Chapter 51 note- Kim will never fall for another man. In this story. And all the little cartoon characters you see from now on will be made by only me.

"Okay, Kim. What I REALLY want for this shot is fierce seriousness. I want you to look so serious you look mad. You have the baby oil on your stomach and arms to add that harsh sheen to the image I am creating. Just give me your all, baby. Your meanest all. WIND FANS PLEASE!"

She departed her hair from her face in a swift motion. "Can you stop the fans for just a second? Greg, I can't exactly pose the way you want me to because the fans keep..."

"Blowing into your face, and distracting you. Your so right, darling. I'm sorry, Kim. KEEP THE FANS TO THE SIDE OF HER FACE ONLY!" The professional photographer ordered. "CUT DOWN THE WIND POWER...MORE! MORE! Okay, perfect. Kim, are you comfortable?" She nodded. "Alright. Now, Kim. I want you to twist that beautiful stomach of yours, so the lighting will pick up it's glorious creases. Work the jeans. And remember serious. RYAN! I want you to come up behind Kim and stick each of your thumbs in the pockets of her jeans. Tug on them as if they were your own, and reveal her waist line. Keep your face looking down on her. Be very dramatic."

Kim jumped slightly when she felt the hands of the overly gorgeous male brush up against her bare and sensitive stomach. His thumbs invaded her pockets just as he was told to. And he used little hint to assume her pants lowly on her hips. "Are you comfortable?" He asked politely. His voice was overly deep, and his smile was so perfect it was annoying to see.

"Yeah. I'm fine." She managed to smile back, before placing her head in position for the pose.

"Oh my God! Perfect! Perfect you guys! Give me more attitude, Kim. I WANT ANGER! That's it! Keep that eyebrow raised." He used several rolls of film on the one pose alone. "Okay, guys. Give me something new. Ryan, put your eyes on me...the camera now. I want a sad look. A very depressed look. This is going to be a great shot. And kind of hold Kim. Hold her in your arms. And, Kim. You hold him back. Like touch your hand to his arm."

She actuated her head in uneasiness. "Um...maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea." The reason being Justin was always too jealous about the simplest things.

"Come on, Kim. What is with you today, girl? You are not working the camera at all today. You are acting as if you are afraid to model. And of Ryan. Ryan, did you do something to her?"

He shook his head innocently. "No. I just think she doesn't want to be around me."

She gazed up at him and smiled at his sarcasm. "You know that's not true, Ryan. We've been doing shoot together for months. Haha. I'm fine. I was just suggesting a better pose. But I'm fine with it. Whatever floats your boat, Greg." He tiny fingers guarded over his muscled arm, and she detained herself to him.

"This is it! The most perfect look. YES! keep that face, Kim. You are just so naturally beautiful. By far the most remarkable model I've ever dealt with. And let me add the most attractive and beautiful."

She accidentally laughed as the middle-aged man continued to capture shots of her and Ryan. "Thank you." She mumbled, trying to keep a straight face.

"Your welcome." He shot back at her flirtatiously. "Okay. Since today is basically shots that are going to be for a Chanel jeans advertisement, we have to get shots that represent the jeans. Kim, I want you to put your back to me. And I want you to wrap your arms around Ryan's neck, and place your head to his chest. Ryan you stick just one of your hands in just one of her back pockets. The one that says 'Chanel' across it. And this can once again be the emphasis in the photo. MORE WIND! I need MORE wind on Ryan. I want his hair blowing some. Good! Good!"

Kim hesitantly turned around and her arms became stiff as she unwillingly wrapped them around his neck. "Justin had a talk with you. Huh, Kim? He had a talk about you and me getting too close. I can tell by how you are acting when we pose now. Hey, it's okay. I'm not offended. I would be the same way if I was in his shoes. If you don't feel right posing like this, just say the words, girl."

She giggled and stared away from him. "You are exactly right. Justin did talk with me...but you know what? He needs to get over this. This is my JOB! I make so much money, just to let people take pictures of me. If he can't accept that, than that's too bad. It's not like I get on to him for performing for sixty thousand girls a night. Anyway, lets do this." Her head rested against his chest, and his hand slid in the back pocket of her jeans. She had to have her moment though. "Oh my goodness. No one has...ever put their hand in my pocket like that except Justin. Sorry...for the outburst. Continue." A person holding bright light, nearer to her to get the perfect lighting scheme.


"Hey, Justin! I'm home!" Her eyes rifled through the mid-day lit home, but the entire downstairs area was lifeless. "JUSTIN? WHERE ARE YOU?" She giggled as she traveled into the kitchen with a shopping bag clutched in her minor sized hands and a paper bag, which contained the lunch that she picked up. Justin was nowhere to be found in the kitchen area, but she knew that already from it's tense quietness. She was only going into the kitchen to cut her a peice if the chocolate cake Justin got for her intimate birthday surprise. The cake was almost too beautiful to eat, and the image on the cake was of her. It was scary to a certain extent. After cutting her a nice chunk. She forwarded upstairs to take a shower, after the brief but aggravating photo shoot she had.

She blundered the door of the bedroom open. "Justin? Are you even home?" She smiled warmly when she saw his curled up figure under the covers, on her side of the bed. She cut the TV off as she walked by and placed her handful of items down to capture later. She eased herself down next to him, and removed the covers which were covering his face. She then placed her hands in her lap. "Hey, Justin." She said in a calming nature, which wouldn't startle him. "Hey, sweetheart."

The sound of her voice made his head rise up, and his heavy eyelids open. "Oh. Hey, baby girl." He said with a sniffle.

Her head turned at him in concern. "Justin, you okay? You sound kind of groggy. Like you are loosing your voice."

"Yeah. I'm okay." He stated, clearing his throat several times. He coughed softly.

This gesture caused her to kiss his lips. "Awwww, are you sick?" She didn't give him time to respond because her lips tickled to his.

He was very much in a trance of sleep, but his hands sank into the depth of her hair. Just by probing it's delicate texture he could conclude that it had been cut. His dynamic tongue slinked into her mouth, to slip something into hers. After he successfully carried out this mission, he pulled back.

Kim swished the unknown object around in her mouth. "What in the world? So, you DO sleep with candy in your mouth."

He shook his head. "No, I accidentally fell asleep with the mint in my mouth, and I gave it to you because you are going to steal it anyway."

She giggled. "True."

"You got your hair trimmed. You look so hot." He grumbled sleepily.

Her simpering lips brushed against his. "And you, my sweetheart. Are sick. I think the episode in the rain is finally catching up with you." Her hand touched to his forehead to test it temperature. "Oh, yeah. You are a little warm. "

"I'm not sick." He said sniffling.

"Yes, you are."

She rose from the bed to prepare to take a quick shower. "Okay, Justin. If you aren't sick, then what are you doing sleeping at two in the afternoon? You NEVER sleep until two in the afternoon, and you were sleeping when I left the house this morning."

"You are home early today." He sneezed gently.

"Bless you. You cute and sick little, Nitsuj."

He attempted to clear his throat again. "Thanks. And I'm not sick, Kim. And I got up today and did stuff. The only reason why I fell asleep was because Jade and I were watching Barney and well...he's boring as hell." He laughed, which was depleted of energy.

She paused as she thought to herself. "WHERE IS JADE, JUSTIN?"

His head slumped back against the pillow it was drowning in earlier, and he used his hand to pry the covers from his body. Tucked and curled up underneath his stomach, was the beautiful baby girl. Her small hands twitched as she felt an unexpected breeze from the covers being wrenched from her young form.

Kim immediately relinquished a camera from out of the nightstand drawer, and began to capture snapshots of Justin and the baby. "Now, that is a Kodak moment. Awwwwwww. You have no idea how precious you and Jade look right now."

One of his eyes unlocked open at her. "Can we say SPASTIC and INSANE psycho? Come on everybody! Say it with me now. SPASTIC and INSANE psycho! SPASTIC and INSANE psycho!" He clapped his hand unenthusiastically. "SPASTIC and INSANE psychooooooooo. Which nobody can deny." His eye closed again and he laughed, thowing his arms by his side.

She laughed right along with him. "I hope you know. I just took pictures of that. AND I just wanted to tell you that you have no idea how CRAZY you look with just ONE eye open! Anyway, You are so adorable. You and both Jade. As a matter of fact..." She put the camera back in it's rightful place, and then withdrew the camcorder from the nightstand. "I think I need to charge up the battery in this thing." She turned it on. "Cool. Still works." She focused the camera in on Justin.

When he opened his eyes, he winced. "Oh, God. Here you go again. A little camera happy, Kim?"

"Whatever, Justin. Okay. Talk to me, baby. What are you doing right now? You look really comfy."

He smiled sarcastically. "What does it look like I'm doing? I was trying to sleep...I guess that's out of the question."

"Today is September the twelfth. Justin seems to have a minor cold. And as you can see. Little Jade is curled up under Daddy. Aren't they beautiful? That is so heartfelt. That is so...HOLY...I am just now realizing...Justin is SHIRTLESS! DAMN! LOOK AT THAT ARM! Okay, this film I'm making was rated G, but now it's NOT so rated G. Oh my God. And you see that stomach? It has the wave effect going. I'm telling you, he is so...THAT CHEST!"

He chuckled. "Kim, put the camcorder down. Okay, sweetheart? Just put it down." He said in a concerned voice. He laughed seldomly.

"His body is so...okay. I'm zooming in on his stomach. Talk about blessed. OH MY GOD!"

He rose out of the bed, careful not to displace or wake Jade. "Okay, Kim. Give it here."

She backed away as he drew nearer. "Just look at him. Good lord. Abercrombie boxers. He's only in boxers." She tripped over a shoe, which was in the middle of the floor, but she continued to film him even after she fell down. "How can someone be so hot? He's coming closer to me. Look at the view now. His bulge. That...that bulge." She dragged herself backwards to try to keep filming him. "Oh my God! Oh my God!"

Justin took the camcorder from her and started down at her. "Kim, what the hell is wrong with you? HAHA! Only YOU would spaz out with a camera. Will you stop taping my body parts?" He put his hand out to help her up.

She cleared her nervous throat. "Okay. I'll admit. I got out of hand this time. Sorry, Justin." With the firm grip of his hand, and a solid yank, she was up on her feet.

He coughed to the side. "Oh, don't worry about it. I'll get you back later. Definitely."

She bit her lip. "I'm about to take a shower, Justin. You want to join me?" She winked flirtatiously at him.

He shook his head, rejecting her politely. "Sorry."

"Alright then."

He sneezed. "You see, normally I would. But I can't leave Jade on the bed. Besides, YOU CLAIM that I am sick!"

She giggled as she journeyed to the closet. "You are in denial, Justin. You have a faint cold and you are sick. And You need to put Jade in her crib because she doesn't need to catch whatever you have. By the way, bless you."



She devised the bathroom with an army of stem behind her. She was dressed comfortably, wearing a pair of white shorts and a yellow top. Kim esteemed loving regard to Justin, who had put Jade in her crib, and was conglobed with the covers to keep his body warm from his side effects of fever. He was in a position which was a preparation for sleep, but he was not sleeping. In fact her was glaring at her adoringly, with large gooey eyes.

"Damn." He shivered with fever. "I was hoping you'd come out of the bathroom naked. I forgot you brought clothes with you to change into. I forced myself to stay awake for nothing." His tone of voice was crackly because of lost moisture in his throat. With this conflict, he still laughed softly, which fled him into a violent cough. "No luck." He whispered.

She approached him with her mouth cooing at him. "Awww, Justin. Would you like to take something?"

"No, I'm fine. I took some medicine earlier because I had a headache. I'm fine." He sneezed. "Really I am."

"Bless you. Okay, I'm just going to trust your words. I see you brought Jade to her crib. Good idea." She ran her fingers through her wet hair.

"Yeah. I guess I do have a little something. And whatever it is, I don't want Jade to get it because she is so small. So, for precautious reasons, I brought her in her room. WITH classical music playing on her stereo." He licked his tongue at her playfully. "I remembered to put it on because it builds her brain. Oh, I am SO good. What you want with this?"

Her hand rubbed his bare chest, to hopefully relieve some of his minor congestion. "Oh, shut up, Justin." She giggled. "Can I have my side of the bed back? So, I can lay in bed with you, even though it's really not time to be in bed?"

"No." He said sternly. "But I will lift up so you can get in bed. ONLY if you let my head lay on your stomach."

She nodded satisfied, and stuck her wet hair up with a hair elastic she had attached to her arm temporarily.

He lifted the covers up for her and then sat up. He shook his head several times, to complete his goal of avoiding a head rush. She scooted her body underneath his, and propped and supported several pillows behind her back, so she would not have to bend her body uncomfortably when Justin was to lay on her. The sudden stretch caused her shirt to rise up more, revealing her muscled stomach entirely. Very slowly his scorching face rested against her. "It was so sweet of you to watch Barney with Jade, Justin. That is something fathers are suppose to do. I love how you are CHOOSINGLY spending more time with her like that. That is so cute!"

He smiled, because every word she said vibrated directly into his ear, and it caused him to shake. It aided him in relief. It made him feel good to know that he was close to her...touching her. "Yeah. We watched Barney, and before that we watched Sesame Street. The number of the day is three by the way. Oh, and Kim. I concluded this as I was watching the program with Jade. Kim...Elmo is gay." His finger rubbed up against her side, which was overly moist from being recently damp. "Now, I don't mean like in the stupid way. Because he cool, and I'm sure a lot of children learn from him. But he's gay. He likes other monsters, sweetheart."

She tilted her head back and laughed loudly, trying to hid her outburst cries with her hands. "HA! Oh my goodness, Justin. Whatever. Other monsters...HAHAHAHA! Elmo is a baby. A baby monster. He's just VERY friendly."

He chuckled with a struggle. "No, he is just very gay. I'm so serious. He's gay. He's a fruit. Throughout the whole show he's like. Elmo want to play with you. Elmo want to touch you. Elmo want to touch your ass. A hehe. A hehe. And he talks to ALL dudes. I mean, where the girls at? Elmo want to kiss you. Elmo want a hug. Elmo want you to bath him. Elmo want to use his hand on you. Elmo want to have a sixty-nine. A he he. A he he."

Kim had just lost all of her sanity to laughing.

"Hey, Kim. Don't forget my head is on your stomach. And If you keep on laughing like you are. Then you are going to snap my neck. And...that's bad, baby girl." He laughed a few times fragilely.

She was laughing so hard that she felt she had to get away from him and pushed his head off of her. "Get away from me. Speaking of a phsyco. Only you would be picking on poor little Elmo. God, your really warm, Justin."

His eyes gazed up her. "God, your really hot, Kim." His head slammed into her stomach again.

She bent down, which caused her stomach to scrunch inward, lowering Justin's head even more. Her face concealed and sheilded over his, which made  particles of wet bangs, tickle his face. From there her lips inferiored closer to his, osculating them with delicate tenderness. After a five second hold, she brought her lips back and giggled. "I love you." She stated, her slightly saturated hair dousing his overly warmed skin.

"M'mmm. Yeah. That's one kiss. Delicious! Can I have another please?"

She kissed his lips again. "Your so cute, Ntisuj."

His hand wandered into her lifted hair, and to the back of her neck, so she would not let up too soon. He had to release the frustration of his wild tongue, and he dipped it in and out of her mouth, and with her powerful lip suction the kiss was a success. He regretfully eliminated from her, to respond to her. "Love you too, baby girl. But I really love kissing you."

"Hold on for a second, Justin. I'm about to move a little." She informed, reaching over to the end of the bed, where she laid her bags down from earlier. She extracted an item from the largest bag of her few, and then flung the object to the landing area of Justin's stomach. "Hey, Justin. Remember when you had the Gucci dress that I wore to Puff Daddy's party shipped here by your stylist, because you said that there wasn't a Gucci store in Florida? Well, Justin. I found out today from this guy model that I work with, that there actually is one. And it isn't new either. So, I went to it to get you those jeans you wanted back in New York. The ones with the Mona Lisa on the knees? They were in fact Gucci, Justin. I hope you like them. They didn't have them in your size. I mean, they would fit you in the waist okay, but they would be a little baggy. And you look so much better in jeans that fit your slim figure. So I took them to a tailor and they edited them to fit you perfectly. And the Mona Lisa print is also on the inside of the jeans, so when they are rolled up at the bottom you can see it. So, I had the tailor do that flare thingy at the bottom for you, since you like that so much. And I had them hemmed up the bottom of the jeans, so that you could see the print to match the knees. Damn I just talked a lot."

He unfolded the tossed jeans, looked them over, and then glowered up at her. "No, you didn't. KIM! No, you didn't."

She nodded while cheesing. "Yes, I did. Don't try that 'I know you didn't buy me something' stuff. What you did on the day AFTER my birthday was too much. I hope you like them."

He shook his head at her and sniffled. "I love you so much." He crawled over her and began to kiss her on the neck. "I love you so much, Kim. Every little thing you do makes my day. You are SO caring, and you have the greatest heart. You are always thinking about others." His teeth sank into her hotspot softly.

"God, Justin. Why do you do this to me?"

"Do what to you, baby?" His breath singe and burned her neck because it was refreshingly too cool.

Her chest boasted with excitement as she struggled to breath normally. "Torture me!" She moved him aside. "Oh, no you don't. Get back to where you were, Mister. Your kisses do provide excruciating pleasure, and I love them to death. But we should try to avoid what will most-likely happen if you start kissing me. And focusing on talking brings us closer, Justin. When we just sit and have our talks, we are sharing something. And it brings us closer."

He took back to his beginning position. "Cool with me, babe. Now, as we are talking, can you do that thing that you do with my hair? It feels so good."

Immediately her hands attached to his scalp and she began to massage it. "Hair? What hair? Just kidding. Is this the thing that I do?"

He closed his eyes in relaxation. "M'mmm yeah. It feels good."

He face had a question look upon it. "I don't get what pleasure you get from me massaging your scalp."

His face rotated to the side, and he began to kiss her stomach unconsciously.


"Okay. Sorry. I get kind of turned on, so I have to kiss you." He glared up at the ceiling. "So...what would you like to talk about? How was your day? The photo shoot?"

She respired an audible breath, and chafed her finger against the cartilage of his ear. "Well, I had to get up at like five this morning. Yuck! I got up and I ran on the treadmill for thirty minutes. Haha...I love that thing. I don't go for my runs anymore. Anyway, so I had a photo shoot to do at the studio itself, and that particular shoot was for jeans. Oh, and since I mentioned it, I better tell you. Okay, Justin. I know you told me not to pose with the guy like I did again. Today we did some poses that you may not like all that much. In one shot we had to look like we were kissing, but I'm telling you now, we weren't. Our lips never touched. And also he had to stick his hand in the back pocket of my jeans, like you do sometimes. Oh, and he had to tug on the waist of my jeans some. Now, I know you aren't too pleased, but Justin why do you get so jealous? I don't understand it. You know I only love you. I mean, what am I going to do? Fall in love with some guy that I think is cute and then leave you? Never! You have nothing to be worried about. And it's my job to do these things with the models. If I don't pose like the photographer wants then I don't get paid. Okay?"


She panted air. "Justin, please don't give me that. Aggravated and hurt voice. Don't! Alright?"

His eyes rolled upwards to cotch her face. "What?" He asked with a scrunched face. "I said OKAY! OKAY?"

She scolded her hair behind her ears. "You see, Justin? Now, you have an attitude."

He rolled his eyes partially. "What? I said OKAY, Kim! YOU ARE SAYING I'M CATCHING AN ATTITUDE BECAUSE I SAID OKAY?"

"You do have an attitude right now."

He coughed with a covered mouth. "I don't have an attitude, okay? Whatever, Kim. And how was your day? I asked you and you didn't answer the question." He changed the subject.

She began to massage his scalp again, which made him stop staring her in the eyes in wrath. She smiled to herself as he tensed in drastic pleasure, from her affectionate indication. "I had a pretty good day. Oh, I need to finish telling you. So I had a photo shoot to do at the studio, and then I had to relocate to the beach. Because it's still pretty hot and bikini's can still be worn. They gave me this tiny black bikini to put on, and it was my size...but it fit SO tight. And I put the thing on and from the front it was just chest, chest, chest. And from the back it was just ass, ass, ass. And I just look bad. I mean it was just too sexy. It revealed too much. So, I complained about the bikini and told them that I thought the top was not enough support for me. Everyone just kept telling me. The top it suppose to fit like that...the top is suppose to fit like that. Yada, yada, yada..."

Justin's eyes carried back to make eye contact with Kim. "What did it fit like?" He asked, with a curious grin. He had an idea that he would be laughing hysterically after her story was through.

She used her hands to try to express the description of the top. "It was like the two strapped...I don't was a very strange top, because the straps of it were clear, but they were made of some kind of Italian...I don't know. So I had the bikini on. And as I said, my boobs were just hanging out of the top. Not hanging out. But just like, you know...pushed up too much. And for the pose I was told to lay on my side, right where the ocean water rose up. And I got wet up by a small wave, but it was cool because it made the shot more natural. Next thing I knew, Justin. Twang! The top just snapped and popped right off. Every person on the beach. Every model, every photographer, every make-up assistant. EVERYONE saw my boobs! Everyone, Justin! Oh, my God. It was SAD! And they tired to act like it wasn't a big deal, so I wouldn't feel so embarrassed. It didn't help. Come on! Everyone saw me. How could you not be embarrassed?"

He laughed with closed eyes, which caused him to cough violently. "Damn, Kim. Everyone has saw your boobs. No biggie there. Haha. Just kidding. HA! That's funny, man. You have such bad luck. You poor thing." He had to stop laughing for the sake of his throat.

"I know." She agreed. "I have the worse luck." She shrugged. "Ah, well. So, I had a good day. The photo shoot ended early, like at ten. And as you know I went shopping. Not really shopping, but I wanted to find your 'Mona Lisa' pants and I searched around for the Gucci store we never knew about..."

Justin suddenly held her hand and slipped several items into it. This action caused her to stop talking. "I got this yesterday. But I forgot to show you. Look! I got Jade a little baby ring. It basically all the jewelry I got for you. But the baby version." He chuckled. "We can put the ring on her finger now. But I don't know about the necklace. It doesn't matter how nice it is. And it doesn't matter it has diamonds on it. If Jade was to strangle herself with the necklace or something...okay, I don't even want to think about it. So, she can't wear the necklace now. Maybe she'll still be able to fit it when she's like two. And the earrings. While, we are out tomorrow I think we should get her ears pierced. Because I was talking to my jeweler and he told me that it's good to get the baby's ear pierced while they are small because they won't have to worry about it when they get older and it would be less painful. I asked the guy was it okay to get a four month old's ears pierced. He told me that it was."

Kim nodded. "Okay. Cool. We could to that. That is so adorable. Jade would look so cute with the little heart-shaped diamond studs in her ears. Awwww. You are so sweet to have all of this made for her. And the ring is so tiny."

"Yeah I bet you could fit the ring." She gave him a hard look and stopped massaging his head. "Nah, I'm just kidding. Baby's fingers are so tiny, and especially Jade's. They don't even have ring sizes. And you just can't get enough of the necklace I got you for your birthday. I told you it was for the wedding only. Not to wear around the house, girl."

"Haha. Okay, Okay. It's not like I have it on today, so hush! You know what, Justin? I want to kiss you right now. You are And I love you so much."

He smiled and had a difficult time pulling her on top of him, because of the position they were in. He managed to do it. "Then why don't you?"

She gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Your specialty is when you ride me uhhoooo baby!" She mocked.

He shut his eyes in remorse. "Kim, you STILL on that? That's you, baby girl. You just don't get over things. You KEEP going back to certain points." His hands reposed and lounged on her thighs. "I'm sorry." He whispered sexily, in a husky tone. "I'" His hands felt up and down her in long strokes.

She bent down and savored him a sweet kiss. "I know you are."

His arms went behind her back, and he held her in place by overlapping his fingers. "You know what? Since we are doing this talking thing. I guess I better tell you how I feel about something. I think we need to do something with this house, baby girl. Not just because the MTV people are coming in early December so we can do the Christmas MTV Cribs special, but because we paid too much money for it, not to personalize it. You know what I'm saying? We have this big ass mansion and yet we don't do anything in it, because it's not homey to us. Hell, we don't even know half of the stuff that's in it, because you hired a interior designer to decorate everything for you. I think we should take our time, and do every single room our way. It may take a while, but I think it's worth it. Because maybe we'll be more comfy here. And, Kim. We have so much that we do nothing with. There is a whole dance rehearsal room in this house. I don't know why...haha. But there is, and how many times have we been in there? Like two. And downstairs I want to make Jade a playroom. I know she's too young for that now, but in a few months she won't be. And we could make a room for just her, and her toys and stuff. Maybe make a reading center and that type if thing. I don't know...something!"

"That is the EXACT same thing I was thinking. We really do need to do something with this house. I'm with you, Justin. Lets just do everything our way. And lets redecorate our bedroom too's looking kind of rough." She giggled. "And we still didn't REPLACE the lamp we broke!"

He pointed at her with a simper. "It was YOU! You broke the lamp."

She huffed. "I did NOT! Why do you keep blaming it on me? leg. You put my leg..."

His hand slapped over her mouth. "We are not getting into this right now. So, when should start doing all of this redecorating? I have to go PROMOTE my new album on the twentieth. Today is the twelve. That gives me eight days. Of course we can't do the WHOLE house in eight days, but we can do some things."

"Yeah. We can work on Jade's play room tomorrow. After we come back from our photo shoot. Now that should be fun. And you can't complain about not having pictures with me like that guy that had his hand on my stomach. You can put your hand on anything you want. As long as YOU feel better about the situation. It's sad that you got so offended by that, but it's you, baby. And I still love you. Oh, and at the shoot location. There is going to be a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine. She asked me today was it okay if she did an interview with both you and I, about our relationship. She told me she wouldn't ask nothing too harmful, and I told her yes. I should have asked you first. I hope you are okay with the idea." She held her finger to her mouth and bit the tip of it, then shifted on top of Justin, which caused him to shift.

He licked his tongue at her. "Yeah the shoot is going to be so fun! And I don't mind the interview if you don't." He smiled at her dreamily. "I just remembered something. I need to bring Cherry those shirts.'s been like months since I had them and I still didn't bring them to her. I wonder how she's doing? I want to make her a flower girl for us. We have one, but two wouldn't hurt."

She gazed in the area of the dresser. "I want my chocolate cake. But I'm too lazy to go over there and get it. Do you think her mother would let her? Besides, the dresses are already made and finished. She wouldn't have a dress."

"Then we would have to get her measured and another made, that's all. I want her to be a flower girl. She is so cute and sweet. She has to be. Her mother wouldn't care. Please! Are you kidding me? Candy? That lady has a crush on me."

Her hand curled around his neck. "Alright, Ntisuj. Sounds good to me. She'd be a cute little flower girl."

"Yeah." He whispered gaping into her eyes.

She sprung up suddenly. "Guess what, Justin? There is one thing that I didn't tell you about that I did today." She giggled. "I brought a new car."

He sat up with her still on top of him and her legs wrapped around his waist. "You did? What kind of car? I thought you love your Lexus so much?"

She glared around the room innocently. "A 2004 Porsce Carrera. Only three are in the entire US! I got a car that is two years into the future. And Justin when I say this car is cool. I mean it' whoa! It is so RAD! It talks. well not really talks, but it has a navigation system that...talks."

His eyes grew enormously. "OH MY GOD! Your kidding right? How did you get a car like that? Your...your not even a car person. That is SO my car, Kim. I'm taking it from you."

"This guy model hooked me up because he said I was so fine that I needed a fine car. Hell no it's not your car, Justin. It's mine...haha. Of course you can drive it whenever you want. But it's mine, baby."

He lulled with pausation. "You know what?" He slammed her down against the bed. "I'm going to tickle you to death. Then you'll say yes."

She waved her hands at him in rue. "Please! PLEASE! Don't tickle me."

He crept over her lightly and kissed her neck euphonically. He pulled back as he sucked against her skin feverishly. "Don't worry I won't tickly you. I love you, baby girl. Did I ever tell you that?"

She pulled his face up, so that he was facing her. "All the time." She giggled.

There lips created a combination as they kissed lovingly. "I told you I wasn't sick."

"What you are is delicious." She exclaimed, ignoring the fact that he might really be sick.

He made a mistake and laughed. "You know what, Kim? Something is going to happen." He whispered against her lips.

"What are you talking about?...haha."

He slipped his tongue in her mouth and then back out. "I'm serious. Every time we are kissing...OR doing something. We are interrupted. We might as well stop now. It's funny how the person that usually interrupts us is mother. Who is currently STILL mad at me for the little argument we had in New York. I don't get her. Screw that. She can't act like we are the worst parents in the world, you know? We are YOUNG and we are learning from Jade everyday. So, we have no idea what we are doing, and it's all new to us. So, of course we are going to make mistakes. And I cannot believe she got pissed at me because I got upset, because of what SHE said. And Jade's diaper rash is all cleared up. I CALLED her and told her that yesterday. And we got into another argument, and she hung up on me. And you know when she brought Jade home after your birthday she was being totally rude. Just whatever, man."

Kim played with the tip of he hair. "Yeah, that's sad, Justin. I hope you guys stop fighting. You never had this big of a fight since I met you.

The was a small moment of silence.

"That guy did a great job with cleaning out the pool. You know it would have been a mess if those rose petals stayed in that water for much longer. And if they are in it too long it gets all nasty. Ugh!"

"I know." He said with a cough, still upset over the fact that him and his mother were fighting. "And those damn sensors, because every time someone walks down a hall the TV comes on. Kim, you know that scrapbook I gave you yesterday with all of your childhood pictures in it? I just wanted to say. That you were always HOT! I'm serious. You were always gorgeous. But those braces pictures were just hilarious." His hand shielded over his nose and he sneezed.

"Bless you. You filthy animal. You are so mean." She pushed him. "Why do you have to make fun of my braces? I didn't look that bad."

He chuckled. "You looked hot. I was making fun. It's funny because you looked HOT with braces."

She rolled her eyes. "According to you, I'd look hot if I wore dog shit for a bikini."

He laughed and sighed loudly. "Now that's attractive." He nudged her flirtatiously. "If you took that dog shit and converted it into whipped cream, then I would...never mind. Guess that's another fantasy. Damn Candy for the idea in the first place."


Hours later.

Tears rapidly diminished from his eyes. "This is so hard for me. I don't know if I can do this. Oh my God!"

"Justin. It's okay, baby."

"No, it's NOT okay."

"Why are you doing this to yourself? If you can't handle it, you just can't."

He shook his head. "I can handle's just an onion. I'm almost finished cutting it."

She wiped his eyes and giggled. "Awww! You are so cute. You look and SOUND like your girlfriend just broke up with you."

He laughed and took a step back, away from the counter. "You want to know what I would look like if my girlfriend "KIM" broke up with me?" He laid down in the middle of the kitchen floor and folded his hands, with them neatly held to his stomach. With the now dead look of him, be began to hum the hymn of death. "dum..dum..dum dum...dum...dum dum...dum dum...dum dum."

She laughed loudly, with a hand over her mouth and it hung open. "Justin, don't play like that. That is so not funny. Although you would look gorgeous dead. But stop playing like that, because if you died or something. I don't know what I would do. I'd probably get so sick that it would lead to my death. You know how dogs do that dying of grief thing? That's how it is with us."

He optated himself from off of the ground. "Yeah. You know it, babe. We are going to be one-hundred and thirty years old, holding each other in our arms when we die. That is what our death will be like. And then we'll live together in heaven. And wait for Jade." He laughed. "That's how it should be...thats how it should be." He repeated. "Oh, great! I have onion on my shirt now." He pried it from his muscled body and threw it over his shoulder.


Justin and Kim both glared at Jade who was easing on the counter in her chair. "She is too cute, Kim. We need to watch her though. Because if she messes around and falls off of that counter...that would SUCK!"

"She's cool." Kim chortled, as she took a large bowl from a room temperature corner.

"Haha. What the hell is that?" He asked, continuing to cut the onion he had issues with.

"It's pizza dough."

"Pizza dough?"

She rested a hand on her waist and gave him a disturbing and stern look. "Justin, you SAID that you would love to have a homemade pizza. Right? What do you think I'm doing."

He winced at the strong stench of the onion. "Yeah, I said that. But I didn't actually think you would make it. We could just order out. That's cool though. Why is it all puffed up like that?"


"Teddy gram, Kim."

Since Justin had onion on his hand she had become his 'Teddy Gram' assistant. And she popped one in his mouth every time he made the request. "There you go." She kissed his chin before she returned to what she was doing. "And the dough is puffy, because it has yeast in it. Duh! Why do you think it's puffy?"

He cackled. "Aha! Yeast. That's funny." He concentrated the knife he was using down, and he closed his eyes to laugh. "Yeast...haha. That yeast wouldn't happen to be INFECTED would it?"

She extracted a bread stick from a pack she was eating from. "Justin, you are so sick, that your not even funny. Don't make me hit you with my bread stick!"

He held his wife beater covered chest with a hand. "Haha. What the HELL are you going to do with a bread stick?" He shook with a bluff assume.

"You have no idea what can be done with a bread stick."

His eyebrow ached in lust. "What girl? Don't you know I will take you down. RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW! In front of Jade! Don't make me put onion on you."

She giggled. "Man, you are so Country. That is so cute. You are so Country, Justin. You can't say right here, right now. Your like...right hereya, right na."

He laughed sarcastically. "Awwww. How cute. Kim got jokes today! Okay. Let's demonstrate what she talks like, with her 'Flordain' accent." He cleared his throat. "Justin, like whatever ok? Like ya. Like that is like soooooooo not funny. Like huh? Like whoa. Like you are like so cun-tree. Like I like totally love you, Nitsuj. He he heee. He he heee. I love ya, Kim. But DAMN!"

She rolled her eyes. "Okay. If you think I talk like that, it's obvious something is wrong with your ears, Justin. I know I'm a blonde, but you don't have to make fun of me because of it. I do NOT talk in such a way. And I used to be very proper with my speech, until I met your cursing like crazy ass. I would get beat for saying AIN'T! So don't make fun of me, as if I am ignorant."

He abiding cutting the remainder of the onion. His eyes were already tearing up. "Whoops. Somebody is offended..."

She shook her freshly cut hair out of her face. "I am NOT offended. I'm just sick of you talking about how I talk. Like I'm one of those dumbasses. Like whatever. You total loser. A girl like that..."

He coughed dramatically. "Like I said. Somebody is offended."

"Whatever, Justin."

"Teddy gram."


He frowned, not expecting her sudden rejection.

"Get your own damn teddy gram. Like whatever." She turned the bowl, which held the pizza dough, and let the extra virgin olive oil-covered substance plop against the cool and clean counter.

"Kim, I'm going to ask you again. Can you please give me a teddy gram? I don't want to put my oniony hands in the box."

She snatched up the box and dumped out several of the honey-flavored cookies on the counters near him. "Like there you are. Like you really cute, Nitsuj LIKE FOR SURE! LIKE GNARLY!"

His neck bolted back. "Uh...Kim, that was really cold. Look, honey. I was just kidding. And besides. There are some horrible talking folks in the world. Like on the show Daria. You know the Chinese chick? Well, she talks all. Whhhhhaaaaattttttt aaaaaaaaaa loooooooosssssssseeeeeeeerrrrrr. She talks SO freaking slow. I'm like will you hurry up with the sentence already? She'd be talking into the next day, and has only said one sentence. Haha. So, don't feel bad. I just want to hit her. So she will talk faster."

She shrugged and gave him a disbelieving look. "And you happen to think that is going to make me feel better? And don't get too worked up...ya see. I don't know if you know this, but IT'S A CARTOON, JUSTIN! And I happen to like the Chinese chick."

He nodded. "Yeah, you would like her, because you are lame." He joked.

She bit a huge chunk out of her bread stick. "Using Lance's word are we? You know what? I'm not talking to you, Justin. You are starting to piss me off." She stated with calm attitude.


"I mean, I'm not going to put up with it. Your immaturity."

"Baby, come here." She ignored him. "Kim..."

"Stay away from me, with your onion self."

Already he was washing his hands at the sink. He enhanced his cleansing, by using a few drops of Dawn dish detergent. After he had washed his hands he granted her the finger signal to come to him. "Kim, come here."

She shook her head. "No. I said NO!"

"I'm sorry. I'm always saying it to you, it seems. But I'm sorry for upsetting you, about the way you talk and all of that. I'm sorry, Kim. Will you come here, baby?"

She didn't attempt to look at him. "NO! You are so full of it."

He perambulated to her and held her from behind. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and rubbed his face into her shoulder, with all the affection in the world. As if he was a petted kitten. "I'm sorry. Okay? Are you mad at me? Huh?" He rubbed against her harder. "Please don't be. You know I love you." His tongue lambasted against the sensitivity of her tan neck. He stopped the attraction to just hold her in his arms. He squeezed her tight and closed his eyes. "I love you."

She wanted to be a part of his fond worship and infatuation. There was too much love transferring out of him and into her, for her to be mad at him. After all Justin was doing nothing more than being his playful profile. She reversed her position and held him in a thankful hug. "Hey, I'm not mad. I love you too, baby."

His lips touched to hers for a responsive kiss. Slowly his hand enclosed around her waist. "I love you sexy. I love it when you play hard to get. And you act mad. Or when I give you compliments and you won't accept them. Just so I will say them more. That is so hot." He deplored faintly. "Makes me wanna do things to you."

The husky and deep whisper penetrated into her ear and sent a shiver down her spine. She pulled back from him to tell him something. " Wow. What youjust said was niiiiiiice. I just get aggravated with you when you start acting all childish. And you continuously say things that are going to up set me..."


"Awww. I love that baby to death. And then you do things that are uncalled for, Justin. You understand that?"

He thought he was deprived of his mind. At one point her was looking into her eyes. But he took a peek down, and was reminded of what she was wearing. He shuddered. A white Hilfiger hoodie stung to her striking figure like super glue, and it cut at a extra sharp and low "V". Her pants consisted of white hip huggers, which were so fitting on her, her appearance left more to the imagination than a fantasy world. From a man's point of view at least.

"Justin, do you get what I'm saying or what? And WHAT are you looking at, Mister?"

He wish he was able to control himself more. His body had froze at first sight of the view. He didn't think he was physically able to respond to her. "..."

She sighed and pulled his head up. "Why are you staring at my chest like that. You act like you've never seen it before."

He was trebling and he pointed at the area of her body. " are...throbbing out of that shirt throbbing. I think it's just me. They are just budging, Kim. I mean, distraaaaaaaaaaaction." He just paused and just stared at her.

She pushed his head out of the way. "Back up, boy. Don't you have anything better to do than just stare at my boobs?"

He nodded hesitantly. "Yeah. I could stare at something else. And let me just say it's even MORE captivating. Oh, my God. You just don't know what those pants...Kim, you have to understand what I'm saying. Your body is just boom boom pow. Your thin, but you have that body. And I'm gonna look. People are gonna look. I know other females probably love you to death just as males."

She giggled. "Yeah. I'm sick of hearing the body speech over and over again. Will you EVER leave the subject alone, Justin?"

He shook his head positively. "Nope. Haha."


He grinned. "Jade is so adorable. Look at her. She is just moving away. She is so strong for her age. And she is so active." He picked the baby up out of her chair and held her.

"I know she's active. When I was carrying her. I swear she would be dancing. Like dancing wildly. She's going to take after her daddy. Watch her grow up to be a pop star. And don't be touching her. You have all that onion on you."

He presented the shirt that was on his shoulder to her, to explain something to her. "I took my shirt off, and I washed my hands."

She forgot he washed his hands. "No, you didn't."

"Yes, I did. When I was trying to get you to come to me? Remember? You said don't touch you with my hands and I washed them." He grasped Jade's small hand, and he waved it at Kim. "Say hi mama."


He laughed. "Close enough. You are so cute." He cooed, kissing her head. "Oh, yes you are. Oh, yes you are."

Kim smiled at the loving behavior Justin offered to Jade. "You are so sexy when you talk baby talk. And I think it's the sweetest thing in the world."

He chuckled. "She loves to make spit bubbles. She is just so awesome. I love her so much. We couldn't ask for a more perfect baby." He reached into the box of 'Teddy Grams' and withdrew two cookies. He copied Jade and made a spit bubble. He rendered a cookie into his mouth and put the other to the lips of Jade.

Kim slapped his hand and stole the cookie from the baby's mouth and placed it in her own. "Don't do that, Justin. She is too young for solid foods. You'd shock her system and she'd get really sick if she ate the cookie. She won't be able to have solids for another month at least."

He ran his fingers through his hair. "Sorry. She looks like she can eat a cookie. She can do anything else. Just kidding."

Kim bent down and pulled all of her hair forward, so Justin could see her neck clearly. "Look at my neck, Justin." She informed. There was an very red area on her neck. It traveled into the base of her strands of her. "Angie told me I had this big red spot on my neck and in my hair. As she gave me a trim she noticed it. I didn't even know it was there."

His eyes squinted at the abnormality. "What happened?"

She sat up and threw her newly layered strands behind her back. An evil smile fled her face. "Last night you were pulling my hair."

He ate another 'Teddy Gram'. "No, I didn't."

She crossed her arms and couldn't stop smiling. "I'm serious. I remember. You were pulling my hair. You didn't take notice to it of course."

He licked his lips. "I don't know what your talking about. Why would I pull your hair?"

She laughed obnoxiously. "It's time for me to brag for once. You were pulling my hair because...I was giving you the ride of you life, Justin. Whoo hoo. I tore you up, boy. And I don't know what the hell I was doing. BUT I'M GOOD!"

He could feel a burning sensation in his face. "Were not going to talk about this."

She laughed. "Oh, but we are. As I was saying. Little Justy had too much action, and he had to grab onto something. So you were pulling my the point that I now have whiplash."

He started to cut at the onion again, because it helped him hide some of his embarrassment. "Right, Kim."

"Wopish wopish." She pretended to slash a whip in her hand. "Oh and it was cute how you hid your face in my neck and was just moaning away. Oh, and you bit me on the shoulder too." She pulled the material of her hoodie down for him to see. "It's barely noticeable, but you can still see it if you look closely."

He bit his bottom lip.

"Awww, you are blushing so bad. What's the matter, Justin?" She asked teasingly. "Huh?"

He shrugged. "Okay. I was pulling your hair and I bit you."

She held up a finger, which caught his attention. "I have one more question. What does this mean? OHHHHHHHH BABYYYYYYYYY...I UHOOOO I...LOVE YOU SO MUCH...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KI...OH GOD...OH SHIT! What does that mean, Justin? I don't quit comprehend what it does mean."

He laughed. "Your horrible, Kim. No one asked you to be sharing bedroom secrets in front of Jade. She going to grow up to be a sex freak. Watch!"

She laughed. "What's wrong with talking about sex? We are about to get married AND we're in a kitchen. I could see if we were at an Nsync concert or something. But we're in our kitchen, cooking dinner. What's so wrong about it? Your just embarrassed because I had you moaning like a baby. That's what your problem is. Should we tell your fans about this particular subject we had a brief conversation about, or no?"

He smiled big at her. "Nah. I don't THINK they need to know what you just blurted. You spastic psycho."

She pointed a bread stick at him. "Aye, dude. What did I tell ya about that name calling?" She shrieked playfully. "Don't make me beat yo ass wit this here bread country cowboy."

He trembled his head at her in imaginary attitude. "Why yew gots to be makin' fun of my lang-which? And I tol ya. You ain't gunna do a cotton pickin' thang with that there bread stick. What yew gunna do wit it?" He pronounced in an extra country voice.

Kim closed her eyes and shook her head while laughing. She brushed away her joyed emotion, because she intended to be serious as she acted. "Yeah, fool. You heard right. I'm gonna beat ya down with this damn bread stick."

"Heh, what yew gunna do, Missy? Stabs me to death?"

"Yeah." She poked him tremendously with the bread stick.

Justin laughed. "Hey, Kim. Why are you eating bread sticks? Who eats bread sticks?"

She took a large bite of one. "I eat bread sticks. They are healthy food, Justin. Something you NEVER heard of."

"Can you feed me a teddy gram?" He asked, beginning to cry again from the chemicals of the onion. "And I do eat healthy. I'm skinny as hell now. I KNOW that I'm skinny. I've been working out a lot, and I'm trying to shape up more than I ever have before. I have to look good and healthy when my fans see me." He told Kim, chewing the cookie she gave him.

She held her hands to her waist. "No, you aren't STILL cutting that onion. That's sad, Justin." She claimed, taking out a pizza pan to put the dough in it.

His mouth rushed with laugher abruptly. "Oh my goodness. That's is so funny how we abandoned the counter over there. Haha. We don't EVER go over there anymore! Ahahahaha."

She giggled with a piece of bread stick in her mouth. "Ain't that the truth. Haha. I can't even look over there anymore. Justin, you sick ass!" 

He laughed. "HA! Don't try to act like it was sick now."

She winced acceleratedly. "Ow! Ow! Neck cramp. Neck cramp!" She bounced up and down. "Justin! Justin, pop my neck for me." He stared at her questioningly. "You do it so well. Hurry up."

He gazed at his hands, and then her. "Kim, I have onion on my hands."

She jumped. "I don't care. HURRY UP!"

"Can I just snap your neck instead of popping it? Haha." He  joked.

"Justin...please." She begged.

He rinsed his hands under the water of the sink for only a second, and he quickly dried them with a hand towel available in the kitchen. "Okay." He held her to him, and with one hand he twisted her neck to the side. "Did it pop yet? Now?"

"No. Twist harder."

He added more pressure on her fragile neck, being careful not to break it. He heard a cracking sound. "There you go."

She sighed. "Yeah, that felt so good. Now do my back, while you are at it."

He used her shoulders as support, as he released strain of the muscle off of her back. After finishing her request, he gave her shoulders one brutal squeeze, and it released much tenseness from her. "God, your tense, Kim. Remind me to give you a massage later.

"Okay, Mister Onion." She laughed.

"He he heeee!" He mocked.

She began to force the dough to fit inside of the pizza pan. "Don't start, Justin. Don't make me hound you with a pound of dough." She snickered madly.

"While you are over there laughing for the stupdist reason, I wanted to tell you that. I don't think the pizza is coming out right. I don't think the crust is right. You didn't even roll it out. Aren't you suppose to roll it?"

She continued to spread the elastic dough out with her hands. "I do it however I want to. And yeah it is right. You won't be asking such questions, when you are filling your plate with slices of pizza."

He seized with a spifflicated look. "Hey, if you are making pizza. And we both eat the same kind of pizza, why in the hell am I over here cutting up onion, and is crying to death?"

She shrugged with an unknown expression. "I have no idea why you are cutting up onion, Justin."

He laughed fulminating. "What do you mean, you don't know? You told me to cut it."

She giggled. "No, I didn't. I said the onion LOOKS like it needs to be cut. I didn't actually tell you to."

He let out a thunderous exhale. "What a waste. This entire onion is going to waste."

"Since it is such a waste, I'll put it on half of the pizza and eat it. Okay? Sounds good to you?"

He gave her an absurd smile. "Kim, please. Aren't you like allergic to onion?"

She shook her head. "No, that's cigarette smoke I'm allergic too."

He snapped his finger. "Oh, that's right." He dumped the neatly chopped onion pieces into the sink. "It was nice of you to offer. But I don't think you should have to eat something you really don't want to. What's a onion? And I can't are wearing that outfit. Oh my God. I'm's messing with my mind. You have idea what guys go through, when it comes to certain things. I mean...even a visual can um...start stuff."

"Right." She trampled to the refrigerator to accept a pack of pepperoni. She couldn't find it in the overstocked object, and had to search for them.

When she knelt down Justin eyes nearly popped out. The stretchy, white, and tight pants made him wonder so much. And his neck extended and protracted higher, as he tried to get the smallest hint that her crack was showing. He shuddered, knowing it was wrong to stare at her in such a way. "Damn." He whispered under his breath.

"Justin, stop staring at me. I can feel it." She was now on her knees, dipping in and out of the refrigerator, as she tugged on something. "UGH! What is this. Stuck at the bottom of this...what the hell?"

Her display had burned up his brain. "Oh shit. Not now." He whispered to himself. He rotated his figure from her and fanned the front of his sweat pants. Go downnnn. Go downnnn."

Kim's head peeped from in front of the refrigerator. "Are you talking to yourself?"



"Cus, I think I'm getting sick again. I don't feel very well." He groaned.

She had gotten the pepperoni and headed over to him. "What? What's wrong? I mean you were fine. Fever went down and everything."

He shifted in uneasiness. "No, don't come near me." She approached him anyway. Every time her heart beat, he swore her chest pulsated. It was just growing out of the was his imagination. And it got him in some trouble. "Oh, God." He chocked up.

Her eyes peered at him in worry. "Justin, what's wrong with you?"

"I'm in pain." He moaned.

She just happened to gaze at his jeans and she saw. "OH NO!" She covered her mouth with her hand. He was a little too happy obviously.

He shook his head sadly, with his hands out. "Kim, please. I...I tried to stop it from happening, but I couldn't control it. Just don't say anything to me about this. I had no control."

She giggled. "Well, maybe pimp Lake isn't so limp after all."

He mocked her laugh. "Oh. ahaha. This is a painful process you know. Wanna take care of the pain?"

"Sorry. I have a pizza to make." She couldn't stop laughing. "That is SAD, Justin."

He saw that his pants had went down some. "Tell me about it." He said in a hushed breath. "Elmo can say the number three. Elmo want to touch you. Elmo happy. A he he. A he he."

"Is Elmo really like that?" She asked laughing, with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't know about the number three part. The rest describes him perfectly."

Chapter 52

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