Chapter 38 Note- Once again there is a scene kind of sexual, but not really. I've put it in yellow, but I think it's important. So, skim it, if you absolutely cannot take it any sexual behavior, but I recommend that you read it.

"Baby girl, I love you. Baby girl, I love you. Baby girl, I love you." Justin whispered in Kim's ear continuously while holding her around the waist from behind. His legs followed hers and they frolicked in a circle.

She nudged him in the side with her elbow. "Justin, stop it." She said with a snicker. "Haha, your going to make me drop Jade."

He held her tighter and kissed her neck more solid and concentrated. "Baby girl, I love you. Baby girl, I love you." He blew in her ear leniently and then kiss it. "Baby girl, I love you." His voice growing more husky and sexy. "Baby"

Kim closed her eyes and respired. If he only knew what a tease he was. "I love you too." She remarked back. "Now stop it."

He persisted blowing in her ear and Kim tensed up and stopped walking. "Baby girl, I love you."

Her eyes drifted over to the bodyguards who were sitting down at a picnic table watching them. The security members had met them at the park. "Justin, we're at a playground. Surrounded by children. People are staring at us. Playgrounds are for playing. Not sexual activities, Justin."

He laughed and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Who said anything about 'sexual' activities? Besides, I am playing with you...well, not really. But I will be tonight."

She giggled and shoved him smoothly. "Okay, that's it mister. I'm going for a walk." She shot him a look before walking away, down a trail.

His finger hooked to the back of her black shorts before she could get completely away. "My, my, my. What nice legs you have. What a nice ass you have. What a nice...pinch I got. OW!"

Kim laughed in her hand after stopping. "Justin, you are being so annoying. I know your doing it on purpose.

"You SO know me, Kim. Hey, I was just trying to join you in walking."

She nodded. "Yeah. But what does my ass have to do with it?"

He scratched his head questioningly. "Hummm. I don't exactly know. But when I find out I'll tell ya." He bent over and laughed. When he saw that Kim really was taking a walk he called for Cherry. "HEY CHER! COME HERE, GIRL!" He smiled luminously and motioned for her to come over to him.

She ran to him.

"Were about to talk a walk."


He took her hand and they began to walk. "I'm sorry for making you leave you little buddies over there, but Kim and I have to watch you, and we cannot leave you on the playground by yourself. You met a lot of new friends, huh?"

She swung both of their hands and walked quickly as they caught up with Kim and Jade. "Yeah, I met lots of new friends. Even boys. But none of them is my bestest friend like you, Jussin."

He look down at her. "Aww, aren't you just the sweetest thing?"

"Aww, aren't you just the sweetest thing." She mocked. "You are cute too, Jussin." She smiled at Kim. "And you so beautiful, Kim. I wish I can be pretty like you."

"Oh, stop that. You are prettier than me, Cherry."

Justin froze and ticked. "CHER! her name is CHER!" He ticked several more times and then shivered. "Her name is CHER! Not...Cherry. What kind of name is Cherry? Jesus! Thats the name of those chicks you find in clubs with the red lipstick, red hair, with red leather outfits." Kim and Cherry were both staring at him worriedly from his outburst. "Um...sorry about that. I guess I just kind of freaked out?"

Cherry's look turned into a pout. "I hate walking. 'Cus then my legs start hurting. And I hate when my legs start hurting."

Justin instantly lifted her up and sat her across his shoulders. "You don't have to walk. I'll walk for you."

Her legs tightened around his neck and she played in his hair. " have nice lil' curls, Jussin. They so cute."

"Thank you." He said politely. He turned to Kim. "Hey, sweetheart. I forgot to tell you this. But tomorrow I have a evening meeting with Johnny. He wants to talk to me about the incident that happened when that fan jumped on me in the store. He's going to yell at me for not having more security with me." He sighed. "And he also wants to talk with me about not being as into the job as I used to be. GIVE ME A BREAK! I have a daughter for God's sake. You would think they would feel for me and have some sympathy. But no. They think I'm sick of Nsync. They think I don't want to be in the group anymore. It's nothing like that. You know what I'm sayin'?"

Kim nodded. "I understand, Justin. I understand. But you also must hear where they are coming from. Over the past year, you have been on tour once. Thats not much. You even said you are not doing interviews and appearances like you use to. For the people that don't know you personally, it's hard. Because those interviews and appearances are all they know. It's how they've come to know you."

He laughed when Cherry tugged at his curls. "It's how they've come to know me, YES. But that is how it is. Just think, Kim. If I was out flying all over the world making appearances, think of how much time I would be able to see you. NONE! Tell me. Would you be okay with that fact that I could see you like once every few weeks?"

"Well, no I..."

"My point exactly. And I don't see why Johnny has to bitch about it..." He closed his eyes and walked slower. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that in front of you, Cher."

Kim raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, Justin. I told you to watch your language. I'm going to get you later. You know what I'm talking about."

"It's okay if you cusses in front of me, Jussin. I won't tell nobody."

He looked up and smiled. "Thank you so much."

She smiled down at him. "Your welcome. Jussin?"

"Yes?" He asked straining his neck to look at her.

"Why are Six, big, black guys following you?"

He chuckled and so did Kim. "Haha, how do you know they are following me? And you should say African American, not black. Because some people may get offended if you call them black. Have you ever saw a person as black as a black crayon?"

"No. Not that black."

"Thats right."

"Kay, so why is those Afro Merican guys following you?"

Kim snuggled Jade closer to her and laughed her head off.

"Isn't she cute?" Justin mouthed to Kim while giving her a look. She nodded in response and continued to laughed. "The guys following me are my friends." He turned around. "Wave at them."

"Hey Afro Mericans." She waved.

Justin struggled to speak through his laughter. "Aye, Mike! Cher here, wants to know why ya'll are following me."

"Ohh. Well, we are following Justin because he's a scrawny white boy who will get his but kicked if he goes in public without us."

Justin started up at her with a smile. "Thats not true."

Kim, who had stopped walking to wait for Justin, interrupted. "Yeah, and you can call Justin 'white' because he really is white. Pale as heck. He makes a white crayon look tan."

Everyone cracked up, including Cherry.

"Oh, I am NOT that dang white. Your gonna get it Kim...later."

She shook for the effect. "Ohhhh I'm SO scared. Don't hurt me, Justin."

"HAHA!" He laughed sarcastically with no enthusiasm. "Be QUIET tan-asian! I feel sorry for you. 'Cus I rather be this damn white than that damn ORANGE. And Jade too. I feel sorry for you BOTH."

"Oh yeah?" She said with an evil grin. "Well at least people can tell my skin color from my teeth color."

"Uh huh. Funny, Kim." He put Cherry down on the ground and tapped her on the butt. "Go hang with Mike and Lonnie for a second. They're really nice guys." Cherry hesitantly walked over to the bodyguards. Shortly after joining them, they were picking her up and spinning her around, making her laugh. "At least I'm not as short as a SIX year old. I thinks it's SAD that everyone in a FIRST grade class is taller than you."

She rolled her eyes. "Oh Whatever, JUSTIN! At least my feet are not the length of my whole body! You and your big ass feet. And you have skinny legs too...JUST DON'T WORK, BABY!"

He stepped up closer to her. "You know what they say about guys with big feet. MY FEET ARE NOT THAT BIG ANYWAYS! But they are big and I'm sure you've witnesses BIG somewhere else. HUH, SWEETIE? And why were you screaming last night again? I'm sorry. I cannot remember."

Here eyes widened. "OH NO YOU DIDN'T! You know, I'm glad you cut your hair, Justin. I hated when you asked me to braid your afro. That damn shit was so nappy. I would stick my hand in it. Take it out, to find out, I had fingers missing."

He crossed his arms. "YEAH RIGHT! At least I don't wear jeans that are cut so low if I were to bend down they'll be at my knees!"

"At least I have an ass to put in my jeans and they don't sink in where an ass would be."

"Hum. No wonder you can wear them like you do. It's all those damn waxes you get. You have taken all of your womanhood away. You have nothing down there. Let me tell you somethin', baby girl. JADE HAS MORE GOING ON DOWN THERE THAN YOU!"

Kim pushed him with one hand. "I'm going to kick your ass, Justin." They were cursing away because they forgot about the pinching rule.

He laughed. "Oh, yeah? With a baby in your hand?"

They stared each other down, and finally they laughed. "I love you white boy."

He kissed her on the lips. "I love you too tan-asian."

They both looked back and saw Lonnie spinning Cherry around and she laughed unstoppably. He stopped and put her back down. She thought she was seeing stars and wobbled back over to Justin and Kim. "Whoa! My head is spinnin' and spinnin' and..." She burped. "Oh no, I don't feel too good, Jussin."

He shook his head. "She's going to be sick, Kim."

Cherry paused and smiled. "I'm okay. No fence but I don't like spinnin' anymore." She giggled.

"You are so cute Cher." Justin said with a laugh. "You really are."

Everyone heard a high pitched scream. "OOOHH MY GOD! OOHHHH MY GOD!" A crazed fan stood before Justin and broke down on her knees crying. "OHHHH MY GOD! IT'S JUSTIN! JUSTIN, I AM YOU BIGGEST FAN! I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!" The older teenaged girl sobbed loudly.

Justin directed Cherry behind him. "Get off of the ground, sweetie. What's your name?"

The crying girl stood up quickly. She was absolutely hysterical. " name is Shannon."

Justin was taking a risk being near the girl and the bodyguards were approaching him.

"Can...can I just have a hug? Can I just have a hug...Justin? I won't hurt you like some fans. OH MY GOD! I love you so much. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"

He wrapped his arms around her and held her. "Just stop crying. Your going to be alright."


The bodyguards pulled them apart before Justin was able to get hurt. "Please stand back for Justin and his family." At first the girl was cooperating, but she freaked when she realized the distance between her and Justin. She freaked because she let him go, and she screamed to the top of her lungs in sorrow. She fought the security as well.


He felt so bad for the girl. But there was nothing he could do. "Bye Shannon." He blew a kiss at the girl and she fainted. When he thought about his really was crazy. "Okay, were about to go." Justin announced.

"Okay, we will take care of the fan. You four follow him to the car and make sure he gets out of here okay. Then come back here and we'll head out." The four guards nodded and followed their orders from Mike.

Justin and Kim went back to the car hurriedly. Kim placed Jade in her car seat. Justin buckled Cherry into her seatbelt. He then took to the driver seat and started the car up. "Okay, ladies. Where do we go next?" He asked.

Cherry bounced up and down as much as the seatbelt would let her. "I don't care. Jussin, how come you make that girl cry? Were you being a meanie?"

He smiled in the car mirror and put his eyes back on the road. "No, I wasn't being mean...I don't think. She was a fan."

She didn't really understand what he meant but she agreed anyway. "Okay."

"What kind of music do you like, Cher?" Kim asked.

She put a finger to her lip and thought. "Britney Spear. Britney Spear is the best singer in the whole wide world. She is the best singer I ever sawed. I wish I will meet her one day. Oh, and Backstreet Boys! I LOVE THEM!"

Justin coughed. "Thats...nice to know."

"YEAH! But my most favoritest boy group is Nsync. I LOVE THEM! They sing good and dance and shake their butts and stuff. I love Nsync. And you know what, Jussin? You look just like one of the guys in Nsync. I have some posters on my wall. 'Cept you gots smaller hair than him."

Justin laughed. "Would you happen to know his name? Because I'd like to know who else looks like me. I would hate to have like a stranger that looks exactly like me."

She moved her soft hair from her eyes. "His name is Justin Lake."

He made a turn easily and continued to laugh. "Well, nope I'm not him. I'm Justin TIMBERlake."

She giggled. "WOW! That is so cool. Your names are like the same.

"Yup. So where do you want to go?"

Cherry was still bouncing. "I'm hungry can we get McDonalds? I love their fry's!"

He nodded. "We sure can." He glared over at Kim and a smile slowly crossed his lips. "You know what Cher?"

"What?" She asked hyperly.

"I love to eat out. Do you?"

She nodded exaggeratedly. "Yup."

He took a hand off the steering wheel and pointed to himself. "Well, I love to eat out, and you know how there are 'SHAKES' that 'COME' with the restaurants 'DOWNTOWN'! Well, I love those. I eat out with, Kim a lot. It puts a smile of her face. Sometimes she screams...well most of the time."

Kim was so blown away with his joke that she not only blushed she felt she couldn't breath. It took a minute of consumption and she slipped her shoe off and beat Justin with it. Right in front of Cherry. "You are SICK! I cannot believe you'd say those things in front of the children. Thats the worse thing that has ever exited your lips, Justin."

He grabbed her arm and stole the shoe from her to save him from being bashed too badly. "I was talking out eating out...EATING OUT, KIM! It was innocent!"


Justin walked Cherry to the front doors of Candy's house. After ringing the doorbell once, Candy opened the door with a broken smile. She looked like she had been crying a long time. "Hi, Candy. I'm just bringing Cher home. I know it's kind of late, but we just got back from Toys R Us." He held a bag out. "There are some things I brought for her."

Candy could immediately tell Justin was wonderful with children. She accepted the bag and smiled gratefully. "Thank you so much, Justin. For taking her out today." She knelt down and put the bag down to open her arms. "Give Mommy and hug, Cherry."

Cherry ran into her arms and held her. "Mommy! Mommy!" She shouted happily. "Mommy, I missed you. I had so much fun with, Jussin and Kim."

Candy kissed her daughter and tears ran down her cheeks. "I'm so glad you had fun."

Cherry pulled out of the hug and attached herself to Justin's leg. "Bye, Jussin. I had so much fun. You are my bestest friend ever. This was the best day I ever had."

He lowered himself to her level and gave her a hug. "It was my pleasure taking you out today. You are the bestest friend too." He kissed her on the cheek. "I'll see you later, Cher."

She held him tighter before he let up. "I'm gonna miss you, Jussin. I won't ever know when you will be back."

"I'll be back to see you." He looked up at Candy. "I promise you that." He put his mouth to Cherry's ear and whispered. "Remember, if you mom hits you again you come to me, okay?" He pulled back and she nodded. "Bye, sweetheart." He stood up and took a step outside of the door. "I'll be seeing you." He waved and left. 

He sat back at the divers seat of the car.

"Your walk is so sexy, Justin. M'm you are one sexy chunk of meat." Kim licked her lips. "So, how did it go?"

He began pulling out of the driveway. "Good. I'm not too worried about Cher. I already told Candy what was up if she hits her again. And I don't think she will be hitting her anytime soon."

"Yeah, I hope she stops abusing her. She's too cute for all of that." Kim stared back at the sleeping Jade. "Justin, we have the whole house to ourselves. I say we go home and watch movies. Hang out and spend some quality time together. It's going on eight o'clock."

Justin waited as their automatic gates opened up wide enough. "Sounds good to me. I had a great day today. What a cute little girl Cher is. She is just so sweet. I hope Jade grows up to be like her."

Kim flipped her hair back out of her eyes. "Yeah, I know what you are saying. I'm pretty sure Jade will be a good little girl!"

"Hopefully." He had made it up the driveway and cut the car off, taking the keys from the ignition.

Kim hopped out if the car and opened a side door to get Jade out of her car seat. As she struggled with the complicatedness of it, she felt Justin wrap his arms around her slender body. "Oh, are you trying to be all lovey now? I could have swore you were trying to bust me out earlier. And that thing about my 'womanhood' was hilarious, haha....NOT!" She gathered up Jade and then pushed him away lightly. She turned around to meet his shimmering eyes. "Tell me, Justin. Would you rather have me walking around with a bush under my skirt like Macy Gray?" She sung the song for effect. "It's the same way when you go DOWN THERE!"

He was caught completely off guard with her words, and literally had a heart attack from his laughing. "OH HELL NAW! Not the BUSH!" He fell to the solid ground laughing. "NOT THE DAMN BUSH! OH MY GOD!" His body was growing sick from laughing so hard.

Kim kicked him playfully. "Yeah. I mean thats pretty sick when you have hair longer than on your head in that region, and then it's like on your stomach too. That is so sick! Hair on your stomach that is long enough to braid? Check out the new trend. Stomach-cornrolls. Better yet, if you have the bush goin', get the crotch-rolls." Justin was fluttering his hand as a sign for her to stop. He lost it. And it was funny to Kim that he would laugh about the stupidest things. She nailed the keys in her hand and left him outside laughing. She proceeded upstairs where she set Jade down in her crib to continue sleeping. She advanced back downstairs to see that Justin was on the couch looking at the television. "Did you calm down?"

He snickered in his hand. "Yeah. But that bush thing was funny as crap."

She began to dance around the living room for no reason. "Yay! We're going to watch movies. Just you and I!"

Justin's head swayed with her movements. "You know, Kim. You can came over here and dance like that, on ME." Her eyebrow raised at him. "Kidding. Just kidding." He made clear.

Kim entered the kitchen to pop a bag of popcorn. As the bag was popping in the microwave she reached under a cabinet and pulled out a packet of Lucky Charms fruit snacks. When the popcorn finished popping she poured it in a huge bowl. She threw a few of the buttery kernels into her mouth to taste, before going back out into the living room. She sat her body as close as she could to Justin, and placed the bowl of popcorn on her lap.

"Is it okay if I eat some popcorn? Because knowing you, you'd snap on me for reaching my hand in the bowl."

She licked her tongue at him. "I guess you can eat some of MY popcorn." She began to open her small pack of fruit snacks.

When Justin saw what she was opening, he knew he wanted some. "Kim, give me one of those!"

She giggled. "Now way. These are MY fruit snacks. These more packs in the kitchen."

He gave her the puppy dog look. "Oh, come on. I just want one."

She flicked her hair behind her back. "Dang, that look. Okay, I'll give you one. The rainbow since you are so gay." She put a rainbow, with a cloud on it, fruit snack in his hand."

He took the fruit snack and threw it across the room. "THAT is NOT cool, Kim. It's bad enough Chris calls me that all the time. Do I look GAY to you? Do I act GAY to you? If I am so GAY why do we have sex?"

Kim put several pieces of popcorn in her mouth. "Justin, it was just playing around. Why do you get so MAD over the simplest things. You know I was joking. So, why let my comments get to you? Oh, thats right. You can make fun of me ALL you want. But when I throw a joke, you have to get all pissy." She ate several fruit snacks at one time. "Since you want to burst out in baby mode, let me feed into it." She put five non-rainbow fruit snacks in his hand. "Are you happy?"

He tried to look mad at her but her animated and blue eyes made him smile. He ate all of the snacks except one, and he put it to her lips. "I want you to hold that with your teeth, then I'm going to kiss you. Whatever you do I bet you I will end up with it in my mouth.

Her head titled some, and she accepted the offer by opening her mouth. "I bet you can't get it." Her mouth closed, and before another word was spoken his lips were stuck to hers. Kim could not dominate Justin like he did her, and his tongue was already in her mouth exploring beyond her broken lips. He was good at what he was doing, and it was sad how excited she would get while he was kissing her. His tongue deepened into her mouth and she completely forgot about the fruit snack battle and was just taking in the sensational moment. She was always calling him amazing because he really was amazing. She could feel him pulling back from her and she tried to stop him from breaking the contact, by using a hand to hold his head in place. He rejected her anyway, but only to breath. His mouth held the stolen fruit snack tightly and he trailed down her neck with it. From there he chewed it slowly against the pit of her neck, and then kissed back up to her mouth where moans were now automatically escaping.

"I told you I could get it." He whispered. His voice was taken by his rushing blood and frantically beating heart. He loved the feeling Kim gave him. It was certainly the definition of love. Maybe more than love. It was a great feeling.

"Yeah." She sighed. "You proved me wrong." Their kiss almost knocked the popcorn on the floor. Kim ate the remaining fruit snacks and couldn't take her eyes off of Justin. Who honestly couldn't take his eyes orf of her.

Tension was growing though, because they had two directions to go. One was the sexual direction, or the other was the 'sit down and watch a movie' direction. Justin slowly picked up the TV remote. "Let's see what on HBO, shall we?"

Kim was trying to get her breathing pattern back to normal. "We shall."

He browsed through the TV and stopped when he saw the words 'Eye's Wide Shut' appeared on the screen. "Eye's Wide Shut? This movie sounds familiar...I've never saw it before."

Kim ate a few more pieces of popcorn. "The the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman movie. I've never saw it either, but I heard it was really the bedroom kind of way."

Justin was watching the TV carefully trying to figure the movie out. "It doesn't look so bad." Tom Cruise and Nicole were talking and then Nicole began to walk through the house, to the bathroom. Justin immediately changed the channel. "Oh my GOD! That is the sickest thing I ever saw! Who in the HECK would make a movie scene of a girl using the bathroom and wiping herself? I think that is about the sickest thing I've ever saw. Definitely the most disturbing!"

"That is sick." Kim agreed.

He got up and searched through their DVD's. "What would you like to watch? You wanna see 'American Beauty' again? Thats a good movie."

She shrugged. "Sure. Why not. I think it's my new favorite movie!" Justin had an untrustworthy grin on his face, and it made Kim wonder what he was up to.

He licked his lips and sat down after putting the movie on. "What? Your looking at me like you don't trust me or something? Watch out, Kim. I may jump on you at ANY given time." He flashed her a smile and took the popcorn from her.

She sat Indian style to get more comfy on the couch, and placed her hair behind her ears. "Justin, you cannot eat all of the popcorn. That stuff is so ADDICTIVE. Give me some. My fruit snacks already fell on the floor."

His smiledwent from partial, to a clown-like one, and he threw some popcorn at her. It ended up in two dangerous spots. One, her low cut, blue, tank. And two, into the deepness of her lap. They made eye contact. And even thought this was suppose to be a joking time, they were being every serious and loving. Justin's eyes started blankly at her chest and then down her lap, and then at her chest again. "Oh my...look what I've done." He slowly and sexily looked back up into her eyes. "I guess I'll just have to get the popcorn, huh?"

Kim was not trying to take the popcorn out of the wrong spots, when she could have been.

Justin's hands gently entered her top and his eyes were glued to hers as he used an educated guess to where the popcorn had fallen into her shirt. He felt a piece of popcorn and pulled it from her top with two fingers. This caused her to moan. "Got it." He looked down into her top and there were no more pieces of food in it. His hand rested on her thigh.

"Justin. You are not sticking your hand down in my lap."

He wet his lips with his tongue. "Oh, yes I am. I threw the popcorn on you. I'm getting it back." The hand that was on her thigh inched closer into the deep hole. His hand ran down her inner thigh and Kim was getting uncomfortable. His hand deepened into the hole and he felt around for any popcorn. After feeling around for too long, he got slapped. "DAMMIT!" He yelled, pulling up a piece of popcorn that he just recognized.

"Justin, your so bad." Kim said relaxing from his removed hand.

"I was getting the popcorn. I was not trying to touch you like that." He showed the retreated piece of food to Kim. He then opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and placed the kernel on the tip of it. His mouth was opened wide and he made a wave with his tongue teasingly, before slipping his tongue back into his mouth and eating the piece of popcorn.

Kim shuddered. She didn't know how much more of his flirting she could take.


Later that night.

Under the covers, Kim rested Justin's short hand back and then kissed him on the lips. Nothing meant more to them than the flowing love they possessed. Everything that was ever done between them in some way consisted of love. Breathing heavily they tried to kiss through the pleasurable love. Their world had already busted into flames, they were just slowly calming down now.

", no, no, no, no. Don't do that. Don't move, baby girl. Don't get up." Justin warned. His arms tightened around Kim and she bent down and placed her cheek to his cheek. "I don't want you to move." He could barely breath but was capable of whispering.

"I don't want to move either." She said with a kiss. "Justin, you okay? Your trembling worse than me."

He groaned and closed his eyes. "I know. Ohhhhh, baby. I love you." He moaned in her ear. He held her tighter. "I just want to hold you."

Kim kissed him on his neck and made a trail to his lips, which she kissed over and over again. "I love you too." Her eyes closed longer than a normal blink, she was overcoming the shock just as him.

"You are so amazing, Kim. And I know I make fun of you because you always say that to me, but you really are amazing." He tensed up some and his body moved when hers shifted. "I mean, I just love you so much, and I wonder if you notice how beautiful the love we share is? Do you realize how much I love you? Our love is like superficial. Our love is not the average love, people claim to have. I'm crying right now. I'm crying over what just happened. I am a GUY and I'm crying. I'm crying because..." He swallowed and held her even tighter. "I'm crying because everything is just so beautiful because of you. The feelings that I get when we are making love...I can't describe it. It just makes me wanna cry. You are just so amazing."

A tear ran down her cheek and landed on the side of his face which already contained tears. "I know what you mean, Justin. But everything is not beautiful because of me. It's you. You are such an incredible and loving person, and you are so committed to being so positive and sweet, you are blind to it. You were the one that became Cher's best friend today. You were the one that treated her like your own daughter. You were the one that put your life in danger by hugging your obsessed fan. You were the one that accepted me into your life. You were the one that helped me get over my crazy past. You are amazing." She tried not to cry to hard. "You are just so amazing." She hid her face his neck and cried. Justin hand slid up her back and into her hair, and he was crying along with her.

To be crying in a situation like they were in....their love had to mean something.

Another note- lol I know you are wondering why do I keep putting in the little sexual scenes when I don't have to. I think they are love scenes. They are not sexual to me. They are loving and compassionate. I just wanted to let everyone know that Kim and Justin are going to need the love they are sharing in this chapter for chapter 39. Keep that in mind =)

Chapter 39

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