Chapter 46

A fork bedeviled into the intricate plate. It elected a small proportion of food, and voyaged to his lips. They sealed around the silver object and he accepted the proffer. "Haha...Justin if you wanted rice, why didn't you just order some? I knew you were going to eat all of mine."

He chuckled. "Hey! it's not like you are eating it. I'm just trying to help you out. And like I told you, Kim. You make everything taste so much better."

Her fork ingressed into his plate, and she chopped up a piece of grilled chicken with her fork. "Justin, why did you put ketchup on your GRILLED chicken? Thats gross." She enunciated, settling some in her mouth.

He showed a smile of mirth, and made sounds with his mouth closed. "Yeah? Well the chicken and the ketchup is all going in the same place. Besides, I'm not eating it. YOU are. It must be really gross if you are eating it up." He tapped his fork against the table and cackled at her. "Awww, your so cute."

Her fork pointed him directly in the face. "Don't start, Justin."

A smile of amusement and satisfaction spread across his lips. Under the table his hand teased her thigh, causing her to freeze. He used his other hand to support the weight of his head. "Don't start...what?" He asked with an innocent tone, but a raised eyebrow. His gentle movements intensified, and he caressed her body sexually.

"Justin...don't you dare."

"Too bad your not wearing a skirt." He accepted his hand back and winked.

She drew air into her pulsating body. "You really need to stop acting so horny. Those hands, and a few other things are going to get you into a world of trouble. What has gotten into you, Justin?"

"Kim, I'm just PLAYING with you. I like turning you on in public. You handle it well."

Her eyes broadened in insult. "Justin, why in the hell did you just rub my boob? Are you INSANE?" She whispered loudly. "We are in a public restaurant."

He respired casually. "Kim, I was wiping ketchup off of your shirt. Your lucky it's red."

She brought a steaming cup of tea to her glossed lips and took a sip. "I'm sorry, Justin. I don't mean to bitch so much. I love the food at this restaurant. Hell, I love New York in general." She reached into his plate and stole another piece of his now butchered chicken. "And you are such a darling. How sweet of it was you to take me to an aquarium earlier? I had so much fun."

His eyes loomed at her flirtatiously. "Yeah. I know you like that kind of stuff. I personally thought the sharks were cool. It would have been even cooler to throw you into the tank with them."

She poked his arm with her fork. "Cute, Justin."

A finger brushed against her cheek. "Just kidding, baby girl."

She flinched suddenly and whimpered. "Ow! Oh my God. Something is in my eye." She rubbed it vigorously with her hand.

Justin scooted his chair closer to hers. "Baby. Baby, don't rub your eye. You'll make it worse." Her eye teared up from the abnormality in it. His warm hand held the base of her chin and her blew softly into her eye. "My mom always blew in my eye when something got in it." He contracted his hand back and slowly eased away from her. "All better? It was an eyelash."

She nodded slowly. "Yes, sweetie. Thank you." Her face leaned over to his and she kissed his lips. Her pull back was light and smooth.

Justin was able to slip her another kiss before the distance contained by them became too much. "I love you, Kim." He articulated, taking a swallow of his coffee.

She smiled shyly. "I love you too. Might I add you look fabulous. Just as gorgeous and beautiful as always."

He held his cup of coffee to his lips while speaking. "Speaking of beautiful. How do I begin with how you look? I wanted to tell you, that I respect you for dressing more normal in public. Rather than dressing like I suggested. You look so amazing with your new look. I'm loving the shirt. Once again. You have no skin showing. BUT you look awesome."

She giggled. "You only like my shirt because it's tight fitting..."

He shook his head. "No. Thats ONE of the reasons I like it...haha. Another is because you seem more mature with it on. Another reason is because I can see you are wearing one of my favorite bras underneath it." He poked his lip out at her with an eye closed. "Hot, baby." He winked to prove his joking. "Your a prep." He laughed loudly. "You have your little white capris on, with your red shirt. Then you have the black and extra high heels on. And to finish the outfit off you have a black belt on, with a black sweater thrown over your shoulders. You look great."

She crossed her arms. "I don't know whether to be offended or what, Justin. You just SO questionable."

He rolled his eyes and sipped his coffee, while mocking her. "Oh, you are just SO questionable. Like, you SO are."

Her finger pointed him out plainly. "Okay. Make fun of me, why don't ya? And I'm a prep, right? So, what are you? A thug?"

He laughed to himself and shivered in disagreement. "Kim, if your going to try to attack me with words. Do so accordingly. Do so with something that is actually an accurate diss. And yeah. You know me. I'm a thug alright. Okay...yeah."

She continued to eat from his plate. "You know what? I know what you are. A...HIPPY!" Her eyes lit up in victory. "Thats exactly what you are. You dress like a bummish hippy. And you are seriously the only guy I know that wears flared leg jeans."

He held up a hand to heed and silence her. "Kim, I do not wear FLARE legged jeans. That is just girly. So, my jeans have a wide base sometimes. I like them to cover my shoes at least half way. And bummish? Are you trying to TALK about me? Alright. Well, I have a little something for you. At least I can breath in my jeans, and I don't have to fight with myself to get into them."

She crept her head down and laughed in her hand. "Is that true? Because apparently you are having trouble keeping certain things DOWN in your jeans. You and that bulge. Do you fight with it sometimes, Justin?"

He stared down at his plate. "We are NOT talking about this. I'm getting sick of having people talking about that and my manhood in general. I don't want to hear anymore about it. People make such a big deal out of me, when really I am just a human. And I've grown sick of being talked about because of the bulge in my jeans. How should I feel when people keep mentioning it? And females keep talking about it. What a GREAT reason for loving someone." He said sarcastically. He ate more rice from Kim's plate.

"Okay, new subject. We are pathetic, Justin. The awards are tomorrow, and we still have nothing to wear. I mean, we've been shopping around, but we really need to focus on a store and get something. OR we need to have your stylist make something at the last minute, because I refuse to look like crap during the awards."

"Is that the floaty kind if crap, or the sinky kind?" He licked his lips incase food particles got stuck in his teeth.

She pushed his shoulder gently. "Justin...haha. Thats sick. Seriously, we have to find something to wear."

He held her hand to reassure her everything would be okay. "Alright, Kim. This is what we should do. I think we should check out a few more stores. We haven't hit Gucci yet, and if we don't find something, I'll call my stylist and have her make something. And I don't have to worry about matching with the guys, because all of us are dressing differently and individually."


"So, does that sound okay? Because we don't have much time. It's already two. After shopping, we have to go back to the hotel and change because we are going to the movies tonight, with the rest of the crew. The movies is something we HAVE to do. You understand me? It's a damn shame the last movie you saw in a movie theater by yourself was 'The Grinch' That was like a million years ago. No wonder you don't really know about that many movies. Girl, you have to go to the movies. It's just something people do. I'm making sure you go tonight. I'm forcing you to."

She grimaced at him with starry eyes. "Cool. Sounds fun to me. Are you going to sit by me and share your popcorn?"

He nodded evilly. "Baby, I'm making sure you'll be sitting on my lap. I bet you we make out during the entire movie. I can't help it. Your lips make mine attract to yours like a magnet."

"Right, Justin. HAHA!"

"Yeah, and don't forget. After that, the rest of the guys and I have to meet Johnny at the hotel he is staying at for a VERY important meeting. He won't say what about, but he said it was VERY important. And he keeps calling my cell about it, so I won't forget. A lot needs to be done today." He stared into the receipt booklet. "Ready to go, baby girl?" From his wallet he withdrew the money necessary to pay for their lunch fee.

She attached her red bag to her hand. "Yes, I am. Let me pay the tip, Justin. Since you are paying for our meal, I'll pay the tip."

He shrugged care-freely. "Okay."

After placing her share of the money in the booklet, Kim handed it to a waiter going by. She stood and stretched her relaxed and tired muscles. Justin replicated what she did. "Oh, yeah." She yawned, and then took an uneaten gourmet doughnut her and Justin hadn't touched. "This doughnut is mine. I claimed it first. I almost forgot about it. M'mmm chocolate cream filled." She stared at the doughnut hungrily as she followed the snickering Justin out of the restaurant.

"Kim, your spastic. Straight up."

She observed Mike through the window of the restaurant. He was waiting outside of it for them. "Me? Spastic? Funny, Justin. Your basically calling me messed up? Well is that your face? Or did your neck throw up?"

He laughed at her. "Um...definitely spastic. ONLY YOU, KIM! Haha...only you would bring back the nineteen-ninety jokes." He shared a comfortable laugh with her, but after leaving the restaurant they cuddled together while walking down the side walk of the over populated New York region.

"I see you two finally decided to join the living." Mike said with a grunt of a laugh. "It's about time ya'll came on here. You took long enough."

Justin swished a hand at him. "Be quiet, Mike. We love each other presence. We love spending time together. There isn't enough time in the world for us. "

Kim bit the doughnut she recovered, and then she placed it to Justin's lips so he could take a bite. His teeth sank into the chocolate covered dessert, and a ooze of cream invaded the corners of his mouth. "Careful, Justin." She told him, when a flake of the doughnut fell and crumbled on the side walk. Her tongue licked his mouth clean, and he smiled thankfully at her.

He tilted his head back to help the food complete into the depth of his mouth. He chewed and swallowed before making and effort to speak. "That is so good."

She chomped another portion of the doughnut into her mouth. "Ummmhummm." She agreed. She positioned it to his mouth again to give him a sturdy bite.

He gnawed a piece of the doughnut. He chewed it sloppily. "Hey, Kim. Like seafood? SEE? FOOD!" He licked his tongue out at her and it had the piece of melted doughnut on it.

She brushed him away. "EWWWW! Justin, your sick. You need to get that away from me. Thats disgusting and just strictly childish." She finished the last piece of the doughnut and licked her fingers.

He chewed properly. "I know it is. I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist." His arm encircled around her waist, and her kiss her on the lips. "Just like you I can't resist."

They kissed and walked at the same time.

"Oh my God. Please not now. They are walking down a New York sidewalk...kissing?" He mumbled to himself. "Kids these days."

"Justin...we shouldn't be doing this. We might get caught roaming the streets by a lot of fans, and Mike might not even be able to stop them."

He chuckled at her concerned voice. "Kim, this is New York. The people here are used to seeing celebrities on the run. Trust me. It's rear to have conflicts with fans here. Unless the guys and I are on TRL. Thousands of them be outside of the studio. Other than that, everything is peachy. Besides, people already recognize us. That guy on the side over there is taking pictures of us. He's been following us all day. Along with the lady on the opposite side of him. Hey, it's cool as long as they don't bother us."

She laughed and pulled his lips back to his.

Mike shook his head. "They just don't stop, do they?" He didn't know Justin heard him.

"Nope." He answered for him and both Kim.

His tongue surged into her mouth sneakily. Both of them had to stopped walking to enjoy the kiss correctly. "Ummm, baby. You taste so good." Kim was the first to moan.

Their kiss grew move violent as the craving for more overtook them. Justin clutched the back of Kim's neck tightly, and tried to swallow her whole. Before the situation got out of control he rested back. "I love you, baby girl." He whispered .

She inhaled deeply and pecked this lips. "You might been hurt BABE! That ain't no lieeeee. Seen em' all come and gooooo. Ohhhhhhh. I'm remember you told MAY!" She giggled. "That is so cute how you sing that song. And I love you too." She held him to her by holding the end of his waist.

His eyes shut and he laughed. "You like they way I sing the song? Just because I said MAY instead of ME?" He held her at the waist as she did him, and they walked closely. "And it's old as crap."

"I don't care how old the song is...I love it. And yeah. Your voice is just beautiful. And hot too. Makes me wanna melt." She kissed him again and then trailed off.

"Hey, Kim. Look! Tiffany & Co. You want to go inside?" He winced when a flash from a photographer annoyed his eyes. "I know you said that we don't need anymore jewelry, but every women loves Tiffany's. I need to get Jade's diamond necklace and her earrings for when we get her ears pierced. I'll take care of that in Florida though. I'll go to the jeweler I always do."

Kim lead the direction of the entrance of the store. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to look."

Mike took notion to what they were doing, and waited outside of the store.

The inside of Tiffany & Co, was artic and chilling. But the store mantled with splendid cultivation and elegance.

Kim and Justin mesmerized hands as they silently studied the store. "Thats a pretty bracelet." Kim chimed. "Twenty four thousand. Not bad. I'm sick of diamonds, but I like that bracelet. Sterling silver...nice." She pointed to the jewelry item by pressing her small finger against the glass casing.

"Welcome to Tiffany's. Is there any way I may assist you? Would you like to try on that bracelet?"

She glared back at Justin, who was behind her. He had a settle look stuck on his face, which proved he was comfortable. "Sure. I'd like to try it on."

The female assistance's smile grew in enormity as she extracted the bracelet from behind the glass case. "This is a beautiful piece we just had shipped in. We have this bracelet in platinum also, which is also known as white gold." Kim presented her wrist to the woman and she clipped the bracelet to her arm. "It looks fabulous on you. However, your arm is quiet small and it would be necessary to have the bracelet adjusted to fit your wrist, if you were to purchase it."

Kim contained her arm to a mirror that was next to her. After checking herself. She turned to Justin, letting his hand go for approval. "How does this look? Isn't this bracelet just beautiful?"

He nodded. "On you it is."

She licked her tongue at him. "So, thats means it could look bad and you would still say it looks bad, huh? Seriously, do you like the bracelet?"

"Yes, I do. I think it's beautiful."

She stared at the glimmering bracelet, biting her lip in questioning wonder. She wrenched back to face the polite assistant. "You know what? I think I'll take it."

The brown-haired woman almost jumped up and down, because she was so happy she made a sale. "GREAT! Ahem, I mean great. The price of the bracelet is twenty-four thousand dollars. Is that okay for you?"

Kim nodded effortlessly. "It's fine."

Justin pulled out his credit card, and tapped Kim to give it to her. "Here you go, babe."

She laughed and shook her head, then showed him her credit card. "It's alright, sweetie. I got this."

He sighed, followed by laughing. "Geeze, Kim. Are you going to pay for everything today? Let me pay for something. Your making me feel bad."

"Justin, we are equally paying for things. When we go to Gucci next, you can pay then."

He made an adorable face at her, and it caused her awe at him. "Okie."

"Awww. You are so cute." She shook her head, and had to rip her eyes from his view. She handed her credit card to the assistant.

"Ma'am if you would like to have the bracelet taken up in size to better fit you, there is a charging fee..."

She interrupted her. "Oh, it's doesn't need to be taken up. I've decided to get the bracelet for someone else, and not myself."

Justin stroked her side up and down. "Who, baby?" He asked.

"Mom." She blurted with a interesting grin. "I think she will like it. Besides, she sat down and talked to me. We had a wonderful conversation that I will never forget, and I love her dearly for it. She's the mom I never had." She laughed pathetically because she didn't want to cry, and she could sense the emotional effect coming.

She received a pleasuring shoulder rubbing from the affectionate and loving Justin. "That's sweet of you, Kim. You are a sweetheart."

She shrugged and poked at his hard muscled stomach, causing him to jump. "Hey, I try."

The woman had boxed up the bracelet in a beautiful baby-blue Tiffany & Co. box, followed by tying a white ribbon over it. At last she slipped the gift into a bag and set it on the counter for Kim to take. "There you are ma'am." She tore a receipt from the register she was using. "Now, if you would just sign on the dotted line, please." She presented out a pen for Kim to use.

"Okay." She generously took the pen, and signed her name on the thin piece of paper, retreating her credit card back.

"Thank you very much for coming, and have a nice day." The assistant exclaimed, placing Kim's receipt in the bag which contained the bracelet.

Kim accepted the bag and tipped her head. "Thank you. And you have a nice day as well."

The woman gave her and both Justin a nervous look before straightforwardly explaining herself. "Justin Timberlake and Kim Miller. Forgive me for loosing my place of being a professional. And call me immature. But I am fan of both of your accomplishments. I admire the clothes you model and your style Mrs. Miller. And I admired you Mister Timberlake for reaching your goal of being a successful musician. I was wondering could I have your autographs? I'm sorry. I just had to ask. I am risking everything by asking you as well. I am not suppose to address celebrities as anyone except a customer, and I can lose my job for being so teenybopish, but please. Can I just have your autographs? I must sound pathetic and desperate, considering I am going on thirty-six years of age."

Kim's eyes widened. "Oh my God. Of course. Of course you can have my autograph...I don't understand why you would want MY autograph, but of course. I'll sign anything you want me too."

"Same here. I don't mind signing something for you at all." Justin pronounced honestly.

She brought a piece of Tiffany & Co paper from behind the counter. "Oh my goodness. Thank you. Thank you SO much! Please sign it, you know, not making it too obvious that you are signing an autograph. This place has cameras. I can't afford to loose my job."

Kim winked, and slowly gathered a pen nearby. She signed her name on the paper as if she was signing a check, and she handled the pen to Justin who acted the same way. "Thank you have a nice day." Justin said waving at the woman.

"Yeah, thank you very much." Kim blurted.

She waved and stared down at the autograph before looking back up at them. "OH MY GOD! BYE, GUYS!"

Kim exited the store laughing, Justin was laughing with her but didn't know why. "Haha...that was cool."

"Yup. Nothing better than an older fan."

Kim waved the small Tiffany & Co. bag in front of Mike's face. "Hey, Miiiiiiiiiike. I have a little something for you to hoooooooold. Looks like you have to ADD to the collection you already have."

He chuckled. "Oh, your little threat don't bother me. You think holding six bags is a big deal? To twenty pound people like you...maybe. But, honey. In my security training. I have to lift up the back of cars. Now that is a problem. You and Justin's little shopping bags ISN'T a problem." He snatched the bag from her. "Thank you!"

"See, Kim. I told you he had to lift up cars and stuff. I told you."

She smacked Justin finger from out of her face. "Whatever, Justin. I hope Lynn likes the bracelet." She said beginning to walk down the sidewalk.

"Mom." Justin corrected. "Mom not Lynn."

"FINE! I hope MOM likes the bracelet. I think she will. And I miss my baby Jade."

Immediately Justin stole his cell phone from his pocket. "Let's check on her, shall we?" He said Mom into his cell phone. The number automatically dialed for him.

"Hello. Lynn speaking."

"Hey, Ma."


He squinted his eyes and pulled the phone from his ear. " have GOT to stop doing that. Thats a guys thing, Mamma."

She laughed. "Alright, sugar. How are you doing?"

"Great. Kim and I are still looking for something for the awards. How is Jade? Is she being good?"

"Jade is right here in my arms. She is being the wonderful little baby she is. There is one problem though, she seems to have diaper rash. You and Kimmy both need to start being more responsible for Jade. You need to spend more time with your daughter. I shouldn't have to tell you that, Justin. Kimmy too. Jade has two parents. There is no reason whatsoever why she should have diaper rash. What do you do? Neglect her? Diaper rash is a sign of not being changed enough, Justin."

He tried not to sound defensive towards his mother. "We DO change Jade. A LOT! Neglect her? We don't neglect her, man. You sound as if we abandon her and leave her in her crib for days at a time." His eyes met Kim. She was staring at him deeply, trying to get a gist of the conversation. "I'm telling you. We change Jade a lot. REALLY!"

"I'm not saying that you don't. But you need to change her more then. Don't you dare raise your voice at my Justin Randall. You hear me? And don't you dare address me as MAN!"

"Yes, ma."

"There is no excuse. She shouldn't have diaper rash. It's as simple as that. Every time I looking into Jade's blue eyes, she looks lost. She can't get to know you and Kimmy like she wants to because you both are too busy running away from her. Spend more time with the baby. Thats all I'm asking. Even if she is sleeping, carry her into the bed with you and Kimmy. Show her more love, Justin. You have to show and prove to your child that you care. NOT leave her with a babysitter so you can go to a party."

He licked his lips to revive some of his anger. "This is beginning to upset me, MOTHER! I was calling you to ask about Jade, not verbally FIGHT with you about NOT being responsible enough. What you are basically saying is, Kim and I are not being good parents."

"That is not..."

"Thats EXACTLY what your saying, Ma. I'm not as STUPID as you may think. So, Kim and I aren't PERFECT PARENTS! Oh, God! LET ME GUESS! YOU WERE SO PERFECT! Right?"


Justin groaned, and cut his phone off as he ran a hand over his face. "That was not good."

Kim's face shrunk in sadness, she already knew the conversation. Mike remained quiet, but he know also. "Wow, Justin. Thats was awful. And she's right. We don't spend enough time with her." She gazed up at him, and his sucked in lips, showed her how angered he was. She wasn't going to say anything else.

"Mom said hi, and that she loved you." He informed.

She nodded at him, but didn't speak.

Both of them introduced into a store, which was vaguely but boldly entitled 'Gucci'. Mike stayed outside of the store watching the people who entered it's grounds.

"Hopefully, we'll find something in here." Kim said trying to make new conversation.

He tried to place the confrontation with his mother behind him. He didn't need drama at this point of the day. "Yeah." He agreed. "What color did you say you wanted to wear again? Sorry, my memory is so short termed."

She stared at Mike as he waited outside of the store for them. " Because it makes me look thinner." She giggled.

Justin laughed suddenly. "Thats a BAD thing, Kim. For you to look more skinny would be painful to view. Just kidding." His fingers crossed with hers.

"Your a mess, Justin. You just DON'T stop with the jokes, now do you? Who should we look for things first? ME or YOU?"

He pointed to her and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. "You, with your short ass." His mouth scarped against her ear. "And you know what you will have brought by the time we leave? A lacy bra with a lacy thong. And you want to know why you will have these things? Because Justin is going to tear you up tonight, baby." He licked her ear. "Just kidding."

Her fingers pinched his stomach. "Justin, you better stop testing me, boy." She jabbed her hand in his back pocket. "Do you mind if I do this?"

He chuckled and shifted his head at her. "No...your hanging on to me. You must really love me. But next time you want to touch my ass, just go for it. You don't have to ask."

"You know what? Lets look for things for you first." She ravished him to the section of the store which displayed costly clothing for the male gender. "I think you should wear leather. Leather works on you. You look so great in leather."

"Thank you." He whispered, his hand retaining her waist from behind. "You look good in leather too." His mouth plunged to her neck, and touched her skin satiny.

Her head twisted back to kiss him backwards. "Get away from me, Justin. Your playfully kisses is what has been holding us up all day. I'm serious! We have got to find something to wear to the awards tomorrow. I'll pick out some things for you and you can tell me if you like them or not."

He nodded with a smirk. "Sounds good to me." With that, he reclined down on a bench that was in the store.

Kim gazed at him in disbelief. "Justin, your just going to SIT there while I'm searching for clothes?"

"Yup." He replied, positioning lower to get more comfortable on the bench.

Her hands elevated up in explanation. "Then what will you be doing while I'm over here looking?"

He folded his hands, and deflected his head to the side with a devilish smile. "Well, I'm going to look at your ass, and them I'm going to look at my hands. And then I'm going to look at your ass some more, than then I'm going to lick my lips. And then I'm going to...shut up because you obviously can't tell that I'm joking and is about to punch me."

She disappeared into the racks on the other side of his view. "Thats the thing, Justin. When are you NOT joking? You are ALWAYS joking. What if your fans caught you talking like that."

He waved her off. "Aww no! Don't try that fans stuff. There is no one around me and you. No one can hear me besides you. And my fans are cool. I think they KNOW I'm I normal person. I have a daughter now. Justin can't be too innocent now, now can he?"

Kim giggled and was hidden so well by the racks he couldn't see her. "Haha...okay. Teacher, can I be dismissed now?"

"He he heeeee." His joke slipped. "Just kidding. Okay. I'm going to try to be more serious. You browse. I'm not going to say anything else." He honored his word and remained distractingly quiet. He was not able to distinguish Kim, so his eyes fell disappointed and bored. To keep his attention span alive his eyes voyaged through the store trying to catch the slightest interesting thing. "OH MY GOD! SHE IS SO HOT!"

Kim's head sprouted up immediately. "Who are you talking about, Justin?" Her eye magnified in size when he saw who. "Halle Berry? Oh my God! It's Halle Berry! She is so beautiful. Even more beautiful in person."

"She's HOT that's what she is" He was nearly drooling.

Kim appeared from the clothes wilderness. "Hot, huh?"

He chuckled at Kim and stared her way. "Awww, is someone JEALOUS?! Oh my God, Kim. For the first time. Your jealous. I never saw that facial expression out of you before. Hey, it was just a compliment. Your even more beautiful than Halle to be honest. You don't have to be jealous, baby."

She crossed her arms and began to protest. "I am not jealous. I just never heard you say another woman was hot before. Not like she is hot. But like. SHE IS SO HOT! That was interesting..."

"It's called jealously Kim."

She rolled her eyes "Oh, shut up Justin. It's funny how you keep your ass sitting down, because you are too scared to go over there and say something to her. You know it's true. She won't be interested in or talk to some little boy like you. And especially not one in a boy band." She let out a crazed laugh.

"Oh, is that so?" He occupied his attention back on Halle as she drew closer.

"Justin? Is that you? Justin Timberlake?"

He stood up to greet her. "Hey, Halle. Its good to see you." They embraced adequately.

"It's good to see you too. And how are you doing?"

He was nodding. "I'm doing swell. I know you have to be doing great. You look gorgeous as always. I love your outfit."

She sighed thankfully. "Well, thanks. I really just threw something on today. I love your hair. What have you done to it?"

He smiled shyly. "I it cut a while ago. I don't know, I'm growing it out again. But thanks."

"You are just so adorable." She said laughing. "You really are. You are just so cute, Justin."

He became extremely bashful and struggled to control his amount of blush. "Thank you. If I'm so adorable, then why don't you let me take you out on a date?"

She moved her ear in closer to his mouth because at first she didn't hear him. "Besides the fact that I'm fifteen years older than you. Your getting married. Everyone knows about it, Timberlake." She patted his chest, while laughing. "I'm flattered to know you would like a date with me."

He laughed. "What's a marriage?" He expressed with a wink. "I'm just kidding. But seriously. It was nice meeting you again. You look just incredible, and keep up the great work with your movies. Your last one was da bomb! OKAY girlfriend?" He remarked in a feminine tone, snapping his finger.

She was still laughing and accidentally snorted. "Oh, Justin. Your too much." She trailed away, snickering. "Bye. I'll see ya later. You cutie with long eyelashes."

He waved back with a confidence grin. "Bye, beautiful." He wandered back over to Kim, gleaming with 'I told you so'. She was trying to hide, but he found her anyway. "Kiiiiiiiiiiim. Oh Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiim. You said she wouldn't even talk to me. Not only that. I was flirting with her and I think she was flirting back. Hum...I wonder what you face looks like now."

She dipped her head away from him so he couldn't see it.

"Your blushing, Kim." He pointed his finger at her.

"I am NOT!" She proclaimed, avoiding eye contact with him.

"GOD! You are so cute, baby girl. I love it when you play 'not blushing'." He grabbed her by the waist.

She spun around. "You better get away from me. As Lance would say, your LAME! And your a BUM!"

His eyebrow raised. "Lame? Bum? I'm going to sit down. Alright, baby girl? You can continue finding me a MTV Video Music Awards outfit." As soon as he uttered his statement. His pager went off. He secured himself back on the bench, and opened up the small device.


This is Jon Jon. I'm just reminding you about the meeting later on tonight. I want you ON time. I am very serious, Justin. This is not a joke. Have a nice day. '

He took in the message and processed it through his brain. Could Johnny have contacted him anymore? "Okay. I got the point. I'm going to make the freaking meeting." He rested back against the bench with a bored sigh. Slowly, a smile spread across his brightened lips. He began to type a message into his advanced pager.

Kim had once again lost herself into the depth of the racks of the Gucci store. She stole a pair of leather pants from a rack and nodded to herself when she picked up the perfect size for Justin. The pants were not 'special' enough for the awards, but they would be nice to get for him. She jump and gasped for hair when her pager alarmed her. She stuck the pants back on the rack, and opened up the compartment of her electronic device.

'Hey, sexy =)

I think you are so fine. You wanna have a Digital Getdown with me?'

She giggled at the childlike actions Justin portrayed. He was so immature...but she loved him. And who could resist his cuteness?

'Sure. Digital Getdown it is :)'

Justin looked at the messaged that appeared in front of him and his eye peered through the racks, to where Kim had vanished. He couldn't believe she agreed to his offering. 'Cool, baby. What are you wearing right now?' He was not serious about his question, and was just asking something to be stupid.

Kim shivered with painful laugher as she sent Justin her next message. 'I'm wearing five hundred pounds, and a thong, still interested?" She laughed harder when she heard his pager slam shut. Finally she revealed herself from behind the massive gathering of clothes. "I thought you said you would love me no matter what?" She placed a fake pout on her face, and inched closer to his grinning body.

He held a finger up wisely. "I said I would still love you if you gained TWO hundred pounds. Sorry, baby girl. Five hundred pounds exceeds my limit." He laughed.

She crouched down into his lap, and placed all of her weight on his bony knee in one movement. "Would you still love me if I had no ass?"

He nodded. "Of course I would. Things like that are just extras. What I really want from you is your heart."

She kissed him on the lips. "Would you still love me if I got breast implants?"

His eyes scrunched in confusion. "Whoa. Wait a second you want...."

"No, I was just saying something to test you, Justin. I don't want implants. But if you ever wanted me to get them for your pleasure I would. They are only ten thousands bucks or less..."

He tried to rid his smile. "Where did this come from? They only way I accept implants is if they make the woman who is getting them feel better about herself. Other than that, I don't agree with them. You don't have to do anything to make me more happy abut you. There is absolutely nothing you can do to yourself to make me more satisfied. I am one lucky ass man. Now, I have a question for you. Now if I didn't have my...blessing. You get what I'm saying. Would you still love me, Kim?"

She made a playful face at him. "Well..."

He pushed her away from him, almost knocking her off of her knee. "See, Kim. Your wrong." Her lips touched to his. "Never mind...your right." She accelerated the kiss right away, and probed her tongue into Justin's mouth, causing his body to tense underneath her.

A flashed went off. Blinding them both into the persuasion to stop.

Justin clenched his teeth. "Okay, it was alright that ya'll was following us outside, but you need to leave us alone and stop photographing us while we are inside of a store. Besides, your invading our privacy. Please leave us alone." He scolded a paparazzi.

The middle aged man removed his hat and nodded. "O...okay. Yes, sir. I'm sorry. Your just such beautiful couple." He stepped away quickly. Not looking back once.

Kim exhaled loudly and rose to her feet. "Still no outfit."

Justin joined her. He unexpectedly yawned. "Lets see if we can find anything for you, Kim. If you haven't found anything yet for me. I don't think you will." She took to his advice and held his hand, directing him to the opposite side of the store, into the woman's department. They blanched at the manikins which displayed the immoderate and high-priced clothing. "That skirt right there is hot, Kim. That would look amazing on you."

She giggled at him and nominated her elbow into his chest. "That skirt. Is too short. Thats a fantasy skirt. The kind kinky girls wear at night time. Sorry. I'm not that type."

He laughed with his hands on her shoulders to gaze into her eyes. "Fantasy skirt? Haha. Thats an interesting use of words, Kim. Fantasy..."

She inclined and tilted in closer to whisper to him. Speaking of fantasies. Justin, you are my fantasy. I was wondering. Do you have one? A fantasy you wish that would come true."

He shook his head no. "No...well, maybe just one."

Her eyes boozed in size and she crossed her arms because she was interested. "Oh, really? And what might that be?"

He grinned at her and licked his lips. "Okay. I am not one of those guys that has all these fantasies and dreams and stuff. But there is one thing I fantasize about. It's you...performing. I promise you. That would be the biggest turn on ever for me. To see you dancing and singing in a costume and on a stage." He shuddered. "I DON'T even want to THINK about it...DAMN! But it will never come true, because you have the talent, but you don't like that kind of thing. I understand, and I'm not trying to persuade you into anything. I just wanted to tell you my fantasy...haha."

She snickered and kissed his lips remorsefully. "Awww, Justin. I'm sorry. You know performing isn't my thing. Not everyone can have their fantasies come true."

"M'mmmmmm. Since mine won't come true, can I have another one of those kisses? I'm deeply saddened." His tongue bucked out at her cunningly.

She copied his behavior and the tip of their tongues met. "Nope. I don't kiss bums...haha." She resorted distance from him and carried herself to a rack of bottoms, which consisted of mostly shirt.

He vaulted after her and clutched her by the waist from behind. "Haha...trying to get away from me, are you?" His lips struck her neck lightly. "And who are you calling a bum? Huh, baby girl? Okay so I may be a bum that wears FLARED and patched up jeans, but you do love me, don't you?"

She nodded and held fingers up to her head to make the illusion of horns. "Yup. Your such a cute bum. I love you. You know that." She riffled through the rack of clothes with her bony hands.

He persisted to kissing her into the depth of her small neck. Even as she looked for clothes. His love for her made him attached his head to her shoulder, and he rubbed his face into her to attract her desirable smell. "Your hair smells so good, Kim."

She laughed and kiss his arm. "Thanks. YOU as in YOU smell good. Your wearing a different cologne."

His mouth was dozing on her shoulder. Printing itself on her. "Yeah. CK One, since you hate Woods so much now. God knows, I don't want you to go into a coma...haha. It's different, and I like my Woods. But anything to make you happy, baby girl." He lazily sucked on her neck. "Anything." He breathed.

Her eyes shut as his heat pulsated though her weakening body. A quiet moan released from her lips. It was loud enough only for Justin to hear. "Justin, if you don't stop I'm going too..." She shut her mouth and tensed up. "I'm going to hurt..." Speechless.

His lips retreated back faintly. "Keep lookin', baby girl. We don't have all day." He remarked still holding her. "I'm telling you, you should get that skirt, even if the only time you are going to wear it is night time."

She giggled. "Yeah. Okay. Maybe I will."

"He he heeeee."


"Just kidding, Kim." He said swaying them slightly. "Just kidding. Oh, and I can't wait until your birthday in two days. Kim, your in for a surprise. And I didn't technically buy you a gift. It's going to be a night to me."

"Oh my, God. Thats her isn't it, bro?"

"Uh huh. Look at her body. Oh my God."

"It's like every time I see her in person, she gets finer."

Justin heard two man commenting about Kim. She didn't hear because she was concentrating and searching for her an outfit. His arms let from around her and he stared to his right. His gaze lasted less than a second and his arms engulfed around Kim again. "Uh, baby? We aren't going to find anything here. We need to let my stylist make something. Can we go now?" He asked nervously. "Can we go now? I REALLY want to go. I don't like Gucci all that much anymore, anyway." It wasn't that he was scared. He just didn't feel like dealing with the two men or the dramatic affairs they carried with them.

Kim was able to sense the sudden case of the jitters in Justin. "What's wrong, baby?" She just so happened to accuse her eyes to the side. Standing a few feet away was Nick Carter and AJ McLean.

When they were caught staring, Nick and AJ waved. "Hey, Kim." They spoke at the same time, ignoring Justin completely.

"Hey!" She exclaimed heading towards them.

Justin groaned and bit his bottom lip. "He didn't want to be near Nick or AJ. And he definitely didn't want Kim near them. Another fact that was bothering him. He knew Britney was somewhere nearby. Because where there was Nick. There was her. To be facing so many of his enemies at once made his stomach turn.

"Hi, Nick. I heard about the news. Congratulations!" Kim proclaimed, when she reached the Backstreet member.

"Well, thank you." He said with a bright smile. "Do you know you just look fine today? Especially in those capris. Good, God. I haven't seen you in a while Kim." He glared over at the fuming Justin. "Where's my hug at, girl?"

Justin cracked his knuckled and approached the communicating group. "Kim..." He warned tugging on her shirt. "If you hug him. I'm going to punch his ass."

AJ pushed him. "I'm going to punch his ass." He mocked with a laugh. "How old are you, Justin? Ten? Nine? Four? Oh, thats right your nineteen."

He pushed him back. "I'm twenty-one. Get it right."

"Whatever." He said, with a bored look. "I just find your fighting behavior so...immature. All he wanted was a hug and you had to start a fight. Which you won't win because I am here."

"Is that, right? And Immature? Your calling me immature?"

Nick answered his question. "Calling you immature is a compliment because to me you are worse than that." He held Kim with his arms for a few seconds and pulled back. "Hit me, Justin. You pathetic, quick to jump, bastard. I just hugged Kim. Go ahead and hit me, since you can't control your actions and have to spaz out." Him and AJ laughed.

His eye narrowed at them and he trembled with anger. "You know what? I'm not going to hit you. I know what your trying to do. Your trying to get me to sink to your level. Your TRYING to make me hit you."

Britney tapped Nick on the shoulder. "Baby, how does this...oh my God! KIM? What...what are you doing here?"

The two females held each other in an embrace. "I'm trying to find something for the VMA's tomorrow. CONGRATS, BRITNEY! Let me see your ring, girl."

Her hand aroused and the enormous diamond shown like a small world all on it's own. The band of the ring was thick and covered with diamonds entirely. The cut diamond had a yellow stone of some sort centered in the middle of it. It was absolute and glorious all in one. A spectacular example of a prime diamond ring. "The yellow stone centered in the middle of the ring is real yellow diamond. It's really rare. Not many people have heard of yellow diamonds."

Kim nodded. "WOW! Yeah...I have heard of yellow diamonds. They are very expensive. Your ring was very expensive. So was mine..."

Britney smiled at Nick and hugged his arm. "Nick, is so amazing. My ring was a little more than three hundred grand because of the yellow diamond. He just told the newspaper sources and the media he paid a hundred grand for it, because he didn't want to seem money crazy. Isn't he sweet?"

She was virtually shocked. "Dang...that is sweet. But that is too much money for a ring. In my opinion." She flowed, holding a hand to her chest. "I would never pay that much money for a ring. But if Nick is willing to spend so much. Thats great."

Britney's eyebrow raised. "Where's your ring, Kim?"

She laughed. "Oh, it's back at the hotel room. Justin and I took ours off, but we brought our rings with us. We are sick of wearing diamonds."

She chortled with Kim. " What hotel are you staying at? New York is just booming with them."

She chewed her finger as she processed a thought. "Uhh...what hotel are we staying at?" She tapped her foot against the tile and questioned herself. She snapped a finger and pointed at Britney. "We have a suite at The Mark. The Mark is the name of the hotel."

"YOUR KIDDING? Nick and I staying at The Mark too. Thats cool. Yeah, what a nice hotel by the way."

"Kim, can we go now?" Justin asked with arms crossed to his chest. "I'm ready to get out of here."

"Yeah, we can go. Just tell Britney and Nick congratulations first. Be respectful, Justin."

He shook his head dramatically. "I'm not saying shit to either of the those bitches. Nothing! Nada!"

She adjusted his shirt, so it would be less sloppy on him. "Say it, Justin."

"Hell naw."

She huffed. "Your acting poorly. If you wanted to be the bigger person of the situation, just say it so we can leave."

"Your acting like I have to say something to them. I don't have to talk to them, Kim. You can't make me. I'm not talking to people that I can't stand."

Her eyes flamed at him. "JUST SAY IT DAMMIT!"




"I'm not playing with you okay.

"Dula...tions. Bull shit. Bulllllllll shit." He coughed into his hand to weakly hide his offense.

Nicked clapped and then stepped up to his face. "Thats right. You better say it bitch. Your fine ass Kim got your ass in check, buddy. I didn't think you would say it, but dude your whipped as fuck." Justin snatched him by the neck of his shirt. "Careful now. My security friends are just around that corner and...hit me, Justin. I dare. I dare you! YOU are always putting your hands on me. You fucking fag!"

His head turned to the side. "What did you call me?"

His neck shriveled up as he chocked him harder. "I don't have to repeat myself for your stupid ass."

Justin flung him into a nearby wall and punched the wall with his fist to relieve his burning anger. "Don't push me, man. Your about a second from me punching your face in."

Justin had eased off of him some and he threw him up against the wall. "Fuck you, Justin. I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of your mouth. But I will be the more mature one ONCE again. I'm older than you and to act like you would be just tasteless. Since you are a little boy. And I swear you make a man out of Kim. Because with your short hair, your look so much younger do I say this? GIRLY! You CANNOT call anyone a gay ass bitch. Have you saw your self in the mirror lately? You don't look gay, you ARE a bitch. A pretty bitch though."

"Shut the fuck up, with your gay ass. Your little remarks don't bother me. Because you. AND your little side kick over there aren't real men! At least I could grow out a goatee if I wanted to, and I don't have to PAINT one on my face with mascara!"

Nick's head slumped down with laughter and he struggled to glare at AJ to laugh with him. "Awww. How cute? My sweetheart, Justina. I don't think a goatee would fit your flawless face, babe. You have the looks, but damn your flat-chested."

Justin desperately tried to hold back his anger, but it was murdering him and he was going to explode, by trying to kill Nick. He kept quiet and tried to breath more slowly.

"Thats right, Justin. Get all know. It's a shame you can't treat Kim like she can be treated. And it's really a shame that Nick outdid the price you paid for her ring. Nick! Haha! At the awards tomorrow, Justin. Britney and I are going the be the center of attention. WE are going to be the most attractive couple. NOT you and Kim. And, man. One day, Justin. One day I'm going to get Kim from you. One day she'll be MINE! I'll buy her anything her heart desires. And I can touch that nice ass of hers." He was pushing him, to see how long it would take to throw him over the edge. "And I'm going to touch her and do things to her that WILL never make her leave me."

Justin's crushed down on his neck with one hand, and arrowed his fist back. He was going to punch him in the face...

"Do it, Justin. I'd love to see you behind bars." He gasped.

"Man...I'm a..." He pushed him away from him. "OH MY GOD!" He stormed over to Kim and snatched her hand violently. He was so angry it was spurting from his ears. "We're leaving right, now."

She almost fell, as she struggled to catch her balanced behind Justin's advancing feet. "Just calm down, Justin."

He paused suddenly and sluggishly gaped around. "You know what your problem is? Your miserable! You are so unhappy, it's eats you alive to see someone else happy. I'm not hating on AJ because he's just being a stupid ass and laughing and going along with you because your friends. But you, NICK! Your miserable. You don't love Britney. She doesn't love you either. It's all a game. Your trying to compete with me. Thats ALL your trying to do! It's all for the show. Don't you understand? Your trying too hard because I refuse to compete with you. And you have a nerve to call me immature. Kim and I don't need things to prove we love each other. We just know we love each other, and we don't care what other people know, think, or see from us. As long as we know. It's all that matters. And you think you and Britney are going to 'LOOK' better than us because Britney has an expensive ring on her finger? Or because you talk openly about your relationship? And you just won't stop with the comments. Your going to do this to Kim. Your going to do's getting old, Nick. It really is. She's gorgeous. I know that. She knows that, but I don't love her just because she looks good. She has my heart and I have hers. And you will never get that much from her. You'll never get her heart because I'm never giving it back. And Britney, being the stupid bitch that she is, is even stupider for saying she will marry you. If you were SO in love with her, you wouldn't even think twice of looking at Kim. I piety you. Your a sad sad man. And I may be the immature one. But at least I have love...the one thing you need most." He rolled his eyes and held Kim's hand. "I'm sorry about pulling you earlier." He whispered.

She kissed his lips." It's okay, baby. Are you alright? I love you."

He sighed and nodded. "I love you too. Ready to go?"

"Yeah." She pecked his lips again. "We should have left a long time ago." She checked her surroundings to make sure the coast was clear before she said what she had to say. "Oh. And, Nick. Justin may be my flat-chested bitch. But he's more of a man than you'll ever be. Especially if thats all you have to work with." She pointed to the front of his pants. "I was thinking about giving you some. But, won't last. And like Justin said, Nick. This tag game shit is getting old. Take that hug you got and cherish it, because it's the last one you'll ever get from me." She turned her back and switched away with Justin latched to her arm."

AJ and Britney laughed at Kim's harshness. "Your right on with that one, girl!" Britney didn't mean to say her comment out loud. "I mean...bye, Kim."

"Bye, Britney. See ya later."

Nick was struck with stupidity and he couldn't move one muscle.

Justin held the door of the Gucci store open to let Kim exit first. "Kim, I'm growing my hair out. I'm definitely growing my hair out. I'm getting my afro back, if it's the last thing I do." He protested, with the statement Nick made about his hair replaying in his mind.

Chapter 47

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