Chapter 52

His legs swayed off of the counter, and he scraped his fork against a porcelain plate, scooping up the final serving of chocolate cake. He set the plate down beside him and licked his lips.

"I told you not to eat anymore of my cake, Justin. I'm going to eat it ALL! It's all mine. Haha." Kim laid pepperonis on top of a now formed pizza. "Justin, you want lots of pepperoni, right?"

"Ummhumm." He replied. "And you and that cake. How are you just gonna claim the whole thing? I'm the one that got it. Besides it's huge. We are definitely going to have to give some away. How can you eat an entire cake that size?"

"I can."

He shook his head. "Yeah right. Anyway, I WON'T eat another piece. I just had my fix for the day. I ate up your crotch, Kim."

Her head slowly rotated towards him. "You know what, Justin?"

"Kim, I was JUST kidding. Okay? No need to snap. Besides, I technically did eat your crotch are on the cake." He waved his head at her. "You've changed so much to me."

She ate a piece of mozzarella cheese off of the raw pizza. "What do you mean I've changed?"

He gazed at Jade who was making spit bubbles right beside him. "Your so much more bold. Thats what I mean. I have never seen you more bold. EVER! Your have gotten so daring, Kim. It's hard to believe you are the same person."

She rolled her eyes at him. "How could you say that? I'm the same person."

He cleared his throat. "Well, you are the one who wanted to do this talking thing. I'm only tell you how I feel and what I think. And I think you have not only changed a little. I mean drastically. And I'm not sure if I like it. No, no. Not like that. I'm just getting used to you being more open. More...I don't know."

She lumbered to the double sided stove and stationed the pizza inside of it. She returned to her original position and crossed her arms. "So, now that I've changed, I'm a bad person?" Her eyebrow arched at him in skeptical inferior.

He wavered his hands at her. "No, no, noooo. Nothin' like that. I was just saying. I have to get used to what you are changing into. More lip and big talk. And more of those features. haha."

She rolled her eyes for a second time. "And you think thats funny, Justin? Oh your changing, Kim. Ahehehe." She laughed deeply. "Would you mind elaborating on what you find...funny in your statement about me? And I am NOT growing at all. I'm still one-thirteen."

"Jesus Christ, Kim. Must you get upset with every little thing I say to you? I was simply telling you something. I'm not trying to start a fight. And I said it before, and I'll say it again. I love the new you. I'm happy that YOU are happy. That is all that I want for you, baby girl. That is all I'm living for."

She sucked in her breath in awe. "Oh, my goodness. What you just said. And I'm not trying to act all amazed over nothing. That truly touches my heart that you feel that way about me. But tell me, Justin. Do you really mean it?" She chewed her inner lip.

He nodded. "Of course I mean it. I love you. And I'll never stop loving you, Kim. I promise you, I'll love you forever. And my initial goal is to make sure that you live the most perfect life, and not be hurt ever again. And I want you happy. Thats all I want."

She traveled over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Her crystal blue eyes wondered into his and she smiled tenderly. "Ditto. You fine ass. DAMN!"

He chuckled. "Whoa! Was that a complinent?" He nudged her. "I'm scared of you. You think I'm fine? I'm flattered."

Her fingers caressed the baby softness of his cheeks. "Yeah. You are fine. But you knew that already. It's like everyday I find a new attraction about you. For instance..."

He laughed. "For instance..."

She pushed his chest playfully. "Shut up. haha. I'm trying to tell you something. For instance, yesterday it was your teeth." She saw that he closed his mouth, and the corners of it twitched. "Okay. I'm NOT really a teeth person or whatever, like some people. But, Justin. You have the most perfect teeth. I don't mean like straightness...well, that too. But they are like perfect-perfect. You get what I'm saying?"


She wiped under her nose and inhaled a deep breath, to hopefully explain herself. "There are some people that have perfect teeth, right? And their teeth are like perfect, but they aren't perfect for them. Or you don't notice them as that perfect. Because you have the perfect sized teeth, in the perfect sized mouth. The perfect smile. Joey has perfect teeth, but his teeth are small for his mouth. So every time he smiles you can see the inside of his mouth. Not when you smile. You smile and your entire mouth is filled with teeth, and they are beautiful. I love your smile, Mister Perfect. Haha, get what I'm saying now?"

He played dumb to her extensive talking. "No. Kim, what the hell are you talking about? Teeth? Smiles? Ooooookay. Remind me that you are not nuts."

She laughed sarcastically. "Stop making fun, Justin. I was trying to explain. But anyway. Today your eyes are standing out so much. You know they they've gotten much lighter. And they looked more puppy dogged than usual. I've never really noticed how small your eyes are until now. You and Jade both have small eyes. And they slant down perfectly. You look just like a puppy. Awwww."

"GIRLS! They are all the same. Awwwww this. Awwww that. Awwwww. Awwww. Awwwww." He gleaned the diminishing box of Teddy Grams into his hand.

She stood between his legs and attended down. "Awwwww, lookie. Elmo went down."

He nodded as he tilted his head back, with the box of cookies hovered over his mouth. "Don't worry. He'll be back up in a few seconds."

"Justin, that is are so sick."

"I told ya." He shrugged. "I have no control over it. Haha."

"Yes, I know that. But you. But we. I'm just confused."

He set the box back on the counter. "It's a mental thing. I don't care how much I am eating. My brain knows you are standing there. I know that you are standing between me. I know what you are wearing. I know the estimate of how long it would take to get your clothes off, and do you up nice. Then put them back on. Thats what I'm thinking just by you standing right where you are. But see, you don't know that though, because I didn't just tell you." He laughed.

Her eyes squinted at him. "The estimate to take my clothes off?" She stared back down at him. "What the...? You know what, Justin? You are a guy. You are just another guy. Just like the rest of them."

His head moved back from her in offense. "Just like the rest of them? Well, thats not fair. And I really don't think that is true. For one thing. I love you with all my heart. I love you for being you. I love your personality." He laughed blaringly loud. "How many people would love you for that?"

She sucked her lips inward and gave him a cheap look. "Oh you are so funny. Remind me to laugh next time."

He chuckled lightly, while switching his head at her. "I love you so much. You are so cute when you say stuff like that. God, I love you."

She raised her shoulders and licked her tongue at him. "Oh, I know." She said in a stuck up manner, but jokingly.

He snatched her by the waist, and pulled her to him. "Oh, she KNOWS she's cute." His eye brow raised at her in lust. And his eyes manifested over her facial features. But most of all her lips. They were so attractive and luscious. And so vibrant and healthy. He was fascinated with how perfectly they deflected. The ridges and tiny furrows in her lips made patterns. Kissable patterns. To his surprise they were drawing nearer to him. Which meant he was going to get affection from her. He smiled and waited for the throbbing redness of her lips to touch to his.

Kim's lips successfully probed to his and produced such a sensation it caused him to shudder before adjusting fully to her accomplishment.

His hand cuddled and dandled with her side as he accepted her delicious oral pleasure. "M'mmmm, I love you. Baby girl, I love you so much." His hand unknowingly squeezed her and brought her closer.

She rested her hands on his knees, which journeyed to his thighs. "I love you too." She breath back, inserting her tongue in his mouth. As soon as it approached the tip of his tongue, she pulled back playfully. Enabling him to jest back.

Justin hands decided to voyage up her, and he caressed every piece of skin he came contact with. This association ended when his hands cupped her cheeks. And he passionately held her cheeks as he placed his tongue into her mouth.

She sighed, loving his touch, and wrapped her arms around his neck, making sure he would not let up too soon. "I want to kiss you all day."

"I want to kiss you forever." He moved her back some and then hopped off of the counter, so she would have easier access to him. Using her reflexes and his strong hold, Kim was able to wrap her legs around him. Justin turned the tables, and sat her on the counter, never disrupting their kiss at all. Since he was at a perfect and comfortable position his head tilted and he intensified the kiss.

Kim's hands gripped and tugged on the back of his muscled neck, which caused him to moan. Her tongue did a vibrating motion against his which made him only moan louder.

Justin was dying in her pleasing pleasure and he abandoned her lips to kiss her else where. His tongue licked down her face sexily and buried into her neck, where he sucked her skin furiously.

"Hey, Justin. Not in front of the baby, okay? I know she's young but we can't be doing this in front of her. It feels so good, but still."

His kissed her one last time then pulled back, his lips sticking to her moist skin at first. "You right, sweetie." He hid his head in her neck and held her in a hug. "I love you." He whispered, snuggling with her.

She kiss the top of his head, which ruined their bond, but she held him back fixing the inttruoted pose. "I love you too." She giggled. "You are so adorable. And I love you so much, because you are nothing like anyone I have ever met. Even if you are obsessed with me." She pushed him away from her and jumped off of the counter. She used her advantage and rushed herself onto him, kissing him senseless.

He tried to handle her pace, but she was too rowdy for him and he struggled to keep his balance. "I can't stop telling you how much I love you, baby girl."

She didn't mean to be so violent in her offer, but she shoved his slim body into the counter across from the one they started in. "You are always talking about how my lips are always candy...what about yours? You taste so..." Her tongue pushed his lips apart and slid into his mouth.

Justin grabbed her thighs and switched their position so that he was holding her hostage against the counter. His head turned to make more satisfied pleasure. "M'mmmm, baby. Why do you lead me..." Her lips smacked back, and lost their place as he attempted to speak. "...On like this. It's a shame." After saying a series of run-on's, his lips glued back to hers.

Kim pounced her other leg up over him and it caught him so off guard that it made him collapse on the ground, with her on top of him.

He grinned evilly and seized the kiss. "You said NOT in front of the baby and here we are just about to get it on. Kim, we're on the kitchen floor, about to just kiss each other to death. Haha. And you can't blame all of this on me this time because you are attacking me." He pecked her lips gently with his, while running his fingers through her hair. He noticed it was so soft that it felt as if it melted or dissolved when it came in relation to the warm heat of his hands.

She tried to prevent from smiling, but couldn't. "I know. You are so incredibly sexy that I cannot help myself sometimes." Her lips entangled with his again and she couldn't contain herself. If only she could control the daring motions of her hands.

Justin tried to reject her sweetly, because a thought worried him and he thought he would express it to her. He put his hands on her shoulders and transformed her lips to the side if his. Immediately her lips covered his again, it took another staggering effort to hold her away. "Dang, Kim. Didn't you just tell me not in front of the baby? And what we going through right now and is doing is highly inappropriate. We're gonna end up...doing a little something, something. You instigated this outburst, not me."

She kissed his chin as she breath words against his stable cheek. "We are down here. On the kitchen floor, Justin. Which is sad as hell. But at least the floor is clean. Anyway, Jade is up there. And she is laughing loudly. For what reason I don't know. But she is laughing, while we are down here. And we can stay down here kissing, until she stops laughing. That can be three seconds from now, that can be an hour from now. We will see when we get to the point. I want you so bad, Justin. But we are just kissing. No clothing can be taken off whatsoever in this kitchen and we are just kissing. No TOUCHING, Justin! We are..."

"Just kissing. Will you come on and kiss me already, before Jade stops laughing? You and your appetizing lips. Your a such a tease, Kim." As her lips overrode his again, he used his hands to hold her hips, keeping her in place on his body. The attention seal was broke again. "Uh, Kim. You said no touching. Well, you know how my hand are, and once I start touching you I can't stop. I told you they have their own minds..."

She quieted him, by tacking his hands above his head. There was no use for words because their body language told all. The kiss continued to progress in enormity.

"Thank you." He huffed into her mouth. He was thanking her for keeping him at a point where he could control himself.

"I love you, Justin." Kim groaned loudly. The simple make put session had become somewhat advanced and out of control. Using friction as a weakness, she was cleaver enough to leniently abrade herself into him, causing an overwhelming amount of stimulation.

"I told you I love you too, baby girl."


Justin and Kim both froze like ice blocks, and gaped at one another. The sound of the precious baby's voice was so unexpected neither of them could do anything except blink into each others eyes blankly.


He didn't want to admit to being teary eyed, but the simple fact that she had called out to him, or at least addressed him unknowingly, made tears exit the emotional depth of his aqua blue eyes. He gasped and accidentally knocked Kim off of him to get up. She was as stunned as him, and was too crying. "Oh my God. I swear she just said "Dada." As if she was calling out to me or something. Oh my God. How beautiful. And I bet she won't say it again, no matter how hard I try to make her." He needed a few seconds to look the baby over. He was planning to pick her up, but after what he witnesses he needed him emotions to die down some.

"She said it as if she knew you were away, and was calling to you. Just like you said, that is so strange. That is so very strange. She is too young to be able to relate the word to you, although she is not too young to say the word so..." She sniffled, and wiped a tear from off of her cheek. "Just like you said, it's beautiful. That is so amazing. Awwww."

"Dada. Dada. Dada. DADA!" This time Jade chanted the words looking Justin directly in the eyes. "Da ma. Mama. mamamamamama. Maaaaaaa."

Justin instantly swept the baby into his arms and kissed her on the face non stop as he tried to keep his tears to a minimum. "Awwwwww. Thats my, baby girl. You know who your mommy and daddy are. You don't need some damn book to say you don't..."

Kim leaned in and kissed the baby several times. "I'm serious, Justin. It may touch are hearts to hear her say it, but she really can't relate the words to us. She is just trying new sounds her mouth can make, and if she enjoys the sound she will say it more often than another sound. It still made us cry though., I wish I brought the video camera down here with me. I could have gotten that on tape."

Justin was shaking his head in feared awe. "I...I don't know what to say." He kissed Jades lips softly. "I love you too, okay? And please do call me Dada. I like that name." He ridded his eyes of wetness using his sleeve. "Yeah, thats right. You call me. That. I like it. And it's way better what your mom calls me...HA! Nitsuj. What kind of a name is that?" He asked giving her a questioning look. "Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't care if she calls me that. I hope you know, you cute and sweet little thing, I love you so much. And I'm going to make sure that you are the most spoiled little girl on Earth. You understand? I'll spoil you more than I have Kim." He laughed through his tears.

She gave him a pleasant kiss on the cheek, then held her soon to be husband and her baby in a hug together. "I love you guys. I really do. And I hope to God, Jade. That you don't get as spoiled as I am, because I am so spoiled that I rely on Justin to make me happy. Thats pretty pathetic." She used her hand to place pressure on his chest as a push. "You are gonna be spoiled, but not as spoiled as me."

"Dada." The baby giggled happily. "Dada."

Justin began to kiss her again. "Awww you are so cute, sweetie. Oh, yes you are. You like "Dada" more than "Mama" don't you? This is my girl right here."

Kim giggled. "You are the best dad. She couldn't help but to be the best baby for you. Haha. I think you should put her back in her chair. She's starting to yawn. She needs a nap."

He smiled at the baby. Her eyes were indeed growing heaving. And he felt bad for picking her up when their was a great possibility she was trying to sleep. He placed her inside of the soft and extra cushioned baby chair. Then covered her with the pink blanket which was available. A kiss on the cheek from him caused her eyes to shut for good, and she lost herself to a deep trance of sleep. "It's funny how fast babies fall asleep." He took a seat back at the counter, which was directly beside the baby chair. He held a bottle, which was once tucked inside if the chair, and he put it to the lips of the baby. She began to drink the bottle down in her sleep, taking large gulps with her fist to her cheeks. "I love watching baby drink their bottles. Have you notices it brings them so much comfort, Kim? Like Jade is sleeping, but sucking on the milk feels so good to her, and you can tell it relaxes her. I find that amazing. It's just like a massage or something for her to have a bottle."

Her eyes widened and her motherly instincts sank through her. "Yeah." She cooed. "I know what you mean. And that cute little sound she makes when she swallows." She laughed suddenly. "You know what? The things that we are noticing probably aren't all that amazing, we just make them seem like that, because we are new to this."

He shrugged effortlessly. "Well, it's amazing to me." After feeding her for a few minutes to help encourage her amount of sleep, he eased the bottle from her mouth and let it roll to the side. "Hey, Kim. Do you have her little spit up cloth? I need to wipe her mouth."

She smirked when she saw it in his hands. "What are you talking about, silly? You have it."

He held his hands up for her to see, and they were empty. "No I don't. You have it."

Her eyes widened and she drew nearer to him with her feet. "But you JUST had it!"

"I know I just had it. But now you have it. It's tucked into your bra."

Her mouth was already hanging open, and she gazed down at her shirt, and inside of it, tucked in between her chest was the was the baby cloth, which was folded. She pulled it from her and glared at it almost freightedly. "Oh my God, Justin. How did you do that? How do you do those little tricks. I swear you just had this towel. That is so...OH MY GOD! It's kind cool actually."

He quickly took the cloth from her to dap the baby's mouth dry, and then he snatched her into his arms. he laid his lips upon hers, before anything else could fly from out of her mouth, and she accepted this, because she held him as he held her.

They were not too intimate and harsh, and were able to pull back from each other with dreamily smiles and bewildered eyes. "I cannot believe Jade was sayin' "Dada" like that. She said "Mama" too, but she really said "Dada" that is just so...make me wanna start crying again. She is our own life, developing into such an advanced little person." Kim whispered.

Justin laughed and ricked Kim in his arms as he held her. "Yeah. When she said what she did, I felt like a kid going through puberty. I was ecstatic."

She sniggled as she rejected a jar of salsa from the refrigerator, and from under a counter, a bag of nacho chips. "Speaking of puberty...I SO know what you mean. When I first noticed that I was going through it, I was so happy." She laughed loudly. "And I started early. Like about eleven or twelve. I know when I first got boobs I couldn't stay out of the mirror. I was just like yayyy! I'm growing up." The microwave beeped profusely, and indicated that the jar of salsa, which she had placed in the microwave to warm up, was done. She removed it from the microwave and dipped an awaiting chip into the now steaming substance.

"You know what? My puberty experience was not as appreciated as yours was. I've had the worst experiences with it." He laughed while shaking his head. "You see, when I was younger my parents, out of all of them that I had, never really talked about puberty all that much. And I guess they just expected me to know about it. Most kids learned about it in school, but due to the Mickey Mouse Club I missed out on most of it. So, one day I noticed that...umm you know what had..." He wiped his hair back, in what was becoming embarrassment. "Well, it had grown some or whatever, and at the time I didn't know that it was a good thing. I started to get all worried, thinking that I had caner or something." He laughed pathetically. "And I didn't understand why it was betting bigger and bigger. And I got so scared that I finally went to my dad. And I really didn't want to go to him about it, because it was pretty embarrassing. And I went to him, and I told him that it was...growing." He licked his lips quickly. "And, Kim. He laughed at me. I'll never forget that...haha. And he was just like, duh son. It's a part of life. That is suppose to happen. I just felt so dumb, you know?"

She placed the jar of salsa and the chips down and went over to him to, address him a lax hug. She gave him a hard kiss on the ear. "Awww, baby. That is awful. I'm sorry."

He was actually laughing. "No, you don't have to apologize.. I just had to tell you that. Only you know about it too." He pulled back from her hug. "We have to make sure Jade never encounters a situation like that. I think it's very important to explain certain things to your children, so they will understand. Because it's just wrong to be like. Those are breasts, you dumbass muhahahaha! Thats your period, you stupid fuck muhahahahaha!"

Kim returned to the area of her snack, and was laughing piercingly loud. "Ohhhhhh my goodness that is SO...that wicked laugh was funny as hell. Justin, you are so damn cute."

His eyes were dazed with the beauty and love he soaked from her soul. "I think you are so damn cute too. And I love you."

She made a face at him which was similar to a favored pout and she mouthed "I love you," to him with out a sound escaping her lips.

"There is another puberty story I can tell you about, but I don't know if I should."

She dipped a chip into the salsa, and walked the short distance to position the chip into Justin's mouth. "Tell me. I'm going to be your wife. You might as well release your puberty secrets now. Haha. I seriously cannot believe we are talking about this. We've known each other so long, that you'd think we would have discussed this already. But I don't think we have." She fed another salsa covered chip.

He nodded, while chewing and swallowing. "Your right, baby girl. The reason why I haven't really told you about mine is because they are humiliating. But I can share anything with you...which is another reason why I love you so much."

She grinned and gave him a kiss on the lips. After scanning over his face with her eyes she decided to give him another sensational kiss. He was too gorgeous for his own good. "Okay, now tell me this humiliating puberty story." She smiled affectionately.

He scratched under his chin hesitantly. "Okay, it's like this...I cannot remember what grade I was in, but I was like twelve or thirteen. And at school we were required to do a presentation in front of the class."

Kim's face scrunched. "Ewwww. I hated doing presentations in front of my classes."

He held his hand up to stop her, so he could finish his thought before he forgot. "I loved doing them, because I always gave good ones. Anyway, so I had a presentation to do, and the teacher called on me to go next, and as I was going to the front of the class room, a girl who had just finished giving her presentation, hit me accidentally "down there" with her board. But I didn't know much about puberty and all of that. I thought nothing of it. So, I went up to the front of the class. I did my presentation on one of the hardest topics and it was excellent. I mean, not to brag, but I knew it was good. And the teacher gave me an "A" right there." He knew Kim was listening to him, because she was nodding her head. "When I was done. I noticed people were cracking up as they clapped for me. And this one dude, who was a jokster in the class, like myself, pointed at me and said hard-on. I miss understood his words and thought he said hard one, you know. As in the topic. And I was just like, yeah. People were laughing even harder after that. And I didn't get it. I looked at where they were pointing and...oh my God. It was standing right up."

Kim shook her head. "That is so sad, Justin. That is SO sad."

He put his hands up. "No, you don't understand. I was sticking straight up. Like a pencil. I am NOT joking. Just like a pencil. And I'm standing on front of a class like that. I had to think of something quick, because everyone was laughing because they thought I was joking, when in fact I wasn't. So, I turned to the side and quickly stole this pencil out of my pocket and I did a quick motion and acted like I had taken a pencil from the inside of my jeans. Then I laughed and said, "HARD-ON, MRS. DUNFORD!" She was my teacher and the whole class cracked up. No one knew that I really did have problems. Everyone got a good laugh, and thought I was just being my average and stupid self. And my teacher got so upset. Man, she gave me a zero for my project. It brought my grade down so much. And I always remind myself, how worth it the zero was. Because if those people really found out that I was all happy in real life...whew! My reputation would have been blown bad."

She nailed him into a hug before he could say anything else and she gave him sorrowed kissed in his hair. "Oh, Justin. That is so terrible. I'm sorry you had to go through that."

He pulled back and smiled reassuringly. "Hey, baby girl. It's okay. It's life. And things happen. You are the only person that I've told those stories too. Now you know how much I love you. I told you I can tell you anything. And I hope you feel the same about me."

Her arms clasped around his frail waist. "I do feel the same way." She kissed his lips. "I have something I can tell you about me, when I was younger. It's similar to your story."

He held her back, and looked into her eyes. "Okay. Tell me. You have my full attention."

She licked her lips for a better appearance of her lips, which was where Justin's eyes had traveled. "Okay. I was always one of the girls who started puberty early. Like I've told you, I got my first period when I was eleven. By the time I got in the sixth grade I had a...well, I had a full sized chest. But I was in the sixth grade. I was a young girl and so I was always hanging with my girl friends, but I never noticed that I had developed before most of them. Kids just don't notice those things, or think about those things at that age." She began to play with her fingers. "One day I was sitting in class talking with my friends, and this boy said to me. "Kim, you are the prettiest girl in the school, but you are fat! You are fatter than all of your friends, and you need to stop eating so much." And I just didn't know how to take that. And I wasn't fat at all. I was just growing." She saw Justin's eyes sink. "And he said it out of nowhere. Anyway, after he said that I became anorexic. Aside from the abuse I was anorexic. Not all the way anorexic. But everyday I started to throw my lunch away. I would go home and eat dinner only, but breakfast I threw away when I got to school, or a would find ways to hide it. And as I've said, I would bring my lunch to school and then throw it away. I did this for an entire year. When my parents found out what I was doing I got a horrible beating, that cannot be described and a doctor told me that I stunted some of my growth and he said that it was possible to grow only in my later teen-years or early twenties. That was if I was to grow at all." She smiled. "Thats probably why I am so small, Justin. I just thought I would tell you that little story about me."

He squeezed her tight. And for some odd reason he felt like crying. "God that is awful. That guy is a dick head. I bet he feels stupid now. I don't like that look on your face, baby girl. You look like you still believed that guy. Just think. He's in his house probably looking though magazines jacking off, to who he once called fat. What an idiot. I love you, honey. And you are tiny. You are so tiny I think you should gain weight. I mean, come on! You had on a size sixteen little girls shirt. THATS PATHETIC!" He turned her so that her back was too him, and he slapped her on the butt. "Bad, Kim. Very bad, Kim. You better not be wearing children's clothes!"

She grabbed his hands and giggled as she held them. "Ummmm, Papi. Do it again!"

His eyes lit up. "You just called me "papi". Thats daddy in Spanish. Ohhh, I like it." He tapped her with his elbow.

Kim had a sudden outburst of laughing. "Hey, Justin. I got another little story to tell you. When I noticed I was getting boobs I was all happy, right? But I needed bras. And knowing how my parents were I was scared to mention anything about it to them. Finally I just told them. I told them that I needed bras, but they told me that I didn't. And they even gave me a beating for trying to make myself seem "older" than I was. I told you they would hit me because of anything. The stupidest shit." She laughed.

"Okay. I'm pissed off now. Why are you laughing, Kim? That isn't funny. It's cruel. I hate your parents so much for that. It isn't right. It just isn't. You don't hit a little girl, excuse me, beat a little girl for such a reason. That is a bunch of bullshit! And it pisses me the fuck off. That they would hurt you like that for no reason at all. How sick can a bunch of people get? Let me do a demonstration. A recreation of how they treated you." He took a few steps away from her. "Hey, Mom! Dad! I need a bra because I have breasts now. Oh, no you don't you stupid bitch! We hate you! Punch. Kick. Kick. Punch. Stab. Punch. Punch. Kick." He pretended to punch and stab himself, as he blurted random words. "Kick. Kick. Kick. Punch. Stab. Kick. Bash with bat."

And then Kim became overwhelmed with a laughing sensation. It wasn't what he was saying that was funny, but the manner he said it in. She leaned against the counter and had a laughing fit. "OH MY GOD! AHAHA! Bash with bat? What the...?"

He thought she was mental for laughing, but then he thought about what he said. At first he chuckled a few times, but from Kim's waling chortles he joined her in absolutely outrageously laughing. "Haha. It sounds funny. But it's really not." He revolved his neck in regret for laughing. "It's not. I can't get myself to laugh again. Hate those fuckers."

"Juuuuuustin. Stop cursing so much." She placed a kissed against the flat of his chest. "Will you clam down? Lets change the subject. About thirty more minutes until the pizza will be done."

He sniggled while holding her dearly to him. "Yeah. You should be ashamed of yourself, starving your husband all day. I ate an entire box of 'Teddy Grams'. Now you know something is wrong."

She pointed at him. "Yeah, that something is YOU. Haha. You are the problem, Justin. nah, I'm just kidding. Oh, and by the way. You aren't my husband...YET!"

He pushed her. "I am in your heart and thats all that matters." He transferred the black bandana, in which he was wearing, from his head, and tied it to his neck for no apparent reason.

Kim gave his a disbelieving stare and crossed her arms. "Justin, no you are not wearing a bandana around your neck."

He returned the look. "As a matter of fact I am, Kim."

She sighed. "Do you have any idea how incredibly stupid you look? And why do you do things like that? And wear things like that?"

"Chill, Kim. God! You are acting like I'm forcing YOU to wear it. Look, I'm going to tell you this so you know." He pointed to himself. "I am going to wear what I want to wear." His smile degraded into a cheese flash. "I'm going to wear whatever the hell I want because I want to. And I'm going to wear anything I want. And I'm going to wear it in the color, size, and the WAY I want. I don't care what anyone has to say about that. Not my mother, not my manager, and not the guys. Because in everything that I wear I do it because I like it and It's me. I'm not trying to be like anyone, or a specific type of person, I'm just being Justin. And Justin wears what he wants, whenever he wants, for whatever reason he wants to."

Her head rotated at him as she spoke. "Alright, Justin. We are sharing more things with each other today. I guess I better be more OPEN about this, and say something. You can't dress!" Her voice projected in seriousness. "I'm serious, Justin. You cannot dress anymore. All your clothes are ugly." By the expression he gave her, she was forced to continue talking, because if she didn't a fight would emerge. "I've saw pictures of you, from your past, and when you first started out in Nsync you dressed very nicely. And in a way you do have nice clothes. But, baby. They are ugly. It's nice that all of your clothes are designer, but just because you have a pair of pants on that are five hundred dollars, doesn't mean it looks good. Most people don't realize how expensive your clothes are, and to me you look bum-ish. Well, sometimes. I hope you aren't mad. I just had to be honest with you, and tell you my opinion. The way I see it is this, if you are going to wear designer jeans, just get jeans by that brand. They don't have to be all holey or dingy, or patchy, Justin. You have a great sense of style too...use it more often. When it comes to women's clothes you are an expert. You know how to pick out an outfit, I'm not going to lie."

He gazed at her blankly. Not saying a word. As a matter of fact, he was speechless. He didn't know what to say to her, or how to react to her uninvited "opinion". "Excuse me?"

"Oh, don't worry about it. It's not like I can dress amazingly either. I don't have style and all of that. I just wear stuff that I think is cute..."

He quavered his head and perched back down on the counter next to the sleeping Jade. "No. No. You have a wonderful style. You dress really well...perfect. Umm...but who are you to say I dress ugly? Isn't that a bit HARSH? For God sakes! I could see if you said that I dress different or unique. Bad at times. But damn you said I can't dress. Period. Sorry for wanting to be different, Kim." He crossed his arms in a child-like manner. "Sorry, okay? I mean, are my clothes so hideous that you are embarrassed by them? You told me that I have no style. But I love clothes...I cannot believe you said that. You know? I'm offended. I really don't know what to say, Kim. I really don't."

She cleared her throat and moved her bangs aside. "Please, Justin. Don't get so upset. You are blowing this out of proportion. You said you didn't care about what people think about how you dress, so ignore what I said. Besides there are billons of people on this Earth, all of them could like how you dress and it could be me."

He was not impressed by her cover up, and is eyebrow arched at her. A aggravated huff exited his mouth. "I said I didn't care what my manager, my mom, or what the guys thought. But you are different. what you think. So, I just wanted to say, thanks for the confidence boost. Thanks for being honest...I guess. I kind of shocked you told me what you did. Like I said, you are changing on me. I didn't know you thought my clothes were "ugly". I probably need a new wardrobe."

The look on his face, and his traumatized tone of voice lagged her emotions to the point of wanting to cry. "Awwww, Justin. I had no idea that you cared what I thought. I was just saying something. I didn't mean to be mean about it. I'm so sorry, okay? And no you aren't embarrassing to be around." She saw his head droop down, she went over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Justin...don't. You don't dress ugly, you..."

"See! Now you tryin' to change your story, just so you can act like I don't dress so bad, when you really think I do."

She nodded. "Yes, I am changing my story. Because I didn't mean what I said like I did. You can dress, Justin. You know that. I tell you ALL the time how good you look. It's some of your jeans that are ugly. Thats all. And you have some that are really nice. I like the Mona Lisa ones, but that one pair with the multi-colored patches got to go." She laughed.

He held his head down even lower. "My baby girl thinks I dress ugly. I feel terrible."

She sighed loudly and rubbed his cheek with her finger affectionately. "Oh my God, Justin. You know what I said wasn't true. And I should have thought before I said. Remember that one time, I had a girls night out or in or whatever, and all the girls were over here. That day I broke down crying when I realized how lucky I was to have you. For that reason I was crying and for another reason you looked so damn good. Words cannot describe how you looked in those pants. Especially that rubber-ish looking leather you wear all the time. DAMN! Makes me drool. Like the ones you wore to Griffin's party. LIKE WHOA! Thats why when we got home I raped your ass in the bathtub." She smiled to herself and stared at the wall, zoning out while thinking to herself. She forgot she was talking to Justin and that he was even there.

By her body language and her actions, he knew that she was being true with what she was saying, and of course he felt a lot better. He laughed as she glared at the wall, looking as if she had no sense whatsoever. "Earth to, Kim." He waved his hand in front of her face. "KIMM!"

She jumped. "What? Huh? I'm sorry. I was just thinking those pants...m'mmmmm." She licked her lips. "Can we say yummy?" She drew her face close to Justin's. When her nose touched his she giggled. "I love you."

He smiled slowly. "I love you too."

"I'm gonna rape you again, Justin."

He simpered. "Can't wait. Please rape me soon." He took the pleasure of kissing her tasty lips. "Haha, you are so cute."

She copied his speech. "Haha, you are so cute."

He only laughed again. "Hey, woman. Where dinner at? I'm hungry."

She rested a hand on her hip. "Dinner is right here, baby." She pointed to herself.

Justin instantly sprung from the counter. "Kim, stop playin'. Because I'll eat you up. Right here in this kitchen. And don't say I won't, because I will." He smiled evilly and slowly approached her, giving her time to back away from him.

"I can't stop thinking about those leather pants, and the underwear you wear underneath them. CK boxers on should be arrested for being so damn hot."

He pinned her against the wall. "Guess what?"

"What?" Her smile was growing larger at a rapid pace.

"Chicken butt." Him and Kim both laughed.

"Justin...that was so stup..."

"Nah, I was just kidding. I was going to tell you that I don't wear underwear when I wear leather. You know that."

Her eyes widened. "I knew that, my ass. ARE YOU SERIOUS? You don't wear underwear with leather ever? EVER?"

His moderately shook his head. "Nope. I wear boxer briefs or boxers only when I dress in jeans. Thats it. With leather I wear nothing. When guys wear tight leather you can't wear boxers because they just scrunch up in all the wrong places. Well, I can't wear them with leather at least. I'm telling you, Kim. Most guys don't wear underwear with leather."

Her eyes only bulged more. "But, Justin. You wear leather to awards ALL the time. How do you not wear underwear with leather. I thought you always did..."

"Nope." He said basically, enlarging his small eyes to match hers.

She laughed in a state of shock. "Well, what if you pants caught on fire or something and you had to pull them off?"

He shrugged. "That would just suck." His eyes twinkled. "BUT it's highly unlikely for something like that to happen. If anyone is going to be catching on fire, it's gonna be you. You are the one who's shirt was blazing up while you were laughing about some chick with a beard." He sniggled a few times and was moving in to kiss her, since he had her painted against the wall good.

Kim tired to control her happy cries. "There's this other girl that works at the studio I go to, and she has like a mustache. she explained that it's something hormonal, just like that chick on TV. And she gets it waxed, it still comes back. Oh, that reminds me. I forgot to shave this morning."

His lips were almost to hers, but he blew the infatuation by letting out a laugh with a closed mouth. Justin then laughed himself to death. And the more he tried the calm down, the harder he laughed. His head plopped against Kim's chest and he laughed helplessly into her shirt. "Can't....stop...beard." His shoulder shook with joyful sobs.

"Haha. Justin, you need help." Kim stated, holding him.

He was crying at this point. "You don't understand. I just keep having this vision of your beautiful ass having a beard. Like the long and old dude kind. I just start cracking up when I think about it."

She pretended he was on drugs. "Crack kills, you poor young man. Crack kills." In a blink of an eye he was kissing her. And it made her heart jump before she could adjust to it. He was known to just snatch or convert himself so quickly.

The kiss was intense already. Justin forced Kim to his body with a tug on her waist with his arm, letting her no how much he loved her.

The pull back was somewhat bitter. She hesitantly opened her eyes, not expecting Justin's glittery pools for eyes to be staring upon her already. Tiny particles shown in his eyes making them seem like beautiful mosaics. Pictures put together of remarkable hues of blue. "I love you." She was so stunned by his soul and beauty, that she didn't recall what she said or why she had said it. All she could do was gleam her eyes back at him. Giving him a look only he understood. For, her face contained no emotion when an average person was to gaze at it, but her face contained a message for Justin. She loved him. It was as simple as that...she loved him.

Justin gasped and swallowed his saliva down with a shudder. He was astonished with Kim. Astonished to the point of obsession. And he wonder so much about her. Was she as beautiful and inhuman as he thought her to be, or was he just gazing at his love for her when he looked into her eyes? He began to realize he rambled too much. He was too playful with her most of the time. She was extremely innocent to a certain degree. On the other hand she wasn't so innocent. It just all depended. She was talking. Well, whispering. And his brain ignored this fact until it sunk in that it was crucial to understand what she was saying.

"See, I feel so dumb. I cannot express my love to you like you can me. It upsets me that I can't. I feel so ignorant. I love you, Justin. Thats all I can say. I love you with all of my heart. And I'm so lucky. Lucky to have you into my life."

He nodded at her. "Don't worry about it, baby girl. I know you love me." After a few seconds of staring into her eyes he let out an explosive laugh. "And I'm lucky you don't have a beard."

Kim pushed him as she giggled. "God, Justin."

He batted his eyes wildly. "God, Kim." He rubbed his stomach with his hand. "I'm hungry. I WANT PIZZA NOW!"

"Oh, but I thought I didn't know what I was doing, and my pizza was all wrong?"

He shrugged. "It smells good. Must have doing something right."

"Yeah, exactly. But seriously, it won't be done for a while. I hope it gets finished soon. Because I have to get food to my poor little Nitsuj." She laughed. "He NEEDS food to gain some weight, because he's walking around looking like a child living in poverty."

He gave her a look of offense. "I am NOT that skinny. I know I'm skinny. But not that skinny."

Her eyes scanned over his manly features. "Yeah, I know. I was just joking. You are thin, but you have a built stomach and I like that. You have build arms, and I like that. You have a huge manhood, and I like that."

"You are a retarded, but I like you."

Before she could reply to his antic. The front door rang. "Justin, could you get that?"

He gave her a quick yet cozy kiss on the lips. "Yes, I certainly will, sexy." He looked her up and down in such a way that it made her want to blush.

Justin abandoned the kitchen in noiselessness. He arranged the fabric of his sweat pants, and felt a tab bit uncomfortable knowing that he was only in a wife beater for a shirt. He cleared his throat and opened both doors for the entrance. "Bitch." After just one glance of the person on the opposite side of him, he slammed the door closed.

"Justin, who was at the door?" Kim had entered the same area as he, and she was holding Jade in her arms, who had managed to stay asleep. "The doorbell is still ringing. Someone is at the door."

He shivered his head from side to side. "It's no one."

Her lips tilted to one side. "Why are you lying? It's obvious someone's at the door."

He chuckled seriously. "I didn't lie. You said someone is at the door...some THING is as the door. Thats a different story. So, I didn't lie."

She rolled her eyes and pushed him out of her way. "Man, Justin. You are so hilarious. Let me HAS to be Britney." She thrusted the door open and smiled. "Hi, Britney."


Justin moved Kim back to the side and stood in her way. "She's not coming in here." He said with a profound and depthless voice. "I'm not joking. She will NOT take a step in this house!"

Kim rocked Jade steadily to keep her comfortable. "Come on in, Britney." She told her, ignoring Justin completely.

Britney smiled with her beautifully glowing teeth, and tumbled past Justin, who refused to move out of her way. She carried herself over to Kim, which seemed to be the safest decision to make. "Thank you for inviting me in." She glared at the baby.

"You're welcome. How are you doing? I would hug you, but I...haha...have my hands full."

Britney giggled. "Yes, I see. With the cute little darling Jade. She is so beautiful.

"Isn't she?"

"Yes, she is. And look at that ring on her finger....awwww." She cooed at the baby. "And I'm doing pretty good. Nick and I had some problems, but we are back together, after our brief break up. We aren't getting married any time soon, but we are back together. Haha. We'll see how that works out."

She adjusted the baby's head to fit in the crease of her arm. "Oh my God! Thats wonderful. I'm so happy for you. I'm glad..."

"GET OUT NOW!" Justin shouted to the point of being enraged. "You can call Kim or something. Page her. E-mail her. Talk to her at your house. Because as long as "I" am living in this house, YOU are not welcome here. You understand? All you and your little boyfriend do when you are around is cause trouble. So stay away from me and my house and my daughter. I can't believe Kim is stupid enough to be friends with a dumb back stabbing bitch like you."

She accepted a step closer to him. "You know what? I'm sick of you calling me a bitch, you asshole. Who do you think you are?"

His eyes lit up. "Well, if you are sick of it "BITCH", then LEAVE! Get the fuck out. No one asked you to come over here. Coming over without calling all unexpectedly, scaring people and shit. I thought the freaks come out at night? Hell, it's still day."

Britney laughed sarcastically. "Speaking of a freak..."

Kim cut into the verbal fight. "Cool out, Justin. Geez! Why are you starting stuff? And I told you to watch your language around the baby at least."

He scratched the side of his face with one finger, then licked his lips. "No! I'm not gonna "cool out". WHAT IS SHE DOING IN HERE? I don't want to see her. You don't understand how much I hate her. This is my house as well as yours and I think I have a right NOT to have her in here. I DON'T WANT HER IN HERE! I DON'T WANT HER IN HERE, DAMMIT!"

She tossed her hair behind her back and crossed her arms. "Oh, you are SO stupid, Justin. You get on my nerves. You should have taken your stupid ass to college and maybe you would learn how to speak English, instead of that ghetto slang you learned back in the country side."

He moved himself closer to her with a pointed finger in her face. "I know you aren't calling people stupid. Your so fucking stupid, Britney. That people mistake you for a dumb blonde, when you are really a brunette."

She tugged on her strands of hair. "Today my hair happens to be blonde, thank you every much."

He sniggled. "Yeah, because of Herbal Essence. Nothing on you is real, except that wide gap between your eyes. And I don't think that counts as something."

She gave him a shove. "Please, Justin. You never complained about me being fake before. Especially when you were kissing and licking ALL of me, you bastard."

"Yeah, I didn't complain. But hell! Your like Legos. All I had to do was beak a piece of you off, wash it, and then snap it back on again. It was easy as one, two, three. Kissing you was the hard part. What you need every once in a while is a bath. Skanks like you never heard of such a thing. With all the dirt you have on you, a shower won't do it. You need a damn vacume cleaner. A Dirt Devil should do the trick."

Kim pulled Justin to her. "Justin, if you don't calm down. What has gotten into you? You just snapped. Why are you overreacting? She just came over to say hi. You don't have to be so absurd and so rude. Why do you have to attack Britney, and make fun of her so much?"

He snatched himself from her grasp. "Why am I overreacting? WHY AM I OVERREACTING? I ALREADY TOLD YOU WHY! I DON'T CARE WHAT BRITNEY'S REASON IS FOR BEING HERE! I DON'T WANT HER IN MY HOUSE! ON MY MOTHER FUCKIN' PROPERTY, BECAUSE SHE HAS RUINED SO MUCH! AND DESTROYED SO MUCH! THINGS THAT SHE CAN NEVER BE FORGIVEN FOR! THINGS THAT CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK! I THOUGHT MY HANDS WERE ON YOUR THIGHS! YOUR BEAUTIFUL THIGHS, AND THEY WEREN'T YOURS! THEY WERE HERS! BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE DID, IT CAUSED US TO BE A PART FOR A MONTH! A FUCKING MONTH! AND WE LOST SO MUCH IN OUR RELATIONSHIP! WE WERE BOTH INNOCENT AND WE LOST THE LOVE WE HAD! SURE WE ARE IN LOVE, BUT WE WILL NEVER HAVE THE SAME LOVE WE ONCE HAD BACK! WE WILL NEVER BE IN THAT VERSION OF LOVE...AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF THAT! SHE RUINED IT! SHE RUINED OUR LOVE AND EVERYTHING, AND I HATE HER! AND I'LL NEVER FORGET IT GOD DAMMIT! IT WILL ALWAYS LURK IN MY BRAIN! IT WILL ALWAYS BUG ME TO KNOW THAT WE HAD THE LOVE THAT WE DON'T HAVE NOW!" He circulated his fingers over his throbbing with anger temples. "You know what? I'm sorry for yelling. I'm sorry for my use of language in front if the baby." He placed all of his attention on Kim. "You know what, baby girl? I love you! I love you so much that I will sacrifice ANYTHING, just to make you happy. I hate the fact that you are friends with that bitch, and I hate her more than words can be expressed. So, I'll force myself to accept the fact that she is here. BUT! As long as she is here, I'm not talking to her...OR YOU! It's bullshit. How can you talk with the same person that tried to fight you when you were carrying Jade? How can you talk with the person that broke us up TWICE to be exact. How can you sink so low to be a friend with such an evil person."

Jade had awakened, but she was not crying. Kim straightened up her blanket enviously to escape Justin's strong stare. "How can I? I understand that even after doing all of that, people can change. Britney's a good person now." She gave him an innocent, but confused look in the eyes.

Justin did nothing but gap at her for several seconds. It was obvious he was extremely upset, and suffering from severe inner conflict. "I think your dumb, Kim. You dumb as hell for being friends with her. AND SHE IS NOT A "GOOD" PERSON! I could see if she was a good person besides the things that she did. BUT SHE'S NOT! All she is is a terrible influence. She makes young women look bad, and she must not have any respect for herself. All she wear for clothing is underwear. Or clothes where her underwear are showing..."

"Oh, that is not true. Fuck you, Justin." Britney cut in. She was fuming.

"Oh, yes it is, bitch! Have you saw your videos lately? You wear NOTHING in them, which is funny because then you can really see how fake you are, and all you do it reveal yourself and touch yourself in the most distracting ways. I wonder what five year old Jen thinks seeing you in a push up bra and running your hands all over your plastic humps. Butt included." He began to mock her dramatically, while running his hands over his body inappropriately. "Oh, just stick your dick in my heart, and we'll make babies and never be apart. 'Cause I love you baby and I want your love, your like an angel from above." He ran his hand down his face and chest, and he groaned as he touch himself, mocking her.

Kim chocked up, because his display in which he was acting out as an insult was so sexy. Too sexy.

"All your songs sound the same. And your videos...porno's. You should sit down and act like a twenty year old acts. Oh, thats right. You are a hooker."

"You damn bastard. I'm getting sick of your mouth. Oh, yeah I'm really a hooker. And my VIDEOS are just fine. They are not nearly as sexy as they used to be. And even in the past they weren't THAT bad! UGH! You are such a bastard."

He laughed at her, when she stepped into his face. "Do you know the definition of a bastard? Oh, thats right. Your so ignorant you WISH you were a dumb blonde. Okay, sweetheart. A bastard is a person who doesn't have a father. I happen to have one. I have two actually. So that word you are trying to put me down with, won't work. Try again."

Kim put Jade down in a chair, which was one of a bunch distributed throughout the house.

Britney stomped her foot. "OH, THAT IS IT! I CAME HERE TO SAY HI TO KIM! AND YOU JUST HAD TO START SHIT!" She growled with the hue of madness in her eyes. "I'LL BE A BITCH ALRIGHT!" She slapped him in the face so hard it stunned the senses out of him for a few seconds. Next she pushed him, which caught him off guard and made him stumble. She balled up her fist and struck him in the chest. Before she knew it, she was on him. "I'LL BE YOUR FUCKING BITCH, JUSTIN! I'LL BE YOUR BITCH WHEN I BEAT THE FUCKING SHIT OUT YOU MOTHER FUCKER!"


He grabbed her by the hair in self defense, and tossed her to the ground. "What the fuck, BITCH? I KNOW YOU DIDN'T JUST HIT ME! I KNOW YOU DIDN'T JUST..."


"Thats right! You crazy ass bitch. Don't get mad at me because you now realize that you are a hoe. Would you PLEASE get down on your knees for me again? I like it hard, baby. You know that." He winked at her, which made her charge at him again. "YOU HIT ME AGAIN AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!" She punched him once more. 

All hell broke loose.

note- now you know I would never make Justin hit Britney, right? Of course he's not going to hit her...but she's going to get the point.

Chapter 53

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