Chapter 48 note- I am not a Spanish expert as you know. So, please don't hound on me if I don't get everything perfectly, having to do with the language used in this chapter.

Rays of light were emitting off of them with keen and vigorous conceit.

Kim's incandesce began at her hair. Glittering rhinestones were portioned and convened throughout her genuinely straight hair style. A part down the middle of her head was secured with the diamond-like jewels. Her face tarried natural, basically free of make up, leaving her lips popular with clear super gloss. Rimmed around her focused and slightly arched eyelids were rhinestones. Centered underneath her eyes were single rhinestones, to give the false effect of her crying tears. Her stunning figure embraced a black and futuristic dress, which brandished the sides of her stomach, but covered her navel. The dress was splashed and outline with rhinestones. The bare skin of her curvesome abdomen was decorated with a combination of rhinestones and black jewels. Her entire lower back was jeopardized, and perhaps the emphasis of her entire aspect. It contained a design of rhinestones and jewels to create an image of a butterfly, which descended and glowed across her golden brown and beaming tanned skin. On her neck and arms were patterns of sparkling jewels. Her plat-formed shoes were covered entirely of silver glitter. She was blazing with more beauty, than the human eyes that were able to examine her, could combat. Radiating more than the luminous light of the sun.

Justin's fingers coiled with hers. His lean and muscled body demonstrated dazzle just as much as hers. His hair was frosted and harshly spiked upwards. Single rhinestones were situationed on the tip of each share of his frozen hair. His free hand dislocated his unique sunglasses and hooked them to the front of his shirt. Thus revealing a star, which circulated around his left eye, made of rhinestones. To restrain from being called feminine, there were no other signs of rhinestones on his fair face. His shirt was black, but it included districts of silver, which covered his arms and shoulders. It was bemedaled with seldom rhinestones, mocking the device of Kim's dress. His skintight leather pants were outline with rhinestones, as were the pockets and his zipper area. The foundation and base of the pants were speckled with rhinestones. And finally, his boots were defended with silver glitter, which tested the eye with reflections.

Maybe they had went overboard with the rhinestones. But how beautiful could humans get? How individual and distinctive could Justin and Kim be? And they were blind. They were blind to how beauteous they were. They were trying to prove a point. Stand out. Get attention. But there was so much more to them. They were famous and royal with inner beauty, as well as confidence. This fact making them the most attractive persons on the red carpet.

His face deflected closer to her, so she could hear him better through the astonished screaming. "And I asked him, you know? I was like. I like your jeans, man. Where did you get them? And he told me that they were five hundred from Gucci. But, Kim. We were in the store yesterday and you and I both know Gucci doesn't have jeans in this season, but all leather stuff and suede. I knew he was lying when he told me that. Besides, Gucci wouldn't make jeans like that. I think they were DKNY! But I wish he would have told me straight up. I REALLY want those jeans. They had pictures of The Mona Lisa on the knees. I thought they were so cool."

She laughed. "And he said they were from Gucci? Maybe they were, Justin."

"I know for sure they are not from Gucci. TRUST ME! I would know. I DO know where ever they are from they better be cheaper, because I'm not paying five hundred dollars for a pair of jeans. I don't care how rich I am. Thats pathetic." They laughed together.

And normal. They were so normal it was interesting and fascinating at the same time. How often was it to find a couple laughing on the red carpet? And joking; sharing secret words only they knew. It was beauty on full blast, overwhelming all spectators.

Kim fluxed behind Justin because he was required to talk to reporters with the rest of Nsync, but her hand was still attached to his.

Photographers dove in closer to the glistening couple, as much as security would let them. The most desired photograph was of Kim's twinkling back. What an exquisite display she was.

After several minutes of talking with MTV's VJ Brian McFadden Justin was able to go his separate ways, with his most cherished love, Kim. "You look gorgeous, baby." Kim notified. "And I must say, the 'Statue of Liberty' hair fits you...haha."

He irregularly diddered his head. "You have no idea how marvelous you look, Kim. I am NOT kidding. You have no idea. Your glowing...literally. You look so damn amazing, that I'm speechless. You look like a pharaoh or something. King Tut better watch out. I'm serious, Kim. You are eating that dress up. I'm scared to look over it right now. Oh my God!"

She jabbed him lightly. "Okay, Justin. Thanks for the compliment...I guess. But as I was saying. You look...let me use a big word and seem more educated. STUPENDOUS! And those leather about ALMOST afraid to look. Hell, I'm NOT looking, because if I do look at you and see that...ohhhhh, man. I think we over did it. Your stylist...we are COVERED in rhinestones, Justin. Do you think we did too much?"

He waved at fans who were screaming to the top of their lungs to get his attention. "No. I think we are being different and the center of attention. Besides, do you see that everyone is staring at us with their mouths hung open? I think thats a 'good' thing. I think." His eyes established hers for a quick second, but he did a double take, and they mounted back to her face. "Oh my God. Those jewels under your eyes...every time I look at you, I think that you are crying. But your not. That looks kind of cool actually. Your hot as hell...let me tell you. M'mmmm, and your a small little thing. I like small. And your so sexy, Kim. I love you."

"I love you too." She grinned.

"I can't get over it. Your one hot chica!"

"Oh, your busting out with the Spanish now, Justin?"

He chattered his head pleasantly. "Sí. tuve que cantar muchas canciones en español en un cierto plazo. Así pues, lo sé bastante bien." He smiled innocently. [In English: Yes. I had to sing many songs in Spanish over time. So, I know it pretty well.]

She cropped a hand to her mouth and awed. "Awwww. Mi papá me hizo la toma cinco años de ella. Así pues, la sé bastante bien también. Usted es tan lindo cuando usted habla en español." [In English: Awwww. My dad made me take five years of it. So, I know it pretty well too. You are so cute when you talk in Spanish.]

He licked his lips and whispered back to her. "Gracias, Kim. Sé que usted sabe español. Su tan elegante... y hermoso también." [In English: Thank you, Kim. I know you know Spanish. Your so smart...and beautiful too.] He nodded.

They stanched and held hands. Narrowing their lips to one another. "Te amo, Justin." [In English: I love you, Justin.]

"Te amo también, Kim." [In English: I love you too, Kim.] His lips invaded hers softly. But not for too long, because she was too perfect to have a swab of gloss out of place. His eyes battened and he chuckled to himself. "Damn, I'm better than I thought. I just had a whole conversation with you in Spanish. Thats cool."

She licked her tongue at him when his eyes opened. "Yeah...we're strange to just start doing that out of nowhere, on the red carpet, but hey. Who cares?"

He shrugged. "Not me." His arm enveloped around her tiny waist. "I said it once and I'll say it again."

She giggled and shoved him away gently. "Get away from me. ALL you do is harass me!" She chimed playfully.

His eyes luminated in contrast. "Harass you?" He repeated huskily in her ear.

She laughed friskily. "You heard me. What are you going to do? Storm off and leave me at the awards by myself?"

His arm attracted back to her waist. "I'm going to harass you alright, LITTLE GIRL! Later on tonight. Over and over again. Over and over again."

She shuddered. "Stop it, Justin." She whispered loudly.

"Over and over again. Over and over again."

She paused from walking and closed her eyes.

He froze with her. "Awww. Somebody's all hot now. I was just kidding with ya. You can breath now. Oh and, Kim. Last night was cool. Thanks for that."

She shivered again before putting her hand out. "Your welcome." Her and Justin did a hand shake, which took her several try's to learn.

He snickered at her. "I see you know the little shake now. I would do the tight hug version with you...but you aren't brotherly enough. Sorry."

She winced her head away from him and laughed blaringly. "Okay brotha, man. Whatever...Justin. You are too funny." People never took their eyes off of the staggering and animated couple.

Justin was clapping lightly as he laughed with her. "Come on, Kim...haha. Your so slow."

She hesitantly held his hand and they wisped slowly down the red carpet. Justin turned his head and smiled at Kim. His smiled panicked suddenly when he felt himself falling. Kim had stuck her foot out and tripped him. He fell down, and him falling down caused her to trip and fall also. Justin used a hand to catch his balance, and Kim fell on both of her knees.

Justin simpered blazently. "I can't believe it. You tripped me." The camera flashes intensified on them.

She giggled gazing at her spread out hands. "Yeah. You just had to have the cooler golden eye-like fall. I FELL as in really FELL."

Both of them were laughing hysterically and everyone saw that Kim had tripped them down.

"Kim just tripped him...haha!"

"Gotta love them."

"They are so beautiful."

"That is so funny!"

"They are so crazy. KIM, I LOVE YOUR DRESSSSS!"

Justin was the first to stand and he lended his hand, to help Kim up. The impact of the fall caused some of her jewels to be tossed from her hair. Justin held his stomach as he laughed, and bent down and picked up some of the misplaced rhinestones. "Hey, Kim. Missing something? HAHAHAHA!"

They laughed themselves red in the face. "NO! HAHA!" She slapped them out of his hands. "Your such a dork, Justin. HAHA!"

He pointed at himself. "I'm a dork? You are the one that attempted to trip me and fell too...HAHA! OH MY GOD! THAT IS SO SAD...HAHA! I can't believe you just tripped me. In front of everyone."

They gazed into each other eyes, but for only a few seconds because they broke down laughing again.

Justin raised his hand to the rest of the guys of Nsync, to notify them that he was okay. "Oh, crap. I think I'm going to have a freakin' stroke."

Kim pushed him, because the more he talked the more she laughed.

He crashed into the gate which held back fans, and Mike and a few others had to pry him loose from a few grabbing people. He was still laughing. "What's your problem, J? You on crack?" Mike asked. 

He said nothing and nodded devilishly.

"PLEASE TALK TO EXTRA JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND KIM MILLER!" A reporter desperately called. "PLEASE! May we ask you a few questions?"

"Sure." They affirmed at the same time. Their goofiness floated out of them and their faces suddenly wore a mask of seriousness.

"Thank you. Thank you." The older woman chanted. "I would just like to say that words cannot describe how brilliantly beautiful you both look. I never saw Can you tell us a little bit about your outfits, and why you chose to sparkle so much tonight?"

The mike was placed in her face first, so Km spoke. "Well, thank you for saying we look beautiful. Justin and I are wearing custom made pieces by his stylist. We had them made at the VERY last minute. So this whole awards was rushed for us. And we are sparkling so much because Justin and I are both people that crave attention, and we wanted to be different so..." She nodded.

The reverted the mike back to her mouth. "Oh my God. You both just look so...unbelievable. Everyone knows that your getting married in a little while, what are your feelings about the wedding, now that it's so near?"

Justin held Kim close to him as he spoke. "It's very exciting. Especially when you love the person you are going to marry so much, that you become that person. I don't know why, but it's scary too. I'm nervous. I have butterflies I guess you could say."

"You aren't performing tonight, Justin. But how many awards are you expecting to win out of your three nominations?"

He shrugged. "I don't think Nsync will be getting any awards this year. We've been away a little too long. Maybe next year though..."

She shook her head. "I disagree. I think you will win something. Definitely." She smiled cheerfully at Kim. "How long did it take to make the designs with the jewels you have all over you. Can you show us your back?"

Justin caught Kim's hand and slowly pendulated her around. He couldn't help but eye her rear area closely. It drew so much attention.

Kim giggled and moved her hair gently to the side without messing it up, to give the woman and camera man a clear view of her back. "Well, I had about three people working on me. And to get all of the beading and rhinestone work done it took about five hours. To be honest it's kind of uncomfortable to have so many jewels glued on me. But so far Justin and I have been getting a great response from our outfits. And the crowd out here is awesome. Nsync really does have the best fans." She turned around and an arm of Justin's wrapped itself to her waist.

"YOU GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! YOU DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND! Kim, how come you are so tan? It's September and your VERY tan. TOO tan..."

She bit her lip in confusion. "Umm...thanks? I can't help it. I've been having to do photo shoots in the sun, and it runs in my family to be extremely tan. So, that is why I am so tan."

The woman bounced giddily. "Show us your wedding rings!"

They put their hands together and flaunted their reattached rings. The diamonds that shot fourth light from their fingers, only intensified and heightened their knockout for an appearance.

"WOW!" The woman shouted, as if she never saw a ring before. "Justin, I've noticed that Kim has sapphire in her ring. Any particular reason for that?"

He scratched his head. "Kim's birthday is tomorrow. And her birthstone is sapphire. And also. The blue in her ring goes along with the scheme of our wedding." His fingers wiped the edges of his mouth.

"Awwww." She laughed. "Are you guys prepared for the wedding? Are you nervous about it? How many guests are you expecting?"

Justin took a deep breath FOR the overly talkative woman. "Yeah, we are pretty much prepared for the wedding. All Kim and I have to do now is get our wedding bands. We are pretty much set. Of course we are nervous. It's only normal to be...and as for the guests. At first Kim and I wanted a LARGE wedding, and then we changed our minds about that and decided we wanted a SMALL wedding. But things didn't turned out as planned and we are having a medium sized wedding. About three hundred guests or so."

The shifting crowd, made it to where they were forced to subsist from the reporter.

"Justin and Kim! E! would like to know how is your daughter doing?"

They came to a standstill to answer a different reporters question.

Kim's perfect teeth glistened like white lightening. "She's doing great. She's growing very fast. It's almost hard to keep up with her. Thank you for asking."

"Your very welcome." An almost shy man stated. He pulled back his microphone and placed it near Justin's mouth. "You have a family now. And you ARE getting married soon. Are you planning on having more children with miss Miller? And of many more? How soon?"

He laughed and blew a soft kiss towards Kim's near face. "ABSOLUTELY! Of course. Of course I'm going to have more children with her. I'm not sure how many...haha. We are both young, so we have plenty of time to decide when is a good time to have another kid. And our family won't be complete until we have a boy. So, watch out and see what happens with that...haha."

Kim laughed with him. "Thats what he thinks. We aren't having any more children. We can if HE is the one having the baby. Other than that..." Everyone that heard her comment laughed, including Justin, who kissed her cheek. "...haha. I'm so serious. There is no way I'm going through labor again. No way." She shook her head.

"Haha. Justin, what do you have to say about the new album you and the guys are putting out?"

He licked his lips and squinted at the blinding rays of the day and photographers. He was tempted to surge his sunglasses back on. "All I have to say is. Nsync is sound. New EVERYTHING! Dirty pop has been kicked to the curb."

He laughed. "Thats a great way to put it. Simple and brief. You and Kim both look phenomenal and spectacular. I'm lost for words. You are truly the most enchanting and beautiful couple I've ever seen. Not just today...but EVER!"

"Thank you." Both of them affirmed with semi-blushed cheeks.

"It's all Kim though. Look at her!" His hands pointed up and down at her in explanation. "Is she not the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth? Just look at her. Absolutely no one can look as good as her in that dress...or as her period."

He nodded certainly at Justin. "Yes, I will admit to that. She's positively gorgeous. I have another question. Did you guys just fall on the red carpet?"

Kim and Justin gloated at one another, and a roar of laughter broke through their lips. "Did we fall? Yup! We fell bad too. Well, I did. These heels...haha." Kim told.

Mike interrupted the colloquy and sideswiped them from the deranged media frenzy. "Sorry, ya'll. You know good and well your almost late. You can't chat with those reporters all day."

Their hands clasped together once again, and fans who weren't able to see them until they brushed past them, screamed in crazed excitement.

Everyone. Everyone including other artists and musicians, had to stop...just to get the slightest glance of them.

Justin directed the way for Kim, because he was slightly ahead of her. He cringed and then truckled suddenly, putting their journey to a rest. "Oh my goodness, Kim." He avowed in a low whisper. "That girl over there is the one I ran into in the rain last night. She thought I was a gay dude named Mike. I'm lucky I put my ring back on..."

She laughed. "Gay...HAHA!"

"Shut up, Kim. Thats not funny. If I wasn't too busy looking for you I wouldn't have to act like that."

She sucked air into her mouth. "'s not so funny anymore." She smiled at him. "You look so amazing, Nitsuj."

His eyes became unclear and they fuddled. "Nit...What? What did you just call me?"

"Nitsuj! It's your name spell backwards. I just calculated it in my head."

He shook his head at her. "Oh my God. That is SO sad. Kim...don't worry. I still love you."

She laughed. "I love you too, Nitsuj!"

His chuckle couldn't be held back. "I love you too, Mik." Both of them cackled together.

They lulled at the entrance of the awards, and let people photograph them, as they waved at their astonished fans. Many of them were in tears of joy.

"We love you Justin and Kim!"

"God, they are just gorgeous!"

"Kim, show us your back! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!"


To see someone crying so hard, and so hopeless made Justin and Kim react to the poor girl. They were both in a situation where they couldn't approach the fan based gate, but there was still a way they could sign her dangling magazine. "Mike, hand me that girl's magazine. The one right there, that is screaming and crying." He pointed at her.

He secured the magazine and pen from the shaking girl. She screamed louder when she realized she was actually getting what she wanted. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy Godddddddddddddddddddd!"

Mike placed the brand new magazine in Justin's hands. His lustrous and now aqua blue eyes skimmed over the cover. On the very front of the magazine was a photo of him and Kim kissing on the side of the Tiffany & Co. store. The picture made him snicker. He had to admit. The picture of them was beautiful. And it represented them in a loving manner, rather than an intrusion of being caught in the act. Right above the picture were the words: Love and Affection in New York City. Justin signed his name above the area of his head, and then he delivered the magazine to Kim's awaiting hands.

"Isn't that a good picture of us, Justin? We're kissing. I like that picture. Our eyes are closed and everything." She scribbled her signature directly across Justin's. Before handing the magazine back to Mike, she placed a kiss on it. "We love you guys! Bye!" Her and Justin waved a few more times before they finally entered the modernly decorated music hall.

Their hands concurred together. And just as they were treated outside, paparazzi's and photographers were following them because they just couldn't believe their eyes. Once again the high-and-mighty stance was received from them. They were so incredibly perfect, that no one had a choice but to think they were stuck up and conceded. Heads shifted towards them as they pranced by, walking with partial smirks on their lips. Their walks and especially Kim's switch, was an attention drawing exhibit all on it's own. Their posture was filled with such pride and superiority that even the big talker Eminem couldn't deny their attractiveness. And he too was gazing at them in a skeptical nature.

An escort showed them to their front row seats. As they traipsed down the seating aisle, every eye was on them. Every eye. And it was almost too much. To be dangerously beautiful on top of sparkling like gods was just clobbering and overwhelming. "Justin is the back of my dress cut too short? I feel like my whole rare is just nude."

He gladly took a peak behind her. "No. You look amazing. The back of your dress is not cut too short at all. You are just not used to having it out, since your style has changed."

She giggled. "Okay. Thanks, Justin."

As he nodded his head in a 'your welcome' manner. His eyes met with Nick's. He was staring at him so rigorously, that his face was locked on him. He was hushed so severely with shock, that he became embarrassed. He was dressed in black dress pants and a shirt which was expensive, but it had slashes and holes on it, to give it an rugged look. He looked anything but attractive compared to Justin. Britney was wearing a top which propped her breasts up too much, and it barely gave her support. Her skirt was entirely too short and it had strips dangling from it. She looked like a hoe compared to Kim.

Justin chuckled at Nick's eyes gazing upon him and Kim as they drew closer to their seats. He held his hand down lowly and then calmly stuck a middle finger up at him. After the gesture of revenge, he simply looked in the opposite direction of him, there was no use for words. There was no use for competition. It was obvious who the center of attention was. And it was obvious who the jackass was.


"And the winner, for the artist of the year awards, is..."Jennifer Love Hewitt opened the MTV sealed envelope. "NSYNC!"

Kim saw Justin's face drop after he heard the announcement of the name 'Nsync.' He was so shocked that at first he couldn't move, and his face burnished with fear. "Oh my God." He gasped to Kim. "We won?"

She was clapping for him and the guys, and she leaned over and kissed his stunned cheek. "YEAH, BABY! YOU WON! YOU WON!" She shot up. "Get up, Justin."

He stood and held her in a hug with almost freight. "We won?"

Kim remained standing and continued clapping for Justin and his best buds, as they climbed the stairs of the enormous stage. "Wooooo! Yeah, Justin! You go, boy!" She chanted.

After exchanging hugs with Jennifer, the guys surrounded the announcement podium. Everyone positioned behind Justin. For some reason they always wanted him to speak first. He ran a hand over his shocked face before nearing his red lips to the microphone. "Hi, Rachel." He blurted. "This was so unexpected." He held up his moon man. "This was SO unexpected. I had no idea we would win this award. Nsync has been gone for forever, and to win the artist of the year award is just...unreal. Especially with all of the competition we were up against. 98 Degrees. The Backstreet Boys. Britney Spears. So, I give props to those guys, because they are all wonderful artists. But first and foremost we thank God. Without him none of this would be possible, so thank you. Our families our friends...sexual chocolate."

JC interrupted him, brushing him aside. "Thank you MTV. Thank to all of the radio stations that play our stuff. The TV stations that have supported us."

Chris leaned in. "Thank you to Jive and our manager Johnny Wright."

"Thank you to those of you who've supported us throughout the days." Joey pronounced.

"Thank you to the fans." Lance said proudly.

Justin cut him off. "YES! And thank you to our WONDERFUL fans. This is why Nsync exists...because of you guys. We love ALL of you! And we can't thank you enough. This is for all of you out there. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!" He paused and laughed. "I'm sorry for taking up everyone's time here...but I just wanted to say hey to my little girl back at home. She just turned four months today. Hey, Jade. Daddy loves you." He waved directly into a camera. "And finally. Kim, I am so sorry for what happened yesterday. I'm saying it in front of the world because I mean it. And , baby girl....I LOVE YOU!"

"I love you too." She mouthed back to him from her audience seat. Eyes had turned to gawk at her.

"Thank you very much. Thank you." He held his moon man up in the air as did the rest of the guys. "Thank you so MUCH!"

It seemed like the entire crowd stood, giving them a heart touching standing ovation, followed by booming clapping, as they tip-toed off of the stage to the backstage area.


The scalding hot water transpired down their doused bodies. Their ardent lips assaulted each other passionately and hungrily. The craving to touch the other was not as strong as the craving to breath. A barrier was made between the two wet figures.

"Whoa...that was a nice kiss. We've been in this shower way too long. I say we get out. We do have an after party to go to. The awards was cool. We won everyone of our nominees. Thats very interesting..."

Her arms enshrouded around his neck and her lips kissed his sweetly. "Interesting indeed." She didn't have to try too hard to kiss him because he was smooching her back. "M'mmmmm, Justin. Why don't you give me some more of your wonderful love?"

His lips probed with hers to receive the heated sensation of exploring her internally. "Later, sweetheart." His hands rubbed her arms up and down. "We were suppose to spend thirty minutes getting ready for the after party...we are still in the shower. I have to be there because the party is hosted by the guys and I. I know Mike is waiting with our limo."

Kim giggled. "Yeah. Let's get out of this shower and get dressed. Thank God I got all of those little jewels off of my neck, back and arms. And you got yours out of your hair." 

Justin stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. "Wrong. I got all of those little jewels off of you." He tugged on her hand and forced her towards him so he was able to envelope her with a towel.

"Yeah you did. Thanks. I still have the design on my stomach. The makeup lady told me it would last for about a week unless I removed it earlier. Besides, I refuse to PULL anymore of the rhinestones off. It's hurts so bad. I'll take the rest off tomorrow."

He covered a hand over his mouth and sniggled at her. "Haha. I know. I'm like taking one off and you are like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I take another off are you are like. Ohhhhhhh,  Justin. Sounds like some interesting sexual experience." He winked.

She crossed her arms and followed him out of the bathroom. "Ah. Be quiet, Justin. Your so perverted."

"Speaking of perverted..."

She held a hand up. "Okay, don't go there. Just kidding. Anyways, what performance did you enjoy the most tonight?"

He massaged his chin as he thought. "Ummm. I liked Jennifer Lopez's performance. That was pretty good. Christina's wasn't that bad either."

She nodded. "I liked Christina's too. Hey, Justin. I was wondering. What is your favorite performance of all time?"

"My favorite of all time?" He grinned. " I hate the ugly bitch, but I'm going to say Britney's performance at the VMA's two years ago. I mean she can't sing for crap. But she can perform and that little glittery thing she worked. I like that performance a lot. It's a guy thing really. It has nothing to do with me liking Britney, because I hate her. I'm telling you, Kim. If you EVER wore anything like that...or even close to it. The flesh colored thing with the sparkles. I'd like...I don't know. I'd like have an orgasm that leads into a seizure..." He scratched his head.

"Haha! Thats funny."

"No, it's not. You think I'm joking. Why did you want to know anyways?" 

She shrugged.

He gazed at her face, looked away, and stared back at her again. "Kim...I'm telling you. Those jewels under your eyes make you look like you are crying. You still have them on your face too. You look so...I'm so sick of beautiful. You are so much more beautiful than beautiful."

She smiled gratefully. "I think you ARE more beautiful than beautiful. And you still have the little starburst thing over your eye. Hey, I think it looks really good on you. "

He laughed. "What color are you wearing, Kim? To the party?"

She scanned around the room and thought. "I'm wearing...a color. Why?"

He became serious from her difficult sarcasm. "Because I was going to TRY to WEAR something to MATCH your COLOR! WHATEVER that MAY be!"

She searched through her clothes. "I was just kidding with you, Justin. Kidding like you do to ME all of the time. To answer your question. I'm wearing the outfit I brought yesterday at Versace. The black shirt with the see-through slits at the bottom, and the short black shorts with the glitter belt. I'm wearing that. I know it's a bit racy, but it's an after party. Not an televised event. I hope people don't give me too much shit for the way I dress." She ran her fingers through her wet and now jewel-less hair. "God, we need to hurry. I still need to blow-dry my hair."

Justin approached her slowly with his head arched to the side. "Baby, you need to stop letting people get to you. People will always have something to say. You need to realize it doesn't matter. And you don't have to dress to please others. You dress how in the hell you want. You are a model anyway. You use your body for visuals, so people won't say as much. If you were a pop star like Britney, then dressing less sexy is better for the younger fans and children, ect..." He snatched her towel off of her. "Now stop trying to hide yourself and...damn your hot."

She stomped her foot. "OH NO! Not this again. Stop playing, Justin. And give me my towel back. NOW!"


She stood fourth and snatched his towel from him. "Haha. Thats what you get."

Without giving her time to protest he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him. His lips corresponded to hers.

"Justin, did you forget that we are naked?" Her eyes gleamed into his.

He laughed evilly. "The thought never left my mind." His lips scraped against hers. "Come my lady. Come, come my lady. Your my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come my lady. Your my pretty baby. I'll make your legs shake. You make me go crazy." He tried to kiss her, but laughed instead.

Kim giggled. "How come you always start singing when we are close? And that is NOT how the song goes."

"Oh, yes it is. And hold up, baby. I have another song for you." He picked her up and held her to him. "Let me tell you how I feeeeeel! I need your love and girl give it to mayyyyy. Never met a girl like youuuuuu. I know you'll like the crazy things WE'LL dooooooo!"

"Oh my God! I've told about doing that, Justin. Melting...melting..."


"JUSTIN! KIM! Are ya'll ready yet?" Lance asked, beating on their hotel room door. "Mike sent me up to get you guys. He waiting downstairs in the lobby." Joined on the side of him were three other Nsyncers.

"Coming. We are ready. We are ready." Kim called.

Rumbling was going on as if someone was fighting, and in one quick thrust, a door of the hotel room slug open. "Sorry about that. We got caught up..." Justin stated out of breath. He peeped his head back inside of the hotel room. "Kim! Come on, girl!"

She slipped her other black high heel on, and exited the door. "I'm sorry. I couldn't find my other shoe."

Several whistles were flared her way.

"That outfit..."

"You are so hot, Kim."

"Shorts NEVER looked so good."

"May I touch you?"

She giggled. "Thanks guys."

"And NO you can't touch her, Joey." Justin mentioned.

"Nice shirt, J." Joey commented back.

"Thanks, man."

"So...what took you guys so long?" JC asked, with an ironic smile.

"Ya'll look like you've been crying or something. You okay?" Lance asked.

Justin gazed at Kim. "She has those jewel things under her eyes. They make it look like she is crying."

"Beside that, she looks like she have been crying. You too, Justin." Joey blurted.

Justin and Kim shrugged.

"You don't know, huh? Then why do you guys have sex hair?" Chris asked pointing at them. "And look. You can tell. Kim was on the bottom and Justin was on the top. He's sporting 'she ran her fingers through my hair when we were getting down in the hotel room when we should have been getting ready for the after party' look."

Justin pushed him. ""

Laughter echoed through the hall. "SEE! He's not denyin' it." JC chocked out.

Justin shook his head. "NO! We were kissing...thats it." He licked his tongue out at Kim.

Chris, the analyzer, was shaking his head as well. "And you are heaving for air like that becauuuuuuuse...?"

Kim hovered a hand over her mouth and she was laughing so hard that she had to walk away from the crowd and rejoin them.

Justin clutched her by her teeny waist and laughed against her shoulder. "It was innocent." He said obviously fake. "It was SO innocent. We were just playing." He used his tone of voice purposely because it made everyone laugh. "Playing a little peek-a-boo. A little kiss and blow. Yeah. And we played a little 'mating against the wall' and ' I wanna sex you up.'" He was laughing so hard he broke away from Kim and linked with his sane lost best-friends.

"Thats what I'm talkin' about, Justin." Lance blurted though his painful laughs.

"Thats crazy as hell. A little 'I wanna sex you up'. Justin, your so stupid. Thats my man right there." JC giggled.

"So ya'll really did make up after all...HAHA!" Joey semi-asked.

Kim removed tears from her eyes. "Ohhh boy. That is so funny. Yeah we made up since last night." She held Justin's soft hand.

He grinned at her and blew a kiss at her. "I love you, baby girl."

"I love you too, Justin."

"AWWWWWWWWWW!" everyone cooed with their hands dramatically to their hearts.

"Stop that." Justin scolded, with a laugh.

They began to migrate to the elevator which would take them to the lobby.

"Wow, ya'll! I'm just kind of shocked. I mean, you both are so young. And yet. Your so naughty." Chris said with a secret laugh.

Justin had pasted Kim into his arms as they walked . "We're not naughty. We're human, Chris. There's a difference. People overlook that. I'm in a boy band YEAH, but I'm human. The same for Kim. People fail to see that we have sex, we take shits, we curse just like everybody else in our position as people. Not ALL nineteen and twenty-one year olds act like us...but there are some out there. You act as if we committed a crime or something. We're young. But we're not THAT young. And we're adults."

Chris bit his lip. "Yeah. I understand that. But it's like you and Kim are intimate every five minutes. Your too young to be so sexual...haha."

"What you just said is false. What's so wrong with what we do? We love each other, and we are ONLY getting married in a month in half. Just shut up, Chris. Just shut up, man." Justin said kissing Kim on the neck.

Joey chuckled in the background. "But ya'll are seriously like a porno movie! Everywhere you go, you are ALL over each other. Sometimes it seems you are going to take each other right there."

Justin laughed. "Oh, I don't care about that. I will NEVER stop being affectionate with Kim in public. I'm going to kiss her. She is going to kiss me. That is how it's going to be. Cool, that rhymes. Hey, if you don't like it. Don't look. We ain't ask you to be staring down our throats while we are making out, now did we? You DON'T have to watch."

JC punched Joey. "What the hell, Joey? You moron! What's with the porno movie crap?"

"Why did you punch me like that?" He pushed him back, which caused him to slam into Chris.


Kim was still guarded in the safety of Justin's arms. She glanced up at him. "Here they go again. Didn't even make it to the elevator...HAHA!" She commented on the fight that was going on. "Think you want to join them, Justin?"

He held her tighter. "Nah, I'd rather hold you and watch them beat the life out of each other."

Chapter 49

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