Chapter 54

She mesmerized his hand with hers as she surged down the stairs. "This is ridiculous. This is the third time I've changed since I've been home from the photo shoot. I put on the white hip huggers, but they were distracting you so, I changed into some jeans, and out of no where we end up taking a shower, which lasted for what seemed like days. And here I am again, in something new." She was wearing a white shirt with a red rose decorated across it, and a pair of kaki hip huggers.

He panted an irritated breath. "You have got to stop. I mean, this teasing stuff is getting to be too much. You know that the only reason why you changed earlier was because the hip huggers were bothering me, now that you gotten out of the shower you put another pair on? What sense does that make?"

She shot him a look. "You are the one that brought me all of the hip huggers. And I'm going to wear them, because I didn't realize how cute they were until now."

"Yeah, they are cute alright. Cute on your ass. You are so sexy. You just walk around wearing that shirt, which is all small and fitted. And then you are wearing the hip huggers. You and your perfect-perky body. You can walk around like that and be all fine. Not me. I'm the that has to look at you and get all disturbed. I swear you make me lose my damn mind. Make my brain go goo goo-gaga."

He neck reached back at him. "JUSTIN, IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT MY BODY!" She snatched his hand harder as he walked.

"I'm shutting up. I'm shutting up." He repeated.

"You should pull your pants up, better than that, Justin. Your boxers are showing. VERSACE!" She pointed out.

He shrugged. "Yeah, I know. Thats because I don't have a shirt on. Duh!"

Both of them strolled into the kitchen.

After holding hands, they went their separate ways. Justin went to the refrigerator to get him a bottle of squirt-able spring water. Kim gathered her chips and salsa mess, and began putting objects back in their rightful places.

Kim approached Justin. She tried not to laugh, and slide her finger up and down the crease of his chest. "Awww, dang! You were suppose to teach me how to shave today. I forgot about that."

He was trying to swallow down a mouth full of water, but he couldn't get it down and spit it across the kitchen. The water that partially ran down his throat made him choke, and he coughed uncontrollably. Through all of this he was laughing. His head slumped over and to keep from falling he grabbed Kim and held her into a tight bond. "Thats my, baby girl. You are so cuuuuute."

She giggled. "It's so cute how you said cute. I'm just happy you aren't mad at me about the Britney stuff, and me burning you with water." Both of them laughed together. "We are a bunch of crack heads. Seriously, Justin. Haha."

"I say we get high. You wanna get high with me?"

She nodded evilly. "Yeah. Lets get high."

His eyebrow raised. "How many hits do you want?"

Hers raised back, and she made a peace sign with her fingers. "Two, Justin."

He pulled open the refrigerator and took four cans of Coke from it. "You always get a bigger sugar high than me. We'll see who gets more hyper when the sugar settles in. Haha."

Kim got two cans of the Coke for herself. She popped the top on one. "Yeah, I get more crazy because I'm smaller. But we'll see."

When she began to gulp down the soda, Justin quickly opened a can to do the same. Both of them drank two whole cans of Coke.

Kim placed a hand over her mouth and burped silently.

Justin winced. "Girl, please. Just let it out. What was that? That little chirp for a burp? You sound like a bird. Chirp. Chirp. Hold on...I have a big one coming."

"Justin, don't you dare..."


Her face scrunched at him in disgust. "You are absolutely disgusting, Justin Timberlake. You have no manners." She pushed his chest playfully.

"Hey, thanks for the shove. Now I have another burp coming. Oh, God. This one is bigger than the last."

Kim put her hand on her waist. "I swear to God, Justin. If you..."


"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" She exclaimed.

"EXCUSE ME, BABY GIRL! Haha." He grappled her by the waist from behind. "I'm sure you want a kiss now. Don't ya, Kim?"

She poked him in the stomach. "I don't think so." She left him, and broke free of his hold.

"That stuff with Jade, just made my day. She was all, dada, dada!" Justin pronounced. "Thats my baby girl number two."

"She's growing so much. I can't wait until she starts walking. That is going to be too cool."

Justin attracted a red oven mitt from off of the counter and settled it on his hand. "Forget it. I want the pizza now. I don't care if it's not done, raw or whatever, because I want it now. It should be done, by now! It should be burnt by now actually. Shoot, as long as we've been in the shower?"

Kim giggled at him. "Yeah, it should be, not burnt, but on fire by now."

He made a sock puppet out of the oven mitt. "Why hello, Kim."

She giggled and waved her head in shame at him. "Hi. And what's your name?"


"Ahahahaha. Elmo, huh?"

"Uh huh. Elmo wants Kim." Justin placed the mitt on her chest. "Yum! Yum! Yum!"

"Uh, Elmo? You are eating my boob"

Justin was laughing, but tried to contain himself. "Elmo know."

Kim snickered. "But I thought Elmo was a cute, soft, and fuzzy little monster?"

He made the wanna be puppet shake its head. "Elmo hard. He not soft."

She stole the mitt from Justin and scorned him. "Justin, you play a little too much, for your own good."

To prevent a fight he spoke with simplified words. "Sorry."

"Have you noticed that you say sorry more to me than you say I love you?"

He took the mitt back from her and established it on. "I say I love you more than I say I'm sorry to you. I know that for a fact. I keep count...sometimes." He unsealed the oven door and gazed the a cooking pizza. "THIS SUCKS!" He spat loudly. "The pizza temperature was on seventy-five. It should have been on three-fifty. It has to cook for longer. I knew something like this would happen. I'm so hungry, man. And it smells so good."

Kim took a peak at it. "Yes. You're right."

He established the pizza back completely inside of the stove, and the doorbell rung, making him and Kim both jump. "That scared me..."

"I wonder who that is."

He rolled his eyes, as he adjusted the temperature on the stove. "I know who it BETTER not be! Britney. That bitch had a nerve to hit me. If she is at the door, I'm going to hit her."

Kim laughed. "You will NOT! You would never hit a lady. And what's with you and the word bitch today? And hitting people?"

He removed the oven mitt from his hand and tossed it on the counter." PLEASE! Britney is not a lady...she is a thing. She has thing one and thing two attached to her. That makes her, thing three! Sweetheart, I'll get the door."

She closed her mouth tight, as an effort to keep from laughing. "I hope you know, that wasn't funny, Justin."

He smirked after her had walked from the kitchen, and heard her laughing herself to death.

"Ahahahaha. Thing three."

Justin abolished his hands on his sides and flatten down the material of his fresh dark denim jeans. It was a bad habit. He unlatched the main lock of the front doors, and calmly dehiscent them.

"Hey, Justin! We came over to hang out!" Lance cited.

Standing before him was his four best friends.

"Yeah. We came over to chill at your house. A really good movie is on." Joey remarked, stepping into the house along with everyone else. The group migrated to the living room.

Justin gawked outside blankly, amazed that his friends just barge into his home like they did. "Ummmm. Okay." He excluded the doors.

"Oh, and our girlfriends are coming over. We told them we'd meet at your house to go swimming. We hope you and Kim don't mind we use your pool." Chris added.

He approximated closer to them with his mouth open. "What in the...? But all of you have pools. Except you JC. Why in the heck did you all decide my pool was the one to hang out at for the day? Couldn't you have at least called or something?"

Everyone shrugged. "We don't know. Your home is always the best to go to." JC said surely. "Sorry, we didn't call." They took a seat on the couch.

He gestured his hand to make notice of the couch. "But you guys are taking over my house...I didn't even say you could come in. What if Kim and I wanted to have sex on the couch? What if we were about to go somewhere?"

"Then we would move." Lance blurted.

"Speaking of Kim, where is her hot ass?" Joey asked.

"No! Thats besides the point. I'm saying, ya'll are just going to walk in here...and. I don't know. You see how ya'll do me?" He laughed. "Thats a trip right there. Hey, Justin. We're going to walk into your house and we are going to use your pool, and we are not going to give you any warning. What if Kim and I didn't want company? We just got the pool cleaned a few days ago. What if the pool was never clean...never mind. Make YOURSELVES at home!"

Chris chuckled and put his feet up on the coffee table. "Thanks, man. You got any food?"

He didn't even say anything, he just rambled back into the kitchen. "Baby girl, you will not believe this. The guys just came over, right? And they said they came over to just hang out. But they had the nerve to invite Kelly, Charrah, Bobbi, and Dani over to have fun in the pool. Our pool. They didn't even ask us! We own the house. What kind of shit is that? Then they had the nerve to ask me did I have any food for them? HELL NAW!"

She giggled. "Why don't you tell them how you feel then?"

He laughed sarcastically. "Yeah. So, they can beat me down? Every time we get together, we start fighting. It's like fight club or something. I can take on each of them one on one, but there is no way I can take four grown men at once. And all they do is double team me, just because I'm the youngest."

Kim dozed off. "Speaking of fight club. Brad Pitt looked do damn hot in the movie. Baby I know you have a wonderful body and is all muscle. But Brad Pitt!" She whistled. "DAMN! I MEAN DAMN! BUDDY WAS LIKE WHOA! AND MORE THAN HALF THE TIME HE WAS WEARING LOW CUT PANTS WITH NO UNDERWEAR! OH MY GOD! AND YOU COULD SEE THE LITTLE MUSCLE LINES THAT GUYS HAVE! THEN HE WAS MAKING THAT GIRL MOAN ALL NIGHT LONG, WITH THAT BODY! THAT AMAZING BODY! I WISH THAT WAS ME IN THAT BED WITH..." She stopped yakking when she saw the expression on Justin's face. He was biting his lip, but the movement was very similar to a trembling lip. As if he was about to begin crying. "Justin, I was just kidding. I was saying all of those things just to make you feel bad."

"You meant them. You don't have to lie to me. I can tell by your face. I know all your faces, baby girl. It's okay."

She smiled warmly. "Justin, I love the guys. They are all so cool."

"Yeah. And they love you too. They only love me sometimes. Man, I get no love around here. That sucks." His eyes carried down.

"Awwww. I love you with all of my heart, cutie." She tugged his head down and forced it to lay upon her shoulder. "I love you, Justin."

His head sank deeper into her. "I love you too."

They looked up and kissed lips. "I'm going to go say hi to the guys. I've missed them." Kim retired from his hold.

"Alright. And since you look so good. I'm going to give Joey two times to touch your butt. After two, I'm just going to hit him. And, yes! You heard right. I said hit him."

She giggled and departed the kitchen door. "HEY GUYS!" She shouted.

Everyone stood at once. "Oh my God!" They gasped at the same time. "KIM!" With their jaws down to the floor, they said nothing. They just glared at her.

JC built enough confidence to speak. "Kim. Sister in law. You...look...ASTOUNDING! DUDE, YOU ARE DAMN HOT! I don't think I've ever saw someone in pants like that."

"Please, JC. Not today. Can't you guys treat me normal for once? Where's my hello's? Where's my hugs?" Everyone zoomed to her side, stunning her with long and welcomed hugs.

"God, Kim. You look great." Chris stated.

"Yes, she does." Lance mumbled.

"Justin, is lucky as hell." JC stammered.

A few seconds passed. "Kim, how come you like JC better than all of us? I'd do anything to make you like me more." Joey said sadly.

JC defended himself. "She does not like me more. I'm just more of her type of guy than some of you."

She giggled. "I love all of you the same. Justin is the one who started the stuff with JC." She pointed to him. He was several feet behind her, and being untalkative. "I love all of you guys equally." She gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. She laughed when every one of them held their cheeks to make the situation more dramatic. "You are too much."

Chris sniffed. "What that smell? Something smells so good. Pizza?"

She nodded. "Yup. Pizza."

"Like the boxed kind?" Lance asked.

"Nope. I made one home-made."

Chris pushed Lance. "You see! I told you she cooked. You owe me a hundred dollars I believe. Besides, don't you remember she made those hamburgers that day?"

She observed them closely when Lance withdrew his wallet. "Um...okay? Betting on me, are you?"

Lance slipped his wallet back into his back jean pocket after offering Chris a one-hundred dollar bill. "Yes. I mean, you can already do anything. So, I didn't think you'd be able to cook too. I knew that you could, but I forgot, dammit! You are like super woman or something."

JC took a step closer to her. "KIM MARRY ME! Forget Justin. Marry me." He joked. "I'll give you a million dollars." He winked.

She covered her hand over her mouth and snickered into it. "But I thought I was your sister-in-law?"

He winked again. "Are you down with incest?"

Everyone laughed.

She backed away from him. "Ewww! Sorry, I'm not. Haha!" After sharing a loving moment with them she became serious. "You guys just take a seat on the couch and I'll make you something to eat. Something to snack on. If you want pizza..."

Justin held her from behind. "The pizza is not big enough to share with them, Kim. You know I can eat just about a whole pizza by myself."

She snapped her finger. "Yeah, your right. Don't worry I'll find something to make for you guys. What time are Kelly and them coming?"

"In about an hour or two." Joey informed.

"Okay. Thanks."

"Thank YOU, Kim!" They guys chimed sincerely.

She held hand with Justin and walked back inside of the kitchen with him. "What's wrong, baby? How come you didn't say much of anything?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I just don't feel like talking. I'm being stubborn."

"You sure you are okay?"

"Yep." He kissed her lips. His arm enshrouded around her neck and he firmly kissed her. "I love you he whispered. He rubbed her nose with a finger and then kissed it. "Hotness."

"What's hotness?"

He simpered. "You!" He kissed her lips one last time. "I want that pizza, man. I'm sick of waiting.”

She frowned. "Me too." She advanced to the refrigerator, and from it, took a enormous Ziploc bag of small chicken wings. "Cool, they are thawed out."

"What are you going to do with those?" He asked rubbing her thigh.

"Make buffalo wings for the guys. They'd probably like my secret recipe. I got to make them something. I want to show off my cooking skills anyway."

He gave her a mysterious forecast with his eyes. "You are actually about to cook about a sixty chicken wings?"

She kissed his chin. "Yeah. Why not:? They are small. It won't take very long to make them."

“DANGA! DANGA! Kim’s in the kitchen. COOKING AGAIN!”


Kim cleaned the chicken wings, seasoned and deep fried them, and then she dipped them in a hot pepper sauced she made from scratch. She placed the hot glazed wings in the oven to bake for a few minutes. By the time the wings were done, the pizza was finished. Justin had cut it and was eating his fourth slice.

"And you were complaining it wouldn't come out right. It's funny how you are tearing that pizza up."

He swallowed before talking. "You amaze me." He told her taking a sip from another can of Coke. "You can do everything. You you to say that I can do everything. YOU are the one that can do anything! You can COOK! And all of the good stuff too. Pizza, steak, and buffalo wings. How many people can make buffalo wings?"

She put a hand on her hip. "Justin, what is with you and sitting on counters? Why don't you have a seat at the kitchen table? There's a TV in the room."

"Haha, very funny about the TV part...not. Anyway, the table is in the next room,/ and if I go in the next room I can't be watching you. And I want to watch your awesome body move in those pants. I want to see what a wonder I really have as I eat." He took a big bite out of his slice of pizza. "Dang, you make Pizza Hut look bad, baby girl. I'm not lying either."

She shoed him once with her hand, and giggled. "Whatever, Justin." She placed the finished chicken wings on a large serving plate.

He vaulted from the counter, when Kim gathered the plate to bring to the guys. "Wait! Can, I have a few of those?"

Her teeth grimaced at him. "Sure, babe. They are hot, as in the taste and flavor. Only take about five, because they have to satisfy four men. And there is only sixty of them."

"Yes, ma'am." He counted out five chicken wings, and placed them on his pizza plate. Before she could sequester the plate of chicken out of his reach, he stole him another chicken wing. The cold look she gave him made him degree back. "Sorry. I just had to get me one more." He didn't know what came over him, but he took another chicken wing.

"JUSTIN! What did I say?"

He ducked to avoid getting hit, and he put the piece of food back. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please don't hit me. I love your food! Thats all."

She giggled. "You have to take the wing now that you've put your hands on it." She dropped it into his plate, and egresses from the kitchen. "Here you go guys. I made you buffalo wings since you like hot stuff. I'll get more plates, some cool ranch dressing, and something to drink for you."

Before she could leave the living room Joey nailed her hand. "We love you, Kim. Did you really make these for us?"


"But no one ever cooks for us. None of our girlfriends cook." Lance said.

She laughed. "Yeah? Well, I made them for you. And of course they are homemade. My secret hot recipe."

"Please, marry me Kim." JC stuttered playfully.

Chris slapped him. "No! Marry me! I'm more of a man than JC is."

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, Chris. You're a OLDER person, but not more of a man. It's obvious you don't know the meaning of immaturity. Maybe thats why you act so stupid. Not along the lines of thirty, but three."

"Okay, mister perfect. Maybe you flirt with Kim so much because Bobbi ain't giving you none. Oh, and wasn't you suppose to ask her to marry you by now? I could be a much better man for Kim than you could."

"You may think that, but I would treat her better. And I'm more of her type than you are! She even said. If she could date any other guy in the group it would be ME, because I am her type. Thats a conceded thing to say, but she said it."

"JC, she said she liked all of us the same. Don't even try to act like you are special. She likes us ALL the same!" Joey cut in. "And you think you all that? She's going to marry Justin anyway."

"Don't you think I know that? And I didn't say I was all that did I?"

"Yeah! But you are being lame, and it acting as if you are better than us or something." Lance stated, folding his hands.

Kim was a little flushed. "Umm...guys. There is no need to start fighting. Justin and I are happy and I'm going to marry him, and spend the rest of my life with him. He is all I that way. I still love you guys though. Please don't fight over who could take better care of me. Thats not necessary."

Justin stepped out of the kitchen licking his fingers. "Something going on out here? Who's fighting?"

JC cleared everything up. "No, no ones fighting." He shifted on the couch. "Nice boxers man. I have the exact same ones. Versace!"

His eyes past his bare chest and glued to the boxer elastic on his waist. "Thanks man. Hell yeah. Versace!"

"Versace!" Kim called out for the hell of it, since everyone else seemed to be saying it. His body being exposed and half naked, was drawing her to him like a magnet.

Justin could tell she was bringing herself to him, so he moved over a bit, to give her more distance to take.

She suddenly ditched him, and went for the kitchen, which made his evil grin fade. "Okay, guys. I'm getting those plates and drinks, and things now." 


The pool room was booming with people. Females were on one side of the pool, and the males were on the opposite side. Conversation was the only deed going on at the moment. No bodies were actually in the water. There was one person not present in the gathering. Kim. She was changing into her bathing suit and more appropriate clothing.

“No, milk doesn’t come out of them anymore. I already tried it.” Justin said unconsciously.

Laughter filled the room. “He didn’t asked you that man.”

He was confused. “What did he say then?” The laughter loudened. “I’m serious. I didn’t hear you, Chris! What? What? What was the question? Haha!”

Chris ran his fingers through his hair. “Nevermind, man. Just tell us what you were telling us. Haha!”

"I'm telling you. When she comes down here this is exactly what she is going to have on and do. I know her like the back of my hand. She's going to have a pair of zip up shorts on. And a button up shirt. She's going to go into that corner over there." He pointed to it. “And she’s going to look and make sure I’m not staring, or ya’ll in this case. And when she sees my head turned to the side she’s going to unbutton the shirt. Fold it up. And she does this because she is shy and all of that, but to me I just see a tease. And let me tell you, she wipes herself down with baby oil. Because they do it at her photo shoot to give her sheen. Oh my God. Just watch. She wears the cute bikini tops which fit her perfectly across her chest, but when I see that sheen. I think of sweat or something and just...arrgggggg.” Everyone laughed, when he stuck his tongue out of his mouth, while making the hunger sounds of Homer Simpson. “And she always gets upset! ALWAYS! Because I talk about her so much. You can’t help but talk about her all the time. I have her and I cannot believe it. She’s a blessing. And with a perfect body like that I’m going to talk, pinch, or whatever. Besides, I’m a guy. Guys talk about women twenty-four-seven.”

All of them laughed. “Yeah!” They agreed.

“Now, tell us, Justin. You told us about the time she thought your neck was broke, back when she was pregnant. Tell us the pool prank that happened recently.” JC begged.

He smiled. “Okay. Okay. I’ll tell you.” He was laying on a Tommy Hilfiger towel because all of the lounge chairs were taken, by his unexpected company. Everyone inched in closer. “This story is so funny to me, so forgive me for laughing as I tell it. Kim and I had cleaned up the house from her birthday mess. And we had the pool cleaned. We were ready to relax, so we decided to put Jade to sleep for a nap, and get into the pool to just chill. She was on cloud nine, because she loved what I did for her for her birthday. As soon as I got into the pool I claimed to have stomach cramps. I was holding my stomach, and groaning as if I was about to get sick. And I was walking around like, ohhhhh, you know? My stomach hurts! I think I’m gonna throw up or shit or something.” They were already laughing. “So, of course she told me that I should get out of the water, and go to lay down or to the bathroom or whatever. I just told her I was fine. So, we had some pool fun. And we played. I began to act like I was about to get sick again, as if my stomach was bothering me. She started to pamper me, with the baby voice. She kissed me on the lips. God, it was nice. So, we kissed about five or ten minutes. And then she broke away from me. I think she was twirling or something.” Justin paused dramatically on purpose.

The entire group of males knew that Justin was about to tell them something seriously funny. Their heads journeyed closer to him.

“Then when she wasn’t looking I...” He hesitated, to laugh. “THEN I TOOK THE BABE RUTH CANDY BAR FROM MY POCKET, OPENED IT UP, AND LET IT GO IN THE WATER BEHIND ME!”

Everyone broke down.

The ladies on the far side of them gazed at them in wonder.

Justin was red in the face, and he fanned himself to talk properly. “Kim is not really a movie person. She just never went to the movies or watched them, so she didn’t see the movie. You know? Where there is a candy bar floating in the water, and everyone thinks it’s poop.” The guys were laughing so loudly, he had to speak louder, and shush them. “Shhhhhh. Shhhhh! Let me tell you the rest. So, I let the candy go. And we started kissing again. We are always kissing. After the kiss, I broke away from her and moved to the right of her, so that she could see the candy bar. Since she didn’t see it at first I complained about my stomach hurting again.” He laughed and put his hand up. “Ya’ll listen. Thats not the funny part. The funny part is, she was either singing or talking I can’t remember, but when she looked to the side...and saw what she thought was a huge piece of shit.” He laid out across the towel and was overcome with laughter. “GOOD GODDDDD!” Someone attempted to stand up, but they weren’t successful because they were laughing too hard, and collapsed on top of him. Justin met eyes with Joey. “Oh my God! She...she was just splashing, and when she saw that shit, she just stopped! It was like someone had pressed pause with a remote control. She just froze.” He was talking quickly so he could explain the story, before he would get to a point where he was chortling too hard. “And you know how someone makes an accident, like if someone farted by accident, you try to act like it not anything because you feel sorry for them? So, she was just looking at it in shock. Then her head turned to me. And damn! She looked at me, and she didn’t know what the hell to think! She just could not believe I had shit in the pool. And she didn’t know what to say either. So, she looked at me...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” He wheezed. “OH MY GOD! My baby girl, she has all of these faces. And that face really wasn’t all that funny, BUT I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING BECAUSE SHE LOOKED SO SHOCKED AND SCARED! She couldn’t say shit. She looked at me for an entire minute without blinking. Her head turned to the side, just like puppies do, and she said. “Ummmm, Justin. You didn’t happen to ummmm...did you poop in the pool?” He lost it. “AHAHAHAHAHA...can’t go on. Can’t go on!” He turned on his back, and he held his stomach as deep laughs exhausted from his mouth. It was the honest and serious laugh. The laugh when something is so funny, chocking noises are made from the back of your throat.

JC, who was on the ground rolling around, managed to give Justin and alert kick. “Tell us the rest. Ahahahaha! PL...EASE! AHAHAHA!”

His hands swam up over his eyes and he wiped the tears that had formed underneath them. He swallowed and tried to talk again. “Ohhhhh my God! Hahahaha! So, she asked me did I poop in the pool. I didn’t say anything, I just gave her the questionable look. Which made her think that I did it. Hahaaaaaaaaa. Okay, let me stop and get serious. Hahaha. And she went off. I can’t remember what she was saying, because I was too busy looking at the candy bar. She was yelling at me and splashing me, so it was drifting back in my direction. Finally I...” He stopped himself from laughing. “Finally, I just picked it up in my hand, and bit a huge chunk out of it. Which I will admit was gross even if it was a candy. Her eyes were like the size of apples, because don’t forget she thought I was eating shit. She looked terrified. And I was chewing and I said. “Oh, this is AWFUL!” And I spit some of it out in the water. I’ll admit that was gross too. Then I...ahahaha. I put the candy out for her to take, and I asked her did she want a bite. She thought that I had went INSANE! And I guess she felt the need to protect herself, so she hit me. After that I assumed she was going to take off running, but what she saw was too much. And her eyes rolled in the back of her head, and she fainted. Ahahaha. Just like the chick in the movie. God, it was a mess. She had fainted in the water and she almost drowned. I had to take her out of the water and wake her up, and explain what happened. I told her that I was sorry, and I told her to beat me up for what I did to her. She beat the hell out of me too. But nothing was as funny and sad as the face she made when she first saw the candy bar." He laughed out.

"Ahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaa!" Lance ended up coughing from his long gasp. "Oh my God! Justin, your so wrong for that. You are so lame to do that to that poor sweetheart."

He pushed Joey off of him, and rubbed his burning face into his towel. "I know. I know."

"Ahahahahaha. Want a bite? Ahahaha! You damn idiot. What kind of shit is that? Got Kim thinking you eating shit?" JC cracked up. "Thats funny as hell though. But dumb." He held his stomach, because it was becoming too painful to laugh. And he couldn't stop.

The women in the pool room gazed at them worriedly. Even though they were outrageously loud, what they were saying couldn't exactly be understood.

Justin wasn't laughing anymore, he was choking. "Man, I know I need to stop playing t...tahahaha. Those jokes on Kim like that. My poor, baby girl. She's just going to have a heart attack or something. Hahahaha. Those faces she makes just..." He put his head down in the pit of his arm, and let his emotion go. "I don't understand why I'm laughing like this." He lifted his head. "Whatever you guys do. Don't mention this to Kim. Don't tell her I told you, because she told me that what I did was very immature, and she would get so mad. She would be pissed. She told me not to tell anyone about it..." He just happened to stare up. He saw vibrantly tanned legs.

Kim was standing in front of him. Her hands were solidly set on her hips. Her head was angled downwards at only him. Her eyes were as narrow as a cats in daylight. And one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows arched abnormally. "What are you guys so tickled about? And what have you told them, Justin? I heard my named mentioned." He or any of the other guys didn't know that she had been in the room talking to the other ladies for about seven minutes.

Just like he had predicted, she was wearing a button up shirt, and a pair of zip up shorts. The glow her legs had, proved she had wiped down with baby oil. A laughed slipped out of his mouth, then he smiled to cover up for his laughing. "Um..."

"He told us about the time when he pretended to eat shit, and you fainted." Joey blurted by accident.

The heap of guys groaned, especially Justin. "Oh, so you told them?" She was talking directly to Justin. "I thought I told you NOT to tell anyone about that. That stupid thing you did to me." He was laying on his stomach now, with his head down. "I'm sick of it, Justin. I'M SICK OF YOU BEING SO CHILDISH! I told you NOT to tell anyone about that little joke you played on me, because not only is it embarrassing, it's highly immature. And you told all the guys? So, they could lay there and laugh themselves to death at me? I FIND NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THAT! NOTHING, JUSTIN! ALL YOU DO IS ACT LIKE A CHILD AND JOKE AROUND WITH ME! AND I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! AND I TOLD YOU I WON'T TOLERATE ANY CHILDISH BEHAVIOR FROM YOU! OH, KIM! THAT ASS! THAT CHEST! THAT FACE! ALL YOU DO IS TREAT ME LIKE AN OBJECT! AND PLAY ME LIKE A GAME! YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RESPECT FOR ME!"

He gathered enough confidence to look at her. "That is NOT true! I compliment you on your body and face because I love you! You are PERFECT! Someone has to tell you that, since you don't believe it. And I DO NOT play you like some..."


The guys tried to hide their giggles as best as they could, but they weren't thriving in success. "Whoa, Justin. She told you off." JC laughed. "I'm not trying to start stuff, but um...she tore you down with her words. She made you look stupid." He busted out laughing.

"Yeah, Kim is so strong minded. You should have never told us the story, Justin."

He snapped his head at Joey. "Shut the hell up, Joey. You are the one that told her I was talking about the candy bar thing. Acting like a retard. People can't tell you SHIT, DAMMIT! Now she's all pissed and mad. I SPECIFICALLY TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL HER! Me no speak no English...what a dumbass."

He knocked him on the back with his hand. "HEY! Look, man! Don't get mad at me because Kim is mad at you. She said you don't have enough respect for her. She was talking about more than just the shit in the pool story. It was just the story that finally set her off."

"And look at her. You were right, Justin. She's wearing exactly what you said she would. And she's in the exact corner. And she...removed her shit. Look at that top! Speechless." Lance stated.

Justin sighed, having a horrible ache about his thin body. "I know. She's over there looking all sexy and cute...shiny. DAMN! Why did I have to mess up again? I feel so bad right now. I mean, she thinks I'm immature. That sucks! I don't want her to feel that way. And it makes me mad that she gets mad because I'm always talking about her body. I see that as a good thing. Don't girls want compliments like that? She shouldn't get offended. She's perfect!" All he could do was view his hands. He didn't know why he was doing, it. It was probably because he knew it was a bad habit of Kim's and he wanted to experience it, and it brought some sort of comfort to him.

Kim doused her shorts and folded them up, lying them with her folded shirt. She talked with the other ladies in the pool room for a few minutes. After enough chit chat, she sat down at the edge of the pool by herself. Her feet and half of her legs were in the water.

Justin was siphoned on the back by JC. "Man, I HAVE GOT TO GET BABY OIL FOR BOBBI! You need to lock Kim up and throw away the key. I just don't get it. I just don't get it." He repeated. "All I can say, dude. Is that you are lucky. Because I've never seen anything like her before."

Chris stroked the hair on his chin. "I think it's amazing how you guys fight, but you get back together and make up quickly. Like you are fighting right now. But You won't be in like ten minutes."

JC reclaimed his speaking fame. "Yeah. What Chris said is true. You always make back up. Which is a good thing. Look at her. She's sitting all sad and downhearted. All by herself." He whistled. "And she's looking good. I'm talking hot-like-fire fine! And with the bikini bottoms she has on, you can tell she waxes everything off. Lets just say, not everyone can wear that style."

Justin struck JC with his fist. "Shhhhhh, man. Don't let her hear you. She's already pissed." He didn't have it in him to look at her, but since he had discovered from the other guys that she was in just her bikini, he couldn't help himself. She was wearing a very simple, but modern all white bikini. And she looked good enough to kill. "Damn!" He whispered loudly. "Looooord had mercy on me. I was blind, now I can see." He sung a small clip of Jill Scots song 'A Long Walk'. "JC got me singing his R&B songs. The reason why she's look like that, and sitting like that, is because she wants attention. And I'm going to give it to her and apologize. She deserves that much, and I owe her that much. You know, I don't mind you guys crushing on her. It doesn't bother me. I just act like it does sometimes, because I have that advantage. It's all in fun. You all's girlfriends don't even care, because they know Kim is perfect, and that you are going to crush on her. Everyone knows she's perfect...except her. Or very close to it, if she's not. The thing with Kim is, I love her. She loves me too. But when I be my old self, and treat her like I'd treat one of ya'll she gets upset. I have to attain that she is not one of the guys. She's Kim. She's special. She' baby girl. I can't let her sit alone like that. My poor baby." He stood up with a stretch.

Lance coughed dramatically. "No! Don't go, man. Once you go over there, our girlfriends start being lame and they are going to get jealous because we are not over there with them."

"Ummm. Thats why you are suppose to go over there, Lance. And ya'll need to start treating you girlfriends better, and stop flirting with Kim so much. Because one day they are going to get sick of it, and break up with you if you don't quit." He left them with a portion of wisdom and knowledge to think about. He  moronically paced over to Kim. He installed down and dekkoed at the water in front of his face. He heard her breath deeply, which meant she was not too happy with him being near her. He became mute and closemouthed. He couldn't convince himself to talk to her.

Finally Kim said the first words. "Do I know you?" She asked coldly.

He gandered at her face, looked away, and looked at it again. His eyebrows sunk down in sadness. "No. No, you don't." He put his hand out for her to shake.

Out of shock and wonder she accepted it.

"I'm Justin Timberlake, the mature one, and I'm a Kim-A-holic."

She smiled and was about to laugh, but when she saw his face, she stopped herself.

"Just when I...I think I understand how she feels, I am wrong. And most of the time I'm wrong by a long shot. I am intensely composed by her. I love her so much that I am dominated by her. I am obsessed and fascinated with her. I need her always. And I always need her to talk to me. I can't have her mad at me. And if she is, my day is just ruined. I need help because I would like to understand her better, so I won't hurt her, and get her upset. I don't mean to joke around so much with her, I wish she would understand that I'm just an animated type of guy. I like jokes, and I would never do anything to physically hurt her. And the comments. She has the body. She has the nice legs. She has the cute butt. She has the tiny waist. She has the pretty feet. Mouth. Nose. Eyes. She's so beautiful, and I can't stop telling her that. Or how blessed she is. She cannot take a compliment. What happened to thank you? I love her so much. Not just for the body, but because the way she bites her lip when she is thinking. And how she twirls her hair when she zones out. I really love the way she laughs...her sweet, little, evil giggle makes my day. I love her so..."

Kim held his cheek and kissed his lips. "I love you, Justin." She whispered, pulling back and gaping into his eyes. "I can't stay mad at you. I can never stay mad at you. If you would like to understand me better thats fine. You already know me. The only reason why I got upset with you, was because I told you not to tell anyone about that little poop joke. It wasn't funny. I'm sorry, but it wasn't. If you would have just kept it to yourself, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. And I like when you give me compliments. You know that! But every five seconds you have to talk about some portion of my body, as if I am an object, and nothing more to you."

His face gripped such a saddened and sorry manifestation. "Kim, I'm sorry! But I'm not going to stop giving you compliments. You can take that however you want. And the reason why I say that is because I'm not hurting you. Just because I tell you how fine you are you don't have to get insulted. And you have to realize that I am a male. Our tendencies happen to be very different from females. Sorry for being so attracted to you."

"Justin, don't give me those eyes."

His eyes noticed her face. "What eyes?"

"Your eyes look so mournful. You look so sad it's depressing."

He gazed down. "Yeah. I am sad. All I want is for you to know that I love you. Thats all. I don't mean any harm. I need a hug or something. Today is just not my day. Every little thing seems to be going all wrong." When she pulled his head to her chest, he smiled to himself, satisfied with his craving for attention.

She patted his hair back, and gave him unlimited kisses in his hair. "I love you too, Justin. And I'm really sorry, about telling them what I did to you in the bathtub."

He exhaled aggregately. "Oh, Kim. That was so nice of you to tell everyone that. Now they think..."

"I wasn't going down on you, I'm not the type of person to do that type of thing, I just said that I was...I just wanted to bite you. I was in the tub and I was trying to strip your pants off, and then just got caught up in the moment and bit..."

He slapped his hand over her mouth. "KIM, STOP! You play to much. Why are you talking about this? DON'T YOU EVEN GO THERE!" He shuddered. "Just no! I don't want to hear the story again. I was there. I know what happened. And I've said it before and I'll say it again. YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT! OR TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT EITHER!"

She plowed his hand away. "Okay. Okay. It's over with. I won't mention it again. So, are you mad at me now?"

He started into the warmed water, and eased himself into the pool. "NO! I'm not mad at you!"

She copied his actions, and sank into the water. "Are you sure you're not mad, baby? I didn't mean to upset you, okay?"


Justin ensnared his breaths back. "It's mine!" He said, devoting Kim a kidding look.

She giggled. "IT'S MINE! I GOT IT TODAY!"

Chris gave her a thumbs up. "IT'S SOOOOO COOL! YOU CAN TALK TO YOUR FIANCÉE NOW!"

She nodded rightfully, and scowled her lips at Justin. "It's your car, huh?" She raised her eyebrow, and cross her arms. There was that smile again. His smile. The smile that was worth more than a million dollars. It was a rare smile from him, and she knew him long enough to know that it was a custom made smile, that he only granted her. Her face remained angled at him, but Kim's eyes directed downward, to the shorts he was wearing. The only pair of clothing he had on. They were white with baby-blue outline. They fitted to his slim body adequately. He was being an innocent tease as well, because he was wearing the shorts inappropriately for his body type. For, they were hanging off of him in such a way she was able to see the hair follicles which made a path down him, this left much to the imagination. She looked at his face to see he was paying no attention to her, which meant she didn't get caught staring.

"I know, right?"

He was talking to someone, but his alienated conversation must have ended, because his attention was on her again. He batted his eyes like a little girl. "Like I said, Mrs. Timberlake. The car is mine. I claim it."

She pouted fakely. "Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!" He raised his hand. "Can I give you a compliment?"

She nodded.

"You look great." He licked his lips and jumped. "FORGET THAT! I don't care if you get mad at me! You look HOT!" His eyes lit up with a blue sparkle.

"Thank you, Justin!" She told him, licking her tongue at him. "I must say you are looking extra good in those shorts. All day I've been looking at you shirtless, and it's taking it's toll on me." She grinned. "Hey, I was wondering are you wearing underwear? You kind of have me curious...wondering if you are wearing them or not. You know the leather pants thing..."

His teeth glowered at her. "Yeah. I have boxers on. Never underestimate my shorts, just because I am wearing them lowly. Haha!"

She rolled her eyes playfully. "Well, sorry!" She splashed him. "This water is all nice and warm. Heated pools are the best."

He chuckled. "Yeah! Because I peed in it." He realized he said his thought out loud. "I'm just kidding. I'm just totally kidding." He snapped his finger, because the warm water reminded him of something. "You know what? I never get into the water at beaches..."

She held a hand to her chin, trying to understand him. "Why?"

He smiled. "I love that pose you are making right now. You are so adorable! I go to beaches to tan. Now, private beaches, like the one my old house was on...I'd maybe get into the water there. But public beaches." He threw her hand out. "They are just nasty. When you go to a public beach, you are doing nothing but swimming in other peoples piss and spit." He saw her face scrunch up. "It's true. If you have a hundred people in the water, don't be shocked that it's all warm and cloudy when you get in it."

She slapped his arm. "EW, JUSTIN!"

"What?" He laughed. "It makes you think, doesn't it?" He laughed, and held her by the waist.

"You are always thinking the strangest things."

"I know. It helps me stop thinking about you so much." He kissed her ear.

She giggled. "I love you so much, Justin. And I have something to show you."

His eyes carried themselves to her thin face. "What is it, baby girl? I love you too." He swayed her hair behind her back for her. "WOW! Your hair has gotten so long, so fast. And I love your new cut. It's sexy!"

She tipped her head. "Thank you." She was trying to improve on how she accepted compliments. "What I wanted to show you was..." She splashed him in the face, then swam away. "You're it...haha!"

He winced and covered his face with his hands. "OH, IT'S ON! You cheated me. How you just gonna splash me all off guard and stuff?" He deteriorated underwater. He scanned for the sign of her legs, so that he could rush to her and catch her. His eyes were not irritated by the crystal-clear and blue water. Her legs were in his view now, and he dashed to her quickly. She was not excepting him to respond so fast, and he popup out of nowhere, scaring the daylights out of her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! God, you are quick!"

He smacked her on the thigh. "YOU'RE IT! You are so slow, Kim!" He backed away from her, but facing her, so that he could see every move she made.

"Dang it! You caught me already!" She glided over to him, he was moving in the direction of more shallow water, which was an advantage for her short height. She raised out of the water and swung her hand at him, but she missed. "I'm going to get you, Justin!"

"No way!"

"Yes, way!" She dove at him again.

She didn't know that he wasn't trying very hard to get away. In fact, he wanted to get caught. "Look at you! You can't even catch me." He put his back to her. "Okay, hot mama! I'll be it. You take a ride on The Reading." He was referring to his back.

She leaped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Wooo hooo! I'm taking a ride on The Reading. Where is The Reading going? And do I get two-hundred dollars if I pass go?""

It took a while to process what she had said, because something interesting had caught his attention. "Yes, you get two-hundred. I don't know where The Reading is going, baby girl." He held her thighs steadily so she wouldn't fall. "Okay. Didn't Lance and them come over saying they wanted to get in our pool? Notice we are the only people in here. And everybody is making out, except us. Even Dani and Chris. I've never saw them kissing before. Not like they are now." He gazed back at Kim, and gloomed at her lips. At that moment he wanted nothing more than to kiss her.

"Thats so cute. We should let everyone have their moment. We are always kissing in front of everyone. Except now..."

He gently put her down. "Why aren't we kissing now?" He asked, slipping a hand behind her back and swarming her closer to him.

"Because." She whispered. "You are still it. And you haven't tagged me back yet."

He kissed her lips. "You're it." He slowly pulled back.

She kissed his lips and giggled. "Now, you're it."

Justin's other hand went around her back. His head slanted and his lips combined with hers. His top lip powered between hers. Separating them for his warm tongue. Once her lips were parted perfectly, he unhurriedly slicked his tongue into her mouth. It made his heart melt when she moaned.

Kim pulled back suddenly. "No more pool jokes, baby."

He used one of his hands to cup her cheek, and he was dying to just capture her flavor and kiss her some more. "No more pool jokes. I promise, baby girl." He whispered. He stared into her eyes for several seconds, and then kissed her again.

Kim's hands caressed his bare chest erotically. She loved the feel of his soft and water resistant skin. He was so fragile and delicate. So, beautiful that at times he didn't seem human, but more like a masterpiece.

He stepped his hard body as close as he possible could to hers. His hands swayed up and down her spine, causing her to squirm and moan at the same time. He used his fingers as a weapon, and they crawled at the base of her back.

As Justin and Kim did what they did best, exchange love, their guests were planning something. The only reason everyone was kissing in the first place was to encourage Justin and Kim to kiss. Everyone had approached the area of the pool they were at, and was watching them. They were so loving, that it drew attention to them. Then on a count to three. The large group of people jumped into the heated pool.

"Oh my God. They were trying to scare us, Justin." Kim held her heart and laughed along with everyone else.

He heaved for air. "Talk about jokes. That wasn't funny." He was laughing though.

"We knew we could get you and Kim going at it." JC shoved Justin. "You both are so cute." He winked at Kim. "I still want incest, baby!"

Bobbi slapped him. "JC-YUMS!"

He held his hand over the burning sensation to sooth it. "OW!"

"Kim, I am so sorry for his behavior. I don't know what's wrong with these men of ours." She yanked JC to the side.

Kim gave Justin a confused look. "What the heck is going on?"

"I don't know." He whispered. "But everyone is in the pool now."

Chris approached them with Dani sitting across his shoulders. "CHICKEN FIGHT! Come on, Kim! Get on Justin's shoulders."

She scratched her brow. "Uh, Justin? What the heck is a chicken fight?"

His lips burnished against her ear. "All you do is get on my shoulders, and try to knock Dani off of Chris. You fight her basically. If you knock her into the water, then you win. It shouldn't be a problem for you. Just get mad. When you get mad you get SO strong. Just think of me and that poop prank. Think of how angry you felt."

She gazed at in him in uncertainty. "OKAY! I got ya. Sounds like a piece of cake."

He bent somewhat, enabling her to climb up his back.

She tugged and pulled her way up to his neck, and safely sat across his shoulders. "So, Dani. I see that you want your ass kicked..."

She laughed. "Girl, this is just in fun. Don't take it too seriously."

A crowed gathered around the two pairs

"I'm going for Kim." Joey blurted.

Lance nodded. "Hell yeah!"

"Okay! GO!" JC shouted from a distance.

The girls went at it. They attracted each others arms and was thrusting each other back and fourth. Kim did as Justin told her, and she thought the worst thoughts possible. With one strong push, she knocked both Dani and Chris down.

"DAMN! I told you, baby girl. When you are mad. You can do anything." He stared up at her with his tongue frolicking out of his mouth.


"Haha! That was funny as heck when you knocked Dani and Chris over. Your a strong little thing. And I must say I'm proud of you." He attended at the container in his hand. "Kim, can you pass me the orange paint please."

She read the color labels of the assortment and variety of paints. "Here you go." She handed him the pale orange paint. She view all around the huge room. Her fist hypothesis was, that her and Justin would be able to paint Jade's playroom in one day. But after actually being in the room, and taking measurements, she realized it was going to take several days just to paint it. "I thought it was rather funny how you and I was playing in the water, and all of a sudden you start acting like you can't swim. Then you act liked you drowned. I had to pull you out of the pool. And while I was standing up laughing at you, you sat up, which scared me to hell. And you said. "Kim, I'm dead. You're suppose to do CPR on me." I found that hilarious. You know I ended up kissing you instead of giving you CPR. But, hey! What I gave you was better." She pointed at him carefully. "You owe me, babe. I saved your life." She blinked sarcastically. "I really know CPR though. SO, if you would have drowned in real life, then I would know what to do. It's very important that we know if for when Jade..." She gave her stomach a browse with her eyes. "And the not so ready baby on the way, grow up. It will come in handy in case of an emergency."

Justin was concentrating on his painting. He was coloring in an outline of Pooh Bear, which, Kim had made. "I know CPR! You put your ear to the mouth...see if the victim is breathing. If not, give them two breaths...I took first aid in eighth grade, and I never forgot the procedure."

"Thats cool, Justin. Me too."

"I'm glad we decided to start on Jade's room today, and not tomorrow. It's going to take forever to get this room done. She's going to love it though. And when she gets too old to have a room like this, then we'll repaint it for her. The same with her bedroom." He happened to see behind him, and Kim made his eyes widen. She had went to the opposite wall as him, and was working on something else. "Kim, what are you doing?" He asked seizing his activity.

She gave him his look in return for him to see. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm working on this wall over here."

"Yes, I see that. But what is that suppose to be that you are drawing?"

She narrowed her eyes. "Tigger. Thats who it's going to be when I'm done with it."

He put the orange paint down on the newspaper underneath him. "I thought you were going to make Elmo?"

She crossed her arms with the paint brush in hand. "No! YOU said you wanted me to make Elmo. Justin, Pooh and Elmo don't match. Besides, I'd just kill myself if I had to see Elmo everyday, considering he had a horrible episode in the kitchen."

He looked around the room. "Thats not what I meant. I mean, we have so much to do , Kim. Why don't we concentrate on one area at a time. Come on. Lets just do this wall for now. We've gotten so much done. And we have an hour and a half before we have to wake Jade up to give her a bath, read to her, and give her a bottle. What I think we should do is, one side with the Pooh bear theme, and the other side the Sesame Street theme. Jade loves Sesame street. She likes Barney too. But he is so out of style now."

She raised her hands up in victory. "Okay, Justin. You win. I can't fight with you. We already have the house, the sky, the clouds. The Timothy boy, Piglet, and now you are doing Pooh. We'll do one side Pooh and the other Sesame Street."

"You are a wonderful artist, baby girl. I'm not doing anything except filling in the work you have done. You are amazing at drawing outlines of these characters. And you do them off of the top of your head. Thats cool."

She joined him along side of the wall. "Thank you."

He gathered his pain and paint brush again. "You're welcome."

She looked at what needed to be done and got the color she needed. "I'll do the grass for now." She searched through things, trying to find the perfect brush for her to use. While she was at it, she got the green paint. It took her a few minutes to get herself together. But in no time she was painting at the pace of Justin. "Can I ask you something, Nitsuj?"

His eyes never broke from the direction his brush was flowing. "Sure!" He beamed.

"Are you really sure you want to have more kids? Or are you just saying that so we can be more?"

She stopped his activity and laggardly inverted his head to her. "I know you didn't just say that?" He laughed. "Be intimate more? Give me a break. I'm the one that has to tell you I can only take so much. Men have to rebuild, you don't seem to understand that. HAHAHAHA! You are so funny, Kim. Be more intimate...haha! And I'm POSITIVE I want more kids. And God knows especially with you. I think sharing a child with you is something special. I mean that too. I really do want more kids. Or at least another. Because there is absolutely no way Jade can be an only child. Not to sound stuck up or arrogant. But the two of us together have A LOT of money. And if Jade was the only child she would be so spoiled. I'm sure you know what it's like to be spoiled, because you were an only child. I was the only child to a certain extent. Jade would be SPOILED! I'm talking daddy's little girl. All of those things on top of getting everything. I can see it now. Daddy, I have twenty ponies, can I have another one? And knowing us. We'd be dumb enough to give them to her."

Kim laughed. "Justin, you are crazy. I know what you mean though. Jade would be...a total brat. And we are young parents too? HA! Who knows how much shit she would get away with. And remember me and you have that policy. We will never hit her."

"Never hit her, ever! That means she's only going to be more spoiled. Who cares? Now, we know we need another baby. Haha, we got to smooth the numbers out. Three is an odd number. Four is an even number."

She paused from her painting. "I bet you want our next baby to be a boy, huh?"

"No." He wavered his head. "Not necessarily. At first, during the time you were pregnant with Jade, I was thinking a boy from the beginning. And that was stupid to follow that instinct and just automatically assume the baby would be a boy. Now that we have Jade, I'm very happy with a daughter, and to be honest I don't care what the sex of our next baby is. And I was just joking when I said we are going to keep having children until we have a boy, at the music awards. I was just freelancing information to the people. Giving them what they WANTED to hear." He licked his drying lips. "Why? What sex would you prefer?"

She giggled, because she had dabbed her nose with the acrylic paint on her bush. "I'm just like you, Justin-baby. It doesn't matter what the baby is. Boy or girl."

He rubbed his nose coconsciously, testing for paint on his, when he knew none was there. "Hummmmm. I'm just now noticing that you called me Nisuj, and I answered to it." He looked at her strangely. "I still don't get how in the hell you figured that out. And now you are calling me it. Oh my God!"


Justin was just now arriving to the bedroom, from his trip downstairs. He had gotten him something to drink. "Well, this has been a very long day. Wouldn't you say so, Kim?" She was in bed with the covers all the way up to her chest, and tucked between her arms. She was on her laptop computer.

"It has been a long day. It's going on two AM. At least our photo shoot isn't until one in the afternoon. Oh, and I forgot to tell you. Polina called earlier. I told her that we might be needing another flower girl dress. She said that it would be fine and dandy if we did. So, getting a dress for Cher shouldn't be a problem, if her mother lets her be a flower girl for us. We have a bus day ahead of us tomorrow. The photo shoot, the interview, getting Jade's ears pieced and possible my navel, and I think it would be a good idea to just stop by Candy's house tomorrow, and ask her if it's okay...the thing with Cher."

He revoked up the covers and crept into bed with her. "Sounds good to me, baby girl."

Her eyes were glued to the convenient computer as she spoke. "You know what? We need a baby sitter. Another one. We can't keep bothering Natasha, every time Jade needs someone to sit her. I feel so bad that she has to watch Jade for us all of the time. And her and her boyfriend in Italy or Europe or whatever just broke up. I feel so bad now."

"Why? She's not sad. She goes out with Joshua Jackson now. Turns out he's living in my old neighborhood and she met him at a party she was invited to. Cool huh? She found her a celebrity man."

Immediately her eyes recalled to Justin. "REALLY? How do you know this?"

"She told me. And when she watches Jade tomorrow, he'll be here. I told her to invite him over and keep her company. It would suck to be in this house alone with the baby. And she is very responsible. I trust her. Don't feel so bad, Kim. I feel bad too. Which is why I pay her so well. Both of us do. Like she needs all that money. Natasha's dad is rich. He has to be with the house he has...anyways, what are you doing on the internet this time of night, sexy?" She appeared to be reading something, and it made him move closer to her.

"I'm reading stories."

He grinned. "Stories? What kind of stories?

She giggled. "They are about you actually. Calia told me about them. They are called fan fiction stories. They are stories your fans write about you and...anything else haha."

He had a questionable look on his face. "They must be good if they catch your interest."

She wobbled her hand from side to side. "Some of them are. BUT SOME ARE NOT! Let me read an example of a bad one. It's going to take me a second to search for the name of the site."

He looked on as she worked the computer and AOL program. "I'm an AOL dummy. If you were to give me that computer, there would be only three things I could do to it. Turn it on. Turn if off. Or break it."

She laughed loudly. "Oh, God. It's Justin the jokester." She laughed as she browsed on the internet. "FOUND IT! Listen to this sick story someone wrote. Some people just go all out, and they write porno's of you basically. Okay, here goes. I'm going to skim though some parts, because they are too nasty to read." She inhaled depthlessly. "And he thrusted..."

He saw the words on the screen. She didn't need to read them to her. "STOP! Okay, wrote that? Someone wrote a story about me sleeping with JC?" He puffed up his cheeks. "I'm think I'm going to be sick. THAT IS SICK, MAN! SICK! Get rid of it!" He warned her, blushing. "BLAH!" He stuck his finger down his throat which made him gag. "THATS SICK!"

She closed the particular webpage. "Told you it was bad." She laughed into her hand. "The story I read though is not like that. It had a few love scenes in it, but they aren't all graphic and nasty." She maximized the story she was reading."

He laid his head on her shoulder and stared at the screen with her. "Well, what it's about?"

She remained quiet as she thought. "It's basically a story about you and a girlfriend named Lindsey. And it's just the everyday conflicts in your relationship with her. I'm a sap. So, I like this kind of thing. It seems so real to me. And I can relate things that happen in this fiction, to things that has happed with us in real life. It's wired. It good to real when you are really bored, or before going to bed. It written by some girl who's names starts with a D...I forgot what it was thought." She fell silent, which meant that she was reading.

"Read it out loud then. I want to hear it."

She giggled. "No way! I'm on chapter twenty-six. You need to read the story from chapter one. You'd have no idea what was going on if I read the chapter to you. Now shush, Justin. I'm reading. This is a really good part."

He rubbed his head against her. "Thats sucks you can't read it to me." As she read her story, he decided it was a good time to seduce her. He used his pulsating lips to kiss down her shoulders, her arms, and all the way down to her finger tips. He sucked on her fingers for a few seconds and he put her hand back down. She wasn't reacting much, which meant she was really into the story, or she was playing hard to get. His lips then began to entice her neck. Her lured sexily at her flesh with his teeth. Of course he nibbled on her hot stop. His hand disappeared under the covers and began to ride up the silky matter her legs were made of.

"Justin, are you being bad?" She asked in a low and sexy whisper.

His tongue vibrated against her neck in response. "Uh huh. Yes, I am." But wait a second. Something wasn't right. "Hold up..." He snatched the covers from off her her. "But your not wearing any...underwear. No bra either." She was completely naked.

She stretched her arms and yawned. "Well, what do you know. I don't have any clothes on." She giggled and closed the laptop and put it down beside the bed. "Damn, I knew I forgot something..."

"Would you like to work on this baby of ours?" He pulled her on top of him, so he was able to kiss her.

"We can't work on the baby birth control is still going."

He licked his lips and his mouth moved in closer to hers. "Are you sure about that?"

"NO!" She said quickly, with an evil smile. She helped him pull his cotton t-shirt from over his head.

Her laid her back against the bed, and couldn't help but smile at her for an instance. "You are so beautiful."

"Thank you. So, are you."

He kissed her neck teasingly. "I wanted to take this time to tell you that, you better watch out tomorrow morning. I'm not gonna say why. I got something planned for you."

She had already lost herself to him from his amazing kisses. They sent chills up her spine, and made her body flash with hotness. "Okay."

"Alright, so tomorrow you can't say I didn't warn you." He kissed deeper and harder into her sensitive neck.

"Oh! Oh, Justin. Ohhhh!"

"Deseo hacer amor." [In English: Desire to (make) love]

Chapter 55

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