Chapter 6 VS. = WAR

"She's here? How dare that BITCH?"

Justin cut the car off and looked over at her. "Calm down, Kim. Maybe she actually has a legible reason for being here."

Kim rolled her eyes. "WHY IS SHE ALWAYS TRYING TO COME BETWEEN US?" She was beyond enraged, she was rabid furious. She burst the door open and scanned for Britney like a computer. She was in fighting mode. She knew she was going to get into a fight with Britney, and it was going to be the last fight she was going to have with her. She didn't care; pregnant or not, she was going to fight her.

Kim walked into the living room and she could hear Justin telling her to calm down in the background. He was trying to get all of the shopping bags out of the car in a hurry because he knew what was about to happen.

That's when Britney entered the living room. Her and Kim had a long stare down.

"I'm going to kick your ass, Kim. I told you Justin was mine and I WILL keep fighting you for him UNTIL I GET HIM BACK."

Kim put her hands on her waist and then laughed madly. "Yeah, right. Justin, you better come get your girl...I swear I'm going to beat her down, no pun intended if you don't get her. COME GET BITCHENY, JUSTIN."

Justin had went back to the car to get the remaining bags and the Chinese food, so he did not hear her.

"Kim, you BITCH. I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU." Britney charged her and grabbed her sides. She was trying to put Kim in some position, but she didn't know what it was and she wiggled and fought so Britney would loose her grip.

Kim was sick of it, she had enough and she wasn't playing any games with Britney. She was frantic, crazed, and insane all in one.

Britney slung her on the couch, and just as she was going to give her a blow to the stomach Kim blocked her punch. It was close. She could have been violently punched in the stomach. She was so mad now, that not only were her eyes red, she had a evil grin about her. "Britney, how many times have I told you not to FUCK with me? I'm gonna kick your ass bitch. No mercy." She rose to her feet and grabbed her by the hair she then forced Britney onto the couch and she punched her in the face continuously. One punch right after another. Desperately, Britney grabbed Kim's hair. But that didn't stop her, she only began to punch her harder. "Now what, bitch? Talk that shit now." Blood appeared on Britney's face. "Now what? What did I tell you? Huh? Talk that shit now, Britney." She couldn't stop hitting her.

Justin didn't realize they were in the living room fighting but when he discovered them entangled on the couch, He immediately went to pull Kim away.

"Now what, BITCH?" She could feel Justin tugging on her, and didn't resist him; she had done her duty. Britney let go of Kim's hair as she was being pulled, she didn't have much strength left. She was hallucinating because she had been beat in the head so many times. She was dizzy. "Now what? Fight me, bitch. Kick my ass, Britney." She turned to Justin who had his arms tightly around her. "Let me go, Justin. I'm cool. You should stop squeezing me by the stomach so much!"

He couldn't believe she kicked Britney's butt so quickly. And boy oh boy did she beat her down. Britney looked awful. "Kim what's going on?"

Kim was still so hyped and she was still in fighting mode, so she was not calm at all. "She came after me first and I beat her ass. Come on, Britney! Get up and fight me. You silicon SLUT! Ah! Don't make me pop one of your breasts. You talk all that shit and don't do jack! You fucking brain washed bimbo." Justin jumped in front of her to keep her from hounding on Britney again.

"Calm down, sweetheart. Calm down." He looked at Britney. At first she didn't do anything, but a few seconds later she started crying.

"I think your broke my nose." She said getting off of the couch. She put her hand to her face and looked at it. "You busted my lip!"

Justin moved to the side so Britney could walk past him. Her and Kim were now face to face again but they were not hostile towards one another. "Ow. I think my nose is broken." She whined.

"Britney, you started it. You shouldn't have mess with Kim. She didn't do anything to you. You got what you deserved." His hands were now on Kim's shoulders.

"Oh fuck you, Justin!" She spat back shaking her bleeding face in anger.

Justin was taken aback by her words. He was always use to her trying to suck up to him, but here she was telling him off. "Excuse me? Sorry. I don't do favors like that. Although I bet you would like me to fuck you. Too BAD it will never happen."

Kim was still worked up and was even more worked up that Britney had spoke to Justin like she did. "You shut up." She got in Britney's face. "You need to leave before you get whipped again."

"Fuck you too, Kim. "She grabbed Kim by the neck and pushed her up against the wall. She then banged her head against the wall. It did hurt.

Kim reversed the process and slammed her against the wall a few times. "Come on. That's all you got? Won't be anymore of that slamming me up against the table shit." She punched her in her face several more times.

"Kim, you can stop now. I think you beat her pretty badly."

It was obvious she had lost control of her actions and she just wanted to fight. She punched Britney in the face again. "You tried to steal my RING bitch. You PUSHED me in the STOMACH for no reason at the awards."

Justin grabbed her and held her hands to her back; police style. "Leave now, Britney." He warned.

She didn't listen to him and lunged at Kim. "Ugh! You make me sick." She screamed grabbing Kim's now curly hair.

"Both of you STOP IT!" Justin shouted. The fighting was almost out of his hands. "Calm down, the BOTH of you.

Kim was laughing she was so out of it. She didn't feel a bit of pain from Britney pulling her hair. "Haha, let me go, Justin. So I can beat her down again. That was fun." She was weak she was laughing so hard. That's when she felt an blow hit her dead in the stomach. The muscles in her stomach were hard from laughter, but that wasn't the point. She had been hit in the stomach. She had been HIT in the stomach. The place where her baby was.

She became so angered she could feel her blood boiling. She just wanted to kill Britney. She was not in the right mind from the beginning, but the pressure from the tragic error Britney made had blown her top. She knew she was going to do something drastic to Britney. Something that would probably get her put in jail, so she did the right thing and turned to Justin to help control her anger. "HOLD ME BACK JUSTIN. HOLD ME BACK!" She went ballistic. She went mad. "HOLD ME BACK OR I'M GOING TO KILL HER." Britney moved away from her at once.

Justin didn't understand what her large uproar was about because she was laughing just a minute ago. Now she was screaming and kicking and punching and he held her as supportive as he could. He never saw her so upset. She was actually beating him up she was so upset. "BRITNEY LEAVE!" He said.

"You can have you PERFECT bitchy fiancÚ! Your loss not mine." She said leaving the house, holding her still bleeding face.

Kim was still going crazy. She was breathing so hard and violent. "AHHHHHHHHH I HATE HER. I HATE HER."

"Calm down, okay? It's over now. You beat her up good." She huffed a few times and then stopped kicking and punching. "Calm down sweetheart, just calm down. Damn your strong to be so small." She was still breathing heavily from her anger. He turned her towards him and placed a kiss on her lips. He didn't think it would grow so deep from that point. Her mouth was giving him the advice and hints NOT to stop, but to deepened the kiss.

His hand was in her hair now and he had locked lips with her. They were turning their heads to ensure comfortism.

Kim raised her hand and was just about to touch his face when Justin stopped her. "Ut hun. You need to wash that blood off your hands first."

Her head leaned back from his mouth's absence and then she opened her eyes.

Something came over Justin, and the sensation felt like a stake in the heart. Her eyes were so blue, they were like jewels; they reflected so much light and looked so bright when looked upon at different angles. "You have got the bluest blue eyes." He whispered.

Kim looked into his eyes. She didn't know what type of blue they were. They were blue, but yet a dark smoky version. A perfect blue. She closed her eyes again.

He couldn't resist. Her lips had got the best of him and he kissed her again. Kim was not angry anymore. She felt like all her problems had washed away in a sea of love. She was overwhelmed and towered by the kiss. Her knees were so weak she was slowly falling back, and then she saw...blackness.


She smelled something. It smelled delicious. "Justin?"

He looked over at her. Wh...where am I? I thought we were downstairs."

He sat his box of Chinese on his leg. "Yup. We WERE downstairs. We were kissing and you just blacked out. I think you were extremely tired. That's probably why."

She sat up and was almost astonished by the feeling of her hair when she tucked it behind her ears, she was not use to it being so short or curly. "But how did I end up..."

He picked his fried rice back up and ate a fork full of it. "I brought you up here. I cleaned you up and changed you into something more comfortable also. Like I said, I think you were extremely tired because you still didn't wake up after all of that. You've been sleep for about an hour now."

"Really?" She asked staring at the rice he was eating.

"Yup." He said with a innocent grin. "Look at what you are wearing."

She looked down at her black and white shirt and laughed when she saw it read 'play boy' on it, along with the bunny symbol. She laid flat on her back and closed her eyes. "Justin, you are so crazy. Your think you are slick. Cute, I like it."

Justin placed his hands on the rim of her black night shorts. He pulled them down slightly and revealed her bikini cut black underwear. "Yeah when I was putting your shorts on, I saw that." He pointed to the playboy bunny in the corner of her undies. "I thought it was so sexy, so I put the shirt on you." He pulled the corner of the shorts back up on her hip.

"I love you, Justin." She whispered. "I still can't believe I blacked out." She didn't mention anything about the Britney confrontation/fight, everything seemed to be okay. If the baby was affected by the punch she would have been bleeding by now. She portioned her body closer to Justin's.

Justin put his arm up so she could scoot underneath it. "Here take this rice. You know how you ordered the fried rice with extra chicken, well I think I'm eating yours because it sure has a lot of chicken in it."

She nabbed the box of rice and began eating it immediately. Justin pulled her close and kissed her as she ate. "This is so good. Thank you."

He kissed her again. "Your welcome. Are you okay? I know from the fight? Are you okay?"

She smiled up at him, and her eyes gleamed. "Yeah, I'm okay." She bit her bottom lips only in thought. "I feel kind of bad for what I did, but I'm okay."

He knew the limit of that particular subject and dropped it. "I love you so much, baby girl." He placed has hand on her thigh and rubbed it as he always did as he looked on the TV screen.

Kim was struggling to eat her rice because she was so distracted by his hand. She wished he would stop. She really wished he would stop. She really really wished he would stop.

"Yes, that is very normal. You will hopefully stop getting the sickness at all in a few days. Your appetite will increase, your sexual desire will increase, you may start to swell at the ankles. You have probably noticed change in the size of your ..."

She unconsciously moaned and moved his hand away. "Stop it. Don't do that." She told him as calm as possible.

He looked over at her and smiled. "Why? Is it turning you on? That was my initial plan and reasoning for doing it." He winked and kissed her on the side of her cheek.

Kim giggled. "What happened to you? I thought you couldn't take anymore of my wildness. You are only human."

He turned on his side and took the rice from her and put it on the night stand. He put his lips to the skin on her neck and kissed her ever so gently.

"Justin, I don't ever want you to stop." She moaned.

"I won't." He spoke against her skin.

"...I don't ever want you to stop loving me so much."

"I won't."

She placed her hand in his curls and sighed.

They both heard the doorbell ring. "Sheez." Justin blurted breathing heavily. "Who can it be at this time of night? Right in the middle of..." He kissed Kim one last time and then got out of the bed. Before he got to the door, he heard loud foot steps coming up the stairs. He knew who it was now. Someone knocked on the bedroom door. "Justin? Kim? We know you guys are home." It was Chris, and probably all the rest of the guys too.

Justin laughed silently and then put his finger to his lips, telling Kim to keep quiet. "Why did ya'll come over without calling? Kim and I are busy right now. We are trying to have..."

A few seconds later All of the guys outside of the door, eyes filled with shock when they could hear Kim moaning on the other side. What they didn't know was Justin and Kim weren't doing anything, they were just making noises for the effect.

In the middle of one of Kim's acting screams, Justin opened the door and laughed in JC, Chris, Joey and Lance's faces. "Ha, you've been tricked. What brought ya'll over today?" He opened up the bedroom wider so they could come into the bedroom. They did hesitantly because they were still getting over the joke.

Lance spoke first. "Today is our last full day off, until the tour starts, we just thought we could hang out."

"Nice shirt." Joey said to Kim who was laying down on the bed.

"Thank ya, Joey. Oh damn I'm catching the Country accent from Justin." She heard a echo of hi's and hey's from everyone.

"Justin is too good to hang with us now." JC said nudging Chris.

Justin shook his head. "That is not true, it's just that I have company. I have my girl, I really don't need to party and hang out and play around anymore. I have Kim. She is everything I need." He looked over at her and smiled. "I don't know why the fun starts now. It should be over by now. Don't you know we have to be at rehearsals by nine AM. You guys better go home and get some sleep. If you don't, you'll be zombies tomorrow."

"Dang, your all serious and crap now, Justin." Joey said looking at him strangely.

"Yeah, but he's right guys...we have to get up real early then we have to dance around for about twelve hours straight. Lets just get some rest." Lance suggested. 

"Yeah." everyone agreed at one time.

Justin didn't say anything else and his friends were leaving on their own. He did not need to FORCE them to go. "I'll see ya in the morning." He said, when they slammed the door behind them. "Wow, that was weird." He said sitting himself comfortably near Kim.

"Yeah, they left so fast. You need to go lock the front door."

Her teeth shape...perfect, her teeth straightness...perfect, her lips...PERFECT! "I will." He whispered. "I will later." He kissed her lips...


Justin handed Kim her rice. He went to go reheat it, and he got his box also so they both were sitting on the bed eating.

"Thank you. So you are basically going to be gone all day?" She asked not touching any of her rice yet.

"All day." He said cutting off the TV so they could just talk.

She sighed and finally ate a spoonful of the remaining rice. "That sucks."

"I know. Normally you would be able to go, but Johnny said no distractions. Your considered a distraction."

Kim swallowed and turned her head to the side when she thought she was choking on a bean sprout. "Ok." It was the simple saddened ok, not the okay that proves strong-ness or happiness.

Just in a matter of days Kim felt all the requirements of pregnancy. It seemed like all of the symptoms that happens in pregnancy had happened to her in a few days time. She had a little morning sickness, she was sleeping more, she was not as strong as she use to be, and finally she was having a lot of emotional problems. She felt like crying...but didn't she have the right to? Justin was leaving for two months. And the few days he was staying, he wasn't going to be home.

She remembered the punch that she had received from Britney. It wasn't very hard, and she wasn't having any problems but there was still that fear and worry in the back of her mind. She lifted up her shirt halfway on her stomach and glared down at the area that was hit. It looked okay. "My stomach is flat."

She said it, as if it being flat was a bad thing, as if she was expecting it to be different. "Yeah it is. And it's sexy. And cute too with your little innie belly button." He was eating his rice quickly; ironically Kim wasn't eating hers as much.

"Are you a innie or outy?" Kim asked raising up his shirt. "Oh yeah, your an innie."

"You should know that."

She shrugged. "I did know, but I forgot. I try NOT to look at things below the chest on guys. That is just...scary."

He stopped eating and put his full attention on her. "Why is it always like that with girls? They are always afraid of their men...haha. Why? I mean, I am comfortable seeing you. Although if you were to walk around naked or something I would be distracted, and I might freak out...HEART may even stop."

He started laughing and Kim laughed and then she placed her head on his shoulder. "Justin..." She shook her head. "I'll just let you have your moment." She laughed harder. "You are crazy."

"I'm not kidding."

Kim sat back up and looked down at her rice. "If you walked around naked you would ruin me forever. I'm not that comfortable with Justin Jr. yet. Oh my God why are we talking about this? We are eating for goodness sake."

He shrugged. "It really doesn't matter. We can talk about anything. That's just how 'close' we are."

"True." She ate the last fork full in her box of rice then put it over on the night stand. When she sat back on the bed, sadness engulfed her. "Justin, I don't want you to go. I don't want you to go, baby."

Justin had finished his rice too and he froze at the sound of her words. "Kim, can we not talk about that? It is going to do nothing more than upset me, and make me cry and you too." He said very mellow.

It was too late she was already crying. "Baby, I don't want you to leave me." She placed her head in the pit of his neck, and a leg up to his stomach. "Please don't go."

Justin turned completely on his side and wrapped his arms around her crying figure.

"Please don't go, Justin."

He was tearing up on the inside, and he didn't want to hear her heart-felt words. "Kim, I don't wanna leave, baby girl. But I have to."

She started crying harder and now he was crying too. "But it's not fair. We are suppose to be t..." He couldn't hear what the last fragment of her sentence was because she was wailing so hard.

"I know. I know." He placed his head down against her chest. "I know it's not fair."


December 15, 2001

When Kim woke up in the morning, Justin had already left. And just like she assumed, the entire day was boring. Justin did not call, which proved he didn't have time because he was so busy. If she could not stand to be away from him for several hours she didn't know what affect the two months would have on her.

It was going on eight o'clock and sign of Justin. She went to the mall to get a few Christmas presents for him, and her and Griffin went to Foot Locker to get some more Christmas presents, but that was all she did for the day. She was sitting on the bed with Justin's laptop, rubbing her stomach and thinking. Should she tell Justin she was pregnant before he left or should she tell him when he came back? She was on the internet browsing pregnancy web pages trying to learn more information about being pregnant. When she started reading information about the fourteenth week of pregnancy she heard the front door slam and she immediately went to to cover up her baby browsing.

Justin walked into the bedroom, and he didn't look very happy. He looked tried and mad. The strangest thing was he didn't say anything to her when he entered the room. He just laid down on his side of the bed.

Kim closed the laptop and sat it on the floor, his back was to her and she just watched his presence. Was he mad at her? "Hey Justin." She said soft and lenient.

He waited so long to speak, she thought he wasn't going to say anything. "Hey."

She was nearly hurt by his behavior. She placed her hand on his shoulder, and she could feel how tense he was. "Had a long day?" She could see him nodding from behind his back. "Uh, you aren't mad at me are you?"

"No." He said, however he did not move.

She tugged at his shirt. "Come on. Lie on your stomach, so I can give you a massage baby." He sat up briefly and she pulled his shirt up over his head, and then his wife beater. He then laid on his stomach and he turned his head to the left side. She sat across his back and was hoping she was not crushing him, or causing him more discomfort. She ran her hands up and down his bare back and then worked the tops of his shoulders. His back was so tight and tense.

Justin closed his eyes and what she was doing felt so good. "Oh, Kim! That feels SO good."

He said a sentence. Oh my God. "So how was your day babe?"

Her hands were kneading his back, put him in pure heaven. He even closed his eyes and squeezed them when she would hit the perfect, direct spot. "Oh. Oh. Kim...Kim. Do that lower...yeah." One of his hands grabbed the sheets and make a fist with them. "It wasn't so good. About ten hours into rehearsals I just started crying. I was just like, can I do this again? When Joey saw me crying he started crying too. All the guys were telling me I will be okay, and that everything will be cool. The tour won't even be all that hard, it's just the same choreography, the same songs from our last three albums. I don't know what...God that feels so good, baby. I don't know what's gotten into me."

Her hands moved lower, to his lower back and she rubbed and squeezed and worked the area gently. "It's call being a normal person, Justin."

"Ohhhhhhhh, Kim. I love you. I love you. Ah, that hurts a little." She stopped. "No. No. Don't stop." She continued. "Ohhhh, damn."

"Yeah you are tense, Justin." She said squeezing his back muscles. "You need to relax baby."

"Hooooooo. I am relaxing."

After massaging his back, Kim walked into the bathroom and ran some hot water in the Jacuzzi tub. She added bubbles to the water.  When the tub was full, she stuck her hand in the water and was satisfied with the hot temperature.

"Justin, you go ahead and soak. I ran your water for you."

He walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. "I love you so much."

"Umm and I love you."

He walked past her and took off his Abercrombie sweats. "If you don't want me to scare you. I suggest you leave now. 'Cus I'm about to get naked."

She blushed and stared at him for a second. "Oh my. Yeah, I better go huh?" She just stood there.

"Are you leaving or staying?" He asked. His hand were at the tip of his boxers. "Okay that does it." He acted like he pulled them down but he didn't.

Kim covered her face with her hands. "Oh no. I should have left." When she removed her hands she looked up to see Justin was still dressed, and his smile was lustrous.

"I wouldn't do that to you Kim..." He stepped out of the bathroom and stood on the side of the door way. Justin's head peeked out of it. "Hey, I really have no clothes on now. I dare you to come into the bathroom."

She shook her head. "No, I have no need to."

His smile grew bigger. "Oh, okay. What if I stepped out there with you? No clothes. Just all me."

She didn't know why she was blushing but she was. "Get in the TUB, Justin."

He then walked out of the bathroom and Kim gasped for air because he was doing it. He still had his boxers on. "Oh Justin, STOP PLAYING AROUND. YOU ARE SO EVIL!" She bopped him several times. "Stop trying to scare me like that."

He laughed. "I was just messing with ya, baby girl. Just playing with you." He disappeared into the bathroom. She heard his feet tap against the floor as he walked across the bathroom. A few seconds later she heard him shouting. "TOOOOO HOOOOOT. TOOOOOO HOOOOOOT. I THINK MY SKIN IS BURNT OFF! AHHHHHH!"

Kim walked into the bathroom at the sound of his hollering. She giggled. He had gotten use to the water by the time she walked in. "You okay?"

He sank deeper into the bubbles. "Yup. Sorry about the...noise. I wasn't expecting the water to be boiling. I'll be done cooking in approximately thirty minutes."

Kim turned her head away from him and covered her mouth, she laughed. " exaggerate SO much. The water is not that hot. I made sure it was hot because it will loosen your muscles." She stood steady and she was looking at her hands. "I made some lasagna. I had a taste for some, so I made some. I bet you already ate so your probably not hungry." She intensified the playing with her hands and then looked up to meet his staring eyes.

"He closed his eyes. Lasagna? Delicious. I would love to have some of it, because you can cook good as hell and I'm pasta crazy."

She smiled. "Okay, I'll bring you some."

Kim went downstairs to fix him a plate of the neatly made lasagna. He said that she could cook...she had to agree with that because she always had to cook for herself, now that she was nineteen she could cook almost anything. She turned the oven on to heat the food back up, and then she sat down in the living room. She turned the TV on and when she came across the TV station VH1 she saw Britney on TV and on the bottom of the screen were the words: 'Live from Central Florida.' She changed the channel, and on MTV was the same exact thing. "What is this about?" She asked herself.

"Yes I was checked into a hospital last night. I want everyone to know, especially all my fans, that I am okay. My nose is broken, that is all. I am making this live appearance, so everyone will understand what happened, and so everyone will know that I will STILL be participating in The Disney Christmas Parade.." She had sunglasses on but they didn't hide her black eye very well. Her lip had a huge slit-like cut across it. She looked really beat up. "I got into a dispute with a fan last night at a club. I didn't have any security with me, and so I suffered the consequences and my injuries also." She lied. "I will not press charges against the person, because the fight was very unnecessary and partially my fault. That's all I have to share. I will answer questions now , a few questions only.

"Britney. Britney, Is it true that you and Justin Timberlake are together?"

"No. We are just friends."

"Britney, will you still be performing at the Christmas tree lighting in New York?"

"No. That performance has been canceled due to my broken nose. As I mentioned before I will still participate in The Disney Christmas Parade."

"Britney, what do you have to say about Justin's fiancÚ Kim?"

"I have NOTHING to say about her. I think her and Justin deserve each other." On the side of the TV screen appeared a picture of Kim and it had the label 'Kim' underneath it.

"Britney, have you ever had a relationship with Justin Timberlake that was beyond friendship?"

"No." Britney lied. She was upset that they kept asking her Justin/Britney/Kim questions. "Okay, that is all the questions I will accept at this time." She tuned her back on the press and her bodyguards carried her away. MTV then returned to it's normal TV programming.

Kim rose to her feet. Flagging, she walked in to the kitchen and placed Justin a piece of the now hot lasagna on a plate. She felt bad, but Britney started the fight with her and therefore, she convinced herself Britney got what she deserved. She cut the oven off and walked back upstairs.

When she entered the bathroom, Justin had his eyes closed and he looked so reserved in the water. She didn't know whether she should wake him or not. She didn't know if he was sleeping or what.

Justin had acute hearing. He could hear every breath she took. He slowly opened up his dazzling eyes and the way Kim was looking, looked like an invite. No, it was an invite, an innocent one. She didn't realize what she was doing. She was holding a plate in her hand but he didn't even notice that because she was wearing a white robe and it was wide open and he could see her white lace underwear and her white lace, tight fitting, tank top. His eyes ran down her and started at her feet.

"She had the most perfect toes." His eyes moved up. "Legs...long and tan as hell." His eyes moved up further to her stomach and thats where they stayed for a while. Her stomach was the most attention drawing area at the moment, only about two inches of it showed from her tank, but something about it drove him wild. Her petite-ness drove him wild. "Her stomach has got to be...damn." His eyes move up more. "No bra...friction."

When his eyes met her lips he noticed they were moving, but her didn't hear anything. He shook his head.

"Justin! JUSTIN! Would you like to eat this while your in the tub? WHAT IS WITH YOU? ARE YOU IGNORING ME?"

He smiled and looked back down at her stomach as he spoke. "No, I am NOT ignoring you. I was...just thinking about some things." His eyes came up to meet hers.

"Her eyes... as bright as blue diamonds and as beautiful as pieces of crystal." Her robe was not on her shoulders but it was held onto her by her arms. She was glowing with beauty.

"Oh damn. Absolute hotness." He managed to say out loud.

Kim's figured walked over to him. "JUSTIN RANDALL TIMBERLAKE! IF YOU DON'T ANSWER MY QUESTION...what are you staring at?"

He shook his head again. "Oh, what did you, uh, ask me?"

She cut the lasagna with the fork she had, and ate her a piece of it. " I ASKED, for the millionth time. ARE YOU EATING THIS IN THE TUB OR NOT!?"

He put his hand out and took the plate. Still he was hypnotized by her. "Thanks." He ate one fork full of the food and it was so good his mouth was watering he wanted another fork full. "MmmmmmmmmmmMmmmm! DELICIOUS, BABY GIRL. This is mmmmmm mmmm good."

Kim giggled and then looked down at her outfit. She tugged at the lacy tank and pulled it down more. She pulled her underwear up.


She looked up and caught Justin's eyes on her. She closed the robe and tied it. "Sorry. Show is over."

"Aww man." He said with a mouth full of food.

Kim didn't understand what he said. "What did you say?"

He swallowed. "I said, AWW MAN!"

She scrunched her hair. It was hard from the ton of spray gel she put in it. She liked the new look. She liked it a lot. "Justin, Britney was on TV today. She stood up for you and me. She said that she got into fight with some fan and she said she never dated you. She lied for us. I broke her nose, Justin. She looks so bad, and now I feel kind of bad for what I did." She sat down on the edge of the tub, but she was wary. "Justin don't you even try to get up suddenly, or any of that."

He continued to eat the delicious lasagna. Kim heard his fork clang against the plate when he paused to respond to her "I understand you may feel bad, but put it this way. She put everything on herself. She came here. She messed with you first..."

Kim looked down at the tile. "Yeah I know. But Justin, I can kind of understand where she is coming from. She must really love you, you know? When she was telling the reporters 'No I did not date Justin.' I could see the hurt in her eyes, through her sunglasses. I could see that she still feels something for you. That she really cares about you, and wants to be with you. What I want to know is, how serious was your relationship with her? I know this maybe personal for you, but did you have sex with her? Were you going to marry her too?" Kim thought she had went over-board with her questions. She felt out of place for asking them. She wished she didn't ask him, but Justin continued to eat and didn't seem to be bothered by her questions at all.

He licked his lips before answering. "Well..."

She became nauseated so quickly. Hello 'anytime sickness'. "Uh Justin, I forgot to cut the oven off. Be right back." She walked out of the room to look as if everything was normal, but when she was out of his viewing range she ran to the nearest bathroom as fast as she could.

Chapter 7

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