Chapter 44 note- Since a person questioned me about this, I thought I would let everyone know this at once. I am NOT a Nick Carter hater. Just because Justin hates him in my story, doesn't mean I dislike him or any of BSB. Just thought I would make that clear =) Oh, and I couldn't resist posting that beautiful picture of Justin above, with the chapter. And this chapter is LONG! Let it load!

"Patty cake. Patty cake. Baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. Roll it up and roll it up and don't know the rest. Bake me a cake as fast as you can. That's right! Your just such a cute little bebe. Yes, you are Jade. Those are your hands."

"Girl! You don't have her in bed yet? It's past eleven-thirty. Jade should be sleeping by now." Justin told Natasha with a laugh. "Nah, I'm just kidding with ya."

Natasha's eyes lit up. "You and Kim are home? But weren't you going to a party?" Kim went straight upstairs and Justin took a seat on the couch by her, to visit with Jade. "And what's the matter with Kim?"

He nodded. "We did go to a party. And we had fun too. Until...I got back from getting Kim's drink." He placed his mouth to her ear. "I don't know. She is very upset for some reason. And I'm almost afraid to ask her about it. I didn't say anything in the car, but she looks like she got into it with somebody. Maybe she had something to drink or found out something bad. I don't know." He shrugged. "Hey, baby girl. HEY!" He said tickling Jade's foot. "Oh my God, she's growing."

"She sure is."

He put his arms out. "I'll take her and bring her upstairs with me." He kissed Natasha on the cheek. "You can go home. I know you are probably sick of Jade."

"No! I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to say here for the night and watch Jade. I am NOT sick of her. She is so cute."

"No, really. It's okay. You deserve a break." He held Jade's tiny hand and rubbed it.

"I want to watch her. YOU go check on KIM!"

"But I..."


"Can I at least kiss my daughter goodnight?" He asked, with a chuckle. He kissed Jade on the cheek. "Goodnight, sweetheart." He kissed Natasha on the cheek next. "Goodnight my Spanish slash Italian sweetheart." He heard Natasha giggle as he walked away.

"Goodnight, Justin."

He spun around suddenly. "Oh, and if you hear intense and loud screaming. It will be me and I'll be alright. So, don't call 911. One more thing. You didn't happen to enter the kitchen, did you?"

She shook her head and covered a hand over her forehead. "Yes, I did to make Jade's bottles. Justin, you should be shamed. That kitchen is very very sad."

"I know." He sighed. "Kim and I will get it tomorrow. WHATEVER you do, don't eat anything off of the counters. Those have to be wiped down with antibacterial soap or bleach..."

"Why not?" She asked, giving him a look. As if she had eaten something off the counters.

He scratched his head and then coughed. "Never mind...I didn't just say that." He laughed hesitantly. "I better be going upstairs, huh? Thats right....go talk to Kim."

"What happened to the counters? There was this can of Pringles on the counter and I poured me some of them out on a napkin."

A hand covered over his mouth and he coughed some more, to stop laughing. "You know, your English has improved SO much, Natasha."

"I also put some cookies on the counter, but only because Jade began to cry and...WHAT HAPPENED to the counters, Justin?"

He felt sorry for the girl. "I'm sorry, Natasha. I'm deaf. I can't hear you now...or ten seconds from now." He jogged up the stairs to get away. When he made it to the top of them he laughed his head off. "Oh my God. She ate off of the counters?" The bedroom door was closed, and he knocked on it before entering the room. "Honey, you will not believe this. Natasha actually ate something from the counters...OH MY GOD! You know what happen..."

She had changed clothes and was now wearing a red tank top and red pajamas bottoms, with diamonds on them. She was holding a Kleenex to her face, and was crying heavily. When she saw him, she slumped her head down and cried harder.

Immediately he was at her side, holding and stroking the hand that was not covering her face. He rubbed his cheek affectionately against her knee and then kissed it.

She yelped in pain. "OW!"

"What?" His eyes squinted in worry. "What is it, Kim? Just tell me. I can't help you feel better or understand you if you don't tell me what is wrong. Did something happen?" He lifted her chin with his finger. "Huh, sweetheart?"

She nodded. "Yeah." She whispered hoarsely.

The simple fact that she spoke, interested him, and he rose to his feet and sat near her on the bed. "Okay, we are making progress here. At least you are talking to me now. Baby, why is your face so red on just ONE side? And how come every time I touch you, you appear to be in pain? Just say it. Whatever it is. Just spit it out. I don't care what it is."

She used the Kleenex she was holding to cover her nose. "You know that girl that accidentally claimed to hit me? Well, once you left to get my drink, she joined her little friends...I think there were five of them all together. I was just standing there. They were talking about me." She cried for a few seconds before gaining her composer. "That one girl. She had a cursing problem. I mean, she was saying the "F" word every five seconds. But her and her friends were talking about me. Calling me a slut, because I was freaking another guy at a party. Thats what SHE said. Saying I LOOKED like a stripper, because of the outfit YOU told me to wear. She said that I didn't deserve you and that I was FAKE. She even admitted to kicking me on purpose."

Justin got up from the bed and began to pace back and fourth across the room. She stopped talking because she wasn't sure how he was going to react, if he found out about the entire conflict. "Go on..." His hand twitched behind his back as he took in everything she worded.

"They began to talk about my fake tan, and how I used you for your money. And how I would NEVER buy you anything. Of course they mentioned Jade. And they said they felt sorry for her because I am her mother." She cried harder. "How awful is that to say? I try to be a good mother." She sniffled and continued. "So, I went up to the girl that kicked me and I asked her if she was talking about me. She stepped up to me and said she was. So, I told her if she had anything to say to please say it in my face and not behind my back. Next thing I know five girls were in my face. I began to back away when they threatened to beat my ass. I didn't want any trouble with them. The brunet started yelling at me, and she told me that you don't belong with me, but with her or one of her friends. She said she hated me because I was so fake. She pushed me and demanded that I say that I DIDN'T love you, Justin."

He focused his full attention on her with his mouth now hung open.

"I wouldn't say it. All of the girls pushed me. And they warned me not to scream because they would kill me or seriously hurt me. I'm only human. I fear pain. So, I didn't scream. I continued to tell them that I loved you and I wouldn't say I didn't. Then one of them punched me. I tried to get away, but I was tripped and I fell. I fell right on the side of my face. From there they just beat me up. They were kicking at me. Someone kicked me really hard in the back with their shoe heel. It hurt so bad. I was also kicked in the crotch. I'm still hurting from that one. No one was around to help me, Justin. After they go their hits I was picked up by the hair, and that same girl slapped me across the face. I still would not say it. So, she slapped me again and kicked me in the knee. After a while, she pushed me to some of her friends, and they slapped me up side the face too. When they saw you coming, they took off and headed into the dancing crowd. And thats why I was looking like I was when you saw me. I was jumped by some of your fans. And they hate me..." She wept, holding her Kleenex and, the box of them itself, to her face. "They really hate me. And they think I'm a hoe...just like I expected."

He needed an instance to gain some equanimity. He didn't know whether to cry or to shout, but he apprehended some of what happened as his fault. He never ciphered that something such as this would happen. Maybe he expected times he would get attacked by fans. But he never thought Kim would be. This particular circumstance blew his mind. "!" His body jerked in fury. "OH MY GODDDD!" He tried to pull at his hair, but it wasn't long enough. "WHY DID YOU TELL ME, KIM? WHY DID YOU TELL ME?" His eyes were flaming.




He rested his hands on his waist. "I don't know what I would have done, KIM! But! I would have protected you in some way." He tried to calm his voice down. "I can't believe you were actually attacked like that. That is the last party we are ever going to without Mike. Never again. Something bad is always happening to us. It's like we are cursed or something. I can't take all this crazy shit anymore. I've got stupid ass people showing up at my house, calling my house, and now HURTING my baby? This is outrageous. I don't care! You still should have fought back. Or you should have just SCREAMED for help. I would have hurried to get to you."

"Whatever, Justin. Those girls were two times bigger than me. You have no idea what it's like to be in my situation. What was I going to do? Punch one in the face, so the other four could hound on me? I was scared and I didn't want to fight them anyway, because I don't know about you! BUT I'M SICK OF FIGHTING, JUSTIN! I've tried NOT to be violent towards them, and I suffered a beating because I STOOD UP FOR US! I LOVE YOU! SURE I COULD HAVE JUST SAID, I DON'T REALLY LOVE YOU! BUT I COULDN'T DO IT, BECAUSE YOUR LOVE MEANS MORE TO ME THAN MY OWN LIFE! So, don't get mad at me for getting beat up. I chose to get beat up because I love you." The eye contact they manage to hold was broken. And she cried holding herself, and looking at the carpet. "I can't believe they hate me so much. Just beat me up for basically no reason. I've never had anything like that happen to me."

To know that she loved him enough to get beat up by his fans, made a tear flare down his cheek. "Baby...I'm so sorry." He wrapped his arms around her. "I'm SO SORRY for yelling, okay?" He pushed her chin up. "Okay, baby girl?"

She nodded and whispered. "Okay..."

His arms swam up and down hers. "Do you know any of the girls names? Did any of them say their names?"

She tried to hold back her sobs, so Justin would be able to understand her. "Alicia. The girl who kicked me name was Alicia...I think some other girl name was Shauna. Thats all I can recollect."

He gave her an exasperated look. "Alicia." He announced to himself. "Alright."


He perched down on the beg and pulled her into lap. She winced and cried out in pain, when her lower body crashed into his knee. She was just soar and hurting in general. Justin's lips brushed against her ear. "I'm going to do something about what happened. But, Kim. You are going to have to trust me on this." He kissed her in her hair, before running his fingers through it. "The girls are not what is important right now. What IS important is your feelings. How are you feeling?" His eyes scanned her face. "Your face, is still red on one side. How do you feel, Kim? You said someone kicked you down there...are you alright? Or are you still hurting?" It was killing him to see her crying like this. "Your okay, honey. Your okay." He wiped her bleeding eyes and tried to prevent from crying himself.

"I'm still hurting, Justin." She moaned. "My side hurts really bad too."

It was all the information he needed to gather her up in his arms. He carried her into the bathroom and sat her down on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub. "Kim, I'm going to run you a nice hot bath. So, you can relax for a little bit." It angered him to the point of sickness. He couldn't believe someone would do what they did to Kim. She was just so sweet, He never thought such a thing would happen. It took several minutes to fill the tub with steaming hot water, and Kim's favorite, bubbles. She just wouldn't stop crying...and it was getting to him. The pathetic cries she exhaled broke his heart into fragments. And he kept wishing over and over that he'd gotten her drink sooner. "Please stop crying, baby girl." A series of tears liquefied down his face. He was positioned on his knees. "I know what happened was awful, and your probably traumatized by it, but please stop crying. I can't take anymore. It kills me to see you cry." He swallowed some of his tears down. "Let's just get you in the tub, sweetie. I promise you, Kim. It will never happen again." He placed his hands on her simple and red tank top, and began to lit if from her "Hold your arms up for me, baby." He tried to be as gentle as possible. And as he took her clothing off he could see bruises trying to be apparent on hers skin. He folded up her clothes as he took them off, because she had just changed and they were still very much clean. "Alright now. Sit down." He couldn't help but to stare into her eyes as she slowly eased down into the water. He wanted to capture her expression and store it in the back of his mind, so he would never forget the look she wore. He couldn't feel any worse at the moment. Especially, since he had went the whole day yelling at her and preaching to her to think more positive. He even felt bad for choosing what outfit she wore to the party. And he couldn't blame anyone but himself for what happened.

She laid back into the water without a word. And shockingly, her tears stopped flowing. They just stayed glued to her cheeks and refused to drift. "I love you, Justin." She said out of nowhere, neck-deep in bubbles.

He leaned into the tub and kissed her on the lips. "I love you too." He said cupping water in his hand and drizzling it over her hair. He continued to do this movement until her hair was soaking wet and clamping to her head. His hand massaged her shoulder as he placed himself in an uncomfortable position, so he was able to kiss her on the neck.

His eyes were gleaming since he had lost a few personal tears. Kim nurtured Justin. And she loved him some much, that the emotional weight of the loved they entwined, pained her. It hurt to loved him. He was always by her side, no matter what. He was always crying with her, no matter what. He was always guarding her. How could she ever receive such benefit? Such love from another person? It wasn't possible. There was no one. Absolutely no one more perfect for her than Justin. She couldn't imagine anything without his involvement. And the endless things he did for wonder she got beat up to guard the name of the love they contained. He was amazing! And so distinctively beautiful, inside and out. Her hand blushed from the water it was underneath, and it cupped his face, detaining his cheek. This gesture stopped him from kissing her shoulder.

He stared at her in questioning as she drew her face closer to his. Her lips began to stroke against his nose. "Kim, what are you...?"

Her tongue licked the satin bottom of his lip. He joined in the intimate game of tag, and his tongue scraped the bottom of her lip. Laggardly, his head turned to the side and his lips cleaved with hers. He slowly eased his tongue in her mouth, but only to collar it back, and repeat the process again.

Her arms reached out to his shirt, and her fingers clung to his rippled body, as she pulled his thin and see-through shirt over his head. Their contiguity was broken for a split second before their lips reconnected again. Justin attempted to rise off of his knees. "Kim, wait. Let me just get my pants off and I'll get in there with you. I can't get my partying clothes wet...I got these pants in New York and I don't think..." She snatched him into the tub with her and pulled him on top of her. He met face to face with the pillow of bubbles.

Kim was frantically undoing his belt buckle. Justin watched her with his mouth open wide. She was focusing on what she was doing so hard, that her tongue was sticking out of her mouth and leaning to one side.

"Whoa slow down, baby girl. Aren't you suppose to be in pain?"

Her breaths were growing more erratic in size. "Didn't you hear? I've been healed! One kiss from you creates miracles. And you washed ALL my pain away..." Her lips attracted to his neck like a magnet and she sucked feverishly on it as she zipped his pants down.

"Kim, if you don't calm down...don't make me HURT you."

"Hurt me, baby."

"Don't make me BITE you." He whispered sexily.

"Ummm. Bite me, Justin."

"Don't make me FEED you some food." He chuckled, and splashed her in the face.

Kim shook off the unwanted beads of water, and then swung herself on top of Justin, placing him below her. "HAHA! You are SO funny, Justin...cough...NOT!" Her hand progressed his pants down his hips.

"God your rough, Kim." He said, lazily trying to prevent her from pulling his pants completely off. "I'm scared. Are you trying to drown me? You aren't trying to plan a homicide, kill me, and steal all my money are you?" He laughed.

"Shut up, Justin. And help me get there pants off of you. They are sticking to your skin because you are wet and...ROUGH? I'm going to SHOW you rough! There will be a flood in this house by the time I'm done with you." She left his pants sagging half way on him, and she pounced on him like a cat.

He looked her over...her smile. The smile she had on her face made him smile. He took advantage of the situation, and reversed their position, and got on top of her. Her shook his head at her. "I don't think so. I run THIS!" He said, pointing to himself. "Looks like I have to show you what 'ROUGH' is all about."

She bit her lips to seem more innocent, before she threw him off of her. She dunked his head underwater and held it underneath it for a few seconds. He gasped when she pulled his head back up, trying to get the slightest amount of pure air. She pushed his head back underwater, and held it there even longer. She pulled his head up again to see he was breathing the opposite of sporadic. "I'm going to SHOW you. And if you can't accept that, I just might have to drown you." She giggled and yanked at his pants some more. "Now, help me get these pants off, Justin."

He laughed once he was able to breath and grabbed her by the arms. "Not if I drown you first." A struggled fight began.


The covers shielded his body and protected him from the outside disturbance of the unwelcome air conditioning. His eyes strained naturally when they we greeted with the horrid brightness of the sunlight that seeped into the room from the windows. One of her arms were across his chest and one of her legs were bent up over his stomach. Sluggishly, his head turned towards her. He jumped slightly, because her face was right next to his and he wasn't expecting it to be so near. It was resting against the neck of his shirt. He made a combination of a groan and a laugh when he saw that she had drooled on his shirt. "Ewww, Kim. You drooled on me." He said softly, knowing she couldn't hear him. She was so beautiful when she slept. She was so beautiful because the real her shown through her spotless skin. Her eyes were wistfully and gently rested shut. Her lips were sealed closed, and she used her nose as the controllant of her breathing pattern. His arms slid around her waist and he decided to just hold her for a few minutes. He noticed that she was a light sorer. Her snoring didn't bother him one bit. As a matter of fact, it comforted him and made him appreciate her even more.

Justin heard her lips smack. She shifted in her sleep and climbed right on top of him without even knowing it. Her head bobbed against his chest a few times and she tried to get situated and comfortable.

He awed at the precious display, but her shifting was creating a display elsewhere. He sat up to move her to the side, but her arms wrapped around his neck and she slept soundly against him, in a child-like manner. "I love you, Justin." She mumbled in her sleep. "And yeah I was doing cool on the..." She was known to talk in her sleep as well.

He rubbed her back and then kissed the top of her head. "Uh huh." He agreed, just to be saying something. "Alright, baby. KIM! Move over, sweetheart. I'm about to get up and you going to get cold when I lift the covers up if you don't get on your side of the bed." He shook her briefly. "Baby, move over. Okay?" He could feel her warm slob, trickling against his hand. "Grooooossssssss." He whispered to himself trying to keep calm. "Grooooooossssss." He was on the verge of loosing it. "KIM, GET ON YOUR SIDE! NOW!" She followed his order and suffocated her head into her own pillow.

She kicked him unconsciously, in her sleep. "God, Justin. Be quiet! You are always bothering me when I'm tryin' to sleep. Don't you have a...n...y...t...h...i...n...g..." She became lost in dreamy land again.

He bolted from the bed, and shivered from the freezing air that sheltered him. He looked at his hand and saw the shiny clear saliva glistering on it. This caused him to jog in place to show his disgust. "Kim, you are so nasty! SICK!" He wiped his fist against his shirt and gagged. He hated to have to get up at such an early hour, but he had to if his plan was going to work. His body was trembling, because it was trying to adjust to the sudden loss of heat. "And, Kim. You need to stop putting the air on HIGH, before we go to bed! I know we get HOT but damn. You already say I'm skinny. Well, cut me some slack. I can't take this! Waking up a freaking' popsicle." He laughed. "THAT'S RIGHT! A POPSICLE! THE KIND YOU CAN LICK! THE KIND YOU CAN SUCK! THE KIND YOU CAN...EAT!"

Her eyes popped open, and they glared a red flash at him.

Justin froze. He didn't move or talk at all, because he was trying to convince her into believing he was an illusion. His tricky method worked, because her eyes faded back closed.

He sighed. "Whew. You better shut up, Justin. You almost got your ass kicked and the day has just begun."

"Don't worry. I'm going to get you later." Kim mumbled, rolling over onto her stomach.

He shook his head. "Dammit!" He bent his hands down in front of him, like a mouse, and he tiptoed across the room, towards Kim's side of the bed, to get the phone. When he reached the area he was calculating to get to, he observed Kim carefully, making sure she was fully asleep and not aiming to pound on him. He grabbed the phone quickly and gazed to each side of him, as if he was being follow. Since he had now captured the phone, he ran out of the room.

He nodded to himself in pride. Because he actually escaped one of Kim's threats. His next stop was the nearest guest bedroom, where he could make a private phone call. He snuck into a room, and closed the door behind him. He plopped down on the bed with a successful chuckle, before he began to dial a number he automatically knew off the top of his head. He felt something solid underneath him. His hand touched the object and ran up and down it. was...a leg!?

"OW!" Natasha sprang up, from her interrupted sleep. "You sat on my legs!"

Justin leaped to his feet in shock and terror. He forgot Natasha was staying at the house for the night.

"Justin, wa...what are you doing? And why were you touching my leg like that?" The only reason she was being serious, was because she was half asleep.

When he saw what she was sleeping in, he put his back to her and covered his hands over his eyes. It was too late for that though. He already saw her. He shook as he thought about what he saw. Kim was everything to him, but he was a guy and it was natural for him to notice other females features as well. "OH...MY...GOD! OH SHIT! Kim is going to kill me. were. I are...your naked. Well, your not naked, but your in a bra and it's see-through, and I Kim is going to kill me." He stomped a foot into the ground. "I don't know how to react because I haven't seen a woman up close and personal like that, except Kim, for over a year now...WHOA! I'm dead."

She rubbed her eyes. "Justin, what are you doing? And what were you planning on doing with that phone?"

He turned around and slipped the phone behind his back. "Phone? What phone? I was coming in here to...actually your dreaming. I don't know what the hell your talking about." He ran to her side and pulled the covers up to her neck, to cover her up. "Go back to sleep, now." He started to make a wave with his body. "This is just a drrrrreeeeaaammm! Close your eyes now. This is just a drrrrrrreeeeeaaammm!"

She giggled at him. "Justin, you need majorly help. Are you okay? I wouldn't have slept in my underwear if I knew you were coming into the room..."

"SHHHHHHHH!" He put a finger to his lips. "GO TO SLEEP! SHHHHHH!"

Her eyes squinted in confusion. "What's wrong with you, Justin?"

He held up a finger. "Justin? I'm NOT Justin. I TOLD YOU THIS IS A DREAM! are sleepy! Very very sleepy."

She sat up again, forgetting that he bra was see-through. "If you aren't Justin, then who are you?" She asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Good, GOD!" His eyes bulged wider. Her reddish-tanned skin was vibrantly glowing and her acute stomach muscles moved every time she swayed to speak. He was so blinded by his love for Kim, that he actually didn't notice the blessed people who surrounded him. That was until now...Natasha being a very blessed girl. "Your...bigger than Kim." He cleared his throat and coughed, trying to fix his wordy error. "In, you know. Height." He just stood spent like an idiot.

Finally, she realized what he was referring to. She held the covers to her in embarrassment. "Oh, my God. You saw my boobs again. That is so embarrassing." She was blushing, but it wasn't apparent on her skin because she was already a reddish color.

He placed his hands out as an expression. "No! You have no idea how embarrassed I am right now." He laughed, and pointed to his face. "My face is the same color as my lips, huh?"

She shook her head and laughed into the covers. "How embarrassing though. I guess it's not wise to sleep in your underwear at other peoples homes. I was sleeping. Next thing I know, you were rubbing my leg and..."

"Listen, Natasha. This was not as it seems. I have a phone in my hand because I was going to call a friend and take care of some business. Kim was sleeping, and besides. I wanted to say things that I didn't want her to hear then and take the wrong way. So, I chose to go in another room. This was the other room I chose, and I wasn't expecting you to be in it. I forgot you were here. I'm so sorry for invading your privacy, and seeing you like that. I'm sorry. This is beyond humiliating. And I'm not hitting on you or anything. Don't get me wrong, because you are very attractive, and you have a nice I did not just say that. Damn...I meant that...just please don't tell Kim about any of this. I am going to tell her everything myself, when I get back from...taking care of something. I didn't mean to disturb your sleep. And remember. Your a highly attractive girl, with a great personality, and a nice body, but I am not hitting on you." He began to back away. "I mean I WASN'T hitting on you...when I was touching your leg and stuff."

"It's okay, Justin. I know you love Kim. And I heard you last night. If you didn't tell me about the 911 thing...I would have called it." She giggled.

"You heard what? Kim?"

"No! I heard YOU moaning ALL night long. Not Kim...haha!"

Justin stumbled into the corner of the bed, and he tripped backwards. "OH...MY...GOD! This is the most embarrassing situation I've ever been in. This is most embarrassed I've ever been in my entire life. It's can't get no worse than this. Am I in hell? Because my face feels like it. I bet my temperature exceeds four-hundred degrees. And I know I'm a lovely shade of fire engine red." He fanned his burning face. Since I have reached my peak with embarrassment, anything else you'd like to say? Let me tell you. There is nothing I can be embarrassed about now." He rested his hands on his waist and almost had an attitude.

She held the covers tighter to her and thought. "Well, Justin. I was wondering about something."

"Which was?"

"You see. I'm a virgin. So, I know nothing about sex and all of that. But from the sounds you were making last night, it's obvious you do know YOU do. And I was wondering is that what I think it is on your shirt? While you were 'doing' Kim a favor, how did that happen? Is it know...?"

He immediately tore the shirt from him. "NO! Nothing like THAT! She um...she...slobbed on me this morning. It's SPIT! That is STILL sick as HELL, but it is not nearly as SICK as what you thought! I was wrong. I'm even more embarrassed..."

Natasha's eyes widened. Justin was standing before her in just a shirt and the only clothing he was left wearing were blue pajamas pants. "Um...Justin? Are you...are you wearing any underwear, because I can see...WHOA! It's way bigger than I thought!"

He held up a hand to silence her. "OKAY! STOP THIS! It's seven in the morning. I've got one word for ya Natasha! SLEEP! And if you don't go to sleep in about ten seconds I am going to take that lamp over there, and bust you in the head with it. And you will be going to sleep for a VERY VERY VERY VERY long time!" He shrugged. "Oh, don't mind me. Don't mind the threats either. They are just my NERVES! I THINK I MAY BE LOOSING MY MIND!" He twitched a few times. "You know how they just build up and finally you go crazy? Thats what's happening to me. I WAKE UP WITH A PLAN TO GET BACK AT THE PEOPLE WHO HURT MY KIM! I COME INTO THIS ROOM, TRYING TO FIND A PLACE TO TALK! INSTEAD I FIND NATASHA'S BREASTS! THEN IT SEEMS AS IF I WAS FEELING YOU UP AND HITTING ON YOU! I FELL IN FRONT OF YOU! YOU HEARD ME FROM LAST NIGHT! YOU SAW MYSTERIOUS STAINS ON MY SHIRT! AND JUSTIN FORGOT TO PUT ON A PAIR OF BOXERS WHILE CHANGING LAST NIGHT! SO, NATASHA HAD TO POINT THAT OUT BY MENTIONING HOW BIG HE IS! WHAT A WOOOONERFUL MORNING! OH MY GOD! WHAT'S NEXT? KIM IS PROBABLY RIGHT OUTSIDE OF THIS DOOR HOLDING A BUTCHER KNIFE! AND JADE! SHE PROBABLY HAS A HOCKEY MASK MATTED TO HER FACE, AND A DEAD BODY IN HER CRIB! THIS IS THE MOST HUMILIATING MORNING IS HISTORY! I'VE HAD A TERRIBLE! HORRIBLE! NO GOOD! VERY BAD DAY! AND I THINK I'LL MOVE TO AUSTRALIA! WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING NOW? I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! I CAN'T TRUST MYSELF! DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING!" He took a deep breath. "Don't worry. I'm not taking my anger out of you, Natasha. I just needed to vent."

She laughed. "I really am going back to sleep, Justin. It's too early to be up. And you might need medical attention..."

He nodded with the phone, and shirt in hand. "Good idea." He smiled overly bright. "I'm about to go hang myself. Tootaloo!" He voiced, with the most advanced sarcasm possible. He waved and left the guestroom as fast as he could. He was almost paranoid...well, he was. He was hoping Kim was still sleeping, even after his shouting moment. It was still early and he still had time to carry on with the plan he had in mind. He went into another guest bedroom, and he overly searched it, when he really knew no one was in the room. He jumped up and down in the bed once, just to prove to himself that no one was in it.

After having such a jagged start to the morning, he needed to take a breather. He took several minutes to soak his sanity back up. He had to get into a serious mode and clear his head before he did anything else. Five minutes later he cut the cordless phone on and dialed a numbed into it. He clasped it to his ear when he heard a dial tone.

"Hello?" A groggy voice asked.


She released a tired laugh. "Yeah. It's me. Hey, Justin."

"Hey! May I PLEASE speak to Griffin? It's important."

"Sure. If I can get him up. We both went to sleep like two hours ago. Haha!" She pulled the phone from her ear, and hit Griffin in the arm with it. "GRIFFIN! Griff? Wake up, sweetie. Justin needs to talk to you, and it's important!"

He glanced at the clock before taking the phone. "But it's seven in the MORNIN'!" He put the phone to his ear while laying on his side. "Griffin speakin', JUSTIN!"

"Griffin, I need something, man."

"Alright, what do you need?"

"God, you sound so hung over."

"I know. And I didn't even drink that much last night. I am hung over.  Actually, I'm still drunk...HAHA! What can I do for you?"

He sniffed with a dry nose. "I need someone's phone number. You know a girl named Alicia? She was at your party last night...I need her number."

He squinted his eyes since his headache was so bad. "Alicia?"

"I don't know her last name. She had brownish hair. About five eleven. She was wearing a red dress, I think last night. It was so dark in your damn house..."

"Alicia Crawford! Thats who you are talking about. Okay, I'll give you her number later on today...I'll call you back later!"

"NO! You need to give me it now. I need the number NOW, GRIFFIN!"

"Why do you need some other chicks number? You are with Kim. Have you lost your mind? Why do you need it so soon anyway?"

He sighed. "I'm getting the girls number because last night Alicia and her friends decided to beat up Kim. I need her number because I have some things I need to say to her."

Griffin shot up at once. "SHE WHAT? THEY WHAT? They BEAT up, Kim? At my party? Are you serious?"

"Yes, those bitches beat her UP! And they scared her so bad. They scared the shit out of her. She was shaking so hard last night. She was shaking so hard that it scared me. And she CRIED for so long. She didn't hit one of them, but they slapped her in the face and kicked her in the crotch, all because I was with her and not them. She was totally innocent, man. I'm telling you! I need that chick's number like...NOW!"

He was suffering with his poisoning of alcohol, but already he was searching through his address book. "I understand. I understand. I can't believe they beat her up like that...after all she's been though. That poor thing. Oh, here it is Alicia Crawford. Do you have a pen and paper, or do you just want me to call out the number?"

He had a pretty decent memory. "I don't have any pen or paper. Just call it out." Griffin slowly read him off each numbers. "Alright, man. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! You can go back to sleep now."

Griffin stood, and scratched the bareness of his stomach. "Yeah, I need a matter if fact I need to...PUKE! Gotta go! Gotta go!"

Justin looked at the phone as it went dead in his ear. "Yeah, okay. Bye to you too." He had to hurry up and dial the number so he wouldn't forget it. He pushed in the required numbers rhythmically . He already planned out what he wanted to say and he exhaled loudly because he was semi-nervous.

"Hel-hello?" The voice asked.

"How are you? Hangover?" He started to smile for some reason. It must have been the evilness shining through.

She coughed a few times. "Hell yeah. A major one."

"I'm sorry to hear that, baby. Thats awful."

"Who the hell is this anyway? Do you have any fucking idea what time it is?"

He changed the tone of his voice to more sad and mellow. "I didn't mean to bother you! It's just that..." He looked back at the door to make sure Kim wasn't around. "It's just that my girlfriend Kim is such a...bitch. I can't get along with her. She doesn't treat me right, and we fight too's awful. By the way my name is Justin Timberlake. Am I calling you too early, Alicia?"

She just about died when he said her name. "OH MY GOD! Justin? You aren't too early at all. You recognize me from the party? OH MY GOD! How do you know my name...well, never mind that. I AM SO SORRY FOR CURSING AT YOU! YOUR POOR BABY! I AM SO SORRY! you even know who I am? What I look like?"

He laughed to encourage his situation. "Yeah, I know who you are. Your the hot sweetheart that hit Kim in the stomach. Am I right?"

"Yeah, thats me." She said proudly. "OH MY GOD! You think I'm hot? OH MY GOD! You are so sweet, Justin!"

He tried to sound bothered and aggravated. "I don't know. I'm kind of changing. I'm not so happy anymore. I'm so sick of Kim's shit. She is such a..." It was so hard to talk about her like this, and he kept looking back at he door as he spoke. He was just waiting for her jump out of nowhere. "Bitch. She is such a BITCH! I need some love, you know? I need someone's love. I've been looking for a new girl...last night you caught my attention. Didn't you have some friends with you?"

"YEAH!" She said excitedly. "I did. You must have been really checking me out. OH MY GOD!"

"Yeah, them too. All of you guys are so HOT! I was going to ask you out for a late breakfast. You and YOUR friends, but since you have hangover I guess I could call..."

"NO! FUCK what I said earlier. I would rather have breakfast with you than...anything. I'm fine. I'm not hung over that much." She took the phone from her ear and screamed giddily for a few seconds. "Justin, can I ask you a question?"

"Anything, sweetie."

"Why are you with that fucking fake bitch? Excuse my French...I just hate her. I HATE KIM! I hate that bitch and all of my friends do too."

"I don't know why I'm with her. I feel nothing for her." Saying such things made him want to cry. "She really is nothing to me. I'm only with her because of the baby. She tricked me into getting her pregnant so she could keep me..."

"Like I said. She's a fucking fake bitch."

He wouldn't dare repeat what she said. And he noticed she did have a cursing problem. "Uh huh..." He agreed. "Can I ask you a question, Alicia?"

She gasped when he said her name. "Anything..."

"Did you and your friends beat Kim up last night? Or did you just hit her?"

She laughed loudly. "DID WE? HELL YEAH! We beat the shit out of her. Slapped her, kicked her. Pulled her hair. The whole nine yards. She wouldn't say it. She wouldn't admit to not loving you. She kept saying she loved you and a whole bunch of other fucking shit. We would have beat her some more if we knew you would have reacted this way. And she claims she loves you and always will! HA! We should have fucking killed her ass. We beat her bad. We fucking HATE her. I should have just punched her in the face."

A tear seeped down his cheek and he choked to the point of being speechless. Such cruelty came from a girl who knew nothing about Kim. She was basically telling him that she hated Kim for the hell of it. He tried to canvas his emotions and hide them away. Or at least keep them from making his voice shaky and weak.

"Justin? You still there? JUSTIN?"

"Yeah...yeah." He sniffled. "I'm here. I really really really want to meet you somewhere for breakfast. Do you think you and your friends will be able to make it? I want to see you guys so bad. I need to see you guys. I'd love to just talk and hang out...get to know you BETTER! Can you make it?"

"YES! ALLLLL of us can."

"Good. I think we should eat at this very nice restaurant in Orlando..."


"Baby, can I get you opinion on something?" He paused abruptly. "KIM! Please, baby girl. Just wake for a second." He pulled the warm covers off of her, so she could get a hard gist of the air conditioned room.

Her body shivered and she began to shift because she was uncomfortable. "Ohhhh, Justin. What do you want?" She moaned into her pillow. "Why can't you just let me sleep? I'm in so much pain right now...I just need to sleep."

His eyes kept traveling back to the mirror, so he could view himself time and time again. "Kim, I just want to ask you something, and then I'll leave you alone for good. How do I look?"

She strained with her brain to open her eyes. Her arms extended out to breath, and her eyelids rolled open. Her eyes focused on on him, and when she saw him, she back away from him in freight. "Who in the...? Justin?"

He smiled.

"OH MY GOD! ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK? You look...I'M SPEECHLESS!" Her tired eyes took a tour if his delicious looking features. She rubbed her eyes trying to believe what she was seeing was true. It wasn't that he wasn't beautiful before, he had just enhanced all of his qualities and was looking finer than she could have ever imaged possible. "STUNNING!" She blurted, shaking her head.

He stared up at the ceiling and laughed. "Well, thank you."

He was just glowing before her. His outfit consisted of a pair of brown leather, tight-fitting pants. He had on a white shirt, which fitted him like skin, and his outfit was topped off with a brown leather shirt. His hair was trying to grow out some, and he was wearing it spiked wildly with gel. The buckle on his belt caught her attention. It was glittery. "WOW! You just look like on big human diamond or something...just blinding! Dazzling! Beautiful!"

He took a seat next to her on the bed and laughed. "So, I look okay? I was trying to dress impressive this morning."

She nodded childishly. "Yeah, and WHERE are you going DRESSED like that? HEAVEN? Isn't it illegal to wear a shirt that tight? And those pants are just as bad." She yawned as quickly as she could to stare at him some more.

"I have a date." He said looking into her eyes.

"A DATE WITH WHO? You never dressed up like that for me." She asked, fully sitting up.

His hand rubbed her thigh. "Those five girls that beat you up last night."

Her eyes lit up in astonishment. "WHAT? Why are you going out with them? I AM your wife, not them."

"Your not my wife YET, Kim." He said playfully. "And don't worry. I'm not going out on a date with them because I want to. I'll explain everything to you when I get back. Alright? Now do I look okay? Fit for a formal breakfast?"

She straightened his shirt, even if it didn't need it. "You look inhuman. Thats how magnificent you look." She removed the JRT necklace, that she brought him, from around his neck and put it around hers. "I would take the necklace off, because it's screaming. Yo, I'm too cool! Besides, we wear too much diamonds. People are going to think was are conceded. Your belt is shiny enough. You don't need the necklace."

He nodded. "Thank you, honey."

"Your welcome. You just look so gorgeous." She sighed with heavy eyes. "A DATE with the girls that beat me up, now that is interesting. I can't wait until you explain this one."

"HAHA! I can't wait to explain it either, and don't worry. I won't go to jail or anything..."

She touched his hair. "Just look at you. You look like a rock star or something. Your going to burn up with that leather shirt on though."

He stoked the side of her face. "No I won't. It will be only sixty something today. How are you feeling this morning?"

She giggled and held his hand to her face. "Oh, yeah...last night. I'm sorry, Justin. I know I may have hurt you. I didn't mean to..."

"Don't worry about it." He said closing his eyes, trying to prevent the conversation.

"But are YOU okay?"

"I THINK I am. I HOPE I am." His eyebrows raised when he enthused a word. "I wasn't talking about that, Kim. I wanted to know if you were okay from the fight?"

She shook her head. "NO! I hurt ALL over! And I'm not doing anything today except sleep. I don't even want to look at myself. There is no telling how many bruises I have. Especially on my knee."

He pulled the covers back over her. "I understand, baby girl. You go back to sleep."

He helped her rest herself back, and she laid back down. "Sleep? I just might go into a COMA, with all that DAMN 'Woods' you got on. I'm sorry, Justin. I am SO sick of that smell. It just makes me wanna be sick! It's on everything. We change the sheets constantly, the smell is STILL on the bed. It's on everything. If people walk into this room, it's the first thing they smell. You should wear something else! Blah!"

He chuckled and leaned in closer to her. "OKAY! Don't have a cow. I heard ya! I really need to be going. Can I get a kiss before I go?"

He eyes wrinkled. "What's that in your mouth?"

"A wint-O-mint. Want it?"

"I haven't brushed my teeth yet. I probably need it."

His head shook. "You? Nope! But you can have it if you want it. HINT HINT! Okay, I just want some tongue. I want to kiss you so bad. Please take the mint from my mouth. Please?" Her face slowly drew closer to his. He pulled back when she was too close. When her eyes fluttered with questioning, her gabbed her by the neck and lapped his tongue into her mouth. He gently pulled it back to ease the mint into her mouth. " taste like...SNICKERS this morning. YUM!" He licked her cheek to confirm his result. "Yup, definitely Snickers."

She gave him a hesitant look. "Your weird, Justin. And gross! Lickin' me like I'm some dog." She wiped her mouth off. "I hope your tongue is FREE enough. For a second I thought you were trying to go up my nostril and you were putting yourself inside of me.

There was a pause from her wrong wording. They stared into each other's eye's with no movement, until Justin laughed. "Whoops. Looks like you stated that the wrong way. Putting myself inside of you." He coughed. "Um...yeah. Anyways, next!"

She crunched on the mint he gave her and closed her eyes with the covers hugged to her. "Get out of here, Justin. And go on your date. I don't know what it up with it, but I'm placing my trust in you."

They shared a slow kiss before Justin got up to leave. "You sleep all day if you need to, baby girl. I'll warn Natasha to bring Jade in here when she is about to go."

She stared him down as he exited the room. "Okay. Have fun, baby." She sucked air in threw her teeth. "Look at that nice butt." She whispered to herself with a giggle.

"I heard that, Kim." He laughed and blew a kiss at her as he closed the door behind him. "Bye, sweetheart." He stopped in the hall to take his keys out of his pocket. Coming right around the corner was Natasha, fully dressed and clothed. He held himself to the wall and gasped. After what happened, he didn't know if he could face her.

She smiled before him. "Good morning, Justin. Are you feeling better?"

He nodded frequently and was trembling.

"Don't look so shaken. It's not like you never saw a woman before. It's okay. In my country we have nudie beaches, and my boyfriend took me to one once. I wasn't nudie though. And don't worry. I won't tell HIM about you seeing me. I should have dressed more appropriately." She kissed him on the cheek. "Now, I am attempting to GO into the kitchen to fix me some food. Is that okay? I know about the counters and everything. Any other secrets of the kitchen I should know about? What happen to those counters anyway? Did you and Kim have sex on them or something?"

His voice became high pitched. "NO! No one will ever know EXACTLY what happened. Just don't eat on them. You couldn't possibly understand..."


His brown boots paced modernly against the velvet carpet. A glass door closed shut behind him. He was directed to his position by a tall and old aged man. "There you are, sir." He said with a nod. He handed him a menu. "A waiter will be with you shortly."

"Thank you." Before he could sit down all five girls stood up. They appeared to be hyperventilating and throbbing with awe. "Hey ladies." He said in a friendly and sexy manner.

"He showed!"

"Yeah. It's really him!"

"He's so fucking fine!"

They had to use their hands to make fans. "It's really you." Alicia spoke. "OH MY GOD!"





"Oh shit! I think I'm going to fucking cry or something." Alicia blurted.

He cleared his throat and since he was standing, he shook their hands. "Justin. Twenty-one. And you are?"

"Victoria! Twenty." The red head said, with a obsessed giggle.

Justin kissed her on the cheek. "Nice to meet you. And you are?"

"Shauna! Nineteen. You are so fine, Justin."

He kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you. So are you. And you are?"

"Tiffany! I'm twenty-one, just like you." Her eyes were nearly watering.

"Aww, don't cry." He kissed her on the cheek.

"I'm Emily and I'm nineteen. Your Justin and your God!"

He kissed her on the cheek and quivered his head. "That is not true." His eyes then met Alicia's. The girl that was in charge of Kim's beating. It took all of his strength to keep from slapping her. "Alicia?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him. "Hi, Justin. You smell and look so fucking gorgeous."

He held her and laughed. "Well, thanks. I think we should sit down." He sat his menu down in front of him. Alicia sat to the right of him and Tiffany sat to the left of him.

A waiter approached them. "Hello. May I assist you with your order?"

Justin spoke for everyone. "Give us the most expensive plate on the menu. With orange juice of course."

The male waiter wrote the order down on a small pad in his hand. "Very well." He nodded, collected the menus, and left.

Justin moved his chair up closer to the table and folded his hands. "This is just such a nice restaurant. The finest in Orlando. How are you ladies doing?" He asked, smiling. All of them were gazing at him in the most dream-like way.

"Good." They sighed, inching their faces closer to him. To get a closer view of his vividly beautiful face.

"So, why did you choose to meet us this morning?" Emily asked. "Alicia wouldn't say."

He glanced down at the table cloth because their stares were making him uncomfortable. "I chose to meet you because my wife...I mean, Kim is such a bitch." His voice was toned to where only they could hear him. He took a sip of water, which was in a glass in front of his face. "I don't think I can have a relationship with her. It just WON'T work. She is seriously such a bitch. We can't stand each other. I don't think she is the right girl for me. You guys are just so beautiful and sweet. And Kim, don't forget how FAKE she is."

Alicia placed her hand on Justin's thigh under the table.

"Right on, Justin. She really is fake." Shauna said, laughing. "That bitch is so fake."

He continued. "Yeah, and she is. And her clothes. The clothes she wears are just hoe to the next level. She might be selling herself for money for all I know." He crossed his fingers, because talking about his wonderful love in such a way broke his heart.

In one movement Alicia's hand enter the top of his pants. No one took notice to what she was doing except him.

Slowly his head turned towards her. As tense as his lower body became from her touch, he managed moved her hand away.

"Nice belt, Justin."

"Thanks." His face moved in closer to hers. "I'd like to keep it on if you don't mind."

Her lips touched his ear. "Alright. I could take you back to my place. I'd love to fuck you, Justin. Ohhh, baby." She moaned, her hand wandering back up his leg

"I'll keep that in mind." He moved her hand down.

"I'd love to suck..."

"OKAY! SO! You are the lovely ladies that beat Kim up. Tell me about that! She won't really tell me anything. I bet what happened is funny as hell."

The girls all laughed. "Yeah, it was pretty funny. Alicia is crazy. She kicked the bitch Kim in the stomach, and then pushed her." Tiffany laughed, and smiled warmly at Justin.

"Yeah, then we all pushed her." Victoria said.

"HAHA! Yeah! And I punched her in the stomach. HAHAHAHAHA!" Emily cried out.

The laughter at the table grew louder.

"Yeah, and then I fucking tripped her ass. She was holding her stomach. I put my foot out and she fell right on her fucking face. I kicked her in the crotch with my shoe. HAHA!" Alicia said bluntly. All the girls at the table laughed madly.

Justin couldn't convince himself to laugh. In fact, he just wanted to cry. "I DON'T GET WHAT'S SO DAMN FUNNY!" He pounded his fist on the table. Accidentally, he let some of his anger leak out of him. The girl seized laughing and studied his confused face closely. He needed to cover up for the slip. He thought about Kim, and the bearded lady story she was telling him. Her facial expression was so cute as she was trying to explain. She was so funny and one of the very few people that could make him laugh. He chuckled a few times. She was so cute when she stumbled across the kitchen holding herself, claiming to be a thug, when she had carpis on. He broke down laughing. "OH...MY...GOD! THAT...IS...SO...HAHAHA!" The girls thought he was laughing about the damage they had done to Kim. "Bearded woman? Hell naw!" He thought to himself. He didn't know why, but the image of Kim with a bread kept popping into his mind. He laughed even harder and his face brightened to the color of red. The beard on Kim began to grow and grow, he then began to image her combing the beard. His head slumped over and he laid it against the table cloth. A hand held his stomach. "OH GOD! THAT IS HILARIOUS!"

Tiffany and Alicia rubbed his back. "Are you okay?" They asked at the same time.

He wasn't able to talk at this point. He just laughed louder.

"Oh, Justin. If you think that is funny, wait until you hear about when I fucking stabbed her in the back with my pin sharp heel. I ripped out some of her hair and slapped her. I kept on slapping her and then I threw her to the rest of my girls to take care of her. HAHA! That was funny."

Three waiters placed down plates of food. Tiffany had to physically lift Justin up so his plate could be placed down. Their breakfast meals were beautifully organized and decorated with pizzazz and color to the extreme. "WOW! This IS a nice restaurant." Victoria said.

Justin watched the waiters put their orange juice glasses down, and he snatched up his water and swallowed the whole glass down at once. "I'm CRYING, I've been laughing so hard." He glared at his plate. Everything looked great to him, and immediately he dug in. The girls mocked him and ate a bite only when he did. He cackled a few times with a closed mouth. "Too funny, man. Too funny."

Alicia picked at her plate and was too nervous to eat. "I told you we would have beat her some fucking more if I knew you would appreciate it. HAHA! God, your so red, Justin. Are you okay?"

He nodded. "I am. Thank you for asking."

"So, Justin. Why are you with the slut Kim anyway?" Emily asked.

He shrugged. "Don't know."

"You do realize she's a slut don't you?"

He nodded again.

"Yeah. I mean, did you see what she wore to the party? Can we say tasteless? A mini skirt and a bra to show off those FAKE boobs of hers." Everyone except Justin laughed with Emily.

"Yeah. I SO know what you mean Em. And she was at Lance Bass' party totally fucking another guy. I was there. She is a fucking bitch." Alicia said, smiling flirtatiously at Justin.

He decided to play along with her infatuation and he winked. "It wasn't Lance Bass' party. It was JC's party, sweetheart." To make it seem like he was attracted to her, he stopped eating and stared into her eyes.

"Oh my God! Are you going to hook up with Alicia, Justin? She told us that you might." Shauna asked.

"Shut up, bitch. I didn't SAY that." She really did. All she wanted was one kiss from Justin. Since he was gazing at her as if he wanted her, she took it upon herself to forward her head slightly. She almost jumped for joy when his face neared towards hers. Her lips headed even closer to her.

"We'll see about that." He said, answering Shauna's question. He was pushing the distance between them. "It depends."

Alicia was almost out of breath. Having him kiss her on the lips just might kill her. "On what?"

"It depends on what Alicia can do for my...heart." His sweet whispered tainted her nose.

"I'd do anything for you, Justin!"

"It depends on what Alicia can do for body..." He retreated his head back and slumped in his chair. He almost laughed at the disappointed look her face gave off from his sudden absence.

She felt somewhat stupid and cleared her throat so the situation would be ignored. "ANYWAYS, it's not like that fucking bitch Kim gives you anything. I KNOW I can give you more than that piece of white shit covered trash. Let me guess Justin you brought your own engagement ring...HAHA! I bet you did."

Tiffany laughed. "Yeah. She's like a leech. She has attached herself to you, Justin. And instead of sucking blood from you. She's sucking cash. Since she's a slutty prostitute I bet she sucks other things, but I won't get into that, now will I?"

"And then she's just ugly, Justin. Kim is so fake that she is just ugly. UGH! How come you have to be with such a perfectly fake person? We love you, Justin. Not her. We love you for the real and loving person that you are. Not just because you make so much money or because you are cute." Emily stated.

He had to laugh at her comment, before sipping his juice. "You love me for the loving person that I am? How do you know me though. We have never met. How do you know me so personally?"

She giggled. "I see you on TV and at concerts and stuff."

He coughed dramatically. "Yeah. I guess you would know more about me than Kim does, since I ONLY live with her. Do any of you have boyfriends?"

They all gave him the same look. "I'll answer this for everybody..." Alicia began.

He interrupted her. "Ha! Are you like the leader of the pack or something? You seem to always 'take' control of everyone. Not to be rude of anything. I was just wondering."

She laughed with her hand over her mouth. "Yup. I guess you could say that. I am basically the fucking leader. I am like the 'brain' of the group. Unfortunately some of the other girls appear to be...slow! HAHA!" She laughed for a few seconds by herself. "Like I was saying, every single one of us has boyfriends. But fuck our boyfriends. We are sitting with Justin Timberlake. Guys come and go. Justin Timberlake's don't."

"Yeah." Everyone agreed.

"Who wouldn't want to go out for breakfast in this nice ass restaurant with Justin Timberlake? And he's HOT and smells good. He has talent. He's sweet." Victoria listed things about him.

"God. You all are taking about me, as if I don't exist. Hola! I'm sitting right here." He ate more of the eggs off of his plate.

"One more thing about Kim I can't stand..." Alicia began randomly. "She had a baby by you just to keep you. That POOR baby! She is going to have to grow up with that slut for a mother. I can only imagine how difficult life is going to be for her when she's growing up. Kim will never make a fucking good mother. She is too fake."

This was a wake up call for Justin. This was enough. He sat with the dimwitted bimbos long enough. And he couldn't take another second of it. It was his turn now. It was his turn to get them back. It was his turn to be the bitch. He pushed his plate away and folded his hands for the second time of the day.

His serious stature caught the girls attention, and they hushed to wait for the point he was proving.

They had their fun talking about Kim and making fun of her, but he couldn't hear another word of it.  And he almost hated himself for acting as if he hated her. What really got to him about the girls surrounding him, was how they mentioned Jade. And how they mentioned Kim wouldn't be a good mother.

Kim. She was his baby. She was his heart. She was...everything. The world would be nothing to him without her. She may not be able to analyze their love as he could, but she felt it and knew it was there. He did too. And it didn't matter how many temptations were out in the real world, he would always be drawn to her. He could never love anyone as much as he loved her. Sadly, not even himself. "All the things that I've said to you this morning were complete lies." He said with an arrogant smile. He was trying to stay calm and placid, although his foot was tapering against the floor in anguish.

The girls gasped at what he said.

"Thats right. All LIES!" They could tell he was getting angry. "Now, then. Would you like to hear more LIES or the TRUTH?"

Emily swallowed hard. "The...the truth."

He gave each of them a cold three-second stare. "Okay." His smile began to look more agitated than happy. "Your a bitch. Your a bitch. Your a bitch. Your a bitch. And your a bitch." He pointed at every one of the girls.

All of their eyes widened and they were shocked speechless.

"My God! ALL of you are ugly!" He snapped towards Alicia. "Especially you. You are the UGLIEST of all your little followers. Ya'll may have beautiful faces and nice bodies, but your ugly! Point blank. You want to know why? have...NO heart." A hand covered the area of his. "You have no heart. You took a innocent person, who was having fun, and beat her up for loving me? Do you know how incredibly WRONG that was? All of you are extremely ignorant. Kim is not a bitch. Kim is not a slut. Kim is simply the word: beautiful. She has INNER beauty. Unlike any of YOU!. She did not deserve what you did to her. She is in NO way fake! You don't know what the hell you are talking about. How can you HATE someone for being perfect? She can't help what she is! And it PISSES me off to know that you claim her to be a bad person. That is bull shit. You say all those things that I do for her and YET you leave out what she has done for me. You don't understand, that I am NOT with her. SHE IS WITH ME! She give me the privilege of loving her. I AM THE LUCKY PERSON SHE GIVES HER LOVE TO! She doesn't need me for a damn thing. None of you know what the hell your talking about. Kim not only gives me materialistic items, such as the NEW necklace I've been sporting lately, she gives me advice. She gives me opinions. She gives me support. SHE GIVES ME IMPORTANCE! SHE GIVE ME ALL THESE THINGS AND EVEN SUFFERS A BEATING FOR ME! She let you beat her up because she loved me TOO much to say she didn't. That hurt me so bad when she told me that. It hurts. Because I love her so much and I told her things would get better. They didn't. Here I am calling myself protecting her, and she gets beat up by stupid people like YOU!" He pointed at all of them. "WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU? NOTHING! SO WHY DO YOU HATE HER SO MUCH?" He laughed. "Oh your jealous? Thats what it is. You think you can beat her up. My baby, and get away with it?" He waved a finger at them. "Don't think so! Sorry, but it don't work like that. You! ALL of YOU need to apologize to Kim. TO HER FACE! I'm not kidding. You beat her up for no reason. Your are going to apologize for it."

"Well, do we do that?" Alicia asked.

"Tomorrow I'm taking her to the coffee shop on Seawall road, at ten AM. You better be there. And don't try to fuck me over, because you see. Your little hater beating left bruises on my baby girl. I'm going to take pictures of them, just so I can remember the things you did to her. If you try not to show, I'll call my friends...the COPS! Yes, thats right. The COPS! AND I'LL PRESS CHARGES AGAINST YA! Assault charges are nice...don't ya think?" He winked evilly. "We don't want to have to make this a police matter now would we?" He laughed. "Oh come on. Ya'll are NO fun! You were laughing so hard earlier, about when you slapped Kim and made her fall on her face. Why aren't you laughing now? Feel bad maybe?" None of the girls were facing him. They were all looking down. "Thats what I thought. You SHOULD be ashamed of yourselves. You are a bunch of deranged and cruel bitches. You aren't real fans of mine. Your WORSE than teeny boppers. Your abusive oldie boppers. Thats pathetic. Oh, and about her outfit last night. You have a problem with it you can say it to me, because I picked out what outfit she wore. I basically MADE her wear it last night. Still want to bitch about it? I'm right here! I refuse to tell her what to wear. After all she went through last night? It's not worth her getting injured because she is wearing an outfit I enforced her to wear. HA! And you got a nerve to TALK about Kim's outfit! Look at you all right NOW! Every last one of you look like hoe's. Especially you, Shauna! Lookin' like a broke down 'Lil Kim."

Instantly she got loud and sparked up. "Oh, no the HELL you didn't! You don't know me. You DON'T know me, Justin. Don't make me get ghetto on your ass."

"You ain't doing shit. I'm not scared of you. Sit your ass down!"


He got more comfortable in his seat and rolled his eyes followed by slamming his fist on the table. "YOU AREN'T DISRESPECT KIM AND HIT HER FOR NO FUCKING REASON! Now sit your ass down!"



They were receiving strange glances from the waiters.

Shauna sat down and Emily held her hand to comfort her. "No...he can't just say those things. Calling me a broke down 'Lil Kim. Hump!" 

"Yeah. Who do you think you are, Justin?" Victoria asked. "You don't have to insult us. Since you want to be so mean I have something to tell you. You are so look girly. Your attracted to the same sex and your using Kim as a cover up, aren't you?"

He chuckled and stared down the table. He pointed a finger at her. "Somebody down there needs an INFLATE!" He nodded. "Oh, yeah. I can understand why you are jealous of Kim. Victoria, baby. You can't wear revealing dresses like that if you don't actually have something in it to reveal."

She crossed her arms and huffed.

"Aww, shut up, Justin." Tiffany spat. "Mister LANKY!"

He shook his head at her. "Tisk, tisk. I can see why you are jealous of Kim too. Miss Sag! You need a PUSH-UP! BAD! And I don't mean the Flintstones ice-cream. Oops my boobs sagged again. Their down to my knees. Got lost in my shoes. Oh, babe-babeah!" He smirked at her.

Tiffany was so offended, she started to cry.

His head turned towards Alicia. "Oh, and I recommend that you buy a dictionary! There are millions of other words besides fuck! I thought I would tell you that." He was so angry that he was smiling. "I just want you to know that I'm sorry for the jokes. But I had to sink to your immature levels for a minute. One last thing ladies. You know, just in case you try to get revenge. You can jump me if you like. I don't care. You can hate me. Threaten to KILL me! Tell the media how MEAN I am! You can beat me up right now, but you will never jump Kim again because..." He stood up in the almost empty and fancy restaurant and snapped his finger.

Hiding behind a newspaper a few tables back was Mike. He stood up and stepped behind Justin.

Justin snapped his fingers again. Lonnie appeared from a nearby booth and he stood behind him as well.

"Like my sexual chocolate? I dare you to hit Kim again. Especially while these guy are guarding her." He rubbed his hands together and sighed. "Well, I really drug you all the way to this restaurant to tell you the things I spoke about for about five minutes. The kisses, the flirting, and the 'I want a new girlfriend comments' weren't real. Sorry. I was just leading you on. By the way. Thanks for the breakfast. I hope you girls have money! About a hundred dollars a plate is pretty expensive when six people have eaten." He chuckled and turned away. "I'll see you tomorrow! Bye-bye!"

The five girls sat at the table emotionless, speechless, and blink-less. One was crying. He got them very good. And physical contact wasn't even involved. And who was going to pay for the over pricey food? No wonder he wanted to get everything in the most expensive availably.

Justin laughed himself out of the door of the restaurant, following Mike and Lonnie. "Thanks for meeting me here guys."

Both of them laughed. "No prob, J. That sagging crack...that one got me." Lonnie said, hanging his head down to laugh. "OH JESUS! Down to her knees?"

"Yeah, HAHA! That was sad as hell what you did to those girls." Mike laughed along with Lonnie. "Are you going to need us anymore for today?"

"I don't think so... Just kidding! I just remembered I do. I need to make a stop at the mall."


He sprinkled a few more over her now exposed body. His final touch. He placed a pink rose in her hand and his lips stamped against her cheek.

He quietly resisted her, so that she could continue to rest in peace. He was going to exit the room, but before he could get to the door her eyes gleamed open. "Justin?" She whispered. Her eyes were scanning around for him hesitantly. "Justin, are you there?" She asked softly. She couldn't see him because her head was angled downward against the bed. She sat up and watched the rose petals fall off of her. Her hand gripped the thornless rose tighter. A hand felt up in her hair. She had live flowers braided in a piece of her hair. It was like waking up in a dream world. Roses and their petals covered the bed entirely. Jade was covered in them as well.

Justin made himself visible to her. "Good afternoon, baby girl."

"Ahhhhhhh! Don't do that! You almost gave me a heart attack this morning, but now this? What are you trying to do? Make me have an orgasm or something? I've told you about those wife beaters, Justin." He was now wearing a comfortable blue wife beater, with a Japanese symbol on it. He was wearing comfortable white sweatpants, and she didn't know why, but he was looking finer than normal today.

He went to her and sat down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes were smaller than usual, only because they were half shut with sleep. She was looking usual. "Have a orgasm? You have my permission. Justin think nothing is sexier than the look on Kim face while she is having an orgasm."

She giggled. "Your caveman talk is cute. Your lucky I'm too tired to hit you for what you said. Not in front of the baby, Justin. I don't care if she's sleeping."

"I'm sorry." His face snuck itself to hers and spoke against her lips. "I love you."

"I love you too." She whispered back. "All of this for me, Justin? All of the beautiful roses and petals. Thank you. You really need to stop spoiling me. Thank you so much. This is an unbelievable thing to wake up to. Thank you, baby."

He kissed her lips and continued to speak against them. "Your welcome." Their conversation remained very soft and intimate.

"God, you are so amazing. And I love you so much. You braided flowers in my hair. Your so beautiful. I feel like like the girl in America Beauty, except flowers don't shoot out of my shirt, you lay them on me. Where do you get all the rose petals anyway? How long have you been home?"

Their faces were so close their eyes were almost touching. And as they made contact, nothing was seen by either of the two, except pure blue. "I have my ways of getting things. And about an hour." Since his lips were already on hers, he considered it a kiss. "You don't taste like Sinckers anymore, Kim. I don't kind of taste like brownies."

She shoved his chest weakly. "Shut up, Justin." Her arms stretched. "I am SO tired and I don't know why."

Justin used more space on the bed, then laid back. He pulled Kim on top of him so they could talk. "Exhaustion maybe? You are not as innocent as you look." He laughed. "You look about ten, and act about thirty. No comment on last night. How are you feeling?"

Her fingers toyed with the accessible rose petals. "My side hurts really bad, but I'm feeling much better. I'm just kind of hurt emotionally. It's hard to face the reality that people may actually hate me. Well, my parents hated me a lot. So know bigger there." His lips were in reach and she kissed them.

His hand rubbed her side gently. "I'm sorry, sweetie. Last night should have never happened."

She smiled, and he captured the vibrant white sheen her teeth gave. "It's okay. What I want to know is. What was the 'date' thing about?  I don't understand why you would take girls out that beat me up."

He laughed. "To make a long story short. I pretended our relationship was bad and that I didn't love you. The girls met me for breakfast. I was acting like I was so into them, and that I was looking for a new love. They were just so dumb I had fun playing with them. After a while I told them off, and then I warned them not to hit you again. I almost got into a fight with one girl. Of course I had to show off Mike and Lonnie. And then I left the restaurant. HAHA! And I didn't pay for the food." Him and Kim both laughed. "It's kind of sad though, baby girl. I feel really bad now, for doing that. I think I'm going to give them their money back. Griffin does know them and he is rich. So, they are probably wealthy girls. They were wearing designer clothes and had nice cars. But yeah...they felt really bad for what they did. I could tell by the look on their faces." His fingers played with hers.

"Thanks for standing up for me Timberlake. Thats one hell of a plan. You DID all of that just to tell them to back off...haha. Did I ever tell you how much I loved you?"

He nodded. "Did I ever tell you how much I want to make out with you?"

"No." She said jokingly.

"Well, I want to make out with you. And I..." She kissed him hungrily, just as he wanted. Kim was a very soft and slow moving person, but she was also very persuasive. And she used her strong point as an advantage, and climbed over him. She clutched his hands and held them above his head. He was getting more out of the kiss than he had bargained for, and he couldn't help but moan in her mouth. His eyes opened for one second. And in that one second, he noticed Jade was staring right at him and Kim's activity. He turned his head to the side and broke the kiss. "She's...her eyes scared the hell out of me. They are so blue and they REALLY stand out. She's just watching us. Next thing you know, she'll be testing kisses on her teddy bears."

Kim took to the side of him. "Your right...haha."

"And oh look. She's throwing up all in our bed...she really throwing up. She's REALLY REALLY throwing up. We've got some sheets to change, Kim."

She picked up Jade and wiped her mouth using her own shirt. "Yeah. We definitely need to change the sheets. Can you hold her?"

Justin took the baby and within seconds of holding her, she threw up. "You got a towel or something? A blanket? Where's her blanket?" Kim handed it to him. "Thanks. I'm going to lay her down in her crib, so I can help you changed the bed." He brought Jade into her room and set her in her warm crib. When he made it back to the bedroom, Kim already had new sheets in hand.

"Yes, Justin. They are Hilfiger. Please don't rub it in, about the Hilfiger." She said referring to the sheets.

He laughed and scratched his head. "Actually I want to talk to you about something. No, TELL you something." He nailed her hands and forced her to sit down on the bare bed with him.

"Ut ohhhh! What did you do now, Justin?"

He sighed. "I know."

"Did you kiss one of those girls on the lips or something while you were acting?"

He shook his head in honesty. "No, just on the cheek. One of them tried to stick their hand in my pants though..."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, really?" One of her fingers played with his necklace, that hung sloppily on her neck.

"Yeah. And I told her to stop."


He kissed her hands angelically. "First, I wanted to just say, all those lies I told those girls when I said I disliked you were NOT true. I LOVE you, and you know that." His eyes viewed the ceiling. "I hope God forgives me for bad mouthing you." He kissed her on the cheek next. "The other thing I wanted to tell you was. This morning, I was trying to call Griffin to get Alicia's number. I didn't want you to hear the conversation or the one with her, because I didn't want you to hear me say you are a slut and I hate you and all of that. I went into a guest bedroom to talk privately. I went into a room and sat down on the bed. Next thing I know NATASHA sat up. And, Kim...I...I. Let me just say it. I saw her naked from the stomach up, because she had on one of those see-through bras. You have some, you know? And I feel awful for that. I know that we are getting married and all of that and I'm not suppose to see other women like that." He dropped her hands and put one over his face. It was already burning with blush. "That is so embarrassing. I have to tell you everything and be honest. I just stood there and looked for a few seconds. I had went into shock or something because I would have never expected to see her like that. I haven't seen another woman that up close and personal since I met you. So, I was scared."

"It's okay, Justin." Kim said with a giggle. Her fingers now twirled the braid Justin created in her hair with flowers.

"I'm so sorry. And that is just embarrassing..." He covered his face entirely with his hands. "How can I face her now? I should have knocked on the door. Oh, and when I first went into the room I sat down on the bed and I sat on her leg. I was touching it to figure out what it was, but I didn't know it was her and she was under the covers. So, I was not trying to seduce her or anything...And also I had your drool stains on my shirt, and she thought they were something else and I took my shirt off because I was even more embarrassed. And I think she saw me. I was just wearing my boxers. I'm pretty sure she got a look at me. HUMILIATING!"

She laughed harder. "It's OKAY, Justin!" She tried to pull his hands from his face.

He turned to her. "Why are you so okay with this? I saw another woman basically naked today. And she saw ME!"

She shrugged. "Because you were innocent to what happened and your a guy. Guys will be guys." She decided to play with him a bit and make him feel worse. "Justin if WE weren't going out would you date Natasha?"

He hid his head down. "She has a boyfriend."

She tried to hide her smile. "Fair enough. If we weren't together and Natasha didn't have a boyfriend would you ask her on a date or hit on her?" She poked at his hard chest with her finger. "Justin, take your hands from your face and answer me." She sniggled. She was not serious about the question, and only asked it to make him blush more.

He pulled his hand from his face, and tried to look her in the eyes without smiling in embarrassment. "I wish I was a good lair. That way I wouldn't have to be so honest." He sighed. "Yes, I guess I would." He said nodding.

"You are so red, Justin. HAHA!" She kissed him on the cheek. "I'm not mad at you at all, baby. It's about time. I mean it's about time you realize I am not the only woman left on earth. I have to admit. I'm kind of jealous though. I remember that time you said Natasha was cute. And I know you think she is. But as of today you realize she is 'bigger' than me too. You realized that, didn't you?"

His face was burning even more. He rubbed it with his hands to try to rid his embarrassment.

She poked him some more. "Yup you noticed it. Thats kind of cool you aren't blinded by our love anymore. Well, maybe you are. Just not when it comes to certain things HAHAHA!" She sat over his lap. "I love you, Justin."

He shook his head. "Natasha maybe cute and all of that. But my heart is stuck with you, babe. Forever" He kissed her on the lips. "God that is SO embarrassing! What kind of morning start did I have? My face hurts I'm blushing so hard." He laughed at himself. His outburst stopped when he stared into Kim's eyes. Her shimmering eyes, her slightly parted lips and her beating heart were all evidence. Evidence that he had fell in love with her all over again.

Chapter 45

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