Chapter 43 note- This chapter is long. Let it load!

August 24, 2002 (four days later)

Long and blonde strands panted in the wind. Two sturdy arms held the replicated bundle of joy. She blinked uncommonly as her eyes reconciled with the blinding dawn of the day-breaking sun. Kim manipulated one hand to stabilize a pale pink blanket around Jade firmly. Her and Justin walked hand and hand, towards the mandatory building. "Thank you, baby. For the wonderful brunch. We haven't went out for a while and I enjoyed myself. Thank you."

His hand slithered from hers and associated itself to her waist. He applied a tug, and kissed her on the lips. "Your welcome, baby."

His fabulous savoring breath floated around her nose. "God, what are you chewing? It smells so good."

He flaunted her the substance with his two rows of teeth. "Polar Ice. I better be careful though. I'm due to grow fake polar bear hair at any second now."

She giggled. "Your so crazy. Would you happen to have another piece of that Polar Ice?"

"I sure do." He said patting his pocket. "But in order to get some gum from me you are going to have to use your lips, teeth, and tongue." His lips contused over hers.

Kim dislocated a hand from holding Jade, and used it to hold Justin's cheek as her tongue invaded his cool and temperate mouth. He purposely released his mouth wider to enable her to the piece of gum. Kim was able to find the piece of gum, and she bit down into it with her teeth. Justin's mouth closed around hers and he resisted when she did, to help her break off a piece of the gum. After a few kiss-n-pulls she was able to steal a piece of the gum to her mouth successfully.

Justin's lips reached hers once again and he kissed her with passion. "Thats a good girl." His fingers were ridding misplaced gloss from under her lower lip. He kissed her on the lips afresh. "I love you, baby girl."

She kissed him on the arm as they advanced with their feet. "I love you too."

He held the door of the building open for Kim and Jade. "Hopefully, this won't be long." Justin wished, placing a hand on her lower back. He used his hand to provoke her through the building. "Does this place look familiar to you?"

She nodded positively. "Yup. This is the special place you wanted to show me when we first met. This is where you recorded your album and have dance rehearsals."

Justin chuckled. "Yup. This is also where Johnny's office is. As you can tell, by this huge building, he is making it big."

As they walked, people stopped to stare at them. It didn't matter how many conflicts they encountered, or how many horrible things they seasoned in their private lives. On the outside they looked perfect. Justin, Kim, and Jade all looked perfect and it was 'that' that possessed peoples attention. People wanted to find the slightest error in their appearance and aspect, but it wasn't possible because they resembled perfect.

And others had a right to believe they were stuck up. To a degree they were. As they ingressed into the management building, they said nothing to anyone and completely ignored the bodies around them. Matters as simple as the look upon their faces made them seem arrogant, and how they always seemed so serious. Another factor. Their walk. As they walked, nothing shown more than confidence and self righteous pride. They were only humans, but such dominance was absorbed from them.

Justin's hand persisted to lead Kim through the building. The way his hand attached to her lower back, proved how loving he was. His public displays of affection showed everyone how Kim had sentimental value to him. She was more than just a fiancÚ. She was his heart. She was him.

Some were sick of seeing them so perfect. Kim continued to switch in her casual pink dress. Justin was wearing black leather pants, and a black Versace shirt, which hugged his chest muscles and consisted of a design made of broken razor blades, on the front. Jade was wearing a pink dress to match Kim. And did they have enough diamonds? Diamonds were flashing off of them like night time stars. They were dressed up more than usual, but only because they went out for brunch earlier.

Kim inverted her head to the side and stared at Justin, as the elevator they were in proceeded up levels. "Justin, you look so good. I love your shirt. Although, I don't know why Versace chose to use RAZOR blades to make a fashion statement. Out of all things, why razor blades? Oh, let me guess. It's a shirt and self defense device in one? I'm scared to hug you, 'cus you just MIGHT cut me. A shirt and a weapon in one." She giggled.

Justin laughed. "Yup, I may need to cut someone today. So, I'm prepared for that. You look amazing, Kim. I know I always say that. but you really look amazing. You look so divine in your cute 'pink' dress. It's encompasses your breasts in the most elegant way. And still, you look trendy."

Her neck dashed back. "Oh, is that a compliment? Because I'm highly offended over here."

He laughed again. "You'll get over it. And this is where we get off. Floor "D"." He let her exit the elevator first, before holding her by her waist.

"I sure hope Jade doesn't decide to have a throwing up problem. It would just ruin my day if she puked on the dress I am wearing."

"Keep the blanket wrapped around her, she'll be fine. She's getting use to being bottle fed. At first I think it was the bottles that were making her sick, but she's doing better." He grinned evilly as he slid his hand down her body and pinched her. "Sorry, I couldn't resist you and your sexy walk."

She jumped and slapped his hand. "HEY! Speaking of obsessions. You've been be acting as if you are obsessed with my butt lately, Justin. Is there a reason for that?"

He pulled her close and began to kiss her ear. "I'm obsessed with everything you have to offer. ALL of you."

Her face departed to meet his eyes, but instead she caught his tongue waving at her flirtatiously. "Justin, you SICKO! Don't make me use one of your razor blades." She laughed.

"HAHA! Good one." He winked and waved his tongue at her some more.

Kim slapped a hand over his mouth so he would get the hint to stop. "So, what does Johnny want, do you think?" She withdrew her hand so he could answer her question.

He shrugged. "I really don't know. He said something about promotion. Other than that, I'm clueless. I'm just glad he's not too upset with me for just ditching the meeting I was suppose to attend." He captured his attention off of Kim, and placed it on the things in front of him, so he could watch where he was going, and look out for Johnny's office.

Standing about five feet away from him was Nick Carter. He didn't know how to react to seeing him. He wasn't expecting it to see him at all. His anger had already emerged though. It was too late to try to calm down now. Justin's chest began to heave and he unconsciously relinquished his hand from Kim's waist. He could feel himself trembling as his anger reached it's boiling point. He bit down on his fingers to try to release the pressure and anguish. He couldn't calm himself down. The endless things he said he would do to Kim. The endless things he said he WANTED to do with her...

"I just might need my razor blades. Kim, don't walk any further, baby." He left her side and strutted over to Nick, who didn't see him coming. The closer he grew to him, the more his eyes narrowed. His hands wrathfully grappled him by the neck, and he slung him into the opposite side of the wall. He then grabbed him by the shirt, and detained him hostage to the wall. His eyes were fiery with the rawest form of anger. Because there was nothing that could disturb and agitate him more than offending Kim. "Awww, look at what I found! It's the gay ass bitch. REMEMBER WHAT I SAID I WOULD DO IF I SAW YOU! Well, I see you Nicky! HAHA!" He let him go, but only to push him. "What now, man?" He pushed him harder. This time hitting the back of his head against the wall. "WHAT YOU GONNA DO, NICKY?"

"GET OFF OF ME, JUSTIN! Your crazy!"

He laughed. "Yes, I'm glad you seem to understand. That HELL YEAH I'm CRAZY when it comes to KIM! And you can talk shit about her on the phone, right? WELL, now we are face to face and I dare you to say something about her now." He abducted him by the tip of his shirt and was breathing on him. "SAY SOMETHING! SAY HER NAME AGAIN! SO, I CAN BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOUR GAY ASS!"


"WHAT YOU GONNA GO IF I DON'T? SAY HER NAME! I DARE YOU!" He took his head and gave it a hard band up against the wall.

Nick put his hand on Justin's chest to push him away. "You need to get OFF of me, Justin. Get away!"

He laughed in his face. "I see you aren't SAYING all that stuff now. Actually, you look scared senseless, like the bitch you are. LISTEN up, GIRL! You better NOT say anything, and I mean ANYTHING about KIM EVER AGAIN! AND DON'T CALL ME TALKING SHIT YOU CAN'T BACK UP! God, you look like you are about to shit on yourself. SCARED YA, DID I? You ain't seen crazy YET. Let me hear you say Kim and see don't I beat your teeth out." He pushed him again. "Don't fuck with me, Nick. You understand?" His hand wrapped around his neck, and it jerked it as he spoke. "You just want to give Kim a bang?" Justin choked him with his hand. "I'll just slap you like the bitch you are." He slapped him across the face.

"You don't scare me, Justin." Nick said with a shaky voice.

Justin was about to walk off, but Nick discovered him and pushed him up against the wall. Justin effortlessly presented him with a hit and he fell to the ground on his knees. "Thats right. Get on the knees and be the bitch you are. Sorry, Nicky. You can't touch me, fool. I don't play that gay stuff. Find some other guy to touch. Go get that she-man Britney and do her up the ass, because I'm not the one."

Britney came out of a room, and when she saw the enraged Justin picking on Nick, she nailed her hand to Justin's arm. "You get off of HIM!"

Justin instantly forgot about Nick and was through with him. He snatched his arm away from Britney and stared at it. He had the 'oh no the hell she didn't' look on his face. He couldn't believe she actually touched him. After all he had suffered from making his mistake. She really had some nerve. There was a difference. He felt nothing when she touched him. Nothing but pure disgust. He stepped back and joined fingers with Kim, who retreated by his side. Before walking, he circulated back once more, and flicked NICK off. "Kiss my ass, BITCH!" He shouted. He was proud of himself. Proud he didn't fall for Britney, or have new feelings towards her. Proud that he didn't say anything at all to her. His head changed to Kim and he was expecting to see disappointment in her face, instead he saw a smile. It was contagious and he smiled. "Excuse my language, honey. That bitch gets my mind burning. I should of just punched him."

Kim laughed . "No you shouldn't have. You don't need anymore trouble. HAHA! He looked so scared when you got in his face. And oh my God, you knocked him down on his knees? He's lucky no on saw what happened. That is just humiliating."

He kissed her on the cheek. "Yeah. I just want you to know. I'll do anything to protect you. To even protect what people say about you, and as I've told you. He said some things he shouldn't have. I should have just punched him."

"Yeah, he better watch out. You do have a shirt on thats armed and dangerous." They both laughed.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the young and the curl-fest. Justin, what did you do to your hair, boy? You cut that dirty mop off?"

Justin and Kim both spun around. "MIKE!" They said at the same time, like cheerful children. Justin pulled Kim towards the end of the hall, back passed Nick and Britney, who were whispering to each other, and still sticking around in the hallway. "MIKE! Hey, sexual chocolate!" Justin shouted. "There you are. I've been looking for my lost son for days now!" He broke away from Kim's hand and jumped on his back.

"Get off me, Justin. Get you skinny butt off of me!"

He rubbed his bald and slick head with a grin. "Didn't ya miss me, SON?"

Mike laughed. "How are you doing, Justin?" He pulled him to his shoulder and held him there.

"I'm doing good. Why are you here? You cute little DEVIL you." He pinched Mike's cheek.

"Thats for me to know, and you to find out. I know why YOU are here though. You need to get to your meeting with Johnny. Your late."

He snickered. "What are you, Mike? A stalker? How do you always know everything about me?"

"I'm your BODYGUARD! I have people that wake me up at FOUR in the morning, just to tell me JUSTIN'S required destinations for the day, if he has any. THAT'S HOW I KNOW!"

"Can you put me down, Mike?"

He ignored him. "Hi, Kim. Your look gorgeous. I love your dress."


Kim kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Mike."

He stared down at Jade in her arms. "Awww, look at the little one. She's just growing so fast. And Lord! She looks just like Justin. Even more like him. Thats the last thing this world needs. It's doesn't need any more Timberlake's. Timberlake on my shoulder here is like a ghetto version of Dennis the Menace. You can't get no worse than that."

Justin laughed, but began to kick his feet to get free. "Hey, your my son and we look nothing alike."

"I am NOT your SON, Justin."

"Mike, I hope you know that I have a shirt on that has shiny, sharp, and metal thingies on it. Don't make me cut you, man. Don't make me CUT you!"

Mike shook Justin as he spoke. "I don't care WHAT you have on your shirt. You ain't going to cut me. 'Cus I'll take your skinny ass and snap you in half. Starting with your neck."

Justin gulped. "I was just kidding, Mike. Old buddy, old pal."

"HAHA! Let me get you to your meeting J. Come along, Kim." Mike carried Justin to Johnny's office and Kim followed. When he passed Nick Carter and Britney who were still in the hallway, he could see the tenseness among everyone. Arriving at Johnny's office door, he placed Justin on his feet. "Hey, J! How come that Nick Carter boy was looking at you so angrily? What did you do to him?"

Justin fixed up his jumbled clothing. "I slapped him across the face."

Mike's eyes widened. "You did what? Why?"

"Because he said things about Kim."

Mike checked out Justin's face, then looked at Nick who was staring at them because he knew they were talking about him, and he laughed. "HAHA! Ut ohhh, you getting bad now, Justin? HAHA! Slapped him?"

He laughed. "Yup, JUST LIKE THE BITCH HE IS!" He yelled loudly.

Mike placed his hands on, Justin's shoulders. "Do I need to call more security? I'm not really on duty right now, but do you need some protection? You won't be fighting will you?"

He shook his head. "Nah, I'm through with him. Look out for Kim just for a few minutes while I go in this meeting, will ya?"


Justin kissed Kim's lips. "Ummmm, I'll be back in a minute, baby." He kissed her tantalizing lips again, just to get another taste of her. After a delicious and self satisfying kiss, he opened the door to Johnny's office and walked inside.

Johnny was sitting at his desk with everything neatly arranged and his hands folded. "Your late, Justin." He said with a partial smile.

He took a seat in a leather chair near the desk. The leather of the seat stuck to his leather pants and made a strange sound every time he shifted. "I know I am. You know I'm ALWAYS late. There have been a few instances when I was on time, but those were all mistakes."

"Yes, I know. HA! So, Justin. You've been avoiding me and you MISSED the very first meeting we had scheduled, when I know good and well you were here. What happened?" The man with a strange southern accent asked.

"I had a few problems and I had to leave. Very PERSONAL problems, that I don't wish discussing with anyone."

"I understand. Now, Justin. The reason why I wanted to have a personal meeting with you and not the rest of the guys is because I have something I need to tell all of you, but since you have a baby and is getting married I thought I would tell you first. As you know, the new album is in the progress of being made. You know what that means, Justin. One word: PROMOTION! Just like the last album, it needs to be promoted. So, you will most-likely have to take a trip to New York and California, since that is where most of the promoting is needed, and spend a few weeks in each of those places. You did it last time, and it may need doing again. I just thought I would tell you, because you have several more responsibilities and choices to make. Like are you going to fly the baby out with you, are you going to rent an apartment, or are you going to take Kim along? All those things you have to decided. I don't know the specific days and all of that yet, but I just wanted to advise you about it."

Justin's eyes were locked to the pens on the desk. "Alright. Thanks for telling me."

Johnny nodded. "Your welcome. Another reminder. The MTV Music Awards is coming up. Don't forget about that."

He chuckled. "Oh, I didn't forget."

"One more thing, Justin. I got your wedding invitation. I just wanted to say congratulations! I can't wait to go. And also, you made a marvelous choice for a church. The church in Miami is beautiful. My sister had her wedding there."

Justin stood with a laugh. "Really? To be honest, Kim and I haven't even seen the church yet. We have the address of it on the invitations and haven't even visited it to okay it. But that's okay. I heard it was really nice also. We will probably love it."

Johnny stood up to hug him. "Well, once again. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, man. Good luck. Are you scared at all?"

"Am I scared? Whew, you better bet I am. I'm frightened, but I love Kim and there is nothing I want more than her to be my wife. I have a tux fitting today. It's all slowly happening." He drifted his hand to his face constantly, to express 'slowly'.


He leaped and clutched the area of his heart. "GOD! You always do that before I leave. When I drop dead from a heart attack. Then you'll be sorry."

They both laughed. "Hey, I like that shirt. Versace?"

He nodded and twisted the door knob. "You know it! Bye John John!" He left the office and gleamed at Kim and Mike who were conversating.

"Oh my God! She's right. He is tan! I didn't even notice. TAN? Justin, your tan? You got a TAN? Is this hell surrounding me? It has to be."

Justin tapped him. "Knock it off, Mike. Yes, I have a tan. Kim made me get one."

He laughed. "I just can't believe you don't look like Mr. South Pole anymore. It's really kind of shocking, Justin."

He laughed with him, and as he did, he happened to gaze down the fancy hallway. Nick was still in the hallway with Britney. He began to wonder what they were doing there in the first place. And why were they just standing there? He never had so many run-ins with Nick or Britney in such a short period of time. It was typical for him. Everything he despised seemed to be thrown at him the most. It was something he learned to cope with. It made him brawny and stronger. "No he didn't." Nick had five bodyguards surrounding him and he was giving him the coldest look. What he was doing was showing him his power, proving to him that he wasn't scared of him because he had guards with him. Protection.

"Ready to go, Justin?"

He accepted Kim's hand. "Yeah."

Mike saw the troubled look in Justin's eyes and he follow behind the traveling pair. He was going to follow them until they passed Nick.

Justin met eyes with Nick as he walked by him. Both of them looked like they wanted to rip each others heads off. "You can get as much security as you want! That don't scare me. Ya gay ass bitch. I'll still whip you." Justin ended the contact by rolling his eyes and looking away.

"Justin, just calm down. Don't get upset."

He kissed Kim on the lips. "No, I'm fine. I just can't stand him. He think he's scaring me. DON'T think so!" His feet moved faster, because he was more than ready to leave.

"I SAID. ISN'T KIM LOOKING FINE TODAY? I'D JUST LOVE TO...FUCK HER!" Britney shoved Nick's chest because of his uncalled for comment.

Kim gasped in astonishment.

Justin froze and stopped walking. It was obvious, he had blew his top. He reached back and removed his pager which was connected to his back pocket. "Hold this for me, baby girl." He took his cell phone from his pocket and handed it to her also. Next he pulled his JRT necklace from around his neck and he swirled it into the depth of her small hand. "I don't want Jade around this. Okay, Kim? Get her out of here."


He had to ignore her and he headed into the madness, trying to get his hands on Nick. He didn't care what it took, he was going to beat him. As he approached Nick, a guard stood in his way. "Get back, Timberlake. You are about to get yourself in a whirl of trouble." All of the guards surrounded him.

"NO! YOU ARE ABOUT TO GET OUT OF MY DAMN FACE! ALL OF YOU! I'M NOT AFRAID OF ANY OF YOU! AND YA'LL BETTER NOT TOUCH ME! THIS IS BETWEEN NICK AND I! He plowed through the huddle of big men. As soon as he got his hands on Nick, he smiled madly. "YOU PUNCHED MY BUTTONS! I PUNCH YOU!" He punched him across the face with such force that it knocked the saliva out of his mouth and splattered against the people beside him.

Nick collapsed down the wall and fell on his butt. "Do something about him!" He moaned to his guards.

Mike was going to step in, but Justin was handling everything well on his own. Justin raised his arms in the air. "That's right, BITCH! Call you little mates. Call the police on my ass! I just assaulted you. Call them, so we can BOTH go to jail. He came to my house and hit ME, lets all go to jail together!" He paused. "I TOLD YOU, NICK! I TOLD YOU I WOULD GET YOU! NOT EVEN YOUR GUARDS WILL STOP ME! THAT WILL TEACH YOU NOT TO MESS WITH ME AGAIN! DON'T TEST ME, MAN! DON'T TEST ME!

I can't DEAL with this anymore. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? I didn't WANT TO hit you! But I had to because you said one of the most horrible things about MY sweetheart, and in front of MY daughter. Why do you do that shit? Why do you HAVE to say things you know is going to piss me off? I CAN'T TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE! PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE ALWAYS PICKING AT ME! YOU JUST CAN'T LET IT GO, NOW CAN YOU? YOU HAVE TEST ME! AND UPSET ME, AND OFFEND ME!"

Nick got off of the ground and stared Justin in the eyes in wonderment.


Everyone grew completely silent and no one made any movements. Not even the bodyguards.

"SHE MEANS EVERYTHING TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He yelled, his face dynamically red and tears rushing down his cheeks. "SHE MEANS EVERYTHING TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" His eyes browsed through everyone glaring at him. "She means everything to me." He cried out. "YOU JUST DON'T KNOWWWWWWWWW! AND YOU CAN GET A HUNDRED BODYGUARDS! BECAUSE NOTHING WILL STOP ME FROM GETTING TO YOU, IF YOU OR ANYONE ELSE TALKS ABOUT KIM! WHY DON'T YOU JUST STOP? DON'T YOU HAVE BETTER THING TO DO? STOP! WE ONLY WANT TO BE NORMAL PEOPLE! SO, JUST STOP BOTHERING US! STOP IT!" He sniffled. "Why don't you just leave us ALONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?" His yell was heart stopping, loud, and frightening all in one.

There it was. Justin's stomach-wrenching scream was his emotional breakthrough. A shield of healing covered his quivering body. His anger, sadness, and hatred was able to omit from within him all at once. It may have been a bad time to release it, but he finally let his pain free. Every face looking upon him could feel his inner misery. They could tell he was not joking in any fashion whatsoever.

He had stunned the hell out of the bodies surrounding him. People had devised their offices to see what the corruption was about. Including Johnny. "I'm sorry, everybody. Please, get back to work." He apologized knocking the tear droplets from his eyes. He was sick of being the one to make scenes all the time also. This wouldn't happen again...

Mike approached Justin and backed him to a wall. "You okay, J? I thought you were about to go insane and kill someone. I think Nick and Britney both got the point. Along with the whole world. You have a right to be upset. I understand where you are coming from. You want to live normally without people like them budding in..."

"I know. But why won't he just leave us alone, Mike?" His head snapped towards Britney. "AND THAT THING OVER THERE IS JUST AS BAD! SHE JUST CAN'T LEAVE IT ALONE! SHE HAS TO BE FRIENDS WITH KIM SO SHE CAN BE AROUND ME, JUST TO UPSET ME! She used to be beautiful, Mike. But now that bitch is uglier than God damn YODA! How feel you? How feel you? How feel you?" He said in an Yoda-like voice. The people that heard what he said had a break down with laughter.

Mike's head drooped down and he strived with himself to speak through his laughter. "HAHAAAAAA! Justin, get your butt out of here right now, boy. You have a tux fitting to go to."

"But how did you...okay, STALKER." He was feeling relatively better, and laughed.

"J. I'm proud of you. You told that boy off. I could tell that yelling at him, for a good minute, did you well. You stay strong, and keep standing up and protecting yourself and Kim. Your doing a great job. And the two of you deserve each other. Your the money, Justin."

They preformed a modern handshake. "Thanks, Mike. Thanks a lot." He smiled tenderly.

He nodded. "Your welcome. Now go to the fitting! Before I separate your limbs into pieces and stack them in my trunk, and ship you there myself."

His eyes bulged wider and he poked him on the shoulder. "I think you may have a problem of some sort. You might want to get..." He straightened Mike's shirt collar. "HELP about that!" He carried himself away, laughing.

Mike shook his head at him as he walked off. "I can't believe it! That little boy can get mad when he wants to..."

"HEY, MIKE!" Justin grinned evilly and stuck up his middle finger. He did a double take. The second time he viewed behind him, Mike was running after him. To outlive the situation and survive a beat down, he ran too.

He successfully got off of an elevator, to exited the building, waving to a few people he didn't take notice to when he first arrive. He accustomed a hand to propel the entrance door open. As soon as he achieved the air of the neutral day, he saw Kim standing on the side of the building holding Jade and rocking her. "Kim?"

She approximated to him, to make her presence better known. She gazed up. "Justin, what happened? You didn't do anything stupid, did you? Are you okay? Are...are you hurt? You look like you've been crying."

He pulled her close and kissed her in her hair. "Shhh. I'm alright, Kim. I'm sorry about all of this. I know we don't need anymore of this crap. I'm sorry. I have been crying."


He inspired a depthless breath. "Well, you know how over the past few day I was like. I think I'm freaking out? Like emotionally? Well, I finally did freak out. And I needed it. And It made me cry. And it made me realize how much I actually do LOVE you. So, now I'm better. No more problems for you or I, Kim. Everything will only get better from now on."

She giggled and kissed him over his eye, then put her hand out. "Here's your necklace and stuff."

"Thank you, baby." He took each of his belongings one by one, leaving his pager in his hand to use it. He opened the small electronic object and followed Kim as she walked back to the car.

"Who are you paging, Justin?"

"Chris. I'm going to tell him to give me my Playstation games back. Playstation III already doesn't have enough games, and he stole almost ALL of my games. I want them back. I told him already, but I'm going to tell him again." He unlocked the car door, then postured down in the drivers seat and began to type a message in the mini computer.


Kim and I are on are way to the fitting right now. You better have my games, man. I'm not kidding! Don't make me give you a breath mint! j/k don't get mad.'

After sending the message he placed the pager down and started up the car. "So, baby girl. Are you feeling okay? Need anything?"

She laughed at his sweet offering, and was just now sitting down after putting Jade in her car seat. "I'm fine, Justin. A question. Why do you ask me that so much, baby?" She closed the passenger side door.

He pulled out of the parking lot. "I'm sorry for asking it so much. I guess I'm still in a pregnancy trance. When you were pregnant I was worried sick about your feelings all the time, and I guess I'm still thinking that way."

She watched his face as he drove. "Aww, that is so sweet. That's why I wake up with pillows between my leg sometimes. That is so sweet, Justin. It's shows just how much you care."

He stopped at a light. "Yup. You might find more than pillows between your legs sometimes." He waved.


His hand touched her knee. "Baby, don't you know I'm just kidding with you? Don't you know I love to JOKE and play with you? I love playing around, Kim."

Her hand touched his. "I know, Justin. And I love you for being so playful. I'm just always ACTING as if I'm offended by your comments. We have a cool relationship, sweetie."

"Stop! Stop it!" He cried. He snatched his hat back from her and put it on. "Your..." He placed his cheek against the cool window and put an arm over his head. "Your so cruel. " He cried harder. "Your so cruel." He repeated, his words faded until they weren't audible. "Yeah." His words did not articulate sound when he tried to speak. "Yeah." He informed with resonance. A digital version of 'Bye Bye Bye' echoed through the car. "See if that is Chris paging me back."

She elected the pager into her hands and opened it up.

'Hey, Justin,

Alright man. I'm bringing your games. Did you ever get back to the Castle of Doom yet?'

"Yeah, Justin. He wrote back. He said: Hey, Justin. Alright, man. I'm bringing your games. Did you ever get back to the Castle of Doom yet?"

Justin turned on his left blinker as he prepared to make a turn. "Yeah. Write back to him for me. Say: I'm almost there I just have to beat one more master. So, I'm just about there."

Kim typed in a message and she viewed it with an immoral grin.

'CHRIS! You can go eat Busta's shit and kiss my ass. Have a nice day! =)'

"Got it, Justin."


Kim waited patiently as Justin and the rest of the guys tried on their tuxedos. She had been waiting for a lengthy span of time.

Finally, Justin appeared to her. He was just impelling his head through his razor blade encrusted shirt. Someone nabbed his foot, from a room at the very end of the hall. Since Kim was in his view point and sight, he called out to her. Well...shouted to her for dear life. "BABY! BABYYY! Help me! Help! BAYYYYYBEAAAAAAAA!" He was sucked into the room and the door walloped closed with a loud thwack.

Kim kept to her chair in the waiting room, but her eyes stayed glued to the door. Her ears caught a muffled sound of a struggle and conflict going on.

A few minutes later JC flew out of the room and crashed against the wall. Justin followed shortly afterwards. He was bare chested and his shirt was thrown out of the room a few moments after he was. Justin pressed his face into the carpet, and rubbed the back of his head profusely, while whimpering. "I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING, MAN! I didn't even do anything." He kicked his feet as the throbbing pain flashed threw him. "HE KICKED ME IN MY HEAD! He kicked me in my head! OWWWWWWW! I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING, CHRIS!"

Kim stood, and went closer to the moaning heap of men. Of course she went to Justin's side. "Justin? What happened?"

His feet were still slinging in the air, and his hand grazed the back of his head for some comfort. "BEAT DOWN! He beat me down. Baby, he kicked me." Justin whined, trying not to cry. "I didn't even say anything to him and he beat me up. He said I was talking junk. All I said was I was almost as the castle."

Chris stepped out of the room, flexing like the Incredible Hulk. "Rahhhhhh! I whipped your ass, Justin. Rahhhhh! You too, JC!"

Polina was on her knees tending to JC, who apparently was kicked in the head too.

Justin ruffled his face into Kim's knee. "It hurts so bad, baby. BRAIN DAMAGE! BRAIN DAMAGE! OW! OW! OW!"

"Come on, Justin. Let's put your shirt on you so we can go." She held Jade with one hand and tried to pull him up with the other. She giggled because he was overly dramatic when he wanted her attention.

"I'm going to get ya again, Justin. Eat Busta's shit, huh? OKAY! Rahhhhhh!"

Justin used all his strength of lift his head helplessly. He made a cross with two fingers. "NO! NO, WAIT! Don't hit me again, man! PLEASE! MY HEAD! PLEASE! I didn't do anything! Busta's shit has nothing to do with NOTHING! Please don't hit me! I can't take no more, man. Brain damage!" Chris was only gaining closer to him. He made a peace sign, regarding the cross. "Stop the violence...and don't judge a book by it's cover." He blurted a quote he heard from somewhere. Chris still wasn't easing back. So, he made a move and attacked him by his knees. Both of them went rolling around on each other.

Kim shook her head and looked to the side of her. "I want BOBBI! I want BOBBI!" JC groaned in Polina's lap.

"Kim, are they always going to be like this?" She asked with a laugh.

"Girl, I don't know." She replied, establishing Jade on her shoulder. "They turned a tuxedo fitting into a insane asylum. What happed to him?" She asked, pointing to JC.

"I don't know. But he's been mumbling Bobbi since I discovered him on the floor. HAHA!"

"I can only imagine what the wedding will be like. I'm sure they'll calm it down in a minute." Lance and Joey ran from separate rooms and joined the fight Chris and Justin shared. "Umm...maybe not. MEN!" She said shaking her head in a tisk.


Justin committed up the driveway and turned the car off, with a beaming and loving smile. "Okay, Kim. This is only going to take a second. I'm just going to give her her shirt back and that will be all the errands we have for today."

Kim chortled. "Ha. Justin, why are you smiling so much? You were kicked in the head earlier..." She trailed off.

He kissed her on the lips. "I'm smiling so much because I'm in love with you. Hey, and we were just playing around when we were fighting. My head doesn't hurt so bad anymore." He snatched up Cherry's shirt and hopped out of the car.

After ringing the doorbell he waited for a response. Candy unlocked the door, and then opened it. "Justin? HEY!"

"Hey!" He replied back overly excited. "I just dropped by to bring Cher her shirt back." He handed it out to her and she accepted it. "And I washed it in Tide with bleach. You know, just in case she's allergic to it or something." He cleared his throat when he looked down and saw that her white dress shirt was unbuttoned too much. "So, yeah. Thats her shirt..."

"Thank you, Justin."

He swallowed toughly. "Your...your welcome."

"Cherry can't take that GAP shirt you gave her off. I've been having to wash it over and over again."

His head ticked and he forwardly buttoned up two of her buttons. "I'm sorry. I know that is highly rude. But that was very distracting. VERY VERY distracting."

She giggled. "Oh, it's okay. I was just in my office relaxing. I forgot my shirt was undone."

"Is Cher around anywhere? I want to thank her for some things she said to me. That little girl is so smart. She is so wise for her age."

Candy smiled hesitantly. "Justin, I need to tell you something about, Cherry. It's nice that you say she's smart and all of that. I know she is smart. But, Justin. She's...slow. She has a learning disorder. Not a severe case. But it takes her longer than normal children to learn things."

He laughed. "But that can't be true. She's so smart. Hell, she GAVE me advice. I'm a twenty-one year old GROWN man, and she gave me useful advice."

She nodded. "I know, Justin. I told the doctors she is special and she will be fine. They claim she won't be. As you can tell, she doesn't talk like a normal six year old. She talks more like a four year old. She calls you Jussin instead of Justin. Notice that? Her speech is not on the right age level."

He couldn't believe his ears. "I had no idea." He whispered, "She's just so smart to me..." He took a deep breath and he didn't want to talk about it anymore because it was breaking his heart. "Anyway, can I just see her? I'd like to tell her thank you."

"Okay. Sure. One question. How come you won't share any of your fine ass with me? Don't you know I have a crush on you, Justin? Why can't you give me just one kiss?" Her eyebrow raised.

Justin chuckled. "Candy...your a good looking woman. And I bet your...experienced. BUT! You see that girl in the car behind me? That's Kim. I'm going to marry her. We have a child together. I'm not available to anyone right now. I'm wearing her ring."

They laughed together. "I understand. HAHA! CHERRY! JUSTIN'S AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!"

Within seconds, she ran out of the door and jumped on him. "Jussin! Jussin! Your back! I missed you."

He kissed her on the cheek. "Awww, I missed you too. What's that you got in your hand?"

She showed him a drawing she made. "This is a picture I drew for you. I was waiting for you to come so I could give you it."

His eyes shown luminously as he gazed at the picture. "For me?"

"Yup! Yup! Yup! It's a heart, with these trees in the background. And thats you on the side of the heart because you so sweet. Just like the heart. And those are just stars. Right there and right there."

He was getting emotional and didn't know why. "But I can't take this. I have nothing to give you, Cher. It's a beautiful picture." He held her tighter to his side.

"No, Jussin. It's for you. You don't have to give me nothing. Materials thingies don't mean nothing. It's what come from the heart. You don't have to give me nothing, because I made you that picture from the bottom of my heart."

He kissed her on the cheek, and bonded her in a consoled hug. "Thank you so much, sweetheart. I just wanted to thank you for all you've done for me. For coming to visit me and brighten up my day. Thank you so much, Cher." He pulled back with a sniffle. "I see you are wearing the shirt I changed you into that day."

"Your welcome, Jussin. And I love this shirt. I never wanna take it off of me. 'Cus you gave it to me and you are my bestest friend."

He shook his head and smiled in her face. "Your my bestest friend too. I'm going to get you some more of those shirts since you like that one so much."

"No, Jussin. You don't have to! Is that Kim?" She jumped out of his arms and trampled towards the car. She jumped up and down in front of the window. "KIM! KIM! 'member me Kim?"

She swung open the car door, and Cherry jumped in her lap. "Hey, sweetie. Of course I remember you!"

"I drew Jussin a picture. I drew it because the last time I sawed him he was crying because he said you put a booboo on his heart. And he was cryin' and cryin', and I had to give him kisses to make him stop. He love you, Kim. Don't make him cry no more. Every lil' thing you do affects him and he cry 'cus of that. Don't make him cry no more." She kissed Kim on the cheek. "I just wanted to say hi. Bye, Kim! You so pretty!"

Kim was dazed by her pleasing and honest voice. Cherry ran off before she could express a reply to her. "Bye, Cher." What she said made her think, and formed emotions within her mind that she wasn't willing to mention to Justin just yet. "What a smart little girl." She said to herself.


Later on that day.

She extended her meager arm over the side of the bed. A laughed tingled the tip of her lips as she ruminated on her stomach and twirled a piece if her honeyed-color hair. "I know. And Justin was telling me. We were talking about how much you scream or some crap. I can't believe they were talking about that. What does my screaming have to do with anything? Guys are so...guys. They have their very...special ways." She drove the cordless phone closer to her ear.

Angie giggled. "Girl, they talk about the screaming makes them seem more manly. It raises their ego. It proves how good they are. I bet Justin is so bigheaded about that, because he is a...big boy."

She sighed with a daydreamish smile. "No. He's not really like that. And another reason why I love Justin so much, is because everything parceled between us is absolutely beautiful. I mean HE even knows it." She began to whisper into the phone as if she didn't verify her surrounds. "Lately when we know. We've been crying. Thats a beautiful thing. It's amazing how strong our love is for one another. Every kiss we have is beautiful. Every touch is beautiful. Justin makes everything so beautiful to me."

She awed in the phone. "Oh my GOD! You've both been crying? NOW that IS beautiful! Awww, girl. I'm so happy for you. I really am. That is VERY beautiful. Awww!"

"I know."

"So, Miss Timberlake! When are you coming to see me, so I can give you a trim? I know your hair has to be long by now! Too bad I didn't see you at the dress fitting yesterday!"

"It is long . I'm wearing it long for the wedding. I need to come and see you SOON! My modeling agency has these people fu...messing up my hair. It used to be wavy, almost curly, and now its straight. And I've been wearing it straight for a while now. It STAYS straight. I don't know what kind of cut I have it in either. I have no idea what these people have done to my hair. It looks like shit...I think. But yeah it's long. I know I need to see you, girl. I will, when I have time. I will..."

His hand started at her foot, then sprang up the stretch jeans she put on for comfort. It outlined every curve and inflection of her built body. The journey ended at her waist.

Kim eyes locked closed. She received such staggering pleasure from the tasty touch.

She transferred her reposing position, to her back. Already, Justin was laying over her.

He didn't give her time for opposal. His fingers smoothly persuaded the zipper of her shirt down. He peeled the flaps of her shirt back from her body, and his mouth drew immediately to her tanned neck.

She didn't know what Justin thought he was doing. "Huh? Um...I don't know how he is wearing his hair for the wedding. Maybe his hair will be longer by then and he will wear the fro."

His lips grazed on her delicious skin. He licked the crevices of her neck and outlined her collar bone with his tongue.

Kim became speechless on the phone as he made out with her neck. "You know, Angie? Justin is full of surprises. M'mmmmmm. He is ALWAYS DOING something unexpected."

Her weakness, he bit her on the neck softly, causing to drop the phone, against the bed, face down. Her back bowed and lifted from the bed. Her head tilted back, her eyes squinted shut, and her mouth opened wide. She looked like she was about to cry, but really she was downing in excruciating pleasure. "Ohhhhhhh, Justin." She whispered. Her hand reached to the side and searched for the missing phone. When she felt it and was able to grasp it, she put it back to her ear. "Um...loving? Yeah he's loving. He does this biting thing that just drives me crazy. I think he has a biting fetish. No, wait a sec. I am the one that tells him to bite me. So, I'm...ohhhhh my GOD!"

His hands pulled her bra straps down and he caressed and massaged her lower shoulders with kisses.

"Oh, what's wrong? Nothing. I need to go though. Something is going on that I need to take care of...yeah. Call me later, K?" She cut the phone off using one hand and threw it on the floor.

His tongue was following the curvature of her bra now. As her back started to arch again, he slipped an arm underneath her, to bring her body closer to his mouth.

"M'mmmmmm." Kim moaned extending her arms above her head. Her hands played in her hair to help her deal with such breath taking pleasure.

He noticed her chest was heaving as her kissed down her body. He rested hand on her stomach, and he kissed up her body again, to seduce her in places he had missed. When his lips reached her stomach, Kim's moans loudened. She grabbed the comforter with her trembling hands, and was lost to him. He had her moaning like a baby.

"Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhh my God."

"Like candy." He said, kissing and licking her glorious stomach. His hand that was on it moved down the length of her, to take care of desires in other places. His tongue now came in contact with the tip of jeans, making her temperature soar.

Her heart was racing so fast she thought it would burst.

Justin unzipped her jeans and stuck his hands in the back of them to ease them off of her hips. Her slowly slid them down her knees and then pulled them completely off of her.

"Justin!" She moaned quietly.

His lips took back to their position. He licked the rim on her underwear, and placed wet kissed on the bare skin above it.

One of Kim's legs bent up, and his hand rose up and down it. Her back was not touching the bed at all and a hand of hers tampered with the back of his head, playing with his shortened curls.

His arms continued to hold her body to his face as he kissed her hungrily. "You taste so good, baby." He moaned, his teeth pulled down her underwear some.

Record scratch! "STOP! Justin, what are you doing? I was talking on the phone and..." Her back rested against the bed and her leg comforted back down.

He sat up and grinned. "I know you WERE on the phone. I was kissing you from head to toe. What does it look like?"

"But why?"

A mysterious smile appeared on his lips. "Because someone has a birthday coming up! I thought I'd give you and early birthday present."

She giggled and fixed her bra before she zipper her shirt back up.

Justin crawled off her,  and crossed his arms. "What are YOU doing? Why are you putting your clothes back on, baby? I wanted to kiss you."

She got up from the bed and guided her jeans back up her hips. "I made some really good chocolate chip cookie dough, and I'm about to bake some cookies. I really have a taste for them right now."

He held his head up, by using his elbow, and laughed. "Okay, are you saying your choosing cookies, over my kisses?"

She nodded. "Thats exactly what I'm saying. Hehe!" She picked up his hand and pulled him from the bed. "Come with me, silly. This should be fun."

He kissed her on the lips and then stuck a hand in her back pocket. "Oh, alright. Ha! Waiting for a flood, Kim? Your jeans are high watered." He pointed at the bottom of them and laughed.

"They are NOT! They are capris, dummy. They are suppose to be short legged."

"Those pants are high watered. I don't care what you say." He said jokingly.

Kim led the way for them down the stairs. "You know they are capris."

He chuckled. "I know." Her foot slipped on a step and she stumbled down a few. Lucky for her, Justin's hand stopped her from falling. He picked her up and held her across his shoulder. "Look at you. About to break your neck."

"I know. Thanks for being my HERO! You know I love you, baby. And damn. Look at that ass. I swear, when you had on those leather pants earlier. I thought I would just die. I promise you, Justin. Your butt has grown. You've caught my bubble butt disease."

He put her down. "Kim, we are not talking about this. Awww, why didn't you tell me you were on drugs. Don't worry, honey. I'll get you help. I'll take you to a rehab center. Next I'll stick you in a mental home so you can get over your anorexia disorder. You ARE anorexic, Kim." He cocked his head to the side.

"Oh, don't start with me. You have a nerve to make fun of me. We'll be going together, because you are skinnier than me. Sometimes you look SICKLY and if it wasn't for me making you tan, you'd be as white as a vampire. With your skinniness and PALENESS all you need is some black lip stick and you'll look like a crack addict freak!"

"Oh, yeah? You know what you look like? A freakin' barbie doll. FAKE! Ain't know way in hell a person could be so perfect and be ALL REAL! I wonder, do you have breast implants? A butt implant maybe? Or were you just born plastic? Just wondering. All you need is a damn pink and fluffy dress and you'll be gift wrap-able. Too bad you can't be life size Barbie...not tall enough!"

She rolled her eyes. "Well, at least I don't have hair all over my body like some wolf! WOLF-MAN!"

"You NEED some hair on you. Hell, I'll make a donation. Anything for the albinos!"

"YEAH! Okay! And you need to STOP stroking Justin Junior, while looking at my photos. Don't deny it. I saw you once." She stormed into the kitchen.

"THATS A DAMN LIE!" He shouted defensively, following her into the kitchen. "You take that back! I have never...I would never..."

She kept her back to him while she took the cookie dough from the refrigerator. "I WILL NOT!"

"That is SO NOT true! I wouldn't do that. I sleep with you EVERY night. I have no need to do something like that. And YOU never SAW me either, 'cus thats not true!"

She laughed because he got so offended. "I know it's not true. I was just kidding. I take it back."

He laughed. "Good. For a second I just wanted to hit you."

Her lips brushed over his. "You hit me then, and see what would happen to you." Her mouth plummeted over his.

He pulled back, but only to speak. "I would never hit you, baby. I love you."

"I love you too." She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. "I love you too." She repeated.

After a loving moment, Kim observed the dough she made, and Justin washed his hands before she could complain about him sticking his hands in things. He hopped on the counter and sat down.

"Justin, your sitting on the kitchen counter? You sit me on them too sometimes. My dad used to beat me for doing that. He said butts don't belong on kitchen counters."

He watched her take a cookie sheet from out of a drawer. "Your dad is a dumbass. He would beat you for saying hi. So, that is nothing new. Besides, I'm a CLEAN person and I paid for this house, just like you. I have a right to sit..." He hopped down and approached Kim. "Where ever I want. Or..." He grabbed her by the waist and sat her on the counter. "I have a right to sit WHOEVER I want on the counters." His eyes scanned her face hungrily and he stared at her lucious lips. He caught her by the waist again and secured her off of the counter. "Sorry. You know I love visuals. I always got to show my demonstrations."

Kim gave him a stern look, while contracting a spoon to drop balls of cookie dough onto the cookies sheet.

"So, Kim. What do you want for your birthday. I didn't get you anything yet. I was going to get your gifts tonight, but we have Griffin's party to go to. I'll go tomorrow. What do you want?" He asked extorting back on the kitchen counter.

She used a finger to acquire the sticky dough from the spoon. "I don't want anything. And I'm not kidding either. I mean it, Justin. I'm not going to have you spend so much money on me. I'm not going to have you buying me rooms full of things. You are ALWAYS buying me things. You really need to stop that. Buying me things isn't going to make me love you more."

He slouched and became more comfortable by swaying his legs. "Can you hand me a can of Pringles?"

She swiped her hand on her pants leg and disclosed a cabinet. "K, baby. What kind do you want? Ranch? Sour cream-n-onion? Cheddar? Plain? Rippled? Pizza?"

He laughed. "Uh...give me the Pizza-licous ones." She tossed him the can, and he caught it with one hand. "Thank you. Now, Kim. I know GIFTS isn't going to make you love me more. Thats why I GIVE you them, because they really don't matter. Since you DON'T want PRESENTS so bad, I'll give you ONE big present. Satisfied?"

She continued to prepare her cookies, and she cut on the oven since she was wondering around the kitchen. "NO! I said no! Actually, yeah. Thats fine. As long as you don't spend more that one-hundred dollars."

He popped the top on the Pringles can, and ripped off it's freshness seal. "You must be crazy." He said crunching on a chip. "There is NO way I can find something for you under a hundred dollars. And how did you get the right to tell me how much to spend on you? Your my baby. I LOVE getting you things."

She ignored his answer. "What did I say, Justin?"

"But, Kim. Now I have to be creative. I have to use my head, and think. You know that hurts my brain." He said with a cackle. "And those jeans are so high watered. They are not capris."

She opened one of the double side ovens and stuck the batch of cookies in it. "Eight minutes." She reminded herself. Her lip sprained, and a hand relaxed on her waist. "My jeans are capris, Justin. How many times am I going to have to repeat it? THEY ARE CAPRIS, MAN!"

He laid a chip on his tongue and then reared it back into his mouth. "It was wrong of me to listen to you talk on the phone. But I agree with you. About the beautiful love we have. I totally agree, Kim. It's so beautiful. We do fight a lot. But we have the most amazing love. Every time we kiss, it's beautiful. Every time we hug, it's beautiful. When we make love, it's REALLY beautiful. I'm not going to lie. It's SO true."

Kim nodded. "It sure is."

His eyes slacked down and he stuffed another chip in his mouth. "Something about your scares me though."

His words arrested all of her attention.

He wouldn't look her in the eyes. "We share such beautiful love, Kim. But when you get mad. You get really pissed at me. I mean, I blow you up! When you get mad, Kim. You forget about everything, as if our BEAUTIFUL love means nothing. When I get mad at conscious gets to me, and I remind myself of the wonderful things we've been through. The wonderful things we've done and shared together, and I can't stay mad at you. But YOU! You just wash everything away, and concentrate on then. And your beautiful and I love you, but you forget what makes sometimes. It scares me that you get like that. When your angry don't you ever think of who had a open door for you, when you ran away? It's seems like you FORGET about the most important things. Remember when we first met? You were running away from me. It took a month before you came to my house for dinner. Do you realize that if I didn't keep believing in us, we wouldn't be where we are right now? We probably wouldn't be together. You would probably still be with your parents. Justin was the one who was trying to GET and STAY with Kim. And the other day when we were leaving the store you were like, "You look GAY with that shirt on, Justin. I don't TRUST you, Justin. You better not cry, JUSTIN!" What hurt me the most is when you claimed you didn't trust me. That hurt me so bad. Then you put Jade into it, saying she didn't trust me either. OUCH! It just worries me that you can say and do such things after the greatness we manage to keep."

She blinked slowly, and didn't move anymore from that point. Her body became noble because guilt was eating her alive. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "Can I um...have a chip?" It was the only words her mouth would release.

He held the can out to her. "Sure." As she mournfully placed her hand in the small tubular can, Justin pulled her between his dangling legs and held her in a hug. "Don't feel bad, baby. I know your trying." He kissed her on the forehead.

She pounded her head against his chest. "You are so...right on. I am blind to the things you see, Justin. I can't figure out and think out our love like you. I hate that, because I want to understand you sometimes and I can't." She rejected away from him in disgrace. "I don't...I can't talk about this anymore, Justin. I'm going to starting crying and get all upset. I don't want to talk about this anymore."

He continued to eat his chips. "Okay, I understand, baby girl. Oh, and eight minutes is up. The cookies are done Mrs. Fields."

She giggled and took them from the oven, using a dry towel. "I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson."

"Whoooo." Justin added in the background sound effect.

"I am forreal. Sorry, I don't know where that came from." She tilted the cookie sheet, and since it was non-stick, the cookies slid right off of it, onto a clean plate. "So, Justin. Did you like how your tuxedo looked on you? I forgot to ask you earlier."

He threw a Pringle at her. "Yup. I liked how it looked on me. All of they guys liked theirs. I love the royal blue and the black. It just works well with the blue and silver scheme we have going. I kind of felt like a grandfather with it on though. I should make Polina order top hats, so the rest of the guys and I can look like pimps." The cold stare she gave him made him reveal his joke. "Just kidding...Kim. Don't let your eyes freeze up. I'm really exited about our wedding. It's getting closer and closer. We need to drive down to Miami to check our church out. Oh, and I just wanted to thank you for giving CHRIS that false message. I hope you know he kicked me in the head for it. When I start blacking out and stuff. I'll blame it on you."

She crossed her arms and turned her head to laugh. "Oops. I'm sorry if you suffered a beating, and didn't get your games back either. It's not like you need them anyway. You know what? I think I better cook the lobsters while they are still alive. I'll make dinner early today. That way, we will have already eaten when we get to Griffin's party." She rushed to the refrigerator, and from a compartment, she took a plastic bag with two live lobsters in it. "These poor things have suffered enough. They've been in the refrigerator for the last three hours. I'm shocked they didn't suffocate." She undid the twist-tie on the bag of lobsters, and picked up one of the squirming organisms with her hand. "Nothing better than fresh lobster. I'm sorry I'm about to boil you in some hot water, and then eat you." She looked down at the other live lobster. "And your girlfriend too."

"That is SO sad, Kim. They could be in love. They could have children or something, and you teasing them with their death? Maybe we should set them free."

She gave him a disbelieving stare. "Justin, they are LOBSTERS! They are suppose to be boiled and eaten. Maybe we should free Willy while we are at it. Lobster is NOT cheap! I'm not about to waste mine." She slapped a lobster in his hand. "You can do what you want with yours. Oh, and your lucky they have clamps over their claws. That one would have gotten you good."

He shrieked at the shelled animal in his hand. "Take it back! I'm eating chips here. Cook mine too. With lemon and pepper. I love the way you cook..."

She sweetly snatched it back. "Thats what I thought." She took out a big pot and filled it with water, and she put it on the stove to boil. Next she took some chilled, ready to cook, shrimp from the refrigerator. "I just remembered something. Justin, the other day I was watching TV and there was this thing on MTV, the memories of Nsync or something. And there was this one show. Spring Break Dedications...something. And you were at some hotel. You guys were acting too goofy and crazy. You were drunk, weren't you?" She asked him as she prepared to cook.

Justin shoulder slumped over, and he laughed with his head down. "Oh my God. Your talking about the thing when I was singing 'Livin' La Vida Loca' and stuff?"

Kim laughed loudly. "Yeah. And when you were like. He's bobbin' for limes. That was so cute. And you looked great in those sunglasses by the way."

He shushed a finger to his lips. "Now, don't tell anyone, Kim. But yeah. We had a little something to drink. We weren't drunk though. They had drinks there for us to drink during the show. Of course neither of us were stupid enough to drink them in front of the camera. They just sat there."

"You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. That hotel room was demolished. Chips all over the floor and crap."

He raised his hands. "Hey, that wasn't me. That was Chris and Lance."

She laughed. "You were acting REALLY stupid. Hi, my name is Herman. And I'd like to request 'Livin' la Vida Loca'...oh, and what do you mean when you say: Hi, Rachel?"

He quit laughing to talk properly. "I told you what that meant. Remember about that girl that...?"

"Oh, yeah. I remember." She retreated a skillet from under a cabinet. "Another question. I saw this on the show too, but would you mind explaining what dumps like a truck means?"

He flicked another piece of chip at her to be playful. "HAHA! Man, we were tore up that day. I'm not even talking the drinking. We were just hyper! Like I said on the show. I think it means a big ole booty!"

She coughed sarcastically. "Ghetto! I think it means big boobs. Thats just me. And what a coincidence. It seems Justin only dates girls who carry such features."

He pointed at her. "Don't start. That is not true."

She began to heat up the skillet. "Okay, I won't start. I have something else to tell you too. Alright. I was upstairs cleaning up the room a bit. Changing the sheets and all of that. The TV was on, but it was on mute, right? So, I was cleaning and everything and I just happened to look at the TV." She broke down laughing and placed her forehead against the counter. She lifted it to try to gain some sanity. "Baby, I swear. Justin, I'm serious now. I saw a woman with a beard. Not a mustache, but a beard." He was already laughing. "Seriously, baby. Not just any woman. It was a model, and she had a blonde beard. I swear she had one of those old men's beards. It was all nasty looking and balding. And I know there is probably worse stuff than that on Jerry Springer, but just think. The TV is on mute and I happen to look at it and a woman with a beard is on it. She was pretty, but she had a freaking beard..."

He hopped off of the counter laughing and was clapping his hands. "!"

"No! The reason why it's funny it because, she wasn't one of those dudes that got a sex change, she was a real WOMAN that has some hormone..." She bent her head down to laugh. "Problem. I don't know. Maybe we are just immature. Thats kind of sad actually! NO! Thats just sick! A woman with a rough looking beard! HAHA!"

Justin managed to lift his sobbing head. As soon as he viewed Kim he stopped laughing, and his eyes widened in shock. "Kim..."

"What?" She asked looking at him strangely.

"KIM! REMEMBER I MADE THAT JOKE ABOUT CHRIS SETTING PEOPLE ON FIRE WITH HIS BREATH? YOUR SHIRT IS ON FIRE! OH MY GOD! THE SLEEVE OF YOUR SHIRT IS SITTING THERE BLAZING, AND YOUR JUST LAUGHING AWAY!" He reacted quickly and unzipped the shirt and pulled it off of her with one try. He then stomped the fire out, but it didn't stop the smoke detectors from going off.

"Oh my GOD! I didn't even notice. Everything happened so fast. My sleeve must have slipped under the flame of the stove." She leaped on Justin. "Thank you for being my HERO for the second time today." She kissed his lips. "I love you, baby!"

He was kissing her, but he was looking in the direction of the floor, while the fire had retired. "Oh my God. That was so scary." He put her down on her feet and checked her arm carefully and considerately. "Baby, are you okay? Are you SURE you are okay? You didn't get burned did you?"

She shook her head. "No, I didn't get burned, thanks to you. I'm just a little shaken. That was pretty scary."

He cut on the many ceiling fans of the kitchen to get rid of the smoke, so the smoke detectors would stop making noise. Both him and Kim paused to take a listen to the baby monitor, to see if the slight disturbance woke Jade. It didn't.

Justin extracted his shirt from over his head and placed it over hers. "Here, baby girl. Take my shirt."

She slipped her arms through it. "Thank you." It was too big for her. "Cool, I am officially a thug now."

The smoke detectors stopped.

Justin laughed. "Not with those high waters on."

She grabbed herself and began to walk across the kitchen. "Yo! I'm, Justin. And when I get around my friends I start using more slang and start talking differently. Yo! Don't make me kick your ass, yo! Yo! You set people on fire with your breath, yo! You be lookin' crazy on stage, yo. Calm down, yo. Oh, and don't let you be at one of those charity basketball games. Thats where the real ghettoness shines through. Aye, man this. Aye, man that..."

He stole his can of Pringles off of the counter and stared at her. "You are a psycho, Kim. And will you stop grabbing yourself, like some dude? You have nothing there. Your a chick, Kim. Sorry to bust your bubble. And what with talking about me all the time? I can't be PERFECT like you, Kim! SORRY I'M NOT! So, I TALK differently sometimes! So, what?"

She dropped the two live lobsters in boiling water, and cut the flame off that was underneath the empty skillet, she was going to use for the shrimp. "I am NOT perfect, Justin."

He ate a chip. "YES you are, KIM! You are perfect. And I wish you'd just admit to it. I've known you for over a year now. Not once. NOT once have I ever saw a pimple on your face. Not one flaw. There is NOTHING you CAN'T DO! After a life time of abuse. There is not one SCAR on you. You've been SHOT! That scare is gone too..."


"You can SING AND DANCE. And I mean DANCE. You know some of my choreography even, and you an Moonwalk? Jesus Christ! You can paint and draw, swim, do gymnastics stuff..."


He licked the chip flavoring off of his lips. "Whoa, woman. Don't have a brain hemorrhage. I was just STATING my opinion. Sorry to have offended you, baby girl." He kissed her on the cheek.

Kim looked onto the pot of boiling lobsters, then took a step closer to Justin. She heard a crunch and realized that she had stepped on a chip that he threw at her earlier. She giggled. "Sorry about yelling at you. Thats a flaw right there. Justin, pick those chips up off of the floor. You threw them at me."

He smiled and glanced at the crushed chip. "I'm not picking up jack! Remember when you threw that stir fry on the floor. I cleaned that up. And that was some good ass stir fry you wasted up. I'm never going to forgive you for it." He laughed.

She had a naughty thought. "Oh, yeah? Would you forgive me for doing this?" She handled a flaming hot and uncooled cookie, and tossed it on his bare chest.

At first Justin didn't move, because he didn't know what hit him. When he realized a cookie was attached to him and burning his skin, he knocked it away and let out a loud scream, like a girl. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You burnt me. You bi..." Her eyebrow raised at him. "BAD GIRL!" His hand held her neck playfully. "I just saved your life. When you were on fire, and you burnt me?" He hit her on the shoulder with the Pringles can before leaving it on the counter.

She sniggled. "Nice nipples, Justin."

"Thanks." He wet the tip of his finger with his tounge, and touched his nipple. "Would you like to TOUCH it?" He asked jokingly, reaching is tongue out towards her.

"Yeah. Let me bit it off . While I'm at it, why don't I bit something else off as well?"

He jumped back. "BRUTAL!" An unmistakable smile spread on his face. "Hey, you have nice ones too. If I were to suck on one, would milk come out of it? Will you let me try that? Oh, you don't 'produce' milk anymore, right?"

She used a pair of tongs and lifted up a now red colored lobster, and she threw it on him.

He was so caught off guard, that he actually fell. When the back of his head hit against the floor, he groaned. "KIM! That was our DINNER!" He said looking eye to eye with the dead lobster. "AND THAT THING IS UGLY AS HELL!" He said knocking it off of him. It scared him. She stood over him and laughed. "I'm going to kill you. I still owe you from revealing the POOL incident to the guys!" He grabbed her by the tights and pulled himself up. Then he drug her over to the refrigerator. He pulled her shirt tightly to her and used the button on the ice dispenser to put ice down in her shirt. He stuck his hand into the shirt and pulled her bra down some to let ice into it also.

Her nerves went crazy. She jumped, kicked, and screamed, trying to get the ice from her. Justin leaned against a counter and watched her. "Oh my GODDD! OH MY GODDDD! HELP ME! HELP ME! IT'S IN MY BRA!" As she suffered, she managed to reach her hand into the refrigerator and she grabbed a bottle of Hershey's syrup.

Justin struggled with her as she squirted syrup on him. He reached into the refrigerator and grabbed some Juicy Juice, and began to pour it on her.

Kim and Justin both began to throw random pieces of food at each other. Kim slipped in the mess at her feet, and Justin slipped with her. He landed directly on top of her. She giggled. "Your cleaning this mess up, Justin."

He shook his head. "No! WE are both cleaning this mess up." He kissed her neck a few times, and then began to pull his baggy shirt off of her. She lifted her arms up to help him get it off. Both of them were sticky and messy with syrup, juice and everything thing else. "Notice how we only threw sweet, and GOOD tasting things at each other." He said kissing her neck again.

"Yeah, I know...haha." She sighed. "Justin, get off of me. We have to go get ready for the party."

He laughed. "I will. I just have to clean YOU up a little bit first..."


"Justin, can you hand me a towel? Oh, and thanks for spending an hour in the shower and using up all of the hot water."

He entered the bathroom, walked into the shower, and coaxed a dry towel around her. "There you go. And the only reason I had to shower for so long was because I had syrup in places I didn't think possible." He legated the bathroom.

Kim wasn't far behind him. "I know what you mean. And it's sad that we were going to clean it, but we made it worse than it already was. It's all your fault, Justin. You were the one that kissed me..."

Justin was sitting down on the bed, and snatched her towel off of her. Before she could cotch her towel back, he jumped up in the bed, and stared at her. "WOW! There's two places for me to view on you!" His eyes traveled up and down, up and down.

She tried to cover herself using her hand. "Stop staring at me, Justin!"

"It's going to take more than ONE hand to cover THOSE up baby! Woooo!" He pointed at her.


His eyes gleamed as he laughed. "Careful. Don't yell too loud. Natasha is here, and she just might hear you. And come up here, and see you like that...HAHA! Whoa, baby! You are SO beautiful! Wait until I tell the guys about this..."

She began to back away from him, towards the closet. "Justin, you are so wrong for this. This is just embarrassing, and your my husband."

He jumped down from the bed. "Honey, I'm sorry." He threw the towel back to her. "I'm sorry, baby. That look in your look like you are about to cry or something. I handled the situation much better than you did, when you stripped me. That look just tears my heart out."

She used the towel and wrapped it back around her.

His arms wrapped around her waist. "You aren't mad at me, are you?" They entered the closet together.

She shook her head. "No, how can I be mad at you? I stripped you first." Her neck strained and they kissed.

Justin's eyes trailed off, to Griffin's presents, which were in the middle of the closet floor. His lips pulled from hers. "Baby, why did you wrap Griffin's presents in glow-n-the dark paper? That's kind of..."

She giggled. "If I were you, I'd shut the hell up. Or I will tear the paper off the present you got him and I'll make you wrap it yourself. And I USED that kind of paper because Griffin said his party is going to be a GLOW-N-THE DARK one. He said everything would be glowing, and to wear dark colors. Preferably BLACK! OKAY?"

Justin laughed. "If I were you, I'd shut the hell up because I AM DRESSED and I'll rip that towel off of you again." Her mouth shut and she remained quiet. "Good girl! So, what are you wearing to the party?"

She pointed to a pink dress across from her. "That dress over there."

He shook his head. "First of all it's not black or DARK colored, and second of all...I know pink is your favorite color. You've been wearing it ALL day. Wear a different color, baby."

Kim crossed her arms and pouted. "OKAY! Well, YOU pick my outfit for me!"


In black high heeled platforms, her feet ambulated sexily. Snuggling to the body, was a short black mini skirt, with sparkles dangling on the end of it. Around her navel, circulated a sun shaped rhinestone tattoo. Her shirt was leather, small, and uniquely similar to a push up bra. "This is ridiculous, Justin. People are going to think I am a hoe, because I am dressed like this. They don't actually know that I am stupid enough to LISTEN to you, and put on the outfits you tell me. I need to STOP letting you pick out what you want me to wear."

He kissed her on the cheek. "Shut up, Kim. You look hot."

"I'm serious, Justin. This is not even a skirt. It's like bathing suit shorts with cloth over them. People are going to think I'm a WHORE! AND THIS SHIRT IS JUST AS BAD, JUSTIN!"


Her eyes widened and she held his hand. "Oh my God...I don't know what to say..."

"I'm sorry for being so mean and so harsh, and for yelling. But, Kim. You really need a self-esteem boost. You don't realize how beautiful you really are. And you CARRY yourself so beautifully and maturely. STOP THAT COMPLAINING SHIT! YOU LOOK WONDERFUL, BABY!"

"GOD! Okay! Stop yelling at me, Justin. Your going to make me cry."

He sighed. "Baby girl, I am so sorry. It's just that. I told you that things would get better, and the only way they will get better is if we think nothing but positive."

"Oh...o...okay." She stuttered. "I'm sorry. Just positive, huh? I think my skirt is um...nice. And I like the rhinestone tattoo I have on my arm and stomach..."

He chuckled. "Kim, your an awful FAKER!"

"Well, I'm trying to think positive, you jerk! I hope you told me to SHUT UP enough today, Justin. Thats really mean of you."

He squeezed her hand reassuringly. "I know. I'm so horrible. Later on tonight I'll give myself to you. I'll let you do whatever, or get whatever you want." His tongue hung out at her devilishly.

Her eyes lit up like a light bulb. "OKAY! Cool, Justin!" She squealed a few times. "I'm so excited! COOL! Oh, and by the way. Griffin is going to like my present way better than yours!"

"My present is better! Custom made leather pants are much cooler than a dark blue turtleneck. My stylist makes the best custom made everything..."

"Mine gift is better." She argued.

"Mine is."

"Mine is!

"MINE is, KIM!"

Both of them stopped speaking when they arrived at the entrance of Griffin's door. Music was blasting from the door, and every time the bass kicked in...the enormous house would shake. What song was playing? A remixed version of Nsync's last single. Justin and Kim both stared at each other. "Oh my God! This party is going to be off the wall."

Justin nodded in shock. "HELL YEAH! Kim, we have to re-promise to each other that we will NOT drink at this party. It spells 'danger' and we aren't even in the house yet. "Promise me that you won't drink, Kim."

"I won't drink, Justin. Now you promise me."

"I promise."

Two guys were standing outside of the wide open front door. "Hey! Justin and Kim?" One of the guys asked. "I recognize you two! Griffin and Calia are looking all over for you. They are really expecting your presence. I just thought I'd tell you." His body was covered in glow rings. He had several around his neck, some small ones going all the way up his arms, and some going all the way down his jeans. There were buckets of them in front of him and the other guy as well.

"Thanks for telling us." Justin said with a smile. "I have a question. What's all those glowing things for?"

"Oh. You have to put some on, dude. Besides the strobe lights and lasers, there are NO lights on. Everything is glow-n-the dark. It is pitch black in there. And there are hundreds of people too so...I'm just saying if your not careful, you may loose each other." Him and Justin both laughed.

"Oh, alright. Thanks, man." He did a hand movement with him. "You have a nice night...just standing out here." He put a blue glow ring on his arm.

Kim put a green one over her bun, since she had a hair up, two pink ones on her neck, a blue one on each arm, and she somehow managed to get a yellow one around her waist. "Ready to go inside, babe?" She asked glaring into the darkness.

He nodded. "Haha. There is NO way I can loose you with all of those things you have on you." Both of them stepped foot into the house. The presents, which Justin were carrying with one hand, began to glow. There was nothing but a ocean of people, in the living room dancing, wearing glow rings. Justin gasped and almost dropped the presents. When he looked over at Kim he could barely see her face. Her glow rings were glowing though. "NOW THIS IS A HELLA PARTY!" He yelled to where Kim could hear him. He handed the gifts to a man who was collecting them at the door.

"YES IT IS, JUSTIN!" Kim said with a frightened voice. She truly was scared. The lasers on the opposite end of the house were beautiful. "WOW! Griffin knows how to throw a party. GOD, this is AWESOME!" Glowing stars were attached to the walls. Glow-n the dark disco balls were glowing and flashing away.


Kim raised her arms up and moved her hips side to side. "LETS DANCE, JUSTIN!" Right under her nose were several buckets of glow sticks. She picked one up and looked at the message written on it. It read 'Happy Birthday Griffin'. "MAN, HE WENT ALL OUT!" She handed Justin a blue one and got her a pink one.

"Thank you, baby." His hand went around her waist and he pulled her in front of him. "LETS DANCE! AND YEAH HE DID GO ALLLLL OUT!" He led her to the dance floor, pushing her with his hard body.

Before they could start dancing a voice spoke. "Well, if it isn't bitch number two!"

Kim swirled around. "Well, if it isn't bitch number one! CALIAAA!" She ran to her and hugged her. "Hey, girl!"

"KIM!" How are ya, girl? I haven't seen you in like FOREVER!" They giggled and held each other in a hug.

Griffin stepped from behind her, and Justin hugged him. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAN! This is a tight party. THIS PARTY KICKS ASS! I'VE NEVER BEEN TO ONE LIKE THIS! TO BE HONEST IT KIND OF SCARES ME!"

"Thank you, Justin! THANK YOU! I have to admit this party is to the extreme. Thanks for coming."

He pushed his chest. "YEAH! And what you doin' with a BAR? Your not even old enough to drink. Don't make me call the cops on your ass. YOUR ONLY TWENTY, MAN!" He chuckled.

Griffin pushed him back. "You call the cops and I'll kick your ass. HAHA! Your OLDER than me, Justin. But you ain't bigger!"

They laughed. "Uh huh! And I'm going to have to kick your ass for saying Kim was the hottest thing you ever saw! SHE TOLD ME ABOUT THAT!" His teeth flashed at him in the darkness.

Griffin backed off. "It was innocent, man. Really! I mean, she came into MY BEDROOM!"

He stepped closer to him. "BEDROOM?"

"She couldn't sleep and needed somewhere to sleep."

He nodded and laughed. "Oh, okay!"

"And, girl. Your skirt is hot. Let me borrow that." Calia said.

"I can't believe you can see it. It's dark as heck in here, but thank you. And I'll surely let you borrow it."

She moved aside and hugged Griffin. "Ohhh happy birthday G! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!" She kissed him on the cheek.

He pulled back and smiled. "Thank you! Let me just say. You look FINE, Kim! YOU LOOK FINE! You look finer than candy and wine." He clapped his hands together.

Justin winked at him. "I KNOW! And she got more legs than a bucket of chicken." He rubbed his chin, and stared her up and down.

Kim pushed both of them. "Oh, WHATEVER!"

Justin left her side. "And look at this lovely lady over here." He picked up Calia's hand and twirled her around. "Hey, Calia! Aren't you just looking amazing! I can't see all of your dress, but nice glow rings."

She giggled in her hand and then hugged him. "Hi, Justin. Thank you so much."

He kissed her quickly on the cheek while pulling back. "Your welcome."

"You look incredible yourself." He was wearing black pants and a flesh colored see-through shirt.

"Thank you." He pulled on the base of Kim's skirt. "Let's go dance, baby."

She was talking with Griffin and stopped. "Okay." She provoked  her hand into his. Justin put both of their glow sticks in the pocket of his pants.

"Have fun guys. And no sex on the dance floor." He waved as they vanished in the crowd.

The DJ of the party began to play Jay-Z's newest song. Kim licked the outline of Justin's shirt. "I'm going to seduce you, Justin. With my...body." She kept her tongue licked out towards him, and his lips were aiming at it, but she rejected him. "Ut huh. Don't kiss me yet." She put her back to him and rubbed herself against him before dancing into him.

One of Justin's hands slid down her and stopped at her waist, where he held on to her as he danced into her.

"Now you can kiss me." She reached an arm back, and kissed him with her back still to him.

His hand caressed the area of her waist as the kiss deepened. His lips had been craving her, and finally he was kissing her. He couldn't help his roughness with the kiss, because he already wanted her and she was now grinding herself against him. His body moved as hers did. The longer they danced, the harder it became for him. When it got to the point he was going to rip her skirt off, he pulled back. "Nice kiss."

Kim knew him. And by his facial expression and tone of voice, she knew they were dancing too close. She created a small distance between them and they continued to dance.

Justin began to do a series of popular dance moves and Kim mocked what he was doing. When the song changed, they began to do the robot, Justin being the master of it.

Kim kicked her platform shoes off to dance better, and she did the Moonwalk in a square shape.

People around them stopped dancing and watched them get down.

Kim did her classic 'shake it' dance, and then shimmied over to Justin, who was returning the favor. "Ready to show them out, baby girl?"

She nodded. "Lets do it." They stared into each others eyes, and she began to circle him.

Justin's eyes followed her as she did this. They were giving her a hungry look.

While behind him, she pushed his back down and smacked him on the butt.

He stuck out an arm and held her hand and pulled her back in front of him. Their eye contact was so intense and serious. "Ready?" He asked simply.

"Yeah. Your lucky I have shorts on."

He lifter her arm up in the air, and spun her around three times in a row. The overseers gazed at them in astonishment wondering what they would do next. Out of nowhere, Justin slipped Kim between his legs. He pulled her up over his back and flipped her over his shoulder. He flipped her to his other shoulder, shoved her between his legs again and stood her back up on her feet. He then spun her around a few more times, and he dipped her back. She went limp over his arm and he kissed her on the lips.

She was falling back. Her back was bending back further and further. It was suppose to. When her hands touched the ground she did a back flip off of Justin's arm, and from there she did the snake. Justin was right along with her and did the snake too.

"GO, JUSTIN! GO, KIM! GO, JUSTIN! GO, KIM!" Everyone chanted.

Kim gave Justin all of the spotlight, and stood up when he began to break dance. She clapped and urged him to go on as he proved to everyone how talented at dancing he really was. When he was finished she lent him a hand and helped him from the floor. She used his leg as a pole, and slowly danced down it.

"GO, JUSTIN! GO, KIM! GO, JUSTIN! GO, KIM!" What really interested the people was how Kim was glowing. Her face and features could not really be seen, in the little light, but her glow rings made the dancing more interesting and neat looking. She danced her way back up Justin's leg.

After putting on a big enough show, Justin pulled Kim close. "Think we showed them well? Looks like they want more."

She giggled. "I could careless if they want more. I'm taking a breather." She wrapped her arms around his neck, and coincidentally a slow song came on. They kissed and rocked as the music enchanted them.

Justin's hands held her by the waist keeping her in placed.

" taste so good." She whispered.

"So do you, baby."

She laughed against his lips and ran her fingers through his short hair. "I thought you were about to bite my lip off for a second."

His lips pulled from her mouth, and he stole his tongue back. "I was."

She turned her head to the side and coughed a few times. "Man, my throat is dry. I'll be right back. I'm about to get something to drink."

He refused to let her get her own drink. "No, baby. You know I'll get you one. What do you want?"

"Sprite." She said smiling brightly, and kissing him on the lips again.


Kim turned around and she didn't know if it was a punch or a kick, but something knocked the wind out of her, and she fell to her knees, gasping because she couldn't catch a breath. Her arm clutched her stomach and her head slumped over. She was moaning and was trying to talk, but couldn't because she still couldn't breath.

Instantly Justin knelt down beside her. "Baby, what happened? Are...are you okay?

"Owwwww." She shifted and tried to rock some air into her lungs.

Justin rubbed her back as she tried to overcome the pain. He looked up and saw a brunet standing in front of them. "Did you just hit her?" He asked with attitude.

She put a finger to her mouth. "OH MY GOD! I am so sorry. I was just dancing, and I guess I didn't see her. It's so dark in here and all..."

"Oh, well watch where your going. You hurt her. She can't breath." Finally, Kim started to cough, when she gained air. Justin got up and then helped her up. "Kim, are you alright, baby girl?"

She nodded unsurely. "I'm okay." She whispered, glimpsing at the girl that had hit her.

"Are you sure?" She nodded harder. "Okay, you stay right here. I'll go get your drink." He kissed her on the cheek, and then walked off.

Kim hugged her stomach with her arms. She concluded she was kicked, because it was the impact of the heel of a shoe that knocked the wind out of her. The girl was still eying her with a mean look about her, even as she joined her friends nearby. Kim turned her head in the opposite direction she was, but could hear every word she was saying through the loud music.

"Yeah! I kicked that bitch. I hate her ass. She is so fucking fake. She so does NOT deserve Justin. I told you I was at Lance Bass' party and she was totally fucking some other guy. And look at her. She is dressed like the stripper she is. Justin is just so stupid for being with her. Why is he still with her? And GOD! She is SO FAKE! I bet she had like millions of dollars worth of surgery done." Her and her friends laughed.

"Yeah, Alicia! I totally know what you mean. I just can't believe Justin is stupid enough to be with someone like that HOE!"

"Yeah! And then she went and got pregnant by him, to keep him. Can we say pathetic? I mean, she's a cute baby. She looks just like him, but for the simple fact her mother is a SLUT! I fucking feel sorry for her. She is such a bitch. A fucking fake bitch. If you've seen her pictures you'll see how tan she is. She's a wanna be. She wish she was fucking black or something. No offense to you Shauna. She is so damn tan, she looks even faker. I know she uses the canned shit. She looks like she's been stranded on a fucking desert for a month." They all laughed again. "I heard that she uses up all of Justin's money and makes him pay for everything when they go out and stuff. Like he has a new necklace that has JRT on it. He totally fucking brought that himself. She can't buy him shit, because she is a gold digger."

Kim had enough. She stormed over to the party of girls. "Excuse me? Are you talking about me?
She asked, knowing the answer to the question.

The brunet stood up in her face. "YES! As a matter of fact we were. And we were going to kick your ass as well."

She looked up to the girl since she was taller. "Well, if you have anything to say about me. Please say it TO me, in my face. And from what I heard, you have a cursing problem and you DON'T know what you are talking about."

"I have something to say." The brunet said.

"I have something to say." A blonde said, stepping up.

"I have something to say." Another blonde said stepping up.

"I have something to say." A African-America girl said stepping up.

"I have something to say." A redhead blurted, taking a stand.

Kim swallowed nervously, as the five women stared her down. "Well, what do you have to say?"

"I think I speak for all of us, when I say. You are a fucking fake ass bitch. And you don't deserve Justin. I only want the best for him. YOU are not the best for him. I'm afraid we are going to have to kick your ass." The brunet said with a laugh.

"Fake? What about me is FAKE?" She began to back away. She was so scared. Having five tall and angry girls after her was scary.


Kim backed herself into a wall. "What did I do to you? Why do you hate me because I'm in love?"

"No, we hate you because you have Justin. And he belongs with one of us. NOT YOUR SKANKY ASS!" Alicia shouted.

"What are you planning to do to me? Beat me up?"

She laughed. "All we want you to do is say you don't love Justin. We know YOU don't love him. You just want him for his money and body. SAY YOU DON'T LOVE HIM! ADMIT IT!"

She shook her head. "I will not!" She said defending her love.

She pushed Kim, and the other four girls gave her a push as well. She was so small compared to them. "Say it. And don't you dare scream for help because we'll fucking beat the shit out of you! And kill your fucking ass."

"I'm not going to fight any of you and I WON'T SAY IT!" Someone punched her in the stomach. "Oh, God!" She moaned. She held the punched area and tried step away from them. A leg tripped her and she fell on her face. Someone else stomped the heel of their shoe in her back. She felt a series of kicks hit her. All of the girls were beating up on her.

"Say it, bitch!" The music was so loud, people were concentrating so hard on dancing, it was so dark, and the distance made it where no one took notice to what was happening. "SAY YOU DON'T LOVE HIM!"

She struggled to speak through her pain. "I won't say it. I love him, and always will. Why don't you just leave me alone? Picking on me won't GIVE you him." She whimpered when she was kick between the legs. Her eyes searched for anyone. But she was in a private, non vacant area. No one was able to help her.

Alicia put her back on her feet by grabbing her hair. She then slapped her across the face. "Say it, bitch! You don't really love him for him, like I and my friends do." She slapped her again.

A tear rolled down her cheek. "I won't say it." She whispered. "You can kill me, because you'll never get me to say it." There was no use in fighting back, because if she were to hit one of the girls, she'd get jumped on. If she were to cry for help they would jump her. Either way she was screwed. She was slapped again. "I love him." She chocked out. Alicia kicked her in the knee. "OW!" No matter how much pain she endured, there was not the slightest way she wouldn't stand up for her and Justin's love.

Alicia then tossed Kim to a blonde friend of hers, so she could slap her a few times. "You should just admit to it and say it, bitch."

"No." Kim groaned. She could barely speak.

A tall man, with a blue glow ring on his arm, was seen in the distance.

The girls quickly left Kim, and hid themselves by walking far away, and into the dancing crowd.

Justin smiled when he saw that Kim waited for him in the area he told her. "Hey, baby. Here...WHOA! Are you okay?"

She sniffled and touched a hand to her face. The girls reappeared in her view, and they gave Kim a look of warning. "Yeah." She whispered.

"Well,'s your Sprite."

She accepted the frosted glass. "Thank you." She was shaking. She was shaking so bad that the Sprite was splashing out of the glass, and splattering to the floor. She couldn't tell Justin about the confrontation. Because he was so overprotective of her, he might hit one of the girls.

His eyes squinted at her. "Baby, you okay? You look like you are about to throw up or something. And your shaking so hard."

Still the girls were staring her down. "I'm fine." She whispered, trying to take a sip from the shaking glass. She was able to get a small swallow.

"Kim, why is your face really red on one side?" He could tell a change, even in darkness."

She shrugged and tried to change the subject. "Wanna dance, Justin?" She didn't know if she was physically able to.

He shook his head. "You know what? It's only eleven. Would you like to go home and make some popcorn, and watch 'Stir of Echos' with me? We don't have to be at a party to have fun. We could spend some time together. Just you and me. We already tore the dance floor what do you say?" Her eyes were looking else where, and her forced he face to look at him. "Well, what do you say, baby girl?" She accidentally dropped the glass of Sprite on the floor and shattered it. "Oh my God, baby. What's wrong with you?" He moved her to the side so she wouldn't get cut, since she had no shoes on.

"Sure." She finally blurted. She couldn't believe she was actually attacked by Justin fans. OLDER Justin fans. She was scared sick. And even with Justin being with her, she still didn't feel safe. Just the look in their eyes scared the life out of her.

"Come on then. Let's go home."

"What about my shoes?"

He laughed. "You'll never find them in that crowd of people. Leave them. They are just shoes." He noticed tears were on her cheeks and he wiped them away. "Awww, baby...let me carry you." He wished he knew what was wrong with her. Before he could pick her up with his arms, she jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his waist. And she wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her face into his neck as he carried her. His hands gripped her back to keep her held to him. He couldn't remember her ever shaking so hard, and her back was so tense. Something was wrong, but he didn't ask about it, because she might feel more comfortable at home talking to him.

Kim was proud of herself. She did it. She was able to hold on to her barrier of love without using violence. From her violent past, maybe she could have knocked all five of the girls out. Maybe not. Her success was, she stood up for the one thing that she had. Which was love. Sure she could have played along and said she didn't love Justin, to save herself from a beating. But instead she stood up for them and her outcome was Not just any love. The heart aching, back breaking, suffering from a beat taking, LOVE! And it was a rare type of love to consume. Why? Because no one else on the Earth had it...except them. "Justin..." She cried. "Justin, I love you." She moaned, feeling surges of pain throughout her body.

"I love you too." He said carrying her gently. "Baby, I love you too."

Chapter 44

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