Chapter 55

September 13, 2002 (The next day)

The golden strands of her exquisite hair were dispensed, like a fan, across her silk covered pillow. Her flexible figure was assembled like a "C", under the zealous heap of covers. Her breaths were so decrepit, weak, and frail, that she appeared to be not breathing at all. Even her hands were diverted in such an elaborated way, that they seemed perfect. Her medium in length, natural fingernails, crimsoned with a neoteric and new French manicure. Her nose poked from behind the covers, which buried her face so much, her mouth was screened from sight.

"Okay. I told Kim to beware in the morning, because I had a surprise for her. Thats her. Looking absolutely beautiful. When she is sleeping she looks just like the angel she is. She is so gorgeous. And I hate to wake her, but yesterday she got a little too camera happy. It's my turn to get camera happy. Oh, and today is the thirteenth. Only a little while longer until the wedding." Justin drove closer to her with a camcorder in his hand. His eyes were riveted to the suitable screen, and he took pride in himself as he observed how well he was taping her.

He swallowed toughly, and in a precipitated and abrupt movement, he wrenched the covers from off her her body, revealing her blue night shirt and pants, which she had changed into in the middle of the night. "OH MY GOD, KIM! WAKE UP! M'MMMMMM! LOOK AT THAT BODY! LOOK AT THAT STOMACH! OH MY GOD!" He shook her as he shouted frantically. "SHE IS SO BUILT...SHE IS SOOOO BUILT! I MEAN, LOOK AT THOSE LOVELY BREASTS!" He physically turned her over, causing her face to sink in her pillow. "THAT ASS! WHAT AN AMAZING ASS SHE HAS!" He slapped her on the butt.

After his terrifying episode, Kim have several concerned rushing through her mind. But her main priority was to open her eyes and process what Justin was saying. "Justin, what are you..." She rolled herself on her back. All she saw was a camcorder in her face, one of the scariest things she could come in contact with in the morning. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! GET THAT...DON'T BE TAPING ME WHEN I'M LOOKING LIKE THIS!"

"OH MY GOD! THAT BODY...THAT...THAT BODY!" He tugged at her shirt, showing more than a hint of cleavage.

She smacked his hand. "OH MY GOD! YOU ARE CRAZY!" She attempted to run from him. "JUSTIN, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

To prevent her from leaving, he clutched her pants. His dynamism did not congest her from getting away. Instead it flashed her rear, in which he accidentally got on camera. "Oh crap! I just got her ass on tape. I definitely have to tape over this now..." He winced as she fled into the bathroom and slammed the door.

He slyly positioned the camcorder to face himself, and he nodded his head with a smiled made mostly of misconduct. "Ya see? I scared her to death. She hates being seen when she's just woken up. She think she looks so bad. She really looks as beautiful as always...except slightly more cute and adorable. Awwwww. Anyway, notice how she woke up screaming. Most of the time when she's screaming in the morning it's because of me. But I didn't have a chance to get to her because..." He sighed. "We pulled yet another all nighter." He winked. "Just kidding. This is a test! This is ONLY a test! Doooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" He laughed. "Okay, let me stop now. Let's see where Kim is hiding, shall we? I want to tease her for a little bit more." He glared at the bathroom door knob. He innervated closer to it. With a simple twist he unbarred the door open. To make a more improved entrance, he kicked the door wide open, using sound effects as used by a Karate fighter. "Waaaa! Where are you, Kim? WHERE ARE YOU, BABY GIRL?!" He debacled and collapsed with laugher. "She's taking a pee. Oh, no! I'm really getting my Tombstone now. AHAHAHAHAHA! I'd like pepperoni on it, Kim!"


He immediately left the bathroom, and closed the door behind him. Once again the camcorder was facing him. "She's going to kill me. For one thing. I got her butt on tape, for another I have her taking a pee on tape. I have eight seconds to run, before she finishes, washes her hands, and comes after me. From there she's going to do one of two things. Cuss me out, or beat me down. I have three seconds remaining. I should have been ran." He departed from the door and was debating what to do with his infrequent seconds.


He was unprepared for the sharp pain he felt in his back, and he slumped to the ground. "SHIT! I knew my stupid ass should have ran."

She hit him several times in a row. Her hands were fairly moist from washing them. "NOW YOU KNOW NOT TO TAPE ME IN THE MORNINGS, JUSTIN! BUT TO HAVE MY BUTT, AND A FILM OF ME PEEING IS TOO MUCH! YOU KNOW I'M GOING TO HURT YOU, RIGHT?"

He shield his head with his arms. "OH MY G...PLEASE! DON'T HURT ME! I didn't mean to tape those things. I'm going to tape over them. I promise. Yes, I understand I went too far. I UNDERSTAND!" He resisted away from her.

She picked up the first thing that came to mind, and reached around the nightstand and captured the cordless phone from it.

He managed to laugh. "What the heck can you do with that phone? Call 911 on me, for my prank? Haha!" He laughed harder. "Call my MOM maybe? AHAHAHAH! Why don't you try Joey? She's still not talking to me. Hahaaaa!"

She lodged the phone at him. She tossed it to where it would astonish him, rather than hit him. Her judgment of the throw was offset, and she incidentally hit him in the side of his head. It shut him up, and he instantly stanced laughing. His body laid back against the floor. His eyes fluttered close, and he lapsed and paused, since he had been knocked benumbed and insensible. She accommodated a hand over her mouth and giggled at his expression. "Haha. Sorry about that."

"Oooooookay. I can't take this shit no more." He said seriously. He was able to sit up again, but was overcome by a sense of dizziness. He had a confused forecast on his face, and shook to think correctly. "I'm gonna run now. This is like the Blair Witch Project! OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? IT'S KIM! SHE'S ON THE LOOSE! AND IS AN ARMED LUNATIC!" He intensated to his feet and took off running. "HELP! HELP ME!" He ran down the spiral staircase, and had forgotten he had a camcorder in his hand, because he was too worried about what Kim would hit him with next. "HELP ME, SOMEONE!" He stood behind the living room couch. "OH MY GOD!" Already she was in the living room, laughing as he suspected. "Please. I am so sorry. I didn't know you were using the bathroom. I thought you were brushing your teeth. Your beautiful teeth. My sweet, sweet, SWEET, baby girl. I love you. I love you so much. Just please don't crack me in the the head with another phone. You cracked me in the head with a phone." He sniffled. "It hurt so bad."

She felt so bad for him. She could tell he was about to cry. "Hey, Justin? Why don't you place the camcorder down, baby?" She couldn't stop herself from giggling.

He fidgeted behind the couch in fear, and slipped the camcorder down on the table behind the couch. He put his hands up in innocence. "I swear to God, I didn't mean to offend you. What I did wasn't that bad. I just wanted to act all camera happy like you were yesterday, thats all. And you hit me in the head with the phone. HARD! Don't you think you got your revenge? You are still chasing me. You cracked me in the head with the phone, and it hurts so bad." He rubbed the throbbing area.

She perched down on the couch and gazed at him in regard and awe. "I'm so sorry, sweetie. Come lay your head in my lap. I'm sorry, Justin. I'm not chasing you anymore. Dang, talk about Blair Witch Project..."

He couldn't refused her offer. He loved her too much. He did pout his face as he approached her and settled his injured head in her lap. His eyes peered with hers.

She kissed his lips quickly and stoked his hair back. "I'm so sorry, baby. I wasn't trying to hit you with the phone. I was trying to miss you on purpose. Thats shows how bad my aim is." She smiled downward at him.

"You are abusive again." He joked.

"I am when you start stuff. If you would have let me sleep, everything would have been fine. You didn't have to scare me and act all stupid." Her fingers revolved in a circular motion over the area she had hit him, he was so comforted by this gesture, that he closed his eyes.

"I know. I brought it on myself. Sorry about getting you ass on tape. I'm going to tape over the whole ordeal that happened this morning. I just can't believe I got hit in the head with a telephone. I didn't see it coming. And when it hit me, it knocked the shit out of me. And it hurts so bad, but what you are doing feels so good." He sniffled.

She offered him another sensational kiss on the lips. "You poor thing, Justin . You sound like you are going to start crying."

He nodded. "Yeah, I am. I may be a grown man, but that hurt. I probably have brain damage."

She giggled. "No you don't. Well, you might have brain damage, but not from when I hit you with the phone. Your head is fine. It's too hard to be damaged by a cordless phone." She stopped massaging his scalp as she thought. "So, what are you going to tape next? So you can tape over the previously recorded footage."

He groaned and moved her fingers against his head, using his own force, urging her to massage him still "Baby, don't stop. Keep going." He smiled when she continued. "And I don't know what I'll tape next....something."

She leaned down over his masculine frame and kissed his charming, and pulp lips again. "I say we tape Jade. Jade and you and I, just being a family. We have to starting getting more things on tape. Oh, and did I say good morning and I love you, Mr. Timberlake?"

His eyes were shut, but he licked his lips to let the corners of his mouth twitch upwards. "No, you didn't. Good morning to you. And I love you too, Mrs. Timberlake."


She observed her watch, as she trudged to her awaiting car. The time was eleven in the morning. When she achieved and identified her car, she plunged the key into the door to unlock it properly. Something caused her to hinder and halt. Her head scrutinized to the side, and her eyes escalated in size. A sliver car, which she had never seen before, pulled into the parking lot. She was experienced enough to recognize the infamous Porsce symbol on the front of the car. Music was blasting from the interior of the staggering and astonishing automobile. It was so loud that the car was vibrating from the intensified bass, and even other cars surrounding it were being shaken by the impact. The song could be clearly heard in detail, it was Destiny Child's 'Survivor'. The first person to devise from the car was a unique gentleman, who she recognized the instance she saw him. It was the curly-haired Justin Timberlake. She was not astonished to see Kim reject from the passenger side door. The woman examining all of this was a complete stranger, but she couldn't help but inspect them and watch them, because they were such a stunning and elegant couple.

""Cus my momma taught me better than that..." Kim trailed off. "I don't really like that song, Justin. Babe, don't forget to grab the food."

He headed back over to the drivers side of the car to contract the bag of food which he had indeed forgotten to get. He laughed. "Haha. If you don't like the song so much, Kim. Then why did you have the CD on repeat in the car? You could have change the CD or listened to the radio." He joined the side of her again.

She smiled. Her lips were flooded with a high-luster gloss. Her coruscated, gleaming, and glimmering lips, gave Justin the chills. Other than the gloss, she had no other makeup on her face, which seemed florescent from the beaming tan she had. Most of her face was hidden by a pair of futuristic sunglasses. The enormous seventy styled sunglasses, were a very dark brown at the top, and the bottom of the lenses were the same as that as the color of her golden flesh. She removed the sunglasses from her face and snuggled them into her hair. "Oh, I know shouldn't listen to the song if I don't really like it. It's really just some of the wording that bugs me. You know I'm not gonna diss you on the internet? My momma taught me better than that? Haha. I just think thats crappy song writing! But Destiny's Child is cool. The beat of the song is okay. Besides, it's good to listen to songs you don't like...makes you stronger." She winked and blew him a kiss, since he was staring directly into her crimson-blue eyes.

He blew her a kiss. "I think that man, that was in the black car earlier, was really following us."

She laughed. "Umm...yeah, Justin. It's kind of obvious. He followed us all the way to my modeling agency, and he's out of the car and is taking pictures of us right now." She shrugged. "Oh, well. I'm used to it now."

"If it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother me."

She refrained from walking. "Before we go into the agency. You have to check my outfit thoroughly and make sure that I look okay." She tampered with her top and adjusted it. "Do I look okay?" She asked worriedly.

He licked his lips. "Okay? Man, when I first saw you in that outfit today, I swear I thought my heart had stopped. You look so amazing, Kim. I love your natural beauty. It just amazes me how beautiful you are. And your outfit is marvelous. You're wearing those hip huggers again, with your little revealing shirt, and with a white sweater tied around your waist. You can wear revealing clothes because you carry yourself well. I love your shades too. They are just big as hell."

She giggled. "Oh, I know you aren't calling my glasses big. You need a flashback, honey. You and Chris both are known for the elephant sized sunglasses you wear. And thank you for saying I look good. You do to. You look so normal today. And thank you for matching with me. Red. Red. And more red for us today. The only reason why I'm wearing this shirt...or this outfit at all is because it's Chanel. Which is the main company I model for. When I go to my agency I like to wear and represent Chanel. It would be wrong not to. But notice how I don't wear Chanel that much on an average day to day basis, or the awards shows you take me to."

He was able to hear her, but he blanked out because of the distracting shirt she was wearing. It was almost cut all the way to her navel, and the "V"-like shape revealed her chest almost entirely. "I understand why you are wearing that shirt. BUT it's very revealing. Your nipples are right there, Kim. You better be careful. I'm not all that comfortable with the shirt, but I know you are just being the modeling image today. I'm not going to say anything. "

She crossed her arms. "I know I have to be careful. And I told you the shirt is taped in place. There are clear, adhesive-sticker thingies on it, so it will say it place. So, I'm cool." She kissed his lips. "Look at you. You sure are glowing today."

"Why, thank you. I'm glowing because of you, baby girl."

Another woman, who was going to her car, greeted them. "Hello." She said, just being polite.

"Hey." Justin smiled at her.

"Hey." Kim enthused.

"Nice day today, huh?"

They nodded together. "Yes, it is." Kim remarked. The woman flashed her a smiled and traveled away. "Justin, I hope you locked the car doors. I don't remember you doing so."

He sighed loudly. "Yeah, that is very important. I did forget." From his pocked he with drew his handful of keys. And from the distance he was, he pressed a button, which not only locked all of the doors at once, but set the car alarm also.

She giggled. "Thats more like it. If someone stole my expensive, only three in the US, car...I'd have to kill you, Justin."

He laughed with lull. "Girl, you wish it was your car. It's mine. I don't understand why you don't get that. Didn't I say it was my car?"

"Haha! I brought it, Justin. It's mine."

He rearranged the material of her shirt for her. He was self-conscious for her, and couldn't explain why. "Like I said, my beautiful baby girl. It's mine."

"Whatever, Justin. It's yours then. It's yours for today. How about that?"

He nodded giddily. "Deal." He reached up and touch his hair to test how long it had become. "Kim, do "I" look okay? I wouldn't want to embarrass you by my looks or the way I dress."

Her original smile gloomed. "Justin...I told you, you looked amazing and normal today. You know you look good. And no you don't embarrass me in any way."

Their hands combined and connected, and quietly they walked.

Kim's nose hinted a morbid sent. "EW! I hate those trees in the fall, they smell so bad. EW!"

He laughed. "Yeah. The fish trees. HAHA! You've lived in Florida your whole life, you should be used to them by now."

She shook her head. "UGH! They smell hideous."

He grinned, which made a few laughs legate his mouth. "Close your legs, Kim. Maybe the smell won't be as bad."

She discontinued walking and was so stunned, her mouth was dangled open. "Oh, Justin. Ohhhhh, boy. I cannot believe you just said that...I cannot believe you just said that."

He ceased with her, and brought her hand to his lips to kiss it. "Kim, please. You know I was just kidding." He gazed behind his back, as if he was wary someone was following him. "Believe me...I would know." He whispered. "I have a kissing fetish, that I never had until I met you. I've never kissed a girl like I have you." He winked. "You are special."

Since their hands were latched together, she squeezed his harshly, wishing she'd break a finger or two. "Take that, you very bad Justin Timberlake."

"Ow!" He yanked her hand causing her to jerk towards him. "Payback is a bitch, Kimmy."

"My name is KIMBERLY, not Kimmy. Only your mom can call me Kimmy. And let my hand go, Justin."

Both of them paused in front of the entrance of the building. "I know what your name is. Kim is better, because Kimberly is a stupid name. It makes you seem like the all American chick. And I won't let your hand go, love. I want to hold your small, cute hand."

She giggled. "Who are you to say my name is stupid? Yeah. Like Justin is so rare." She rolled her eyes playfully.

"Justin is rare. This Justin is anyway." He let her hand go, but only to open the door for her. He had to compromise with is one available hand, since his left was holding their lunch for the day.

She smiled and tipped her head at him in thanks.

He held her closely from behind, and let her lead the way, because he wasn't familiar with her agency. It was the first time he had went to it to be honest. His eyes roamed around the room. "Baby girl?"

She stared back at him. "Yup."

"Is that the dude that had his hand on your stomach in that one picture?"

"Yes, it is, Justin. And he has a name, I told you. It's Ryan."

Ryan approached Kim and tapped her. "Hey, Kim. Looking good, sweetheart. You're a murderer. You're killing people wearing that shirt." His eyes carried to Justin's face. He extended his hand. "Hello, and you must be Justin."

He unwrapped the arm from her waist to shake hands with the male model. "Yes, I am. Hey!"

"I'm Ryan. Kim talks about you so much. All the time she's talking about her Justin."

"Thats nice to know." He smiled. "I've saw you before. In magazine photographs with Kim. You've had some very interesting poses with her."

"I know. Sometimes we have to get close, but we handle the situation maturely. And I told her if she ever feels uncomfortable doing a shoot with me, to let me know. It wouldn't bother me. You know, Justin? You're a very lucky man. You have yourself an amazing woman." He nudged him.

He sighed dreamily. "I know. She is amazing."

"Don't worry, man. I know every guy is basically after her. But I can assure you I'm not trying to mess with her. You see, I have a girlfriend. Having that issue on top of having to deal with you. I would never come on to Kim. It's very temping...BUT NO THANKS! HAHA! I'm not tying to get my ass kicked." Him and Justin laughed loudly together.

Justin held Kim tight, he was being protective of her. And was showing his authority. proving that she was his.. "Haha! I know thats right."

He ran his fighters though his hair. "Okay, man. It was nice meeting ya! I'll be seeing you, I'm sure. I got to shoot."

"Yeah. It's was nice meeting you too, man. Have a nice day."

"Alright, you too. Thanks. And bye, Kim."

"Bye bye!" She waved. As soon as Ryan left, she revolved to face Justin. "See, that wasn't that bad. I told you he was a really nice guy. He's just a guy that I work with. An associate, nothing more."

"I have no problems with him. He's cool. But he still shouldn't have had his hand on your stomach like that." He chuckled. "I don't care how nice he is. That sexy tummy of yours belongs to me. I refuse to share it with anyone else. Well...except the baby." He laughed. "I'm selfish."

She pushed him lightly. "Haha. Justin. I'll say it once, and I'll say it again. You need help." She grabbed his hand to help guide him to the front desk with her. Before she could say anything...

"OH MY GOD! JUSTIN!" The woman at the front desk shrieked. "I mean Justin of Nsync." She cleared her throat. "Excuse me. Ahem, Mister Timberlake. Miss Miller." Her head dipped at them.

"Hey." Justin said carefully. He looked at Kim, wondering what she led him at the desk for. Or what she was going to say or do from there.

"Kim, your room is ready. Just go back there."

She squinted her eyes. "Thats all?"

"Yup. Thats all." Her eyes looked Justin over quickly.

Kim impelled Justin towards the back of the building. She braced herself in front of her door, which read 'Kim Timberlake' across the front in gold lettering."

He was confused. "What does she mean your room is ready? And Kim Timberlake? You don't have my last name yet."

She shrugged. "I like using Timberlake as my last name, even though it's really not. No one cares. Everyone around here thinks of me as your wife. I'm serious. People think we are married already." She committed the door open and trailed inside of the room.

"Check this have it made." Justin avowed. His eye examined the room in curiosity.

She giggled. "You see. My agency preserved and created this room for me. So every time I come here, I go to my room. They have my outfits and things laid out for the day for me. Oh, and they always put a dozen pink roses in my room. Just because my favorite color is pink."

He shivered his head, and sat down on the couch in the room. "It's a damn shame. You are so spoiled."

"I'm not the only one that has my own room. A lot of people that work here don't...but I do."

"You are SPOILED! Let me tell are SO spoiled, baby girl. Justinnnnn, I want a back rub. Justinnnnnn, I want a piece of cake, can you get it for me?"

She huffed. "I will never ask you to do anything for me again. Since, it is such a problem to ask you to do something."

He set the bag of food down behind him. "Kim, don't even try to act hurt by me saying that. You know good and well I'd go out in a freakin' blizzard, just to get you a ring pop." He laughed. "I'd do anything for you. I'd give my life, just so you could live. You know that, girl."

"You know that, girl." She mocked, across the room. She pointed to a variety of clothing that was presented neatly on a rack. "Thats cool how they organize everything for me. These are the bikini's that I am wearing to our shoot today. And those are shorts for you. I suggest you wear the black ones. Drawstring looks damn good on that waist of yours. You know we will probably go to a location today, Justin. You know that right?"

He nodded and folded his hands casually. "Yes, I knew that, baby."

She skipped over to where he was sitting and took a seat by him. "You know what, Justin?"

His teeth chimed fresh, bright light at her. "What, babe?"

"I love my job. I LOVE IT! It's the only reason why I model, because it's fun and I like being in magazines. I like the attention. And the free clothes too. Chanel's clothes are so expensive, and I get them for free. I remember one time I modeled a leather jacket, that thing was ten grand. The Chanel people are crazy! If they want more people to buy their things, then they need to lower their prices. And I know I get paid a lot. But I'm not doing this for the money. I don't need the money really. To be truthful, Justin. I'm almost sick of money. We need to make huge donations to charity this year. All my life I've been around money. Money, money and more money. It's pathetic in my opinion. Money is all I know. Thats extremely sad. I should have never let myself get like that."

Her head had lowered, and Justin used a finger to lift it. "I'll tell you what you know. You know a lot. To me you know everything. Thats why I love you so much. You can do a little of everything. And thats the truth, sweetheart."

She giggled. "Thank you." She gazed around the room. "I told you my agency was crazy...the people are crazy. They go all out of their way to keep me satisfied, because they say that I am such a hot demand and I make them so much money. They do anything for me because they don't want me to leave the company. I told them I wasn't going to. I have a ten year contract with them. I'm not going to leave. I told them to stop giving me the special queen treatment. Now a lot of models think I'm stuck up.." She kicked her white shoes off and took a seat on the couch. "Justin? JUSTIN?" He appeared to be brain dead. "Justin, did you hear a word I said?" Her finger touched his arm.


She was not prepared for his odd outburst and snatched her hand back quickly, while sliding to the end of the couch.

His head slumped into his lap. "Look at you. All scared. You don't trust me because you don't know what I'll do next. I'm sorry, Kim. I'll try to be more mature." He shifted into the leather couch, with an unmistakable grin.

"What the hell was that? Only YOU would suddenly chant SEGA, Justin. What is wrong with you, really?" She tried to crop the subject and concentered her hands in her lap. "So..."

He pointed a finger at her. "You know what? It's going to be a mess?"

She scooped up her hair, twisted it, and threw it behind her back. "What is, babe?"

He chuckled. "Oh, excuse me. I was just rambling. I was talking about the tour and the promotion. Everything is so messed up. I mean schedule wise. Everything has to be rushed because of our wedding basically. And let me tell you, Kim. I'm talking just hectic. While we are promoting we are going to be learning the tour choreography at the same time. Everything is going to be so jumbled, and I just know that some things aren't going to happen the right way. I know the tour is going to be screwed. Just hell. There is no way everything can go right on our tour. Especially the first few show dates."

She inhaled to speak, but quit the attempt when he continued.

"Then the fans are another story. Some of my fans hated me. I mean HATED me for going out with Britney as long as I did. Which was almost a year. When we went public with our relationship, things began to change. People just hated us. And that made us lose fans, and Nsync began to go downhill. People just got sick of us. They were like okay, most of them have girlfriends. They have all this money now. Their fans can't touch them...we don't like them anymore. I'll admit. There were some of our fans that were devoted and they stood by us and supported us no matter what. There are the other fans that liked us, you know? But not as much as they once did. Once Britney and I broke up it was like a joke. Because BOOM! People started liking us, or at least me, again. And Britney and I broke up right before our new album, it was new at the time, was to be released. This stirred up a lot of controversy and people brought our album, and we broke the record we had set last."

"So, how do you think you album will do this year? You are getting married to me. We are not just dating, we are getting married."

"I know. BUT! Everyone loves you so much! But for the simple fact that Nsync has been out for so long. I'd say our album will do pretty good, just not break the record that we set. I don't know. Maybe no one will get the album. It doesn't matter to me, as long as we at least have one fan, I'll be happy. Having relations with people, and giving them music is all I want out of Nsync. It's all. I don't care about anything else. Especially not the money. Just as you feel about your job , Kim. It just happens that I get paid well for doing what I love to do. But the people are the only reason why I am still in Nsync. And of course the relationship I have with the guys. They are my brothers. And I would have never survived being in Nsync if it weren't for them."

Kim giggled. "I'm a survivor. See! The song does come in handy."

He laughed, and his hand corraded against her small knee. "You are so cute."

She blinked and then smiled. "You are so cute."

"Ut ohhh. There goes that echo again..." His pager cautioned him, and notified him of a massage. "Excuse me, baby girl." He said holding his finger up. "Sorry. I have a page." He reached into his back pocket and arrogated the electronic device into his hand. Once it was open, he read a message, which was from none other than Chris. He slouched in the couch with his shoulders thrown forward, and his legs spaced apart and comfortable. His blue eyes surveyed the small pager screen closely.

'Justin, Yo! I hope I'm not interrupting you. I just had to tell you something real quick. I wanted to let you know that the party I'm having for my birthday is going to be a costume party, since it's near Halloween! You are going to get an invitation, but I just thought I would let you and Kim know, so you can dress accordingly. I know how you guys are. Ya'll love to get stuff custom made and I thought I would let you decided what you are going to be, before time is too late. Now you have a month in advance. If it's not too much to ask, please write me back and tell me what you and Kim have an idea of being, so I can know. I'm asking everyone, just so no one ends up with the same costume. And um...please DO get something custom made because hundreds of people are coming to the party. Thanks. Oh, and ask Kim will she marry me. Okay? HAHA! Sorry this is so long. Bye, gay ass!'

He chuckled in amusement. "Oh, I know he didn't call me a gay ass! He can't talk with his pita bread head."

She snickered. "Pita bread? What the hell, Justin? Haha."

He inverted his head to the the side, to face her. "Chris is the one who paged me. You know how he said he was going to have his birthday  party at his house this year? Turns out it's a 'costume' party. Thats Chris for ya. He thought he would tell us ahead of time, so we could have something custom made and be original.

Kim progressed closer to his glowering figure. "Thats kind of cool."

"It's a very 'Chris' idea."

She laid her leg over his thigh. "I think I know who we should be."

He saw that she was paying attention to him, so he licked his lips for the effect. "Who, baby? Because I have no idea."

She created friction by swaying her leg back and fourth against his thigh. "Well, it's not very original, since you mentioned the word...but if we got our costumes custom made, we could be like a modern Romeo and Juliet." She shrugged. "I don't know. Something like that would be cool though."

He coughed dramatically. "Something like that is out of the question."

"Why?" She asked with questioning approach in her eyes.

"Because! I'm not wearing no tights. HELL NO! There is no way you could get me to wear something like that. EW! No way!"

She giggled. "Justin, I said the modern version. I know there wouldn't be a way to get you to wear tights. Hell, I can't even get you to wear underwear. I'm talking about the like regular kind. The white kind that are really tight. M'mmm thats one of my fantasies. For you to wear those. That would be so hot. To see your big bulge just..."

"THAT IS SICK!" His hand rubbed her, leg which was hanging over him. "I told you the reason why I can't wear that type of underwear. They don't fit me right. And they are too tight, like I said. Can't have that. Nope... I WANT to have another baby with you. That won't be possible if I wear underwear like that. That is gross. Be cutting off your circulation and stuff."

She held his hand, which was touching her tight and laughter busted from her mouth. "Oh, my God...circulation. Ahahaha. Hold up." She held her head down and laughed. "I got a question. I never understood what you meant by, they don't fit right. So, what are you...hahaha....saying, Justin? That your package doesn't fit the the size of the wrapping paper?"

He leaned in closer to her. "Something like that. Why don't you find out for yourself?"

She laughed louder. "Well, I can't if you don't wear them."

She pushed her shoulder. "Kim, you are crazy. Package? Haha. Yeah. You wanna see my package?"

Her face inched closer to his. "The question is. Do you wanna see mine?"

His eyebrow raised. He was going to respond to her question, but shook his head instead. "You wouldn't show me your 'package' right now, if you life depended on it." His mouth fell closer to her face. "I want to kiss you so bad right now, my queen. I am so excited about getting married to you. And scared too. I just have this awful feeling you are going to change your mind about marrying me, or just start walking down the aisle and realize you never wanted me in the first place, and take off running. I would never recover from the scar that you doing that would put on me. I'd be miserable for the rest of my life. I would state something I would DO, but since I told you in the shower I wouldn't mention it, I won't go there." The look on her face began to choke him. "Okay, I'm changing the subject. What does your dress look like? I'm dying to know, Kim. Why won't you tell me not even the slightest detail? Just tell me how big it is." He placed the pager down beside him.

Her face softened a notch and she giggled. "It's huge. Ten times bigger than Cinderella's! Huge!" She glared down at her golden-colored hands. "It's all so real. And my dress is the perfect dress. The dress of my dreams." She smiled with glassy eyes. "I just hope I can walk in the thing. I tried on only two parts of it. There is no telling how the third part is going to affect me. Polina said that the entire dress is going to weight about fifty pounds. Because of all the bead work and crystal, and sapphire on it. Thats like half of my weight, Justin. Watch me. I'll walk down the aisle and then just tip over or something."

He clapped his hands and laughed. "Hell naw." His head hung down as he chimed. "Oh, God. That would be so messed up. Like if you were walking and the dress was too much for you, and it drowned you as you were walking towards me, and you just fell over. Hahahaha! That would be awful."

She nodded with an agitated facial expression. "Exactly what I'm saying. It would be bad, which is exactly why you shouldn't be laughing. What's so funny about that, Justin? Don't you know that if I tipped over in a large dress like that I wouldn't be able to get up."

His mouth closed, but he could not control snickers that retired from his mouth. "Okay. I'm not laughing."

She crossed her arms. "Yeah you are. Which, sadly, doesn't surprise me. Hmmmm. Lets see if I can help you with stopping your laughing fit. Why don't you think about the time, you told me to leave your home so you could be with Britney. Or when my parent shot me for going back home because I had no place to go...oh and the movies."

He concealed his hand over her mouth. "Okay, Kim." He said, trying to stay calm. "As you can see I'm not laughing anymore. I get the point. You don't have to reminisce. And you don't have to go on and on about the mistakes I've made in the past. I'm not laughing anymore, lets move on. Because if we don't. You are going to piss me off. And I would APPRECIATE it if you stopped bringing up old shit, baby girl." He gently took his hand away from her lips. "Very old shit!"

She formulated her head to his chest. She felt even more comfortable and safe when his arms went around her. "Sorry, Justin. I don't want to make you mad." She glowered up at his face. Staring at him with a daring but loving smile.

He chuckled. "Who could resist that smile? Don't worry, baby girl. I'm not mad at ya."


He pretended to be overly excited, just as she. "OH MY GOD, GIRL! WHAT? What is it child?"

She giggled. "I have a joke for you, Justin."

He cracked a smile with limited interest. "What is it, Kim?"

She extracted her leg from his thigh. "You are going to have to cooperate though. Just follow the commands that I tell you. Okay, Justin. Stand up."

A loud exhale descended from his mouth, as he rose to his feet unenthusiastically. "And?"

She tried to minimize her laughter. "Now, put your hands on your knees."

One of his eyebrows reclined with curvation. "Nope. I'm not doing it. There is no telling what kind of joke you are trying to play here."


He represented his botheration, by slapping just one hand to his knee. "Now what?"

She laughed. "Your not being very lenient about this. Just spell the word run, Justin."

He gave her a bizarre glimpse. "Spell run. Geez, thats a tough one. "R", "U", "N"."

She clutched her stomach and broke down laughing. "Are you in! Get it?"

His mouth jolted with disbelief, and his eyes visaged a message to her. "Are you serious?" He asked squinting his eyes and sitting back down. For some reason, Kim was cracking up. "That was just stupid. Thats not even funny, Kim. Thats stupid as hell."

Due to his serious indication, she discontinued laughing. "Some dude told me that joke my senior year. I forgot all about it until now. I thought it was pretty funny because it caught me off guard. Unfortunately for you, you are tying to act like the joke is not funny, and be all serious, to appear more mature. But let me tell you that, all I have to do is a recap, and think about the day you claimed to have taken a huge shit in the pool."

He was not prepared for her words, and laughs he could not control, powered from his mouth. " OH, GOD! OH, MY GOD!" He possessed a fist to his mouth and sniggled into it. "NO, KIM! Ahahaha! You don't seem to understand. It's not the joke that I'm laughing about. It was your face. Ahahaha. It was the face. You were gazing at me in misunderstanding. And I use that term literally. You just didn't understand why I was eating shit. And that face was was just priceless. You couldn't bid a billion dollars on it. It was just so cute and innocent, that it was funny. And every time I think about it, Kim. Ahahahaha. I can't help but laugh." He clapped rhythmically. "GOD! Can't get no better than that. You want a bite? HAHAHAHAAAA!"

She skidded away from him, fed up with his troubling laughter. "I'm not talking to you, Justin. You make me sick. Your are doing it again. You're making FUN of me! It's all a game to you. Just like I said..."

"Okay." He respired in a low murmur. "Kim, I told you that you were changing. I can't even JOKE with you anymore! You know what? I have to stop talking so much. I'll try to just say simple things from now on. Since every little playful thing I say to you makes you so offended."

There was a long and uneasy pause.

"Hey, Kim." Justin called , with a smirk. "Lift up your thigh they call me the Pac Man!" He flashed is tongue out of his mouth like a lizard...twice.

Her jaw dropped. "Justin...Randall...Timberlake. WHAT on earth did you just say?"

"I just said I would stop acting so bad, and I messed up again. Ahahaha. I was just playing, baby."

She giggled. "Yeah. But who is Pac Man? I don't get it. Lift up your thigh they call me the Pac Man? Ooookay."

He lost it and laughed. "Kim." He laughed in his hand. "Where the hell have you been? PAC MAN, GIRL! The little yellow thing that eats the dots? You know what I'm talkin' about?"


"Come on, Kim. It used to be on the very first game system out? I have it on Playstation three, but it's a new and realistic version. It's basically a yellow ball running from ghosts and it eats dots."

She gasped. "Oh, yeah. And if you beat it, it takes you to a new level." She thought to herself. "I get the joke now. Lift up your thigh they call me Pac Man. know I'm gonna hurt you, right? I don't understand where you get stuff like that from."

His eyes widened. "Don't hit me. PLEASE! It's a song. What's your fantasy, by Ludacris. You know the song."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Since it's in a song. I'm giving you a warning. Just ONE warning though. I have to admit that the quick little motion you did with your tongue was pretty hot. Not that it's a tease or anything."

He whipped his tongue at her again.

"Quit it, Justin. I'm just going to ignore you!" She turned her head away, so she would not have to view his persuasive actions.

"I wanna li li li li lick you from your head to your toes. I wanna move from the bed down to da down to da to da flo'. And I wanna, Ah! Ah! You make it so good I don't wanna leave..."

"You better stop, Justin."

He chuckled. "Thats you part right there. Huh, Kim? That, Ah! Ah!"


"Ohhhh, baby. Uhhha, God! I love you Kim. M'mmmm."

She slapped her had on her thigh in anguish. "GOD DAMMIT!" She rose to her feet and began to pace. "You make me sick when you do that. And you did the m'mmmm thing. I'm like in love with the m'mmmm thing. You only do that when your REALLY into me and you can't help it, and now you acting stupid. And is testing me. When I jump on your ass and rape you, you'll be sorry."

He laughed seldomly. "What don't you understand about the situation? I'm trying to get you to rape me. Haha!"

With her hands placed barely on her waist. Her priority was to say something, but she just fell speechless. Looking at him as if he was mad.

He raised his hands in the air. "You know what I am going to do? I'm going to sit here and read the magazine that is sitting on the coffee table. Hopefully, by doing that I can keep myself out of trouble." He slipped the magazine into his hand, and it smack a smile on his face to see Kim on the cover of the magazine. "Hmmm. Thats funny. I haven't seen this magazine yet. And I make sure that I get every modeling magazine so I can collect ALL of your pictures. November 2002. It sure is printed early to be made for November."

She reluctantly staunched down on the couch in which he was sitting. "Thats right. My modeling agency gets the magazines quicker than most stores and home subscriptions. Just so us models can take a look at ourselves and judge how we look. Or study any improvements we need."

Justin's face browsed her face, because he was interested in the conversation she had created. "Improvements?" He asked warily. "Exactly WHAT improvements do you need?"

She giggled. "Well according to Greg, my photographer and the man who is taking our photos today, said that I don't need any. But he tells models all the time they need them, just not me. How sad."

He laughed. "Oh, I was about to say...what's wrong with that man? Told you you're perfect."

She laid back and once again stretched her feet over his lap. "No. But whatever. You and my photographer can say what you want. But every time you or anyone else says I'm perfect I'm going to let you know that I am offended and tell you what's on my mind. Okay?"

He brought the magazine down, which was covering his eyes. "BULL SHIT!" He spat loudly. "Thats a bunch of bull, Kim. And I'm sick of you saying it. Oh, I am not perfect. If you are NOT perfect as a person at least admit that your body is perfect. You have the perfect body and you know it. YOU KNOW IT!" He pointed a finger at her. "You know it, Kim. I wish you would just admit it. The world would revolve a lot easier. You say that you are not perfect so you wouldn't seem stuck up. But, baby. You at least have the most perfect body. And You have the right to admit it. Because everyone knows. Everyone knows that you are perfect. You wouldn't seem stuck up if you said it. Aren't you happy with yourself?" She didn't respond to him and bit the inside if her cheek. "Kim, I asked you a question, baby girl."

"Well..." She began to play with her fingers and move them all sorts of ways. "I guess."

He nodded. "See. So, you are happy with your body. Which is why you buy cute clothes. Which consists of basically anything, because you have it going on. You got it like that."

She smiled. "Thanks, Justin. So do you."

He shook his head. "No, I don't. Now, I have flaws. You don't." He dully pulled the magazine up to his face, because he was having trouble seeing. He instantaneously set the magazine aside. "Wait a sec. I forgot I need to write Chris back." He snatched up his pager, which was hidden under his leg from his shifting. "Let's see here. Costume party. What we are going to be?" He mumbled random notes to himself. "Aye, Kim...I don't know. We are going to do the Romeo and Juliet thing, right?"

She nodded and watched in amusement at how serious he was being.

"Okay. Thank you. Will Kim marry him? No." He pronounced as he wrote back in the tiny computer. Once he finished typing his message, he aspired up to glide the pager into his pocket. He converted the magazine back up to his face.

Kim kept to herself. Stunned and yet questioned. She began to wonder what made Justin...him. She didn't understand his individuality and substance. He was so unique and beautiful. And she knew that he was frolicsome and prankful, but it was one of his characteristic she loved most about him. He was always joyful. She just acted as if she was bothered by his ways, to release spurts of anger that lied within her. Probably things agitating her from her past. Who knew? And she suddenly felt appalled with herself for treating him so poorly, due to his animated life. Why was he always saying sorry to her? He was so good to her, and she treated him so badly...too badly. "Uh, Justin."

The magazine never parted from his face. "Yup, baby girl?"

"Justin, I'm...I'm..."

When he heard her voice break he sloped the magazine downward.

"Justin, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry for treating you like crap." Tears draped down her golden cheeks. "I'm so sorry." She said shaking her head. "I'm sorry for yelling at you so much. And hitting you so much. And being so mean to you, when you never do anything to me. You are ALWAYS telling me that you are sorry. When you've done nothing to be sorry for. I just feel so horrible right now."

He progressed closer to her and his fingers gently licked underneath her eyes. "Awwwww, sweetheart. Don't cry. Please don't cry." He kissed her nose, which caused her eyes to close, and more tears to cascaded from them. "I know you don't mean being mean. You see, Kim. I know everything about you. And it took me about a year, but I've also come to learn you facial expressions. And a few weeks ago I realized this. Every face you make I know it's meaning. And when you yell at me or hit me or scream or whatever I know what it's true meaning of what you are saying by your face." He kissed over her right eye. "So don't cry, beautiful."

She whimpered. "But I feel so bad, baby. I feel so bad. I have no right to...just like the pool thing that happened yesterday."

He laughed, which made her glare at him strangely. "Is that what is upsetting you? Kim, when you were telling me off in front of everyone I was going to break down laughing. I swear to God I was. And you know I only swear to God when I am being honest. By your face I knew that you were just saying stuff to "act" mad. I knew you weren't really mad at me. I knew it. The only reason I didn't laugh was because you said you wasn't going to talk to me. Thats the only reason why I didn't laugh. That just sucks. I told you, Kim. I know everything about you. Another thing. When you REALLY get mad at me, your face tightens up and your eyes get smaller. And when you are mad you walk away from the situation or me, and you leave. When you yelled at me yesterday you stayed in the pool room and you sat by yourself. You knew I was going to walk up to you. As a matter of fact you spoke to me first. If you were really mad, you wouldn't talk to me." He laughed. "So, don't cry, honey. I know you don't mean it."

She laughed and brushed her palms under her eyes, followed by painting her gloss on Justin's lips.

As they kissed, his hands fumbled around trying to find hers. When he found his destination, their fingers combined together. His head turned to ensure perfect positioning. His lips relaxed over hers and with his eyes closed deeply, he imbricated his tongue into her mouth. He sucked her lips with pappy and loving ease.

Kim's hand held the base of Justin's face. She didn't want the kiss to end. But having the fear of it ending, she pulled back from him. "Love you, Justin."

He kissed her lips one last time. "I love you too." He chuckled. "Please don't cry because you think that are being mean to me. I'll let you know when you start to hurt me emotionally. He uhhastily released her hand and retrieved the magazine back into his possession. "I just ate all of your lip gloss off. Yum."

"Sick!" She mumbled. "You are the ONLY guy I know that eats lips gloss. Thats sick, Justin."

"Good to me."

"I'm sorry about being so crappy." She said off of the top of her head. "I think I know why I have been acting so horribly. Every since my birthday. When you did all of the flash back stuff, I've been wondering about my parents. Well, my mother. And when I saw the photo album that you had gotten with all of photos, and the few videos that my dad made of me during plays and stuff, I've just been...not missing them. But I've had the urge to go see them. I don't know why either. Is that so wrong? I mean, is it a bad thing to miss parents that once abused you?"

He slammed the magazine down. "YES! It's a very bad thing. And I don't care what you say or what they do or you do, you will never see them again. The reason why I am so overprotective of you now, is because of what those sickos did to you. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM, AND I WILL NEVER LET YOU FORGIVE THEM! NEVER! I mean, they abused you for eighteen years. That is just morose. It's deranged. It's sick. You can't get all soft and be like, oh, it's okay what they did. They didn't mean it. You can't forgive them. Remember? They never loved you! Your entire life they told you that they HATED you. How on earth can you forgive people like that? Do you think it's okay to forgive people that shot you when you were in need? I don't are never having any contact with them."

She sighed heavily. "Okay. Okay. I just wanted to know how you got all of my things? If you couldn't stand my parents so bad, then how did you get my things like that? To be honest I didn't even know they had pictures of me and videos like that. And how do you know my mother is still alive? My dad said she was sick and dying."

He shrugged in aggravation. "How do you think? I went to the house. Your dad answered the door." He laughed. "That dude is scared of me, because I kicked his ass. And tore up that nice Ferrari. I'm going to get one of those one day. Anyway, so he answered the door. And I told him that your birthday was coming up and that he better had gave me some of you childhood memories. Pictures and such. So, he went to get them. And then I saw your mom. She walked up to the door to see who it was. I knew she knew who I was. She had to know, because we are now in the media. Everyone knows we are together. And so, as your father went to get your things, and your mother tried to make conversation with me. I wasn't really saying anything. It took a lot of bravery just to go there; being around those evil sickos. I kept telling myself it was worth seeing your parents, because I knew how happy you would be if I you more happy things that happened in your past." He gasped and gazed at his hands. "Your mother started crying. Right there, she just started crying." He wiped under his eyes He shocked himself because they were dry. "I should be telling you this at home. God, knows there are probably surveillance cameras in this room. Actually, I should have told you last night, but I forgot. So, she was crying." He sniffled. "And she said something like, "I just wish I could see my grandbaby." And for a few seconds I felt bad for her...just a few. And I took out my wallet. From it I took three pictures. The one picture of Jade when she was a day old. You know, the one that Griffin took because I wasn't there. Another picture was from the professional pictures we had made of Jade when she was two months. And the last picture was of her at three months. I showed your mom and she got all hysterical. She was telling me how much the baby looked like me, and how beautiful she was. She didn't look sick to me."

"Oh my God." Kim put a hand over her mouth.

"And I began to think about the time when my mom first saw Jade and how she was crying so hard. And your mother was crying even harder. And I was wondering how she would react if she actually saw Jade in person and got to hold her." He sucked up his emotion. "I wanted to just give your mom a hug, and tell her that everything would be okay. But I couldn't do it." Tears descended down his face. "I couldn't do it. SHE'S EVIL! I was going to put my arms out to her. But then the flashbacks started to thunder in my brain and a sense of reality struck me. You've been slashed with forks, cut with knives, whipped with belts, beaten with poles and sticks, and hit with tennis rackets. You've been chocked by them, stabbed, and shot. Your own father would touch you inappropriately, and your mother said nothing. You've been starved by your parents as punishment, and locked in your rooms for days. For eating too many sweets or not eating your dinner they would make you eat soap and shampoo, just to make you sick. Abuse! ABUSE! But there is something...that bothers me more than anything. Out of all of the abuse stories you told me about, none bothers me more than the time you were hit with that bat." He swallowed, while crying. "Because..." He chocked up. "Because..." His voice was silenced into a whisper. "Because I can't even imagine...the look you had on your face...from being hit like that." He made sad eye contact with her. "You had to be just so scared and terrified. Sometimes I can feel the pain, because I am you, Kim. And my head just goes numb. I have nightmares about them hitting you like that. And the nightmare is repetitive. But most of all the scream. I can just see you screaming because you don't want to be hit. And your innocents was taken from you, and you were hit it in head, with a fucking bat. A BAT! It took you eighteen years for the abuse you suffered to add up, and you jumped out of your bedroom window, to get free. You jumped because you wanted to come to me for help, because you trusted me...because you loved me. And I believe I am put on this earth to protect you. Not just physically, but mentally. And I will do anything to protect you or die trying. I just don't care. I don't care what it takes. To know that you are safe and happy is all that matters to me.

She was frozen solid. Kim couldn't even move.

He continued. "And your mother is so beautiful...on the outside. Your mother is the glamour beautiful, and you look like her A LOT! I just don't see where you get the wavy hair from. But she is small; a tad bit bigger than you. I can tell that you picked up her figure...oh, and her tan. Anyways, I was looking at her in amazement, and I was just like, how can she be so beautiful and do all of that? And then have all of that money? You would never think people as rich as your parents are, were abusive. I just stared at her, and asked her "Why?". She didn't do anything but looked at me as if she was confused." He took a deep breath. "I let her keep the pictures of Jade, but that was it. When your father came back with the pictures, I took them and then left. I flicked them off, by the way. I had to do it. it made me feel better." He laughed and removed the loose tears from his damp cheek. "WOW! I haven't talked that much in a really long time. The only reason why I started to cry was because I was thinking about the abuse; the bat thing. I know that I joke about it. But I'm so hurt by it. More than you will ever know or understand, Kim. More than you will ever know." He wiped under his nose with his hand, only to find out it was trembling slightly. "And thats how I got your pictures and things. I told you I should have told you at home, and not here."

She just wrapped her arms around him and held him in a hug. "Justin, all I can say is that I love you so much. I'll try to protect you as much as I can too...I'll try."

He held her waist tightly. "Kim, I love you too. You know that. And I mean everything I say."

Both of them pulled back and shared a kiss on the lips.

"Damn. I can't believe I started crying just now. That was a very emotional subject." Justin announced while biting his lip. "When it comes to hurting my baby girl, I'm being hurt too."

Chapter 56

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