Chapter 45Note-Isn't little Jade cute? Long chapter. Let it load!

"Yeah. And I told them I was going to take pictures of your bruises. I bet they believed me. Those girls were so dumb and numbskulled." He inverted his head to the side and let out an explosive laugh with a scornful smile. "They were so dumb, Kim. I'm talking about the 'Oh my God, Like duh!' type of girls."

Her arms and legs elongated at the same time, against the new sheet covered bed. Kim and Justin were refraining on the bed, sustaining a friendly account of oral communication. "My side does look pretty bad. Maybe we should take pictures of it. Just kidding. You wanna see, Justin?"

His head palpated irregularly. "NO! If I look at your side and see how bruised up it is, I'm going to get upset. The last thing I need right now is to get upset. So, like I was saying. I was making fun of them. And I called one of them flat-chested, and another one 'Lil Kim. I was just saying something, you know? There was nothing wrong with any of them. They were nicely dressed and everything. Alicia did have a cursing problem though. She needs to do something about that."

Kim was enspeared around a comforter, and she scrutinized Justin as he riffed through a magazine. "Yeah, I'm with you on that one. People cursing like that annoys me."

He sauntered over the bed and considered the magazine to her face, to show her something. "Kim, who is that guy holding your waist right there? It's a very nice picture. And you have on a beautiful bikini. I just want to know who that guy is."

She giggled. "He's a male model named Ryan. I had to do a shoot with him a while back. That was before the JRT tattoo ones. Why? Are you 'jealous', Justin?"

He leveled back against the bed smoothly, adding more comfort to himself by aching a leg up. He simpered loudly. "You bet I am! Haha! Nah, I'm kidding. I was just mentioning him because you look EXTRA happy with him touching you." He gave her an exaggerated example of her smile.

"Whatever, Justin. Your just jealous, thats all. I'm barely smiling in that picture, so is the guy. We both look serious if anything."

He laughed to himself impassively. "Kim, since I had to be honest with you a few minutes ago and admit I would date Natasha if she was free. When I name a guy I want you to say whether you would date him or not. Lets just assume they are all single and all of that good stuff. Okay?"

She nodded unpretentiously. "Alright."



"Yes or no answers only."

"Fine. Then YES!"

His eyes broadened. "Are you serious? Griffin? The Griffin we know? You would date him?"

She subsisted the covers closer to her face. "I said YES, Justin!"

His throat cleared and he tried not to appear envious. "Okay. If you could date one of the guys. Which one would you pick?"

She couldn't help but chuckle at him. "What's the purpose of these questions, Justin?"

"Just answer the question, Kim."

She had a temporary cessation of activity, as she thought. "Um...JC. He's a really beautiful guy. And turtlenecks. I am like obsessed with turtlenecks. I love them so much, but I especially love them on guys. He wears them all the time. And they fit his slender body so well. OH MY GOD! Those arms." She didn't mean to ramble on and on about him.

Justin's lip poked out. "Well damn, Kim. Why don't you just marry JC then? It shocks the hell out of me that you 'notice' him so much. You must, if you love his arms so." His face wore a mask of reluct.

"'s not even like that. You asked me a question. I answered it. Besides, JC doesn't have anything on you. I mean that, baby. I couldn't be satisfied enough. You ARE perfect, Justin. You have a GREAT heart. Gorgeous face. Gigantic...a lot of "G"'s used..." She laughed and Justin joined her.

"Haha. Okay, I feel better now." He flipped the page in the magazine he was simply viewing. "It's good to know that I 'satisfy' you, Kim. Thats a man's goal. Thats a man's pride; to satisfy his girl." She was staring at him intensely and he could feel it. His eyes reflected to her. She was making the cutest face. Her eyes were crossed, her tongue was sticking out of her mouth. Her nose was scrunched playfully. He exhaled a laugh and shook his head. "Kim, your a retard, but a cute retard. You come a fine as they get. The advanced retard." He returned the look by making the face at her.

She giggled. "If I'm a retard, then you are too. Because you and me equals one. Kim plus Justin equals one." She said, in a purposed kiddish tone.

He laughed and placed the magazine face down to apply all of his attention on her. "Oh no. Not the cheese lines again. Okay, let me say one now. Our love is so beautiful it's like a bright rainbow shining in the sky." His head hung down, and he laughed with his eyes shut.

Kim sat up, still laxed with the covers over her, and laughed. "Good one."

He nodded, and persisted reading through the magazine. "Oh, check out this article. Skinny dipping. Good or bad? What the hell? Why would someone write an article about skinny dipping?" His eyes never left contact of the magazine. "I don't get that anyway. Why would a chick want to swim with a bunch of other naked chicks? Maybe ten years ago that would be okay, but now now...thats just weird."

She yawned. "I don't know. Some people might be cool with it. Not me though. I don't even think I would be comfortable swimming naked with you, Justin."

He moronically elevated his eyes to gape at her.

"What?" She asked attentively.

"You don't think you would be comfortable? You act like you can't get enough of seeing me naked. Right...anyways. Thats just weird to me. Just like having sex while pregnant. That is 'okay' nowadays. It just freaks me out."

She thrusted the covers over her head. "I'm going back to sleep. Don't say anything, okay?"

"Okay. I won't say a word." He agreed.

The silence lasted for thirty seconds, and Kim conquered the covers from over her head. "Justin, I know you love me. You claim to love me more than anything. But is their anything I can do? Is their anything I can ever do to you that would make you leave me?" She asked out of nowhere.

All of his interest was lost into the magazine. "God, you look so damn hot playing in dirt...or sand or whatever that is. THAT IS SO HOT!" His eyes lit up and he tore the picture out if the magazine, before tucking it in a nearby drawer to add it to his propagating collection. "You could cheat on me. I would leave then. I don't think I could EVER stop loving you though...interesting question, Kim. Thinking of having an affair or something? Just to give you a tip, for FUTURE references." His eyes left the magazine and searched for hers. "I don't recommend hurting me, by cheating on me, or anything like that. Because I love you so much, that I wouldn't be able to recover from the pain. And I'd most-likely get thrown in jail for battery, because I would kick whom ever you cheated on me with ass." He began looking through the magazine again. "Oh, or if you don't show at the if you decided you don't want to marry me at the last minute. I would NEVER forgive you for that! I wouldn't even want to look at you ever again. I'm a weak person. I cry a lot. More than the average man. I wasn't so vulnerable, until I met you. You've changed me. And if you tried something like not showing for the wedding, I think I'd kill myself. I tried it once...there is no telling what I may do to myself."

Her face sunk. "Justin, I don't want to talk about this. Suicide or whatever. Why would you say something like that? It's not cool for you talk about taking your life, Justin. And especially around me. Thats just crazy."

"Some people would do crazy things for love and over love...I'm one of those people."

She shifted as her uncomfort level grew more immense. Changing the subject was the most appropriate choice to make. "MTV called, Justin. They want to film our house for a show called 'MTV Cribs'. Should we do the show or what? I told them to call back because I wasn't sure. So, what to you think?"

His eyebrow raised as he began to read something from the magazine. "I think we shouldn't do it."

"Awww, come on, Justin. Don't you want the fans to see our mansion? Where you live?"

His head waved back and forth. "Not really."

Her head slammed into the pillow. "I don't understand why. Personally, I think it will be fun, Justin. I'd love to have your fans see our house. Come on! I'll let the bathroom be restyled with ALL Hilfiger stuff, like you wanted."

He nodded. "Alight. The next time they call, tell them it's okay. They better give us a warning in advanced, so we know when to get this place professionally cleaned. Don't forget. You and I both need to clean that torturous kitchen." He chuckled. "Why are you not sleeping? You said you wanted to sleep and that you were in pain. I told you I would sit with you. Get some sleep if you want."

Her hand slipped underneath her pillow, and it came in contact with the glow rings she took off from the night before. She hid her head under the pillow to test the glowing ability of the glow rings. "You know, glow rings only glow for a few hours. Mine doesn't glow anymore."

"I know. Mine stopped glowing when we got out of the bath..."

She stood up suddenly and bent backwards to pop her back. She yawned quietly as she stumbled towards the bathroom.

His eyes signaled to look up. "Speaking of no ass..." Her night pants were too big and baggy for her. They were hanging at the lowest base of her hips, to keep from falling off. He couldn't remember a time he found a normal disturbance on her as sexy as she looked to him then. And she was looking better than he was ready to willingly admit.

She halted. "What was that, Justin?" She asked with her back to him.

He laughed and closed the magazine he was reading, using a finger as a bookmark. "You are always saying I have no ass. Well, I'm telling you. In those pants, YOU don't have one. They are drowning you, sweetheart."

"Oh, you are just so funny. Should I laugh now? Or should I have laughed already?" Sluggishly she turned around.

He grasped the icy cold beer, he had settled on the nightstand nearby. "Your sarcasm is most welcomed, my darling." He calmly took a sip.

"What are you doing drinking at two in the afternoon? Are you 'drunk', Justin?" She leaned in the doorway and crossed her arms.

One of his eyes closed and the opened one bulged wide. "DO I LOOK DRUNK TO YOU? Give me a break! I'm drinking a damn beer. A beer!"

"Yeah...but WHY?"

He took another sip of it. "Just because I want to. I'm a guy. I have a right to drink a beer every NOW and THEN! What's wrong with it?"

She shrugged. "You are the one you said you have NO head for alcohol. I was just notifying you of that. Besides, beer is not good for your body. And especially yours, since your a performer, Justin."

He rolled his eyes with minimal anger. "WHAT-EV-ER!" He enthused the word into pieces. "Whatever, Kim. A few years ago I used to drink like hell. While the guys and I were on tour, I partied TOO much! I'm not like that anymore. Trust me. One beer is not a big deal."

Her hands raised. "Okay. Okay."

He reopened the magazine and stared deeply into it.

"What the hell is in that girly magazine that is so interesting to you, Justin?"

He shuddered. "I don't know how they do it. But making your skin sliver? I can't take my eyes off of this picture of you. THIS IS PURE HOTNESS! Hotness in the third degree! HOTTER THAN GOD KNOWS WHAT!" He tore the picture out of the magazine and held it up for her to see. "I'm just going to save all of your pictures, and I'm going to do something with them. I don't know what...maybe make a scrapbook or something. Aww...I sound like a 'mother' now. Maybe I am drunk!?"

She laughed. "You need help, Justin. Seriously."

He laughed, patting his knee as he did so. "Well, thanks, baby girl! Your a basket case yourself. "

She giggled the door shut behind her, so she could use the bathroom.

Justin fluffed the pillows behind him, and mocked her giggle. "He he heeeee!" He said, loud enough to where she could hear. "That giggle. Your giggle. You giggle SO much! That evil giggle of yours is SO DAMN CUTE and ANNOYING AS HELL! He he heeeee." He took another sip of his beer.

"Kiss my ass, Justin." She said from the bathroom. She was at the sink washing her hands.

"I'm serious. I'm obsessed with you, Kim. I love EVERYTHING about you. EVERYTHING! And if your face was to get burned off, or you got into a serious accident and got paralyzed, or if you gained two hundred pounds. I'd STILL love you."

She exited the bathroom and flicked water particles at him from her undried hands. "Thanks for the gynx, Justin. What wonderful examples you used."

He winced when a splatter of water ambushed his eyeball.

She climbed back into bed, and covered up. "Who's bag of GAP stuff is that in the corner? Did you go shopping today?" She moved her warming body, closer to his.

He nodded and put the magazine away to spend some quality time with her. He rested on his side, and picked up her braid of live flowers. "Kim, where is my necklace that you were wearing earlier?" He asked ignoring her for an instance.

She pointed to the dresser. "On the dresser. NO, I did NOT loose it."

He laughed. "Yeah, I went shopping. I went to the mall real quick. I got Cher some shirts from the GAP! She loves that one shirt I gave her SO much. I had to get her like ten more."

Kim giggled. "Thats sweet, Justin. But why from the GAP? Aren't you sick of that store? I basically hate it. Their clothes are too neutral for me."

He smacked his lips. "Yeah, right! When I first met you you were wearing GAP! The other day you were wearing it. Don't try that stuff, Kim. You are ALWAYS wearing GAP!" He moved even closer to her.

She smiled with her eyes closed. "Okay, so I wear it..." Her eyes opened and she stroked his face, tucking his short hair back. "I am so in love with you. And to make matters worse, your so beautiful."

Her angelic whist made his eyes close in ensured comfort. He felt so safe around her. "I won't create an echo. You are just gorgeous."

"Thank you, baby. I will admit. Your BEST feature is your eyes. They are so incredibly deep and mysterious." His opened, so she could see what she was speaking off. "Your eyes withdraw my words sometimes. And sometimes I feel as if I'm falling into your eyes , while I am looking in them. I love you, Justin."

He held a kiss to her lips. "I love you too. And your best feature is...your ass. Just kidding. Your lips. I think you know that already. You have the most perfect lips and teeth. And I'd rather kiss you than do anything. ANYTHING! I want to kiss you right now, but I won't since you are not feeling well. And how are you feeling miss 'I'm not going to get up because I'm in pain.' You sure are UP now. I thought you wanted to sleep so bad..."

Her lips touched to his and she pulled back with a smile.

He smiled at her warm invite, and his fingers entered her hair. He used pressure on the back of her neck, to get her mouth closer to his. His lips exploded with hers and their kiss slowly progressed. Kim's mouth opened wide, and Justin took quick action and jerked his head forward to ease his tongue deeply into her mouth. He was not able to enter it too deep, because their tongues met. Justin used the tip of his tongue to tickled the tip of Kim's.

She pushed on his chest and broke away from him laughing, with a loud smack. "Justin! You know that tickles me. By the way. I'm doing great, and my side doesn't hurt so bad. Once again. I'm sorry about last night. I know what I did was wrong..." She laughed loudly in her hand.

Justin gave her a cold look. "That was wrong, Kim. You just don't do that. You got Natasha thinking I was moaning because of pleasure related reasons...well, at were wrong, Kim."

"I'm sorry. It was my first time, Justin. Give me a break."

He shook his head. "NO! NO EXCUSE! You just DON'T do that!" He tickled her side roughly and she squirmed to get free.

"HAHAHA! Justin, why do you..." She tried to kick herself away from him.

He ended up on top of her, which was where he wanted to be anyway. He pinned her arms back with a sly smile and kiss the pit of her neck. "Hey, Kim." He breath on her. ""

The deep whisper rustled in her ear, and made her bite her bottom lip. She shivered as he continued to breath in her ear. "I...I love you too, Justin." Her words just made the category of a whisper.

He kept her arms pinned back as he kissed her. His mouth contracted up her neck and chin. With his mouth met hers, a desperate kiss was building. Feverishly their bodies cried for one another. Justin didn't want to distance their love but he broke away from her lips and kissed her on the ear to groan in it some more, and express to her his craving. "Ummmm...I love you, Kim."

Her blood ran cold now, and she got goosebumps. "Oh, God." She moaned. "Don't whisper in my ear like that....please don't." She pleaded.

He did the opposite of what she said. "Ummmm...I love you so much, baby girl." He groaned.

Her temperature reached it's peak.

The phone rang.

"Don't answer it, Justin." She begged pathetically. Her legs wrapped around him.

He hardened the kiss by sucking on her lips. And he pushed himself even closer to her, grinding his hard body into her.

The phone paused, before it began to ring again.

They tried to hold on to their close sexuality, but the urge was fading, as the anticipation of the phone ringing bothered them. Justin sighed and reached for the phone as Kim legs stayed locked to him. He used one hand to turn the phone on, and he inspired a clear breath. "This better be good...Hello?"


"Ma?" He pulled the phone from his ear and gazed at it in shock.


He gulped and the hair on his neck was standing up, from panic. He breath heavily into the phone. "Uh...Ma. I have to go. You interrupted something. Can't you tell by my erratic breathing? I wish I could talk right now, but I can't..."


He just wanted out of the conversation, to avoid the sound of her shouting voice. "I promise I'll call you later. Bye, Ma. I love you." He hung up the phone and sat up while still on top of Kim, and held his heart. "My, God. I knew I should have called her. He threw the phone to the side and ran his fingers through his hair before bending down and kissing Kim on the lips.

She giggled.

"He he heeeee!" Justin copied.

"Not funny, Justin. Anyway. That was rude of you to just cut your mom off like that." Her foot ran up and down his thigh.

"I know...but I don't feel like getting yelled at. Right now, I want to kiss you. Thats ALL I want to do. Kiss you." He smiled against her lips before receiving a sweet peck from her.

Kim wrapped her arms around his neck and glued his mouth to hers, by resting her elbows against his back. "All I want is you." She whispered firmly.

He took their striving romance to the next level and gently released her shirt strap down, kissing her shoulders smoothly. "" He claimed. Stamping her with kisses.

"I love..."

A doorbell ringing stunned them both pale. Justin's head hit against her soft shoulder. "Okay, who is it now...dammit? Every SINGLE time we get the baby asleep and we have some 'private' time, someone interrupts us. I swear!" He lifted himself from her, and she willingly let her legs from around him.

"It's okay, Justin. I'm getting kind of tired anyway. And my side still hurts like a mother." She climbed under the rose petal covered covers.

He laughed. "Oh yeah. I figured you would get tired suddenly. I'll get the door, baby girl." He trampled down the stairs at a racing pace. "Who could it be?" His eyes squinted at the solid front doors, as he wondered who was on the other side of them. Before he could open one, someone broke into the house.

"I was WARNING you! I was trying to tell you I was coming over. I called you on my cell phone, Justin. NOW WHY DID YOU CUT ME OFF LIKE THAT! I'M YOUR MOTHER, SUGAR!" She grappled him by the neck, and evusled him into a hug. "Awwww, I've missed you, baby."

He squeezed her tight with extra reassurance. "I'm so sorry, Ma. I didn't mean to be so wrong towards you. I've missed you too. I've missed you SO much!"

She extracted back and kiss him all over his face, including his lips. She frowned. "Justin, you've been drinking, haven't you?"

"Yes, I have. Only ONE beer. And I didn't even get half way through it. Honest..."

Her lip twisted with confused hesitation. "Well, you ARE a grown man. I guess it's only fair you can do the things you want. After all, you are responsible." Her thumb and a finger, pinched his cheek. "Aww your still my cute little sugar."

He felt somewhat sinful for kissing Kim so intrinsically, so he wiped his mouth on the shoulder of his shirt before he kiss his mother on the cheek. He smiled innocently, bringing a boyhood essence about him. "Yeah. Oh, and you HAVE to see Jade. She looks even more like me. You would not believe it...she is growing so much. In about a month she will be able to eat solid foods, and crawl and stuff. That is so crunk...I mean crazy."

She pointed at him with a laugh. "Yeah, you better watch that slang. I'll be up to see the baby in a minute. I'm just going to get me a glass of water. The drive over here was hell. I am so thirty."

Justin nodded. "Okay." He stood still and watched her walk into the kitchen. Her frightened scream made him remember the condition the kitchen was in. "OH MY GOD!" He ran into the kitchen. "I forgot to tell you not to go into the kitchen. It's a mess."

Her eyes were swinging freely from the sockets. "WHAT ON GOD'S EARTH HAPPENED TO THIS KITCHEN? WHAT HAPPENED TO IT?"

He scratched his head. "Kim and I got into a food fight yesterday."

"YESTERDAY? THIS KITCHEN HAD BEEN LIKE THIS SINCE YESTERDAY?" She calmed her voice down. "Justin, you get this kitchen cleaned this instant. You are NOT to do anything, until this kitchen is cleaned."

He pouted. "But, Ma. I don't WANT to clean the kitchen right now! I don't feel like it..."

She crossed her arms. "I don't care what you WANT to do! You are cleaning it NOW!"

He explored deeper into the kitchen, dragging his large feet. "This is NOT fair. This totally sucks."

"Thats right! You ARE cleaning it now. Lobsters all on the floor. Don't worry. I'm about to go get Kimmy. She is going to help you clean this damn kitchen. This is pathetic. You should NEVER let your kitchen get so horrible!"

Justin absorbed the amount of damage that existed. "Don't bother Kim. She is not feeling very well today. I'll get the kitchen myself."

She put her back to him and laughed. "Yeah right! Sure she is. And I'm Bill Clinton."

"Well, Bill. Was the affair with Monica worth it?" Lynn snapped her head at him. "Just kidding."

She pushed her way out of the kitchen and headed strait upstairs, to the large master bedroom. She didn't bother to knock, and stepped inside of the room.

"Justin, who was at the..." She pondered on her side and met eyes with Lynn. "OH MY GOD!"

"Oh my God is right. What happened to this room? Flowers petals are just everywhere. By the way. Hi, Kimmy."

She laughed. "Hi, Lynn. Sorry. I just wasn't expecting you to pop up. Oh, and Justin covered me with flower petals, while I was asleep. He does that sometimes...haha."

She laughed. "MOM! I told you to call me MOM! NOT LYNN! MOM!"



Kim tried to hold back her laughter as she bound from the bed. "Yes ma'am." She turned her head to the side and laughed in her hand as she left the room. She knew Lynn was not being too mean about the situation, because she was smiling and winked at her as she left.

"Look at how your pants are hanging off of you. You are just so tiny."

"Thank you, MOM!" She carefully accompanied herself down the stairs because her body was aching from the beating she suffered. She entered the kitchen, laughing at Justin. Who was footing in a corner, biting his bottom lip. "HAHA! Cool, we are like on punishment. I don't know, but I think it's neat to have your mom take control over us."

"He he heeeee!" He mocked her giggle again. "What's so funny? This is NOT cool, Kim! This sucks! THIS SUCKS ASS!"

She contigusly began to clear the counter off. "Sulking about it isn't going to get the kitchen clean, Justin." She opened the empty dishwasher, and placed random dirty dishes in it. "I love your mom, Justin. I think she's awesome."

His arms enfolded around her petite waist and his fleshy lips obsculated on her neck. "I think your awesome. And I think your really sexy when your pants are too big in the waist. Your starting to turn me on, Kim. Just like when you wear my boxers. The 'Christina 'wear your pants below the bikini zone' looks great on you."

She giggled, and pushed him away. "Justin, your such a horn ball."

He sighed thankfully when he almost stepped in a puddle of chocolate syrup. "Nothing like that, baby girl. Just VERY in love."

She bent down and reached under a cabinet. "Yes, you are VERY in love, Justin. HAHA! With Mister Clean." She held up a small and modern bottle of the antibacterial cleanser.

He snatched it from her. "Oh, so cute, Kim." He rolled his eyes. "I hate cleaning. You just don't understand how much I hate it." He watched her climb on the counters to get a stainless-steel and large bowl.

She jumped down, and the bowl hit against the counter with a loud clang. She took the bowl to the sink to fill it with water. "Be quiet, Justin. You can help MAKE a mess, but you can't help CLEAN it? Hum...sounds so first grade to me."

He smirked at her serious impression and poured some of the 'Mr. Clean' in the bowl of water. "Yeah, get all mature all of a sudden. I can clean. I just don't like doing it. You KNOW that, BABY GIRL!"

She laughed at him. "Hey, JUSTIN! How many WORDS are you going to ENTHUSE for no REASON?"

"He he heeeee!" He said in a squeaky high pitched voice.

"Stop making fun of me, Justin." She stomped her foot.

"Oh, stop making fun of me, Justin."

"You are so not funny."

He flicked imaginary hair behind his back. "Oh my God! Like, you are SO not funny."

She pushed past him and dunked a dish towel in the bowl of stinging hot water. "You know what, Justin? Your childish behavior is beginning to get on my damn nerves. So, you can simply kiss my ass."

"Maybe." He slapped her on the butt. "What if I just touched it instead?" He then pinched her and then rubbed her body up and down.

Kim was beyond astonished by his actions. Her eyes couldn't grow any wider. "Justin RANDALL Timberlake! What has gotten into you?"

He laughed and ignored her question. "What's with you women sayin' my middle name so much? RANDALL! RANDALL! RANDALL! Thats right, Kim. Say it, baby. Scream my name. Oh, please do it, Kim."

She gave him a concerned look. "Justin, do you know what Mister Clean could do to your eyes? Wouldn't you just love to be blind?"

He captured her and began to tickle her. "I said...SAY my name woman." He whispered in her ear.

She was never able to get out of one of his tickling holds. "Haha...NO! What's the purpose of saying it?"

He cleared his throat. "Well, Mommy told Cherry dat pwayin' is when Jussin take Kim and tickle her and make him say his name 'cus she be a very bad wuddle gurl! I just want a fren. A fren to play wit, 'cus I really like Kim. She so pretty."

Her head turned to the side and she gazed into his eyes in complete awe. "Awwwwww. That was SOOOO ADORABLE! The way you just said that was precious. Awwwww I love you JUS...TIN! You are just so..." She kissed him on the lips several times. "Awwwww."

His eyebrow raised with a bored look. "You still didn't say my name."


He waved a finger at her. "Say it the right way."

"We are suppose to be CLEANING you idiot. What does this have to do with anything?"

"Pwitty pweeeze! Will you say my name fo' meeh?"

"Awwwwwwww!" She put a hand to her heart. "Stop doing that sweet baby voice. I just might cry or something. Okay! Okay! I'll say your NAME the right way." She paused, and Justin expected her to say it softly. "OHHHHHH JUSTINNNNNNNNNN! YOU ARE SO AMAZINGGGGGGGGG! UHHHHA UHHHHA UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA!"

He jumped from the volume of her words, and his first instinct was to shut her up.


His hand covered her mouth. "Are you CRAZY? WHAT THE HELL? You know my mother is here. She's going to definitely be down here now. Jesus, Kim! You are always exaggerating something." He snatched his hand away.

She shrugged. "Well, your the dumbass that wanted me to 'SAY' your name. Anyway, I hope you liked my scream. I've been pulling it off for the last year..."

He was going to start cleaning, but what she said stopped him. "WHAT does that mean, Kim?"

She paused in a dramatic sense. "Timber-LICK's, Timber-STICK is Timber-LIMP! And you wonder why I don't scream anymore..."

His face approached hers more closely, he was shocked by what she said. "Ohhhhhhhhh really. Limp?" He broke down laughing. "Okay that is so far from the truth that it's actually funny. Nice rhyme by the way." He coughed. "First of all 'limp'? Ain't nothing over here limp, baby. Don't look DOWN!" He said sarcastically. "Second of all. I'm proud of myself because I treat you well. I mean, I know I treat you pleasant when it comes to certain things. I won't go into detail, but you get my point. So, the problem is NOT me! I take GOOD care of you, Kim. Strange how Jade looks everything like me and NOTHING like you. And weren't you telling me how much I satisfy you earlier? You are just being playful by saying that false statement. So, it's cool."

She crossed her arms. "How do you know I was just being playful?"

His brief smile arched up higher. "Because I know you." He whispered surely. "Can I show you something?" She nodded, and with her permission, he sat her on the counter. He held her hand and stroked it with his. "I know you, Kim. And I've grown to know every small thing about you. I love staring into your eyes. Your expressions. I learn so much from them. And don't worry. You already told me you can't analyze our love like me, so I don't expect you to understand what I am saying all the time." He took a deep breath and smiled bigger. "I know that when I stroke your hand, your eyes do that thing."

She tried to keep the same face, without over doing her curious emotion. "What thing?" She asked.

"I don't know.. It's just some thing that your eyes do. And when I kiss you. Your face scrunches in the area my lips were. I know when you are about to cry, your nose throbs bigger. And when I touch you on your thigh, your eyebrows move down and your lips twitches upward." He rubbed her thigh up and down. "See? I told you! Call me crazy, but I love you to death. And I just loving playing and joking around with you. HAHA! Thats why I tickle you and rub on you at the wrong times. I can see a reaction in you, that other people cant. And I love you. I can never say that enough."

"I love you too, Justin. I really do."

He moved in between her legs and placed a hand on each of her thighs. His lips singed hers. "Ummmm, now thats what I want to hear." He moved even closer into her, and turned his head to the side. Her head moved downward and his jaw followed the movement to keep up with their rhythmic kissing pattern. His hand strained and squeezed against her flesh. And as he did this, the more in depth and passionate the kiss got.

His hand wandered into her hair, and he messed up her one braid, by trying to run his fingers through it. He couldn't help but groan into her mouth as he lost control of his feuding feelings.

Kim's legs held him to her and she lifted her body onto his. Justin held her and strattled her up against the wall. Their tongues were rapidly fighting into each other mouths. Justin's body pushed Kim harshly up against the wall, and his hand began to manually caress her soft and delicate skin. They kissed more furiously now, with more sway in their head and jaw movement. Automatically they were touching all over each others body, as a sign of wanting to get closer, and feel the natural skin underneath their clothing. "My mother is going to kill me, if she catches us like this."

Kim pulled his swollen lips back to hers. She objected violently, not giving him time to say another word. After a few pleasuring seconds Justin rejected his lips from hers. His lips attacked her neck. "Be nice, Justin. This is a kitchen, not a bedroom. We are not suppose to go too far. Make out sessions...God, I love it when you do that." Her hand roamed the top of his head as he killed her with overwhelming kisses. His body held her stiffly to the wall as his hands traveled into her tank styled shirt. His hands probed the sensitive texture of her back. This corresponding communication caused her to moan, and laugh from the painful pleasure. The heeding stimulation was too much for her.

Lynn, who had been watching the two for a while, finally decided to speak up. "What are you doing, Justin and Kimmy? You are SUPPOSE to be cleaning the kitchen. Instead you are..."

Her unsought presence scared both Justin and Kim to death. Immediately Justin put Kim down and he revolved to face Lynn, while hiding Kim behind him.

"I should have known not to place the two of you in a room together." She said with a sweet laugh. "Come with me, Kimmy. You can help me straighten up the living room."

"Yeah, Kimmy. Do like Mom says. And, Ma. It was all HER fault! I was trying to clean and everything, and she came on to ME and she began to kiss me all heatedly and stuff." He pushed Kim lightly. "What we were doing was all YOU, Kim." He winked at only her.

She pushed him back. "OH, WHATEVER! You are such a lair." She stuck her tongue out at him. "You were the one kissing ME, and touching ME, Justin." She stumbled excessively, as she tried to reach Lynn's awaiting hand. His tongue responded as did hers. "HAHA! Thats why you have to do the kitchen. ALL by yourself. Thats what you get, Mister!"

Lynn held Kim's hands and began to direct her out of the door. "I swear you and Justin are GROWN CHILDREN! And Justin Randall! You better have made some progress with this kitchen when I come back to check on you."

Kim continued to hold her tongue out at him. "AWWWW, MAN! I HATE THIS KITCHEN!"

"HAHA!" Lynn took Kim out of the kitchen and pulled her to the side while laughing, because Kim's was so catchy. "I'm so sorry, MOM! Justin and I need to be more responsible. It's really embarrassing that you discovered us like that. I'm sorry you had to view that. Just like you said, we are so immature."

She shook her hand a few times in a caring way. "Awww, Kimmy. It's alright. You and Justin are in love. You both have a right to do what people in love do." She snickered. "I'm just glad I caught the innocent version of it."


August 27, 2002 (two days later)

Her dress blundered in the unfamiliar wind, as her nose blared at the air, which smelled of sun crisped flowers. Her fingers alleviated with his. Her arms remained empty. Jade was not present. 

"I know this is so old, but I still can't get over those girls faces yesterday morning. Kim, when they saw you they looked like they wanted to run or something. They looked so scared. We're sorry, Kim. WE ARE SO SORRY!" Justin mocked the tone of the girls.

She giggled and glanced into his eyes. They were luminously ignited, and could be mistaken for sapphire fire. "Justin, your so evil. It's not funny anymore." She laughed several more times. She sighed. "I can't get over the fact that MOM won't let us take Jade to the VMA's. It's not a bad thing. I'm just shocked she is willing to keep her for the time period we are in New York. It's cool though."

He squeezed her hand and smiled. "Hey, Kim. You don't have to say mom like MOM! It's just Mom...haha!" He gaped her up and down. "All I have to say is DAMN! Your tearing that dress up. I don't know. Your new way of dressing is HOT! It's less sexy to you or the people that see you. But to has nothing on that dress. Can't even be mentioned in the same sentence." He was referring to her bold stripped, lengthy dress. It was simply yet classy. He loved it.

"Thank you. And thank you for making my French braid, Justin. You braid so well to be a guy. Thank you so much."

"Your welcome, baby girl."

"You look great as always. I just wanted to tell you that." She engaged her surrounding silently. "It's so quiet here, Justin."

"I know." Both of them became speechless, as they viewed the decorative door of the vividly beautiful church. "It's been so long, since I entered a church. I almost feel ashamed to go inside. What do we do? Just go inside of it? I mean, no one knows we are here."

Kim took her hand from Justin's because the affectionate contact was creating precipitation between them. 

The time was drawing nearer. The wedding. Why were both of them suffering the effects of apprehension, fear, and terror? Hesitance swam around them as well. For the time being, they didn't trust one another. They were both afraid of the devastation of the other not being on the same level of emotion. What if Kim decided she didn't want to get married at the last minute. What if Justin? Planning or thinking about the future that was bound for them, was the scary part. "The door is open...I guess it's okay if we go inside." Kim anxiously and fearfully lumbered into the church. She scoffed at the beauteous architecture work. "I love this church already." She whispered, under her breath.

Justin held her from behind. "Danggggg, this is a nice church." He used his rock solid body to conduct her to another set of double doors. "My guess is the ceremony will be held right through those doors."

Together they walked through them. The church was absolutely breath taking. And the breeze that wisped around them, from the doors closing behind them, was an illusion of reality. "Justin, this is real. " Kim swirled around in circles, as she took in everything. She was currently standing in the position she would be when she was to marry Justin; become his wife. She was secretly hoping her dress wasn't too big to fit down the aisle. The piers were covered with glorious red velvet, and the church itself included mahogany wood and dark smoky oaks. "This is really happening." She was so busy foretelling the church, that she strolled away from Justin and was ambulating down the aisle herself. Justin lingered terribly quiet, so she oscillated to see if he was alright. "Justin? Why do I feel like crying right about now? Justin, you okay?"

All he could do was nod. " real." He swallowed. "And I'm scared. Two months is A LOT for us. There is no telling what can or will happen between us. We are known for our horrible fights. I have this awful feeling our relationship won't make it to the wedding day. I fear that we will be broken up by then. Just so much drama..."

She frowned at his quivering voice. Her eyes fell down. "Thats all the faith you have in us, huh? Fights. Your having doubts about me, Justin. You aren't positive if you want to marry me or not."

He stepped up to her deludedly. "Thats not true." He choked out. "It's just that...I...I want you to walk down this aisle with me." He smiled tenderly, and a tear sweetly progressed down his cheek. "Will you?" To enhance his question he held his arm out for her to accept.

She combined her arm though his and a tear drifted down her tanned face. "Yes, I will."

Together they proceeded down the aisle. Kim's legs were weakening and she didn't know why. She knew some doubts were in Justin. She could read his blue eyes. She couldn't blame him though. He had a right to have worry in the events that would determine their future. The relationship they endowed was so questionable, that anything was frankly possible. Kim stopped walking because of her flourishing thoughts.

Justin felt the back tug of her arm. Her impetuous pause made him wonder. Would it ironically happen again on the third of November?


September 4, 2002

His hand involved into her hair in adoration. He caressed the soft and smooth strands of her hair. His lips moronically excorticated from hers. "I love you, Calia." Griffin whispered. "Have fun."

Chris and Dani kissed playfully and they broke away from each other holding hands.

Charrah rubbed underneath Lance's chin and giggled. "You better be good while I'm gone. And make sure the guys don't don't mess up Justin's and Kim's house too much."

He nodded and kissed her lips once more. "I got it."

"Hahaha! JOEY, STOP IT!" Kelly moved her mouth close to his face. "Don't be touching my ass in front of everyone. You need to arrest those hands of yours."

He tickled her he waist and then yanked at her shirt. "Nice shirt, baby! Raaaar!" He made a cat claw with his hand.

JC was holding Bobbi tightly in a hug, and he rocked them with charming engagement. "Don't you just look beautiful today, sweetheart."

She moaned from his delightful and pleasant touch. "You look just as beautiful as me. God, I love you, JC."

He kissed in her brown hair. "I love you too."

Justin didn't want his tongue back. It was trapped and ensnared into Kim's cool flavored mouth. And according to his jaw movements and suction, she wasn't getting hers back either. Every time Justin kissed Kim he became fidgety and he moved too much. She attached her hands to his neck to occlude his head still. He had a hand already dozing on her waist, and he used another to bring her body fourth. No breathing was possible, because the process was abbreviated. "Mmmmm, Kim. That gloss, baby." He hindered the kissing and constrained his forehead to hers. "I love you, honey."

She smooched at his lips. "I love you too, baby."

His eyes were glimmering like broken blue crystals. "I'm going to miss you." He whispered.

"I'm going to miss you too." She laughed. "We are so pathetic. I'm only going shopping." Their heads stayed pressed together, even as they held hands. "Want anything, Justin?"

His smile grew colossal. "No. Just you to come back home to me, in one piece."

She giggled. "I'll get you something..."

"You look gorgeous, Kim. Even if you stomach is not showing and your dressed totally normal. You look gorgeous."

She was self conscious about her appearance now. She was wearing dark denim jeans, a white shirt, and a baby-blue shirt that was unbuttoned. She was dressing like SHE would dress. She was showing no skin in the sexy manner. She decided she was going to dress more normal more often. Her modeling photos already made her seem sexy enough, she didn't want people thinking of her as another horribly dressed Britney Spears. Kim was the only female of the six at the house without her stomach showing. "Thank you, Justin." Her lips kissed his again.

"Hey, baby. I have something tell you." He exclaimed with a grin. He pulled her dangerously close to him, so her ear could get the best of his words.

Justin and Kim were so lovely to see. So affectionate. So caring. So much in raw love. If you sat back in watched them you would learn a thing or two. Everyone was doing just that...watching them.

"...Okay? But I'll tell you the rest later. 'Cus you have to go." His mouth drew back from her ear area.

She laughed and stapled her head to his chest. He laughed with her. "Your kidding, Justin...haha!"

"I'm serious."

"Well, why don't you add more on to that...chest hair. That is so not funny that you can picture me with a beard." She mumbled into his chest.

He stood back, and with his mouth hung open, laughs shot out of it. He clapped his hands. "Oh my GOD! No you didn't. You, with chest hair?...HAHA! That's just SICK!" He hung his head down and had a breakdown with laughter. He fanned his reddening face, trying to calm himself down, and then he pulled her back into her arms. He was going to kiss her lips but let out a stutter of laughter instead. "Okay, it's not funny anymore...haha. NOT FUNNY!" He kissed her lips quickly before he laughed again. Instantly they fell for each other. The kiss started off jokingly, but it rapidly became serious and racy. Justin didn't want to mess up too much of her lip gloss, so his mouth transferred to her neck. First his teeth grazed over her lavishing skin. He then painted the depth of her neck with the tip of his sprang tongue. Sexily, he spelled out his name with his erotic and wet friend. His hand crept into her shirt, and prowled it's way up her body.

"Justin..." She moaned softly. "Justin, you have to..." Her eyes shut involuntarily. And when he hit the direct spot on her neck, her known hot spot, her knees bent inward. She was loosing her balance. She was able to keep from moaning too loud, but he began to use suction more powerful then she could ever remember or imagine. She lost all sensibility. "JUSTIN! OH MY GOD!" Her eyes shot open, Justin stopped, and both of them looked to the side of them.

"I told you they are like a porn movie." Joey blurted, wide-eyed with the rest of the crowd.

Justin rolled his eyes. "Shut up, Joey. My bad ya'll." He pulled Kim's shirt back down, to it's normal position, and fixed up her outfit. "Oh, shit. I almost gave you a hicky." His fingers rubbed her neck.

"Oh no. Is there one?" She asked worriedly. "Justin, you better not have made one. We have to go to the awards show in three days..."

He shook his head. "No, it's not a hicky. Your neck is just really red right there." He said touching the spot. He kissed her on the lips. "I'm sorry. Justin is a very bad boy."

She giggled. "Yes he is."

"He he heeee!"

Kim gave him a scornful warning for a look.


"Go to hell, Chris." He spat. "SOMEBODY SHOOT HIM!"



Chris pushed him. "Your stupid, Justin." He remarked listening to the gathering of people laugh at him. "Dani, why are you laughing, baby? He's not funny." She didn't answer him, and just laughed harder.

He held his stomach and laughed. "You are the stupid one. You are the one that keeps on throwing the unsuccessful jokes. You are the one that can't seem to figure out that your jokes will NEVER affect me. Your just...IMMATURE!"

His tone of voice and his evil smirk make Chris jump on him, and grab him by the neck. Chris fell on his back and began to choke Justin for dear life. "I'll show your ass funny."

Justin placed his hand on Chris' arm, trying to relive the strain he was placing on his neck, and he gasped only to realize he had no way of getting air. "GET OFF OF ME! The sleeper is old Chris." He tried with all of his might to get his arm free. "Can't breath..." He wheezed.

"Chris, let him go." Kim said with a smile.

"NEVER, KIM! Justin is gay! Say it, Justin. Say your gay."

"Never, BITCH! Your SO pathetic. You can't fight fair. You have to..." He gasped. "You have to jump on people and chock them. Your smart not to let me up because I'll punch you in your damn face."

Dani grabbed Chris and pulled him by the hair. "Stop acting childish, Chris. Let him up."

He shrugged Justin loose. "Punk."

Justin was able to breath and he rose to his feet. He was about to hit Chris, but Griffin held him back. "Whoa, Justin. Whoa, man." He jerked as Griffin held him. "Calm down, Justin. Just calm down."

It took him little time to calm down. "I'm cool. Just let me go."

Chris had problems realizing his playful actions were pure violence. "I'm sorry, Justin." He said honestly, putting his hand out as an exception.

Justin viewed his awaiting hand, and finally decided to do a hand shake with him. "Alright. But you need to quit playin' so much. Sometimes I just want to kill your ass." His facial expression was somewhat angered and mean.

"Okay, Kim. Are you ready to go?" Bobbi asked.

She held Justin's hand. "Yeah. I'm ready." He turned to face her, and she rubbed his discolored face. "You poor thing. You alright, baby?" He nodded unenthusiastically, without saying anything. "Well, I'm about to go. I just fed Jade, so she should be sleeping for the rest of the night. If she wakes up, just give her the bottle that is in her crib. The milk is already warm."

He nodded again. "Okay." He whispered, nose to nose with her. He lead his mouth into kissing her. The amount of gloss Kim was wearing was fading, because Justin was eating it up as he kissed her.

Kim turned her head and moved her body painfully close to him. His mouth muscles relaxed and it was the perfect timing for the entry of her bored tongue. He also gave the display, and lapped his tongue deep into her mouth.

His only way of getting deeper into her mouth, was to pushed the back of her neck. So, his hand swerved up her curves and he did just that.

Their lips pinched together, before they broke away from each other. "I love you." Kim said, opening her eyes.

"Don't you get sick of each other? Like tasting each other all of the time? Each others breath? You'd be shriveled and HALF DEAD before you break away from each other. Don't you just get SICK of each other after awhile?" JC asked randomly.

Justin was the first to speak. "Nope. Kim tastes like sweets ALL the time. EVERY hour. EVERY day."

"For Justin, mint. He always has something mint related in his mouth. ALWAYS!"

JC shook his head at them with a laugh. "Well, I guess if your in love..." He placed his attention back on Bobbi.

"Okay, Justin. I'm about to go." She left a kiss on his lips. "I'll see ya in a few hours. I love you, baby." As she attempted to walked off, he gripped her hand and pulled her into his arms.

"Awww, Kim. Don't leave me here with these freaks. I wanna go with you."

"FREAKS? Who are you calling freaks, Justin? Your just lame." Lance said jokingly.

Kim tried to walk, but Justin was dragging himself behind her, and wouldn't let her go. "Pweeze don't leave meeh." He whispered in her ear. "Pweeze don't leave me, Kim. Stay here and pweeze pway wit meeh."

She shuddered. His baby talk was so incredible sexy. "I've warned you about talking like that, Justin." She told him with her eyes closed. "You better stop it, or I'm going to molest you."

His hands rubbed her arms where goosebumps laid. "Alright, baby girl. You have fun, and Jade will be fine." He slapped her on the butt to let her go. "You go ahead with you HOT SELF! GOD, GIRL! YOU LOOK GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT!" He yelled. "AND YOUR TEARING THOSE JEANS UP! DAAAAAAAMN! OH MY GOD! YOU ARE SO HOT!"

She giggled. "Justin, stop yelling in here." She blew a kiss at him, before leaving his side to join the other females in the house.

As the girls discussed the plans for the shopping spree, Justin gathered with all of the guys that were at the house to hang out for a while. "Are they not the finest women on the face of the earth?" Joey asked, entering the group.

"God, yes." Justin stammered.

"I've never saw such beautiful people in jeans. They make jeans look like GOLD!" JC enunciated.

"They make gold look like shit." Griffin added. All of the guys nodded at him with a laugh.

"I like all of their outfits. They sure know how to dress." Lance commented.

"Yeah." Justin agreed. "I really like Calia's outfit. She had the little red bandanna shirt on, and the red boots, with the jeans with the red jewels on them. I think the jewels on her back pockets are real cute."

Griffin gave him a shove. "Your just checking out Calia's ass."

"Does it look like I'm checking out her ass?" He kept his eyes on Kim and smiled when she put her back to him completely. "M'mmm 'mmmmmm good! Kim is so sweet. Both ways. Watch her go out and get me something. Some shoes some jeans...something. I love that girl. I love her to death."

"She is sweet. Which is why you don't deserve her." Chris said kidding. "Just playing."

The girls began to migrate to the door, which indicated they were about to leave. "Bye, guys." Charrah said waving, and blowing a kiss at Lance. "Bye, Justin."

He waved at her. "Bye, girl."

"Bye, Joe. Bye, Justin." Kelly winked at him.

"Bye, Kel." Justin said.

Dani made a cute face at Chris. He returned the look. "Bye, Chrissy poo. Bye, Justin. Hey you know what? I love your jeans. Where did you get them? I think I'll get Chris some."

He smiled and held a finger to his chin. "Thank you so much. Well, Kim bought them for me. She got them from the Lucky Brand store I, yeah. Thats it. The Lucky Brand store."

She nodded. "Thank you. They look great on you by the way."

He smiled at her. "Your welcome, and thank you."

"Bye JC-um's. Be right back, sweetie pie."

He laughed at her. "Bye, Bobbi."

Bobbi winked at Justin and he winked back.

"Kay, Giff. I'll get you those shoes you want, okay?" Calia asked.

"Okay, Cal. You look breath taking, baby. Workin' those jeans like a don't know what."

She giggled. "Thank you. And, Justin...those pants do look great on you. They hug your manhood...I MEAN they hug YOU so nicely." She trampled out of the open front door quickly.

"OH MY GOD! Our women hate us and love Justin. How come he's the only one that got personalized good-bye's? Thats not fair. Who is he?" Joey asked crying for attention.

"They don't mean anything by it. Justin is the womanizer..." Chris said with a chuckle.

Kim was the only of the girlfriends to approach her man. She kissed Justin on the lips and his arms grasped around her. "Bye, baby."

He kissed her back, sucking on her lips. "Bye, sweet thing."

She stared down the line of men. "Bye Lance, Joey, JC, Griffin, and Chris. You guys have a great time. And your welcome to eat anything you like. The beers are right under the bar if you would like one." Justin's face scrunched at her announcement, but he didn't say anything. "Bye." She kissed his lips once more and began to leave.

A series of whistles echoed through the house. "DAMN! Look at her walk." Lance said out loud accidentally. The guys continued to whistle at her.

She whirled around. "What?" She asked.

"It's just that Timberland boots never looked so good."

"Tommy jeans never looked so good."

"A plain white shirt never looked so good."

"A PUNCH never looked so good." Justin said holding a fist up to the guys who had thrown remarks at Kim.

JC shrugged. "Hey, man. We can't help it. I mean, when someone is THAT beautiful...Kim, can't you cut down the fine-ness? Tone down the fine-ness?"

She laughed and shook her head in embarrassment. "You guys are too much. And you should be ashamed of yourself because you ALL have girlfriends."

Justin connected his fingers between hers. "I'll walk you to the car."

"There he goes, trying to make us look bad, by doing all that romantic and polite crap." Chris stated, with crossed arms.

"Are you sure you don't need security? I can still call Mike." Justin asked leading her out of the door.

"I'm sure. We'll be fine. Thanks for letting us use your Mercedes, Justin."

His lips brushed her cheek. "Your welcome, baby. This was a long ass good-bye, so I'm going to let you go. But I love you and drive safely. Make sure you come back home to Jade and me."

"Jade and I."

"Jade and I. I'm sorry."

After sharing a kiss, Kim tucked her head to Justin's chest and began to hum the classic 'Here Comes the Bride' song.


"How do you stay so thin, Kim? I don't get it. You just had a baby a few months ago. You don't have stretch marks or anything I bet. I have a few and I've been trying to lose weight, but it's just not working out. What is your secret?" Kelly asked, the heaviest of the group of ladies.

Kim paused from searching through jeans. "Haha. Secret? I wish I had one, girl. Oh, and when I got pregnant. I did get stretch marks, right here." Her hands rubbed the sides of her lower stomach. "But they went away and faded."

Everyone was paying close attention to Kim, because they were learning more about her. "Yeah, but your so thin." Bobbi added.

"What are you talking about? You are too. I am NOT as thin I use to be, let me tell ya. I was like a hundred and seven pounds when I first met, Justin. Now I'm up to one twelve. One fifteen...something like that. I was going to loose weight, but I've gotten taller also, and I need my weight. I'm happy with my weight. I don't do much to be honest. I run in the mornings, but thats about it."

"You make me sick." Calia said playfully. "I wish I had a body like you."

Kim giggled. "You do have a body like me."

"No, I don't. But thanks."

The women resumed browsing the clothing racks. "You think the guys are having fun?" Charrah asked.

"Yup." Everyone replied at once.

"I bet they are talking about other women behind our back or something." Dani said jokingly.

"Nah. WE are the ones they are probably talking about." Kim held a shirt to her chest to observed if it looked okay on her.


"Okay. Okay. Okay. I'm going to just say the question. You guys just shout the answer. You have to be HONEST as suppose to how they looked before they left. Their outfits make a big deal." Lance said. "Alright. First question. Which one of them had the nicest outfit.


"Kim and Calia."

"Calia and Kim."

"Kim looked beautiful, but Calia's outfit was spicy. I really liked that bandanna glittered tube top." Justin said.

"Calia. and Kim."

Lance held up a hand. "Okay. The winner is Calia. Next question. Nicest legs.

"Bobbi." Everyone said at once.

"Yeah she's thin, but tall. She has those long legs." Griffin said. The guys nodded in agreement with him.

"Okay. Next question. Which one of them caught your attention mostly.

"Dani. That shirt she was wearing...oh my God." Justin expressed.


"Dani allll the way." Chris said proudly.

"Definitely Dani. She walked by and I was like...whoa. Hold on. Did she wear that shirt?" JC cited. A roar of laughter emerged.

"Dani. DANI! DANI!" Joey shouted excitedly.

Lanced laughed in his hand. "Next question. Which had the nicest stomach?"






"Justin, Kim didn't even have her stomach showing. You can't pick her." Joey told him.

"So, what?" He affirmed. " I don't care if it's showing or not. She has the nicest stomach on this earth."

Lance shrugged. "No, winner. Anyway, next question. Who looked the best in their jeans?"



"Everyone knows it's Kim." Griffin said with a laugh.

"Thats a stupid question, Lance. Kim." Chris chimed out.

"Kim! Thats right. You BETTER pick her. YOU BETTER!" Justin pointed all of his buddies in the face.

"HAHA! Next question. Who was the most beautiful altogether."

Justin interrupted before anyone could speak. "Nope. Omit that one. Thats not a fair question. All of our girlfriends are beautiful. Whether someone judges that or not doesn't matter. question."


"And the dress had crystals, silver thread, and sapphire beads. It's beautiful. It's a beautiful dress, and it's huge. It's in three pieces ya'll. It is so big it's in three separate pieces. When I put the thing on I felt like a queen. Actually, I always feel like a queen. Justin spoils me. And he treats me...I can't explain. He just knows me, ya know? He does things to me and says things that makes my world crumble in a wonderful way. Talk about a romantic..."

All of the girls sighed dreamily.

"God...I wish Lance was like that ALL of the time." Charrah said, with a hand to her heart.

"JC is very much like Justin. He is loving and affectionate and all of that good stuff. I love him to death. The only thing is...he hasn't asked me yet. He hasn't asked me to marry him." She looked down at the carpet of the store. "I don't know WHY he hasn't asked me. We've been together for years now. He just won't do it."

Kim saw her sudden loss of happiness and hugged her. "Awww, girl. He will ask you. He just has to build up his confidence." She rubbed her back reassuringly. "Give him time."

She sniffled to prevent from crying. "Ohhh, Kim. Thank you soooo much." Everyone crowded around them to hug Bobbi as well.

After an adoring moment of devoting, the girls broke off and continued shopping.

"I'm not trying to be too nosy and I love Chris dearly. But, Kim. Can I asked you a question?"

She giggled. "Sure."

"I'm not after Justin or anything. He is attractive, but he loves you. I was just wondering. You know how his pants...well. Um...they bulge a little. No...A LOT! I'm sorry for being so nosy. I was wondering is he really as big as he seems? Forgive me, Kim. I'm awful."

The party of girls leaned in closer to Kim to hear her response. She laughed with her eyes closed. "HAHA! It's no problem. I don't mind telling you girls. YES! I'm not familiar with guys and all of that. But to me he is absolutely huge. Hung like a horse...oops I didn't just say that. I'm serious, it's huge." She whispered to her friends with a giggle. She began to blush, as did the rest of them.

"Oh, I just knew he was. Hehe. I feel so bad for asking that." Dani said with a laugh. She tried to rid her smiling, so her face would stop burning.

"I'm happy you asked her, because I was wondering. I'm sure all of us were wondering. I mean, you can't miss it. Everything he wears you see that...and it leaves so much to the imagination." Calia smiled evilly, fanning her face.

Kim was laughing the loudest. "Yeah...huge. Anyway. I hope the guys aren't talking about us like we are them. Justin is ALWAYS telling them something about me."


"And she was SCREAMING! And I mean LOUD! Not 'Kim' loud, but loud for Calia."

"How do you know how loud Kim's scream is?" Justin asked Griffin.

"I was in a delivery room with her...duh! And she can scream her ass off. I swear my ears STILL hurt from her screaming."

Justin laughed. "I bet, man."


Joey interrupted Griffin. "Wait a second. You were actually IN the delivery room when Kim had the baby?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I was. Someone had to be there. I was with her until I saw the head. Hell, I passed out when I saw that. SICK! SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK!"

Joey's eyes widened and he struggled to place a three-D Dorito in his mouth. "You saw her naked? Like nude?"

"Hey, come on, Joey. Stop being perverted. Child birth is a natural process. Seeing her during that time is different from see her like standing naked. Griffin was there to be a supporter. I'm sure he thought nothing of seeing her like that." JC said clearly.

"I understand that...I was just saying. You know, Griffin." Joey began. "We all saw Kim topless once. Justin was holding her upside down and her breasts escaped out of her shirt. Oh my God! She has the nicest ni..."

Justin grabbed him by the neck. "I advise you SHUT YOUR MOUTH right now, or I'll rip your throat off. I know that you are Mister FLIRT-A-LOT, but don't 'talk' about Kim like that." He let him go and cleared his throat to break the tension, and gain some composure. "Sorry, what were you saying, G?" Joey gave him apologetic look and didn't attempt to speak.

He laughed. "I was saying Calia was screaming. I was telling her to quiet down, for my ears sake. She said she would, but she didn't. So, I took the covers and stuffed them in her mouth. That shut her up." Everyone laughed.

Chris beat on the couch with his fist he was laughing so hard. "Watch out for Griffin. If your too loud he'll smother ya with the covers."

Lance pulled his head from his lap. "Haha. Justin, what were you about to tell us about, Kim?"

It was a bad habit for him to clap his hands while laughing. "Haha. Oh, yeah. I was saying that Kim clings." He tried to stop laughing. "She clings like a cat. She used to be a screamer...but she says that she's changed because our love is so 'beautiful.'" He made examples of quotations using his fingers. "But she attaches herself to me. And sometimes she won't let me go. She scratches the hell out of me. I guess thats what she does instead of screams now. She scratches me up. Or bites me up."

"She's so tiny compared to you, Justin." Lance told him.

"I know that. Thats another thing. I'm very gentle with her. She's so fragile and small. I try to be as slow and as loving and gentle as I can. I don't want to hurt her. It's another story when it comes to hurting me. She will literally HURT me. Something happened a few days ago in the Jacuzzi. I can't tell ya about that one..."

"Why not, man?" JC asked.

"Ya'll are lucky I'm even talking to you about my sex life. It doesn't mean I'm going to tell you EVERYTHING! What happened is between Kim and I. But yeah, she hurts me sometimes. And I cry a lot."

Chris laughed. "She hurts you so bad, you cry? HAHA!"

"NO! I cry because our love is so beautiful."

JC's mouth twisted. "Explain it then."

Justin sifted against the couch, and was being nauseated by the continuous smell of the Doritos Joey was eating. "When we make love, it's beautiful. I can't explain it better than that. It doesn't matter what position and all of that shit. I just know when it's over I'm crying and she is...we don't know why. It's a wonderful feeling. So, we've both concluded that it's just beauty. It's beautiful. It's kinda pathetic that I cry about it. But I can't help it. I'd open my eyes, kiss her, and just start crying." He laughed. "Alright. You can laugh at me now. Laugh at Justin for being so emotional."

The room became tensely quiet.

"Why would we laugh at you?" Griffin asked seriously.

"Yeah?" Chris asked.

"I know, I just think thats awesome. I wish I had love THAT beautiful." Joey mumbled with chips in his mouth.

"Thats amazing, Justin. And I'm happy for you, man. If your love is that powerful that you have to cry after sex or anything else, I think that is TRUE love. Because just think , dude. It's year two thousand and two. To say I love you nowadays doesn't mean shit. People say it left and right to make the other partner feel good. But you are experiencing REAL love. There is no definition for it. There isn't. If you look up love in a dictionary it will say something about to adore or affection. LOVE doesn't have a meaning. You can just have it or you can't. And, Justin. You have it, man. You are SO lucky. You just don't know. I am so happy for you, Justin. I am so happy for you, man." JC made an appreciated point.

"I agree with JC." Lance said folding his hands. "Thats cool, man."

He was shocked they reacted like they did and was waiting for one of them to laugh at him. "Thanks ya'll."

Chris jumped to his feet. "I'm about to get me something to eat."

Justin shot to his feet. "Oh, NO you not. It took me and ENTIRE day to clean that damn kitchen. I refuse to let any of you mess it up. You better sit back down, Chris."

He laughed nervously, as if something was wrong. "Sure..."

JC sniffled. "What is THAT smell?" He asked gazing at Justin and Joey.

It took a few seconds for Justin to recognize a smell that was lingering in the room. He instantly leaped to his feet with his arms up. "I swear to God it wasn't me this time. I SWEAR TO GOD!" He used his shirt and brought it up to his nose to block out the grueling smell. "What the hell is that smell?"

Everyone left the couch at once, except Joey. He ate another Dorito. "What? The Doritos's made me do it."

The rotten egg smell intensified. The odor was overwhelming, and grew with the moisture of the room.

"Wait a minute. It couldn't have been me. The smell is GETTING worse."

Justin began to gag and cough. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL?!"

"WHERE THE FUCK IS IT COMING FROM?" JC tried to breath with out smelling the smell.

The smell got worst. "Okay." Chris said with his shirt covering nose as well. "I dropped a stink bomb in the couch. Thats why I was trying to leave. I was getting back at you, Justin. But I didn't know it would smell THAT bad. That damn thing smells AWFUL!"

Justin was coughing and if he was to cough again he'd throw up. He ran out of the living room. "DAMN THAT THING STINKS! A STINK BOMB?" He gagged and tried to calm down. "I think I'm going to puke. What the HELL were you thinking, Chris? How are we going to get it out of the couch?"

The guys followed to where he had ran. "What do we do about it? It's stinking up the whole house. What if it reaches Jade's room?" Griffin asked.

Justin walked further away from the living room. "We have to get the stink bomb and get it out of here. And quick because I think I'm going to be sick. That egg smell is just..." He stopped rambling to breath and prevent from vomiting.

"I'm with Justin. I'm about to throw up. I have a weak stomach, and the smell is so thick and..." JC ran to the bathroom.

Justin chased after him and beat on the door of the bathroom. "LET ME IN TOO, MAN! The smell is just UGH!" He gagged. "LET ME IN!" He coughed several times and then migrated to the pool room, which was where the smell wasn't present. Chris, Lance, Griffin, and Joey were already in it, heaving for unclouded air. "Chris, I'm going to KILL you. Come with me right now, so WE can find the stink bomb and dispose of it. I don't want Kim to have to come home smelling that shit." He pulled Chris' arm roughly. "Come on. Oh, and if I throw up, you are cleaning it up, man."

Both of them left the pool room, and entered the danger of the horrid stench.


Later that night.

A brush aggrandized through her blonde silky strands. "Justin, I'm so happy you enjoy my magazines so much that you have to read them before we go to bed."

His eyes contemplated up to view her from the rear. "Huh? Did you say something?"

She brushed her hair soothingly with a mellow vibe. "I said. I'm so happy my magazines amuse you so much before we go to bed."

He dropped the magazine across his lap. His lower body was under the covers. "I'm being amused by something else right now." He said slyly. She was in the mirror brushing her hair, but she was in her underwear. One of his favorite Victoria's Secret pieces. He made the decision to leave her alone and not flirt with her, because he didn't want her to suggest the aspect of him being cheap, or he didn't want her to think he wanted her for only the elegant features she was blessed with. "Damn." He whispered to himself shaking his head. He then retreated the magazine back into his hands, to glance at more pictures of her. These being more recent because her JRT tattoo was present in her bikini photos.

"I'm sorry for tell the girls how big you were. I feel really bad now, because it's such private information. But they could kind of notice it anyway. So, I guess it's not that big of a deal."

He adjusted the magazine closer to his face. "Don't worry about it. I'm really sorry you had to come home and smell that stink bomb. We tried our best to air the house out but..."

"It's okay." She said quickly with a giggle.

"He he heeeee." He mocked her high pitched squeal.

"Justin, you better stop making fun of me." She scolded him. She continued to brush her hair. And she read the daily newspaper, which was popped up on the dresser, as she did so.

"WAIT A SECOND!" Justin shouted, hopping out of bed. He tore a picture out of the magazine and held it up for her to see. "WHAT IS THIS, KIM?"

She viewed the picture, and her eyes scrunched in worry. It was a picture of her with a male model with an arm across her stomach. In the photo she was using her thumb to pull her bikini bottoms off of her hip. In fact they were pulled lower than that, and were almost pulled completely down. "Well..."


She almost slapped him.


She winced. "I'm sorry, Justin." Her head lowered. "The photographer said to pull my bottoms down with my thumb. So, I did what he said. He said it was a modern thing models do. I'm sorry."

He got back under the covers and sat up. He sighed. "I didn't mean to blow up like that. I'm sorry, baby. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that...I'm just." He put his hands out. "I'm just jealous. Thats what my problem is. I'm jealous of that guys holding your stomach like that. I take back everything I just said. You didn't deserve my comments. I was rude, and disrespectful. I'm sorry, baby girl."

She started brushing her hair again. "It's okay. I don't know why you are jealous. I don't want any other man except you."

He smiled with a closed mouth. "I know. I'm a sad, sad man." He wiped at his nose, thinking he still smelled the horrible stink bomb smell. "Even sadder, now that you are standing before me like that."

She ignored him, because something caught her attention. "COOL! A picture of us is in the newspaper. I wonder what they are saying about us now." Beside the picture of them was a picture of Britney and Nick.

"Read the article out loud." Justin told her.

Kim snatched up the paper and faced Justin, resting her weight against the dresser. "Okay. Weddings, weddings, and more weddings. It seems everyone is getting married these days. The young pair, Justin Timberlake, and his beautiful fiancÚ, Kim Miller, will be tying the knot on the third of November. However, we no longer consider them the cutest couple. Timberlake and Miller apparently have some strong competition. An even cuter couple has emerged. Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, and the luminous pop queen, Britney Spears. Carter eligibly proposed to Spears..." Kim stopped reading and screamed in excitement. "OH MY GOD! They are getting married? OH MY GOD!" She read on. "Proposed to Spears, two days ago at her Orlando based home. Carter paid a whopping one-hundred and twenty thousand dollars for her ring. Spears will surely be a shining star now. Carter even toped Timberlake's price tag, out numbering Miller's ring price by several thousand. It is clear now. Nick Cater and Britney Spears are the cutest couple in town..."

Justin's face had an expression on it Kim never saw before. She didn't know if it was good or bad. He looked upset to a certain extent. For a while he was speechless. "Let me see that!" He said waving his hand at her.

She tossed him the paper and he gazed at it with harsh annoyance. "That is so shocking. I'm so happy for them. They DO make a cute couple. But I personally think you and Britney were cuter than her and Nick."


"Alright. Alright. I agree with you, Justin. I agree." She pulled her ring off and set it on the dresser. "Forget them. But I'm really happy for Nick and Britney."

"I can't believe he is actually competing with me. Just to LOOK better than me."

Kim handled a nightgown, which was folded up on the dresser. She unrolled it and slipped into it. It hugged her generously and reflected light from her, since it was silky. "Relax, baby. I know that might be how you feel. But maybe him and Britney are in love, and Nick wants her to be his wife."

Justin laid on his side, and pulled the covers up to his neck. "Uh huh!" He said sarcastically.

"I know that voice, Justin."

"I don't want to talk about THEM anymore. Fuck the gay ass bitch, and fuck the SHE-MAN!"

Kim yawned. "Watch you language, Justin."

"I'm sorry, baby. AGGRAVATION! These damn people are getting on my nerves! ALWAYS wanting something!"

She cut out all of the lights in the bedroom. When she was finished, the only source of light was the moon. She safely made it to her side of the bed, and she sank under the covers with Justin. "Goodnight, sweetie." Her back was to him.

He closed his eyes and smiled. "Night, baby girl."

She stared at the blank wall, waiting for the drift of sleep to over take her.

The room stayed nerve-rackingly quiet.

Justin made the first move and provoked his body up behind hers. His lips skimmed over her sensile shoulders, and they lightly kissed her heated flesh. His teeth met with her ear and he kissed the area of the heart shaped diamond earring she was wearing. I love you, Kim." He chuckled when he felt her shiver.

"I love you too." She was barely able to speak.

"I love you, baby." He swished in her ear, breathing loudly into it. A hand touched her thigh and he slowly crawled the fabric of her nightgown up, using his finger tips "I love you, Kim." He repeated.

"Mmmm yeah. I love you too, Justin."

He kissed her excruciatingly hard. "Pweeze pway wit meeh, Kim. Pweeze? Jussin ain't limp right now!

She shook tremendously and groaned loudly. "DAMMIT, Justin! I've told you about that baby voice." 

"I...want you, Kim." He groaned in her ear.

Instantly she turned to face him. "Oh, Justin. You are just irresistible. You are SO bad." She used her hands to hold his cheeks and she kissed him back thankfully. She kissed his lips and pulled him on top of her.

Justin rejected her kisses to kiss in the pit of her neck. "If you only realized how much I love you. Or how beautiful you are."

She moaned as he took her to fantasy worlds unimaginable.

Justin pulled himself up and held himself up with one arm. With his free hand, he put a round object to his mouth, and he held it with his teeth. He had been holding it the entire time he was resting in bed. "Before we do anything, I am going to put something in your mouth. When I do, I want you to bite down on it hard. Okay?"

She nodded with a giggle. "Okay. What is it?"

He laughed and almost slobbed on her from having his mouth open. "It's candy. Bite down hard." He bent down and kissed her lips, then dropped the object into her mouth.

As soon as it touched her teeth, she bit down, just as Justin told her. Her body uplifted quickly and she spit the piece of candy across the room. Her face scrunched up in distaste. "What...what was that?"

Justin glared at the ceiling and laughed. "I know you hate sour stuff. I just gave you a EXTRA...EXTRA sour Cry Baby. Haha! You should see your face. They really work. You are not only crying, your eyes shrunk and everything. HAHA!"

She rested back against her pillow, and gasped trying to get the bitter and sour taste from her mouth. "Cruel...tha...that was cur...cruel!"

He snickered at the adorable face she was making, and the struggle she had with the unwanted candy. He bent back down and kissed her lips hungrily. "Let Justin kiss it and make it better." He forced his tongue into her mouth to help her cope with the burning. "I love you, Kim." He moaned into her mouth.

" you..t..too! You evil son of a bitch."

Chapter 46

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