Chapter 50 note- you knew this was coming lol. There is some sexual content in the this of course it's in yellow for the younger or offended readers. =)

"Alright, Kim. Have fun." JC waved.

She peeped her head into the window of the limo. "Can any of you guys tell me the slightest hint to what Justin is doing? You guys aren't staying?"

Joey shook his head for everyone. "We honestly have no idea what Justin is up to. And no we aren't staying because he told us to drop you off and then leave. We all have a crush on you, Kim. If we knew something we would tell you."

"Yeah. Justin wants to be psycho and not tell anyone anything about your birthday plans. He did say this much. It's not a party. So he's not throwing you a party, if that helps." Chris added.

She raked her hair from her face. "Okay, thanks." She waved dramatically. "Bye! I love you guys, and thanks for the wonderful time." She continued to wave as the limo heckled away.

She addressed to the front doors of her home. The first thing her eyes pretended, when she accomplished the reach of the door, was a typed note from Justin. "Ut ohhhh. Here goes the scavenger hunt stuff again." She viewed the note candidly.

'Go around back. Pool room.'

She smacked her lips. "PLEASE! He must be crazy if he things I'm walking to the BACK of the house. Does he realize how big this house is? It will take me forever to get to the pool from here." She knew she was going to go, so she might as well stop the complaining now. Her size six shoes accompanied her though the freshly cut grass. Just to walk around the house was long and draining, but getting around the decorative trees and flowers took her about five minutes. When she finally reached the back area of the house, her eyes extended to liberated saucers, when she saw the massive amount of balloons in the glass room which surrounded the pool. She shilly and hesitatingly opened the door of the room. Taped on the back of the door was another note for her to read.

'This is the beginning, Kim. Your mission is to get all of the puzzle pieces. Pink is your favorite color. However, in the room with you are a bunch of baby blue balloons. On the chair right under your nose is a large safety pen. Pop all of the baby-blue balloons and gather all of the puzzle pieces. Try your best to gather ALL of them, and try not to lose them. Good luck, baby girl. I love you.'

Her head heeded downward and sure enough, sitting on a chair was an extra large safety pen. She optated it with her hands. "Puzzle pieces?" She questioned. She examined around her. The room was so filled with so many balloons that she could not see through the thickness, and she felt as if she was suffocating. Many balloons had floated to the ceiling and the ceiling was so high she would never be able to reach them. To her luck, Justin had all of the baby-blue balloons weighted down with bags of candy. She followed the orders of the note and popped the first baby-blue balloon she saw. Indeed a puzzle piece discharged from the small explosion. She wasn't able to identify the object that was on the puzzle piece, but it appeared to be part of a finger or hand. "I can't believe him. I have no idea what this is going to lead to." She continued to plow through the overwhelming amount of balloons, wincing at the sound they made as she popped them. The entire process took her about ten minutes, and she had captured so many puzzle pieces, that she lost count of them. To keep her hands from staying too full, she stuffed them in her pockets even though they didn't completely fit. "What are you up to, Justin?" She asked giddily, as she advanced to door which was a back entrance to the house. She over looked the note taped to the door and tried to turn the door knob, but the door was locked. "What the hell? Justin! WHAT IS THIS?" Noticing the note right in from of her eyes she calmed down.

'Easy, huh? I'm guessing you discovered the door is locked. Thats right, Kim. It is locked. Now that you have gotten all of the puzzle pieces, you have a new mission. You have to get yourself inside, from this very door. There is a key with you in the room you are in now. I'll give you a few hints: Marble bottom, wet, centered in the middle of.'

"Oh I am NOT getting in that pool right now. I am NOT getting wet." She exhibited further down the note.

'You are getting wet, Kim. Once again good luck, baby girl. And I love you.'

She giggled. "You don't love me, Justin. All of this you are putting me though?" She glanced at the pool to observe it. It was decorated beautifully with floating candles, which were lit, and shades and tints of red rose petals. The petals and the candles combined, made a stew with the water of the pool and she could not see the bottom of the pool like she usually could. Justin purposely made the water cloudy, so she would have difficulty getting the missing and much wanted key. Two towels were folded by the edge of the pool. "I can't believe I'm doing this...haha." She rolled up her long sleeve and elongated her arm into the water to test the temperature. The pool was heated and it was nice and hot. This caused her to gasp in relief. She dispensed her legs over the edge of the pool, and afflicted and eased herself into the comfortable water. She gently moved the floating candles aside as she scurried to the center of the pool. Since the water was fairly deep, she had to hold her breath, and sink to the bottom of the pool. Her hand felt around for any sign of the piece of metal. After several seconds, her fingers traced the body of not just one key, but several keys. She couldn't hold her breath any longer and surfaced to the top of the water. "I'm going to kill him." She said with a laugh. She held her breath again and sunk under the water. She grabbed as many keys as she could, and then swam to the edge of the pool with them. She climbed out of the pool and stared down at her hand. She counted the number of keys there were in her head. There were six in total.

She handled her a towel from the two, which were folded on the side, and she dried her face. She returned to the locked door and tried out the keys as she dried herself off. The key she used on the first try worked, and opened the door.

She moronically towed the door open. She smiled when her nose hit the sent of the mansion. She loved the smell of her and Justin's house. She was so stunned when she peered her head into the doorway, that she dropped the keys and towel. Lined down the hallway was a series of lit candles. Rose petals were everywhere and created a blanket down the entire hallway. Balloons swayed freely, most of them being enormous in size and heart shaped. She hesitantly stepped inside.

A sensor detected the motion of her entrance. The lights in the hallway faded off suddenly.

"Happy birthday, Kim." A computerized voice said.

She glanced to the side of her and saw that a TV, which was in the hallway, had come on. A baby picture of her loomed on the screen, and it made her jump in freight. How did Justin get baby pictures of her? She didn't even have any of herself. Only her parents had them.

"Today is Sunday, September eighth of the year two thousand and two. Please pay close attention to the television screen in front of you, Kim."

Her eyes squinted in amazement and she sauntered closer to the talking television screen.

"On this very day. Twenty years ago, a baby girl, by the name of Kim Patrice Miller was born." On the screen appeared a picture of her when she was a newborn.

She covered a hand over her mouth and felt her eyes watering.

"Kim was always a sweet little girl who possessed so many talents there seemed to be nothing she couldn't do.

"Gymnastics." A picture of her when she was five and practicing on a balance beam flash on the screen.

"Singing." A picture from her third grade talent show flashed on the screen.

"Dancing." Pictures from her dance team in action flashed on the screen. He mouth was fully covered with braces.

"Tennis." A picture of her hitting a fast ball flashed on the screen.

"Acting." A picture from a play she had lead role in tenth grade flashed on the screen.

Kim shook her dripping wet head and cried. "Where did he get those picture from? The drama picture?"

"Cheerleading. For which she became known as the best tumbler in her entire school." Several pictures from her years of cheerleading flashed on the screen.

"Even after being involved in so many activities, Kim was still able to make all A's and seldom B's from her fist year of Kindergarten to her senior year in high school. Her grade point average proved her excellence, it being a strikingly high, four point zero." A picture from her senior year flashed on the screen.

"She was perfect in every way. Beautiful in every way. But there was always something missing in the illusion of living a perfect life. The one thing she had nothing" A picture of her and Justin flashed on the screen. It was recent.

"She was brought into the world, but had no one to love her. To cherish her. To care about her. Until now. Kim, this message that you are observing right now is your birthday present from your husband to be, Justin Timberlake. This year your requested that he not buy you a gift at all for your birthday. He was able to fulfill this request. The gift you will receive from him tonight is more expensive than any store bought gift. In fact it's priceless. You already get some of it from him, but no one could ever have too much of it. Your birthday present this year will be nothing but pure love. PURE LOVE!"

A clip of Justin talking appeared on the screen. Kim could tell that it was from a week ago because of the shirt he was wearing. "How do I feel about Kim? I love her." He shrugged. "I love her so much that it hurts to love her sometimes. I just love her. I really don't know how to explain it. And I know she has to be some gift from God to have entered my life, because a beautiful girl like her would not usually be available. I'm kind if happy her parents were so strict. If they weren't, by the time I got to her in life, she would have been taken by someone else. Things like that don't just happen, you know? You just don't meet the perfect person for you. And when I say she's perfect, I mean that. What I really want from her is her love. Thats what I want from her. I want her to give me her love and love me...and trust me. Those are the things that keep my body pumping blood. I'm always telling her that I love her for her heart and thats true. But how in the hell can ANYONE get anymore beautiful? I'm sorry, Kim. I you for you, baby. But I love you for the face and body too. I'm not going to lie. She has got the most...errrrr. I can't explain. She's just perfect." A person that was talking to him while the clip was being filmed asked him another question. "What do I think we will be like after we are married?" He laughed. "The same. Hopefully more perfect. I love her. I love her. GOD, I LOVE HER! I can't say it enough. I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING HER! I want to be with her not for the rest of my life, but for an eternity. I want to die with her. I want to always be with her. I love her more than I love myself." He pointed to himself. "And thats a bad thing for me, but I don't care. Everything that Kim and I ever went though was worth it. And anything that is bound to happen to us, will be worth it. I love her." He glanced at the camera and waved. "The camera is on right? Okay. Kim, I love you. And if all goes as planned, you will view this is a cool way. I hope you are having fun with you little missions I made up. I love you, baby girl." He kissed the screen and the clip ended.

"I love you too." Kim cried. She was nearly chocked to death and had to fan her face to help her breath through her crying.

"Alright, Kim." The digital voice began. "That just about sums up you lifetime flash back. Now it is time to carry on with your missions. Your next mission is to take the 'Kim and Justin History' tour. It starts on your left. Once again happy birthday! And remember Justin will always love you." For a few moments the TV showed nothing but static, a few seconds later it shut off automatically.

Kim wiped her sobbing face with the back of her hand and walked to her left. She was just now noticing that items were spread out on tables. The first item in view, was a cup of coffee. It was obviously from the infamous coffee shop, because of the logo on it's Styrofoam embodiment. There was a message from Justin beside it.

'A year and a half ago. In the summer of June two-thousand and one, the coffee shop is where we first met. Thats almost funny...a coffee shop. There is nothing really special about the place, except the simple fact that they sell like THE BEST coffee in Florida. But just think, Kim. Where would we be right now if I never spilled coffee on you? What if you weren't running late that day and we never saw each other? Isn't that a scary thought? Look at how much we've evolved and been through since that day we met at the coffee shop. And I'm so happy I met you, because you are the love of my life. There is absolutely no one on this earth I could ever possible be with except you. I love you.'

She trampled the many rose petals into the floor, as she took several steps closer to the next item. Her eyes squinted at the substance in confusion. "Sand?" Her eyes brazed over the note that was laying beside it.

'The place I kissed you for the first time was on the beach at my house. So, I went and collected some sand from there. It was such a beautiful kiss. And it was magical. I think it was evidence of us falling in love with each other. I'll never forget how stunned your face looked after the kiss. I'll never forget the kiss in general. It was just so beautiful, Kim. I love you.'

"I love you too." She moaned, swiping her eyes.

Next she saw a dark red bra with black lace trim. The pieces were from Victoria's Secret's because the tags were still on them. The underwear looked so familiar to her, but she couldn't identify where she saw them before. Her eyes carried to the message that were beside the under garments.

'This is probably one of the most beautiful things we ever experienced. You were wearing the exact same underwear the first time I made love to you. And you lost your virginity to me, which makes you very special to me. You lost something to me because YOU felt I deserved it. And that means more to me than you will ever understand. Our love is so beautiful, Kim. And I will always be around to love you. I have to, because you need to have someone prove to you how beautiful and special you are. After years of abuse you missed out on those aspects of life. I am determined to give them to you. I love you.'

Her knees were weakening because she wasn't expecting so many wonderful flashbacks. She didn't realize how beautiful the love her and Justin had was. The next object Justin had on exhibit, was a plate of Alfredo in white cheese sauce. She giggled through her tears because she knew what it represented.

'Remember we had gotten into a fight and we weren't talking to each other? I brought you a plate of noodles and you ate them down really fast. That was the day I kissed you intimately. I won't say anymore about it. =P Oh and DON'T eat the display, Kim!'

The angel of her that Jade from Italy had made, was the final aligned item. She gawked at the beautiful angel, but she was afraid of it, for it looked exactly like her and every time she stared into it. She felt as if she was looking into herself. She managed to slip her eyes in the direction of the note, and avoided eye contact with the hand-made angel.

'I don't know about you, Kim. But this angel means a lot to me. For one thing it's beautiful just like you. But really, it's something that does have some kind of spiritual power to it. I'm scared of it. Because it popped up some many times when things were bad. And it made me think twice about things. And also, it is made by Jade, who is whom you named our child after. I thought that was kind of strange, but cool how she was named Jade. So, that is the tour. The purpose of me doing this is to show you some of the amazing things we've been through together. We have had our horrible fights and misunderstanding, but notice how we still work. You know? We are clinically made for each other and I love you, Kim. I love you to death. Okay. Your next mission is to destroy the bitch. Find the bitch, Kim. And destroy her.

Kim looked around confused. "Destroy the bitch? What?" She stumped through the rose petals and treaded herself to the end of the hall. It was blocked off with a banner of her, which said 'Happy Birthday' on it. She punched a hole through it, and then ripped it down. It was up for this purpose. As soon as she left the hallway, sensors picked up her motion again. The lights faded off and a song she never heard before began to blast throughout the house. "What song is this?" She listened to the words carefully, but could not bethink where it was from.

"Every thing you do.

Everything you say

Has to effect some way

Every breath I take

Every move I make

Everyone I see

There YOU have to be

And you cloud up my brain

Think I'm goin' insane

And I play all your games

'Cus you love me the same

And my hunger for you

Is a craving thats true

'Cus you STOLE my whole heart

I had yours from the start

And YOU are the one that creates another D-AYE

'Cus the NOTHING...without YOU in it...BABE!"

The song had a wonderful message to it and Kim enjoyed the beat of the song. It was very similar to 'It makes me I'll'. Justin's sharp tone of voice almost made him sound angry. She had wandered in the area of the living room. Sitting on the table behind the couch was a huge cake with a picture of Britney Spears on it. "Destroy the bitch." She spoke her thought out loud. Positioned beside the cake was a butcher knife, and another note from Justin.

'Thats right, Kim. Destroy Britney. AND if you don't want to destroy is because you are friends with that stupid bitch, then destroy it because it's vanilla flavored and you HATE vanilla and love chocolate."

Her eyes narrowed. "NOT chocolate?" She was still sniffling from crying so hard earlier, but she elected the knife and chopped violently at the cake. "You got this GIGANTIC and BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED CAKE and it's not even chocolate? ALL THE MONEY YOU WASTED! WHAT THE HELL, JUSTIN!"

She physically demolished the cake and had scattered pieces of it on the floor. She dashed the knife into the cake one last time and struck something hard and solid. She removed the cake that surrounded the hardness, and discovered a box. She dirtied up her hand and pried the small metal box open.

Inside of it was a mountain of puzzle pieces and a note. She wiped her icing covered hands on her jeans, until they were clear enough to be considered clean, and she plunged her hand into the box and from it, took the folded up note.

'So you've demolished the bitch. Ha! Before you get upset. I wanted to tell you that I didn't buy you the necklace for you birthday. I bought it a while ago and I was saving it for the perfect time to give it to you. I got it for you, so you can wear it to the wedding. I hope you like it. Hopefully you won't give it away to Calia. Haha. Just kidding. Your next mission is to put all your puzzle pieces together. Do it at the living room table. From there you will encounter a message. Good luck. I hope you didn't lose too many of the pieces. I love you.'

She bit her lip and had stopped crying. "What necklace is he talking about?" She scooped up the puzzled pieces and collected them to her shirt, which she had made a pouch with. As she was picking up the last of the pieces her hand entangled with something. It was a white gold, diamond, and sapphire swan lace necklace. "Oh my God. NO he didn't. NO he didn't." She glanced behind her and all around her, as the music continued to blare throughout the house. She pulled the necklace out of the box and watched it gleam with dollar signs. "Justin, why do you keep doing this?" She cried. "WHY?" She dabbled to the table in the living room, and placed all of her puzzle pieces there. She gazed at the necklace while shaking her head, and with her quivering hands she clasped it to her neck. Her hand shoved into her pockets and she appropriated the remainder of the puzzle pieces to the table. While crying, she began to assemble the puzzle. The job was made easier for her because the back of the puzzle pieces were numbered. Where was Justin?


An infrequent amount of pieces were missing, but the puzzle was complete. The puzzle made up the image of Justin and Kim when they had only been going out for one and a half months. It was the very first picture they ever took together. The picture captured mostly their heads because Justin had taken the picture himself.

Kim struggled to knock her tears away. In the picture she thought she and Justin looked so young because they had grown and changed so much. Then again, they were the same loving couple they had always been. They were beautiful and it made her cry. Justin had given her basically just memories and she couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. It made her realize how perfect they were for each other. It made her realize HE was all she had. At the bottom of the puzzle was the message

'Follow the red trail.'

On the opposite side she was sitting, was a trail of red rose petals and it lead all the way up the stairs. She awed at the puzzle one last time and sprang to her feet. She brushed herself off and stretched her legs, which were on the verge of falling asleep.

The trail supervened her up the stairs and into the master bedroom. Laid out on the bed for her was a sheer, pink Vera Wang dress, with back high heels, and several red roses. A final computer printed note was next to the dress. She absorbed it's message.

'I know you are probably all sticky and icky at this point. This is your opportunity to clean up and change into your dress. You have completed all of your missions...except one. You need to find ME. There is a key underneath the dress. Take it with you and find me. I'll give you a hint. Food.'

She knew he was in the kitchen so it made her hurry to see him. She was anticipating seeing him so bad, that she rushed herself. She took a quick shower and scrubbed all of the jewels off of her stomach. She dried off quickly and fixed her hair into a stylish up do. She slicked the dress on, and it hugged her body like loose skin. Her feet eased into the formal but modern looking shoes. She snatched up the key, which was exactly where Justin said it would be, and she selected the beautiful roses into her hand and slowly accelerated down the curved staircase of the house.

She arrived at the kitchen door to find that it was locked, just as she expected it to be. She smelled her roses for the fourth time as her hand inserted the key into the hole and twisted. The door peered open with a faint creek. Sensors detected her presence once again, and the blasting music from the living room stopped and transformed to mild classical music. She left the key stuck in the door, and gasped when she saw that candles were lit everywhere, and they gave off the sent of exotic fruits, which made her nose tingle in delight. "Justin?" She asked worriedly, as she peered though the kitchen. She was honestly afraid because she didn't know what his entrance would be. "Justin? Are you there?" She passed through the kitchen and the eating branch of the kitchen, and ended up in the dining room area. She gazed up at the large crystal chandelier, which invaded over a large dark oak table. "Justin? This is very beautiful, but I'm kind of scared."

"So, I see you've made it.."

Her back was to him, and she spun her body around to face him. 

He was sitting in a chair, which had it's rear to her, and he stood. His back was his presented feature. His body slowly rotated to greet her. "Happy birthday, baby girl."

His voice was so deep and sexy that she thought she was going to pass out, but when she SAW him...the entire room was dark and was lit by the force of candles. He was standing before her looking more beautiful than she could handle. The starburst from around his eye was gone, but he was wearing a black turtle neck. It had cut razor blades not going down the front of the shirt, but it's sleeves. His long and slender legs fitted perfectly in a pair of black dress pants. When she thought about all that she had saw and gotten from him for her birthday, she began to tremble. His eyes were glittering at her, and the candle light caused them to look so deep. So mysterious. So beautiful. So...loving. When he turned his head to the side, the sexy rays that bounced off of him overtook her. "I think I'm going to be sick." She told him, putting a hand over the left side of her face. "This is too..." She felt herself falling.

"Oh. Oh my God." He sprung to her side and was able to fall with her before she hit her head on the floor. "Hey, baby girl. Take it easy." He shook her lightly, but she was out cold. "Kim! Kim! Now is not the time to be fainting, baby. I have so much to give you tonight. Every time you faint you sleep for a long time. Kim..." He pinched her.

"Huh? What's going on?"

"You fainted, sweetheart. Are you okay?" She started to get up and he helped guide her to her feet. "Baby girl, you okay? You just fell out." He smiled when he saw the necklace glimmering on her neck.

"Uh, yeah. I'm fine. I just...lost it because, you are so amazing and my birthday has been so...different and touching. Thank you so much." She shook her head. "Oh, God. It has been extraordinary. Just SO emotional and sweet. All of the memories."

He kissed her cheek. "Your welcome." He eased her down in a chair, which had a plate preserved for her, and he pushed her chair in. "Are you feeling well enough to stomach some food?"

She nodded and watched him pour red wine into a crystal glass. "Yes. I'm starving."

He kissed her cheek again. "You look stunning, Kim. Absolutely stunning."

"Thank you." She smiled innocently, and tucked her bangs behind her ear. He took the napkin from near her plate and put it in her lap.

"Your certainly welcome. I hope you know that I cooked the meal that we will be eating. I hope you like it, because I had to watch 'The Food Network' for a whole hour to make it just right. It's chicken chasseur. It's a classic French dish, and is chicken breasts in a tomato and white wine sauce." He headed to his seat which was at the opposite end of the large table.

"Sounds delicious." She said picking up her fork. The food on the plate was organized beautifully and was presented professionally and perfectly. She used her fork to accepted a piece of the warm chicken, which was garnished with parsley. One taste of the food and her mouth was watering for more. "Justin...and you have the nerve to say I can cook. DAMN! This is good as hell. I hope you have more because I'm going to eat it all."

He laughed at the other end of the world. "There is more. I'm glad you like it." He took a sip of his wine and smiled at her as she frantically ate. "So, how was your day, Kim? Did you have fun at Disney World with the guys?"

She nodded because her mouth was terribly fully. "Yeah. I had a great time. Even though I've been to Disney World and Universal Studios a thousand times. The guys are so much fun. And then I had to come home to this. I was NOT expecting this. It's not like you gave me so more like you SHOWED me love. Which is what I want. And I can honestly say that. Most people say. I don't want anything, and then they get disappointed because they get nothing from their significant other. But what you gave me means so much to me. And how in the heck did you get my baby pictures and all of my childhood photos? It made me cry to see those pictures again, Justin. Where did you get them? And that talking TV thing was off the wall..."

He chuckled. "Your so pretty and lovely." He blurted out of nowhere. He wasn't even eating his food because he was too busy gawking at her. "Oh, I can't tell you where I got the pictures from. A man's got to have his secrets. The TV thing was done by this guy. He installed several sensors throughout the house and they were activated to do certain things. Like cutting the TV on and making the music play."

She was still eating. "That is so cool. And, Justin. Where did that song come from? The song that was playing in the living room. I love it, but I never heard it before."

He grinned. "Probably because it's a song coming up on the new album. It's the song that I wrote about you. I'm sorry it sort of sounds angry. It a song basically about loving someone so much that it makes you mad. Mad because you can't love them anymore. I don't know...the guys like it. And I hope you like it. You know what it's called? You. It's called you because it is you, Kim. I thought tonight would be the best time to let you hear it."

She suddenly halted eating and placed a hand to her heart. "I love you, Justin." For some reason her voice chocked up. "I love you." She voiced, trying NOT to get emotional. "I am so happy that I have someone to love me like this. You complete my life, Justin. You were my missing puzzle piece. Call it cheesy if you like...but it's so true."

He got up to join her and comfort her crying. He knelt down beside her and held her hand. "You were my missing puzzle piece too. Before I met you all I knew was Nsync and I didn't have complete happiness in my life. Britney just confused me and hurt me just like all of my other girlfriends, but you are still with me. And I love you so much now, that I cannot live without you. And I'm dangerous when it comes to you. I would give my life or KILL someone for hurting you. I am NOT kidding. For instance, you know how Nick touched you? If he would have went any further like gotten between your legs or something, and no one was there to stop me. I think I'd kill him. Or if some guy beat you up and punched you or something. I think I'd kill him...or try to."

She gasped. "Please don't talk like that, Justin. You are scaring me."

"I'm sorry, baby. I just love you so much. And I don't want anyone to hurt you ever again. You've been hurt too much. Even by me. Back when you were shot and all of was because of me. Till this day I won't forgive myself." He used his finger and brushed her tears away. "Thats some love, Kim. Because before I met you I would never be so overprotective over someone. And don't cry sweetheart. If you are crying now, wait until the night is over. You'll be wailing. I'm not going to tell you everything, but let me just say it's going to be a LONG night! I'm going to give you presents in an intimate and emotional way. I'm going to give you my love in ways you never thought possible. I'm going to give myself to you emotionally, in the most intimate manner, Kim. And I'm going to start by bathing you in the Jacuzzi tub. With hot water and rose petals. I'm going to slowly bath you like the queen you are. After that I'm going to give you a long massage with oils and...let me stop there. I have one question. Ready?" He asked kissing her hand.


He sniffled and kissed her lips. "Happy birthday my...sw...sweet...sweet, baby girl." He wiped her tear drooling eyes, ignoring his own. His body hit it's peak. "OH MY...OHHH MY GOD, KIM! OH, BABY! I LOVE YOU! I...LOVE YOU!"

"OH MY GOD! THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME, JUSTIN! TOO MUCH! OH MY GODDDDD!" She couldn't hold back this time and screamed. Her finger nails scratched down his back. They started at the top of his shoulders and repeated the process.

He kissed her lips to hush her cries. He was kissing her furiously. Not because he was upset, but because he couldn't control himself at that point.

Their fingers entwined together and squeezed tightly. And in an mind blowing explosion, they became one.

Justin was speechless. He shook his head and let his tears elevate off of his cheeks.

His amount of love donated to Kim had smothered her in love with him again. She loved Justin more than she could possible love anything. She lived for him. She was breathing for him. His love controlled everything she did. And at that intimate moment, he was giving her more love than she could physically take. And it made her breakdown. Her already open mouth opened wider, which followed hysterical cries. "OHHHHHH MY GOD! OH MY GOD, JUSTIN! I HAVE NEV...I NEVER HAD SOMEONE...LOVE...LOVE ME! AND I LOVE...OH MY GODDDD!" Her hands covered her face and they were trembling severely. "You have NO idea. To have someone love me so much...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL DAY OF MY LIFE! I SWEAR TO GOD!" She swallowed hard and wrapped her arms around his neck. She used her weight and reversed their position. She was now on top of him, kissing his lips thankfully. " you so much." She cried. "This has been..." Her voice chocked. "This has been the most amazing..." She held him tight and cried into his ear.

He rubbed her back and cried with her. "Baby, I won't stop crying if you don't stop." He whispered. "I love you too. And I'm happy you enjoyed your day. Because it's all about you, honey. It's all you." He began to sit up and he held her close, never wanting her to leave his arms. He tucked the covered over her, making sure they kept her covered.

She cemented herself to him, by wrapping her legs around him. "You have no idea." She whispered. "Your love, Justin. Means more to me than any gift...anything." Since they were both sitting up, her elbow based against his sturdy shoulder. And she ran her fingers through his hair, as crumbs of water silently streaked down her fortunate face. "No one has never love me before. Guys always wanted me for my body and looks, and my parents never let me get to know anyone. But when I met you...I knew there was something beyond that with you. I never told my parents about you, because they would make me break up with you, and I would have never been able to see you." She snuffed several times in a row. "They never said they loved me. In fact they told me they hated me all of my life. They had to keep reminding me that I was a mistake. They blamed me because my mother had a miscarriage and lost her unborn son. How could I..." She stared into his eyes crying. "How could I go from not being loved at all, to being loved so much? How could anyone take it? I am nothing without you, Justin. You are the only person that has not only said you loved me, you prove it to me. And you make me feel so special." She tucked her head into his neck and whimpered, releasing distress with her incoherent tears. "Thank you." She blurted trembling in his arms. "Thank you."

"You know what...Ki...Kim?" He asked, quivering just as she. "Your birthday isn't...over yet. I...I have one last thing you, okay?" He wiped his eyes with the back of his hands. "I'm going to go ahead and...c...cry about it. Because it makes much easier."

She hindered from the hug and watched his face to try to understand him. "What is it, baby? There couldn't possibly be anything else you could give me."

He shook his head. "No. There is." His voice broke. "This may sound stupid. But I want you to watch my hands. Ju...just watch them." He waved his fingers at her to show no possession was in his hands. He slipped his hands behind his ear and showed her his empty hands again. He clapped his hands together and exposed his empty hands to her once again. He pointed towards his mouth and opened it wide to show her nothing was in it. Kim's eyes scrunched in questioning. He then brought one fist to his mouth and coughed on the back of it. He revolved his wrist and opened his hand. Established in the center of it, was a gold necklace with an emerald charm on it, which was surrounded by diamonds.

Her eyes roomed to spacious circles. His magic trick was already astonishing enough, let alone the vividly beautiful piece of jewelry. "How did you do that? Your naked. Justin...what the? "

His tears gushed freely now. "You are probably thinking I brought this. But I...I didn't. Before we left for New York my mother gave this to me. This necklace belonged to my great-great-great grandmother's mother. And my mother got it from my grandmother. It has been passed down for generations, but something happened. I am my mothers only child and I'm a male. I wasn't suppose to get this..." His available hand covered the side of his face. "Oh my GOD! This...this was suppose to sisters. She didn't make it, Kim." He cried heavily. "She didn't make it..."

Kim stared down and cried.

"She died at birth, and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her." He used his shaky hands to open Kim's and he gently rested the necklace inside of it. He folded her hand back up and squeezed it. "Keep it...for her." He sniffled. "It's not to wear...and it wouldn't match your white gold anyway. But keep it for her, Kim. And when Jade gets older you can give it to her. This is just like your situation. Your brother died and so did my sister. I told you we were soul mates. I'm giving you not only my love, but hers and the love I would have had for her."

She gazed at her closed hand and was blinded by her leaking eyes. "Justin, why are you giving this to me? I don't have the privilege to have such a..."

He kissed her salted lips. "Be...because I love you, Kim. And every time I see you, I think of her...Katherine. Oh, God. I love you, baby. Please! Just keep it for her."

"I...I will." She was so chocked that she coughed after she barely made the faintest whisper. She wrapped her arms around him and he held her the same. Both of them were lost in a world of indescribable emotion and their heads were hidden in each others embrace. "I don't know what to say...I'm lost for words. I didn't know, Justin. I didn't know about her. I love you. Okay, sweetie? It's okay to cry." She was trying to stay strong and not break down, but his innocent sobs broke her heart. "It's okay. Let it all out."

His face mounted into her shoulder and he groaned. "I love you, Kim."

"I...I love you..Justin."


September 9 , 2002 Next morning.

She felt an unexpected tug against her foot. This disturbance woke her from her sound sleep. Groggily her topaz blue eyes proned. "Huh?" Attached to her foot were several pooh bear balloons. She giggled when she saw that Justin was up and out of bed. "Hey, Justin. I know you are in this room somewhere trying to hide, so you can scare me. It's not gonna work. I can hear you breathing." She sat up and rubbed her eyes.

"Okay, baby girl. You know me too well." He popped up from the foot of the bed.

"AHHHHHH! You scared the...JUSTIN!"

He laughed and shrugged. "You said that I wasn't going to scare you." He untied the ballons from around her foot.

She put a hand over her heart. "What's with the balloons, Justin? My birthday is over."

"Yup. It sure is. Humm...isn't something a bit different about our bedroom?"

She took one simple glance at her surroundings. Gift wrapped presents were everywhere. "OH MY GOD, JUSTIN! NO YOU DIDN'T?"

He pounced on her, forcing her to lay back against the bed. "Ohhhh, yes I did." He stared at her hungrily. He offered a kiss to her lips.

"Justin, I told you NOT to buy me a gift over a hundred dollars, and I didn't even want that. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Presents are everywhere."

He pinned her arms back and chuckled against her shocked lips. "Oh, shut up. Kim, you know what? Baby, I out smarted you. You told me not to buy you a GIFT over a hundred dollars for you BIRTHDAY! Today is NOT your birthday! It's the day AFTER your birthday! You didn't think I wouldn't get you presents did you? Oh, and I forgot. Good morning, you sexy and hot momma. I love you, baby girl."

Her thighs clutched against his waist. "I love you too. Justin, I've told you about spending money on me. I've told you about that. Why do you keep buying me things, Justin?"

His mouth escaped to her neck and he gently sucked on her hot spot. "Why? Because you are acting like you are. I know you don't want me for just material things because you get mad at me for buying you stuff. So I brought you stuff and I don't care, you are going to keep it. Now, I only gave you half of your birthday kisses. Are you going to let me give you the rest of them? OR are you going to complain about your presents? Which includes the boa constrictor pants you wanted by Ralph Lauren."

Her eyes widened. "But I told you I wasn't going to get the pants, because they were so expensive and it would be a waste of money."

He nodded. "Exactly."

"Oh my goodness..."

"Don't start, Kim. Just be grateful. I got you presents because I wanted to. My heart wanted to. Anyway, how does it feel to be twenty." He pecked her lips.

"Haha. The same it feels to be nineteen."

"Cute. Are you going to say that year after year?"

She pushed his head down and held her lips to his. "Maybe."

"I remember my twentieth birthday...never mind. Bad thought. Britney and I were dating at the time." He shuddered and rolled off of Kim. "Thats sick. EW!"

She shifted on her side and rubbed her legs together. "Thats mean, Justin. You are always dogging Britney."

He rolled his eyes. "I can't stand her, Kim. You will never exactly understand. I hate her."


"Kim remember back in New York, at the hotel? The night when we got into the fight at the movies?" He glanced at her face and she responded to him by bobbing her head up and down. "Well, when I was returning to the hotel, from the meeting with Johnny, we came in contact with each other. And we got into a fight right there. Because she came up to me. Touching my back and holding my hand and shit...I was like. Bitch, if you don't get off of me. She kept talking about how she was jealous of you and me. She said she wished she never broke up with me because she still loved me. Oh, I can't forget how she said she WASN'T getting sick again. She just missed me. Whatever...that stupid bitch."

"Justin, stop cursing so much. Don't curse so much."

He cleared his throat. "Sorry. I just...I am so disgusted with her. She sickens me. She's so...bad. Just bad. She is like trouble and evil and there is something about her. I don't know. I do know that she's pathetic. She's walking around still calming she loves me. What the h...heck is that? DOESN'T SHE GET A CLUE? She is so dumb that she doesn't know what she wants. She moves on and then at a certain point, she moves back to where she started. I'm sorry for venting, baby girl. I just don't want her near me." He shivered. "Ewwww! You are everything she isn't. And I love you dearly, beautiful."

She inched closer to her. "Coooool. Oh! Oh! Am I as HOT as Halle Berry?" She asked childishly.

He grinned. "Even hotter. Why did you even ask me that? You know you are hotter, you stuck up and spoiled WITCH!"

She arched up suddenly. "Bitch? Did you call me a bitch?"

He joined her in sitting up. "WITCH! With a "W". And even when I said that I was just kidding. Don't slap me, please. My face still hurts from when you slapped me at the club." He rubbed his face to express himself. "Your tiny little fingers hurt so bad. They are all bones and HURT like heck! Spare me."

She brazed her hands to both of his cheeks and snatched him down on her. A giggle flew from her mouth. "Relax. I'm not gonna hurt ya, pal." She tickled his mouth with the very tip of her tongue. "Now how about those kisses?" She whispered.

He kissed her lips one last time and repealed from her. "Are you kidding me? You should have accepted the offer when I was in action...haha. I can't right now. Because my mom is bringing Jade back home in a little bit, and I have to get the house clean. You know, all of the birthday mission mess in all. Oh and I just love the mess you made with that cake? God carried away did we?."

She crossed her arms and pouted. "But how are you going to start the fire and then NOT put it out? You were kissing my neck and stuff."

He cheesed. "Remember? Telephone? Cookies? Refusal?"

"Oh, whatever. Trying to get back at me for the boy cut undies thing, are you?" She pulled her white night shorts down, so they fit better on her waist. "I'm going back to sleep."

He laughed. "Oh, man. That face is priceless." He copied her facial expression. "Can we say adorable? Going back to sleep? Okay. It's only going on twelve in the afternoon."

"I don't know about you, but I had a long night. I'll open up my presents later."

"Alright, Kim. I'm going to clean now." He instantly legated from the room.

She pondered on her other side, putting her back to the bedroom doorway. She tucked an arm between her legs and held her foot with her hand. Now that she was balled up, her eyes locked closed.

"Come to me who you are BABE-EH! SWEET to MAY! Like sugar to my heart BABE-EH! I'm cravin' for you. I'm missin' you like chocolaaaaaaate."

Her eyes shot open and she ruminated to face him. "Justin, you scared me again. When my heart fails, it's going to be your fault."

He began to lick her neck in strips. "M'mmm. Baby, you know I can't leave you hanging. I'm about to put out the fire."

"Fire? What fire? Ain't not fire over here anymore...haha." His teeth squeezed against the sensitive skin of her neck. "Um...just kidding. There's a freaking wildfire over here. You'll never get it completely out."

He cracked up against her neck. "Every time I'm kissing you, you either say something stupid or incredibly funny. Just HUSH, Kim. Hahahaaaaahaha. And if I can't put the WILDfires out, I know you can. One word, baby. Niagara Falls."

Kim broke down laughing. "You retard...ahahahaha. Niagara Falls is TWO words. And WHAT does that mean?"

"Haha. I'll tell you later."

They laughed with their noses pressed together, until Justin rolled on his stomach." What is wrong with us?" She began to tick her head and sniffle dramatically. "Aye. Yo, Justin? You got the crack with da money I done gavedid you?"

He played along with her joke, and reached into his pocket. "Yea. I think I got it." His hand deepened in his pocket. "Oh, hold up. I used the twenty dollars to pay the rent. I told you da rent was due three months ago. We was about to get evicted, Kim." He closed his mouth and laughed sporadically, trying to keep a straight face.

Kim giggled in her hand a few times before speaking. "Haha...I'm serious. I want my crack, Justin. You know I have an addiction to take care of. You betta sell some shit."

He was slowly breaking down with a violent surge of laughter. "Sell somethin' like what? We don't have nothing to sell up in here. You know I even sold Jade for five dollars. Besides, the life sized roaches are takin' over everything. I walked into the kitchen this morning. One of them was scramblin' the last of our eggs. Another was ironing MY jeans for it to wear. And one of them got the nerve to be on the phone all day long, and you know we gonna get that cut off tomorrow 'cus we ain't pay da bill. It's all your fault we don't have nothin'...crack head." Both of them lost it, and laughed themselves into a fit. Justin heard a thud. Kim had disappeared. He peeked his head over the side of the bed to see her laughing herself to death on the floor. "Ahahahaha. Dang, Kim." He shook his head and laughed at the fact that she fell.

"Ohhhhhh sized roaches?" She gripped her stomach in pain and kicked her feet in the air. " Ahahahaha...Jade for five dollars."

"Hahaha...thats my spastic baby girl."

She climbed back on the bed sobbing with laughter. "Not spastic."

"Yes spastic. Cave lady."

She climbed over him and rested her head against his chest. "Justin, did I ever tell you how much I love you? And your life sized roaches too?" Her head raised up and her fingers tested the texture of his skin. "And your so beautiful. Just look at how fine you are. Your my angel, Justin." She kissed his lips, even if he had closed his eyes.

"You are an angel. And I love you too, baby girl." He breath into her hair. "I love you too."


A day later.

"And baby talk. That works all of the time. I'm telling you, man. She loves that. She gets all hot when I start talking to her in baby language. I love testing her, Griffin. It's so damn funny." He slapped him on the shoulder as he laughed.

"Deeeeeeedeeee! Kaaaaaakaaaa! Daaaaaaaaaaa!"

Griffin was alarmed in awe and he enthralled Jade closer to his chest. "Awwww. She is so cute, Justin. She is so cute. What on earth is she trying to say?"

He shrugged. "Sounds like DADDY to me." He said sarcastically. "Just kidding. Right now she just makes sounds. Kim reads all of these baby books before we go to bed, and she told me that Jade is not able to related Mama and Dada and any other sounds she makes, to us. She won't be able to, until she is like six or seven months. She is Daddy's little girl though."

He laughed. "You can SEE that. She looks JUST like you, Justin. You should be proud! And she is just such a sweet baby and is so cute."

His eyebrow arched conceitedly. "Are you saying I'm cute, Griffin? I didn't know you were like that, man."

He dispensed Jade into Justin's arms. "I didn't know you could get black eyes like that." He presented his fist to the feature of his face. "Don't play, Justin. Thats not funny. Anyway, what did you get Kim for her birthday? Can you tell me that at least? Since you won't tell me like what happened."

"Hey, baby girl! Hey!" He held Jade in the air and then nibbled on her cheeks, causing her to laugh. "I got her some of everything. Like all of the stuff girls like. And clothes. Lots of clothes. Even if she doesn't need them. Listen to this, G. I got her these jeans called hip-huggers. I got tons of those things. Do you know how hip her hips are? She is like whoa in those things. And I think she wore a pair today. Hopefully she's wearing a shirt that shows some of her stomach, because you will be able to see right were the pants fall at. Right on her tiny waist."

He sighed dreamily. "I could only imagine."

He bounced Jade up and down in his lap. "I know. And there are these other style of pants called... bikini something...They are cut like really low. And check this out. They are MADE. You heard me right? MADE to show your butt crack! And I asked the lady who was helping me get Kim's clothes was she sure, because that is...unbelievable. And she actually took out this photograph of this model wearing the pants. And the crack of her ass was showing. I kept looking at those pants, wondering if I should get Kim some. But I didn', because she wouldn't wear them. I mean, they were made where they wouldn't fit any other way except showing the crack so... Haha! Maybe you should get Calia some."


Griffin pointed at the repeated piece of human. "She is soooooo CUTE! Oh my God! She's just so precious. And haha. Calia would NOT wear the pants either. She's my innocent baby."

"Pishhhh, whatever." He laughed. "Calia is NOT as innocent as she looks and neither is Kim. From what you told me, man...she is not that innocent."

He did a hand shake with Justin's free hand. "Your right. HA! I wonder what's taking Cal and Kim so long. They've been gone for HOURS!"

A front door of the peaceful mansion violated glaringly. "Hey, NITSUJ! Hey, G!"

Calia giggled behind Kim. "Your so crazy, girl." She dropped several bags down along side of her.

"Hey, baby girl. It's about time you returned home. And why do you keep calling me Nitsuj? My name is JUSTIN!"

Griffin tapped him on the shoulder in confusion. "What he hell is Nitsuj? And why is she wearing a shirt with a picture of you and the word 'Nitsuj' on it?"

He slapped his hand. "Don't you dare be cussing in front of my daughter, Griffin. I never do." He winked. "Oh, and nitsuj is Justin spelled backwards. She figured that out, and fell in love with the word. And she calls me Nitsuj all the time. What the h...eck? It makes me feel like a ninja or something." He eyes bulged from the sockets. "I am just now noticing. Yes! Where did you get that shirt? They make shirts of me with Nitsuj on it?"

"Nope. I got it custom made while Cal and I were out today. I miss the fro so much, so I made sure that the picture of you is from when you had your fro. You like?" She asked flaunting her body to model the shirt for him.

He gave her the thumbs up symbol. "I LOVE it! I dig how my hair bounces every two seconds."

"Ohhhhhh, you are so funny I forgot to laugh."

As she left to gather more bags, Calia joined side of the relaxing males. She had a mini white bag in her hand and was eating something from it. "Hey, Griff. Hey, Justin. Or as Kim likes to say Nitsuj."

"The name is JUSTIN!" He protested with crossed arms. "What is that you are eating, Calia?"

"Chocolate covered cherries."

"Oh, yeah. May I have one please?" He asked politely, putting his hand out.

She blew a kiss at Griffin. "No. These are Kim's and mine. We are sharing them. Just ME and HER!"

He handed Griffin Jade and stood up. "Whatever is Kim's is mine. Give me one. I just want one." He acted mad jokingly.

She laughed, and finished a piece of the candy off in his face. "Nope."

He snatched the bag and walked in a separate and isolated direction from her. He threw a chocolate cover cherry in his mouth. Before he knew it Calia jumped on him playfully.


They wrestled each other.

"Hey, Nitsuj. Aren't you gonna help me get the groceries out of the car...what the heck is going on?" Kim stared at Griffin who was tickling Jade.

He gave her a bored look. "They are fighting once again. For whatever is in that white bag."

She grinned evilly. "Awww, junk! I wanna get involved in this one." She stanced before them. "What are you doing on my man like that? You betta back up biyatch!" She laughed because she was kidding.

"KIM, HELP ME!" She waved the bag of cherries at her. "TAKE THE BAG! TAKE IT!"

She quickly took the bag and then gripped her arm, trying to free her from Justin's hold.

He held her tighter, squeezing her with his arms, at her knees. "I only asked for one. You couldn't give me one. GIVE ME THEM NOW! YOU TRYING TO GO AGAINST ME, KIM? YOU TRADER! GIVE ME THE CHERRIES BACK NOWWW! DON'T MAKE ME TEAR YOUR DRESS, CAL!" She was wearing a baby-blue dress which was dark blue in the center.

Griffin entered the situation and he stepped on Justin causing him to give up. "You better not tear her dress. Or I will surely kick your ass." He held Jade supportively.

He rolled over on his side and groaned. "But she kicked me in the balls. She...she kicked me there. YOU JUST DON'T DO THAT! I DESERVE CHERRIES FOR THAT ONE! DAMN, MAN! DID YOU HAVE TO STEP ON ME?"

Understanding his pain, Griffin backed away. "I feel sorry for you, Justin. My bad, man. I am so sorry."

Kim gave the cherries to Calia, and she knelt down to Justin, and picked up his head and put it in her lap. "Awww, you guys. You didn't have to pick on him like that."

He shook off the pain. "No, I'm alright. I've had harder KICKS from you." He stumbled to his feet, and sat back down on the couch.

Kim rested placed her hands on her hips. "Are you going to help me get the groceries out of the car, Justin?"

He licked his lips when he noticed she WAS wearing the hip-huggers. "Yeah, I'll help you."

"Wait! Before you walk off. Please tell me what happened on Kim's birthday. She WILL not tell me anything. Can't you just give me one detail?" Calia begged.

He extended out his arms and laid back. "Haha...I won't tell you. But I give Kim permission to tell you if she wants. I'm not gonna say though." He laughed.

She stared at him. "Please just tell me something, Kim. You ALWAYS share stuff like that with me. You made it sound like something amazing and you won't say what..."

Kim gazed into Justin's eyes and quivered her head, with a laugh. "I'm not saying anything. Only because what he did for my birthday was a very private thing. And I can't share it with anyone else. It's something personal. Very personal to the both of us." Their eye contact never parted. "And I love him dearly for it. It bought us so much closer." Both Justin and Kim smiled to each other at the same time. They exchanged 'I love you's' with out saying a word. "Hey, Nitsuj. While I was out I got your Snoop Dog, Limp, and Faith Hill CD's."

He folded his hand, getting comfortable and forgetting about getting the groceries. "Thank ya, baby girl."

She smiled. "Your welcome. Cal and I discovered this CD though. It was an import." She giggled and approached the CD player. "Calia and I listened to the album. It's not bad. We really enjoyed track twelve though." She stuck the CD into the stereo, and placed it on track number twelve. Instantly the European version of 'I want you back,' began to play. It was Nsync's first album ever.

Justin's eyes widened as soon as he recognized the sound. "KIM! NO YOU DIDN'T'!"

Imaginary horns grew through her hair. "YES, I DID! You sound so young, Justin. Compared to how you sing now. Your voice has matured so much. Oh, and Griffin. Cal already saw. But you have got to see the pictures of Justin from his first album with the guys. He looks so..." She held the album booklet in her hand.

"Oh, let me see them. What? He looks gay or something?"

He knew she would mention the HORRIBLE pictures. "KIM! I'm going to kill you." She was already running down the hall. He chased after her. "GET BACK HERE WITH THAT BOOK! KIMMMMMM!"


"KIM! IF YOU DON'T GIVE..." He was able to catch up with her, and he grabbed her by the waist and swung her to the ground gently. He quickly slipped underneath her so she would not fall hard and land on top of him. He abstracted the book from her hands and tore it into pieces right before her eyes. "Sorry, baby girl. But those pictures were so bad, I cannot let people see them. Your evil."

She kissed his lips. "It's okay...haha. And oh, no. You caught me."

"Yup." He laughed as he dragged them both into his studio. Still on the floor, he used his foot and kicked the door closed.

"Justin, what are you doing?"

"I'm kissing my baby girl. Privately."

Her eyes enlarged wonder. "WHAT?"

"On the lips, KIM! Make out. That kind of thing."

"Oh. Okay. Yeah, thats nice. Making out..." She relaxed on top of him.

"Oh, and you like that song, huh?" He pulled up his shirt, revealing his built chest and stomach. He clenched his teeth together, and began to waved his body into hers. "Your all I evea wanteddddd. Your all I ever neededddd, yeahhhhhhh! So, tell me what to do now. When I want you backkkkk."

She groaned loudly and watched him sexily grind his body into her. "I hate you, Nitsuj!"


"It's raining out, said rabbit to his mother. Lets go for a walk so I can wear my new boots. But rabbit's mother was very busy and she said, In a little while rabbit. When I finish my work." He turned the page of the children's book. "So, rabbit began to play by himself, with his new boots on. With these boots, he whispered. I could walk into a river and catch the biggest fish in the whole world. And he pretended he was a fisherman pulling in a huge fish."

"Justin. Where are you? I've been looking for you and wondering if you were ready to go." Kim gasped. "Awww, your reading to Jade."

He smiled warmly. "Yeah. My mother said we don't spend enough time with her. I don't want her thinking that about me or you. I'm going to spend as much time with her as I can."

She valued herself into a chair beside him and Jade. "Wait a second. Justin, your wearing glasses?"

"Yeah." He said positively without any doubt. "I need them to see things up close. I can see things up close alright, but sometimes my eyes bother me. They are bothering me, so I'm wearing my glasses. This is the first time all year."

She held a hand up to stop him. "Hold on. I've known you for over a year and you are just now telling me you wear glasses? Why didn't you tell me?"

He chuckled. "You never asked. It's not that big of a deal. I have pretty good eye sight. Like I said. My eyes bother me sometimes. Don't worry. There are many of my fans who don't even know I wear glasses. And something else you may not know about me. I had braces before. Back in March of 1998. I had them for two weeks because I had a space between my two front teeth. Not many people know that."

"And all this time I've been telling people you never had braces. I cannot believe it."

"Yeah. And I wear glasses."

She chortled. "Well, you look gorgeous in them. You look so sophisticated. You remind me of the Ryan dude in Cruel Intentions. The one that looks exactly like you."

He smiled. "Thanks, baby girl."

She stole them from his face and put them on her. "Cool. Your eyes aren't that bad. I can see fine in these."

He mildly rocked Jade. "You look cute in glasses. At least in mine you do. You look cute in anything though. No bigger there...haha."

She giggled. "Thank you. I'll take that as a compliment."

He licked his tongue at her. "Okay, Mother Goose. Why don't you read a little bit to Jade?"

She pushed his glasses higher up on her nose since they were too big. "I'm not Mother Goose. Haha! Just to let you know, Justin. Natasha is here, and um...Jade is sleeping. We can go now..."

He nodded. "I know she's sleeping. That doesn't mean she can't hear a story. And who cares if Natasha is here? She's a patient sweetheart." He handed Kim the book. "This is our family, Kim. We are a family. Even if it's just five minutes we spend together, it means a lot."

"Your right." She whispered, licking her lips to prepare her for speech. "Then Rabbit said to his mother, is it time to go for a walk now? Later, replied his mother, because she was still busy." She turned to the next page in the book, and kissed Justin's lips before continuing reading.


In the third to the last row, cuddling with each other were the beautiful and loving Justin and Kim.

Justin took a bite of Kim's Twisler before putting his head back in it's resuming position, her shoulder "Now, we are seeing this a second time. We are watching the Shinning Two again. BUT we are doing it how it should have been done the first time. Haha. Did that make sense?"

She smooched his lips. "Muah! I love you, Justin. And yes you said it perfectly. We are attempting to watch this movie civilly. And I'm glad we decided to do this." She took one glance at the screen and was so grossed out that she hid her face in Justin shirt and screamed. "Ahhhhhhhh! Thats sick!"

He laughed a rubbed her back. "It's okay, baby. I can hold you this time, and you have nothing to fear because I'm not abandoning you, and leaving you to yourself to cry. I'm going to be honest though. Kim, that looks fake as hell." A different vision appeared on the screen. "AHHHHHHHH! Oh my God. I wasn't expecting that." He laughed to try to hide his fear. "I mean...that still looks fake as hell."

"Why didn't you expect it? Didn't you watch the movie in New York?"

"No. I didn't see any of it. I stared at you during the entire movie."

Her pearly eyes froze with his, and instead of staring at the screen they stared at each other. Never maneuvering for any reason. This was how the movie incident should have been. Their faces were inching closer to one another. Their stalled lips touched faintly and the ridges in their healthy lips combined together in a soft and passionate kiss.

The situation was almost the same as the one in New York. The movie WAS going to be missed. Only this time it was going to be because if their love. The best reason viable.

Chapter 51

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