Chapter 57

October 10, 2001

"Three point one million." He enunciate in a low, scandalized, and startled whisper. "Three point one million."

"I know, Justin. Nsync broke the record again. I told you that you could. I knew it!"

"I know. I'm so quiet, because I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. I really am lost for words. I don't understand. How could we have broken the record? What have we done to deserve to break it? I cannot believe it! I cannot believe our fans are not only growing with us, they are breeding in size as well...amazing."

She convened down on the modernistic made bed. "I'm not surprised at all. I was expecting the record to be broken."

There was a pause.

"I miss you so much, Kim. I can't wait to see you in a few days."

She giggled. "I know. Johnny has stolen my baby away from me. I miss you too, Justin. I will admit I enjoyed watching you on the Jay Leno show. And TRL too. It was so cute how you were like, I'm getting married! I'M GETTING MARRIED! And you were jumping around. Let me tell you, I am just as excited as you are. I love you so much." She kissed the base of the telephone.

He kissed his cell phone in response. "I love you too. Hey, Lance is nearby. He wants to say hi. Is that okay?"

"Yeah!" She cited giddily. "Put him on."


"Hey, Lance! How are you?"

He grinned. "I'm pretty good. Promotion is just tiring. Once again Justin is driving us insane. I can't stand to be around him much longer. By the time we get out of the meeting, that we should be in right now, we will have killed each other. ALL he talks about is YOU! And that's a good thing...but after a while, you hear him talking so much about you, that I'm afraid I am going to have to kill him. Let me..." Justin snatched the phone from him. Lance walked away quickly after punching him in the back.

"Sorry about that, baby girl. I told you I've missed you. I want to see your beautiful face. I want to kiss you so bad. I haven't seen you in three weeks. Kim, I'm going crazy without you. I just want to kiss you." He groaned. "That's all I want is a nice kiss on the lips."

She sighed. "I've been missing you more. You have no idea what it's like to see you on TV and not be able to give you the kiss you are craving from me. You know I'd give you more than a kiss."

He laughed. "Oh, I am craving more than just a kiss." He browsed behind him and saw that several people was staring at him. "But I won't get into that right now." He scratched his brow. "Is it normal to be a shocked as I am about the record? I don't think it is. Because when we first found out the results today, I thought my heart had exploded. I was so overjoyed, I didn't know how to react."

"Of course it's normal, Justin. You deserved to set another record."

"Sorry I keep going back to that. So, what have you been doing today?"

"Nothing really, baby. The usual. Redecorating. I hope you like the house when you get back home. It needs even more work, and I didn't redecorate some things in the house, because you aren't here and I want your approval. But things are coming along well. I'm excited about you seeing the house. We are going to end up spending more than this house is worth, and the only reason it was four million in the first place was because of the location. You know that, Justin."

"Yup." He agreed. "That is SO true. The main reason why our house was so much, was because of the location." Someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me, baby. Hold on for one second." He turned to Johnny. "Yes?"

"Hey, Justin. Sorry to interrupt you. You should have been to the meeting along time ago. Five minutes to be exact. It will be real short, Justin. It won't be too long. All it's about is the tour. Come on man, get in there already."

"But I'm talking to Kim, Johnny."

"I understand that, but don't you know that you can talk to Kim fifteen minutes from now, and hours from now. The meeting can't be held. It's now or never, Justin. Get you ass in the meeting, man."

"Okay. Give me five minutes."

"Now, Justin. Please just do you job for once. I told you the meeting is short. Tell Kim you'll call her later. I'm sure she'll understand."

He rolled his eyes with attitude. "You people just don't care, do you? No one cares if I haven't talked to Kim in two days. No one cares of she is crying because she was worried about me and missed me because...once again I haven't talked to her in two days. I have a daughter I have to check up on. I haven't spoke with her in two days, Johnny! I'm talking to her right now, and that's that. Now would you please get out of my ear, so I can hear what Kim is saying?" He retained the phone to his ear. "Back, sweetheart. Sorry about that."

She giggled. "Oh, it's okay, Justin. Stop saying sorry so much, babe. I can't wait to see your new afro. My hair has gotten longer since you saw me too. It's down to my boobs now."

"Oh, really? God! I know you look hot."

"Excuse me? Get out of your ear? Justin, who do you think you are talking to? I'm a grown man."

"Don't hate me, baby girl. Can you hold for another second?"


"Thank you. I love you." His face snapped to Johnny's with a Chucky-like smile. "Who do I think I'm talking to? WHO ELSE? YOU! Yeah you are a grown man. I AM TOO! That's the thing, Johnny. I'm not a fifteen year old puppet! Does 'no strings attached' ring a bell?"

He pointed his finger in his face. "Look, Justin. YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO! You can't get mad because you have to work. Stop acting like a baby if you don't want to be treated like one. You've become pathetic and lazy in my opinion. And you are full of shitty excuses. FULL OF THEM! I mean you never used to disrespect me. Now you yell at me, acting as if you rule me. But you DON'T, Justin. And never will. And in your contract you are suppose to do what I tell you, when it comes to helping out the group. You are not any more special than the other guys. What makes you think you get the skip all the meetings you want? And not participate in anything related with Nsync?"

He rolled his eyes with more disgust. "What are you talking about? I've done everything everyone else has. I'm just five minutes late for a meeting, Lance is taping it on his tape recorder for me. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? And yeah I'm going to disrespect you if you bust out with the authority shit! I was fine until you came up to me. Bothering me. And I'm not trying to rule YOU! I'm just not going to let you rule me. I'M NOT YOUR TOY! You must be forgetting that Nsync is a family, not just a boy band. I know you are my manager. But you are just that. You managed the things I do in Nsync, but you don't managed me. I'm my own person. AND NO ONE, ESPECIALLY NOT YOU, IS GOING TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO! And I am NOT LAZY! AND YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF MY FACE AND GO ELSEWHERE RIGHT NOW! YOU'RE STARTING TO ANNOY ME AND PISS ME OFF! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME LAZY? AND I'M FULL OF SHITTY EXCUSES? DON'T EVEN LET ME START THERE WITH YOU, JOHNNY!"




He could not believe Johnny. He was so upset that he said...NOTHING! He just looked Johnny in the eyes. Giving him a colder vibe than Jack Frost. He laughed in shocked. "Unprotected sex...interesting." His eyes looked from side to side. "First of all, whatever happens in my sex life is none of your business. AND you crossed the line! You not only insulted me, you insulted my family. And you basically said Jade and Kim are nothing, but little things on the side, and Nsync is everything. For that, don't say shit to me. You used to be cool, but I've lost ALL respect for you! All I wanted was some time with my family. That's all I wanted. I just wanted ten minutes out of the day to talk to Kim. But no...I'd be irresponsible by doing that. I wanted ten minutes and you shit on me. So fuck you, Johnny! And I mean that. I see how you are now. I thought I was like a son to you. I thought wrong." He replaced his cell phone to his ear, but he never broke the eye contact with Johnny. "Kim..."

"Hey, babe! I thought I heard a fight. Everything okay?"

He ignored her question. "Kim, what are you doing right now? I was just wondering."

"Umm...nothing. I was sitting, waiting just to hear your vice. Every second I talk to you my smile grows bigger. I'm looking like the joker over here. Haha. Well, I was trying to clean up the bedroom, but hearing your voice caused me to put everything aside. I'm missing you so much."

"You were just sitting because you wanted to hear my voice, and you are missing me so much." He repeated out loud so Johnny could hear. What Kim told him broke his heart, and he didn't know why. He just wanted to start crying. Just to hear his voice made her so happy, and he had only talked with her four about three whole minutes. "Kim, I gotta go." He muttered.

"Okay." She said quickly. "I understand if you are busy."

"I have a meeting to go to. And after the meeting I have a show to go to. I'll call you when I can. But I will be busy with a radio show in the morning, and then a meeting during brunch. I will be busy until tomorrow night. I'll try to call you though. You do understand I have work to do...I'll be home in a few days. We can talk then. I really don't have time for phone calls from you. Every time you call me you take up some of my time. I have no time to waste. You understand that?""

"Okay, baby. I understand you have to work...record breaking Nsync..."

"Bye, Kim." Still his eyes never missed Johnny's.

"I miss you, Justin. I miss you so much."


"Bye and I love you, Justin. You okay? You sound..."

"Fine. Love you too. Tell Jade I love her...bye." He clicked off his phone using one hand. He closed his phone and slipped in into his pocket. He was so offended from Johnny's words, that he could not break the eye contact still.

Finally he began to turn his head as a tear rolled down his cheek. He walked down the hall, and knocked quietly on the door of the room the meeting was being held, before he crept silently inside.


October 11, 2002 (Next day)

He gazed at the wall again. Justin was sitting in a circle of chairs. A discussion was going on. A discussion about the TV show he had just been on, and a discussion of the choreography he did rounds and rounds of throughout the day. Things were beyond terrific for his career. But he was miserable. He was miserable because he had been away from Kim for so long, and he was miserable because he was ignoring contact with her. He was doing this to raise his pride and prove Johnny wrong. Prove that he was still a part of Nsync. Prove that he was responsible. But something was there, inside of him internally. The urge to be with her...Kim. He wanted to call her, but he also wanted to present that he could to his job. He had not talked to her since the few minutes of conversation her shared with her the day before. And he was immune to speaking with her everyday. In other words he was in agony. He found himself having trouble concentrating. In fact he wasn't listening to anything at all. He was only thinking about Kim. And what she might be doing.

"So, Justin. What do you think? Do you agree that we change to dance move completely? Or no?"

He shrugged, not having any concept of what Joey was talking about. "I guess."

"Sounds good to me." Chris said next.

He huffed then yawned quietly. His posture diminished, and depressed lowly in his seat, slouching in dispiritedness. He was bored. Well, more like uninterested. He was bewildered that so much time had went by. In a day or so it would have really been three weeks total since he saw Kim in person. It didn't seem real to him. And he had been so busy, that he didn't even have time to catch a plane to see her for a day...much less call her.

When it came to talking to her, he had two options. One being, he could put something aside for a few minutes and speak with her, which is what all of the guys did to talk with their lovers and loved ones. Or he could consolidate all work related affairs, and not speak with her at all. This is what he was doing. He only had a few days left before he would leave for home. And from there get married to Kim. But he had abandoned her basically. Not talking to her for a whole day was an extensive matter. Even when he was upset with her, he would notify her. And he hadn't all because of what Johnny said to him, and how his words made him feel.

Johnny was in the room too. Justin could distinguish he was observing him with his eyes more than usual. He wanted to laugh because of this fact. Johnny was worried about how mad he was at him. He was worried that he wasn't talking to him...which he wasn't, which is why he had not attempted to speak to him since he blared off about how unfocused he was.

Justin acquired his pager from his front pocket, when it informed him he had a new message. He opened it, and wasn't amazed to see the message was from Kim. He had nothing to do, and he surmised that he would read the message.

'Hey, Justin

I'm sorry! I don't know why you won't answer my calls or at least write me back. But, I am so sorry for whatever it is that I did. I understand that you are busy and have to do your job, but you have completely shut me away. Maybe you didn't, and just hasn't had your cell phone with you. But you always have your pager with you, always. I don't know. You do have a life and you do have work, so maybe you really are extremely busy and don't have time to get in touch with me. You are going to be home in two days, so maybe I should stop bothering you so much. I just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you. A little too much, baby! When I was talking to you a few days ago you said that you were dying to see my face. What about your face? You have no clue how bad I want to see you. Those sparking eyes. The new afro. Hehe. You hate when I do that. So, I'll stop now. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! Just to let you know! I LOVE YOU! Hehe. Jade is doing just fine. I would have told you this on the phone, but since you aren't answering my calls I'll write you a long ass pager message. I hope there are no limits on these things. I took Jade and Cher to the park yesterday. It was cool. I was walking with the girls and I was holding Cher's hand, and this huge dragon fly flew in my face. Justin, you know I'm scared of even butterflies. So, I knocked it away. But this thing decided to chase me. So, I picked up Cher and I was holding Jade and I started running. As I was running it was still chasing me. So I ran to the car and left.'

"She is so cute!" He thought to himself.

'It's funny now, but it's wasn't so funny being chased by a dragon fly the size of a bird. I better let you go. You must be so stressed. You work so hard, Justin. And I'm so proud of you. And all of the guys too. You poor thing, is forced to do so much in so little time. And please don't be mad at me, Justin. I hope you are not mad that I finished painting Jade's walls without you. You didn't seem mad about it before. I wish you would stop ignoring me and talk to me, just to tell me that you are okay. Jade and I are worried. She's just about ready for solid foods, but I won't try to feed her any solids until you are here with me. It will definitely be a camcorder using event.

I love you,

Your little baby girl

PS: Oh yeah! Yesterday I broke my cell phone. So, I had to take it to a shop to get it fixed. Well, when I picked it up, the guy that fixed it told me, that I had one of the newest features on the phone, and I can take pictures with it. And send them out too. I don't know if you knew that or not.'

He smiled because he did know. He just didn't tell her because she'd get out of hand with taking pictures.

'And so, I took a picture of Jade. And two pictures of me. And I sent them to your phone e-mail. So check them out when you can. Once again, please don't be mad at me. I'm sorry for whatever I did. And remember I love you, you fine ass!'

He contracted an intense breath. His body was crying on the inside. He delayingly put his pager away. From there, he withdrew his cell phone. He tampered and played with the phone for a while, as he corrected it's settings. For instance, he put the ringer back on. After he did this, he checked his e-mail.

'I'll make this simple and brief, considering you're so busy. I love you! And here are some pictures that I took of Jade and I, so you can see us. It has been a while. Too bad the picture is not big enough where you can see all of my hair.

I love you,

Your little baby girl.'

He pressed a button on the side of the small phone, which caused the screen to scroll down to the pictures she had sent.

As soon as he saw Jade's beautiful face, a remarkable smile formed with his lips. And as he scrolled down further...there she was. Kim. The beautiful girl that was going to be his wife in a few days. It hurt him to know that she thought he was mad at her. As if she had done something wrong. He couldn't believe he was looking at her face. In the first photo of her, she was sticking her tongue out of her mouth playfully. He scrolled down even further to view the second picture. It took him a second to realized how much he missed her. Her head was turned to the side in the picture. Her smile was so white that no evidence of her teeth were present, just wholesome whiteness.

He had to call her. The group conversation taking place around him was already a blur. Now, it was absolutely nothing. He immediately dialed his home number. It rang four times but no answer.


"YO! This is Justin!"

"YO! This is Kim!"9

"YO! This is Jade!" Justin screeched in a high pitched voice.

"And we're not here right now."

"Yeah, so leave a message after the beep, 'for we cut yo ass!" Kim added.


He hung up the phone and attempted to dial another number in the house. The downstairs number. It rang two times.

"Hello? Kim speaking."

"Hey, baby girl."

"OH MY GOD! Justin? WOW! You sound so sad. Where are you?"

"I am sad. And I'm just sitting with the guys and other people. Toury kind of stuff is going on." He whispered lowly.

"Are you mad at me?"

He laughed unenthusiastically. "No, baby. I'm not mad at you."

She held Jade tighter with one arm. "Well, what's wrong, Justin? I've been very confused about how you've been acting. I just thought you've been really busy. I'm worried about you. Why are you sad? You sound like you are about to have a nervous break down or something."

"I am, Kim." He nodded. "I am about to have a nervous break down."

"Why, baby?"

"Because." He could feel himself trying to choke. "Because some people are getting on my nerves" He bickered. He endured to his feet, leaving everyone without warning. He went into a corner of the room, facing the wall, to try to talk to her more privately. "I'm seriously fed up with some of this." He slipped his hand is his pocket. "No one understands me anymore. It's like no one understand anything, but you! Because you love me like I love you and you are my all-star best friend. You are everything to me. And everyone is always getting onto me because I love you too much...and it's pissing me off. I've been called lazy, just because I was talking to you for three minutes. Out of twenty-four hours, three minutes. Acting as if every minute of my life is devoted to Nsync. And that's not fair to me, you or Jade. How dare I be called irresponsible and lazy?"


"I'm not going to say that right now." He sniffled. "I just miss you. And when I'm here in New York working, or wherever, it's like I have to give everything to Nsync or not be in the group. All I want is to be able to talk to you when I want, and possibly be with you when I want. 'Cause I love you so much, Kim. God knows I do." He whispered loudly. "And I'm not used to being away from you. I don't want to be away from you. I just want to go home. Have the wedding and spend the rest of my life with you, that's what I want."

"I love you too, Justin."

"NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU! No one understand the damage of not talking to you for a day will do to me. I'm so sick of it. I told you the only thing out of this that is worth it, is the fans. That's it! If it wasn't for the fans I wouldn't even be doing this." He snatched his hand from his pocket, and swiped the water that was descending from his eyes. "I can't take being away from you, Kim." He cried fragilely. "It sucks. Three weeks? After we've been together non stop for months? I just sucks!"

She fanned her face, trying not to cry. "Yeah. It has been so long. But look on the bright side, you'll be home in two days." She sniffled. "But three weeks has been so long. And I don't know what to do." She cried out. "I can't stop myself from crying. I miss you so much that I'm emotionally frustrated. There is so much I wanted tell you at that moment but I couldn't because you are away. And the wedding is three weeks away. I am so scared that I'm nervous already."

"No, Kim. Don't cry. I didn't mean to make you cry, baby girl."

"If you are crying what else am I suppose to do? It hurts me to know that you are so upset. And that is how you feel. You sound so sad and depressed, that it's breaking my heart in two."

The tour discussion, which was once going on, had seized. And every one was completely silent. Justin's sad cries caused this. And it made everyone interested in what he was saying. Their ears were alert, trying to catch the slightest and acute words to understand what he was saying.

"I'll be perfectly fine when I'm holding you in my arms." He took the phone from his ear, to contain himself and suck up the emotion he had released. "Don't cry, baby. Okay?"

"Okay. I'm trying my best." She laughed through her tears.

"So, what are you doing downstairs, baby girl? I called upstairs and you weren't there. It's almost twelve at night. You know you love going to bed early." He laughed softly. "I hate that, man. You'd tell me to go get you a snack or something. I'd come back to see you are knocked out. That is so cute though. It's another thing I miss. Your 'cuteness'"

She giggled. "What was I doing? I was making me a midnight snack. You used to go to sleep earlier than me, so shut up. Haha. Justin's a sleepy head."

"I am. I know. I'm tired right now."

She exhaled loudly. "I know. I can still hear the sadness in your voice, and you do sound tired too. Stressed. Did you get my page? I just paged you a few minutes ago."

"Yes. I got it, honey."

"Okay. Just checking. You don't have to write me back. As long as I am talking to you, I know you are okay."

He laughed. "No, I'll write you back. It was cute. The dragon fly thing was so cute. Haha. I can just imagine you with the two kids, running like hell."

She smiled. "It so good to hear you laugh. I love your adorable laugh."

"I love you, my mini Jennifer Lopez."

She cackled sarcastically. "Oh, you are so funny, Justin."

He chuckled. "I know, baby girl. I'm lame, if you will. Actually, I wasn't trying to be funny. It's true."

"Whatever. You can eat this. That's what is true."

He laughed wickedly. "When I get home, I will. Haha." He laughed harder. "I want to play with your navel ring. I'm sure your navel has healed by now. I bet the skin around it is so sensitive now, that if I put my tongue on'd be trembling. I love teasing you."

She giggled. "Don't get your hopes up too high, mister."

"I miss kissing you. When I get home and kiss you, you better scream for me. I miss that scream of yours."

She fell silent.

"Ahahahahaha! I can see it now. THAT BLUSH! AHAHAHA! Kim, I just said that to make you blush. Awww how adorable is...ahahahaha. Kim's face is red as blood, this I promise youuuu. This I promise youuuuuu!"

"Justin is a looooooooser...this I promise you. Ohhhhhhhh I promise youuuuuuuuuuu ohhhhhoooooooo! Ohhhhh yeah. Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh."

"AW SHIT! Kim hit all of those notes! YOU GO, GIRL!" He exclaimed excitedly.

She giggled. "Hey! It's almost midnight. What you doing callin' me so late? What is this, a booty call?" She asked jokingly.

He laughed. "Uh uh, baby. DAMN! You figured out my plan. Even though you about two-thousand miles away I was still going to invite you over."

"Justin, you're so stupid...hahaha."

He sucked his teeth. "My poor, poor baby girl don't even say booty right. LITTLE MISS PROPER!"

"I do too. BOOTY! Justin has a ghetto BOOTY!"

"Haha. Whatever! Shut up, Kim."

"You shut up...haha. We are nuts!"

He sighed. "I'm so hungry."

"What have you eaten today?"


"What do you mean NOTHING?"

"Just that, nothing. Oh, water..." 

Her eyes widened. "Justin, make sure you eat something. You have rehearsals and everything. You have to eat. Why didn't you eat?"

"I haven't had time."

"Make sure you eat something everyday. Okay, baby? After this I want you to eat a big dinner. Make time for eating. You'd get sick by doing that."

"Alight, baby girl. I promise I'll eat." He breath heavily into the phone. "I wish I never called you, because now I miss you more."

"Awww, sweetie. Don't get all depressed again. You're going to make me cry. I have something that would make you day...well, night, the best day ever."

"What is it, baby girl?"

She laughed. "It's Jade!" She put the phone to Jade's moving mouth. "Say hi to Daddy! Make him happy. Say hi, little Jadey!"

"Dadadada! Dadadadada! Dadadadada!"

"HEY! Hi, little precious! Awww you're so cute."

"Dadadadada! Dadadadadada!"

"Awww, my sweet little darling!"

Kim put the phone back to her ear. "Now, that should have put a smile on your face. I swear to God, that's all that girl says. Dadadadada! That's all she says! She not only misses you, she just loves saying the words. That, and ka. That's all she says or attempts to say. So, are you feel better, Justin? She put a smile on you face, huh?"

He sniffled. "More like tears in my eyes." He pronounced with an honest laugh. "That's my baby. I can't believe she is basically talking. I know that she isn't, but it doesn't matter. She's so beautiful. Just like you. And yeah. You better not feet her any solid food until I get home. That's something I'd like to be present for. It would mean a lot to me to be there."


October 14, 2002

"She's asleep." Kim whispered loudly, entering the kitchen.

Justin laughed. "Okay, Kim. But why are you whispering?"

She giggled. "Whoops. I was whispering to Jade, after I laid her down. I guess I FORGOT it's okay to talk."

He made a gesture with his head for her to come closer. "Come here, sexy."

She ambulated to him with her arms open. He called her for one reason, and she knew this. A hug. Her arm cradled around his waist, and her head rested against his chest. "I love you, Justin."

"I love you too. I'm so happy to be home."

She gazed up at him. "I'm happy to see the afro. Haha! You look hot, baby. Better than any day I ever saw you."

He grinned. "Thank you. When I first saw you yesterday I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe how fit you've become. I didn't really notice until last night. And you always had muscle, Kim. But you are so lean now. Your legs and your stomach, everything is so buff."

She laughed at him. "I told you everyday since you've been gone I've been working out."

"Yeah. But where?"

"In our workout room...duh! Where do you think?"

His eyes drifted up and down her face seriously. He wanted to kiss her. "Kim, I know you haven't been lifting weights without a spotter? I told you about that. It's dangerous. You should always have a spotter just in case the weights are too much for you."

"Haha. The bar. You mean lift the bar. That's all I CAN lift! That right there is seventy-five pounds. I can't lift the bar, plus like a hundred to two-hundred like you. I'm just too small."

He gave her a kiss on the lips, which caught her off guard. "Like I've told you several times, Kim. Aside from your beauty, you are so funny and cute." He kissed her lips again. "So, how much do you weigh now?"

She bit her lip. "One-thirteen or one-fourteen. I lost a few pounds and then gained some muscle back. Not much, because I already had some. I'm just getting in shape for the wedding. That's all."

He nodded. "Girl, you in shape alright. You look like you've been performing for a few years."

She kissed the corner of his mouth, and then broke away from him to get a porcelain plate out of a top cabinet. "That's funny you mentioned performing."

He couldn't keep his hands to himself. He was too excited about being home, he loved her too much, and he missed touching her. His hand attached to the base of her waist and he kissed her neck. "So, what did you make for dinner today? And why are we eating so early? It's about six, Kim."

She giggled. "We are eating early because everyone is coming over tonight to hang out. According to Chris it's going to be adult night. He said we are going to have fun tonight and test how strong our relationship is." She shrugged. "Whatever that means."

"Games." He blurted into her neck. "Some kind of games. Whenever Chris mentions adult night, it's basically adult games."

She swirled hot pasta on the plate. "Really? I don't like the sound of this. Are these adult games like a bad thing or a good thing?"

He chuckled. "Oh, don't worry. Things like strip poker. Things like that. Nothing too harmful. And you don't have to do anything you don't want to. So don't worry, baby girl."

She set a piece of chicken on the plate. "Okay, Justin. For the pasta I was following a recipe, but as I was making the sauce for the pasta I realized that the sauce was nasty. So, I changed it, and made a parmesan sauce. So, this is a thin pasta and parmesano sauce." She pointed to the pasta with a fork, before scooping some up. She twisted the pasta and creamy sauce onto the fork, and then stuck the delightful and light substance in Justin's mouth. "How is it?" She sunk the fork in the pasta again to get a taste of it for her. "I don't think it's all that bad." She told him, chewing on the soft pasta.

He reached his fingers out to snatch up some more, but she forbid him to do this. "Now THAT is food! Put some more of that on the plate. I miss your cooking so much. All of that McDonalds and Planet Hollywood food messed my stomach up, because I wasn't used to it. I was used to your food. Your real cooking. It's SO good too, man. I've never had a woman that can cook before."

She pushed him. "Oh, whatever, Justin."

"What? I'm serious. I don't know how she did it, but Britney caught Pop Tarts on fire once. To be true, the whole toaster blew up..."

She giggled. "Oh my God...haha! Justin, don't start talking about people. It's not right."

"Okay. Okay. I'm not going to talk about anyone. I'm going to be good." He squinted his eyes. "Hold on. Where did the carrots come from? I'm not eating no carrots. I eat enough of them on tour, which is where I'll be in a few weeks."

Her eyes stanched with coldness. "Justin. You have the pasta, the baked chicken with sage, and you need the carrots too. You need a balanced meal. And everything is healthy, so you can stay fit for the tour. Besides carrots like improve your eye sight or something...I think."

He scratched his shoulder. "Kim, I'm going to stay fit. I'm just not eating the carrots. Haha."

She held his plate with one sturdy hand. "So, shall you eat this at the kitchen table?"

"Yup." He gripped her hand tight and pulled her into the room the kitchen table was. He sat down in the nearest chair, and waited for her to sit.

She eased down in his lap, and sat the plate of food against the wood of the table. "So, are you hungry, Justin?"

"Uh huh! I want Kim's famous chicken and sage, and her parmesano. I don't, however, want the carrots. And I'm not going to eat the carrots."

She used the fork to cut a piece of the boneless chicken breast. She stabbed it with a fork, and then she propelled it into the mouth of Justin, which was waiting and wide open. "Eat up, babe."

"M'mmmm. I love you, Kim." His mouth was watering and waiting for another bite already.

She giggled. "Let me get this straight. So, you love me for my cooking and my body?"

He stole the food she offered with his mouth and nodded. "Yeah. That and your face and...oh, your personality. I'm a dumbass to love you for that, as I've said many times."

She smashed her face up against his cheek and laughed. "Hell, I love you for your personality too." She kissed down his jaw to his lips.

Before she could pull back to much his lips followed hers and kissed them again. "Whoa! I got a kiss. Can I have another?"

She gathered the thin pasta on the fork neatly. "Nope. You've been bad."

He ate the mouth full of food. "I have not." He began to tap his leg against the leg of the chair as he waited in anticipation for more of her lush and scrumptious food.

"You know, Justin. You have calm down so much since before you left. You were all wild and sex crazed. You acted sex crazed at least, and you have calmed down so much. I'm guessing it's because you were away from me for so long. That's probably what drove you to be more normal. Because when you are away from someone you love so much, it changes you. You become more grateful to have them around."

He didn't hear a word she said. All he was concentrating on was the fork in her hand. He didn't remove his eyes from it not once since she had began talking. "Yeah. Okay. Shut up, Kim and feed me. I'm hungry and you're being so slow."

She rolled her eyes jokingly. "Who do you thing you are talking to like that? I'll be as slow as I want. Haha!" She put the fork to his mouth with food on it, but pulled back before he could eat it.

"Come on, baby girl. Quit being a tease." He locked his mouth open.


He withdrew the fork from her hand and stuffed his mouth. He used the fork to lift the whole chicken breast and he bit an enormous chunk out of it.

"Hope you have enough food in your mouth." She watched him eat fast. "So, Justin. Tell who is was that called you lazy and all of that. That has been bothering me since you told me. Please tell me who said those things about you. Please!."

He swallowed hard. "Damn this is so good." Kim picked up a piece of carrot with her fingers. "Nope. I'm not eating the carrots." He turned his head away from her in strong refusal.

She took the fork back from him. "Give me that." She insisted, adding proportions of food on it for him. "So, tell me, Justin. Why are you stalling?"

"Johnny said it."

He eyes bulged. "What? JOHNNY called you lazy?"

"Yes ma'am. I believe he told me that I can't get mad because I have to work. Stop acting like a baby if I don't want to be treated like one. He said that I've become pathetic and lazy in his opinion. And he said that I am full of shitty excuses."

"Are you telling the truth?" She had frozen in shock, and could feel anger bubbling inside of her. "I can't believe he would say some shit like that."

"Yeah, he said it. He also told me NOT to get mad because I went out and had unprotected sex and had the burden of a baby." He felt the top of his afro. "Unprotected sex? THAT is something that just was so...unnecessary. You know what I'm sayin', Kim? I mean who is he to even question what I do in my sexual life? My personal life? Who is he to say that to me? He doesn't know shit. Even if Jade wasn't planned, that's between you and I. And he's just going to automatically assume shit about me, just because I'm a little younger than the rest of the guys. And he went on and on about how he could careless about me talking to you and Jade or you to me. That's exactly why I said fuck him. I lost all respect for that bastard. He's starting to remind me of Lou..."

Kim's eyes had found a point on a wall and she thought deeply to herself. "What's Johnny's number?"

He kissed her ear since it was closer to his mouth than her lips. "I don't know it by heart. But I'm sure it's in my office somewhere. Why do you want it?"

She tried the change the subject. "Hey! Do you like your "office" that I made you. I didn't make it, but I had it made for you, to take care of all your business in..."

He used both of her hands to turn her head, so that he was able to kiss her lips. "I love it." He whispered. "Just like I love you. Now, what do you want Johnny's number for, Mrs. Timberlake?"

He giggled. "Oh. nothing really. I'm just going to give him a little piece of my mind...even if you don't give it to me I'll find a way to get it. By the way, Justin. I heard that you and the guys filmed you new video two weeks ago. Care to tell me why I didn't get to be in it? I thought you said I could be in it?" Her eyebrow raised.


Later that night.

He approached her willingly and handed her a freshly opened, strawberry wine cooler. A crowd of people were in the living room. He joined the side which was segregated into males only, on the large and curvesome living room couch. "So, what do we do now?" Justin asked, winking flirtatiously at Kim, who he had just handed the wine cooler to. She was directly across from him.

"We just played cards. That's old now. We need something more challenging." Chris caressed the hair on the tip of his chin. "I have something we can play. But, Justin and Kim. Since you are getting married in a few weeks, this could be a conquest to see if you guys are as strong as you claim to be. A test for the marriage you are about to have. I've tested my relationship with Dani several times with this game, and we are STILL together!"

Kim laughed loudly. "Chris, there is nothing that would disturb Justin and my relationship. Nothing! And especially not some game you have in mind." Everyone laughed at her antic.

"What is the game?" Calia asked.

Chris' eyes gleamed with a mysterious color of brown. "Truth or dare! The grown up version! You know how it goes. If you can't complete a dare, you get ten punches. Anybody NOT up for it?" He purposely made eye contact with Justin and Kim. "You know some dares might get wild and crazy."

"I'm in. Are you, Kim?" Justin asked.

She took a minimal sip of her drink. "I'll play."

"Great. So, is there anyone not playing?" Chris asked, being the leader of conversation.

Angie raised her hand. "I...I'm not." She laughed. "I don't want to take any risks with my Tony." She ran her fingers through Kim's hair, plotting how she would do it for the wedding, when the time was to come.

"Haha...yeah I'm out with Angie." Tony said with a laugh.

"Okay. Tony and Angie are out. Anyone else?" No one budged. "So we have twelve people playing. Okay. Let's try to keep the noise down, since the baby is sleeping. Anyone want to go first?"

"You do it, Chris. Since you are talking so damn much." JC commented, stretching.

He stuck his middle finger up at him. "JC. Shut up, man. I know you ain't talkin'."

"Please, Chris. You crack baby! That's why I messed with your dog. You think that's Busta, but it's not. At least I put him out of his misery of being with you."

He laughed, while sticking his middle finger up higher. "It's okay. At least I don't look like a dog."

"Can we get on with it?" Joey asked, fidgeting against the cushy leather material underneath him.

He cleared his throat dramatically. "Alright. Justin, you know I always pick on you to go first, because you are the most outgoing person I know. Truth or dare?"

His eyes lit up. "Why'd you even ask me that, Chris? You know I'm going to automatically pick dare, no matter what. Dare, fool!"

He grinned. "I dare you to go into the backyard, and walk on your hands, singing 'Come On Over baby,' by Christina...naked." Everyone laughed. "And if you don't do it, all the guys here get to punch you ten times."

At first he didn't move at all, and just smiled with his hands crossed. He licked his lips. "I walk on my hands, singing the song naked?"

Chris nodded. "That's right, bud. Too much for you, Justin?"

He stood and raised his arms. "Naw, man. It's not too much. It's just very weird, like you."

"O, haha, Justin. You're hilarious...NOT!"

He rubbed his hands together. "Oh, God. Let me do this and get it out of the way." He began to walk towards the pool room as a short cut to get to the backyard. Kim was by his side and walking with him. He held her hand.

"Justin, are you really going to do it?" Kim asked, in a loud put personal whisper.

He squeezed her hand reassuring her that everything would be okay. "Baby, I have to. The last time I played truth or dare. The guys dared me to kiss another guy or something like that, and I wouldn't do it. They punched me in my arm so bad it was like blue, and I couldn't lift it for days." He glared behind him. Everyone was following him and the females at the house were sniggling, because they were eager to see Justin naked. To most it was a dream come true.

"Everyone is going to see you naked."

"Oh, well. It's not going to change anything between us. It's not the only time I had to get naked because of a dare. One time I was dared to chase a car in the street...naked. It was a horrible experience."

She giggled in the hand she was not holding with his.

Everyone cut though the pool, and used the back door of it to locate the acres of back yard.

Lance couldn't stop laughing. "What are you waiting for, Justin? Do it."

He pressed his lips against Kim's cheek before dropping her small hand by her side. "You might not want to look, baby girl. It won't be a pretty sight. I mean, you would know what I look like naked, but doing the dare naked is another story."

She giggled and put her back to the direction he was traveling. "Okay, babe."

Dani, Calia, Charrah, Bobbi, Kelly, and even Angie were staring at Justin harder than they have ever stared at anyone before. They couldn't believe he was about to get naked before their very eyes.

Justin walked about twenty-five feet from the pool room. He laughed nervously as he pulled his shirt over his head. "This is gonna be a trip." He said out loud. Next her peeled his wife beater from his muscled upper body. Already the ladies were gasping. "Yeah, Chris. You know you gave me this dare so you can look at my body. I don't know how many times I have to tell ya. Yes, you are OLDER than me, but you are NOT more of a man than me. You know you WANT to see ma naked!"

He chuckled. "Kiss my ass, Justin. Just do the dare. What? Are you scared?"

"Yeah, right. Do I look scared to you? Don't worry, my turn is next, and I'm going to make you get naked, you hairy ape bastard. You over there lookin' like a white gorilla." Everyone broke down laughing. Justin was acting in such a manner because he was so nervous and it made him feel more comfortable being funny about the situation. He unzipped his jeans and progressed them down slowly, and then stepped out of them. All he was left in now were his boxers.

Kim took a peek at him. "Oh, God. I can't watch. My poor baby."

By now the other ladies were drooling.

Justin took a solid breath and closed his eyes. In one quick motion he thirsted his boxers down.






Bobbi lost it, and took off running after him. "JUSTIN! OH MY GOD! I NEED TO TALK WITH YOU! I NEED...I NEED....OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW..."

JC was able to catch her and he drugged her away. "Bobbi, what is wrong with you? Don't be starin' at him."


He brought her to the side to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Justin positioned himself on his hands and began to walk on them, while singing. He was moving quickly to get the dare over with. "Come on over, come on over, baby. Come on over, come on over, baby. Hey, boy. Don't you know? I got somethin' goin' onnnnnnn...I got an invitation don't you keep me waiting all night longgggg."

Kim couldn't imagine how embarrassed he was, she was blushing for him. She covered her face with her hands.

Most of the guys were holding their stomach, trying to keep from being sick, from laughing so hard. The women that had died from seeing Justin nude.

"Don't wanna play that game with you, baby. Listen to me. All I want is you. Come over here, baby. All I want is you. You know you make me go crazy..."


He jumped to his feet, and finally realized what he did. The most embarrassing part of doing the dare was, every girl was looking at him, except for Kim. And they were pointing and giggling. Enjoying themselves too much. He gathered his clothes and covered himself with them. He didn't even have to look at his cheeks, he knew they were on fire from the heat fuming from them.

Kim immediately ran to his side, trying to covering him with her short body. "Oh my God, Justin. You did it. I can't believe you did that. I couldn't look at you. That is so humiliating. Bobbi seemed to have enjoyed herself, she was like hyperventilating. I guess I am a lucky gal."

He slipped his feet in his boxers and pulled them up. "I don't know what drove me to do that. It was Chris. I hate him!"

She giggled at his facial expression. He looked so ashamed and embarrassed. "You do not hate him." She put a hand over her mouth and laughed. "You SO don't mean that."

He threw his wife beater over his head. "Yes, I do mean it. I hate him, but I love him. It's weird. I can't explain it." He placed each of his legs into his jeans, pulled them up, and zipped them carefully shut. "So, everybody saw me naked. Even Griffin in Calia. I'll never live this down."

She kiss his lips. "Yes, you will. Because you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'm sure some of the guys wished they were as blessed as you. Put your shirt on, baby. Let's continue with this 'game'. God only knows what I will be dared to do."

He laughed. "Don't worry, baby girl. How bad can it be?" He yanked his tight fitting shirt on.

"Can I have a ride?"

"A ride on what? I don't see any horses."

She tapped him playfully. "I don't ride horses, I only ride Justins."

He laughed and clapped his hands. "Good answer. Good answer. That's my baby." He picked her up in his arms, and carried her to the group of stunned people.

"I meant a ride on your back. But being carried is even better."

He began to nibble on her neck as he walked. "Guess what, Kim?" He whispered.

"What, hun?" She moaned with her eyes closed.

"I want to make love to you all night long." He said sexily, in a low teasing voice.

"REALLY?" Her eyes shot open.

He shook his head. "No. I just felt like saying that to turn you on and get your hopes up."

She popped his arm. "Not funny."

Lance hit Justin across the back. "Good job, man. I know I couldn't have done that."

He ginned evilly. "In a few minutes Chris will be doing something similar, so you aint' seen nothin' yet."

Calia approached him. "Justin, if you and Kim ever break up. I'm your girl. I can be anything you want me to. And I'm sure you can do anything with that thing of..."

Griffin snatched her back. He laughed sarcastically. "Heh, sorry. Women have a tendency to act dumb when they've seen you naked. Notice how all the girls have went mental on us."

He pushed his shoulder. "Right, man." He held put Kim down, held her hand, and headed back to the living room. After experiencing one of the most daring and bold things he had ever done, Justin was ready to get some revenge. Everyone was settled in position, and waiting for the next dare to be done. "Okay, Chris. Truth or dare." In the back of his mind he just knew Chris would pick dare.

"Truth." He said shyly.

His jaw dropped. "Oh, no the hell you didn't. You punk! You talked all of that shit and made me do that stuff naked, and now you taking the easy way out and is picking truth? You chickened out!"

He nodded. "Yup! Sure did! I'm not stupid enough to be walking on my hands, singing Christina naked. You must be out of your freakin' mind."

He wobbled his head violently in frustration. "Skip. Someone else can go. I can't think of anything for truth. Only dare."

Joey spoke up. "I'll go. Of course I'm going to pick the one and only Kim."

She wasn't expecting her name to be mentioned so soon, considering Justin had just gone. She was twirling a piece of her hair, but stopped unconsciously when everyone's head switched towards her. "Me?" She pointed to herself. "Already?"

"Kim, truth or dare?" Joey asked.

She glared at Justin quickly, along with some of her good female friends and bridesmaids. "Umm. Dare?"

He jumped up and down, for he was standing now. "GOODY! YAY! I dare you to model for us, since you are a model!" He cough. "NAKED!"

There was a series of gasps.



He sat back down on the sofa. "Baby girl, do you want to do a dare like that?"

"No, I rather have something else." She said looking into Joey's eyes, blinking innocently and sweetly.

He smiled at her, and turned his lip up at Justin. "Okay, sweetheart. Lets see." He tapped his finger against his cheek. "GOT IT!" He yelled. "We all know that you said if you could date any other guy in the group it would be JC, because he was more of your type. I'll give you a dare which could cure some curiosity you may have. I dare you to make out with JC!"

"She won't do it."

"Oh, my! That would be interesting."

"I have to see this."

"Oh shit...drama."

"Justin won't let her." Many blurted out loud.

Justin licked his lips. He was already jealous. He was so jealous that he couldn't move. He was so jealous it was converting into anger. He licked his lips again. He couldn't help himself. They were just playing a game, but still. "She...she's not doing that either." He stuttered.

Kim tried to hide her smile but couldn't. "And if I don't carry out the dare, I'll get punched ten times by all of the girls that are playing?"

Joey nodded in responds. "That's right. And your dare make out with JC. Are you going to do it?"

She saw the look on Justin's face. But she reminded herself it was just a game. It was just a kiss. How harmful could it be? Besides, she didn't want to get punched. " She got up and sat down next to JC to be closer to him.

JC chocked up and thought he was going to faint.

"Don't do it, Kim." Justin chimed louder.

She ignored him, because she wanted to be out of line for once. JC was nothing for her in a relationship. The only one she wanted was Justin. This was just a stupid dare. Justin knew that she loved only him. She blocked everything from her rushing mind and closed her eyes. Her face leaned into JC's. She kiss his lips once for about two seconds, and then again. It was a simple kiss and it could be considered as a friendly kiss, because it was so weak and meaningless. "You said make out, Joey. But that is as far as I'm going." She giggled.

"She did it!" Kelly clapped her hands.



"I want a kiss!"

JC couldn't get his eyes to open. "Oh...oh my...WOW! She is so amazing. Her lips are like magic. I can't feel my toes. Kim kissed me. The fine model, Kim, kissed me. DAMN!" He couldn't stop himself from shivering.

Bobbi laughed, and wiped at his lips. "I hope you are happy JC-yums. The only reason I'm not mad is because this is just a game. Besides, I know you love Kim, and fantasize about her. Every guy does. Maybe now you can be successful in the bedroom and have your mind on me, and not someone else."

"NO SHE DIDN'T!" Justin yelled, in a rage. He blew up and aggressed out of the living room. He thought he might have been able to handle what happened, but seeing the reactions out of everyone made him furious.

Kim followed him down the never-ending hall. "JUSTIN! What? It was a little kiss. Our lips barely touched."

He spun around, and she could see the flame burning in his eyes. "Just a little kiss? I don't care HOW little it was! I told your ass NOT to kiss him! YOU KNOW HOW HE FEELS ABOUT YOU, KIM! And every other guy too! I don't want to SHARE you with anyone! OKAY? YOU BELONG TO ME! AND ONLY ME, GOD DAMMIT!"

She stomped her foot. "Since when am I a belonging?"



He ran his fingers under his neck several times. "Kim, just cut it. I don't feel like hearing this shit."

She rolled her eyes. "Don't be mad at me then."

He tugged on the collar of his shirt then began to walk away from her. "I'm not fuckin' mad at you."

She laughed. "Oh, you are VERY mad at me!"

"IM NOT MAD! GET OFF MY BACK!" He adjusted his shirt. When he got demented and insanely mad, he found that his shirt continuously bothered him. "SHIT! ALWAYS TALKIN' ABOUT SOMEONE IS MAD!" He strutted back into the living room, apparently angry, and sat down.

Kim huffed sadly and took back to her end of the couch. She felt bad, and she knew that he was mad at her. It was the worst feeling in the world. Especially when he claimed he wasn't mad. It only proved how mad he really was.

Justin said nothing to anyone. Everything had become a blot now. Nothing going on around him was visible. He was so heated that nothing mattered. He just had the scene of Kim kissing JC replaying in his mind. It would play then he would rewind it in his memory and replay it again and again. It made his breathing erratic and dangerous. He was more jealous than he had ever been. This left him with no other reaction except anger.

"Justin, truth or dare?" Lance asked him.

Time had flew by. Everyone had gone once, and he was already being dared again. "DARE! What do you think dumbass?" He bit his lip.

"Dang, what's up with you?" He slicked his hair back with his hand. "Heres your dare. I'm sure everyone knows that Charrah and I have broken up, and we are choosing to be friends right now. I noticed that Kim was dared to kiss JC a while ago. So, I'm going to dare you to go at it with Charrah. Lets see how you handle it, Justin."

This was it. He was praying and hoping for the exact dare. He wanted nothing more than to get revenge on Kim.

"It would only be fair if you got some action too." Lance added.

His eyes lit up and he finger motioned for her to come to him. "Come here, Charrah."

Kim giggled. "Hope you feel better, Justin. You can get some revenge, baby...haha!"

Charrah advanced to him hesitantly. On the inside she was melting.

He took her hand. "Don't worry, baby. I'm not going to hurt you." He whispered. He helped her settle down on his leg. As soon as she was in a stable position his lips touched to hers. The sensation was so awkward to him. It had been over a year since he had kissed another girl fully on the lips, besides the Britney incident. There was nothing special about this girl. She was not Kim. But still he had to push himself. His goal was to make Kim bitter and jealous, so she could understand where he was coming from. He thought back in time. He needed something to boost his hype. He thought about the outfit that Kim wore that distracted him most. The white hip huggers with the revealing Hilfiger hoodie. Having such an intense vision in his mind, he convince himself he was kissing Kim...he lost control of his charging feeling and sensations. His responsiveness had overwhelmed him.

"I SEE TONGUE!" Griffin shouted in shock.

Justin in Charrah were kissing so deeply that their bodies were loosing energy. Charrah was falling back, and Justin's body was following her back. This meant a sober moment.

The persons on the couch left the area to give them more room. They began to realize how serious this was getting.

JC was in front of them chanting at them. "OH MY GOD! JUSTIN'S EATING THAT GIRL UP!"





Justin had definitely lost control of himself. He was now positioned between Charrah's legs, kissing her in the most inappropriate ways.

Charrah had lost her sanity too, and was in another world. A world where nothing mattered. She was in a position where she was forced to wrap her legs around him. She had no choice.

His hand ran up and down her thigh. His other hand peeked into her shirt. Trying to get closer to her warm flesh, and hot skin. His moans were automatic and rhythmic.

Kim stood up in reluct. She felt so violated. This was the most horrendous and revolting occurrence she had ever suffered. It was also the most painful. Pain, she never felt before, shot through her. As people chanted and yelled for Charrah and Justin, she held her stomach waiting to throw up. She gazed at Justin and had deranged hope. She hoped that if she glared at him long enough he would stop...but he never did. The pain. She would be able to act as mad as she was if it wasn't for the pain that overpowered and drowned her. She strained and tried to force the anger through her skin and out of her trembling figure.

Justin wasn't attempting to stop, knowing he was going to be married in two and a half weeks. Kim saw Justin's tongue in Charrah's mouth. She saw that he was red in the face and nearly sweating. She saw that he was positioned on top of her between her open legs. He saw that his hand was on her tight. She saw that his hand was inside if her shirt, and was creeping further up it. She saw all of these things. But what hurt her most of all was that he had gotten excited. He was erect from being with Charrah. Kim was not mad. She had went stone crazy. Because of natural instincts she blamed Charrah at first. The anger had finally leaked through her. "BTICHHH!" She jumped over the table, and gripped Charrah by the hair, and tried to tear her from underneath Justin. "CHARRAH! YOU FUCKING BITCH! GET OFF MY MAN! JUSTIN! YOU SON OF A BITCH! HOW COULD YOU?" After she ripped a ball of Charrah's hair out, as if she ripped blades of grass from a yard, she let her head go to give her a punch.

She wasn't able to punch her, because she was physically pulled back by the hand of several others.

She couldn't be held for long. She was so powerful when she was angry. She knocked everyone off of her. "SON OF A BITCH!" She kicked the coffee table over, knocking her wine cooler and several other drinks from it. "SON OF A BITCH!" She shouted madly.

Still there was a pain inside of her. An interior ache. She dekkoed at Justin. Her hurt bled through her, and transpired out of her eyes. She put her hands over her mouth in shock, and to muffle her cries. Shaking her head, she permitted a hideous and lurid cry. A cry choked with so much misery, everyone in the room arrested and stationed their attention to her.

Kim could not believe Justin. And she could not remove her eyes from his, just as Justin couldn't when he had his confrontation with Johnny. But this was worse. She shook her head harder at him, and finally she lost her entire face in her quivering hands. She cried bleakly in front of everyone.

"Oh God, Kim." Chris said in a sad, flat, and ignoble voice. He placed his hand on her shoulder, trying to give her any comfort possible.

She knocked his hand out of the way and pushed him. "NO! Don't touch me. Just leave me alone!" She cried. She stormed out of the living room. On her way going by, she slammed the door, which was open, of the entertainment center closed. The glass door shattered on impact, and several compartments of the new piece of furniture made spider web patterns and cracked.

Silence had stolen all words available.

"SON OF A BITCH!" It was the last words said by Kim, before she vanished upstairs.

"OH...MY...GOD!'re fucked." JC said remorsefully. It was funny and interesting at first, but when the reality of what happened sunk in, everyone was aware that the dare should have never happen.

Justin was stunned. "I know. I really messed up this time. No excuse. I missed up." His head deflected towards Charrah. "I am so sorry for coming on to you like that. Impulse was doing it, Charrah, because I'm not attracted to you. Not in that way. And what happened may have just ruin my marriage. You do understand what just happened was wrong?"

She was in tears and rubbing the area her hair had been ripped. "I know. It's my fault too. I was lost in the moment just as much as you. And I'm sorry, Justin. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I know Kim is pissed and I'm one of her bridesmaids. I don't know what's going to happen."

Justin abandoned the couch and began to pace back and fourth in the living room.

"Hey, Justin?" Chris began. "I hope you don't blame me for what happened, man. Because I suggested the game. I feel so bad for, Kim. Because you can just see how hurt she is. That is just pitiful. But, man. Why did you do it? I mean, why did you go so far? I thought it was a joke. I thought you were just going to kiss Charrah, maybe give he a little tongue, but if you knew how bad you were going to hurt Kim and you knew you were going to be getting married in like two weeks, what made you go over the boundaries?" He held his head down. "You don't need this bullshit, Justin. Not a at a crucial point in the marriage like this. I really don't know what to say."

"The only reason why I did what I did was because she kissed JC and I was trying to make her as jealous as I was, so she wouldn't do anything else like that. I didn't make her jealous, I hurt her. I went too far. TOO FAR! And you know it's bad, when I can see how far I've went, and I can admit I went too far. This is so fucked up. I really fucked up this time." He began to bite his nails. "She never saw anything like that. The kiss she had at JC's party with that guy was ten times worse than the kiss she gave JC himself. I can't imagine how she's feeling on the inside, I basically cheated on her. She never saw me do something like that before." He paused and laid his hands over his face, while inhaling deep breathes. "This is going to do some major damage to our relationship. Maybe it's wasn't as bad as I'm trying to make it seem."

Lance shook his head, "Oh, it's bad. You had an erection couldn't be missed."

He pulled his long curs hard. "DAMN! But I was thinking about her. It's the only reason I got like that."

Joey squinted his eyes. "If that is true, she 's still not going to buy it, Justin. Your hands were all in Charrah's shirt. You were aiming for the boob. Your hand was on her thigh. If you didn't have clothes on you'd really be having intercourse. You were 'that' close. And I'm not an expert. This is just common sense. Things that were as clear as daylight."

Angie, who was sitting in Tony's lap, was angry herself "Justin, what you NEED to do is go apologize to her. I am so temped to just slap some sense into you. How foolish could you be? Two weeks before the wedding? I've known Kim for many years more than you, but I'm not the only person that knows she is very sensitive, and you don't have to prove how much more you can hurt her with your actions. You had no reason to have been so jealous in the first place. I think she was very mature about kissing JC. She was just obeying the dare. You on the other hand had a damn sex scene. I am very disappointed in you, for what you just did. I'm so glad I didn't participate in such an immature game. It' obvious you are the weakness in the relationship with her. " She gave Tony strict eye contact. "Come on, Tony. Let's go home." She got up from his lap, and pointed at Justin. "You need to go apologize to her. You should do that right now. And you need to do something more for her to show her how much you love her. Because what just happened is unforgettable."

Angie left with Tony, and all of the girls had taken Charrah into the kitchen because they wanted to know what it was like to have such close contact with Justin. They were more concerned about details than urgency and importance.

Justin was sick with fear. Everything happened so quick. The worst part of the controversy was he misplaced his feelings at the wrong time...there was no way to explain it. He really had just utterly screwed up.

He assembled as much confidence as he could and made the considerable decision to apologize to her. What effect it would have on her he didn't know. "Alright." He panted destitutely. "I'm...going to go tell her that I'm sorry."

Joey slapped him across the back. "Good luck, man." He told him somberly and sternly.

Justin departed from his friends and dragged himself upstairs. "Kim!" He called, indicating the bedroom with his eyes, trying to find the smallest trace of her. "Kim!" He took a peep into her magazine covers exhibit. Common sense told him she wasn't going to be in that particular room, which she wasn't.

"Three. Tree. Three fish in a tree. Fish in a tree? How can that be?" She turned the page. " Red. Red. They call me Red. Red. Bed. I am in Bed. Red, Ned, Ted, and Ed in bed."

His ears discovered the sound of her reading. He mellow moved the door open of Jade's room. "Kim."

She interrupted him before he could say anymore. "Justin, as you can tell I am reading to my daughter. Get out of her room now. Get out of here right now." She didn't even strive to make eye contact with him. Her eyes stayed stabbed to Jade's face.

He heeded downward modestly and bashfully. "Kim...I just need to."

"You have interrupted me and my child. I told you to get out of her room. I have NOTHING to say to you. You have five seconds to get out of Jade's room or I'm going to get up. If I get up, I'm going to get a weapon of some sort, and hurt you...bad." She cited with revolutional calmness."

His hand drove to the door knob. "Okay, baby girl. Sorry to..."

"Kim. My name is KIM!"

"Kim. Sorry to have interrupted you and 'your' child." He left rapidly, but grievingly. He wasn't so sure what to do. She was ANGRY! Angrier than he had ever saw her. Ever. She was so angry that she had assured and persuaded herself into a calm state. The look on her face was so cracked and rabid that he didn't want to think about it. It gave him the chills.

Like a mummy that just rose from a dead, he ferried himself back downstairs. His beloved friends gloomed at him in worry and fret.

"So, what did she say?" Griffin asked after Justin sat down on the couch.

He located both hands over his mouth, spelled in a colossal breath of air, and shook his head. "She's SO upset that she's calm and quiet! I don't know what I've done. I'm messed up in the past. But not like this. I never messed up this bad. And now...I don't know what's going to happen or where we stand."

"What did she say?" JC asked.

"I don't want to talk about it." He whispered. His head downcast slowly.

Special Thanks: Dr. Seuss 'Hop on Pop'

Chapter 58

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