Chapter 4note- when you get that particular part of the story, I just want you to know that there is a such thing as chicken fried ice-cream. I wasn't stupid enough to eat it, but there is a such thing :)

The doctor walked into the room Kim was in. She was not in the best state of mind. She felt violated and she felt like she was treated wrongly. She was mad. She was so upset she wouldn't talk with any of the doctors or staff, not even Doctor Clark, and the hospital went out of their way to transfer him to work with her.

"Miss are going to be fine. Your baby is going to be fine." He waited to see if she would respond to him. She just appeared to be growing more upset. "I know you are wondering why we inserted that large needle into your stomach earlier. We were simply withdrawing amniotic fluids, from the amniotic sac. The amniotic sac is the sac which the baby floats inside of. We tested the fluids. Everything is okay. You were experiencing some unknown complications, they were probably caused by some sort of trauma, or stress. Doctor Clark has ordered me to tell you to get two straight days of rest. Thats it! You've been here for about seven hours, everything looks great, you are free to check out of the hospital if you wish."

She tugged at the IV in her arm. "Get this damn thing off of me." Before he could even get to her, she ripped it off, and every other thing they had hooked up to her.

She got out the bed and walked passed the doctor. "Oh, one last thing miss. Try not to have intercourse within the next two days."

"Oh, whatever." She looked back and rolled her eyes at him. "Why don't you TRY to GET SOME HAIR ON YOUR HEAD."

She walked out of the door of the room.


"Your okay, baby. "Kim told her stomach. She had been sitting in her car for about five minutes just talking to her now safe baby. "Mommy is going to take good care of you. I know that I am probably not the best Mom in the world, but I will make sure you are okay. I'm so sorry." And she started to cry. "I am so sorry I brought you into this mess." She looked up at Justin's front door. She still didn't have enough confidence to walk into the house.

So, her baby was okay but it was HELL in that hospital. The things she went through just made her shudder. She never thought a hospital visit could be so horrifying and painful.

Finally her feet touched the cool pavement. The door was unlocked just as she had expected. She walked into the house, and put her back to the back of the door. She looked around at everything in the downstairs area. The house was so quiet.

She inhaled in surprise when she saw Justin sitting on the living room couch. He was just staring at the TV, which was not on. Nothing could describe the pain that showed on his face. He looked so hurt, and angry. She turned her head away from him and tried not to look at him.

"Kim..." She turned her head back over in his direction. "I will not let you strip my confidence down because you are acting stupid." He was talking to her, but he wasn't looking at her, he continued to view the blank TV. "You say that I am smothering you, and to leave you alone? I will do that. You treat me like shit. You treat me so BAD, and I haven't done anything to you, but try to help you."

She looked down at her stomach. She was still wearing the same bloody clothes she had left in. She was only treating him the way she was, because she was trying to keep the pregnancy from him. She need to tell him real soon, she needed to tell him because she was hurting Justin more than he should have to hurt.

"I don't know what's wrong with you. I don't know where you went either. And you know what? Now, I don't want to know. I'm not going to ask you because I don't want you to lie to me. I guess when you are ready to talk to me, you will." He stood up and walk away, into the kitchen.

Kim should have been going to take a shower and getting into the bed to get rest, but she walked into the kitchen. She walked up to Justin from behind and put her head against his back.

"No, no, no. Don't touch me." He warned.

"What?" She removed her arms from around him and looked at him in confusion. He never said NOT to touch him before. She didn't know how to handle his words. She ran her fingers through her hair.

He turned around and his eyes were blazing. "You SAY it to me all the time. Justin, don't touch me. Justin, don't touch me. So keep your hands off of ME, okay?"

She stepped back. "Your mad at me?" She stepped back again. "I...I'm sorry for TOUCHING you." She stepped back again. "I thought it would be okay to touch the man that is going to be my husband." She walked away.

Justin could tell that she was trying not to cry, but he could hear her crying as she walked up the steps. He put his hands on the counter and looked down at it. "Damn." He whispered.

Kim put her bloody clothes in the washing machine to clean them right away. She detected the carpet carefully trying to see if she had gotten blood on it anywhere. There was none. She took the single towel that she had wrapped around her body, and she stepped into the shower and closed the door of it behind her.

The hot water leaked down her body. It was so pleasurable.

She had almost lost her baby. Her baby almost died, because of unknown complications. She was going to make sure that she was going to do like the doctor said. Get rest and take care of herself. She looked down at her stomach and then rubbed it with her hand. "Your going to be okay little one." She told her baby. She didn't understand how she could have another life inside of her and was not showing. Not only was her stomach still flat, it had creases in it from her abs.

She started to think of maybe getting her hair cut. It was real long now. It was almost down to her navel.

She placed her face under the hot stream of water and closed her eyes. She used her hands to swipe her hair behind her back.

Every once in a while she would feel a pain in her stomach. The pain was from when the doctors stuck the needle in her. It was a day she would NEVER forget.

Justin walked into the bathroom. He could see a blurred version of her figure in the shower. "I'm sorry, Kim." He said loud and clear. He knew she heard him. "Kim, are you mad at me?" She wasn't saying anything. She even started humming to prove she was ignoring him.

Being daring and very bold he opened the shower door and walked into it with his clothes on. "Kim, are you mad at me?"

Her eyes scrunched. "Justin! What the hell are you doing? I'm taking a shower!"

"Kim, are you mad at me?"

She pushed him. It wasn't hard but he got the point. "GET OUT NOW!"

He looked at her arms and then her stomach... "Cool. You've got another WHOLE body waxing. You have no hair anywhere."

He was soaked now, and his hair was tacked down because it was wet. "You are such an ASSHOLE!" She shouted. "You make me SICK!"

Justin looked into her eyes to try to find some stability. "What are you trippin' off of? It's not like I haven't saw you before."

She reached to cut the water off, but he wouldn't let her. "You are the most IMMATURE PERSON IN THE WORLD! Damn. It's not like I bother you while you are showering. "

Justin chuckled. "Please, that's a damn lie. You do it to all the time. I cannot even count how many times you've opened the door when I was showering, Kim. Anyway, are you mad at me?"

She shut up because she did mess with him all the time when he was showering. She was still very well mad.

He touched her arm. "Are you?"

She snapped and snatched his hand off of her. "You get your damn hands off of me. Don't touch you remember? That's what you said. Well then don't touch me." She reached up and grabbed her raspberry shower gel. She squirted some on her poof and then she slashed some across Justin hoping he would leave her alone.

He put his hands to his face. "My God, my EYES! You got soap in my EYES."

"Good." She said coldly.

He turned his back to her and put his face under the water to clear his eyes. When they didn't hurt when he opened them, he turned back to Kim. "That was mean." He said with a giggle.

She didn't say anything. She didn't even take notice to him she was ignoring him so well.

"You are so hot." He said shaking his head in agreement with himself. "Just answer one question for me. Are you mad at me? You are starting to make me mad with the way you are acting!" He put his hand on her arm again.

She looked up at him and stuck out her lip. "You know what? Why don't you just kick me out of the house. That would be really nice. You just love making me mad, so why don't you just do a 180 and just kick me out again.

He was pissed now. He was so mad because she had brought up that...the time when he kicked her out. It hurt him so badly he STILL hated himself for the incident. He punched the shower door open and almost broke the thick glass of it. He left her alone.

Kim was a little shaken up because she wasn't expecting him to react the way he did. She closed the shower door back and continued with her shower.

When she was finished, Kim grabbed the towel she wore into the bathroom, and wrapped it back around her. When she walked into the bedroom, she could hear Justin crying but she didn't see him anywhere. "Justin?" She walked around the room looking for him. He was on his side of the bed, on the floor. His face was tucked in his knees and he was still soaking wet. "Justin? You okay?"

He stood up to reveal his pouring eyes. "I did it to you baby. I kicked you out. No wonder your acting so strange towards me. You must hate me. Why did you even agree to marrying me? I hurt you baby...I hurt you..."

She grabbed him and pulled him into her arms. "Shhh. Don't cry. I don't hate you Justin. I don't hate you." She kissed the side of his face continuously.

He slowly lifted his face to look into her eyes. "I'm so sorry for what I did. Britney..."

"You don't have to explain." She wiped his cheeks and then kissed them. "I'm sorry for being so mean to you. I'm sorry about this morning."

He smiled through his tears. "Where did you go this morning, Kim? Don't you know I was worried about you? You were bleeding and you just blew me away like I was nothing."

It was either tell him or LIE to him. She stared deep into the pit of his eyes, trying to find the answer to her own question. "Yeah well, I know that must have scared you. I went to the doctor this morning. I went to the doctor so he could stop the bleeding."

He sniffled and then sat them both down on the bed. "What the HECK is wrong?"

She smiled nervously. "I had PMS. Very bad PMS. I went to the doctor about it." She stopped for a second to think. "He uh gave me a shot. He gave me a shot that...stopped the bleeding. I won't have a period for months. That means we can do whatever."

"Wait a won't have another period for months?" He was confused.

"Yes, I won't be able to uh...get pregnant for months." That was the truth, because she was already pregnant.



Two days later.

Justin woke up and he reached back and touched around until he felt Kim. What ever he was touching he started to squeeze it. A few seconds later he got his hand slapped.

"Justin, did you know people can go to jail for sexual harassment?" She giggled and moved next to him.

He spoke to her as she kissed his back. "Are you feeling any better? For the past two days you've been RESTING a lot. You didn't want to do anything."

She kissed his bare shoulder again. "Yeah, I feel better. Thank you for bringing me so much food." Her arm wrapped around his waist from behind. "Is it okay that I touch you now, Justin?"

He closed his eyes and smiled. "You can touch anything you want...WHOA, NOT THAT."

She snuggled her face against his back. "I love you so much, Justin."

"And I love you." He said turning around and tickling her.

Her laugh was so cute. It reminded him of a little girl. "Stop it, Justin...stop it." They fought and played in the sheets, Kim ended up on top of Justin. "Hey haha you are suppose to keep your hands to yourself." She watched as Justin place his hand on her thigh.

"Kim, Christmas is coming up soon. What do you want?"

It didn't take much to answer that question. "I want to be with you. That's all I want."

He smiled at the sound of her words but it started to fade slowly. "You know I have to start touring right after Christmas. That is going to be so hard. And then I will be recording for the new album while I'm on the road. I'll have to leave you for two months. I don't think I'll be able to take that."

The thought of what he was saying made her want to start crying. She immediately changed the subject. "Let's not think about that, Justin. Lets think about the good things. What do you want for Christmas?"

"You." He said raising both eyebrows at the same time. He put his other hand on her other thigh.

For no reason at all Kim started laughing. "How did I know you were going to say that?"

"Because you know me like that." His hands moved up and down her thighs gradually. "I'm going to miss you so much, baby girl." His eyes were starting to turn red because he was about to cry. "How am I going to not be with you for two months?" A tear crept down his face.

Kim could hold the tears back either. "I don't want to talk about it, Justin. I can't stand to be away from you for an hour. Two months? I can't live two months without seeing you everyday. It hurts. I don't know what I am going to do."

Justin sucked up his tears. "Yeah I know. It's killing me to just think about being gone...we will make it though. Right?"

Kim sniffled and bent down and kissed him. "Right."

Justin started laughing at Kim, and she looked at him as if he was crazy. "You know our old song 'Space Cowboy'? The lyrics go, take a space ride with the cowboy bay-beh. You look like you are taking a space ride."

For some odd reason she was just stunned by his comment and fell off of him, straight to the floor. "Why am I the one always getting hurt?" She giggled, but it was not funny at all. Luckily the position she fell in did not harm her baby in any way.

Justin looked over the side of the bed, and almost laughed but didn't. "You okay?"

He reached his arm out to help her off the ground, but he accidentally hit the lamp and it fell on her and hit her on the head. "Owwww." She mumbled, rubbing her head.

Justin got out of bed and picked up the lamp. "Baby, I am so sorry. Are you okay?"

She rubbed her head still. "Yeah I'm fine."

He helped her to her feet and then pulled her close. "Are you sure?"

She groaned and rubbed her head more.

"Aww let me see." He sat down and placed her in his lap. He look closely in her hair and kissed the spot she was rubbing at. "And I will take you in my arms, and hold you right where you belong...till the day my life is through, this I promise you, Ooooh I promise you..."

His voice was so smooth, so ready and prepared for singing. It was so angelic she gripped his arm tighter and held him with passion. "Your so beautiful." She said closing her eyes.

He kissed her in her hair again. "You are so beautiful."

Kim suddenly got up. "I'm starving. I NEED SOME FOOD."

Justin laughed at her cute tone. "THEN GO EAT SOME FOOD." He told her in the same tone she used.

"I am." She said with a bright smile. She walk out the door very cautiously, because she could feel Justin's eyes burning through her.


Fifteen minutes later.

Justin was sitting down watching TV. He had freshened up since she left and he put a shirt on. "What are you eating?" He asked taking his eyes from the TV and laying them on Kim.

She raised the bag she had in her hands so he could identify it. "What does it look like?"

"Humm it looks like a huge bag of Skittles."

"Correct. Would you like your cookie now or later?" She giggled and crammed pieces of the candy in her mouth. She then walked over to the bed and sat down next to him.

"I want it now. You own me several cookies and haven't given me any yet." His face moved in closer to hers.

She took the bag and poured her handful of Skittles. "Open your hand, Justin." He did and she counted out four Skittles for him; them all in the color blue. "There you go. Four Skittles. The tropical kind. Now take them and imagine they are cookies."

He shook his head and included a laugh. "Nope. Not acceptable." He ate the Skittles and chewed them slowly. "I'm going to get my real cookies one of these days." He took the bag from her hands and poured more of the candy in his hand. "So what did you eat for breakfast? Let me guess...half of the refrigerator is gone? You eat like ten times more than you use to, and still your the size of a twelve year old."

"Oh, shut up, Justin. I am NOT the size of a twelve year old either...take that back."

"I take it back." He said handing her the bag of Skittles back.

"Kiss me right now!" She demanded putting her lips on his. He put his fingers in her hair making it so her lips would stay upon his.

Kim broke away. "You gave me one of your Skittles." She told him eating it. She laid back on the bed with a sigh. "Justin we seriously need to wash these sheets. The smell like freakin' Abercrombie 'Woods' and I can't take it anymore. It's slowly making me sick."

He looked over at her with a sly smile. "Then wash them then."

"I'm not washin' jack!"

He shrugged. "Okay, then they won't get washed because the scent doesn't bother me." He looked back at the TV.

She didn't want to fight so she made conversation. "So, what are you watching?"

He turned the volume up with the remote. "'Daria.' It's a show on MTV. A chick show, but I like it."

"Oh yeah, it's about like a weird unpopular girl right?"

He nodded.

"That's Daria right there, the one with the orange hair." Kim said, thinking she knew what she was talking about.


Justin laughed. "No it's not. Daria is the one with the green jacket on. If you listen to what they are saying, you would know who is who."

She ignored him. "Justin, I'm telling you Daria is the one with the red hair, and the pink shirt."

"No, Kim. I watch this show ALL the time. I would know. Daria is the not so good looking girl. Listen to what they are saying."

Kim stared at him. "I bet you the red-head is Daria."

Justin's eyes lit up because he knew he would win the bet. "You bet what?"

"If I am wrong, I am your slave for the day, and if I am right you have to be my slave for the day." She smiled confidently and shook his hand.

"Ewwww Daria that is SO GROSS." Quinn( the red head) said on the television.

Justin's head slowly turned to Kim, who's face had dropped. "Oh hi slave." He said in a haha way.

"No, Justin. I was just kidding."

He picked up the bag of Skittles and ate more of them. "We shook on it, Kim. You are my slave for the day. Hell, you made the bet up, not me."

She rolled her eyes at him.

"That's right, honey. You did it to yourself. Now, SLAVE, since the sheets bother you so, I want you to wash them."

He's making me do slave work. I'm pregnant!...Oh yeah, he doesn't know that.

Justin stood up and got off of the bed. "Make sure you wash them on the gentle cycle. They are from the Tommy Hilfiger classic collection."

"You suck, Justin." She mumbled, pulling the sheets and comforter off of the bed.


"Here. Put this on. We're going somewhere." He laid a baby-blue halter dress across the sheet-less mattress.

"Justin, your taking this slave thing too far. I can't wear that dress. It's like sixty degrees outside." She looked down at the dress and frowned.

"If you don't want to play along, then don't." He walked over to her and pulled of her leg up to his side. "You don't have to do a damn thing I say." He kissed her neck feverishly. "But I have a deal to make with you." Her breaths were increasing because he was seducing her. "If you be my slave all day...I'll be your slave all night." He whispered the last words in her ear and then put her leg back down.

"Oh, you make me sick." She said in a non mean way. She shook as many bad thoughts away as she could and then she picked up the dress and observed it. "The length on the dress is good, but the way it fits at the top, it's..." She shrugged and put her back to Justin and threw her shirt off. She pulled the dress over her head, and tied it at the top. She pulled the dress down where it would fit correctly and she pulled off the pants she was wearing as did this.

"Looking good." He said twirling her by her hand. He put some baby blue sandals at her feet. "Put these on, and we are ready to go. Well, I just have to change."

She looked in the mirror as Justin changed into some dark denim jeans, a black turtle neck, and a matching dark denim jacket. He looked so good, she just wanted to faint. He was so amazingly beautiful. From where she was standing, the beauty mark on the base of his chin stood out like purple would against yellow. His eyes were so sparkly and his lips were so naturally red and healthy.

He walked over to her and placed a white sweater on her shoulders. "You might want to put that on baby girl. You know...if you get cold or something."

She placed the sweater on. "Okay, ready. Where are we going?"

Justin kissed her on the side of her mouth. "I'm taking, you, my slave, out for ice-cream."

She giggled. "Really?"

He took her hand in his. "Really."


"Baskin and Robin's. The place that has the best ice-cream on Earth." Justin said cutting his car off.

"Yup." Kim agreed.

Justin put a stylish pair of sunglasses on, and got out of the car. He opened the door for Kim and closed the door when she exited the car.

They held hands. When they entered the shop they noticed there were a few people in it as well.

"Hello may I help you?" A nice older looking man asked.

"We're looking. What do you want, Kim?"

She didn't break from the grasp of his hand, but she looked at the buckets of ice-cream flavors through the glass. "Oh my goodness, pickle, popcorn, and FRIED CHICKEN flavored ice-cream? FRIED CHICKEN?"

Justin's eyes widened. "Where do you see that at?" She pointed to the area. "What has this world come to? Oh, that is just sick!" He shuddered. "Disgusting!"

"Would you like to taste it ma'am?" The cashier asked.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" The man placed a sample of the fried chicken flavored ice-cream in a small cup and gave it to her with a small spoon. "Thank you." She tipped the cup at him, then looked down at the ice-cream. "Justin, you want to try this?"

He purposely crossed his eyes. "Don't make me ill." He said wavering his hand in a 'no' format.

She put a spoonful of the ice-cream in her mouth and then swished it around. The cashier and Justin was looking at her closely. "Not bad." She said nodding. "It kind of tastes like chicken, and it kind of doesn't. At least it's not greasy." She shrugged and put the empty cup on top of the counter. The cashier took it and threw it away for her.

Justin thought he was literally going to be sick. "Do you know that is just...sick. Perhaps you'd like grilled chicken flavored ice-cream next?"

She tapped him on the shoulder playfully. "Stop making fun of me. It's not that bad, Justin." She giggled then turned to face the man behind the register. "I'll have once scoop of chocolate, and then one scoop of double chocolate chip, in a cup."

Justin looked at her and shook his head. He couldn't believe she ate that stuff. "And I'll have two scoops, chocolate chip, in a cup not a cone."

"Okay, your total is. Four dollars and eighty-five cents.."

Justin pulled out a twenty dollar bill. "Keep the change."

Kim looked over at Justin as the man prepared their ice-cream cups. She wrapped her arms around his waist. "I love you." She mouthed to him without sound.

He kissed her on the cheek. "I love you."

The man placed two cups full of ice-cream on top of the counter. "Hey, I recognize you two kids. You were the ones on the front of the paper. You guys are all over the news and all over magazines. You are getting married right?"

"Yes." Kim and Justin both said at the same time with a smile.

"Aw, you two look like your in love. REALLY in love." He took a twenty dollar bill out of his register and handed it back to Justin. "Take the ice-cream for free, it's on me. I am just happy I met you two people, from the way you guys act, you show everyone around you what the real meaning of love is."

Justin looked at the money. "No. I cannot take this back. You keep it. Give it to charity if you have to, but keep it." He picked up Kim's ice-cream and handed it to her, then he picked up his. "Ready to go?" He asked Kim, who was already eating her ice-cream.

"Yup." She replied.


They walked into the house. "Kim, Can I have the rest of my ice-cream now? You said you wanted a LITTLE your eating the whole THING!"

She handed him the cup from behind her back. "Huh, take it. I don't want anymore anyway."

"Thanks. Finally, I get to eat some of my OWN ice-cream."

"Justin, stop talking like that. You are making me feel like a pig. YOU MAKE ME FEEL FAT!" She turned around to stare him down.

"Honey, anyone can look at you and tell you are FAR from FAT, and it's more like ANOREXIC." He smiled and ate more of his ice-cream, crunching on a piece of chocolate chip.

Kim looked into his eyes. The deep and dreamy gaze he was giving her made her feel like he was reaching into her soul. It seemed like she was a window, and he could see through her. She was carrying his child, and he didn't know about it. Didn't he deserve to know he had a daughter or son coming along? "Uh Justin, can I speak with you for a moment? Please sit down on the couch."

She looked very serious, and he didn't want to disrupt that. "Sure."

They walked over to the couch area and sat down. Kim folded her hands in nervousness. "Justin, I have something to tell you." She let out a hesitant and innocent laugh. It was secretly more like a cry for help.

He was smiling so brightly. He had no idea what kind of news he was about to get. He continued to eat the last bit of his remaining ice-cream. "Shoot, baby girl slash slave."

She laughed to relieve some of the fright she was feeling. "If you want to know why I have been acting strange, like I have been, it's because I am pr...."

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Justin insisted. He set his ice-cream down on the coffee table and walked to the door.

"Hi, we're here to deliver your Christmas tree. Is this the Timberlake residence?"

"Yes, it sure is. Your right on time. Please set it up in the living room. Right this way."

He showed them exactly where he wanted the tree.

"You got a tree?" Kim asked in amazement, when Justin sat down by her on the couch.

"Yeah, of course. It is Christmas time, and we are normal people. I had to get a Christmas tree. They brought the decorations too, probably more than we are going to use, but better safe than sorry."

Kim looked on as the staff of three men set the tree up. "Justin, the tree is huge, how are we going to get decorations at the top of it?"

He rubbed his chin. "Don't worry about that, we'll find a way...Kim, I have something to show you." HE got up and talked with one of the guys who was putting the tree up. That guy looked through a box of several boxes that his crew brought inside, then he handed Justin something. He sat back down next to her with the object behind his back.

"Justin, what is going on?" She asked in curiosity.

He turned his head to the side. "Just so you will know I ordered all this stuff weeks ago, but anyway. There is this woman in Italy known as Jade. And Jade is a woman that everyone know, they treat her as if she is a queen or something. She is known for so many positive things, but most of all, she is know for her angles. She makes these angles that people would die to get. They are said to have like a spiritual good luck. Of course you have to pay for them. Now I know your wondering, what in the world does this have to do with anything, but hear me out. So, anyway, Jade was nice enough to make an angle for me. But not only did she make me an angle, I had a picture of you sent to her. To Italy, and she made the angel of you. You must know Kim, that you are my world, you are my heart, and you are my angel. So, YOU will be on top of my tree this year."

She had been crying since he said the word 'angel', but when he took the angel from behind his back and showed it to her. She looked face to face with herself. She looked face to face with the angel. It looked exactly like her, and it was wearing a beautiful white dress. The angel even had wavy blond hair like her. "" She could barley speak because she had lost her voice to tears.

Justin wiped her eyes. "You are my angel, Kim. You really are."

And he was her angel, he was so perfect. He was so heart-touching. Justin was NOT the average guy. He was more than generous when it came to the heart, and he was so thoughtful. She cried harder. ""

The three men were looking on, and when Justin finally turned and looked at them, they nodded to warn him they were leaving. One of the guys sniffed because it brought tears to his eyes just looking at the two.

Justin put his attention back to the crying Kim and he placed the angel in her trembling hand. She looked at the angel trying not to let her tears ruin it. On the side of it read. 'Jade, November 2001, Italy'

"Her eyes are made of sapphire and onyx. And her dress is woven with gold thread. She is everything you are Kim. Precious."

Kim handed him the angel and put her head against her knees. "Stop it, Justin. I can't take anymore. You treat me like this after all I've done to you? You STOP treating me like a queen. You shouldn't waste such time and money on these things for me." She lifted her head.

He kissed her lips without warning. "Stop talking like that! Your my wife for God's sake...I mean...will be my wife. I owe you ALL of this and MORE. I will never forget I kicked you out, and I will hate myself for that until the day I die."

He picked up her hand and placed it on his heart. "My heart beats for you, Kim. It beats for my Mother too. But it beats for you."

He was so honest and loving and incredible, that she felt dirty. She hated herself now, because Justin was pouring his heart out to her. And she was lying to him and keeping a secret from him. His own baby.

He wiped her eyes again. "Don't cry. Now what is it you wanted to tell me?" He lifted up her head so her eyes could meet his.

"Justin...what I want to tell you is..." She had to tell him, he deserved to know.

Chapter 5

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