Chapter 56

She giggled. "Hahaha. Bash with bat."

He kissed her on the cheek. "Kim, thats SO not funny."

She kissed his lips. "No. I'm not laughing at the fact that I got hit with the bat. It was just so funny how we were in the kitchen and you were just calling out the actions. Talking about, stab, punch, kick. Kick, kick, stab. Hahaha. And then you bust out with something totally aimless and random. Haha, "Bash with bat."" She made quotations with her fingers. "I just find that hilarious how sporadic that was. And the way you said it." She rested her head on his shoulder and laughed. "Oh, God. Bash with bat."

He laughed. "Ha! Bash with bat."

Her head rejected from his shoulder, and she laughed even harder while looking into his shimmering eyes. She was laughing because he repeated the infamous statement. "Haha. You are too cute." She kiss his lips. "Cute little Nistuj. Awwwww."

He reached his tongue out at her. "Hey, Kim. I need somewhere to stick my tongue. Got any suggestions?"

She tipped her head. "I have a suggestion. Yup your ass."

He laughed and then slapped a hand over her mouth. "NASTY! That mouth of yours needs to serve some jail time."

She licked her lips. "Where is jail?"

"Ask ELMO!" He said in a high pitched voice, pointing down at himself.

Kim cracked up. "Ahahaha. You are so stupid, Justin. I swear."

He was laughing with her. "HAHA! You are such a retard."

She pointed at him. "ASK ELMO? MAN! That one got me. The voice. You are so crazy, Justin. You sounded like a Snork or something you dork!"

"Hey, girl. You better watch out." He jumped at her fakely. "Before you get hurt."

She giggled. "I might be the one to hurt you, Justin. I know where your hot spot is. I could do some major damage to you."

He laughed. "No, you don't." She brazed her finger down his side, which made him react by jerking. "Hey! Stop that!"

"Told ya."

"No. Thats not my hot spot. I'm just ticklish."

She tickled his side harder, making his squirm. "I'm gonna tickle you. I'm gonna tickle you."

"Kim. Don't make me start tickling you. I tickled you so bad one time you really did pee on yourself." He laughed with his face into the couch. "That was so damn funny. I had you pinned on the bed good. And I had tickled you so long you were in the crying phase. Finally, you just let it go and pissed all in the bed. Ahahahaha."

She crossed her arms and laughed a few times. "Not funny. You messed with my kidneys. I have like a urination problem now."

He only laughed harder. "HA! like spazzed out." He swallowed as he attempted to laugh. "Yeah. You were spazzing. Ahahahaha. I had messed with your nerves for so long that your muscles and everything were clench. And you had not only peed on yourself, you were like slobbing and..." He held his stomach, to keep his laughing pains to a minimum. "Speaking of retard...your fingers were all tightened and you couldn't even talk. You were just ticking and making noises. Ko, ra, ga. Na, ra, ta."

She couldn't help but laugh with him.

"Twitch and ca, eh, da. Just sounds. Ahahahahah! I mean, JADE can talk better than that. You just freaked out because of your nerves. Ahahahaha!" He coughed violently. "What is that? Ya na ma. Just noises, man."

She tapped him. "Yeah. I was messed up pretty bad. Don't forget the 'roo roo' part. HAHA!"

He slumped off of the couch, holding his face for ear life. "JESUS CHRIST!" He uttered laughs from deep within his throat. "How could I forget about that part? I was on the floor, because I had just lost control I was laughing so hard, and then you, still twitching, said, "Da roo roo. Da roo roo." I just laughed my head off. Then a realized you were pointing to the bathroom and was saying 'the bathroom, the bathroom'. I was trying to carry you into the bathroom, but I was weak from laughing and I dropped you and was like dragging you. You looked like one of those old people with no teeth. Da roo roo! Da roo roo! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!" He kicked at the floor, he was in so much pain from laughing. "Forgive me for acting so childish...can't hold back." Shockingly he was laughing harder. He was now laughing without sound, and just gasped for air. "I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK! AHAHAHAHA! I can't breath. Da roo roo. DA ROO ROO! Hell, thats funnier then the shit thing. That old people and no teeth thing...IS TOO MUCH!" He held his head and on his knees he crawled to Kim. "Help me. I'm...I'm dying. I'm laughing myself to death. And I can't stop." He couldn't relive his burning face. "You were a retard that day. AHAHAHAHA! WE CAN'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT THAT ONE! PEE ALL OVER YOU..."

She forced his head into her lap. "God, Justin. You are so pathetic." She laughed out. "Get it out of your system, Justin. Laugh it all out, babe."

His eyes pressed into her thighs, as he cried. "Oh, my God. That was so funny. I just...sorry." He sat up and coughed. "I'm choking now."

She giggled. "Oh, Justin what do we do with you? You are just goofy."

He nailed a leather pillow from off of the couch and threw it at her face. "Who you callin' goofy, Kimmy?"

She laughed and threw a pillow at him. "You, Nitsuj. We are too old to be acting so stupid."

He struggled to climb back on the couch. "Yeah. But we needed the laugh, baby girl." He held her hand. "I feel so much better, don't you?"

She kissed the corner of his mouth. "Yeah. I feel better. I love watching you laugh. Did I tell you how cute you were?"

His white smile gleamed with confidence. "Yes, you have. So, thank you. You' are fine yourself. Fine with an extra nice butt."




"I said WHAT?"

"Justin!" She sighed heavily. "Never mind."

"Damn. I wish I would have kept my mouth shut." He shook his head.

"Because of what?" She asked with her head tilted in questioning.

"The thing with Britney. I wish I never had that fight with her." He laughed. "Because I want you to perform. That is my fantasy, and you were about to do it. I would do anything to have you perform. That would be worth a thousand deaths."

She giggled. "What is it about me performing that makes you want me to do it so much?"

He rubbed his throat. It was hurting from laughing so hard. "Because I know that you hate it. And it's not your thing. To have you do it just one time for me, just to make me happy, that would be AMAZING! For one thing you have the talent. You have a beautiful voice. YOUR own sound! Your voice is unique you can make it sound like Britney, Christina, and whoever else. Or you can just use your own voice, like I said. Then you can dance. You could make so much money in the music industry. But you don't like performing, and besides you are sick of money. So, I understand."

She stretched out and brushed her foot up against his knee unconsciously. "Damn right. I really am sick of money. I don't know about you."

His hand gripped her ankle to keep her foot from wondering too much. "I'm not sick of it. But, I'm not money crazy either. I enjoy having money. But I'm not going to go crazy with it."

Her eyes lit up. "We didn't even eat out lunch yet. Can you hand me my salad please, Justin?"

He stared behind him, at the bag he had brought into the room. "Yeah, sure. Of course, baby girl." As he rummaged through the bag he remembered something. "Dang! I left your drink in the car. My bad. I knew I forgot something."

She flicked her hand at him. "Oh, don't worry about it. I'll get it later."

He handed her a small plastic container of salad, and several packets of dressing. "There you go."

"Awww! Thank you." She blew a kiss at him. "I am so hungry, man. It's almost twelve. I haven't eaten anything all day."

"You're welcome." He snickered. "I don't get it. How can you eat a piece of grilled chicken breast with leaves? Chicken IN salad? I can eat salad, just not with chucks of chicken in it."

She sprinkled creamy Italian dressing on the now exposed salad. "It's really good. The restaurant in general has good food. But I love the salads and soups." She used a plastic fork to mix around the green and fresh leaves.

"Gross." He blurted, using two fingers to wipe the edges of his mouth. "I just remembered something."


"The video. The guys and I are making a new video in a few days and you need to be in it. But not that. I already talked with you about that. Blink-182. You know the band?" She nodded. "Well, Mark, a guy from the group, called me personally and asked me to ask you would you be in their next video. They are looking for someone extremely beautiful to play like a Goth slash angel chick in their video, and they were wondering if you would be that person. But I was just letting you know ahead of time. I gave Mark all your contact info and he's going to call you himself, and discuss things further with you."

"Cool. I'll probably do it."

"Good. That would be nice of you. Besides, you'd make the video look amazing. I know you would."

"You are so sweet. I couldn't love you enough." Kim ate a mouthful of the mouthwatering salad, which crunched loudly. She swallowed before speaking. "Baby, you are not eating your food?"

"Nah, sweetie. I'm not hungry. I had a little something for breakfast. Besides, I have toothpaste stomach."

She ate another mouthful of salad. "Toothpaste stomach?"

He licked his lips to prepare for explanation. "You know how you brush your teeth, and you swallow too much toothpaste or you can still taste it, and it makes your stomach heavy? And you feel kind of sick? I don't think there is a name for it. I call it toothpaste stomach."

"Oh, okay. I understand what you mean. Yeah, I get the sometimes too." She touched his hand with hers. "But I want you to eat with me. I feel like a pig. I'm chowing down, and you are sitting there not eating, looking all thin. I get self conscious when I'm eating by myself. I feel fat."

"Your kidding. Right, Kim? You weigh one-hundred and thirteen pounds. I'm sorry to bust you bubble, babe. But anorexia is not in style this year."

She shot him a look. "God, Justin. You are so hilarious. Next time you make a joke, wink. So, I know when to laugh."

He laughed while clapping his hands. "You go, baby girl. I love when you get smart with me like that. Anyways, eat your salad. You haven't eaten anything all day, Kim."

"I can't eat, if you aren't eating too. We always eat together. I told you I think I'm kinda fat right now..."

He rolled his eyes dramatically. "Didn't I say you were one-hundred and thirteen pounds? It doesn't register for you, does it? There are twelve year olds that weigh more than that."

"Well, Christina weighs one-hundred and five pounds."

"Yeah, and she doesn't have some of the things that eight pounds give you." He mumbled under his breath. He removed his food from the bag. "Okay. I'm eating. So, you can eat now too. Eat you food, baby. Eat!"

She slid closer to him, and sat Indian style. "Thank you, Justin. You know I love you."

He nodded. "Yup. I know. You better love me." He sat his sandwich down in his lap.

"What did you get?"

He unraveled the paper, which the substance was rolled in, to act as a preservative. "Philly cheese steak." He held the medium sized sandwich with both of his hands. "Want a bite? I know you just love them. They are LIKE really really good, according to you."

"Ahahaha." She laughed falsely and leaned towards him. "I'd love a bite, if you don't mind."

He brought the sandwich to her lips. "I don't mind." He stated with a sly smile. "It has a lot of cheese in it. Please don't choke on it. For some reason you just love choking on pulley cheeses. And you eat too fast, sexy."

"Please. I know you ain't talkin'. You eat waaaaaaay too fast. You think eating three hamburgers in five minutes is normal?" She giggled smoothly, and delicately sank her teeth into is offering. Her eyes were alert and sharp, and she was looking him directly in the eye.

A string of cheese was indeed dangling from her mouth. "You got a piece...the cheese didn't make it in your mouth. Let me help you with that." He whispered.


"JUSTIN! Watch me!" Kim shouted, as she destined three back flips in a row.

He clapped for her. "Yayyyyyyy! Woooohooo! Kim rocks!" He laughed. "You are so good at that. I can't do a back flip for crap. Thats why Joey Lance and JC do them at concerts." He did a one-handed cartwheel. "Thats all I can do. And that is just absolutely amazing, I know." He winked and grinned. "I can dance though. Thats something I know I can do." He began to do indiscriminate dances.

Both of them were disposing themselves at ease. Relaxing on the beach, where their professional photographs were being taken.

Kim ran up to Justin expeditiously, catching up with the dancing he was doing. "Hey! I can dance too...sometimes."

"Can you?" His eyebrow raised. "Stop it! Don't dance, because you make me look bad. You can do everything I can...haha!"

She studied his movements closely. "Oh, snap. Justin is doing the Michael Jackson. Now, I can Moonwalk, but not in sand." She grabbed herself. "This is what Michael does most. Hee heee. Owwwww!" She bounced her shoulders as she grabbed herself. "Imma se. I'mma sa. Uma co sa! No one understand what he says in that song, so people just make up sounds. Hee hee. Hee heeeee! Owwwwww! Who's bad?"

His feet trampled in the dry and toasty sand. " need some SERIOUS help!" He walked further from her, with his back to her as he laughed. "SERIOUS HELP!"

"Aye, Justin! Why are you walking away from me?"

He spun around and was still laughing. "You are a psycho on the loose. A true nut. You are the only chick I know that would walk around grabbing her crotch shouting, "Who's bad?" Kim, you need help. Haha! But God knows you are too cute. Just as adorable as Jade. Notice how I'm not walking too far away from you. When you walked out of the dressing room and I saw you with that bikini on..." He whistled. "Damn! If you only knew how much time God has spent on you..."

She strutted away from him. "Eat me, Justin." She spat angrily.

"Okay, baby girl."

"Kiss my ass, Justin."

He shuddered at the nice view he had of her. "WILL DO!" He shouted.

She snapped and around with a confused laugh. "What has gotten into you, Justy? Why are you so frisky all of a sudden?"

He cackled. "The name is Justin. Not Justy or definitely not Nitsuj." He scratched his head. "The reason why I've been acting so wild and freaky is because I'm scared and nervous. It's all of the wedding stuff. I'm so nervous that it's causing me to act stupid and extra sexual. I can't even explain it. Take my word for it. After the wedding I will calm down. I'm just nervy and scared right now." Native laughter erupted from his lips. "Da roo roo. Da roo roo. AHAHAHAHA!"

She smacked him on the hand. "Shut up, man. Thats sad, Justin. Not funny...haha! So, what about the wedding are you scared of, baby? You don't have to be scared. Being nervous is only normal...but scared like that...I don't know."

His hands attached to her waist and he held her. "I have no idea what's wrong with me. I just have this fear in the back of my mind. I know I'm always thinking the worst, but I have a really horrible feeling about the wedding. Or something having to do with it. I just know something bad is going to happen. In a way I think we are cursed. But cursed for the better, so our love will only grow stronger. Because, Kim. Our lives are SO dramatic. We don't live normally at all. And we are not the only ones that can see this. All of our close friends and family KNOW we are not an average family and average lovers. And bad things are going to happen to us. I know this because it's basically expected, due to the lifestyle we live. And it's a lifestyle we have no control over. This scares me. And I just know something bad is going to happen, which involves the wedding. I just know it."

She kissed his lips. "Justin, shush." She breathed deeply. "You scare me when you talk like that. Nothing is going to happen. We are just going to have the coolest wedding ever." She kissed his lips once more. "Can I have a hug? Please, my dear husband?"

His arms scurried around her and he held her tight. "I love you so much, Mrs. Timberlake."

"I love you so much too." She whispered, closing her eyes. Her arms squeezed around him. Locking his body to hers.

Here they were again. Creating one person. One soul. Exchanging love without a word, but with the help of a bond of arms.

Justin gathered Kim up and held her to his shoulder. "Ahhhhhhhhh! Haha! Where are you taking me?"

His feet carried him and her to the ocean water. "I'm about to throw you in the water. I want to see that bikini wet. It's cute. I like it the most of the three you had on today. First of all I like the color. It's like a purplish-blue. And then it's weird how it's cuts in the front like that; looks kinda like a skirt. It leaves a lot to the imagination. Let's leave it at that." He launched her, as far as he could, into the water.

Adjusting to the freezing temperature of the water, Kim rose to her feet laughing. Her arms were aroused in front of her. This gesture reminded Justin of a mummy. "You are so mean, Justin. You threw me in the water. And you look good too, I must say. Those all black shorts look perfect on you. But your bare chest is looking even better." She shivered. "I'm cold."

When she was wet, her long eyelashes made her eyes contrast and stand out so much; like red against green. He approached her remorsefully. "Sorry, baby girl. I just threw you in for fun. I'm shocked you are not mad."

"Mad? Nope. Just cold. Haha."

"M'mmmmm." He pulled her into his arms. "Let me help warm you up then." His lips addressed to her neck, where he applied light suction, while he whispered. "I think the first set of pictures that were taken of us are going to come out real good. Where is Greg, anyway? Doesn't he have more pictures to take of us?"

"Yeah. He had to reload his camera."

"I know. But that was like an hour ago."

She shoved him. "It was not an hour ago. You are exaggerating."

Greg sluggishly brought his camera down. He had it zoomed in on Justin and Kim. He had run out of film a second time. Justin nor Kim took notice to the fact that he had been taking photos of them since the beginning of their flirt fest. He was fascinated with how maneuvered and amusing they were. They were asking where he was, and he was only a few feet away from them. They were so proceeding, touching, and into one another that nothing else mattered. Even during the more distance words they shared and assigned, they were the only members in focus, in their club of mental-ness. "Hey guys." He said with a wave. He saw them both jump, because he had startled them.

"Hey." Kim spoke first.

"Hey." Justin added. "So, do you have more pictures to take of Kim and I, or no?"

He gazed his camera. "Actually, I have all the pictures I need. I was um...photographing you two during your most intimate moments. I've been standing right here photographing you for about forty-five minutes. You didn't even know I was here."

"Really?" Kim asked, with compressed and surprised eyes.

"Yes, I have. Let me just say that you and Justin and the perfect couple. You two are made for each other. You are so alike and yet so different. A match made in heaven in my eyes." He smiled.

"Thank you so much." Justin beamed, holding Kim tighter from behind.

"You're welcome. Feel free to get dressed. I believe a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine is here to interview you."


"Dadadadadada. Dadadadada."

"Thats right, baby girl. Daddy." He rinsed Jade off in her small baby tub, by sprinkling water on her with her Elmo sponge. " Elmo is everwhere in this house, isn't he?" He kissed the kicking baby's head. "And now you are all clean. Are you ready to get out of the water?"

"Dada! Dada! Dadadadada!"

He laughed. "Good answer. You're my baby girl. Oh, yes you are." He tickled her and she giggled. "Aren't you just the cutest thing in the world?"


He smiled. "Okay, sweetie pie. You are going to have to be good for me. It seems that every time I take you out of the bath, after you are cleaned up, you throw up. Every time. And Kim has never had this problem. It's just me you do this to. Just please don't throw up when I pick you up to put your towel over you, okay?"

"Daaaaaaa! Kaaaaaaa! Daaaaaaa! Maaaaaaa!"

He lifted her and inch out of the water and she vomited. "DAMMIT!" He said with a snicker as her wrapped the towel around her.

"Justin! What have I told you about cursing at the baby like that?"

"DAMMIT! She's thowing up more. I know. I'll try not to do it again. I'm so sorry, baby girl. But she threw up again. And she's still throwing up." He rushed into the bedroom with the baby in his arms. He laid her back on the bed. "Forget that. I'm not washing her again. She's still clean. She just has a little throw up on her chest, thats all. Most of it is on me. Look! It's oozing down my arm, all down my clothes."

Kim quickly used a back up towel to wipe Justin's arms down, along with his shirt.

He kissed her lips. "Thank you. I love you."

"Love you too, hun." She laid back on the bed, and continued to relax.

Justin glared up at her. "Oh, am I in your way? Can you see the TV?"

"No. No, you're not. I'm not watching it really."

He observed all of the baby products and items that were laid out for him. First he used the soft towel Jade was covered in, and he wiped up the white and plain spit up that had gotten on her. With a new and dry towel he dried her off. As he did this he saw that Kim was reading something. "Baby girl, what are you reading?"

She viewed the cover of the book in one glance before speaking. "I'm reading. 'How To Keep A Strong Marriage.' I know we are not married yet. But I thought I would read this book. Just to get an idea of what people think of married life. Well, this particular author in this case."

He slipped a new diaper under Jade's bottom and paused trying to think of what to use next. "Thats interesting , Kim. I love how you do that 'read something before you go to bed' thing. I was like that once. Then I got too busy to read before I went to bed." He had still paused in confusion.

"The powder, Justin. Next is the powder."

He snapped his finger. "You aren't even looking at me, Kim. You so know me." He trickled the powder on Jade's bottom and then sealed the diaper to her. Next he handled the baby lotion. He squirted a nice amount of it in his hands, and then he massaged it all over Jade, into her delicate and exposed skin.

"Yeah. There is a lot in this book. Everything is divided into sections. Right now I'm reading the intimacy portion. Listen to this. Sexual relations between two partners is very important. An average married couple has sex at least once a week."

Justin's eyes met with Kim's. For a moment they just stared at one another. Finally, they laughed together. "Thats a bunch of BS." He cooed lowly.

"Dadadadada." Jade kicked playfully as Justin rubbed her down with lotion.

"HAHA! Once a week. Guess that makes us a bunch of freaks."

"No. No." Kim pointed out calmly. "It said at least once a week. Keywords being AT LEAST!"

He added a bottle of baby oil gel in his hand. "True." He agreed. He squirted the gel in his hands and then rubbed them together to make the substance warm. "I think we have a wonderful love life. It's not too much. It's not too less. It's a beautiful thing. I think it makes us more mature, because we act so horny and sexy and all of that during the day, but at night when we are intimate, or in the morning, whenever, it's very personal, and it's very serious and loving."

"I totally agree a hundred percent. Totally. Okay, let me get your opinion on this matter. It's back a few sections. Listen to this, Justin. When addressing emotional matters with your partner, it is essential to be a listener, even when you honestly don't want to listen."

He looked at her, so she would know he was paying attention. He slicked Jade's face down with baby oil gel as he did this. "Baby Jade smells so good. She smells Kim, I agree. With what you said, I agree. There may be times where you don't want to hear my cry about things, but you listen to me because it's healing. The same for me with you. The thing about us is we love to listen, so thats really not an issue for us."

Kim nodded. "Exactly, Justin. You are so wise."

He gripped Jade's baby t-shirt from the bed and pulled her head through it, followed by her small arms. "Thank you, Kim. I try." He held Jade up. "Look at her. Look at daddy's baby. She's all clean and happy. Most of all look at her ears. I think she looks ten times more adorable with her little heart shaped diamonds. Just like her mommy." He waved Jade's hand at Kim.

"Dadadadadadadadada! DADA!"

"Thats my baby." He kissed her on the cheek. "And how are you doing, Kim? I cannot believe you actually got the navel ring. It looks sexy on you though. Very sexy."

She giggled and put her book down. "Sexy, yes...painful, YES!"

He laughed. "I know it was painful. I was holding you as you cried. I told you Britney said it hurt." He walked over to her. Pulled her shirt up and kissed her belly button. "A kiss should make it all better." He fixed the position he was holding Jade. "Say hi to mommy, Jade. Hi, Mommy!" He waved her hand. "I'm trying to get her to say it. Say hi, Mommy."


"Hi, mommy!" Justin repeated.

Kim put her arms out to hold Jade. "Hey, Jadey Wady. You wanna come to mommy?

Justin held Jade closer to him. "No! You can't have her. She's mine." He told her jokingly. "All mine. Muhahaha!"

She licked her tongue at him. "I didn't want to hold her anyway."

He climbed over Kim and laid down in bed, by her side. "Got her bottle?"

"Sure do. And it's warm."

He held Jade with one arm, and accepted the bottle Kim proposed to him. "I'll put all of the baby stuff away in a second. I'm going to feed Jade first and put her to bed."

She propagated to her feet. "Don't be silly, Justin. You did a great job with giving her a bath. I'll be more than happy to put the things away." She assembled the lotion in her hands, and then the gel. After she clustered all Jade's baby products up in one trip she carried them into the baby's room, so that they could be put away. She obstructed at the wash room to drop off the spit up towels. Exasperating her hands together she plopped down in bed with a children's book in her hand.

Justin was rocking Jade tenderly in his arms, trying to convince her to sleep, as she sucked furiously on the bottle. "I love you, Kim." He kissed Jade on the forehead. "And you too, Jade."

She kissed his cheek. "I love you and Jade too, Justin." She waved the children's book at him. "Look who is getting sleepy. And I have just the thing to put her completely to sleep. A book." She giggled.

Justin straightened out his body and laid straight on his back. He placed Jade face down against his stomach, and his hand corresponded up and down her back lovingly. He had taken the bottle from her and was burping her with minor effort. "Yay, Jade. Time for bed. Mommy's going to read to us. What are you going to read, Kim?"

She ached her legs up, and opened the book to begin reading. "One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish. By Dr. Seuss." She glanced at Justin and Jade. Both of them had their eyes closed and were prepared for listening. She inhaled a simple breath. "One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish." She turned the page. "Black fish. Blue fish. Old fish. New fish. This one has a little star. This one has a little car. Say! What a lot of fish there are." Her eyes viewed over the illustrations in the book. She was tempted present the pages to Justin and Jade, and explain things. But she decided to let them have their incredibly beautiful and intimate moment.  She read for several minutes. "We like our bike. It is made for three . Our Mike sits up in back, you see. We like our Mike and this is why: Mike does all the work when the hills get high." She giggled. "Awwww. That is too cute. It reminds me of the Mike we know. We should tell him about it sometime. MIKE! I mean, JUSTIN!" She switched her face to him. "Justin?" He was asleep. He didn't appear to be asleep, because he looked like his eyes were just closed. His chest rose and fell rhythmically with Jade. One of his hands had fell asleep on her back, and she too was sleeping. Kim cooed at the sight. They were both gorgeous. She put the book down and quietly reached into the nightstand drawer to remove her camera. She only had a little film remaining on the camera, but she was able to capture several clean shots of them. After getting the pictures she desired. She progressed closer to Justin and Jade. "I love you guys." She whispered. Jade shivered, probably from her breath against her arm. "Okay, Jadey wady! Let mommy put you in your crib so you can sleep." As soon as she took Jade from Justin's heat giving chest, she attempted to cry, but stopped the attempt when she felt herself in Kim's safe arms. Kim picked up her bottle and pacifier and carried her into her decorative baby bedroom.

She stumbled back into her bedroom. It was fairly early compared to the usual time her and Justin went to bed, but she yawned. Everyone else was in sleepy mode. She might as well be too.

She cut the TV in the room off along with all of the lights. The room glowered with the natural shine of the sliver and reflective moon. The position of the moon, and the rays deflected from it, highlighted Justin's face more than the one remaining lamp on her side if the bed would.

She fought with the covers, since Justin was laying on top of them, but somehow she managed to lug them from underneath is weight. She silently crept under the covers with him, then ejected the covers up his lean and slim body. "I don't know why we are so sleepy. It's only nine something. I guess I'm bored. It's no fun when I'm up by myself. I was going to read a little more of the marriage book, but never mind. I love you, Justin and good night." She paused. When he made no effort to move, she gave him a kiss on the mouth. "OH, GROSS! I just got slob on my face. GROSS!" She wiped the saliva from her face in disgust "EW!"

Regaining her composure she tucked herself under him. She tacked her head to his chest. She rubbed her feet up and down his legs. It was a horrible bad habit. Eve time she was feely in bed with him, she rubbed her feet up against him in not only comfort, but to remind her senses that he was still there. He smelled wonderful. She could smell every item he had on. From his soap, cologne, to his shampoo. She sighed dreamily and her eyes fluttered closed. She rubbed her face back and fourth into his shirt. This motion gave her a whift of Jade's throw up. She ignored the smell for now, because already she was loosing consciousness to sleep.

She tensed when she felt Justin's arm hold her at the waist. "You know what, baby girl? I was never sleep. I was in like a state where I could hear everything you said. I just wasn't responding to you, because I was on the verge of going to sleep. Yes, we should tell Mike about the up the hill thing from the story. I love you too. And yes, it's very boring when one of us falls asleep and the other is still up. Oh, and I love you again."

Her eyes shot opened and she gazed at him awkwardly. She gasped several times in a row because hearing him talk was the last thing she expected. "Oh my God, Justin. You scared the shit out of me. I thought you were sleep."

His eyes were open, just as hers. "I told you I zone like that sometimes. And I block everything else out. It's like meditating. Usually doing that would lead me into sleep. But you told me you loved me and I had to respond and tell that I love you too." He smiled with heavy eyes.

She traveled up the bed more, so that her face would be close to his. "You may be awake. But you are sleepy. And You are so sexy when you are sleepy. Your eyes are already small enough, but when you are sleepy they are even smaller. You are even blinking really slow. You are so fine."

He laughed and kissed her lips. "Yes, I'm sleepy. All that running in the streets we did today." He held her tighter. "Don't you dare call me fine. You are the fine one. It's cool how little Cher said she would be a flower girl for us. And Candy agreed to it. The wedding is all set now. The menu is done...the China dishes are picked out. Everything is pretty much taken care of."

"Yes. I told you it's all so real, Justin." She giggled. "Justin, if you don't chew on that mint. You better stop storing them in your cheeks overnight, acting like a hamster. That doesn't make any sense. You shouldn't sleep with things in your mouth. What if you were to choke in your sleep? I would wake up to a dead husband, and then I would die of fright, and we would both be some dead asses."

"Okay. Chewing. CHEWING!" He laughed, as he crunched hard on the mint. "All gone. Happy, baby girl?" He kissed her lips.


He scooted down and taped his head in-between her neck. He closed his eyes. "Okay, sweetie. Good night. I love you."

She held him in her arms and closed her eyes. "I love you too. And buenos noche, Papi."

His hand teased up her and he began to caress his shoulder with his hand. "Mmmmmmm. You called me Papi. You better stop now, before I do something to you." He joked. He smacked his lips loudly, which meant he was kissing her neck. "Damn, Kim. Calling me Papi makes me want to kiss you." He smacked them louder. "I want to kiss you so bad." He moaned and whispered at the same time. Acting up as he was made him laugh.

"Justin, if you don't stop messing with me, I'm going to punch you in the head."

"You punch me in the head, and watch I toss ya to the floor."

She laughed. "Oh, yeah. Like you would REALLY do that. Then I would pick up shoe and beat you with that."

"HA! Got phone?"

"Got sense?"

His head raised at her. "Oh, I know you ain't talking about sense. Got MILK?"

"Yeah, you wish. Got brains?"

"Got shit?"

"Got dick?"

"Got roo roo? AHAHAHAHA!"

She pushed him from her. "Get away from me. Got black eye?"

"Now thats a good one. No I don't have it. Don't want it either. Kim..."

She shifted closer to him. "What?"

He helped her move towards him, by pulling her by the waist. "I have one last question for you. As you can tell I'm wide awake."

"What's the question?" She asked. Her face was drifting closer to hers.

His eyes received such pleasure in just looking at her. "Got Justin?" He asked shyly.

"Nope." She articulated quickly.

The hand that was on her back tickled up and down her spine. "Let me help you with that. Got kiss?" Before she could answer the question, he kissed her lips.

Kim's face cooperated with the movements Justin's jaw made. Her hand ran up his chest and massaged it way up to the area behind his neck.

Both of their heads were turned in opposite directions, as they exchanged tongue. Although the kiss was advanced, it was fast. It ended with a equal pull back. Their lips touched one last time.

"Baby girl, I love you and good night."

She reversed her position, and put her back to him, so the he could hold her from behind. His arms held her dearly for support, and he rested his head against her shoulders and upper back. "I love you too, Justin. Good night, baby. Just think. Our wedding is about a month away. Thats no joke. I can kind understand why you are worried and scared. I'm getting like that."

He chuckled. "I was just thinking about that. Put it this way. Haven't we been through just about anything? How can anything get possibly worse for us?"

Special Thanks. Source: Dr. Seuss 'One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Blue fish.' 

Chapter 57

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