Chapter 39important note- This story, if you cannot tell already, is from Kim's point of view. I want you to focus on Justin, more in this chapter. I want you to try to put yourself in his shoes, and try to feel what he feels. (Even though this is fiction.) Take noticed to his surroundings also!

August 13, 2002 (next morning)

Her feet tapered against the floor and she paced in rows. A smiled shown on her face because she had a plan. She had a plan that was skillful enough to make her eager in anticipation. Finally, she gathered enough courage to pull through. "JUSTIN! IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP! YOU SAID TO MAKE YOU BREAKFAST AND WAKE YOU UP IF YOU WEREN'T UP ALREADY! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKEEEE..." Justin used a hand to cover, not only her mouth, but her entire face.

"Kim..." He cleared his groggy throat. His eyes were so heavy with sleep he could barely identify her. "If you ever wake me up shouting like that again. I'll take your head and twist it slowly. Until it pops off." He joked.

She giggled. "PMS this morning, Justin?"

He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands. "Yes! The male version. Now let me sleep, girl." Her sent caught his noses attention. She had showered, which proved another fact. She had taken her morning run early. "Let me sleep, Kim." He closed his eyes.

She crawled over his knees while shaking her head "Oh, no you don't, Justin. You ARE getting up! You ARE eating your breakfast. What did you say last night? Huh? You said, "Kim, tomorrow I want you to make me breakfast, and if I'm not up then wake me up." You are the one that told me to get you up. And I took my jog at six, just so I could slave in the kitchen for an hour making you the perfect breakfast. It's eight o'clock. You better get up, Justin. Or we are going to be fighting up in this bitch."

His eyes reopened and they revolved in circles. "No more rap videos for you. What did you say?" He motioned for her to come closer. She followed his fingered directly, and when she reached the area to his chest, he pinched her. "I'm tired, Kim. Just let me sleep. You understand me? There will be no fighting in here. You want to know why? Justin will be asleep." He got comfortable and attempted to go back to sleep.

"NO! You are GETTING UP!" She snatched the covers off of him.

Justin shivered from the coolness of the air conditioning. "Kim, you need to stop playing. I'm going to get up and eat my breakfast. I'm just going to SLEEP awhile longer before I do."

She shrugged. "Okay, I guess that means we fight." She raised her fist and acted as if she was about to punch him. Instead she climbed over him and her feet rested against the floor. "You know what, Justin? I'm not going to fight with you. The only reason why I wanted you to get up was, because last night you asked me to make you breakfast. And I wanted to do something that proved how much I love you. Do something that would make you happy. I wake up with rose petals all over me, and I've never done anything like that for you. Not that you'd want want me to do things for your love. I just thought it would be cool to do a small thing to show you that I do actually care, and love you with all my heart. I guess me coming in here and waking you up is doing nothing. Except bothering you. Which is what I don't want to do. I'm sorry." She kissed him on the cheek. "You go back to bed, sweetie." She started to the door, but before she could go, Justin sat up.

"Okay, I'm getting up. I'm getting up. You and your persuasiveness. Well, you sure know how to make a person feel bad."

"Aww your getting up to eat?" He nodded. "Great. I'll keep the food warm. I bet it is getting cold. And no, I just can't bring it up here. You are coming downstairs to eat with ME. So, we can have a nice moment together." She said happily.

Justin yawned. "Okay."

Kim smiled at him sweetly and she exited the room. She entered the room again just to see if Justin was really getting up. He actually got back under the covers, and was laying down, trying to coax himself into a deep sleep. "JUSTIN!"

He sat up instantly, in a state of shock from her unexpected voice. "I'm up! REALLY I AM!" He enthused his words convincingly.

"Okay. You better come down, Justin." She disappeared from the doorway.

Justin was not really all that aggravated with Kim. For some odd reason he was unusually tired. It wasn't a physical thing. It was mentally where he was so exhausted. His back fell against his pillow for the third time and he smiled to himself. It was nice being in bed. It was so warm and relaxing. He understood why Kim was so determined to get him up. He did say exactly what she recited back to him. He asked her to cook and wake him up, and she was really only doing what he asked. Justin heard a beeping sound. The sound was creating the song Bye Bye Bye. He knew what it was. It was his pager. He had a pretty good idea who it was. He literally had to peel himself from the bed to sit up again. He threw his feet over the side of the bed, and he stretched to relive his bundled muscles. When he first stood up he felt light headed and faint, but the sensation went away, after a few steady steps. He made his way to the dresser, and from there picked up his brand new pager. He opened it and on the screen were the words 'Are you up, Justin?'. Kim was so cute. And to be honest, he loved when she things like this.

His vision was some what blurry and he was used to the keypad on his other pager, so he had some difficulty to get back to her. 'Yes. I am up, baby girl!' He sent the message, then laughed as he stared closely at his now blank screen, to see what she would say next.

'What took so long? What are you doing?'

'I'm about to brush my teeth.'

'Good. I love these things. They are so fun.'

Justin took the small object into the bathroom with him. 'Yeah. So, what are you wearing sexy? Digital Getdown?'

'I'm not wearing anything...excepted a middle finger sticking up.'

He laughed and stalled from the computer-like object to put some toothpaste on his tooth brush. 'Just kidding, Kim. So, what did you make for breakfast? Since you want me to eat so bad." He put the pager down on the sink and viewed it as he brushed his teeth.

'I made food. What kind of food? The kind you eat. =)'

It was virtually impossible for Justin to type with one hand and brush his teeth with the other. 'Teat wsa cutE.'

'You can't spell for shit, Justin.'

'im bsy cant yuo tell?'


'Stop pagiing me. i Dont want no paeg from you!" Still he was trying to type and brush his teeth at the same time...wasn't working out so well.

'I <3 U BABY!'

He spit into the sink and rinsed his mouth out. 'I love you too.' He managed to spell everything right. 

After brushing his teeth, Justin picked up the pager, and carried it out of the bathroom with him. 'Kim, I'm about to turn this off. I'm coming downstairs.' Before she could respond again, he closed the pager and threw it on the dresser. It only took him a second to change into more comfortable clothes. He checked on Jade, just to make sure she was okay and sleeping well, in which she was.

His hand supported him down the curved staircase and he smiled at the cleanliness of the downstairs of the enormous house. He couldn't hide his smile when he saw Kim in the kitchen humming to herself. She semi-jumped when she saw him, because he startled her. He chuckled and placed a hand on her waist. He gave her a kiss on the lips. "Good morning my intoxicatingly beautiful wife." He walked over to a stool and sat down at the breakfast bar, never taking his eyes from her body.

"Morning! And I am NOT your wife yet, Justin. I will be. But I'm not yet."

"Yes you are." He said folding his hands.

"We are engaged. Not married."

He placed a hand over his t-shirt covered heart. "You are my wife in my heart. And that is all that matters to me."

She awed dreamily. "Now isn't that sweet? You make me sick. You always think of the perfect things to say."

Her lost expression made him laugh. "Okay, does something look wrong here? WHERE'S the food? We went through a whole drama episode this morning about me getting up and eating. Well, where's the food? I'm starving."

Something about Justin was unusually different. It even scared Kim. His eyes changed colors. They were blue. Not the dark smoky blue they used to be. They were blue BLUE. She didn't know what it meant or how it happened, but his eyes were just as blue as hers and he looked so eye-captivatingly different. And he definitely was looking good. His slim but built body was enough to give an old lady a stoke. He just didn't know how gorgeous he was. The manliness and his maturity intrigued her most. "Uh, yeah...the food." She took plates from the stove and placed him in front of him. "For breakfast I made alphabetized pancakes. I didn't do every letter of the alphabet, but you get my point."

Justin's head was hanging low as he silently laughed. He looked into Kim's eyes and a few more laughs slipped from his lips. "Good, God. Do you have a life, Kim? Someone must be getting really bored around here."

She shoved his shoulder. "I do too! I do have a life. I just thought it would be cute to make pancake letters."

He nodded. "Yeah. Okay, give me a 'J' an 'R' and a 'T'."

Kim stared at him as if he was nuts and then busted out laughing. "Haha! You make it sound like 'The Wheel of Fortune' or something." She placed the three requested pancakes on a plate and fluttered syrup all over them. She placed a fork on the side of the plate and slid it over to him. "Eat up, my sweet."

He picked up his fork and smiled. "This is so cool. Food that makes up my initials."

She leaned against the counter and watched him eat. "What is up with you and your initials? You are like obsessed with your initials."

He batted his eyes dramatically to look innocent. "And you are LIKE flashing me, leaning over like that." He pulled her shirt up a bit.

"Oh my God. I didn't even..." She tried to save her some embarrassment by setting a glass of orange juice his way.

Justin realized a magazine with Kim on the cover was right near him. He moved it closer to him so he could read it. "You trying to hide this from me? I told you, every magazine you are in a want to see. You are hot enough to make the pages catch on fire. Oh, and let me just say. YOU COOK GOOD AS SHHHH..."

She mocked him and used her hands to urge him to continue. "Shhhhhh..."

"It. I didn't say the whole word. So, you cannot pinch me."

"You know what? I'm so sick of the pinching thing. I say we ditch it. If one of us slips up, just let it be. Because every time I say damn I don't want to get pinched by you." Justin kissed her on the lips, but she continued. "And every time I say hell I don't want to be pinched by you." He kissed her on the lips again. And every time I say f..." he kissed her on the lips again. Only this time the contact remained. Kim wasn't expecting the electric shock of sweetness she received from his kiss. His lips tasted like they were overdosed on sugar. Her raging feelings got the best of her, and she placed both of her hands on Justin's cheeks to keep him in place.

Justin had to stand up and move himself closer to her to keep their mouths attached. "Whoa, baby girl. I'm still eating my breakfast. You sure are 'happy' this morning." He reclaimed his seat and looked at the magazine again. In the picture on the cover of a magazine, Kim was in a bikini laying on the beach. Her hair was blowing in every direction. Her eyes were glowing beautifully and they were the emphasis of her whole look. She was once again laughing. She was breathtaking. There was no way to describe it. He saw her everyday, but something about the pictures she took. Something about the photogenic-ness of her. "Wow!" He gasped. "You look...WOW!"

She giggled. "I don't like that picture."

He unconsciously ate as he flipped through the magazine quickly. He stopped suddenly. "Oh my goodness. I didn't know they showered topless woman in the magazine 'Model'"

Kim didn't even want to see what he was looking at. "Yeah, why don't we be immature and act like three year olds, Justin."

He held up the magazine to show her. "I was just saying that to be saying something. These woman have nothing on you , Kim. You are so beautiful..."

She ripped the page out and crumbled it up in one fist. "Do you really think I want to see that? Don't forget, Justin. I'm not one of the guys!"

He ate the last bite of his pancakes. "I didn't think it would bother you. Modeling is an art. Nudity can be an art."

Kim shook her head at him. "Yeah, sure. When I come a cross a naked man in a modeling magazine I'll be sure to SHOW you the picture. Since it is an art, I don't think it will bother you."

He was drinking down his orange juice, but what she said made him spit it across the kitchen counter. "Now that is not acceptable. I'm sorry, Kim. But I'm a man. I know what my body looks like. I don't need to be seeing other guys, alright? Now that is SICK!" He shook.

"Haha. Told ya. Art my ass."

Justin continued to fly through the pages of the magazine until he saw more pictures of her. "Can we say...HOTNESS? Say it with me now. HOTNESS! Well, look at you." She was laying, stomach down, on sand. Only she didn't have a bathing suit on. She was wearing a red skirt and shirt, and had her legs pulled back. What really drew his attention to the picture was the way her figure was shown. "You have got the nicest body." He remarked. "You have....n-never mind. You are more innocent than you look."

She laughed and was confused by his wording. "What does that mean?"

"You look like a bad girl. Sometimes! But, you really are innocent. You were not exposed to a lot, I mean. Thats another thing I love about you, Kim. You are my baby. I love showing you and telling you new things. And God you catch on quick because you sure know how to...I won't say it. You'll slap me. Kim, give me some more pancakes."

She sat down at a stool next to him. "You already had three. You want more?"

He nodded reassuringly. "Give me a 'K'. I'd like to buy a vowel. An 'I', and a 'M'.

She tried to hold back her laughter as she placed more pancakes on his plate. "Haha. Wheel of Fortune. 'Kim'? Huh, Justin?"

He held his fork as she poured syrup on his food. He licked his lips. "Yeah. See, Kim. I know you, baby. I know how to get to you. And one way is eating you..."

She shook her head in warning. "Justin, don't start with that mess. Don't make me go and find a shoe."

"I'm talking about eating the 'Kim' on my plate. DUH!"

Her eyebrow raised. "Whatever."

He cut into the fluffy pancake with his fork. He drowned the piece in syrup and shoved it in his mouth. "Mmmmmm. This is SOOOOOO good." He moaned.

She swallowed hard and had to chock her saliva down. Justin was eating very sloppy on purpose and had syrup dripping off of his lips. The moans themselves were a bit too much to bare. "Your not bothering me, Justin. Because if you think you are, you aren't."

He stuck another piece of pancake into his mouth. Only this time he closed his eyes and squeezed them tightly, as if he was receiving some sort of pleasure from the food. "Ohhhhhh, baby." He whispered. "This is soooooooooo goood! Mmmmm, baby. This tastes soooooo good."

Okay, so maybe he was bothering her a little. "Um...can't you be any quieter?"

He threw his hand at her. "Just shut up, Kim. I won't wake Jade. Beside, I can't help it. Your cooking is just so AMAZING I can't help but..."

It took her a while to figure out he was making fun of her, and was repeating the words she said to him at one time.

"OOOHHHHH, KIM! THIS TATSES SOOOOOO GOOOD BABY!" His moaning got louder. Finally he finished the last of his food. Kim looked brain dead, and seemed to have a few circuits blown. "Baby girl, you okay?" He asked with a grin.

He had a nerve to lick his lips. "Justin..." She snatched his fork from him. "I just want to STAB you with this! You are your GAMES, make me CRAZY! You PLAY too much!"

He laughed. "Stab? If you stab me, honey. I'm gonna stab you back."

She loved his passion. "Oh, really? I'm starting to like this daring side of you, Justin. At one time you wouldn't even pinch me and now you willing to stab me...hum. I'm liking this. Where did you get your braveness from?"

He played dumb. "I don't know, lets see. I weigh sixty something more pounds than you. I'm a guy. I am a FOOT taller than you. I guess that is where my bravery comes from. The only reason you can kick my butt is because I let you. If I were to hit you like you hit me sometimes you'd be in a hospital. Maybe even a graveyard."

She crossed her arms. "Is that so?" Her foot tapped against the floor.


"I can pick you up, Justin."

He held up a finger. "Correction. You can pick me up when your MAD."

She stood up and so did he. "Let me try to pick you up. I bet I can."

He loosened up his body some, and opened his arms. "Help yourself, baby girl. If you can get me off of the ground, you go ahead."

She tried with all her might to pick him up. Lift him up in any way, but she was unsuccessful.

Justin DID pick her up though and he entered the living room with her and slammed her down on the couch. "Yeah baby! The Undertaker's move again!" He jumped up and down with his pumped fists held in the air.

Kim was looking a little rough. He messed up her hair when he slammed her. "Justin, you just slammed me down on the couch."

He smiled brightly. "I know."

"YOU JUST SLAMMED ME ON THE COUCH?" She jumped up, pushed him violently, and kicked him in the leg. He fell to the ground in misery. "Get up, bitch. I told you we would get into a fight this morning."

"OWWW! My LEG!" He groaned. She was obviously upset. "Kim, calm down. Okay? We were just playing. Now, don't let this get out of hand." She charged him but he was able to get her in a neck hold. "Kim, I'm not going to chock you. I'm just gonna hold you like this, until you calm down."

She fought him. "No, you better CHOCK me. 'Cus if you let me go..."

"Kim, if you don't stop punching me. I'm going to put you in the sleeper. Don't make me do that." She put up more of a fight. He had to hold her tighter.

"I warned you, Justin." She reached back, and held him by the back of his neck, and then flipped him over her back. He landed on the ground on facing her. She kicked him onto his stomach and then sat across this back. She grabbed his arm and began to yank it in it's opposite bending direction. "You wouldn't win in a fight against me if your life depended on it."



The pain was excruciating. "Oh my Lord! Your going to BREAK my arm!"

"You can take it. RIGHT? Since your a man!" He pulled his arm even harder.

"OH, FUCK! GET OOOOOOOFFFFFF OFFFFF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He thought his arm was really broken.

She stopped trying to break his arm, but only to hold his arms up over his head. She then began to bounce up and down on his back; trying to break it. She was knocking the wind out of him. "NEVER, JUSTIN!"

He had just finished eating and he was getting sick to his stomach. "GET OFF OF ME! IF YOU DO STOP JUMPING ON ME, YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME PUKE!"

"You can beat me remember, Justin?"


She ignored him and wasn't getting up for nothing. "Awww, little Justy is getting mad now!"


She shrugged herself off of him. "Pathetic! You've just been beat down by a female! I told you, Justin. You can't beat my ass!" 

What a weird relationship they had indeed...


Later on.

Justin sat down in a chair of the waiting room. Unfortunately he had to attend his meeting with Johnny. He was somewhat nervous because he knew what Johnny would say to him, and lately Johnny had been picking on him a lot. He noticed 'he' was the only one that had to have a meeting with him. Two older looking men were in the room with him. But they were in it for a different reason. Maybe to see someone else. The two men were arguing and he couldn't help but listen.

"She is going to have the back up singers on stage dammit. She needs them! It won't be any other way. She can't do the concert without them. Her voice isn't THAT wonderful."

"YES IT IS! I've told you and told you. She doesn't want the back up singers on stage with her. It's not about what YOU want. SHE is the artist. SHE is becoming a new person. SHE DOESN'T WANT BACKUP SINGERS!"

"Britney is the hottest female pop act in the world. She is as perfect as can be when it come to her looks and body. Definitely dancing! BUT BY GOD! SHE CANNOT have a damn concert WITHOUT backup singers. It's just NOT possible."

"She needs the opportunity! She needs to prove to everyone that she is real. She has been put down so much in the past. PEOPLE NEED TO SEE OVER THAT! Her career is suffering badly because people are focusing on her psycho days. She need the opportunity! SHE NEEDS IT!"

"Justin, your fans love to hate me. Why do they hate me? I just want them to love me. Why do they say such things. Why do they hate me so much?" She sighed. "Maybe it's my surgery..."

His arms wrapped tighter around her and together they walked further out into the water. He kissed her on the neck. "They probably hate you because they are jealous. Who doesn't want to be you, Britney? Not all of my fans are like that, but who doesn't want your body and your beautiful looks? You are the only girl I ever saw break it down good on stage. Your perfect. And I love you so much." As he spoke to her, his lips nibbled against her ear. "Do you know how good it feels to be in love with your best friend? Your my best friend and lover too. I love you so much, Britney. And I've wanted a relationship with you so badly. I just hate the fact that we have to act like we aren't together for the fans sake."

"We act like we aren't together and they still hate me."

He kissed her wet shoulders. "What do you expect? We've been caught kissing in a club. Oh, well. I don't care. I can't make the fans happy and let myself be unhappy. Thats not fair to my life. To me. I have to be happy before I can make someone else happy. That is just life, and if my fans don't like it, thats something they have to accept. Must we talk about this? This is the beach. We are suppose to be having fun!"

She spun herself around and kissed him on the lips, then looked on the area of the beach at all of the bystanders. She could tell photos had been taken of what they did. "I just love you so much, Justin. Your my best friend too. I've known you for years. I would hate it if our careers turned us against each other. I love you so much I don't think I could ever not have you." She placed her forehead against his. "We will be together forever. Even if it will take forever to be able to be happy. I will always love you, Justin."

He tucked her hair behind her ear and kissed her on the cheek. "And I will always love you, sweetie."

Justin shook his head and his eyes synced in and focused in on a man who was calling his name. "Justin! JUSTIN!"


"Justin, Johnny is not on this floor. He told me his is on floor D in his other office. He is working with a client right now. But he said be waiting outside of his door."

He nodded. "Oh, he's on D? Thanks. I wonder why he is on the dance studio floor today." He looked at his watch. "I better get up there." He excused himself and left the waiting room.

Justin was feeling weird. He didn't want to admit it to himself but he was getting some, confused, unknown, emotions building up inside of him. The same feeling that drove him to the point of suicide. He hated the way he was feeling, and he didn't know why he was feeling the way he was all of a sudden.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Good luck, baby." She never wanted to let him go. "I hope you have a great show. I swear, every time you get into those harnesses I get worried. Your show is going to be awesome! Your going to do wonderful. As always!" She pulled back and straightened up his costume.

"Want to go out to a club, later tonight?"

She shook her head. "Sure. I'd love to!"

He smiled and turned his head to the side. "Cool! Then it's on! Well, I better be going. I have to get set up and into my position before the show starts without me."

Britney laughed and followed Justin down a dark walkway, by holding his hand. "I love you, Justin."

"I love you too." He whispered, and they went their separate ways so people wouldn't suspect things about them being together.

Justin got off of the elevator and hung his head low. He didn't know what had gotten into him. The flashbacks were taking a toll on him. He really didn't want to add to his stress level because of them. Why was Britney on his mind?

He stood before Johnny's office door. He couldn't hear himself knock on the door, because music was blaring loudly in the dance rehearsal room across from him.

"I'M BUSY TALKING WITH SOMEONE, JUSTIN! I'LL BE WITH YOU IN A MINUTE." Johnny yelled knowing it was him.

"O, OKAY!" Justin yelled back.

This whole meeting situation was getting on his nerves. He paced in front of the door. Trying to identify the loud blaring music, that was coming from the room directly across from him.


"No, no. I can't do it, Darrin."

"Britney, never say you can't."

"I CAN'T! You don't understand. This is not the lip synching routine. There is no way in hell I can pull off that knee slide and the spin. I'll be singing. REALLY singing. You have to change that somehow. You know what? I need a break. I'm going to drink some water and take like a ten minute break. I've been in this studio for the last five hours. I need to get out of here for a minute."

Darrin nodded. "Okay. I understand."

She snatched up her bottled water and exited the dance rehearsing room.

Justin saw Britney exit the room and he froze in cold shock. What was going on? First the flashback, but now this? Why did things like this happen to him?

Britney squinted her eyes. "Justin? Is that you? WOW! You've cut your hair, and it looks great." His eyes had a reddish blare to them already.

"HA! It's Britney! And how are the twins? I heard you were putting them up for adoption." One of his hands rested on his side in aggravation.

She drunk some of her water and wiped her sweating head. "I was being civil, Justin. Why do you have to be so mean? GET OVER IT! It's wasn't my fault! Okay? It' wasn't my fault I broke up with you. You know what my options were. I told you the truth. You are STILL sulking over what happed. All I wanted was to be your friend again. Like we were when we were twelve. I miss the good old days. Your heart is so ugly now, Justin. Your colder than Frosty the snowman.

He stared at her blankly.

"Justin, can I ask you a favor? When you left Kim at the party she let me borrow something, can you give it to her for me? I haven't been able to give them to her myself."

He crossed his arms in attitude. "HELL...NO!"

She shrugged. "It's no use. You'll never be the old Justin. It's okay. I won't bother you anymore. I won't even bother to say hi. I'm stronger now. I don't have to put up with bullshit, because it does nothing but make matters worse and start fights."

There she was glowing with confidence now. Something she never had before. And she looked great. She looked great because of her attitude. She was walking away from him. "Britney, I'll give Kim whatever you borrowed from her, to her. I'm not doing it because you asked. I'm doing it shouldn't have her things."

"Right...I'll just go get them." She ran into the rehearsals room and out of her gym bag she took out two heart shaped diamond earrings. She didn't know why, but she was rushing because she didn't trust Justin's words. He would probably leave knowing him. He didn't though and he was looking at her so strangely. She didn't know how to react to his gazes. She opened her hand in front of him and revealed the earrings. "Here. Kim was drunk and let me borrow her earrings. Hehe. They're so beautiful. Thank you for giving them to her for me." He opened his hand and she dropped them inside of his palm.

He put the earrings in his pants pocket. "I don't know why she would let someone borrow her diamonds."

Britney giggled. "She was drunk, I told ya! Besides, I really wanted to borrow them because they matched my necklace."

His eyes instantly traveled to her neck. "You still have that necklace?" It was the diamond necklace he gave her. It made him wonder where Kim's was. He hadn't seen her wear it since they got back together. Seeing Britney in the necklace almost brought tears to his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm not wearing it because I worship it because you gave it to me. Over all I think it's a really nice necklace. I love it so much and I never take it off. Well, for awards shows and stuff I do. But I wear it almost always." She smiled brightly and looked down the empty hall. Her eyes over looked him and noticed a lint was on his shirt. She removed it for him and he jumped. He acted as if he was...afraid of her.



"Well, you just touched me. Kim and I were fighting and she...beat me up. We weren't fighting like trying to kill one another, but we were fighting. I mean, we are not fighting now because we were just playing. I love her more than anything...ANYONE."

Britney nodded. "I know you do, Justin. I'm so happy for you!"

He stared deeply into her eyes. What a mess this was. He was showing signs of...he broke down. "I can't keep doing this! My love...all of my 'love's' I still love." He blanked out completely. "I think I'm still in love with you Britney. I don't know what to think about this. I think I still love you. I love Kim SO MUCH! But I think I still love you and I can't keep doing this! Kim reminds me SO much of you and you are everywhere. You look so beautiful now. I can't deny it. Britney, I'm freaking out. I need you back, baby. I love you." He kissed her on the lips.

They backed into a wall and were kissing desperately-deep. "Justin..."

He didn't realize what he was doing.

"Justin...your. Your trying to take my sports bra off."

He's feeling were raging for her at that exact moment.

"JUSTIN!" She pushed him off of her. "I don't want you. I have Nick. You have Kim. Your getting married! What are you doing? I love you too. As a friend. I thought you felt the same for me."

He got a cold, hard, slap of reality. And sadly, he could feel the impact of the illusion. He messed up bad. He couldn't erase what happened. He chocked up at the realization of his actions. "What the fuck was I thinking? I'm screwed. I am so screwed. I'm...I'm just so confused right now. I have fucked up so bad. Kim is going to KILL me." He was too confused to be embarrassed and he ran away from his surrounds and clouded thoughts, by skipping the meeting and just leaving. He had nothing to say to Britney.


He entered the bedroom. Kim was watching TV and was laughing at what she was watching. "Justin?" She asked concerned. He didn't look so well. "What's wrong, Justin?" She could tell he had been crying. "Justin, what's wrong? Your shaking so hard."

He opened his hand so she could take the earrings. He had to clear his throat several times to get enough courage to talk. "I um...Britney gave me these to give to you."

She smiled and took them. "Cool. My earrings."

"Kim, where is your necklace? The necklace I bought you?"

"I...gave it to Calia. I was so mad at you I didn't want it anymore. Justin, is something wrong? Did something HAPPEN when you were with Britney? Did she do something to you?"

He shook his head slowly and it killed him to do it. "No." He said in a broken whisper. It was the first time he ever clearly lied to her.

Another note- Please don't get upset over what happened. The chapters to come will help everything be more understanding!

Chapter 40

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