Chapter 42

August 18, 2002

Kim reached back to pick up a mug off of the nightstand nearby. She took a sip of her steaming, hot, chocolate, coffee, and then placed it back down with eased effort. She forwarded her body to position her legs between Justin's, this is where they were from the beginning.

Her lips toppled over Justin's, and he placed a hand on her back to pull her closer to him.

"I love you, Justin." She moaned in his mouth.

Her extensive tone drove him crazy. His hand traced his way up her slick body, and when it reached her neck he pulled it back some to tilt her head back. He then moved up closer to her, kissing her more deeply. Kissing her as if he was suffering from starvation. His hand traveled back down her and he began to pull her and squeeze her so tight, that he physically pulled her on top of him.

The kissing seized.

"You are so beautiful. And I love you, but how do you get to be so mean sometimes?" His lips swollen and his breathing pattern rapid. "Yesterday you really hurt my feelings. Not by the things you said. Because now I know you didn't mean them, but the things you did. Like playing that Britney music, and when you pulled over and yelled at me. When you made dinner but not any for me. Those things hurt, Kim. No matter how much you didn't mean them. They hurt. And you made me cry. Like cry ALL damn day. Isn't that sad, baby girl? Your really mean when you want to be."

She bent down and kissed his lips gently, before speaking. "I'm sorry, baby." She whispered, feeling his hair back.

"Seriously, Kim. You...hurt me." He pulled her head down to kiss her. He pulled it back up to speak. "I'm not mad or anything. I just can't believe you went out of your way to hurt me like that. Hurt me purposely. You are just so mean sometimes. I'd never do you like that." His hand rested on the back of her head and he once again pushed his lips to hers.

Kim refused his lips after a few seconds.

"Kiss me, Kim."

She smiled and shook her head no.

Justin used his weight to transfer their positions. He was on top of her now. "Kiss me, Kim. We went a whole day without 'sharing' a kiss lovingly. Kiss me, baby. You owe me."

It wasn't that she didn't want to kiss him, she was just playing hard to get. His hand ran along her curves and his hand seduced her thighs. His hard body was pressed so closely against her she could feel every feature that made him man. The heat from the nearness of his body and the fact that he was on top of her, made her moan. She turned her head to the side. "Justin..." She whispered. "Justin!" She slipped from underneath him and pranced across the room in her underwear. She laughed a few times before speaking. "Justin, before you get another kiss from me. I want to ask you something." She tried not to smile, but couldn't help it.

Justin laid back against her pillow and stretched, smiling also. "Ask me anything!"

She laughed a few times on the side. "Okay, JUSTIN! I happen to be a very picky person. You know that, right? Well, I opened up one of my bra drawers. And I saw that one of my BLUE bras was placed with my BLACK ones. Hummm, now how did something like that happen? I didn't do it. My lotion amount shrunk. Oh, and there's more. My CARAMEL lip color was in the wrong place, AND my clear Jolly Rancher gloss wasn't just in the wrong place, I could tell it was thrown on the dresser. Thrown to the point where it could have been broken and ruined. I would have had to have to get another one."

Justin laughed into her pillow and lost it to his face. "Your pathetic, Kim. What are you? A surveillance camera? What the hell? Oh, the gloss wasn't moved on the dresser, it was thrown. Your...pathetic...Kim! How much was it? I'll get you a hundred more."

She crossed her arms, which propped up her chest more. "It was twenty-five bucks. Thats besides the point. What I want to know is. Who went through my stuff? I know it wasn't you, because you know where my bras are. And you have no use for them. And since when do you wear gloss? Okay, you eat it sometimes, but what about the lip color? Another girl, Justin?" Her eyebrow raised in questioning. It was strange she was smiling so much.

Justin removed his face from the pillow, and he stared deeply into her gleaming eyes. "Yes, Kim. Another female went through your things."

Her eyebrow raised even higher. "Oh, really? Care to tell me who? Describe this OTHER FEMALE! Her name wouldn't happen to start with a "B", would it?" She licked her tongue at him.

Justin slowly rose from the bed, moving his feet over the edge of it. "Okay, I'll describe her." He paused to shake off his laughter. "She has light brownish-blonde hair. Tan. She has these sparkling eyes. Slim." He stood and began to walk towards her. "She's SIX! Her name is CHER! And you knew it was her from the start because YOU were the one that put her shirt in the dryer." His feet stopped continuing towards her, and his eyes wandered to the viewing range of her feet. They took a journey up her long legs. She was short...very short, but her legs seemed to go on for miles. Her gorgeous features made her so attention drawn. Her hips curved perfectly. Shockingly her 'JRT', Sharpie tattoo, was still surviving on her inner thigh. "The...umm...marker. It's a uh, still there."

She nodded her head and stared down at it. "I know. Let me tell you this. Yesterday I had to wear bikini's AGAIN at my photo shoot. It is summer, you know. Anyway, and I put one on and completely forgot the tattoo was there. I walk out on the beach where the equipment was set up. They showed me which position to stand. The makeup people did their thing. Finally, when the wind fans go off, the photographer shouts. "Raise your arms up, Kim. Thats a girl. Not look to the side. You hate the damn camera. You want it to leave you alone. That's it, baby. Now look MORE SERIOUS! Look like the goddess you are. Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!" So, I don't know. He was saying all kinds of stuff. I was posing like he wanted me to. All of a sudden he stopped because he was just now noticing the JRT on me. I forgot about it, and when he asked about it I had to EXPLAIN that it was just marker and all of that. THEN I asked him should I go take it off. He said. "No. NO! GOD, YOU LOOK MORE SEXY WITH IT!" So, basically, Justin. In my newest pictures I'm going to have that JRT written down there. Jeez..." When she finally stopped yapping, she realized she had talked Justin to death. He was staring at her face but looked confused.

Her lips stopped moving say something you idiot. "Yup." He said nodding.

She uncrossed her arms and held her hands out. "Uh, Justin. Why are you nodding? You didn't hear what I said, did you?" She giggled.

"I heard some of what you said. What were you saying about explaining something? Hey, I heard the part about having the..."

"Never mind that, Justin. As I was asking. What is a six year old girl doing going into my drawers? Wearing my gloss?"

It was his turn to laugh. "Jealous much? She was just looking around. And then she wanted me to make her look like YOU! I told her she doesn't need to be you to be beautiful. And I showed her that by  showing her her beauty."

She cooed with a hand to her heart. "Awwww, isn't that little girl CUTE? Oh, she is just adorable. Your so good with kids."

He had a flashback of the day him and Cherry shared, including the baby changing incident. "Um, no." 

"You are."

Justin changed the subject. "Yeah. She's amazing, and she knows how to make someone feel better. Yesterday, I swear she could feel my pain. No, I KNOW she could feel my pain. But come on, man. She's a six year-old girl! A baby basically. She has a great heart thought. I love that little girl."

Her hands relaxed on his shoulders. "See, Justin. Now I feel bad. You make it seem like I am not 'there' for you. I didn't mean to be so mean. You know that. You know how I am. And I want to say I'm sorry again. If it means anything. I want to feel your pain too. What did your pain feel like? Want to talk about it?"

He kiss her in the corner of her mouth before kissing her square on the lips. Then he shook his head surely. "I don't want to talk about it really. It's over now. You want to know what my pain felt like? I can SHOW you better than I can tell you."

She closed her eyes and sighed. "Show me, baby. I'm willing to understand how you were feeling."

"Okay." He began to walk, forcing her to step backwards. After a while she came in contact with the wall and was cornered. Justin crushed his firm and hard body against hers. He then propped her up against the wall, holding her legs up with his hands. "Remember the last time you were my slave I told you that I would do things to you that will make you shiver everything you think about them?" He was kissing her on the neck now, pushing himself even closer to her.

She swallowed hard and moaned. "I remember."

His lips brushed against the delicate skin of her shoulders. "Remember what I did to you? Do you shiver when you think about that night?"

She slipped her hair behind her ear. "M'mmmhum. "

"You enjoyed yourself, right? You liked what I did to you, right? You'd like me to do it again?"

She bit her bottom lip. "OH MY GOD!" She said barely able to breath. "I would pay you to get a little piece of that night. Ummmm, Justin." He kissed her more harshly. "But this feels so good. What does it have to do with pain?"

He placed a finger to her lips. "Shhhh. Don't talk, baby girl." He pushed his body as close as he could to hers because her need to removed his hand from one of her legs. He used that hand to pick up hers. He licked each tip of her fingers, then sucked feverishly on them. "Mmmmm, Kim. I'm going to lick you from head to toe."

His moan set her on fire and she attached her hand to the back of his head, in the nape of his neck. "That feels so good. I'd love for you to kiss me like that." She gasped.

"Really?" He asked, almost astonished. He slowly put her back on her feet. "Well, thats too bad. I don't want to do that anymore." He shrugged.

Her eyes opened. "WHAT? Your just going to leave me hanging'? But, Justin. You just made me all hot and...all those things you just said was big talk? God, this sucks!" She stomped her foot.

Justin heighten this shoulders. "REJECTION! Thats what my pain felt like. Pure and cold rejection!"

"I AM SO SORRY!" She said seriously. "If you felt like I feel right now, since you suddenly stopped with the unbearable pleasure, I UNDERSTAND YOUR PAIN!"

He laughed. "I'm glad you do. But thats not all." He selected her in the air, and threw her across his shoulder.

She giggled. "Justin, where are you taking me? Oh...let me guess. Your going to throw me in the pool?"

He chuckled. "Now, your catching on. I'm going to show you more of my pain by throwing you in the pool."

"Oh, okay." She said laughing and kicking her feet. "UMMM, check it out. Justin is in just his boxers. Look at them buns of steel." She snickered as he carried her.

Justin immediately switched her position. She was now face to face with his stomach. "Sorry. I had to sensor your view."

Kim laughed loudly as he carried her through the large house. Using one hand he opened a pool room door. It had been a while since he threw her in the pool last. The pool was his advantage. He was still hurting from her behavior yesterday. His hurt had converted to some anger and he wanted to get rid of his unpleasant feelings all at once. He closed his eyes and he took Kim, and slammed her into the pool with as much power as he could. She was laughing at one point. But when the water exploded around her, she stopped laughing.

Struggling for a few seconds, Kim's head rose out of the water. She swam to the shallow end of the pool and groaned. "Can we say WHIPLASH? I hope you feel better, Justin. I REALLY feel your pain now. OW!" She rubbed the tampered area of her back. "Could you have thrown me any harder? And the pool is freezing. We should heat it up."

Justin eased himself into the water with her. "God, the water IS freezing. Are you okay, Kim? Are you, okay?"

She made a cute face at him. "HAHA! I'm fine! Nice POWER BOMB move by the way."

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. "I didn't mean to throw you so hard. I feel so good right now. I feel so much better. Much better than I did yesterday. And I really want to kiss you right now. I REALLY REALLY want to kiss you."

She moved her face in closer to him and smiled against his nose. "Oh, yeah? But I thought I was a reject and you didn't want to kiss me anymore?"

"You know I was just joking. I'd love to kiss you...from head to toe."

Kim pressed her lips against his and held them there for a few seconds before pulling back. Her thumb rubbed back and forth across his bottom lip. Out of nowhere she began to tickle him.

Justin laughed as he tried to pull her hands away. "Stop! STOP IT! HAHA!"

She tickled him harder. "Your always tickling me. I'm only returning the favor." Her hand reached his skin that was underwater and Justin laughed even harder. She was not only tickling and poking him, she was trying to strip his boxers down in the pool.

Justin seized her attempts. "No you DON'T, baby girl. You ain't pulling my shorts down this time."

She quit tickling him and was just trying to snatch his boxers down now. "I'm gonna get ya, Justin. They ARE coming down."

He frowned. "No WAY! NEVER! Don't forget you are in your underwear too. Don't make me start stripping you." He smacked on her tugging hands, trying to get them free of him.

Both of them heard a rip.

Kim held up two pieces of material which once were Justin's boxers. Laughter broke through her lips. "You say when in doubt use Hilfiger? Well, Justin. Hilfiger just doubted YOU!"

His mouth hung open in shock and he was utterly speechless. He was absolutely naked and she was looking strait down at him. He used a hand to try to hide his privacy. "Kim, stop looking down at me." He used his other hand to try to snatch his ripped boxers back.

She giggled. "It's gonna take a lot more than a hand to cover that up, baby. WOOO!" She pointed at him, and backed away from him, dodging his extending hand.

"I'm not kidding, Kim." Stop staring at me. "Look up. LOOK up!"

"Nice happy trail. Would you happen to be interested in crotch-rolls? Oh, and well what do ya know. That little smily face I drew on you is still there. Let me just say, that and the word 'Kim' fits your pelvic region nicely." She made and okay symbol with her hand.

His eyes lit up in embarrassment. "Oh my GOD, Kim. I'm going to KILL YOU! STOP LOOKING DOWN AT ME!"

She looked up and into his eyes. "Awww, are you getting SELF-CONSCIOUS, Justin?"

"Yes! I mean, I understand you may want to LOOK sometimes, but GOD! Your just staring at me like you have no common sense." He turned his body to the side so she couldn't look down at him.

"DANG! Look at that tight booty. Justin has a butt after all. A small but bubbled one."

He clenched his teeth and his eyes snared at her. "DAMMIT, KIM!"

She climbed out of the pool still holding his rags for boxers. "Justin, this OUR house...mansion. You can get out of the pool and go upstairs naked. No one will be watching you." She licked her lips. "Well, except me of course."

He was growing angry. "I AM NOT WALKING THOUGH THE HOUSE NAKED! And you better not try anything and leave me down here for hours. Go get me a towel, KIM! RIGHT NOW, OKAY? YOU tore my boxers off of me. YOU will get me a towel!"

"Awww, now your getting all defensive. Don't be ashamed of being nude. You have a great body. You should be a CK model, I told you. OKAY, I'm getting your towel now."

He rolled his eyes. "Jesus! I may look at her sometimes. Thats SOMETIMES! And I may be obsessed with her in the loving manner. BUT NO! Not little miss Kimmy over there. She's obsessed with dicks. I um mean..." He didn't mean to slip up and say the word.

Kim paused in action and spun around. "WHAT DID YOU SAY? I cannot believe you would say such a thing. THAT IS NOT TRUE, JUSTIN! I've never saw a guy in my life before you! I am CURIOUS, so sue me!"

He nodded at her. "Oh, yeah? Well, you've been curious for way too long, BABY! I didn't know  curiosity lasted for DAYS! AND DAYS!"

She huffed and crossed her arm before leaving. "I cannot believe he said that word." She left the pool room.


She came back into the pool room with a towel in hand. "I see you've come back! Good decision." Justin spat, watching her come nearer to her.

She giggled and tossed the towel to him. "There you go, Justin."

"Thanks." He said wrapping it around his body and walking up the steps of the pool. "This has been an interesting morning. Might I add humiliating." He froze and presented a smile in front of Kim to show her he was not mad. "You just had to 'rip' my boxers off of me. Not pull but RIP! Nice move, baby girl." He kiss her on the cheek.

She nudged him. "Well, thanks. I learn from the best. A PERSON who loves to RIP clothes. You wouldn't happen to know someone like that? A person that tore one of my favorite green shirts off of me, while trying naughty? Do you know someone like that?"

He shook his head and then laughed. "Sorry. I don't." He pulled her closer than close to his chest and squeezed her. "I love you, you guy body part obsessed little girl."

She pushed away from him. "Eat me, Justin! I am NOT obsessed. I'm sick of you saying that! And I'm not a little girl!"

"Eat you? WOW! I'm impressed. New SLANG, Kim? Do you really mean that?" Of course he licked his lips.

She shook her head at him in a shameful way. "Justin, since were are in the pool room you are getting a tan." She pushed a button, and the top, glass, windows of the roof began to open, letting natural beams of sunlight into the room. "You lie down and get TAN DAMMIT! You need some color on that skin of yours."

"But, Kim. I need to put some clothes on at least..."

"NOW!" She forced him down on the concrete, which surrounded the pool. "You lay there. If you need anything, let me know. You are not to move until you tan some. You need SUN, MAN!"

"Oh my god. Your going to make me lay here and become ORANGE like you?"

"Yes! And you better not move."


August 20, 2002 (Two days later) About three in the afternoon.

"Yeah, our tour is full of crazy things. Chris be the one on stage lookin' crazy. He always sings the slow songs with his head turned to the side like some psycho. Why is that? And Joey. God, Joey...He always has to sit down somewhere while we are performing. HA! And Lance...we used to call Joey hammy, but Lance. He's like doodoodoooo, point at someone. Doodoodooo, wink. Doodoodooo, point at someone with a smile. And JC. DANG, man. Sometimes I wonder, do you be spazzing out on stage? You slam your head against your chest and stuff on stage. CALM DOWN, man. Your gonna KILL yourself. Sling your neck out or somethin'." Everyone in the studio was glaring at Justin as if he was a mental case. "What?"

"Oh, God! Well, excuse us MISTER PERFECTO!" JC said through clenched teeth. "Or should I say SHOW OFF! Speaking of stage weakness. Aren't you the one that is always adding in the extras, to show out? The beat boxing? And 'I Thought She Knew' doesn't require break dancing, Justin. And you can't give the ladies enough thrusts, now can you? So get down babe, and I'll get down for youuu..." He fell to his knees and pretended to lick the floor extensively. Everyone laughed at Justin. "Damn, Justin. Is that tongue battery operated? You don't have to mop the stage with your tongue, Justin. It's not a requirement of the choreography."

Kim laughed outside of Justin's studio door, and listened on to what was suppose to be a Nsync meeting.

"HAHA! Very funny JC...NOT! At least I give the ladies what they want. As for you, people are afraid you may need rabies shots! You never know. We could be in the middle of 'Bye Bye Bye' and all of a sudden you start foaming at the mouth." He folded his hands causally. "Hyper problem?"

Chris jumped up and down and waved to get attention. "I HAVE A HYPER PROBLEM!" He began to press random buttons of the studio controls.

Justin hung his head down and shook it. "There is nothing we can do for him...nothing I tell you."

Lance snickered at Justin's comment. "You know. I say we end the meeting. We decided what album cover we wanted to use. We really have nothing left to talk about. We should just chill and hang out." He had a football in his hand, and threw it in the air, only to catch it.

Chris was still jumping around and pushing buttons, like a mad man. Joey placed his hands on his shoulders and then slapped him across the face. "GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF, MAN! Your acting like a freaking nut!"

He changed from goofy mode to serious mode. "Oh no you didn't just slap me." He jumped on him and they began to playfully fight.

Justin stood, up being the tallest in the room. "Nope! Ya'll better stop that! You ain't about to fight in MY studio and tear my shit up." He sat back down in his chair and crossed his arms for comfort. The fighting ended at once.

"So, yeah. We basically talked everything through. We have an album cover picked. Now the CD can be created." JC stated biting on his lip.

"Yup. Anyone want to play a game of foot..." Lance cut off when Kim entered the studio with Jade in her arms.

She didn't say anything, until she sat down on Justin's lap. "Hey, guys. Is it okay if I come in now?"

"Yeah." Everyone said at one time.

Justin's arm gripped around her waist, and he tickled Jade's bottom a few times. "Hey, baby. I missed you." He whispered in Kim's ear. He kissed it afterwards.

She laughed. "Whoa! And I only saw you thirty minutes ago." She lowered Jade in her arms and strained her neck to kiss Justin on the lips. "I love you, Justin."

His hand rubbed up against her thigh. "I love you too, honey."

"I'm about to put Jade to sleep. Can I get you guys anything? A drink? Another hamburger?" She looked back at Justin and smiled at him.

He took a deep breath, and then let out a huge, five-second lasting, burp. "Does it sound like I need another hamburger?"

"OH THAT IS SO GROSS, JUSTIN! If I were the old me I would have smacked you by now."

"Excuse me." He said lowly. "Sorry about that. Better out than in."

"I hope that burp was long enough. For a second I thought you were about to burp the national anthem." Kim eyes darkened at him as a hint of her disgust.

"Um...Kim. He actually CAN burp the national anthem." Joey stammered.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh, whatever. That is just SICK! Like I was asking. Would anyone like anything?"

JC scratched his head. "I'd like a beer, Kim. If that is okay. I haven't had one in the longest time, and I need one with all of this madness."

"Cool." She responded, rising off of Justin's knee and holding Jade to her chest. "No requests for the last hamburger?"

"I would..." Chris was cut off by Justin.

"That last burger is for me. I'm going to eat it later."

"I would like a beer then." Chris said in a calm manner.

The corners of Kim's mouth curved upward. "Justin, do you have any beers? I can't remember if we have any or not."

He continued to smirk confidently. "Yeah. I have some in the refrigerator, under the bar. But they ain't getting none of my beers. Every time they come over my house they eat up ALL my food. Beat the HELL out of me, and break my stuff. Now tell me. Why should I give them MY beers?"

"You need to stop being so selfish, Justin. Just like that guy said. You are kind of stuck up."

Justin stared her down as she left the room. His eyes were flashing coldly.

"HEY! Anyone want to play football?" Lance asked out of nowhere.


"The reality of it is...she DOESN'T need me. She doesn't rely on me to support herself. She makes millions and she's all independent. She can basically do anything. So, she must really love me to be with me." Justin placed his sunglasses up higher on his nose and smiled over at JC who was in a lawn chair beside him. They were both outside in the backyard, watching Joey, Lance, and Chris teach Kim how to catch a football. "Hey, Chris. Don't hit her with the ball, man. You are being a bit too rough. If you floor a ball into her face, I'm afraid I'm going to have to hit you." When he received a confirmed nod from Chris his attention turned back to JC.

"Thats great that you love each other so much. According to YOU you both fight too much. But hey, everyone has their problems. You and Kim seem to always OVERCOME them. Which is a very good thing. And, man. You look happy. You look more healthy and everything. Oh yeah and cool ass necklace J. I love it."

"Thank ya! My baby got it for me. She takes care of me. HAHA!"


She laughed. "I FORCED HIM TO TAN! DOESN'T HE LOOK GREAT WITH COLOR TO HIS SKIN?" She laughed a few more times before placing her attention on Lance who was explaining a technique to her.

"HAHA! Forced you to get a tan."

Justin took a sip of his coke then pushed JC's chest. "Shut up, man. I'm just happy I'm not as orange as she is haha. Look at her." He said pointing to Kim. "You see her right. She's trying to be a tease. You see she is wearing a baby-blue skirt. I LOVE baby-blue. Isn't she just fine though?"

JC chose his words carefully, and he didn't know why he was asking him the question if he knew he didn't want to hear the truthful answer. "She is SO CUTE!"

"And that skirt is just priceless."

JC gulped down a large swallow of his beer. "So how is she doing? I'm talkin' the sreamin'!"

Justin laughed. "Oh, she's doing great. Thats not a problem anymore."

Kim paused to glance at Justin and JC. The look on their faces made her wonder what they were talking about. She ignored the voices around her and made her way towards the two mysterious men. She took a sip of her can of Surge as she did so. "Are you talking about me, Justin?"

He pulled his sunglasses off and smiled evilly. "Yes, now that you've asked. JC and I were talking about you."

Her eyes widen. "And you were saying WHAT?"

He tried to give her an innocent look. "We're talking guy stuff over here, sweetheart. I'll tell about everything later." He placed his hands on her waist and turned her around. "Now go play with your friends and have fun." He slapped her on the butt.

She didn't know why but she was doing as he said and walked away.

"Dude, she's drinking Surge. Haha! I bet you drink that stuff. Don't you know it has yellow#5 in it. You know what that does...just kidding. That is so kindergarten, man."

"AHHH, I know! I went through my whole junior high school years not drinking anything with yellow#5 in it because it was rumored to give guys...well make your....well make you have a..."

"LIMP DICK?" Kim called from the middle of the backyard. Her ears were able to pick up everything they were saying because her distance was fairly close.

Justin coughed loudly. "Thanks, Kim! You took the words right out of my mouth." He said with thick sarcasm.

JC tapped Justin on the shoulder. "Is it just me? Or is it possible for Bobbi's lips to taste like something sweet ALL the time?"

"Oh, it's possible. Kim...she tastes so good; her skin is like candy. How can someone taste like candy? She is just eatable. I'd love to just eat her."

"Careful now, Justin. Too much info."

His bright smile cultivated. "I know." Justin saw that Joey was touching Kim too generously. "Joey, take your hand away!" His head shook. "I feel like a second grade teacher."

"Justin, that doesn't bother you? He's flirting with your girl, man. He's acting like she is his girlfriend. Why aren't you yelling at Joey? Take you hand away? Thats all you have to say?"

Justin chuckled. "It's okay, JC. She doesn't want Joey. Thats why I don't mind. Now, if they kissed or something...thats a whole 'nother story. But Joey will be Joey, and he will be a horn ball and he WILL flirt, with not just Kim, but any girl! Check this out! HEY, KIM! COME HERE, BABY!"

She ran over to him. "Getting like Al Bundy over here, Justin?" He stuck his hand halfway in his pants for the effect. "GROSS! What's next? The 'go get me something to drink woman' line?" She giggled in her hand.

He rose from the chair, and once again removed his sunglasses and placed them at a table nearby. "NO! Ohh your so hilarious. The reason why I called you over here was because I want a kiss."

She placed both hands against his warm cheeks and kissed his lips gently. "There, baby. A kiss."

He took his piece of gum out of his mouth. "No, baby girl. This kind of kiss." He snatched her neck and pulled it forth creating a strong contact of their lips. One of his arms crowded around her waist and gripped her so tightly that it cut off her oxygen supply.

Kim's body was falling back, and Justin's was falling with her. When she couldn't bend anymore, he let up. He straitened up her shirt, since it had shifted on her because of his pulling. "Thank you, Kim. I love you." He put his gum back in his mouth and kissed her on the lips once more.

Her eyes fluttered opened. "Umm...I love you too." She stumbled back over to the threesome.

Justin got comfortable in his chair and rested his arms on the arm rests. "See. When Joey gets a kiss like that from Kim. Thats when I'll get worried."

Him and JC laughed together. "I didn't know she was so flexible."

He was trying to swallow some of his soda down, but accidentally spit it back out. "Oh, I know she's flexible. More than you will ever know. The way she can bend her...never mind. I didn't just say that."

Lance approached the both of them. "Ya'll want to play a game of football?"

"We can't. The teams will be uneven." Justin said observing his fingernails.

"No they won't. Three on three. Kim wants to play."

Justin shot up. "WHAT? Oh, she is NOT playing football." He began to walk to the gathering crowd. JC got up and followed him. "Kim, your playing football?"

"YEAH! It should be fun!"

"Your going to get hurt." He rested a hand on his waist. "You can't play. Your a girl!"

"Oh, don't get sexist, Justin."

"Don't get sexy, Kim!" Joey blurted flirtatiously.

"YOU CAN'T PLAY, KIM!" Justin said seriously with widened eyes.

"You can't tell me what to do, Justin. The guys promised not to tackle me hard. It should be cool."

He stared into her face biting his lip before making a decision. "Okay, I'm in. Since KIM is playing, I'll be on the opposite team as her, because I am the only person that is allowed to tackle her."

No one disagreed with him. "I'm on Kim's team! I'm on Kim's team!" Joey said over excitedly.

"Me too!" Said Chris, jumping up and down with him.

"Damn." Lance and JC both whispered to each other.

"Okay, so we have our teams. WHO is going to get the ball first?" Justin asked taking a coin out of his pocket, just in case he needed it.

"Don't know...since we have a girl on our team we get to all the coin. And I say heads." Chris said.

Justin shrugged before tossing the coin in the air and catching it. He slapped it against the back of his hand. The outcome was...heads. "Heads. Ya'll get ball first."

Everyone moved into the middle of the enormous backyard. Dark clouds were in the sky and already misty rain droplets began to fall. "Uh, we can't play. It's about to start raining." JC announced, looking straight up at the grayed clouds.

"Who cares if it rains! Let's just play football." Kim stepped out of her skirt, revealing her baby-blue shorts. She balled up her skirt and threw it out of the way.

"Yeah. I was about to say, baby girl. How in the hell are you going to play football in a skirt?" Justin's eyes were glued to her legs.

She flashed him a conceded smile and pointed at him. "Your going down, Justin. Your going down!"

He only returned the look.

During the first play Chris hiked the ball off. He threw it to Joey, who threw it to Kim. Kim ran with the ball and everyone thought she was going to make a touch down, but out of nowhere Justin grabbed her and slung her to the ground by her waist. The position ended up with Justin on top of her. She instantly pushed him off of her. "Got ya, baby. You ain't going nowhere."

She was a soar looser and knew she was. She would hate herself if she lost to Justin's team. She pouted her lip out. "Oh, whatever, Justin." She stood and brushed her knees off which had caught soft dirt. The misty rain drops converted to heavier ones with every second that went by.

"Maybe we should quit the game." Lance stated.

"NO!" Kim spat, getting back into position.

Chris hiked off the ball again. This time her threw it to Kim first. She caught the ball, but before she could even run, Justin swung her to the ground.

"Look at that! He got her doggy style. HAHA!" Chris joked. Everyone on the field laughed.

"You just can't seem to get passed me. Now can you, baby girl?"

"UGH! You make me sick, Justin." She was becoming soaked. Of course she had to be the only female on the field and was receiving strange glances from the guys, because her melting clothing.

"Her shirt is white, man."

Chris nodded to Joey. "I know. And she's wet now. My God." He shuddered and hiked the ball.

Joey ran out to catch the ball and Chris threw it to him. Lance and JC were eyeing them close.

Justin and Kim were staring each other down. Preparing for what was ever going to happen. Kim heard someone call her name. It was Joey and the football was in the air aiming towards her. It soared through the rain falling sky and she caught it in her arms. Within seconds she was tackled to the ground. The side of her mouth got a nice taste of mud and grass. She used the palms of her hands to push her body up. She spit, and her and Justin met eyes. Victory shown as bright as red in his. He licked his lips and stood up to show his intimidation. He lent out a hand just to aggravate her. "Need a hand, Kim? You just CAN'T seem to stay off of the ground." She ignored his hand and got up on her own. She brushed herself off as best as she could. "Maybe you shouldn't be playing this. I think I'm a little too tough for you." He could tell she was getting mad.

She crossed her arms. "Come on, Chris. Hike the ball!" She shouted to him. "As for you, Justin. BEWARE!"

Justin was soaked just as everyone else and personally he enjoyed her spunk. "Okay, Kim. I'm ready for you."

For the fourth time Chris hiked the ball. He threw it to Joey who decided to run the ball. As he was running he was tackled by the muscular JC, who jumped up and down. "YEAH! Thats the fourth down. Ya'll didn't get not one touch down. Our ball! YEAH, MAN! YEAH!" Him and Justin and Lance hand a hand shaking moment. "Thats what you get for having a chick on your team."

Justin pushed him. "Hey, thats my chick. Thats my baby. Don't don't talk about her."

Joey threw JC the football and he caught it easily. "I'm sorry, dude. I'm sorry. Okay, that was you all's fourth down. Our ball." JC hiked off the ball throwing it to Justin first. He danced his way past Kim with no trouble at all, then threw the ball to Lance who had an open path for running. He ran and easily scored a touch down.

"YEAH! THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT BABY! GO LANCE! GO! GO LANCE! GO!" Justin said instigating him to start dancing.

"Ya'll are cheating!" Chris said angrily. "How in the hell did he make a touch down running out of bounds?"

Justin got into his face. "NO WAY! Don't try it, man. He was in! DON'T EVEN TRY IT!" He smiled at Kim who was sulking. "Don't look so down my pet. You will make a touch down. In the NEAR future. It's strange how you tried to block me, but I slipped right past ya anyway...humm. Sorry you couldn't stop me, baby girl." He kissed her on the cheek and watched her curse under her breath.

"Okay, Justin. I got you." It amazed her her to know Justin was very determined when it came to his sports.

"Yeah, you might want to go inside and tend to to Jade or something. Get out of this rain. Oh, by the way. Nice nipples, Kim." Before he could see her reaction he ran to his two group members.

Kim grinned evilly and let her anger build. She just wanted to kill Justin at this point. JC hiked the ball to Justin and he was running with the ball. She took of running as he approached her. She picked up speed and ran as fast as she could. She was going to do whatever it took to tackle him down. Both of them were running with their most accelerated energy, neither of them were willing to stop and they...collided.

Justin fell on his back and Kim fell on top of him. The football wobbled to the left of them and they didn't move at all. When the guys approached the couple they thought they had knocked each other unconscious. Justin's face was not seen because it was covered by Kim's long hair. "Oh my God." Joey gasped. "They killed each other."

Lance shoved him. "They are not dead. They are probably unconscious."

Chris was the only one that laughed. "Well, if they were dead. At least Justin went out with some action."

Everyone's eyes traveled to Kim's butt, which was where one of Justin's hands were, until Joey kneeled down and moved it. "I swear they are so wild. When you watch them it's like a porn movie."

JC smacked him in the back of the head. "Just shut up, man. Only YOU would KNOW something like that. Dude, I'm soaked. I'm about to go inside."

Chris' eyes scrunched in questioning. "We just leave them here?"

Joey moved Kim's hair over and tried to pick up her head. When he got an up close view of the two's faces, he could see that they were kissing. Kim stiffened her neck because she didn't want to break from Justin's lips. "They are kissing." He mouthed to the three guys standing before him. "I'm soaked. I'm going inside."

"Yeah me too." JC said taking one last glance at the couple.

"Me too." Lance and Chris said at the same time.

They were left all alone in the rain kissing. Kim giggled against Justin's wet lips. "Haha. I got you. And I love you so much, Justin. I love you so much."

His hand now held her at the waist. "I love you too, BABYYYYYYYYY GIRLLLLLLLLLLL!"

Kim jumped and tried to catch her breath.

"Sorry. I couldn't resist. I didn't mean to scare you, honey. It's just that that is the wonderful tone you used when you were mad at me."

Kim's mouth trailed down his neck and she bit him softly on the neck, smiling at the sound of him moaning. "We're going to catch pneumonia out here. And what good would we do Jade then?" She licked along the hollow of his neck. It was already wet from the rain, but the feeling of her tongue was exotic and pleasurable.

"Well, I don't know if I can get up. I think you broke my ribs."

She exited his hold and stood up. "Haha. Can you stand?"

He struggled to his feet, and held his chest in pain. "I can stand. Walking..." She jumped on him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He spun them around and let the water pour down their bodies ever more. "If you only knew how much I love you." He kissed her on the lips and decided to kiss them continuously.

Kim laughed at his gift of affection. "Oh, I love you too. You just don't know." She wrapped her arms around his neck and bit on his earlobe. "Lets take a bath, Justin. In our Jacuzzi tub...together."

His eyebrow raised and he kissed her on the nose. "Really?"

She bit her bottom lip and nodded, then continued to kiss him softly on his neck. "Really!"

He carried her into the house. Both of the were dripping wet. As Justin made it down the hall way, he heard loud laughter coming from a room. He opened the room door and placed Kim down on her feet.

"I did the back flip and all, but I hit a freakin' wall! And I thought my neck was broken. So, I'm like screamin' for help..."

Justin interrupted the conversating room of men. "Chris, not that back flip story again. You wouldn't happened to be drunk, are you? And are ya'll crazy? You guys a soakin' wet and hanging out on my couch?" He laughed because he wasn't really upset. "I know this is like the guys room, but come on. Have some manners or courtesy. Oh, ya'll need to leave anyway."

"Oh, come on, Justin. A really good movie is on." JC told him with a sad face.

He glanced at Kim and his smile grew. "Nope, ya'll really have to go."

"Why?" Lance asked.

"Because Kim and I want some PRIVATE TIME together, before the baby wakes up. HINT! HINT!"

Everyone gasped. "Ohhhhh."

"We'll keep to ourselves and stay in this room. It's at the total opposite end of the house."

Justin chuckled. "I didn't mean that. We are not going to have sex like you perverts are thinking. We're going to get in the Jacuzzi upstairs. Thats all." Kim cleared her throat nervously, she guessed he didn't quite get the message she was implying. Justin was just now noticing that Joey was eating the very last hamburger Kim had cooked earlier. "Oh, no the hell you didn't. I told you that last hamburger was mine. MINE! ALLLLL MINE, JOEY! I'm gonna kick your..." He jumped at him, but Chris stopped the evolving fight.

Kim added in her two cents. "Justin, don't start. It's a hamburger. I'll make you another one."

He shook himself off. "Your right." He just had to rip off a piece of the hamburger for him, to keep him satisfied. "Ya'll need to leave though." He said biting the piece of burger.

"Come on, man. Don't be so lame. It's raining outside. None of use want to drive in the rain. We could get into an accident and get killed."

"Okay, okay." Justin said feeling bad. "You can stay. Come on, Kim. We have a tub to sit in."

Before he was able to leave Chris spoke. "Speaking of tub. Remember that time when Justin slipped in the shower. HAHA! That was so funny."

He was at the doorway but paused to turn around. "Oh yeah. Thats hilarious. But not as hilarious as your face! HAHA!"

He stopped laughing suddenly. "YEAH? Well at least my hair doesn't eat people. Well, it's short now. So, DID eat people."

Justin smiled and placed the rest of his burger in his mouth. He chewed it slowly. When he was finished he arrogantly turned his head to the side. "I didn't want to have to TELL you off Chris. Here one of your problems, besides the psychotic behavior of course, dragon breath. You need to do somethin' about that, man. At least my breath don't smell so bad my teeth duck, every time I talk. Breath smell so bad it catches people on fire. Give you nosebleeds and everything else. You make people go blind with that breath. DAMN!" JC toppled off the couch and laughed his face into the carpet of the room. Everyone broke down laughing. Except Chris who looked beyond offended. Justin didn't realize Kim had fallen on the floor behind him laughing. "I'm just playing with ya, Chris. You know I love you, man." He closed his mouth to keep from laughing.

He shook his head. "I HATE you, Justin." He was honestly speechless.

Kim was weak with laughter, but managed to get up off the floor. She laughed a few more times, and wiped her tears away before saying something. "You guys want to hear something thats really funny?" She was willing to say anything to make Chris feel better. She laughed a few more times when Chris tested his breath by blowing into his hand and smelling it.

"Yeah." Everyone managed to say through laughing pains. Justin watched Kim questioningly and wondered what she was up to. "Okay, Justin has this thing he always says, which is: when in doubt use Hilfiger. Well, the other day he threw me in the pool and he got in too. He was in just his Hilfiger boxers..."

Justin tugged on the rim of her shorts, from behind, to forward her to him. "KIM! You better not tell them about..."

"And we were playing in the water, and I don't know how. But I ripped his boxers off of him. He was totally naked and I was like. You always say when in doubt use Hilfiger, Justin. Hilfiger just doubted you. HAHA! And he tried to cover himself with a hand! I asked him did he want crotch-rolls because he had a nice happy trail." JC, Chris, Joey and Lance were all on the floor rolling on each other in pain from laughing. When Kim looked back and saw Justin's expression she took off running.

Justin put a hand over the right side of his burning face. "GOOD LORD! I'm going to KILL her." He placed his other hand over his face as his friends laughed madly at him. "I'm going to KILL her." He repeated. "KIMMMMMMMMMMM!" He ran out the room after her.


Kim kissed Justin on the cheek and then Jade. "Okay, baby. I'll be right back. I am so excited. Scared even. I can't wait to just put my dress on and look at it. Don't pull any stunts. I told you I don't want you to see the dress at all, until our wedding day."

He rocked Jade rhythmically. "I won't" He blew a kiss at her. "I love you, Kim."

Her hands was trembling and she didn't know why. "I love you too." She turned around to follow Polina, who had been waiting for her, to take her to see her wedding dress.

"Right in here, Kim." Polina told her pointing to a door.

She was almost afraid to go in. It was just a wedding dress!? No. It was more of a reality of marriage. Which is what she wanted more than anything. She was just scared because it was a natural feeling and emotion that came with marriage.

Her foot stepped inside of the door and she froze. About five people, including Meghan, the cake girl, was holding her dress our for her to see.

"That is just the first of three pieces of the dress. It's so big, it kind of just Legos" Polina said looking down at her clipboard.

It was a beautiful dress. Satin and lace. And sapphire beads and silver thread completed it. It was the absolute dream dress, and it wasn't even all off it. She couldn't wait to marry Justin. She had hope and faith in their marriage. She felt it would change them, and make them new people. She believe that when her and Justin were married they would live perfect lives.

She was left alone in the large room to try her dress on to see how it fit. She observed herself in the mirror and swallowed hard. Lucky for her it fit perfectly. There we no guarantees it would stay that way, depending on if she gained or lost weight. She put her hands on her waist and took a deep breath. "This is really happening." A single tear ran down her cheek. "This is real."


Chapter 43

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