Chapter 5

He deserved to know, but she couldn't tell him. It was not the right time. She could just feel it in her heart. If she was to tell Justin about her pregnancy, she just felt his reaction would be bad.

"What is it baby girl? What do you have to tell me? Is it bad?"

She could no longer look at him. Her feelings had defeated her. "Justin, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the things I've done to you. I'm sorry." She buried her face in his shoulder. She did not start crying because of all she said to him. She was crying because she didn't know why she couldn't tell him. Why couldn't she just spit it out? "I'm so sorry, Justin."

He hushed her and rocked back and forth gently. "Don't start crying over this. I know you don't mean it. Don't worry about it, sweetheart. Why are you crying? It's Christmas time. We have a tree to decorate. A big one."

Justin couldn't find her hidden face. So he kissed her in the hair. "Man, you have got SO much hair, Kim."

She sat up and wiped her eyes. "Yeah I know. I got the edges trimmed for the awards but it is still very long. I'm getting it cut tomorrow."

He ran his fingers through the long strands of what seemed like silk. "I love your hair long. Don't get it cut too short." He tucked it behind her ear, and kissed her cheek.

"You are an angel from God." She told him putting her fingers to her nose and sniffling.

"You have know idea what you are to me." Justin said standing up and just looking her over. "Come on. Lets get the tree finished, because I still have to be your slave ALL night. I'm anxious to see what you are going to make me do." He held out his hand for her, she accepted it and he pulled her up.

Kim looked over at the tree. "Justin, how in the HELL are we going to get decorations at the top of that tree?" She wiped under her cheeks to rid of the annoying wetness of her unappreciated tears.

He shrugged. "I don't know. We're smart folks. We'll figure something out." He took off his jacket and laid it in a chair, which was closer to where he was now standing than the sofa. He took off his turtle neck next and he sat it in the chair also.

"Playing strip tease?" Kim asked watching his every move.

"Nah, not even close." He unzipped his jeans and took them off too. "Just getting comfortable. This is my house ya know. I think I'm allowed to do that."

Kim wished she could comment to what he had said, but her attention was fully on the trim of his boxers which read 'Joe Boxer'. She looked away from him, but her eyes looked back at him. He was irresistible, and he was being more of a tease by running his fingers through his hair.

"Damn." She whispered shaking her head. She walked over to Justin, and pulled his boxers up some. "Justin...never, ever, do that to me again. Never wear you boxers like that. You are going to give me a heart attack. And you say that I am hot...well DAMN what are you? Looks like fire to me."

Justin laughed and Kim didn't miss his abs hardening when he did so. He placed his arms on Kim shoulders and turned her towards the tree. "Your embarrassing me."

Kim took her sweater off and threw it in the area of one of the sofas. "Well your hot. And now it's hot in here."

She walked over to the tree which was in the far left of the living room. She stood and looked the tree up and down. It smelled really good. "Justin...stop staring at me. I can feel it."

She wasn't expecting it, but he placed his hand on her shoulder. "I'll admit. I was staring..."

She turned around and looked back down at the 'Joe Boxer' trim. "Uh...I'm just going to go upstairs, and change into more comfy clothes." She tore her eyes from him and walked away, looking back at him a few times.


A few minutes later Kim came walking downstairs in short exercising shorts and a t-shirt, which she had tied into a knot in the front.

Justin was not in the living room. "Justin, where are you?"

"In the kitchen." He called.

She sat down at the breakfast bar and tried to see what he is doing. "What are you up to?" She asked curiously.

He turned the oven on and turned to face her. "I'm heating up some Tyson chicken strips. I love them. You want some too?"

Kim rested her chin against the palm of her hand. "Sure, I only want like two or three."

Justin took a plastic bag out of the freezer and opened it up. "Okay, so that means you want like ten." He laughed and placed the pieces if chicken in a baking dish.

"Justin, you are so mean. Why are you always talking about me like that?" She pouted.

He placed the food into the now hot oven. "Kim, I was only kidding." He walked up to the counter, so that he was face to face with her. "I was ONLY kidding." He repeated.

Kim hiccupped. "Yeah sure you were." She hiccupped again. "Um...Justin can you make me a glass of Minute Maid fruit punch?" She hiccupped again.

"Uh, NO! You are MY slave for the time being."

She hopped off the stool with attitude, and hiccupped several times. "You are so WRONG!" She walked into the kitchen where he was.

He already had a glass in his hand. "Honey, I was just playing with you. Can't you take a joke? I was going to fix you a drink."

She put her hand on her waist and realized she was aggravated with him, and him being in his boxers wasn't distracting her anymore. She hiccupped. "Whatever. I can get my OWN drink. Thank you very much."

He drew his neck back in shock. "Catching the PMS disease again? I know Britney has you have it?" He chewed on his lip to act as if he was serious.

Kim ignored him and got her a glass. She used the ice dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator, then filled her glass with the fruit punch. She waited until she hiccupped again, until she swallowed the entire drink in on sitting. She reached into the refrigerator to grab the fruit punch again, so she could pour her another glass. She put the punch back and didn't pour her another glass, because she was self conscious and didn't want Justin to say anything about her eating everything up. Her hiccups had stopped.

Justin saw what she was doing and could read her mind. He felt terrible. She had taken his jokes and comments the wrong way. "Kim. Don't." He said putting his hands on both of her arms.

"Don't what?" She asked playing dumb.

"You know what I mean."

She crossed her arms and her eyes narrowed. "No really, Justin. I think it's so CUTE. The way you put me down, and blame me for eating up ALL of your food." She said sarcastically. Before Justin could say anything she walked away from him, and into the living room.

She glared at the tree, because even if it didn't have any decorations, it was beautiful. Her thoughts were interrupted when Justin's arms went around her waist.

He could feel her body tense up when he placed his arms around her. "I'm sorry for being so mean, baby girl. I've gotten you upset huh?"

She turned around and looked at him. "No, I'm not mad." She walked up closer to the tree and farther from him.

"Yes you are."

"No, I'm not." She said sharply.

"YES, you are!"

She snapped her body to face his and stomped her foot. "NOT I'M NOT! DAG! ARE YOU GOING TO ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT THIS?"

He put his hand to his chin. "Maybe." He did something with his tongue that was not appropriate.

Kim's eyes widened and she froze.

"Want a kiss, Kim?" He said jokingly.

"Bite me, Justin." She said fed up with his playing around. She opened up on of the boxes that had Christmas decorations in it.

"Will do." He then walked up behind her and bit her softly on the neck. It was more like a hard kiss. "You said bite you. So I did. Now...bite me."

Kim turned around with a giggle and she sank her teeth deep into the flesh of his arm.

"Shit...let go. LET GO! I'm not KIDDING. LET GO OF MY ARM."

Kim let up and stared at the teeth marks she left. "You bit me first."

"What did you do that for?" He asked turning red, he was on the verge of crying.

She looked at him innocently. "Oh...I was just playing with ya. Can't you take a joke?"


(After they finished making up and several chicken strips later.)

"Alright Kim, plug the lights up and see if they work."

She plugged up the lights into a nearby socket, and observed the mass of lights her and Justin had spread across the floor. They all lit up when the energy flowed through them. "They work." She said pulling the cord from the socket.

"Good. Lets start at the top of the tree, and work our way down."

Kim nodded and dragged the line of lights behind her has she walked. "I don't understand why you are making me get on the stool. Why can't you be the one to stand on it? I still won't be tall enough to reach the top, even while on it."

Justin stood on the stool and looked over at her. "Okay you know what? Give me the lights, Kim. Just GIVE them to me. I'll STAND on the stool."

He reached down and took them from her hand. "You don't have to get an attitude about it, Justin." Kim smiled. Justin looked down her, and he gave her a look. She didn't know what it meant but it was delightful and sexy. She couldn't respond to his action, so she just smiled brighter.

He licked his lips. "I don't have an attitude..." His eyes lit up. "Baby girl."

"I love you so much, Justin." She said scratching the area above her eye.

Justin tugged on the lights more as he added them to the top of the tree. "And no matter what, I'll always love you, okay? Kim walk around this way." He said pointing to an area. "And guide the lights around the tree. It's already started at the top. Just walk in circles and work your way down.

He seemed to be up to something. "Okay." She said hesitantly. She started walking and circling the lights on the tree. "So, you are using the white lights and not colored ones right?"

"Right. I'm going to have a formal looking tree this year."

She made it around the tree once. "You? Formal? Ha!"

He hopped down from the stool. "That's what I said."


It took a while but they got five sets of white lights on the tree.

"Pathetic. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger light bulbs? My mom use to get designer bulbs for out trees, but damn ,Justin. You spend so much money on the simplest things. Your going to go bankrupt"

Justin picked up a bulb and viewed it. "Babe, I'll let you know when I go bankrupt. It SURE will NOT be anytime soon. Lets' just say NSYNC has done me well. Oh my God Kim, you have a house on your finger." He winked and placed the bulb on the tree.

She cracked a interesting smile. "Okay, so the rumor is true? You paid one-hundred thousand for this ring? If you say yes...I'm going slap you upside the head."

He checked her out before he answered the question. He didn't want to get slapped, and he didn't spend one-hundred-thousand for it. "No. The rumor is not true, because I paid about sixty thousand for it. Don't get mad. It costs a lot of money to get certain cuts of diamonds, and if I couldn't afford it then I wouldn't have bought it. It means a lot to me that you wear it."

Kim picked up a bulb and placed it on the tree. "Justin, I don't have anything to give you. I have no way of giving you things like you give them to me. I hate that. So just stop it! Don't spend all this money on me! I don't want you for all your money!" She sniffed because she was about to start crying. "STOP IT. I can't take it any more! STOP IT!" She turned to him and tears poured down them. "STOP IT DAMMIT!" She stomped off quickly, and went upstairs.

Too much had happened too quickly. She had expressed love, basically told him thank you, and got upset all at once. Justin picked up another bulb. It was dark blue and it had sequences and decorations made of silver. It was like a small world itself and it must have took someone forever to make it. He dropped the bulb purposely and it shattered to the ground.

He picked up all his clothes off the chair, he grabbed Kim's sweater and headed upstairs.

When he opened the door, Kim was talking to herself it seemed, and she was placing the sheets and comforter on the bed, for she had just took them out of the dryer. Before he could ask or say anything she spoke. "Remember? I'm your slave? I'm putting the sheets back on the bed."

Justin took over for her. "I didn't mean to have you doing all this work. You sit down, baby girl. I'll finish the bed."

She sat down in a corner of the room. She was extremely tired, and felt more pregnant than ever. She even believed she gained a few pounds in a matter of days; nothing too dramatic yet.

Justin made up the bed quickly and easily. He had learned how to take care of himself very well. "Kim, you tired honey?"

"No." She said hugging her knees. Pregnancy was a process of mixed emotions for her. People claim that while pregnant you get 'morning sickness' but Kim was experiencing something different. It was called 'anytime sickness,' because she found herself getting sick even when it WASN'T morning. She was doing well for the past few days, and the doctor said she should be getting less sick, but all of a sudden she got a HARD and STRONG wave a nausea.

"Justin, PLEASE, PLEASE go get me some more punch my mouth is sooooo dry." She didn't say anymore because the vomit was rising up her throat.

Justin smiled. "Of course."

When he walked out of the room she ran into the bathroom and lost everything she had eaten throughout the day. Another thing she noticed was that when she would be sick she would continue to be sick until her body just couldn't anymore. She grasped her stomach because it began to hurt when she got sick now. She hated it. After one more episode of vomiting she heard Justin come back into the room. She drug and forced herself from the toilet and flushed it.

She carried her body to the sink and started brushing her teeth. As she was brushing her teeth she felt sick again. She became sick in the sink. She tried her best not to make any sounds that might sound suspicious to Justin. "I guess chicken fried ice-cream is a no no, huh little one?" She whispered.

After being sick several more times, she was able to successfully brush her teeth. She washed her face with a hot warm cloth and then joined Justin back in the bedroom.

That was all they were going to do with the tree for the day. They would spent tomorrow decorating it too.

"Kim, are you alright?"

She sniffed with a dry nose. "No. My stomach hurts." She wined,` laying in bed next to him."

He motioned with his finger for her to come here. She crawled over to him and placed her head on his mid chest. "What's the matter?" He picked up her drink. "Here, you want your punch?"

She moved her hair to one side and sat up and took a very small sip of it. If she drunk a lot of it, it would make her stomach heavy and she would be sick again. She put her head back down against him. "I think it's something I ate."

Justin tugged at her knotted t-shirt and pulled it up a little. He then placed his hand on the center of her stomach. "Hey, your stomach is really warm. Not warm with fever, just warm."

"Yeah." She agreed closing her eyes.

It's your baby that is the cause of the warmth.

He caressed her stomach so gently with his hand, that she was making moan/mumbling sounds. "Umm...that feels so good, Justin."

"Really? I'm surprised your not screaming right now."

She struggled because of the position her head was in, but looked up at him. "Will you please get off of the 'screamer' subject?" She became quiet again when his stomach caressing pleasurably intensified.

"It's good to have a screamer as your woman, believe me, it's a VERY good thing." He winked at her and she lower her head back down with a giggle.

She looked at her hands and played with them. "How is it a good thing?"

He pulled her body up some so he was able to whisper something in her ear.

"Ohhhhhh. I understand now. I guess it is a good thing. No, I know it is a good thing now. A wonderful thing." She laughed and Justin laughed too.

"Yeah. You get the idea."

Kim closed her eyes again. The room fell silent and neither of them knew what to say.

Justin placed his hands in the nape of Kim's neck. "Guess what? I am officially YOUR slave now. After all the things I've put you through, you get your turn to do them to me.

His words got her attention immediately. "Oh yeah." She said seductively. "My turn. My turn to get you back."

She suddenly didn't feel all that bad anymore. Justin looked at Kim's facial expression. It was going to be a long night...


Next Day December 14, 2001

Kim woke up before Justin. She lowered to covers until they were just above her stomach and she looked around the room with a smile. She moved closer to Justin and when she placed her hand on his face, which was facing her, he jumped. "Ahhhh!"

"Good morning to you too." She told him overly polite.

"Kim, you almost killed me. God, my body aches all over. Especially my..."

"You are the one that made the deal. Don't start the fire if you can't put it out, Justin."

He groaned and shifted under the sheets. "You are wild. I am so my Lord. You are not NEARLY as innocent as you look."

Kim reached over and kissed him on the cheek. He shook his head in warning. "Oh no ya don't. Don't even...What has gotten into you? I'm only human. I can only take so much."

She put her leg up over his leg. He eased it down without hesitation. "No way, Kim."

"Come on, Justin." She climbed on top of him.

He gently moved her to the side of him. "NO way! Even if I wanted way."

"Oh, you are NO fun." She looked up and laughed.

"Ha. If you didn't have fun last night...I don't know what to tell you. I practically donated my body to you."

She got of of bed laughing, but she stopped when she felt her dreaded morning sickness. She knew she was going to be horribly sick, so she ran downstairs where Justin wouldn't be able to hear her.

A few days she was doing fine, and the next day she was throwing up again.

When she got to the bathroom, she never remembered a time she had gotten so sick. This was the sickest she had ever been. She basically had nothing in her stomach and her body was forcing her to vomit. It was awful. He body became so weak from being sick, she was hugging the toilet and shivering. "My stomach." She mumbled and held her hair out of her face.

She flushed the toilet and sighed. "I don't like this little one. I'm coping, but I don't like it." Her body was so drained and she just felt all around ill, so she decided to go back upstairs and sleep some more.

Kim reached the bedroom to see Justin was still sleeping. She approached the bed and lifted the covers to get under them. As soon as she got settled in the bed she became nauseated again. Only this time she wasn't going to make it downstairs. She jetted into the bathroom and lost it. This was misery. She hated throwing up, there was nothing in her stomach, and finally Justin walked into the bathroom to find out what was going on. She flushed the toilet. Justin wiped his eyes; to wake himself up as Kim washed her mouth out.

"Okay, Kim. What is wrong with you now? Kim...are you...are you...pregnant or something?" He had said the word and just by looking at his sleepy face she could tell he was horrified by his own question.

She faked laughed. "Pregnant? Me? Justin I am not pregnant. I'm just having a few side effects from my shot..."

He took deep breaths. "For a minute there I thought you were going to say yes. I was about to say oh there goes my life. There is the end of Nsync for me. Bye bye bye to my career." He laughed at his words.

Right in front of his eyes Kim lost complete pigment in her face. Then she started to tremble. "Yeah. That would be the end of everything for know if I got pregnant or something...haha." She looked down at her hands when Justin laughed louder. "Uh Justin, will you excuse me? I don't feel very well, and I uh, am still tired from last night." She walked past him and took her position back in bed.

She felt horrible. She felt so bad she couldn't throw up. Not only did she NOT tell Justin, he asked about it, and she lied to him again. He told her being pregnant would ruin everything for him, and that just broke her courage and confidence down to the lowest level. She felt even more protective and secretive now. She felt like she had no other option but to hide her pregnancy from him for a little while longer. When would she tell him? She didn't have much time left...

Justin was walking more slow than usual, it was because he had been ripped apart by Kim all night, but he climbed into bed and put his hand where she loved him to put it. On her stomach.

He had no idea how torn up she was on the inside. Kim turned her body towards him and tucked herself underneath him. "Ow...ow...raise your knee down a little...that's a girl. You okay, baby?"

"Yeah." She whispered closing her eyes.

They both ended up falling asleep again.


Later on in the evening.

"Okay, Justin you better come and get me in two hours, it won't take Angie long to do my hair."

Justin nodded from the inside his BMW, he cut the radio up louder. "K. I'll be back. Two hours."

Kim entered the hair cuttery, and was instantly greeted by everyone. Her hair stylist was working on someone, but left them to walk up to her. "Hey, Kim. You haven't visited me in so long, babe." She hugged her. "How does it feel to be engaged?"

"It feels great girl. I am so happy right now."

Angie grabbed her hand and stared at her ring. "My goodness, it's beautiful." She blurted. "Your ring is absolutely beautiful. You are one lucky chick."

Kim smiled with a laugh. "I know I am. I know. So are your going to hook my hair up today or what? I need it cut bad as you can see, Angie. Please tell me you will accept me today."

"You know I'll do your hair for you, Kim. I always squeeze you into my schedule."

Kim noticed everyone in the place was staring at her strangely. "I want something different done to it okay? I'm sick of wearing it long and wavy..."

About two hours later.

"I love it. I love it. It's different; you took seven inches off, but I love it." Kim scrunched her hair in the mirror.

Angie watched her. "Yeah, you said you wanted different...I saw you on the awards and you wore it strait, it is naturally wavy, so now your trying the full out curls. The perm came out great, girl. Your hair looks awesome."

Kim hugged her. "Thank you so much. Justin is going to love it."

"Your welcome. Anytime, Kim TIMBERLAKE!"

She grabbed her bag and walked out of the shop. The first thing she noticed was that Justin was on time, and he was waiting in the car.

She walked up to door and waited. Justin didn't unlock the door so she knocked on the window. Surprisingly the door still didn't unlock, but the window raised down.

"Kim?" He said in complete shock. He got out of the car as quickly as he could and scooped her up off of the side walk. "Oh my God! Kim?" He spun her around. "Kim, you look amazing honey. Your hair..."

She giggled. "Justin, put me down, before I throw up." Squeezing her stomach was not such a good idea either...of course he didn't know that.

He kissed her on the cheek for what seemed like the thousandth time. "You got your hair curly. If you only knew how good you look right now. I SWEAR you are the finest female on the face of the Earth."

"I'm glad you like it." She did my eyebrows too. See." She put her face really close to his eyes.

"Yeah, I see and you are so hot."

"You are so hot."

"You are so hot."

"No. you are so hot."

"What did I say, Kim? You are so hot."

"What did I say, Justin?" She raised one of her clean and slightly arched eyebrows. "You are so hot."

They leaned in and kissed each other. It was meant to be a quickie, but when Kim stuck her tongue in Justin's mouth, it was extended. For the first time in a long time Kim was controlling the kiss. She was taking it to the next level. Not Justin. So, it was very interesting. She broke away and a loud smack followed her because she had lost herself so deeply unto him. Before she knew it, Justin placed his nose to her nose and kissed her, he controlled the deepness of the kiss this time. Kim moaned because the kiss was delicious, passionate, and loving all at the same time.

A few minutes later Justin broke away from her and kissed her lips softly once more. Kim's eyes were just opening. "You don't know just how much I love you." She told him swiping her thumb over his cheek and lips.

People around them started clapping. Some even whistled at them.

"Wow look at all the attention we've brought on ourselves." Justin said with a laugh.

Kim kissed his chin. " Yeah. I think you better get your ass back in the car before someone steals it. You just left it running..."

He chewed on his lip. "Oh yeah." He walked back over to the drivers side of the car and unlocked the door on her side. He walked back over to where Kim was, just so he could open the door for her.

"Thank you." She said, sitting down.

He sat back down in his seat and pulled out of the parking lot. "Damn bab,y I'm loving your hair. You look so sexy with it curly. Now we both have curly hair."

"Yup." She agreed looking at him through a mirror she was staring at. "Two curly haired people in love." She smiled at Justin and he caught her smile in just enough time to smile back.

A song on the radio caught Justin's ears. He turned the radio up as loud as it would go. The car would vibrate to the beats of the song it was loud.

Another pregnancy sign. Kim became extremely sensitive to everything. She would usually be the one turning the stereo up full blast, but now that she was pregnant she felt the total opposite.

"...And I hate waitin'...I get your ass in here. Let's ri i iiiid, check em' out now, ri i iiiid. And let's ri i iiiid, check em' out now ri i iiiid. We doin' big pimpin' spendin' g's."

Kim looked over to him. The music was blasting so loudly, wind form the speakers blew her hair. "JUSTIN! This song is SO last year." She cut the volume down at once.

He stopped at a stop sign. "What you do that for? That's my song! And you told me you loved the song too! What are you talkin' about? The song is so last year...ha!" He turned the volume back up top notch.

Kim reared back in her seat from the unbearable noise.


She stepped out of the car holding her ears. They were throbbing. Too bad for her; it seemed that every song that played on the radio was one of Justin's favorites.

Justin unlocked the door for them and let Kim go inside first. He looked around at his high ceiling house. " about eleven more days, I'm going to be on a tour bus. I haven't been to rehearsals in two days, so I have to go every morning except Christmas, until I have to leave."

Kim froze in her tracks. She did not want to hear what he just said. She had grown so attached to Justin and so happy with him over the past few days that she almost...almost forgot he was leaving for two months. Telling him about the baby was not her most feared problem at the moment. He most inner fear was him leaving. Her being without him for two months. Sure he would call everyday. Maybe send her an e-mail. A letter even. That was nothing compared to looking into his eyes. When she would be on the phone with him, she wouldn't be able to look into his glitter pools for eyes. That is what hurt her more than anything. She knew that being with Justin would be difficult. He was going to be away, he was going to have to TOUR because it was just what he did...

"Kim..." He placed his hand on her shoulder. "You okay?"

She did not want to start crying. She promised herself she would stop being so weak. She need to be strong for her...and her baby. She kept whatever feelings that were about to pour out of her, behind her eyes. "I'm fine." She swallowed. "I'm just going to go out for a minute.

She took off so rapidly that Justin wasn't able to say anything at first. "Where are you going?" He asked when he entered the bedroom.

Kim was in the closet rummaging through the clothes trying to find something to put on. She put on some black dress pants, and a yellow see through shirt. Her black bra could clearly be seen through it, but it was made to expose the bra. "I'm going to the mall. I'm going Christmas shopping." She looked around that the dresser for her new bank card. She had placed her one-hundred thousand dollars in a new account.

"Christmas shopping?" He watched her scramble, from across the room. "Care to have company?"

She really didn't want him to go. Not because he would see the things she would get, but because she was trying to run away from him and HIDE her emotions. She was slowly breaking down, and she didn't need that for the simple fact she was pregnant and she didn't need to be stressing her body. "Uh...uh. could come if you like."

Justin walked over to her. And placed his hands on her hips. "Look at you. Damn. You are the tiniest thing but workin' those pants, baby girl." His hands were cold, and she almost jumped when he placed his hands where bare skin was. "Is it okay that I stare at you?" He stepped about a foot away from her. "I mean really stare?"

"Justin, keep your eyes in your head." She looked at her new do one last time in the mirror and walked towards the bedroom door.

Justin tagged a long behind her. " that walk of yours. You are just a tease. Straight up. The horror of last just. I mean, you may be a tease, but I can handle that for now because my body STILL ACHES. And that was just crazy."

Kim stared at him for the bottom of the stairs.


What?" He walked down the last step.

"Shut up."


The car remained uncomfortably quiet. Neither of them were talking much. Kim didn't realize she was speeding. She was speeding because her mind was racing with her thoughts, so her body was causing the car to race also. "Justin, I don't know why you are attempting to go to the mall with me. You have NO security with you. Your going to get mobbed."

He looked over at her with a smirk. "If you don't slow down your going to get a ticket. I don't care if I don't have any security. If people want to interrupt US, and ME by jumping on me, or screaming...let them. I think my fans have MORE respect for me than that. We never have problems when we go out in public. What difference would a mall make? People let us have our space. They respect our privacy, Kim." She gave him a look. "Well, they respect it to a CERTAIN extent."

"I warned you, Justin. So if you get beat down by a crowd of people, you can't say I didn't warn you."

Justin laughed. "You can't say I didn't warn you. Well what do ya know. A cop is behind you, and his lights are flashing."

She beat her fist against the steering wheel. "Oh shit." She sighed, pulling over.

Justin was laughing hysterically. He was laughing so hard his head was sobbing in his lap. "I...told...your...ass...what...did...I...say...Kim?"

She rolled her eyes at him and pressed the automatic button to let the window down. She put her hands on the steering wheel and looked at the officer that stood before her. She tried to look as innocent as possible.

"Hello ma'am. Your wearing your seat belt, that's a good sign. Do your realize you were going eighty-five when there is a sixty-five speed limit down this road?"

She smiled. "Uh, I was doing over eighty? Gosh, I didn't realize I was going so fast."

"Yes, that is right. Eighty-five. How would you be able to stop if I child ran into the road? What is a beautiful young lady like yourself in such a rush for?"

When she paused to think so she could answer his question, the officer noticed that there was another person in the car with her, having a fit of some sort. "Uh ma'am, is the passenger with you...okay?"

She looked over at Justin and patted his head with extra roughness. "Yeah, he's okay... just lost his fuckin' mind...oops I mean freakin'. I'm so sorry officer." She said blinking sweetly.

He chuckled and rubbed his chin. "Haha, can I see your license please?"

As Kim looked through her bag to get her license Justin sat up. "I'm...okay. I'm okay." He was struggling to talk, he had laughed himself to near death.

The officer looked further into the car, his eyes zoomed in on Justin.

"Okay. I know I have it somewhere." Kim said still looking for her license.

"Hey. You look so familiar." The officer said.

"Who me?" Justin asked pointing to himself. The man nodded. "I'm Justin Timberlake." He started laughing at Kim again.

The officer took his sunglasses off. "Oh man! You are those two people that was in the paper. Wait until I tell my daughters I met you two." His eyes lit up. "You really seem to be in love. I've never seen such a display of it. I didn't recognize the young lady because her hair looks different. Very nice I might add."

Kim found her license and stuck it out the window for the man to take. "Don't be silly. I'm not giving you a ticket, I'll just give you a warning. Uh, try not to drive so fast." He then pause as if he was going to say something else, but he didn't.

"Okay, is that it?" She asked nicely.

"Yup." The officer said staring at her deeply.

Okay this dude is looking at me like he wants me.

There was a pause. "Go ahead, off."

Kim pulled away hesitantly. She then looked over at Justin who was STILL laughing. He would be quiet for a few seconds then capture another thought and start laughing again. "Just HUSH, Justin. It's NOT that funny."

When he could tell she was becoming upset, he got quiet. "Cool! Just for being in love, you don't get a ticket. Cool, man."

Kim didn't say anything.

"I warned you, but you didn't listen."

"Go ahead, Justin. Say that one million more times. That way I WON'T have to hear it every five seconds." She was upset with his childish ways now.


Kim slammed the door of her car shut and placed her small and causal bag on her shoulder. Her and Justin was not fighting, they were just not speaking to one another at the time.

She walked up to the entrance of the mall, Justin was close behind her. When they walked into the building the first thing they both noticed was that the mall was crowded because of the holiday season. Crowded could lead to Justin being killed, if you were to exaggerate what obsessive fans could do.

Even though they were not exactly talking, they crossed fingers and held hands. Kim didn't know that she was Justin's support. He felt so safe from her simple touch.

"It's Justin and Kim Mom. I'm going to say something to them."

"Let them have their space Jill."

"Is that Justin and Kim?"

"They are so cute together."

"They are in love."

"Oh I love her new hair style I'm getting mine like hers."

People were talking about them left and right, it brought a sense of normalcy for the both of them. Everything seemed to be alright.

Kim saw a skirt she loved from the window of a store. "That is too cute. I have to get that skirt." She pulled Justin into the store.

Kim looked through the rack of skirts, trying to find her size. "This shirt would be cute with that skirt you are looking for." Justin said showing her a cute black shirt. It was perfect for the skirt, and she loved how he was so helpful, and always looking to help.

"Thank you." She said taking the shirt and smiling.

Justin smiled and then looked down at the floor. "No problem."

"I'm going to go try this on."


She grabbed his hand and pulled him. "Come with me. I need your approval."

"These dressing rooms are very nice." Kim said from the inside of one of the stalls. Justin was on the other side of the door.

She fixed up the skirt on her hips. She was a little self conscious, it seemed like she had gained weight. She felt bigger. She opened up the door. "How does it look?" She asked looking for any signs of 'that doesn't look right' in his eyes.

Justin put his hands in his pocket. "You look great in it. The shirt fits good. The skirt 'hugs' you nicely. You have a fabulous body."

Kim grabbed the tip of his shirt and pulled him into the stall with her. "I love it when you give me compliments." She kissed him.

At first Justin was cautious and wary but he fed into the kiss and was entranced by her. "Kim, stop this." He whispered against her lips. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. and her legs, his waist. "Stop it, baby." He moaned, kissing her with desperate hardness. She wouldn't let him go. "Kim...not now." What was with her?

He plastered her body against the wall and kissed her on the neck. "Okay. You get on to me about stopping. Why are you unbuttoning my shirt?"

Justin stopped what he was doing and looked her in the eyes. "Because you don't own it yet,and you need to take it off so I can buy it." He winked at her and kissed her on the lips once more...

After there dressing room incident Justin and Kim were back to their old selves. They bought a pretzel, and shared it with out fighting. As they continued to walk through the mall ,both of them with a few bags, Kim's heart sunk when she saw a baby store. It was filled with beautiful things for babies. She could be buying things for her baby. She couldn't take being in the mall for a second longer. Once again she was running from her uncomfortable situation. "Justin I want to go." She mumbled.

Justin took a bite of the pretzel he was holding. "What did you say? I can't hear you."

She stomped her foot. "I said, I'm ready to go."

He nodded. "Oh. Alrighty then. Lets go! We have to finish decorating the tree anyway."


Justin drove on the way back. He picked up something to eat, and then as he pulled in the driveway, he saw Britney's car. "Oh this is going to be some shit." He said to himself.

Kim looked over at him. "What?...oh. She's here, Justin. She's here."


Chapter 6

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