seven pairs of my jeans and three of my shirts. He's had them for so long that I don't remember exactly what he borrowed. Seven pairs of my jeans. All I DO know is that he better give them back. I'm not playing with him either. My stuff is all unique. And is either made or all weird and bizarre. Most of the stuff I wear, you'll never see anywhere else."

She nodded. "Thats true. Calia has my leather skirt still. I don't care. She can have it."

"Are you talking about the one from Griffin's party? Where those richy rich girls jumped you?"

A comfortable laugh blew from her parted lips. "Yes, thats the one."

He achieved closeness to her with an ice-cream sundae in one hand, and two spoons in the other. "Baby giiiiiiiiiirl." He blurted. "Look what I got. Your late night snack. And it has extra everything on it. Extra nuts. Extra sprinkles, extra syrup. More sprinkles. RAINBOW sprinkles! Since you are all girly.."

She grazed her lips with his succulent ones. "Awwww. How sweet is it that. You got up, just to make me a bowl of ice-cream you are so sweet."

"Shall we eat this is the eating room, babe?"

She responded with a decisive nod. "Si, senor Timberlake." She camouflaged her skin to his and binded her body to his with her tone legs and arms cloaked around him.

"Dang, girl!"

She giggled. "I'm being big spoiled baby. I don't care. I don't feel like walking, so I'm going to attach myself to you...haha."

He laughed right along with her. "Okay. So now I have to carry spoons, ice-cream, and Kim? Alright, baby. You better hold on then." She masked her legs tighter around him. "Thats a girl." He consorted her small frame into a room which they ate casually. He sat her down in a chair, which was next to one which he claimed as his own. Sticking both spoons into the ice-cream sundae, he sonsily sat down. "Now, this should be fun. You and I sharing some ice-cream."

Kim giggled, and arrogated a spoon from the gelid and frosty bowl. "M'mmm this is good. You put so many cherries on top of the ice-cream. M'mmmmm. I love it."

"And I love you." He occluded his mouth with a spoonful of ice-cream. "I agree. This is pretty dang good."

She shivered, because ingesting the frigid ice-cream was causing her body temperature to caulker. "So..." She began, with a childish smile. "What should we talk about?"

The incandesce in his eyes flared and radiated with honorable delight. The top of his mouth consummated with his tongue to help melt the ice-cream leisuring there. "Anything you want, baby girl. Anything you want." He sniggled to himself. "How about dead torsos in the woods?"

She shuddered with a laugh. "Hey! That is so not funny, Justin. How scary. I'm never watching that show again. Never. HBO is sick. Why would they make a documentary on such a thing? That is so disturbing and sick. I'm telling you, HBO is staring to suck. We have nine different HBO's, including the Spanish one. There is never anything on."

He teasingly licked the back of his spoon. "Well, thats not true. Thats all we watch is HBO when it comes to pay channels. Besides, "Sex and the City" We watch that show all the time. Some of the movies on HBO are pretty good. And you know we don't have no nine HBO channels."

He shook her head. "Oh, my God. Yes we do. Actually it's eight. Because channel 302 is a nothing channel in the HBO section. We have the four basic HBO's, plus HBO Zone, HBO comedy, HBO magnet or something like that, and HBO Latino. Which is the same movies and stuff that is playing on channel 300, but it's in Spanish."

He admired the ice-cream that glid down his throat before he began to speak. "H'mmm. Didn't know that. Thats a lot of HBO channels. And what are you? Like a never ending TV guide? You sure did memorize the channels. Channel 300. Channel 302. Ahahaha!"

Her head swayed to the side. "Shut up, Justin. Haha. I did not memorize all the channels. I was just making my point." She cleaved her tongue at him playfully. "DAMN! This is so good. Two thumbs up." She moaned.

"Can I make a point?" He asked, with highly raised eyebrows. "Well, it's not really a point. I just wanted to say something. I love to hear you moan. Thats why I like that you're a screamer. Is that a sick thing?"

"Yes it is, Mister Ego."

He snickered. "No it's not!"

"Then why'd you ask?"

He cracked up. "Oh, God. And Mister Ego? Ahahahahahaha! So, what does that mean? Are you trying to claim that I am a conceded person? Ego? What ego? Haha."

She swallowed down a large quantity of ice-cream. "Eh, I don't know. I was just saying something. Joking with you a bit. You see, Justin. I saw a few magazines and on cover they say "Nsync," but the picture on the cover was of just you. And I also read somewhere that you were the most popular in the group. The magazine claimed that YOU got the most attention out of everyone and had the most fans." Her eyes lowered with mystery.

"WHATEVER! Those people are full of bullshit! I HATE when people say that! Thats exactly why I hate tabloids and magazine. Why would they even say something like that. Oh, I'm the most popular in the group. Thats not true. No one is better than everyone, everybody is the same. I don't get that. I just don't get where people get that from. What a bunch of losers."

She shaved the ice-cream off the edge of her spoon with her mouth. "Yup. I totally agree with you, Justin. And I also said what I said because I know you would react that way. You are not stuck up. You are a very fair person. And you really don't have a ego problem like people my think."

He offered a sexual motion to her with his tongue. "Oh, baby. I have an ego alright. It just might not be in a way it could be." He winked flirtatiously at her, and joined her in laughing. "Man, we are so laughy. It's good to laugh though. It's healing. I see that the house is in great shape. Everything look great. The living room is back to normal, what have you been doing the past few days I've been gone?"

She scraped the bowl with her spoon as she consumed the final bit the of ice-cream sundae. She tossed the empty spoon into the the bowl and was expecting the clang that shortly followed. Her chin reposed in her palm. "Crying." She answered, forecasting her eyes delayed from him.

The perplex shift in her voice bagged all of his attention. His eyes began to plunge and sink in their own natural fluid.

"I mean..." Her face crimpled as she erupted with tears. This profuse secretion of saline fluid overflowed her eyelids and dampened her honeyed skin. "It just hurt so know that you left, and you didn't want me back." She whispered with her eyebrows stanched in confused curvature. "You left me. Seriously left, with basically no intentions to come back. It was the worst fight we ever had. Forget that thing with Britney, that was more of an enormous misunderstanding. This was a clean, marring, and damaging fight between us. Just when you thought it reached it's peak with emotional drainage and violence, it got worse. Way worse. When I went to the studio..." She ventilated her hand over her mouth and a cry burst into it. "When I went to the studio, that was it. When you snatched my arm, told me you wanted nothing to do with me, and said that you wanted me out of your life, that hurt me so bad." She closed her eyes and twittered her head. "It hurt." She choked out. "But then you said..." She gasped because air would not dissolve in her lungs. "Then you said that I was a bitch in a hoe. That I looked like shit." She tried to hide her face with her hands. "And I tried really hard to look good for you. To get you to like me for my body even if you didn't love me anymore. All you got out of it was the fact that I was a hoe. And you called security on me." She formented her head, removing her hands from it, and swallowed strenuously. "What killed me was...when you told me that being with me was like ending your life. You said that I wasn't worth your time anymore. That I wasn't worth your life anymore. And oh, my God. That hurt me so bad." She cried. "I never thought you would say it. I felt the seriousness in your tone. I got goosebumps because it was so real. I just never thought you would say that I wasn't worth your life. Being involved in your life." She bit her lip as he tears descended into her mouth. It was the exact words of my father." She tried to be stronger when it came to articulating her words, but he voice faded so lowly, it couldn't be registered as a whisper. "I wish I could hide it, and tell you that I am perfectly fine. But that hurts me so bad that I just can't stop thinking about it. It's another reason why I can't sleep. When I got home. After I dumped all of your stuff in the parking lot. I went nuts and I broke some glasses. I screamed and hollered and I yelled and CRIED! I picked up a piece of glass and I cut myself with it. On my inner thigh. It was a small scratch, but it started bleeding. I wanted to kill myself, but I started to think about how it would suck to die. To be dead forever. Then I freaked myself out and realized I was acting psychotic and psycho-ish. And I got upset with myself for being so stupid. I made myself sick and I threw up." She sniffled. "After that I...I..." She waved her hands in front of her face to help her remember. "I my act together, cleaned up the house some, and I went and got Jade from Griffin's house. I brought her home and talked to her. Like she can really understand me. But anyway. It just kept repeating in my head. That you told me that I was not worth your life. It's the exact same thing my father and mother said to me. How they hated me. How evil I was, and you made it clear that I was an evil bitch. How I was a mistake." She choked out. "I was a mistake. I don't deserve to have a life. They'd rather be dead than have me live. I was never suppose to be. I wasn't worth their life." She spat angrily. "But they never loved me in the first place. No one ever loved me for who I was except you...then you left me and stopped, because I wasn't worth your life either. WHAT AM I WORTH THEN? NOTHING! Oh, Kim. You are so perfect. THAT IS NOT TRUE! If I am so perfect, where is my goody two shoes life? Where's the everlasting happiness? MY LIFE IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE! A perfect person does not live like me. A normal person wouldn't even live like me. And I didn't think you would come back. I knew that if you did there would be hope for us, but I gave up. I didn't think you would come back. You didn't want me anymore. You hated me." She whimpered. "It's just not fair. And it hurts too much, like my heart was ripped out. I'm evil...just like they said. I'm the cause of all of our problems. I'm an abusive bitch and a hoe. Kissing other men, what kind of fiancée was I to you?"

Justin knew it. He knew behind her blue hues that there was something within her that would shatter. Some form of emotion. He thought and expected it to be anger. But just then, she released her pain in a version of raw and truthful sadness. It drove him into a hysteria of angst and fear. He didn't know what to do. His body rebelled against him and suspended and froze. A single tear triumphed down his face, as would a raindrop down a window. It sprawled to the bottom of his face, where it hung, dying to fall. It took the vanquish of another tear to cause the liquid to abate into a puddle on the table. He was suppose to comfort her, and encourage her to feel better, but he couldn't budge. He had a lump in his stomach, which could have been the ice-cream, but her words made him ill. Speaking of throwing up, it sounded good to him. He could understand why she had gotten sick.

It was like a movie. It would be the time the director would order an up close shot of his face. To capture his sorry eyes and deprived gaze. He felt dreadful and horrific. Kim was so vulnerable in his eyes, and somewhat mentally a certain extent. She was blaming herself for everything, when it was visible that he occasioned their emulation, and contest of an argument. She was mumbling still and talking as she cried laboredly. He grasped her hand from her face and towed her to his lap. His arms embraced and clinched her waist. "Baby..." He enabled her to cry into his bare chest. "Baby, I'm so sorry. I knew you were hurting still. I knew. I was waiting for you to let go. Which is why I kept asking you if you forgave me or not. I'm so sorry, sweetie." His lips stimulated with the top of her scalp and he planted large sorrowful kisses there. He confide a hand from her abdomen to sleek her silky, golden hair down. As he ran his fingers through her hair, his lips swayed back and fourth against her head. "I'm so sorry, Kim. I wish I never left in the first place. You are not a mistake. You are a gift. And I was right when I said you weren't worth my life and time, because you are worth so much more than that. You are priceless, Kim. Don't you worry, I'm going to make it all up to you. I know I hurt you, baby. I know it." He kissed her and froze his lips to the top of her head. His eyes locked close and tear liquid died from each eye, creating two gigantic teardrops. "And don't be cutting yourself because of me, Kim. I'm not worth it." He kissed down her head and demeaned her long hair behind her bony shoulder. His lips smudge against her cheek. "I told you, baby. That I'm going to love you. And I'm going to love you more than I ever did. I promise I'm going to make up for the pain I've caused you, and I'm not talking about giving you presents, but with my love." He committed her head up and kissed over each of her saturated eyes. He used his thumb to wipe underneath them. "So don't...don't you cry. Don't...don't cry, baby. I'll make it up to you." He whispered, sniffling. How was he going to tell her to stop crying and he was crying himself? "Don't cry."

She giggled through her tears. "Justin, I love you."

"Kiggles, I love you SO much. I am deeply sorry for hurting you and Jade like that. I'm never going to leave you guys again. You hear me? Okay, lets talk about dead torsos in the woods now! Anything but this!"

She laughed and shoved him with her elbow. "Haha. Not funny."

They combined a small loving kiss with their lips. "Love you, honey. Let me see your thigh. Where is the cut?"

Kim's head downcasted and she parted her legs some, to twist the skin of her thigh. "Right there."

"Awww. Just a little knick." He rubbed it. "I'm gonna kiss it and make it better."

"AHHH!" She shrieked playfully. "I'm being molested."

He laughed. "What's wrong, Kim? You don't want me rubbing your thigh? Your INNER thigh?" He enthused.

She giggled. "No. Actually I kinda like it." She winked.


"Awww. You told me not to cry...look at you. You were cryin'."

He nodded. "Yeah. Because my baby was crying like that. You poor thing. I feel so bad because I left you and you thought I hated you. I couldn't help but cry."

Her almond shaped eyes examined his face. "Sorry about that." She pronounced with a happy sigh. "Sorry that I started crying. Stuff just started leaking out of me. And now I feel so much better. I feel like things are truly back to normal. I love you so much, Justin."

He kissed her lips. "I love you too. And you..." He pressed her nose. "Are so cute. Look at your beautiful face. You are so innocent." Lust for her caused his head to turn to the side.

"Haha. I'm not innocent. I raped you once, Justin. I bit you."

He laughed against her gentle cheek. "So! I don't think it counts as rape either, Kim. I WANTED you to do that to me. And the bite could have been worse. You almost bit Elmo, but you didn't, so thats okay. It doesn't matter, baby. You really are innocent. You mean so much to me." He squeezed her until her bones cracked.

She giggled. "You mean so much to me too, babe." She thought to herself. "Justin..."

"What, hun?"

"Before I went out on that friendly date with Ryan, I went to a Chanel party. I attended the party by myself. While I was there. There was this model, named Vanessa. Some brunet chick. And she tried to start things with me or whatever, but what she said that her friend walked up to you and asked you if  were we together, and you told her, no because I was old news. Then she continued to say that she could understand why you would say I was old news. That doesn't really bother me; what she thinks. But I wanted to know if you really said that about me."

His eyes lessened in wonder. "No, I didn't say that." He shrugged in confusion. "I swear to God! No one even came up to me and asked me about it. Besides, that is not my style. You're old news? I just wouldn't say something like that. That's not me to say something like that."

"Uh huh. I knew she was lying. I can't stand that girl. She hates me for no apparent reason, and she was teasing me because she read somewhere that we broke up. And I always have to see her. Every time I go to work I see her there."

He kissed the top of her head lightly. "Don't worry. I'll go with you next time. Next time you go to your agency, I'll go with you. I'll do things to you right in front of her and make her jealous." He laughed. "Okay?"

"Alright. But you don't have to do anything like that. I just don't like the girl. I have the horrible feeling I'm going to get into a fight with her one day."

He gave her yet another unbearable hug. "God, I missed you."

Her pure and blameless eyes peered at him. "Did you really miss me, Justin?" She folded her hands and her head remained tilted back at him.

"Baby, you are so adorable. HELL YEAH I MISSED YOU! HELL YEAH!" He shouted. "I missed you terribly. I miss you like crazy, baby girl. I can't explained how much I missed you. I missed your giggled. I missed your smell. I really missed your smell. I don't think you understand that you have like...this smell. Not your perfume, but just a sweet smell you contain. Your whole body smells like it. But it's really in your hair." He sniffed her neck. "I missed your damn smell."

She giggled violently. "Justin, I seriously think it's my perfume. Because the shampoo and perfume I use is all by the same company, and is the same scent.

He sucked furiously on her neck, and flicked his tongue back and fourth against her heated skin. " wouldn't understand. It's a personal thing. It's YOUR smell, Kim."

He head shot up in an alarming method. "What is that jingling noise?"

Justin's ears also recognized the sound. "I don't know. I have no idea."

Her hands pinched the flesh of his chest in freight. "OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT NOISE! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE?"

"Dead torso coming back to life maybe?"


"Baby, I don't know. Stay calm. Everything is going to be okay."


He started laughed. "Kim, you're panicking, and is shaking. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Oreo trampled into the room. She was new to the house, but followed their sent. Her many tags had created the unfamiliar noise.

"IT'S OREO!" Justin exclaimed. "Told ya it was nothing to worry about. Oh, a one pound dog. Yeah...she sure can do some harm. I bet if she bit you it would not affect you whatsoever. Have you heard her bark, Kim?" He laughed. "Oreo! Bark, girl! Bark!"

"Arf! Arf!"

"AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What is that? That is some protection. She sounds like a broke down bird. Better watch out or she'll intimate you with her chirp."

Kim handled the dog, gripping her by her stomach. "Shut up, Justin. Stop laughing at her. It's not funny." She settled the miniature dog in her lap, which was crunched into Justin's. "Stop making fun. She's a cutie!"

"I'm not going to make fun anymore."

"Justin, I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything. And thank you for my edited ring too. I love it, baby. I would get something done to your ring in return, but I can't..."She giggled. "It's a band already covered in diamonds."

"I know, Kim. I like your ring. But, I love mine even more. You couldn't do anything to it, like you said. I think it's perfect, and thank you."

There was a moment of silence.

"Justin, are you sexually frustrated?" She asked with an animated gleam in her eyes.

He restored the engaging look to her. "No way." He smiled. "I'm not sexually frustrated."

She just stared at him causing him to get uncomfortable.

"What?" He asked blushing. "Okay...maybe I am a little. That is just a little. Look, baby. Sex is nothing. The only reason why I am a little frustrated is because I've been with you for so long. And we've been being intimate for some time now. So, you know...anyway, I'm just happy that we are together. That I'm holding you in my arms."

She stroked his cheek with her thumb. "Well, if all goes well tomorrow we'll have a nice romantic time together. Things will get back to normal." She plastered her head to the area of his throbbing heart, and quietly petted Oreo's fur. She sighed dreamily. "Justin, I love you. I can't stop telling you. My hero and protector."

"I love you too. Angel." His head found serenity on top of hers. Justin's hand proceeded down her body until it divulge her thigh, where it postponed. He accidentally closed his eyes.

He opened his eyes startled. Kim was still in his arms and so was the dog, but he was not sure how much time went by because he dozed off. It could have been two minutes. It could have been two hours. "Kim?" He asked, slurred with sleep. "Baby girl, are you sleeping?" He heard her inhale a deep breath and then snore. "Awwww." She was knocked out. He excavated his arm under her legs, and then behind her back and stood up. He smiled gently, when he saw that the tiny Oreo was sleeping in Kim's lap, cuddled in her hands. He brought both of them upstairs and into the dark bedroom. He saw that it was just turning five AM.

He alleged her back against the bed, taking the dog away from her. He placed Oreo to his chest and hushed her, now open, eyes back closed. He persuaded the cozy covers up to Kim's neck, after placing a tender kiss on her cheek.

He carried Oreo with him as he headed to his side of the bed to go back to sleep.


"Justin!" She whispered dulcetly. "Juuuuuustinnnnnn! OH, JUSTIN!"

Something was tickling his arm. He operated a hand to slap it, thinking that it was an insect.


He bolted up with an emergency in mind. "HUH? WHAT? YOU OKAY?" He glared at his intimate surroundings. He was covered in dark-blue dyed rose petals. They were only on the bed.

She giggled. "Good morning, baby. It's nine-thirty. I thought I would wake you up. You see, I got up this morning and got me some rose petals. Sorry, I must have dropped them on you by accident."

"Oh, my God." He whispered. "How cool and nice of you."

"Haha. One last thing." She presented a steaming plate to him. "Nothing better than breakfast in bed for the king. I made all of your favorites. Three pancakes with syrup. Two pieces of sausage. Five pieces of bacon, and then...scrambled eggs and cheese, just the way you like them. Oh, yeah. Parsley for garnish, but it's basically unnecessary." She established the plate in his lap.

"But why did come..." He was speechless.

"Your orange juice is right there on the nightstand." She went to her side if the bed and laid down on her side to observe him with her sharp eyes.

"I hope you know, Kim. That you did not have to do this. I...I was not expecting this. And it's the absolute first time I ever woke up with rose petals on me. This is all so shocking. Thank you so much, baby girl. I don't know what to say. Yeah, I kind of do feel king-ish." He gazed at his fresh plate of food. "Damn! I don't have to fight any tigers or claim to be "Maximums" of Germania do I?"

He shut her eyes and laughed. "CUTE! Restating 'Gladiator,' are we? Nope, Justin. All you have to do is eat. And don't thank me. I'm just treating you how you should be treated. There's a first time for everything, that in relation to the rose petals. Notice how I didn't put any on the carpet. SHOOT! I'm not about to spend the rest of MY day vacuuming."

He laughed with his mouth closed as he ate. He nodded favorably. "Kim..." He shook his head after he swallowed. "This is soooo good. Let me tell you. You are the best cook in the world. You knew that already though. It's doesn't make sense. It doesn't REGULATE, man. The pancakes are like...they melt in your mouth."

She giggled and kicked him. "Oh, shut up. You faker. I don't even like cooking all that much. I like cooking for YOU! You make me feel special. Like my cooking is the best in the world..."

"Oh, yeah. Okay, I'll say this where it's not putting everyone down. Your cooking is the best for me. For my taste, you cook exactly how I like everything. Which is wonderful, especially when it comes to marriage. So far you haven't made anything I didn't enjoy...except those carrots. You always try to make me eat those damn carrots. I hate carrots."

"Justin, when I first met you, you ate them all the time."

"Exactly. And now I'm sick of them. I've eaten them so much, especially during touring time, I can't eat anymore." At the smell of food, Oreo awoke from a corner. She walked to Justin's end of the bed, and she tried to jump on the bed, but wasn't big enough. "That is SO sad. Did you see that, Kim? Oreo tried to jump on the bed, but she's not big enough." He called for her. "Come here, girl." He lifted her to the bed,  broke off a small square of bacon, and moved it to the side of the plate for her. She instantly began to eat it. "Thats a good girl. Haha! I bet if she ate like a whole piece of bacon, she'd croak."

Kim laughed viewing the celing. "Justin, stop picking on her. And I already fed her, I don't know why you are feeding her people food. She'll become obese."

"How can a one pound dog become obese?"

On the baby monitor an indication of Jade crying shouted to their ears. "Thats, Jadey. I'll go get her, Justin. You eat and I'll change her and bring her in here."

"This is what I am talking about. We are a family again, Kim. This is paradise. Are you sure that you forgive me?"

"Like I said. Only if you forgive me..."

Chapter 63

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